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Sweep Representation

Sweep Representation

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Published by: Shankar V S Nandula on Jan 23, 2011
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Sweep Representation

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Sweep representation can be used to represent 2½D models 2½D models represent the class of models which are generated either by giving a uniform thickness to a surface or revolution about an axis. Former class of objects are called extruded solids, latter class are called revolved solids Sweeping is in general used as a means of entering objects into either B-Rep or CSG and there are specifically no Sweep Modelers due to limited domain available Sweeping is based on the notion of moving a boundary curve via a given path called directrix.


Boundary curve

Parametric equations of degree less than or equal to two are used for directrix Sweep Representation Nonlinear Higher order curves are used for the directrix Hybrid A combination of linear and non linear .Sweep Representation Linear The directrix is either a line or a circle.

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