Computer Applications QUESTION BANK UNIT ± I Section-A 1.

Files newly created in MS-Office are stored in the ________ until we use File, Save command to store on a disk. [C] a) Computer¶s RAM b) Clipboard c) Temporary files d) Cache memory. 2. What button do you click to quickly down application? [B] a) The control button b) The minimize button c) The close button d) Theshut down button. 3. We can copy selected text by holding __________ key and dragging the text to the location.[C] a) Alt b) Shift c) Ctrl d) Tab. 4. We must choose _________ option to allow to wrap around the picture.[a] a) Contour wrap b) Wrapping c) Text Replacement d) Position. Fill in the blanks: 1.The first row of the window is called the _________[Title bar] 2.A ______________ is a device that is used to manipulate objects in window.[Mouse] 3. The ____________ window contains information about your computer drives. [My computer]. 4. A ____________ is a collection of buttons that represents commands[Toolbar]. 5. A group of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing resources is called ___________ [Networking]. 6.GUI =________________ [Graphical User Interface]. Say True or False 1. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart the system.[True]. 2.Clipboard is a tool provided by windows that holds any cut or copied text temporarily in memory.[True] 3. Scrollbars are used to display contents.[True] 4. Windows explorer enables you to see all the files and folders on your computer [True]. 5.My Computer does not provide a simpler view of the folders on your computer. [False] Section-B. 1.How will you create a new folder on desk top? 2.Write the steps to copy a text in one file to another file. 3.What do you mean by Office Automation? 4.What are the commands available on the start Menu? 5.What happens to files you have dropped in the Recycle Bin? 6.How Can you change the desktop wallpaper? 7.What is the difference between moving and copying a file? 8.How do differ the files and folders.

5´ c) 2. Which shortcut key used for Replace the document [a] a) Ctrl+H b) Ctrl+G c) Ctrl+ R d) Ctrl+S Fill in the blanks. 5. ii) How to rename a folder.Briefly explain the content of MS-Office package.____________ command is used to count the number of pages.[True] 2. [False] 5.0´ b) 1. The key used for spell check in MS-Word is [d] a) F3 b) F2 c) F6 d) F7.Word art is used to decorate the text. 1. The cursor move to the next sentence used by the shortcut key [c] a) Ctrl+ Up arrow b) Ctrl+ Home c) Ctrl+.0´ d) 0. iii) Copy or move a file or folder. (period) d) Ctrl + End 5. 1.Tabs are used for creating quick.Section-C 1.Write short notes on the following? i) Rename a file or folder ii) Searching for files or folders..Which command is used to open a new document in MS-Word? [a] a) Ctrl + O b) Ctrl + C c) Alt + O d) Ctrl + N 2. characters. 3. Text direction changes the position of text in _________ position [Vertical] 5. [False] 4.What is the suitable software package in office automation? Explain. UNIT II Section-A Choose the best Answer. [a] a) Ctrl+ Home b) Ctrl+ Up arrow c) Ctrl+ End d) Ctrl+ Down arrow 6.[True] 3. [Word count] Say True or False 1. words. 4. __________ menu contain the Header and Footer operations in Ms-Word [view] 3.Macro command is available for_______ [b] a) Insert b) Tools c) View d) Format 7.Briefly explain the various options in the Desktop. __________ menu contain the Footnote operations in Ms-Word [insert] 4. Default top margin size is _____________ [b] a) 1.Which shortcut key used for Move to the top of a document. paragraphs in a active document. [True] . Mail merge operation contain ___________ steps [3] 2. 2. 4. i) How to restore items using Recycle Bin.Envelopes and labels command in available in insert menu . Mail merge is used to create a form letters and mailing labels.Auto text command is available in format menu. relatively simple lists.5´ 3.

Describe how to insert data in a document.Write short notes on Find and Replace in MS-Word.Explain the steps involved in Page setup. i) Bullets and Numbering ii) Columns. Section ± C 1.Write short notes on the following. Explain the usage of Foot note and End note operation in MS-Word. 8. 2. 6. Write short notes on the following.How to cut and paste a particular word into a text. Explain the paragraph setting operations in word document.Explain the spell checking features on MS-Word. 3. a) Toolbar b) Bookmark 9. 10. Explain the uses of envelopes and Labels. 15. iv) Change case v) Macro vi) Footnote. 4. 2.Write short notes on the following. 5. Explain the usage of Macro operations.Explain the Borders and Shading feature on MS-Word. 5. 13.Explain the steps involved in creating a mail merge operation in MS-Word. 4.Explain the various operations in Edit menu in MS-Word.Explain the various operations in Toolbar in MS-Word.Explain about saving a document. 11.Explain the advantages of using MS-Word. . 3. 7. Write short notes on the following. i) Text direction ii) Change Case. 14. Write short notes on the following. i) Headers and Footers ii) Hyperlink. 12.Section ± B 1.

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