Morado,Rochelle Ann O. Group19 Name Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Reaction CNS: seizures( high doses).

GI: nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea. GU: urinary urgency. Derm: rashes, urticaria. Nursing Consideration -Before giving drug, ask patient for allergic reactions to cephalosporins. Assess patient for infection (vital signs; appearance of wound, sputum, urine, and stool; WBC) at beginning and throughout course of therapy. -Observe patient for signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis. -Discontinue the drug and notify the physician or other health care provider immediately if these occur.

Generic name: Cefuroxime Brand name: Ecocef Dosage: PO:250500mg Frequency: Every 12 hours Route: oral

Binds to bacterial cell wall membrane, causing cell death.

Cefuroxime is a secondgeneration cephalosporin antibacterial used in the treatment of susceptible infections.

Contraindicated in hypersensitivity to cephalosporins.

Treatment of respiratory affections characterized by thick and viscous hypersecretions: acute bronchitis. Instruct patient in appropriate use and adverse effects to report -monitor vital signs Generic name: Acetylcystein Brand name: Fluimucil Dosage. Blurred vision. Coronary artery disease.Frequency and Route: Adults: 1 sachet of Acetylcysteine 200 mg or 2 sachets of Acetylcysteine 100 mg. Arthralgia. pulmonary emphysema. acrivastine or any component. Disturbances of liver function . 3-7 years: 1 sachet of 200 mg twice daily or 2 sachets of 100 mg twice a day exerts mucolytic action through its free sulfhydryl group which opens up the disulfide bonds in the mucoproteins thus lowering mucous viscosity. Syncope. Bronchospasm Angioedema Rashes Pruritus Nausea and Vomiting. The exact mechanism of action in acetaminophen toxicity is unknown. 2-3 times a day Children: Aged up to 2 years: 1 sachet of 200 mg daily or 2 sachets of 100 mg daily. chronic bronchitis and its exacerbations. mucoviscidosis and bronchiectasis Contraindicated in patient with severe hypertension. It is thought to act by providing substrate for conjugation with the toxic metabolite. severe. hypersensitivity to pseudoedephrine.Morado. Fever. Group 19 Name Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Reaction Nursing Consideration -Monitor effectiveness of therapy and advent of adverse/allergic effects. Sweating. renal impairment. Rochelle Ann O.

To be swallowed whole.Morado. route and frequency: Adolescent >12 yr 12 tab daily. Generic name: Butamirate Citrate Brand name: Sinecod forte Dosage. Group 19 Name Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Reaction CNS: dizziness. Act centrally (on brain. Hypersensitivity to drug.& post-op cough sedation for surgical procedures & bronchoscopy.or 12hr intervals. diarrhea. Syr Adult 1 tbspqid. and specifically the vagus nerve) or locally (on the respiratory tract) to suppress the coug Acute cough of any etiology. Skin: rash Nursing Consideration -Assess cough type and frequency -Monitor the adverse reactions -Assess patient s Vital signs -Assess sleep pattern. Rochelle Ann O. adolescent 1 tbsptid. Pre. Adult 2-3 tab daily at 8. . childn 6-12 yr2 tsptid 3-6 yr 1 tsptid. GI: Nausea and vomiting.

-Caution client to avoid products containing aspirin. nausea.Transcam Dosage: PO:25mg/kg IV:10mg/kg Frequency: 3-4 times daily Route: Oral Intravenous inhibits the activation of plasminogen to plasmin. giddiness. Do not take more or less than directed. Rochelle Ann O. ibuprofen. Contraindicated to client with hypersensitivity to drug. Diarrhea. hypotension (after rapid IV inj). disturbances in colour vision. naproxen or ketoprofen without consulting physician. vomiting. a molecule responsible for the degradation of fibrin Prevention for hemorrhage. Do not double dose if missed. thromboembolic events. Severe renal failure Active intravascular clotting Thromboembolic disease colour vision disorders Subarachnoid bleeding. Group19 Name Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Reaction Nursing Consideration Generic name: Tranexamic acid Brand name: Cyklokapron Transamin. . Instruct client to take tranexamic acid as directed.Morado. -Monitor vital signs.

Tachycardia.Morado. Treatment of respiratory disease and hematologic disorders. Contraindicated to clients with hypersensitivity to drug. Group 19 Name Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Reaction Nursing Consideration Generic name: Hydrocortisone Brand name: cortizan Dosage: 100mg Frequency: Every 6 hours Route: Intravenous Decrease inflammation mainly by stabilizing leukocyte lysosomal membranes. drowsiness. nausea. -Monitor vital signs. fat and carbohydrates. stimulates bone marrow and influences protein. headache. Rochelle Ann O. Also suppresses the immune response. -Warn client of drowsiness. tremor and petechiae. .

dermatoses of allergic etiology. Sedation. Difficulty in micturition. -Monitor vital signs. elation or depression. Syr Adult 2 tsptid. urticaria. Group19 Name Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Reaction Nursing Consideration Generic name: Chlorphenamine Brand name: Antamin Dosage. CV effects. Sedating antihistamines may potentiate the effects of alcohol resulting in increased sedation Allergy. hallucination. GIT disturbances. insect bites. paranoid psychosis. Childn>12 yr 1 tsptid. anaphylactic shock.Morado. irritability. tinnitus. vasomotor rhinitis. incoordination. Newborn or premature infants. serum sickness. Muscular weakness. Lower resp tract disease. Headache. bronchial asthma. Inj 1/3-1 mL IM or IV daily. . lassitude. drug sensitization. allergic rhinitis. delusion. Rochelle Ann O. Frequency and Route: Tab 1 tab tid.

Morado. adjuvant in the therapy of peptic ulcer and TB. Determine frequency of consumption of vit rich foods. For administration to children. 5hydroxyanthranilic acid HCl helps the essential amino acids combine with the vitamins so that they become a highly effective nutriment. Frequency and Route: 1-2 caps daily. convalescence. anemia. Rochelle Ann O. Assess nutritional status through 24 h diet recall. protein and vitamin deficiencies. pregnancy and lactation. only the contents of 1 cap may be given together with milk or the like daily. malnutrition. The dosage may be increased or decreased adequately. restoration and maintenance of body resistance. Combination of 8 essential amino acids and 11 vitamins in wellproportioned contents for daily requirement. . Group19 Name Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Reaction Nursing Consideration Generic name: Calcium pantothenic acid1 Brand name: Moriamin Dosage. depending on body condition. contraindicated for patient s with malabsorption syndrome hypervitaminosis (large doses) -Assess patient for signs of vitamin deficiency before and periodically throughout therapy. In addition.

-Determine history of hypersensitivity reactions to cephalosporins and penicillin and history of other drug allergies before therapy is initiated. boils. otitis media. -Lab tests: Evaluate renal and hepatic function periodically in patients receiving prolonged therapy. abscess. Active against many gram-positive bacteria. skin rash.Morado. vomiting. prostatitis. shows limited activity against gramnegative bacteria. -Monitor for manifestations of hypersensitivity (see Signs & Symptoms. impetigo. diarrhea. . UTI. may be increased to 3-4 g/day in divided doses for severe infections Interferes with bacterial cell-wall synthesis. pyelonephritis. Treatment of upper & lower resp tract infections. Hypersensitivity to cephalosporins. Rochelle Ann O. pharyngitis & pneumonia. eosinophilia. wound infections. abdominal discomfort. Frequency and Route: Cap Adult 250-500 mg given in 5-hr intervals. pruritus. Nausea. Appendix F). causing cell to rupture and die. sinusitis. .Discontinue drug and report their appearance promptly. Group19 Name Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Reaction Nursing Consideration Generic name: Bacilexin Brand name: Danlex Dosage.

severe liver dysfunction. . w/ limited mucociliary function. Rochelle Ann O. Symptomatic treatment of cough. >2 yr 1 mg/kg. clouding of consciousness. GI effects. Rarely. All doses to be taken tid. allergic reactions. Frequency and Route: Adult &childn>12 yr 10 mL. Group19 Name Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Reaction Nursing Consideration Generic name: Levodropropizine Brand name: Levopront Dosage. somnolence. -monitor vital signs. numbness. headache. a cough suppressant that exerts peripheral action in nonproductive cough. Patients w/ excessive discharge of mucus. -Monitor for manifestations of hypersensitivity -Discontinue drug and report their appearance promptly. exhaustion. 20-30 kg 5 mL. Pregnancy. dizziness.Morado. palpitations. lactation. faintness. Childn<24 mth. 10-20 kg 3 mL.

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