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Kurt Saxon - The Poor Mans James Bond - Vol 1

Kurt Saxon - The Poor Mans James Bond - Vol 1

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Published by Andrew Ross

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Published by: Andrew Ross on Jan 23, 2011
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br KUlrt Sa,lon

Due to tn~dlgiet cuts a Mi asour i sher iff ¥ ,So depiu:t~enl cl,o,- I se s down ,at 5 pm, Ca.l1.E:~H·5l I~e't ~,: recorded m~ss.c_ge saying' ~

in 'eE.feet, ,I Defend yo.urs-elf as best you can until 'to!it1.Or-

v ] ,0 lent cr i~Tte rose 12% i.n 1986 i

P,r Laon s are' so c'l"o-wde·dll' thousands ,g,f c..r iminal p·s.ycho" t i (;t; aL'e q i ven ~arly 'pilrolli e , Cas('f,s, of' murder I r apo ~nd €~.;_' ry. other v i c.i.oms : cr Ime have been. repor'bed as a dir'ect, roe $'Ul t of' , DOS .i.nn trhP.:s~' an 'i Ina 1 s ,

Mental i.nstitutions a~e so 8el~ctive that an ~pplieant 'has t.o provle 'his elig ibil i t.y b ki·ll.ing: ,a.it le8Jst one of

t 'hE! e x ami n En:" s.. rJ"M' f ~ 1l cnf ''iI'I-ho '). ill ed 'l.,. McDona,:lIL d. 'M '15, C'IJ S. to = mers a CQupl@ of years, aqo had. p'e-en refused mer~t.al he,lp

j uac a f ~w d ays P.t~ e vi 0 l~ S ,t 0 t. he Inil :s S a"cr,e beea use he ,'5'12. e med i n, p t"iil? t tv good Bha r.Ji~l :I a J 1, ,t h i, ng;s con s id,e red.

Mo s t po L Lee a~ enc Les ar ~ und'e' ~ st!:1.ff ed t overw ... ),( ked €J.l rd

£. h ,. f'f ' _ "b t ' ~ ... .," ·

i,,:e lr 0' .. xcer s prone to at.-t,le f a l.gUB. . 'c .i s lncreaslngly

hard to. gi@t a c-o,llar put away f(l~ the ·per lod ds,tet"mined by '11 is offe lse' ~ Off Lcez e ofbe'n igncre c:ri~neB, the~1' fe',~l our

~L j.beral 'c()ur'ts '/nul d. a.l.lcl'w' to be p:1ea-l_:)a,~gh3' ned. out. of the over~crovd,ed doc'k.e't- i rJ·t~er,e· a,t'e Bven case',s o,f cops Lqno r in:g a .rnu9~] irlg 'While staked. out. for ,a. l,ar,g'e d.,:rug buat, t So' you - ,e,an act'ual1y 'be a'.:.t,ac-kl?{'l,. "obbed" rafped, roa":_med or k:'lled

wh i.l-e a cop looks 0. ~'l .' -

Drugs 'have be,cO~ii1e' such a. f Lxat Ion wit.h our lawnnen t::1,-- t the:,ir 5uppr,ession ha.s 2ffect.,',ve,ly e~r"asc~~,.ted polic.:'e' sworn r.o !t'Protect, and s.Ql'~ve". ,Besici'e's iii every 'C-'Dp. who make'S, at,

dr uq bus't is; in e·ffect.. wOd:king f'o.r ,the drUJg deal~rs"

'l'he Lr 'va~ ia nt., thoug h co n t'srp,roch.;lC't iva ~f fort.s s~rve only to drive up tl1JJE! pr ice:5: of drug,s ~ i]!'h.ts gl~,eatl~,l increases your chance of being tUu9,ged or burqi ar i.aed D},i'" Lo.ser s Le,ed ... ing more ;mone·y· for a [][x~ .

frhe on~y 501 ut.:.ion t.o -th.,e' drug 'probl€!!ltl is to,tal i E.g ,al i'2:; at ion. ~ 'I'b.i, S V/O IJ 1 d t a k,~ . t]'lE' P ro fit f rom the t ,r a,a e. tiilE lose,rs Who. P'r.~y.' o,n, socieiy 'bo ~UPPC)l .... t their hahi to ccut d I:Jl@'n destroy' the'ir alre',ady inferio,!;'" br,ains, at: 1 i t.tle cost land. 'no danger to, the. t.ax:payer iI

Why ShOUld, i),ill ions b~ 't,a'k;en from our economy' by '~he Drug E.n f or-de me n t A..q e n C if ~ j1".1 l1,k i@ s robb ing ,t o 9 U ppo t" t. t he ill. r '],abit- and 'COlllJrt tirne'? Who c a r e s .if a, lo,ser ~ born Lp no . purpose J' de8:-1:roys h1, s brain?· t~o'uldn I t your c.'llild be' les,s li'kely 'Ito get on dt"uq s through peer pre"SSUi"E!' if one o,f his al ready hool'\.9,d peer a II ad n:ot.h ~ ng - t..o 9 al.n? ~~nd' 'l'i!'cul dn ~ t Y'C?'U ra.-ther CIJ junl{y bl,oW- his ~Il.irld with ov~r ... t.hecounite'lr' narcot:i cs t.ha,n Ill( i.t:ll or kill you or one· or Y',our loved one's f ot" the !Doll ey t.Q buy from a pushect'

Our gr@~t.-c; r'qrlop,a.te.rrl;s OQu~d bu~r an-y- na,l"coi: ie Qver.~the.~ CQUI1,t. 'e r li D' '" ug ~' 1 nd J,ce d c r i.rne s were to 0 r a,,t',e' t.o do CtLme n t i . Drug addict.s not, o,nly had ~lO ne~d to -prey on sb-c,iety to s.upport t,heil[" habi,t, bt~t tlley soon d' ed ~ 'tak.i! ,g the,ir i.n~ fer i.Dl" s'e'l \res. O'ut of t'he gEn'l@ pool ~

Now:l bab i e s a.r.e' bO!'M I5ihow' ng' 'Wi t.h,qraloira 1 sltmpd:.o.ms .. · Hundred"s, of thou,sqntis of .. degenerat~~ ,are' bir'eedi~lg 1 ilc: rats i both out 0 f iq no.( anc1e f-I nd t.oO gP-"t ,iT'Ure A"id ,to Deplel.d~nt Children ~o a s to buy 1tliC.l r.e dr'u_g' 5;, -

The Secret

Se' " C"~ r Ie"" A:-' rg···",. e nt "S,

,_ .. -,- ~~ .. ~rl ,':: ~~ '" _' .,._

, L' a 'b'-<I'

-'.' ',' '.

Just, imagine you "~,er.,e t.,he !"le'Q,l 0. 0 '1 "', Af"ter aav i:ng your c,ountry a d.ozen t., ime's ). you R.!["'<E! in ,disgrace .. , 'rhis is is be ..... , caus,9' JI at. a part.y II }"'ou; 'gave the queen a, p,layful goose:ll causing her to spring il to the punoh bo""~l 'iiI So YOU W"e'T'e fir ed, .,

No longer' the, ct ever Q'ad,gets;" t,he f,ancy and lethal

car s. ~ And a IlL tho sa g i.r]. 81 Now even !'-I'oney'p.enny Nnn'i t 9 Ive you ,a, 1:. umbl,e ~ Poor ~aby i

Eut youtve still got all

t,ho,se enemi,e's you tV'e' maa,e du,f'-

• • 'tJ

1. ng' so many mov J..@S .,£c). u ar e

now cut off from HI-5 and on your. O'Wt.1. N',ow l'"OUJ t 11 ha,ve EO

., - iI

,equi.p,fourse.lf to 6U!"V,1.,Ve and

Clefend your n,atio'n I! Unauthot:i .... zled and eV'E!,n :f"orbidden to en'g ,a.ge t,h,e ,f OiS ~ y'O.r1l mll st,' ItQlep your ac~ivities sec~et'from po,l. ice !II 1 and lords and @,speC i-

- 1 t' "Ii i' 'I - L

,a.l..l.y re' au i, V8'S 11 v,lng' W~ t.h


~~" It

Of 'C'O, ur S'ie' jIj whil e Ina k ing aliI 'your own "weapons t yo U t 11 ne,ed ,a cover story to expl a Ln yO'Ul" work,sho'p, and 1 ab I As id @ from the othe,r VOl,u,mes of THE POOR

'I.)1"I\U IS -AIo.A'E·,D in - N' D ' d .,

.l·.LI"!.i;i,.,' " J'_ri d. ~Ol '._., J[ ac V l. se

yn u - ito gle't GRANDDAD'S ''hfO'M"DERFUL BOO'R, OP CHEMISTRY an.ti a~1 the, vo'lum@s of THE. SURVIVOR,~ With al1 this informationJ you 'Will 'be a,bI e to ,er,8Bt.'e an airS'-' anal 'whi1'E? lead.i:ng oths'rs ,to t,h,ink you 'were only' trying out the old formUll,a,s and craf't.9'1II

Although ,the chemi.st:ry bOQ,k, s:OO'TA'l"s . 'how to ma}t:e .man}"· co'm'pound s f'lrom. s impl,e II' ea"sy to. get che,m,· cal is I You m,alf wa,nt tn order many eh,lemicals and 1,ab

P'OOR .MA.fJ· S J .. ztMES BO~JD' vo i . 1


r-oo R r1AN' S JAM.ES EON D V o:._.. 1

This, ~~aS eXerrpli"fied on a rec.en·t Phil Doria'hue slm'!i.·I'. The suppl.ies ready-made. Your best

staGe WaS cL'owded with or ibs. of ~I boarder bi.1lJbiesl' ~ T'hese source ,1 s 'the hobby chemic "~

we~~ the pi.t-i.E uI o-:fsp.r Lnq 0.£ jlu:~k..i.ra·~ 'who 'were too :fOiJlL companies adver+ izing' Ln the

'~CH1e t·o, c~.t'e· ,for thei:t" sQliciall.y do,o,~,d 'Young ~ nWha.t to d.o c L assif ieds of Popu1ar Science

about the s I t'J.at ion?O 'W'~ . .s t.he th2me ,of the s'e~Jmenit ~ arid Popul at"" Mechan.i~s ' ..

Som.ehow:II' a rat inna_ calle:r got. through who :s;,aid that Of c(]'Urse, s:i(jch companies

a ,1 their mo t.her a .sliould under'go rna71d.a'i:ory ,srt.eril :'.zat.io.n. have' E'emoved jUgt about all of

Phi 1 move d en '",,-lthout dddreissing hi2lLs,elf to t:he only l'eal- -Ehe Q,xid izer.a 1 ike ,the chlori9tii~' Sol ut iOI1 s-uqgest.ed + Nor did any In his audience I:'e·- at.ee and nit.rat,es~ pl us ac i.ds f,e·1:" t.o i i:. ~ EOrLn Phil and his ent i r s studio audience seemed

~ .1. "'\'" • ~ -'" , ,~.. •. ..,p........ :e.:njl .... ~:n'l"~t;}· .. :l.'IJ."3.Ga1l._ee. u'jL .,libel-.. .i\~'i ............ If ,

~, .De r J. e"Q fl -' crra c " i::il a rne"E.fl l n~-jl SOD. u.at Q Ooe a one t:.o ,~le 1. p t.nos e -

uined chi.ldr,e'h. of (J()Urse ,. not.hin~ CIQuld 'be done, but do darnage wi th ~ .But they do

c:Ef'er th@ full range, of lab r,eventin9' more: o,f the 8J1fiie "Was out of the q ues t Irm ,

So more W'om("'n will bave rrlOre ruined bao ies , 'fhe'Y v+i i ,eJquipment such as r ubber tub-

ISo spread AI[)3 through d 'I ril:y needle·s and pr o s t i t~::rtion ing.J gl.as.s tubing;ll retorts.

nd have more babi~:s vthile ]J.bil and his, r, ioer,al~ud.ience fl a.sks., test tubes:ll etc I ~ t.hat;

a mme r tho.i r i mpot; en t s y nnpa thy,. yo U Inay 'no t w~aJ'i. t tat aK.IE the

Bllt I digr·ess .. Getting back to t.he sub ~'ect of yOlJ~ the t.roubl,e to make yo.u:rse~i ti

r i va te ci t ~'i zen De ing the 1.a'w':r. Ls my purpo se • An even 'better acurc e, for

N'ot too lon-g- C5J9"O; of·f i,c.era e:n.gag-,ed in pU'bl i c rel,at.ions u . ~. .. 1 II..

' C .f1J3·m:1C a 1 ,s: ~ S YO ur ..L. oc a p ~lar -

QuId l!'B'ct.ur,e ;ci viI I ams 'On how ,to k.'~ep r ram bEing inju.red ' ~ , .. f I

· d . d' , macy·.·· t l·t would be best 1 t.t

y soc~al pre a'toJ:s. Thel.J; a;,v~ce WaS n.<Dn-res.1.s·t .. ' n(;"e. '

:;:: Lve hitn "~ha t he W:,U'lts and he may not. hurt VOU,I F w·,as· one near a. hospital ~ as

'ThiSi no loroger hold,s; t.l:'itLle., Inc·reasing1y., ~~ol"e predLtto,:rs ·they usually have more chemire. those pr9lno.t.urely re:Le'ased jf rom nuthcu~es and pr .i.acm s , caa s in st.ock , such as strong

hay at"9 c,r irninal.ly :psycoot,ic.· and cO.J1sider tne oodlly Ln-. a.mmocia." fOlrma,ld,ehyd@. el:c Ii

ILH,-y of t.;'lei;r 'vier ii lTr.s t.bl?· i,c'ing on t.h@·ir c,aik,e ~ The~' heve 'You don It jus:t. wa.~k up to

:J fear,o'E puniehment. .sinoe t.hejr are used to pr Lson or''' the pharma:cist with a 1 ist of

ave. papers say ing they are lllent.a.lly ill. and ·80: ,are not; el~emical s and 1 ab gear. Most.

a spon sLb e .. So 'Why SlKJuj_dJn'~ t. they i:ea.r you to piec;e~ a.fti::.- or hi,s time is s'pent fill ing

r theY"ve got ':en your wall et. 'or' .r aped you? pi:' e,scr iptions and. he make s a.

On@! a];:n umerit; aga i:nst re's is"tance to tJle ml~n.:-, ni.ler,o arrn,~d d .,1 ! - + t' 1" t HD "~T"""'u1d

~ "'-'UII~' ., c ooc ...Ib l..v:m.ng a. .' tI ... ~nv " .'

:>bber' or tap i e+ is 1 hat a st:tow of count.e;r.-~for<ie· mig ht ma.ke do prof it or del" ing c h,e,rui-

:ike h.irn mad at you. But.!! Dear Mea,t·\: Ii is not. a ItitOfls'i::,e·,r a~l.S d.na lab gea.r fo!'" you but

~reatening your life already mad ~t you? h.

T1.-. • br i . ;0.1 .• :not ,enough '[:.0 .interrupt, ,1..9

. 1 •. 16 nr ~ngs to m: na a Cl,E!,SS.lC ne"W,~ account; of a ,rape it

f· th d I .• • r out.Lne, SO YOU have 1:0 be

~'. ot,e .' e W'O+", Ii. rape "I was I.n cenUf;QU 'use Ii! UHe boa·t her ·up,. . _

d It h t ·very·.. c. 1 ever ,and g, et to h.i.a

:'":0 Ck'E!, ,.,er teet.. , QU, ~ ill threW her dOWllst.airs, bre'aking he r - _

~q,. and t.hen attacked het'"l~ ~ ,ego and also his uno r t.bodox

'Gett i.ng back to your being the law r yo.u~ ve heard of the. i.nteres·ts,

=rm IICi,tiz'en I is Arrest."' .. 1"hi s means that a. c'i tizen wit.n@s,- :S'''er}!'" pharmacist i is aome -

ing a cz i.ma wh.ere 'the·t:e ar e no po_;_iae pre.·s,ent is legally what of a. mad scient ist. in

npowez ed ~o arr@s,t, t.he 1 a."wbr!eak.,e.r!o Such arre!;:t:s. hCQve on~y 'hi,s own f'al'l'tasij3:s t 'You ,mus't,

=,e:n rnad,e in the eas,~ of non,-· ... /iol~nt. of"f end e,t"s • I "ve neVel" get him to :acc~pt your own. in-

~ji)rdJ of a t:lr"cnler ot ra.piet cp.ing' t.r,ea't~d to ·a cl,t iZ'en i~ S t:.erest 'in we ird. p 0 j,ec-t.s wit:h~

ct"es.t.. 'Even SOj if t.he citi.z~n ma~King ttle arc,est fai~ ed out ,arousing any suspic~on or

) "~r@ad hifti1 his. ri'9htsPi T~T,ou.ld no-t he be t"'e.leased? t..akin.g up' t,oo .much of his

So :f,org@t cit.izF?n· s· a~.reS't!3. A1S('.J ~ don' t O~ bo·therEKi by

'lY ob j ect ions. ilL 0 t a k. i ng 1;. he 1 aw i h to Y'O'Llt'" own ha J ld s. When time· Ii

J.uare. con.f ront.ed by an .";t:ss,ailqmTt you, ~ .. ~e 't.h,E.' law" t-1ore~ Yo·u start. !by saying a few

!er,. in ,an.ticipation ,of be ing forced ~o a.ct. Qg,~.inst~ an. rC'hee,ry 'words to 'him on a

:t.aeker, 9'0 armed.. c'Ouple of occasions 'when ycru

W1th 'Y"Qur chances of beIng a ; .... icti.iTl going up all the see h,e,'i B not, too busy. Most

ime,. the, penal·t ies for c'arrying a ooncealea. we'apol1 heco.me 't)}},armac.is,ts are' re,aliy nice

ess important III' Even 00, ,as a C.al iEornia poJ.ioe, capt.,ain guys but if he' s just. an old

old me·, yea,re ago ,I I'Be,)ter t..o be jlJdged by twelve than poop" 9'0 o'n to t.he next. one ..

a.t'ried by six~t" Besides" if' you a.ren~ t ~c.cuswr:red t.o be- - Your bes·t be,t., is t.o show

nq searched ~ r.O'w- would carr~ling a 'ooncealedi. 'we'aport rnake hilr~ a c,opy of GRAN'DDAD II s WOl\"_

:)U mo t'" e 1 ii k e 1 '",}' to 'be sea rch~d? - - CHEu I eTRv

.r DERFUL BOOK OF '. ',' ,; "i~.L ,~' ".iJI.;J. e· sp-

As 't.he cr ime rat,e l""ises.~ 't.~'e: L iber;a,~ mea,ia, CClnt.inu€s 't,o ecially the section on Chelt'1i ....

ntimidate the ci'!". izen who would exerC'i~e 'flis, du·t.y ·t,o el i- - · l' "'Iy'o.·u a .. 'r.o':"l

' • i,...i~ \... ~ t~· d t: -'r cal. .m.ag 1C • Tell ·'.l.1.W _ 'Y

" -"'1" ·n·"",.b- p<r' -. d.a.t,o r s. ,Bernhard, Goe t,z l.s.s~, 11 ,i.Je, ng .. ',' r.1.., e~ :[; '-:',' . ii'n, ag.· 1" c 'i.T, .1~ t~

tel "'~ ~ - ~ 1'... 1 intEr ested in st a.ge n" _ _ " H

hoot inN. f oUr vermin '. Be'rny ,'. ~ . only.', • .cr 1~~.'·8, w,e~e ].1i1 not ~.1.'-

&~ h 1f chemi'cals b~t d'on'l t know how

ing them all ,and in then g]."v,'Lng .,'~mse .:, up~, . '

A ~esser ~I: i.me' 'W',aS in his: pl ECI:d long ~~'l~ .... det8'n~e. ~ _ ,I h~,t.:e· 'IEO' ,ge·t the chemic.a,l s. You may

h~t term,t 1 ( Y'Q,U 1 im.i·t. ~rour ac't i:on 'to d'e! e·~·uie.. ~h~c~, he '9'ven loan h.im the book tI At any

Id n '1' t .f an a ib: 't:. a eKe r a,an br'e a k t. hr'<: ug 11 you r '. d.18,f ~ns'7, t. The'. ,r'.a:te.. it will 'be your be s t

de,a is t.o ~Jttack wit:.~ the .tnbErn~.l,o:n t.,p maIm. or k.L.ll your' smok,escreen J' giving you a le-

·t t"acker III g i t.ima 'te j if ,odd, @xcu.se f,or

' wbat HK),S·t. p~tQ'ple don I't l"ea,l i2,e .is t~t a mugger J rap-· wanting' just about. any chemi-

st" trurg:lar $ - et.c .. '- clhoose.s. his. v,ict,ims, for their ,vuln~'ra- cal. you feel a. nered for.

I, iii ty t. He ~ ~ nQ't a. cha 1 1 'eng e'r ~ He do~sn' t _want any re··sl..s-

r p

a a. y


a. T'





.En y< O"'lj


t 1· t,












+ance , A. count 8't"a t,t,~ek is ustlall y t}},e only way to ke,e,p

f ]: 0 R'~ 'be ing' vi c t i m,i..z ed ~ Anell, t:h,ad: 1J.i'5 ua l.ly me Qj,n S Qj,ny.' f" orm 0 f COl],liI:t.'e:rat ta ck 'I

A p.reaa to r be flit on g',a in. f ro,m Someone tu~ t::o r1.:s id ~ r s we-a k ... er- 'w'1l...1 chang-'e 'his mlnd quickly if ~.ttack,ed. by 'h.is 'vic"l:.,.i.m~ A. f t ,e'r al,1., he doe sn, I' t. w'~,1Ln;t. 'to, p,t" e s s char.,g e's E.j;,g a ,in sd: a vi ct: ,im I Nor does; h~ wan.t to, e,~p,.l a in a wound, whi!ch ha .' s to be r'eJlo r t.ed t.o t_,he po 1 .ill. ce ~ In, mna 5 t. COl, se a, be, s i.mp,ll Y' can 'i' t af .... ~ Grd .resis,tance to ,~ny degree· Ii!

Ev@n so ,t the l1lEd iLa ,st,ill, 'wa,r ns a,g a mst co,unte,rfQrce agr ~ a Inst, ,a,t.ta"c'l'Cie,['s ~ La,s't w1eek a L itt.le :RQClt T\f' s,lation did Q, :r:"e po,t"t. ag a i,n s:t. s't.,un '9U":S, by DoUg Hut; st t Th,e a,.rg Ult'l~nt v,as, t,:,hat: the S:tUh 4~iun waSH' t., ~ffe·etive' ,agains.t ,every'(J,I1@ and it, '\!fa 'U,l.d ta,lm abo U l t,'hr'E!e second ,5 to .1 mmobil i z ~ an a t't,aek.e~' ,',

t .... "'" ~: - f-:,~''''''-n, """ ~ 'Lry.,~ 1." ni\"1 ,,a.. 'II:.... '!!j, 't." .... h IIi'!:I. _. t., +- 'Lroli!'!; 'r: -"-",Ij' 1 d,' d· i ~ .-',...., . " ''C;".' , l~ =

,Li'l::: &~,I, .0;:;,. 0;:;;' __ ,"""I!:;' Dlo:;;:~ ~ 'L-ifl,Ci. Ii--" c ,13: _,Iboa ~c '""'''''"' .... ,-___ .. -O"Q4,,~ ,g s~ ~

1 e r pe,roon, in tlt08'e thr,e;e ~@oond ,8 ~

Th,~'t, was, no n s en,$€! ~ Anyone un g,! f E!,c'l:e:d 'by 5, 0 ~ E1Q(] vo,l t s L s t.rom ,a:nother plan~,t I' Even it 35,_. 000 'volt. S&!Jfl gun wil,l ,s:t,'op' an a .. t t; a,cker in s't"BJ,[1 't 1 Y' i! J\:~d s.u:r,e • (H'1e can, do, 'Q 1 ('J,t. - in t:.hr'ee seconds tOUt. thje, $,t'Un, gun i~bil i:~es .inst~H1.tly ,ana, 'the longe~ the c"Ont,ac't- is ,ma,in.t,ai"n,~'d I) the 10'~(~r~'[' the a.t1t,acke'ir' w i 1.1 be i~,bi I i,zed ii, 'So, simp,l e c'(]u'i:act wi-llt m~,ke' an ,at,-,

t q,cke.r bel po] e s s ~ I 'f tJl@ con.tt,g cit 18 IDa in.t a i.n~d :f o r f'rom three t.o five se,oonds .. t~ a.t'tacker will ':be para:ly,z'ed fo',r' f ro tt'l 'f;(}'m'" ta, e' 1-g h t m iniurtes tIn tha t t:.im.e yo u can hand cut'.f h 1m and tak~ his 1'ii"a11et,~, (Spa i1.:s of w\~r) Ii

One ,thi,ng toO k~ie,p in min,dJ is: toO neve~ ,thJfea.,'t~n at ml:ug1'ger a s: ·any ot.h~r' a 'I:. t.a,CK;,e,[".. U.se 0 n hl m wha:teveol' :yo ILl have't In

me st ca,se,s be, would J."'U'n ~ But, ~if 'r'ou!" weapon" s,e'ems pUrlY' Q,t' if he has, a, l,ong e':£: rea:c.b, yo u ,might oot be' ab.1 e w d.o aa

Much d,~,I'i'II~'1"fi Q; t"... h i.m!!!"c:!i ..:: f ";,,n.'~1 t'-·-:l~.o:-, h '1.' w U,' ~'l';,~ 'w·,~ ..... ~,~ ,

~IH _ _ ~~~~I!:!I' ~ _ _ _ .. g~ .... _. J! _y a.nli.i~ .~ill. I~a.. ~L IE s •

,ActuilJl.ly ~ an.:r~ harm you,- can, d,(J to ,an at,tac'ker w'ill be very 1. ike.l'y to. 'cause him to f 1 € e I' If;e' ,re' no It co,n,oerned Iii th n stepp ing pow~r"t1 here I' S,topp1in'9' pcrw,er usu!!;tl1y ap~J. ies t.o an a,s sail,ant. d.ed icated to ha,t",m.ing you ,as an,' i-r~d l'~iidual 'I He may De a doped-up' 'p,sycm bent ,o,n rap~ eu:. m,ayhem fOE its. Cfwll, sa:ke., In 't,h~,"t:. event you mig'ht ;as we,ll. ,do .as, m.uch d,a,n}:'"

Iii • r-

ca n. ~,l,rJ:ce' you are' a.,t, r 1 s·k reg a,rd, 1 e (8 8 '0 f you~'

d,g e il, S yo'u It:H;;haV'ior II In lttOS t. ca a,e' s 'conc·e,rn ing j'!!.lnk i6!' 8., t~:u~y a:,l" ~ FJ!O,t :n d.g h ,t They '~"rant. 1m) n ey :f o-r ,~ f ,ix a,n,d, ;a,r e h u rt,in.g' ~ They don I; 't. Wd nt,

n'" '.. .. in lA ::2'2 St ':',.' - ',-," -._, ·b···: . ". ""'d" 'f'-··, _ ,.",~.,.

a;, _¥ .more pa, __ ' t ~'" 'I'" _:_ .,::.'. ,Jl,.!nger j a ,~ta·· WOU.h' rom, ,a knl.:fe

pen 0,1'; even a HK,ey' Ii udd::yn kn.i f 9 wit 1 be s,uf ,f i c i en t. ..

Lit 9'1; week, I v',a, 9, g ,r at:. if' ied b,y ,at c,a l,l,er. w'l\o. to ld ,iftile ,I may

'have sa.v~d 't·he, 1 i"v'es of hi,s wil'e ,and him,9'.lI,! ii, 'He toll,d me th.~~ V~~'~ i'~,,~ ~ ,~~;,elg~~, ~,u~'~,ry a~ w7re a~cost,~' ~ "'I' ~, __ .

. kn Lf e W l. eo 1 do ll.ng pun.k, Who· d.emana ed the, _1"' ilJiCney., The C'a 11 e,](

h ad one of my f atlg 9 ina n.,ta]'; row pocke't, ne' had h ad his wi ,f e sew be side hi. s wa 1.1 ,et pock~"t.. The fang" po c;liIeit va,s ,snug

e no 'll!g:tJ ito re,t a.i n ,It he ca:p ~"S tbe, fang w',a s. 'W j[,'t,hd r awn ~

Tbe ca11e'r remov,ed the wa11.et a.nd f,ang' ,at: 'the same ti~ ,and as he hand~d, .ov,er t:he' wa,ll@,t he Sii hove d, ,t,he pc~rlt~:ssiu.m.

'_,a d ...:II f ~ h Co I - l..

cy a,[l L'ye 1. 0 a'· e;..J. ,_ 'a,ng ,;jJ,n 't: Q t_ ,_,e punk 51 $'tonMl c,,~ I,

A,S e~q::n~'ct ed .I it ha,d r. eg i.ste'l~edJ in the f iQ'(j 1" S ,m il.'ad t hs:l something h,;3].d be'en dQ:n~ to h im ~. I:le' p'a used . me me,nt:.a.r"i 1 '1' to, see if' he, va,s., hurt. 'f'he call'er esti,~a,t,ed thCi tit, ''tooik only' ,f ro':rrn :f our ir:.o' six $,econds ,f" or him to drop! d,ea,d" A,s it hap .... , pened. ~ po,l i c'e 'we,r,€!, n.i? ;;u:b,y and 'tCMl k t he bod y . ~w,~y ,j; ,a6:slium~i,ng t'he robber .h.!;ld 'had a he,art ,attacik,~ The ca,ll,e,]E' wasn:.t-t.. held.

But.. t.'he c a ll.'e' r 'Va ,S 5 u,r t3!;t f: rom the d ewe a"no.r -of ,the pun k.~ ttl at had. he n,Q t, 'be'~n fang ed ll:e wou1 d h.a.v~, .s t, abbed 'thelu. both ~ The police: w~r'e' the,re 'only' by a'O inc l,d,ence t,

Aside, from b~i,hg ~bl e ,toO d.es:tro,y V'erm,in. Who 1l'l,igllt be, a thr,eat 'to 'ya'ut, }"Oll ough,t, t,o rea,ell out; ,as, ,a r'e'spons,ible'

~ rotect.or 0 f 1'10 LUi" ~'Ol1Uinun i ty 'Ii If' you !a re' at 1 o~, 6 ~ ~nds, t yo'1i.l. ollgl ht 'ito be-co me a, oop.. F ,il.il.:1 ing ''lh,a t: " t her e i~, ,a~ way s t,'h~ NlatiQ,na~ G u2l;,ra I At. .1 ea,at: jo in your' :iLolcal, :ne i'ghhorhood watch ,. Wi t:.ho,ur't" a ~!eN',~e ,of oorru.tiUn.i tty respon,s ib i.l i,ty YQ'U

'W,on t t COUrt t f 0. 1"' much itl tlle 1.ong run, iI

POOR :MAJ'if't S l.TA}[ES BO'N,D' voi . 1

,A sure way to g'et. lab g~ar ,and even a pret;t'y fair ,8"SBo,rt.,ment of chemica18 Is to call up' hig'hsc Mol and Icoll. BiJ'e chemi st:ry 1 ab- tea,cha'r s , af'be'.r' c,las"sJ Te:ll too,lr.'l jl'o,U arie look..illq f or sec and-hand lab ge,a,r and WOllld apprec,i';~l'te i,t .i.f ,th~'Y would tell Y1ou, .if' they knew of any 'g'[",211du,atin.g' ,s,tu ..... , den.'t s who mighit wi sh. to p,6;,r't with their old, lab ge,ar Ii I tv@,

come upon ,good buy~ f,ra,m ex~' cn..;emis"try st,ud,en:ts, who were

t 'br,ougb wi ,t h t'ne t,rr equ i.pme'nt. " It·s usually just taking' up ,s,'pa:ce a:nd 1:. 'bey ,ar e 'g 1 ad to ,get, rId Dr it far very little~

. T~\ach,e:r IS ;are o f 'to en ve,I'¥,

he 1 p,£'ul, on, beh~,lf o<f S,R.Ji.'Ch. stiUdent,s and a.lso,i! one ,might a'Vien hava Borne scJ]ool 1 ab gear t.hat has beE,n. repla.c,~d with new

• t' Y ! 1!...,I;. 1 k_'

equ:lp.m'e'n;~, ,.~01U m1.gJln ... a~ 80 a,s~,

t. he -te;a,c h,ar s whe',r'9 to buy l.ab gear ,and chemic,al s ~

Another wI~y is, t.o put, an ad i.n. your 1 oca1 ne'w~,p,apEH; t s,

C' 1 a,ssi f' i 'sds under ,'j' hla,n ted !,,~ I

EKampl-e" ~!W'ant:;ed: B,eg,inni,ng' chemilS,try stude'fit 'w,ants, s,eeond hand. ,1 ,9"b - 9 e,ar and, ~h,e m i'e at.! s " ('poo'ne') n Iii, You mi;ght a.lso t:ack, such :a,n, ;ad on hig,tulcfiool and c'ollrge' bul .. le'tin boa,r~s'li

If y'o'U pu't your mInd to, it you. c;an g'r'adual1y .accu.mula,t.e all 't'h'e' 'lab 'ge,ar and chemic,ale you want. ~ :But, just to prepare' you f;or ~he "t,ime when you, m~y h,a,V!9 to make your Oll71, latb gear you S.h£lUl d l.ea,rn to m.ak~' all the jp,ract.ical lab ge,ar you 'can fr.o'm odds and e'ndsil

The' f'ol.low.ing ca.il. S ,feu; a l,ot:. '0£ g1 a,S,B an,a [' ub1ber tub ing 'which Ls @'8SY to g,et, from any pharmacy or ch@'mistry cata-

1 ogue'" E'v.en SJO I <c;'oppe,r t.ub .i:ng' i.n v,ar i'OlllS ,:;i,z@'s, :fr,om 'y'our 10,cal hardware store Can o~ten be su'b s ti t,\l't;,s'(!, 'fnr 9 1 fiSS ,tub - . ing ~ M,o st, gl a,s,s tub i.ng .is 'us,sd. for .le~.ds from. sto'ppe,t"s to

wll:,ic h 1." ubber o,r 'PJl a s't, ic i:'ub in9' is attached II To oon.d eoppe.r

L ~. ~th t ! 'kl~ _

~ uu l:n.;r W'~.' ,_. OU' co [" :L'n. ,'. - l..:ng.. yo u

f.il,l 'too tubing 'wi.th sa-,nd.

Reg u:l ar lib 0 r:k;,s, of a]l, I si z,e' ,8 c',a:n b'a b.Qlu,:gn;,;\:, from any 1 arg e hara-'rji;&i,.t:; 19, s'bo.r;e iii Th!s etC) r'k i:8: drilled t.o snugl.y acc1onmcda,te' gl a;s S 0 [' oopp'er t.ubing' ii,

. P.l ,a s,'t".ic t'llbing can cal,so be· boug'h,t from t.'h@ SiEUtle hard'val:' ,e store in all sizes~ It is al~


co····':-·'s··':····: T~,iUiR"N······· TH' ~'U-' ·M·· r, ··: B""'S'~' 'O··O·· .. ·,·W·······::,N,··I

'.' .... '.' . .' .•. '."," ! '." ... ' -.:_ .. _:> . :._ '.'..... . ....


.... K' ,,'su-

'u-···· :.: '. _'. .

.' I '. •

- . - ._ - _-_" _. -

I n my 1 a ~rt. ed i t.or i ~ I I at. re s sed, 'the f ac.'t. t.ha. t. a S ,o:ur'

. s.ystem. degene'r~:ties" the pollc1e' ·~i.llJ ~ [eV8'n 1.e'B:s able t,o, 'pr·ot.ec"t. t:he 'pu:bl ilc' • ][: t, ·w·aus: no;t;, .1!3ln ant. i-·:po 1. ioe al'"'t i cl. e' '. H·ovevet'·, e'ven. t.haug·h 't~e' p61l :i,qlS a,!,le .increas in~ily U'oa'bl,'B 'to

protect t'he pub',]l l[c'" ,they ·wp.t'e greatly off'end,ed by my .

vi-ews., . '.

Illpart_al of ,'II,II,ct

Imown IJf JliUslulr.n·g.11

WIlIi':am A. KJ:'.r Qi;:f rM ,f,uIin:

AUiBlfi. F''Qrrn!Lda,r~.~:~ 'P '. o. 8Qj( ?J 2:7

Hi!I"r r l~,l)fiI i l4i; R 12'0~,

I j UI,t nee! '!j'ed ii CQ p'y ,ttl VoJ ~m~ " , ,Nwnib. , of ),'01;11" pubUt .Uon . nU Ue ~ T lite S'ur" i. \fi!IH;' ;

[ h.ave neve·!; read :8 mob',! 's)c'k,t [deba.,,9, ,pilce cd jlUfI,loc. Jin my Uf.e: .. p·eo:~ I,e, ll!·.h!o· !p' r-·o.D10,t~ SUe h IlPII rclh y .nd· l.w,iel\lnei!j, . .. re'exI¢ f,ly "tun is _ remS w 1 t~. rh i I eg~~r:F:'I tad ay ~

This 151, one· ~,nC!l!i. tlJe.p .. r~f\"~ thart·. dM. 1Il-0l Ihu~ ~~A ~t .~'I ~O ,~rn;o ,I!ld . r:irit~,;e.r 'wn I '. I. l'~~ltnt YWf sla p In tfie f~ce "to .p rofel,:sla'iai I. .'111 ·ltl1lfcrcement '0'

m d'i!.maild t.hilit f,Oll E",e.mQV" m.y OI'IQ' :from ilmmedla tel y ,.

Atl.-IIL J'ODIIU,JI,a;t·ie_. s. o. Btut ],27

Mar r:i Ii on II' Nt 72'01

.ia.t,telltio.n ~ h:r.t ,Saxon

D'tl ·ft,:

I dOD' t 'know' bOw you e<trtGltellI my ft.'

that yog. ~e ~ frqa. P,J1lZ' '_::I."I::f.Q9 li.t, ~i"t.1J'. .. I ,'l,1r!tber a4¥:.l.e4 tu·t any' ra41 ••.. ~ ~lu'.l.on· ~ :rQ1 name .~,

a44r: •• 11 offtl.lly _' to· ~-~' . .ad, ~ODldt"t~ .an .l'fty, ".1aD of'- .. PC'i Y'lley t·

I., '[a',~ ·a.'I"bMdt·

,..1." ... 1. ciq ~;ttGl'D8f

mos.t .. ,a,s: good 13,8 r ubbar- t.ubing but. t.et'ld s ,to. go 1 imp wi th any 'heat·., This· can. be remedied. by

t;y.ing a st:r ing around the .

d '. . ~ ...=ill d

' . r oo,p~.· ,1.ng··· sect. 1 on aniJ su sp .. 'en· ....

• ' . , J' t . "'h ~;.._

.lng· l. up .away from t_ .. e ~.~'at I

"""'O-R'TI' T! "'B'L-' 'm;. If, :.1 :~~ ",A ,~~

You Can. t t '·~'l'"ope:r.lY organ ....

Ii l!""" i

. 1,2:9; your ,p,lt'O]e'cts, w1thout. a.

suit,able wo,rk ta,ble,. Any lold trflble will do as lo.ng as, it t s ,sturd,:v . ,so "_t d()eern" t "1fQ,blble" You c',an 'g'e't., such a table very' cheaply fr,om your loca.l junk s,hop·", Good W iil 0''[" Sal vat.Lon Ar,m}'" st'Q r' e t·

'YIOU ~ 11 need. a ro,und ho1.le in t'be' table to accommodate the ·t.op half of a g'al,len jug

. d · ..... 1... V' ,

u,Be:~, as a, S.lIJ"U!i. I Ji; O'U can a ,60

use an. ,oblong' gal.lon can , If a jug t m,aJ(.'\~;~:, the 1101 e sl-i'g h.tl y $.ma..ller than. the diametc=u: of


POOR M:A1\ 1 S ,._JAMES BOND 'Vol,





Cl - " .... :

.... ' .' .!:it

I!!" ... "

1;:1 ,,"I': .. i: ~

~. - !Ii'



, , .

. ,

A. copy '(l,f TPIE SURV'IVOF. t Vo1.un;! ,6 ~ flo ... 1. 'was nee hEld: .by·. [·h1:~j'f· 'Robert K.~ 'GDIJ-dn i g-M. t ""'f:"1j.. 8r;lx' liBS. 'S,e 11 5, ~ AI. -95,634. ~h1' ef 'G.ct·dfl·1 ght (l,f 1;'he Tolito,no (I, '1~}dJl;Qf!I I nd:-i an fl!!!e r ... at'1 on ea n,e ~ my' o-ff1 c'e s t.!.t 11 n:q 11la.t .tle fOl:J1f!1d lfhO:U'r pl1b·H C 6 t ~ on ob<j ec:ti O1'Ia.b 1 e 1'fIl ttl il tit contg. hed .~ ~-rolma t ~ on ,.Ib,o~·t \I' il(i 1 ence j, ll1ayl'l@:111 !. iii nit;!! dea th I' a s 'w·e 11 as advert t $eile n,t~· for 1. t·t h ~ 1 MeilPO'I'lS.

1 ~ vi 'e\IIiI ef t·~· fo r-e·g'o 1 Ag~, a Ad itit, the reque s t of' ell' f!'f Goo!lnl; gbrt 'j ~ t 'i s a s ked tlh a t ;YQ~'" . r~ove n:i'$ n·iIJe· 'frol1l you·t" rna t 1'1 n 9 11 s t ,. 1 ha·';~. you fQt rau r a.~t i c i 'P··ii1 trt d: e ol]~u!'r(J, t ;,0 n n~g !l.rd i Ag t:h l' S ''''Ilt tier' ~



UIS, ~U.G1 ' '.&11' HAM$OH.AA , •.

. jl!fAilllit ItiO\ dI'

L t ~ Gor don A.", Bow'e"rs 272 E. Olive ·Ave ·Ii·

D ",,'. k C~_;_'" 9150'2

b UI" L.;. an. , 'J.





QJ .... ~ . ....,,.,. ..

tI !dC-r.i,·MiI' H'M ~01t.d ,PIt.. .


>It! i ,;iii; 'iii; '. W'" "1'" ~'·'.'''''''I ~_1Id<

.......... '!I!! ' ~ n ..... II,II!~ 'li1'1. ~~'!.

~ ~----~----------~~~--~----------~~--~~~

, '

fYJf},/t- I.N L t; .• IT A: "J GL-·~ <-,

~ ,~A· fh.; t;¥fl

In t.be ~ 60s GeVera1 pol.ic@ off'icer,s "rere n'lI.aimed. ,or

k~l"1' ..... ..a 'h,v .: 1'II'II"I .......... v~ ·~:sed" ~ . - - - - - -- - d- • ..... --1 t .... '\.............._ d ,.

4. . ..iIi...~. ~4 .L"'··r&.v.~' ....,~apo:nry·l"r·ec,~ a - L~~m ~:i r'a ,1."",.

- 1 The~r ma~'n d;:,,~'g-r 1,-' -- -" "'_'b f' -.1" ............ t ... '-- -:a.._...il

"",B- .8·, e ,' ..... ' I, _:_ . .lI.... ' '~~ ~ ay J.ll '~_e '. a~'';; ~,.i,.a,'w-=y .Il1Ia.w. no,

kno·!1.~g·~ . of" imp~DVi-~.< ~aJ?Onry, ~. COUld'.lI' t, .recognize· a.n. l.,mprovl. sed, 'weapo~ Wl~,J..l. l..t,_ bl,e'W' up ,l.h thel.l" t aees ~

When. I enlarged, '~Tbe Militant"s Fo,rmularyn aftd retitled i.t. ~'The· Poor .Man t s JaJnes, BOl,d" I sent. brochure,s on. it:.· ·to, 8eve·,t" al. t.housa.nd pol. .ice· and f' .ire . chie·f s, • Moa.t. of ,t~-

real.u·ed.· the i.mportance of' being' able" to recognize impro .... 'viz,~, bombs and;s.u,ch .~ - tm:!-ir comRD.n a,mpo_ts: ·Thus •.

1Iben Bear'~hlng a radical· s persO~., ve-hic1e or home'~ i:f he· va. carry'!ng or. making such .. weapons,. the police WOUld'

'1avN it.·.. .

Some 'police ~ief's 'bel.i.eved. I w·as SOIne' sort of r.adioal lIY8el,f 80 they Ca1,l.ad. t.be EureKa., CA P'D. Chief Shipl.ey t:hen prepared the €o11ow.ing· l.e-tt;er to ass·ure them ·tha;t :1- was on ·their side,.

POOR U7i..N' l' s JA"\~E_"S B'O' N"D' -,1'" '1

~:' '._ ,I,¥u-:.. __ '-'. "-_'11:"'-' ,.- '.. .. 1, \.i 0.1 10


tb~ jug.~ .If .(1 c an , cut aboue 'a 'half 'Lnch down a.-it the· cor= . 'he,t',s and bend ou.-t.ward 09-0 the f l.a.ps will rest orr the, table

." t~p,t . . .

To cut the hoI e." f i.r st

ar il~ a hole through and then u a'e a k.erl''' ho:l e 5 a.-w· to -c'U.t. the shape you ehoo~e.

TOI cut the "jug' Ln half see' ·the bot·tle cutter furthe'c al'ong't, Smooth ·the edges with a

f ~ . I

J.l e or emery p·,ap-er ~

. P'.ut., a -one,-'hol e :s;topp·e·r or '·COIl-·k. into the ·Me·ck of t.he jug or' C'iffi. with a length of pla.s~ tic or rubber t.ube ) ead ing' into a. waste bucket~.

A~ illust.rabed~ Shelves at the back wil~ finish your lab table~ They can be a ~et of book s'hel'ves" 211 so bought very cheap1.y seco:nd·..-·'hand or can be built'with 1 x 12 inch scrap luITiberl


This 'will give you a steady stream of wat.er and is e,as,y to re.r ill ~

You will n~ed a gallon jug with a #6 1/2. two-hole ,rubber or cork stopper. (qork stappers can. be drilled t.o acoommiod·art'e· glas,s or Copper ·tubing ~ ·R.ubber s·topper-s are ·bett..er and are SOld. by any hobby chemical supply C'o-mpan.y .. But.. in a 'pinch cork .s.t.opper s will do).

To comp~e·te the wash bottl'e' you'11I need. a plasti-c"fun'neli' rubber tubing t gl.as~ :t..ubirg



.and a .1clothes·pin~ Pl.as.tic tub ..... i ng. is ·not. a s g'o'od as rull'tula'!", as it'~ s t.oe st:iff' to be nashed .. by ·a tCl[o·t."hespin. Even &0" yrou

. . c'·an cc,nnect a .leng~,h of pl,ars~

• , ...... , .. '.t D.rUlfRJDIl*", tic' st,r raw to t h@ pl.as:t i c tub·i:ng' and tha,t, "Will eas.il'y c~os,e -: as: t'he clro,thes:pin presses. it I'

Pi,Be,tie' drinking· ,straws can a'L 51:[0)" be· eubst.i tuted :f'cr'i" glass, tubi.ng .. [T'he'y ar[e.' bo~ht at

mo at . gi"oree'lt"'Y ,e:tore's and some

f'l .. EI!b'l-' f b d '

are. .. I.'G'XlL· e' - or.:·,en·ll"ng' I' nne

,th,i'ng t:(l no~_e. if' 'yrC~u ars using' pI aat.Lc ,stra,vs through coek is to smaar ,epoxy ar ound bot.h the ent,(",ance and exi't, PD,i!)ts b,f

t'h,': 'e" ;riO' 'r<~ t.o m,-~"Looe-' '1~ -t a 1", r,' , .... ·t i If'Ifh,jI--

.' "- " 'p... ,,'" , ~,n. _, , ' . . I" "-~r __ : .... ' •

Plas.,ti.c s,tra'ws can be con.nect,ed., for extra lengt,h, Just. s,l it t.he 8,'tra'w a hal'f inch and

pu.sh another length .in ," The,n. e'poXy' around ,the slit and t'he jo irt, ,and it will k;e one pi'ec.e ii,

If you dec'ide to u,se' plas""" tie' t.ubing ,I t"ake a plastir(! :straw to the ha,rd:ware sto,re so as t.O cboo se 'a w"id'th ~h,ich w"ill mo,st. easily fit" 'Whether

the p,l"stirc t:u~lng goes over or inside t'tle: dr inking g,t"ra,w ~ e'poxY is, t'he best EUlbst ,anc.e to

use t.o maKe the joins '1C ig'blt,., Tro put 't.he, gravi.ty was:h

bot t,l e - ·toget'h.er;, insert the 't:llnr:--9,1 and t ubin,g' throug h, one hot e in the mt.o'p,per. Ie SE!e tne thi stle tub'e t., fu.rther along) '. Then put:. the gl,ass or 'pl,astic'

stra,w tubin.g 'through t,h@ other hole,_ as ,shown,.

. To operate. fill the hott.·:le ,thr'ough the :funnel, I! Su.e:k, on the end or the tubing to


Tnr@! letter 'was 'pr.in,ted, ab().ut, lr9172 and I sold, a lQ,t of

~HJl3 s '~. ~red s:t,crne Ar B@rna,l V;etS conducting a; tr' a In 1:ng p.r'og l"U

'for poll.o@ bomb squads and ae bOrug'ht, a OQ,upl,e o,!' thousand,

. .


S inc€! I 'bel ieved th,i S: generation of 'ooprs '~-ul.d; .pr-(),t' t by 'haying my th.ree vclu.IDe libr,a,ry of w@',aPQrnrY" I g',o,t a directory listing th(Jusands of pclice o£"fieia.la,t I sEI',nt a copy at' SURVIVOR. 6, iSSu8. :four and the ron1y' rep'l:ie's' ·1 getwe,re, those. a.bove·~ Not one o,rd,@r r

~ Of course, I hadn·tt re.ali.zed .tne makeUp of ~aY.~8 poll.ce '. The m.')de'rn co<p bas been emascul'ilt.ed by out L',1beral jl1dic'ial ~ys~em. ~t., the s~. time, he: has been ~,ipped

vi th &he l.atest:. t:itate-o:f .... t.;he·~art, met.hod,s of crime d,et!eet.,- ,Jo in ion along' wi.~b :self'-prot.ecting equilHDeni;..

_ s~ this ri·,COV" patra1.s bis_ assrigne~ t.e.rritory in bi.s I'o 111.rJg' , ,f ort.:.:-e8S.. ·lte baa, a shotguo at.tached to his dash

" ana· a" ~il,9t.Ol- at hi,s' Bide .. He .1,sO has a radio f;.!G· sua.:;n, helpr ~,f he contl'''o'nta any ,crim.inal moria dangal!'lDus thAn il, .... r· ippl·......A D'ho'n11~f'·'·

"'"" ',;' ',)_ ~ ,.;,., .... ~_ :. '_, ~-ert .

Altho,ugh co:pa get at lQ~ of 'cr'edit .. 'ror ell,t.ching ."the: .bad _·W,s.. they se.l·aom stop, t.he.m,·f 1",0Ift eoJamit.t.ing ,iltroci't-.



Th i 5. is a. C'~P'1 of ,the I ,eUo: r S~ nt 'ou,t by' Clhief O.~ R ~ S~j.pIi!')1 t D,f t'lhe ,E~,ril!,kCl Polr e.

. Departmcnt to Givill ('juthodHe.s who, e~nquJ'Fe ebout "The Pecw Manils Jome5 B;oOOIII and ih -

ou~ hor,

I n r' e'ga. rd" to 'yo u.r i nqu i.ry a'bo ~;t - - Mr' ' •. J( art .s axon, Mt"" Saxon" aka Don S isc'o ia .8 permanent t'es.ident of the city I) f ElIlr a'X a ,t He, h~ 9 ,11 U t 'ho z: ed ~ eve,r,a 1 boa),:. on '\,,',!l,I" 10 U! .

s,u,bj e'G'ts. I~is mos't cont;,I'Q'Ver,s.ia.l book ha. been ~'iThe fOo:r Mal n. ~ s James Bond MJ'1i

Mr.. Saxon is. a re:coq'n,ized ex:pert in "t.he fiel,d o,f'

ex-plQs i v es and tbe.j,.t a,pp,l icat ion, t He. has, matte in ~ept;],

st.udies of Jf:I.ethods 'emp,loyed by 'tbe more militant, gl"O'ups.

H:e i ,9 a former ItteJnbe,,[' 0 f the Jobn Bi.reh societ'y if. th~ Minut!e>~ ,me n a, nd Bever-a 1. a t-h ,e r e)ft rene r i ,sh 1, wI nrC~l' ,organi z a t: i.gn - '" n~ev e t', ave r the y'ea:rs he has mellowed ~nd 1s ne lrOfl'9:er

,II ft i 1 i.8!t.ed w:i th 'thea, e g.l.'O ups ,

.ME" ~ Saxon is very pro""'!est,abli shme'nt. ,apd ,pro-law

e·n f.o r c eltl,e fit ~ Tn i.9 d ,epIII,.rtment. us as )U:' i> Saxoo 1 9. expe,rt i..e in traininq programs.

Mr., Saxon wi,s,h,e.s, only to, sell his mere. .' "n8itlv8 'b.<lOk" to law' e'nforceJllent and fire agenciee, to' •• rve ~,,,, t,rain*,ft9.. Manual. in ·the recrognit:.iQn of bo.ba r bold) cornporne,n'ts : .,n(l

'tech.niq'D6S ..

. _ tk'. Sa~on witl not. kllO'Nu,g.ly ,8ell, 'bia, MOre, •• 0.,1.t.1". book., to any left: wi,ft9 ,ra'Llp' ° ,Ii' if,ldi.v1d.l,. 'Ttl,iil depal'tlDent, .,_ _ e1:8 tJlat a d ,I i,'ent, 8 t:udy of ,Mr.. $aXOR':9 b00.1I;8· w.ill. a,a"a i .t, any d.e,pa~'t,men't 1n laaZ"Ring. ~he~ Mtl1od. ,a:nd - 't;echni'Qaell used . :by IIi 1. i t,m n ,t, . o.t'9a,n i za ti,on B iii

Fl,exible Straw


POOR MA.r~J f S JA}-;IES BOND Val iI· 1


POOR }'~i'J i' S. ·J~ ..... "MES aonn "lva 1 •

ies. In shortt althoug'h be i.s 'pledged ·to n,Pr-otect and Servi!,i'I:II the nodlern cop does; neitbert He cant·t. His highly 'vi,~il?'l.e patr'ol car _ keeps ~ll s~rl~ret cr.ime f.ro,m happening until he nnves on, Then the criminal. is at l.iberty t.o .

rob ... r,apej mai,m and kill anry of the· unarmed citizenry ~

he s t a.rge.tle~. Ii . .- '.

Of cOuroel aft:ar t:oo de~ has been. done·,. poli,ce s~i ... ence' st:,e:p!il Ln , The cr.i,rninal· i,s' oft,en quiekl.y' ca.ug·bt. ,. This is no help to t.he v1ct~m ... And all t.oa, often,,. 1.t' the vic .... tim li.ves~ t'ne' ,c'riminal. i.~; QUt. ,of jail befo,re ·he or' she' is out; of ,the nospi·tB\l It

Our Libe·ra.l. judicial s¥st..e·m, is' so ~nee',rn.led vit.h t.h,S!

r igfhts of 'c'rimina1[s t'h,at, even the be[st efforts, of 'the po.li,ce are· waBt.ed.~· .l.fter !even t'he ·,me.at vio1ent and disgUBt~ i ng o·utr'age.; tb.Q capt'ured c'r ,im i:na.l mus't;;, Die· treated 'WI t.n ·exaggera;t.ed. O';)urtesy. ,otherwise :'he is likely. to he set free, on ~:n.e grounds ,t.lla't. his; ar re. s't WilS impro'per and. ')1,is tt Constit.utionlll ,Righrts" v'iolated +

Alt:hough there' are a 10t of_9'ood men in. our po~ice forces" th.ey· are noVhe,re ,as ef.fect.ive as when I was YOungF The admis:s,ioD of 'wtlm8.'D into 1!.he for.cas has nltltt;\1li:"·a.l.]Ly ,lorrwer~d the stand,ards of aggre,ssive.ness ~ed .in ,~ eff'£ect,_ i ,r,e 'po~l ice· off icer" ,A_1,SQ, the o'Ve.r'all l.iber',al izing 0,1' police forces ~ . .'9 kept. the more ra1t·iona,l men o.utl T'hi,s bas: ca.u.sed our pol ice force,s tD be ""mDJ'lIledllil ma.in1y' by ni.t:wit.s who act.uctl,1y· do conB,ider t.he rigbts, of the cr.iminal. moire, i ,anporta.nt. t:ba.n those of' _ the' v ict im .'

Our na.ti,onal c,rime. . rate is aceeler'ati.ng an~ our liber~ al iz"ed pol ice are be'Coming less: ·effective at. 'prot.e'ct..ing us , SO W@ m,u9.t, p,l'ot.e'ct [oureel vee and @'BCh. D,'the'r'l Naturally~l\CJst police are dead-set against ,~it.1ze:n.s met.ing out. 5'ustic~' t'CI p'cedato,rSh' T,o t.hCHJe I would s:ubmit the, following two sce'nari,g;sl'

Se,enario 1: A psycoolt..ic bl"@'al,ks into a wolman's home vit'h the intent t,o ,~a'pe and kil,l he.r I A.n armed ci,tizenJ,

O.r vig'ila:nt:e, if you 'wish, goes; .in .. , kill.s the [·ien.d be,fore' he, can do ,much d,amag'[! a:nd tit'en fad'as, .away' int.o t.'be n~ght. •.

S cenar 10 :2 I A psy;chot,i-c b.t'"'ea,kI;· int,o" a woman ii B home

'W i't. h the· 1 nt ent. t. 0 ,I:' ape and ki 11 M',r. I tfo on·e 'CO'n\e! 6 to. he',r aid., When he,r 'bad'y' .i.s -, fOlund t.bs' ',neXt dar. t.b.e ,la,cal. pql, ice ' t r a. cIt dorw"tl he.r kill ,e'l' ~ He iss e1nt. 't;o arrent: al in ~ 1 t ut ion for a f'ew months or pr 1 so,n. , vhe'l"'e·_ if 'he 'bebaves:. he viii,

be parol 1 ,ed in e)lree 'yeaJ;'s til - , '- -.

Whi,ch see,na.r'ia. "Would ,you ·p'ref.@,r;? If you .are "the typical l1od[ern cop 1'0\1 will aon.sidel"·- 'the oommend!,$tion yo,u get f.or 'the ki,lle.r"s capt,'ure .m:)re i.mportanttha:n'the Yomanlls 1.ife a'n,d 'the saf@t.y of ,the' eo,mmu_ri1't..y'!! If' 'Y0'U; ehro'Be the f'l.r,B~t acenaz Ic you ,are- ap'p'J:ov.ing vigilant..ism .• S:hame on, you! Shame on me· ii too ..

In nvY 1 a,s t. eo ito,!,'! a.1 :I pi: o,m i s,ed. tiC tell you how t.o. 'f O,lrQl .

a ne ighbar'hood def ense g'J:OU.p whioh. wOUld,. ,erve bot'h y'o.ur ·community and n,ati,o,n .• S'uch .is. g·r·Q'Up vo~ld, ;not be eo'nn~ct..ed: wi t.h. any' rad.ica,l o,.rgani.2,a.t,iJo:n .. It Would. 'have no ba"sis in, race-It, creed or nationa,l or,igin .• '1·be'r~ ;vb,Qul .. Q, be no due,s" - oa~h,~ or C"Ommitment~ to any cause 'but, the safet.y of" ,t.he

,conmlUn. i ty • . ~

The· ba.sis o,f t,he gr:oup [should. be a ma.rti.a1 arts, school" Th i s w~uld not. be an - OIl,'; ien1:al mart ial art,s s c'hoo"l" ,c'l u,t ... t,er.·'ed 'With, al i,en tr·a.a i t.ion,. d, is"ci'pl ine· J tore·lgn phi' ases and various uni:f,orms. ~nd ·belts· •. All that is non,sens@ to

one a,imply w.anting to .Iearn to ,fig.ht..

Act'ual1y, mo,st peep,l.' ,.r·e .lntiiAid.ated by: th~ id,@,ct Of tr,ai"ning for SQ,Me't!hing" they' Nay ne~lr' Mve' a need f·oz-. Haw' o:ften have you 'been, ..• ' ssa,u1,-ted'i~Do 'Y'QU hang' ,aI'Q,und .in }:)ars and loi t,er in s'lllllL ,Mlg'tibo1"hoods,l I·.f YClilr ,a.nawi,r ,to G\1.1 tlu:ee is in the nega-hive~ -.art.ial ar"t,j!i,t;.J:,a.i.ning v'lll sImply f i.t you. to pr,o·teot· YO'ur 'te'l'riWlry fZ:CL', 1 ikelcy, m&.t'a.\id~

ers as; o,ur' system gg'e',a: fX'·o·1D r:,ecQ,881o,n t.;() Q,e':p,re·e.ai1cn,. YCHJ, re,al,ly ought to ge't a,

Aside from the nones;5,ential~fi-11,e4 ori[ent',al ·.mart.lal few fe·et of various sizes of

arts school,s~ there are those two~week' ocmbar1: c;o.'u:rsea con- ,glass, tubing t I,mprov'isa:t,ion

. .', S ~ art the ,f ow f'- Th:e·n 'Cl amp the tubing 'wi th a cl,othes;pin.

[This g,ra,vity wash bottl!e 'will g~~e· YOIU running' wa:ter for mixing ehemical s '.


'This flask and used ~"'ith regu.ir'e'B, only ~ "g'ht bul'b I'

To ·turn ,th'e bulb into a f~,ask, use· a kn.ife blaa,e ·to bend up and sa PIal" a t.e, the tip 'from the. aur roundanq baked tar .. A pair of n'i2'ed..le noaed p~ie.rs is bet.t.e~ tha.n t,be pa.!.r in t h,e i11 us't;.r a cion II'

PU,ll off the tip with. t.he plie;rs: and czuah and pick out t:.b,e h'i,ta· 0:; baked t, ar, Then putt out. the f ilame.rrt.s ,and wha't y'lou can ,gra,s~p ,)of the gl,~ss pointing up,. Niow, use any scr~lwdtr i ver, f ,il @ [or w"ha:t,ev,~r" ··t.,o g.i 've a sha,l:' p tap t,o

the· rest elf the glass ho.:t.ding the filam.e,ntsl Ro'tate the boo,l around t'l1.e inside elf the bulb unt il no mo,r,e gl as s j ut.s out.

You Wl', 1- 1 '1'".'.'_' m t: "'1 f'l 'k

'!KQ a..;;.... ear z ,as",

and the. frost..ing· Ls easy to

Can 'be heated st.oppe.rs and a burn,ed, out:

" - 1- •

('eDL'lO,v'e oil Simply st ick a too t h,~ ·bru.sh .. ins·ide the bulb a.nd 1'"[0- tate it agaInst th.G side,s 'Ii No'w' a.ll you have to do is rinse, tbe bulb out vi:th water,t

.t"!'UTT- 11I'l'1II"""I G"T" JlS·:-: S- !!'m"!!T 1i;;I! I'!.'!II!""!I

'11,...._ .:_; '. : ,W,,,;.;. ,..y.n . '~ v g. ,D,1\"T

PO· . O··.··R···· MA····~.T '. 'S'; J]',·."'~S:::-' B',O' N'··· [I.'. vor , 1

. :'", ",'_ . ,.L\I _- .. ~"'JI.:~! ". [ \....JI!t



,sis:ting' Q,f runni.ng throug'h· the wo,od,s colle'ct:.ing ,ti~ks. and. chiggers ,ii' Tha t. • s, abo,ut;' all' such courses BnIlUnt to, And, they Qvec'ag'e· $350 j 00 per cour'se ..

Such. -qui,ekie comba,t e.OUr,"::H~'S, have ·ft pot,entially fa,tal, dr2l"W'bac]clIIi Th,ey make a novf ea overconf ident.,. S ~ .~ly learn .... i n9 to throw an 'o,pponen t und"e,("' the d i.t" e ce ic~ n a,f' an in.... . st.ruetor 9' i v,e,s . :n,othing' bu:t, sut"f ace' kncrwl ed'gJe III The' b.rain may' ab,sorb ce~rta in rULes o,f b,and-tQ-band, colnba:t 'but the bod,y' rias t.o ba tr a i:ned, t;,OI ,m,a,k,e tho s.e n¥),ve s ,t;,~f' ,1 ex:i V',~" Tva wee'Jlts do es,n " t do i't. ill

What,ever you· dO:l!!' ,d9~,.'t. w,a,st,le mohe.y on those E;t,,\.lpi.d Nir)-

,j a blOKS" n N In j a !1' i, S B, i mpi'y a Ja;p,ane a,e wo rd f' or a S sass in " .''We 'have t.,he i,r "eq:ui v;l\l,ent., in tn.e JKat'i6. hit. ~an,. YOIU, don· iI! need, t.o, pr a'ct ice, cr e'ep ing ,. 01 i.ITih i,ng • er a,wi i.ng' and. e'l a:w'ing f or sever al yea.rs j\u at, to put 'a, 'bull at. or knif e ,into some slc>b.

:Best-d,es ~ the!"e .is no p.t'"oo'f th,at ,the, bl ,ack~cll,ot.h,9d. '9'i"d, ... gei:-@neumb,ered· :N,iOnja of th'9 f il,MS, and 'thQ,B9 rid,i.,c'uloliS bo.oks ever ex..is,t,ed. as ~rtra.yed iii Also" wihe,re. 'w,ere ,the ,Nin,_j,a ,on GUadal'e,anal or ,Gl:lam,? 'I '1m, BUre' ,the .Jap'M,ese m,ili,tary

'wiould have used them, if the,y"d hiElloQ the,m. .

If the, f i1mB and boo,ks ,ar B' to' be be1 iev,e.d ,I ,a, h,a,.lf' -do,! en Ninja, could have "g'one be'hind' t,h,eAml@'ric,arn line~: 'ana wiped out. ev:e~y Marine' oo:n.tt,inge;nt:. ~ T~,e. id,e,a. is not; wit.hout ·pre.c-' id@nt on our side~

-,A, :M~fla hit-ma,n was·,d,ra.ft,ed for WH' II. One' night. M'

,sl ippeCi '"be'bi,nd ,the G,er,man li,nl8!s andl f,o,und a C,O ,mp a ny' 'o.f 9~oildie'r's" a.sl,ee,p' and. JIK)stly h'i.:~lddled. 'Loget,h'9',r for warm,th,~ He s,l it. the, t"IirOI B't- 0. fORe! ~ e' a r .... ,to -eo ar .. vb 11, e 'he, 'W',a, sly ing ne'xt: 't'o a buddy.. Tflhen th.e ,at'he"r' aWfl:ke~ he' wen,t mad liI The whol,e co,mp'a:n.y va,S de'Moralize,Q and p.i3J;nieea '. ~he id'@a t:hat an Am,e,r'i,can. COl!l,ld get t.,ha t ~~,o 8,e to, 6,1 eep,ing but he,a.vily ,gu;a,rded men f a.r f,ro,m t'he' f'rQ'nt line,s 'was ,a mit~d-:blower"

. 'I' ne,n t.]'le r,g va s i(:o,mm~ndJo f e ad e r' 0 'I:. to ,S'ko Ji.""2!,e.ny' ',s ,mern, who dl;.essed if:1 A.mer j.'c!ln· ~riir:,or;ms . and i"nf i1 tr ated. '~r ican un .... i t.iS ~ You'tve 'proD.ably ,.read of the. 'havoc an,a eonfucs; ion just a 'f ew ,a,f' them, ca:U,E;e.d i,n ,the' ,I\:me r icafi 1 in,e B ~

I"f 'Ma,f i a men, ¢'auld .be dr a f't ed • BO ro:ulq Nin,j a in the Yakuza, ... it~ ,reet i,t'l9'S"i f r'O-lm Kirolli,tQ ,meant. t.he same t,hing' ,as.: f'rQm, Roo seve It ~ Concil us' ion II t. he, Nii'nj a and t.he i,r' P,t",ow,ess a.r'r! larg,ely mithic,al'iIi Don t't, l(,i3..·st.e, you.r t.ime andi, ooTifey,.

G tt·· II.-......,~ t' t t · . '. f .. ,. -,jj. AI 'Ii'

. e· : J"n9 ,u"a,;..;.n,.-o,'.S i!,\.[",'"J.,ng ,a. gr'Q'up; , l,rs'~ Ye've~op Bonte,-

thing to a:tt.ract. the kin.d, of peopLe. YO'll ';w,a.n~,,, !Th.ls woUld be a martlal< a.rt·s· r;: cho 0 1 which .VQ,ul.d-'be af~fo,rd.a.b.le,., 1n-,

- , .', ,iii i - - rl ;=' • -

:f or-mal: ,e,nd ef f e'ct]. va' <Ii G'1 ve an. {) f f l.,ce wo:rk.'er a pI. a,ee he

can go to, thre·e. n~g'ht s a. -w:ee''k, ,an'd. g"o . f.r-om 3iu-·J it S'U . (,JUdo) " . to: 1 e,thal combat in e a,:ay Sit.. age's I"n,d, you' il 'have ,'all

'the cUltg,me,t"s you, can hand 1 e ~ -

S ii!Y' . ,:to u h,av~ no ,e'Q')e,.r' i en era i'n mat" t i a 1 a:r: t s. . The. t. 'I 5- be'st. a ct,U"a.l11f. ain'c,e y,ou VQ:n' ~ 'na'\te to Unle'a,rn a lot. .of' no,nse:n,se' l'!OU, might, h~l"J'e 'picKed up . from, a formal school 'iii .so't ,St ,ar t .i ng f ,:1:Ii!!,sn iI! . Y'Oi~ 'cooo. ,8 e ,a, is ,a )p,q,rt,ne'l',. a, ,f ,r i,!Snd yOlu can get a,l,ong 'wi, th ana, enl i,s,t, h.l,m ,as, a" busi'n,esa . pa,J't.ne,r

and, -r:el,i,e,y-tra,ine'e:.' . . '

·Start wi t.:h ,3'i u-Ji~~ BY. in pMJB' '2; iii Ls'a,rn $l'nd :pra,ct ice' 'Ie,ach l'0;9;:son, unt.il: i1!.: 19' re£.lexive' ,to. bot:b, Qf" ¥,Qu. Thi,s ,~hOll1~d, t.ak.e ,C! eOY;ple o:f h~~)UrB e'aCb, evening fO'r abOut .tvo n'C'll),tbs)., By 'n'ow y'ou.' ,shoUld'· 'be it .mat.ch fQr' jus:t "ibout 'any mo,t'"Qni,e.

r6.lughn~ wo, might t.bre,at'eh you. ' .

. B,aving mast!S'l'ed J'iu,";'Ji.t.s,u. 'go, .to, ,the' Army co,:u:se. in.

PMJtI .l4!. Le'ilr.t"I eYeIrY at taCk and dl."ef,enee 't.he',ir'@ until' 'bo:th 'Q,f you ,are, an even _t~h.t, ~~,xt.,. m .. ster the. Ha.l"ine C~lut.ae .and

,co n B id:e'!' 'your gel~eB: ,r:e:a,~,Y"f .p,~ b'llS .!.'l\e! 9:51, " .

'~st 'toWn,s, ·:;.-·::ve e:mpt'l- sto,r.s . oil'. .the., SqUiir-~ O{, ne,atr' ':It.' ¥hi db . ~.:U', 1:ie, ·-rertt'eO. c'h~,ap;l~y. 'If.~J, }"iQU! ,_,"e~ ,rare a co U'pJil e ,of wre~.llng 1aat·s, 'a sign ['e:ading ·'·:'AmEJariea.h Martial Ar'ts,·t and ,s~.: ':r1ew,sp~p~i-' a.Gi's,..you·' ~i9ht' . a.l ~Q' ,··t:~l12" ,to: 'Fdu~, . Jo.~al: ,~~p,~,

.orber,~J' a:bout ,t.hs' .. sJOiioQl'i 'In "'yo,ur -,a.{},s' ind l:ntervi'e'l(,a'j,·. ·tJ~1. peopl,@i yo-oJ: BChoo~. 'will 't.ea,eh, s.l:f,~e,f,en.Q ~o. anyg;n.e 'fo;z.' orBy ,. 25 .00" ,per' "'Week, in ea~~i> 'tWoI"';~"""Ur ·,.;..~7S: . ,'ions, t.flr,ee, t ime,g

- . rg:z. . ~I~ • ~~ ~. .... 'I I 1""- •• -

~ee,ns tb,e mind 'but. y'ou mus t not take it to·extxemeS4

~o letts say YQu'v@ got~en a ,suppl.y of g'l,ass tubing from It"o'Ur ph,armacis,t! a chemical

. C ,at. a 1 o 9 ua 0 r yo ur f 1'" i en.d1.y sign m.aker;;; who has aC~es,s ·to gl,as5 t u.b'~'ng ·for neon signs" Working wi.th i:t will not only g' i v'e yOUl new Bk.il~ 51 but, bett.e'r' .lab er~ruipl1en.'t. ,Al.so tit,' s fun.,

'r'O beg in ;' pI ace' at l"sngt;h a,.f 'gla,6:S tubi.ng on a. sJnooth sur .... fac'~,liI Dec ide .where, you wa'ot to, h,r,e',ak, i1l:: ,and. glv,e' t,ha't spot a s,ha.r'E' rake with a fill!$! •. ThI9'D,l gr a sp "the tubing f irmly wi t,b your. thumbs neal;' ,the m,ark. N'ow bend the '91 ass '}J,ack fr'om t,'he 'DU1J:K and it will snap c i ea,nly I

To insJ.er"t the p,iecee 0'[' t.u,'bin,g into the, rub,ber s+opper s 01:" Clo.~kB J d.ip t:he.m f ir,s,t in so:ap¥ wate'r so they will slip in easier I' If you. use cc,r](s,:I.I ~:I'oxy a.roundthe tub i n.gr en

bo _ h B. .i.d,~ s •

'B,' ~.'~. ,N·· 'D' ·I~,I' ". 'f·.G· " GL"'" 'IE' S T'rT'Ci I~'l:tt"'I

.Cr J'\! I, ,-n.;;i!.--_· _ uu. - 1"iI~

B a 8 Ie g'l a 8,S }:).'e,n,Q i ngr i 8 'vle,r y simpi e., The' part to be 'bent is h,e, 1 dover' 't. h€! f 1 a me. and r 0 t; ,a_ted until it glows ,r ed all a-

r(:,u···,~ Th,':'n' b···:-if',d "~to - "-111",:-::_", 'h· Ld

o .Iny, ~ __ Q .. en, ~.' .11., • ,11.'1110 ... JI ,0·.

it frOt" about 'ten ,secon.d,s un'til it h,a"rae'ns.

'h - f"

An a,lelo. ·01 ~ 1 am:E :1, s not ,so.'

hot as a gas. flame f,rom a bunsen burne'I" or ,a propane tor'ch'iI ltet'Uall'r.,. Yi()U le'8th 'buy a pro-

t h ·th .-~. L pa'ne' ' Ql'"C'L 'WI'- ".' al.~ lots ,a'~-

t,ae'hme:rrts, c:heaply fr'o,m the 'hardwa,re s:tore~ It can b,e put

'DOOR "kX"'iJ;, ':t..']' '-1' S JA'ME S 'DOl:\TD 'T T' 1

.!L I ..... ~ l~lAlr\ " ' ,-_'. :_ d',!!.\! _' \,,! 0 ,Ii



PO' " 0-' 'R' "h...t ::;\N' 'J S" J 7io. ~-n:;' ,.,.... B" 0 N'~D ,1' 1 I'

_ ' .•. '",~ ,r.ll..t:1._~ '_' _,ft_'!'~WCJ ,'.,'".,._ " vo_"., '_

The true Martia1 Artist is a danger only to the dangerous~ With ~kill comes responsibility along with confidence~ This adds up to a selfreliance whieh makes anyone with that disci-

p!iPB an asset bo those around him~

But as one develops personal mastery, one anticipate~ a time when his services will be needed by the com.unity~ Then, as martial artists of old were called upon to defen~ their less-able brothers, he will need to know the arts of improvised weaponry~

such knowledge is JUBt an extension of his own body, as was the nunehaku (rice flail), etc~ Tyranny canndt prevail where the martial e r t i e t pr o t.e c t s ,

Kurt SaxonJs Poor Man's James Bond series is the most complete, and growing, collection of methods of improvised yeaponry~ No invader or home=grown despot can dis~rm a community or

feel sa'fra in. an o ccu pa t Lon • A

Beyond, The PO'OJ: ~I,a:n I' s Ja'mes, Bond I t'h,~ S,Ulr- ~'

v i vor seri,as tea.ch,es domestic g'~lf-relia.:nce so .. ·.~,-.c.


per w@ek... .No s t pea pl,e' c'~n ,a,E ford t"ha.t ,a.nd ,onl,},' 1 00 ell S:to,,,me,t:' S: ~"'ioul,d give yo u $ 2 ; ~OO • oo pel'" vee]ft.

Ope n up from .2': 00 pm t.o :1 0 ;: pm six' d a.y s: pier we e,'l(,.. T'h~i(l:; wo'uld 9 iv~ you ei .. gh't. twa hour c,;t'ass:es, each w;8'e:k", ,F'igure on. f r Q m 't, en to "I: 'W€nt y stud ent, s pe r cl a. s S :; rna st 1 y wo men '[ 1"0,11

1.::"wo to s 1x pm and rna s'tly ,men f rom six ,to t,IEH1. pm till •

'The' idea -w-ould be 't.,o t.e"a_,eh e'ach student the basLcs and have him, or her p,ract,i:c8' with ,ano,t'he,r wh,i,le y,Qll and f'our p,ar'tne'l':' coach and 'wat.'ch 60 no one ge,tsl hUl'''t'l

Yo II ,"' ig' h t con s i,a e',r; sto ~k it'\g my' bo olcs drr 'Yo ur echo 0 llil

E a,c'il, s,t ud,ent. would buy prMJ'B 1 and, :2 and p,roba.bly 3 a.nd, the S urvi 1,1:0 r s,ler i e os. In t"hi s w,a,y tt,h,ey could s'(;.ud,y the rna, Vie 8, in. PMJE.s m. and 2, and so would 'hav~ a c=.lear iCll'ea'- of' what th,ey

""~',e r'e to, 1 e a.t: n '" .

All, ,my bO;Q KS 'will retail at; $ i2~, 00 each and 'wi t.h S ~ off '1::0 d~a.1elts: ,~! ylcu - 'WCl,uld maX€! ::11>005' c.le,a,r· p.rof' i't., si'nce you. 'Wou1d sell - d i.re,ct, Th~' 1~:rl:udent;9 Who bought. every book 'Wou ~d be tho sle .RiO :srt arw',a,r,@ of ttl e st,ate of ,t'tu~ wor1.d. ~ T:hese, '~lould be t'ne Irost, ,1. ike ly c andidates for ,8, ccmLm,uni't.y d.e~ fens€! g'roup~ Tbese would .al,so, be t'he mo.st lik'ely 'to 9'0 . f.ro,m Jiu-J,itsu to tlH~ :WiOre letl),al. aspect,s of American Mart ial Arts,~ inclu.d,ing in:r.prov ised W€H3JpOnry!l (you would have, to let your ,stu.d'ents le:a,rn improvised we;aponry on th,e.ir O'WTI,j as t']h~t aub j'e!ct. ";I,auld put you, on very sll,a')~y ,legal.,

ground) I, .

As time went by, you WQu1.d fi:n.d ,you ]l,ad a r~a:dy=made grou.p of' :lit-e,-thinking men and 'WQ,men" Y,QU 'would'n't need a rrame f'or it iQ!' any cle,~,l'cu.t philosoplti1.Y oz i~eo,l,0!9'y t, But; as; thi,ngs, 'goer'\: W''Ol:.sE' in you,r ar,ea y;ou. 'woutd have qui,te a 1,arge' group of trai,ned;1 na+ur ai, gur il.l,;;'j,s, to d,ratw' on .. , W,ith 'tbem

y'ou caUl d in S 1J 1:' e th e connuni ,ty~' s ,in1e~;rn.al g,ecul: ,1 t,y ae wel,l as a defense Qlgain..:st 'Quts-id,e an.t,a,gonis,t:,s.,


From _aekwondo Times

on ,t,he ,she'lf when not, in use ''':!i n- d .1.;..,.,. mu ..-. h' . ~;r'" a ;D, #-' f ~c-~ i ~n't.

Qll ," . ~ ,~IiLlll· .. ~,._ .. , ~~,~,:",,: ~ ~!L, d.... ..i..-~ , ...

fo r g'l,as,s work t.han t"Thl.e alco ..... 'hoI burner"

For a complete course in

g.1,as8 blcfwing. bending~, et.c., see GR}j;~NDDAD" S W;ONIJE:RF'1J!L BOOR OF CHEMISTRY"


A 'graduat,@ Ls a con'la.iner wit~.h, ma,rks t.o measu.re 1 iquids ~ A" e,xcellent gr'adu,ate ~ and a,l,eo a f 1 als'k: JL s a ba'by boit., t,l e I, I't. wl11. take the h,eat from - 'an alcohol burne,r so it, can ,als.o be used as a large test tUbe. Fi.tbed wi'th ,the :right sized s~top'Pe'r 'wi,th. one or two hole,B,1I .it, will have ma,n.'y use. S Ii,

A smaller graduate is a

..-..;r."m'irv"'!i:n' m ..... ,d-~: , .... 1'· 1i"!; .... ,'1.'·"0· T'l1I'"'Ii . 'r' ... .,,;J

._ _~~,I;I-' ~ . , Ie. ,-l!-,"'"" ,~, ~e L.!. JI. .. .t"' !t""'~ any

'e:v'en bet't@r is a hypodermi.c eryr 10g e '. 'l'he dro,pper C an be bought at ,any poarnlacy' and .if they 'have none wit.h ,ma,!"ks'j you. can put them an wi~h a rUle~ and ,a felt pen,~

"'] ,.,.' .

. " .......


~ , .

.;, i

-;: I I ;!! ,: i'

. .. '15>' :

" _,

.; '-~


II ! '~J

I ' .. I

, -


!This is s,imp1e to mak~ fro:m a 'ha,by=,:food jar o r any olt'hler of a. churruky kind wi th a, metal


Punch a, hole, in the rnid.!(jle

of the lid and work. it wide enougb to hO<ld a fi("ur-inc'h 1ength of cotton rope.

:Rubbing ,alcobo 1,. Doug'h:t at any gro.cery or phar macy is, t.he sa,f'9,st f'uel for such a l,;amplll

F i.11 t.he jar, tighten the

1'1~ ell t '""'" -- oE!~d" d--

lyall', ··urn. J. ~ up~ !'~,e o OWl').

'Until t:he 8'xposed part of ,t'hre rOl~) €!' i·s rs a't,u.r a ted ~ T'nen 'il; ur.n it. righ,t .... 8id~, up and light,~

POOR }{AN' S JAMES BOND voi , 1 10

no ana need starve or do without any of the necessities of life~

To combat shress, Mr. Saxon has even made a hypno-tape which guarantees clearnes~ Q~ mind and the banish.ent of worry. It enables the~ user to plumb his subconscious for buried answers to the problems that are' hOlding him back from accomplishing his true.potehtial.

All~in-all, Saxon's books and tapes are a

". t " , f t -, th M t" 1 A - ~ t I

po s it a ve re1n'I,·Drce·me,n';, of e.ne "ar • ia '_r't-ls,·' e

striving for power over any thr~ats to himself or his community~

M.A,T'C'I1 1-1 EAD ,BO,M,B

Simple. safety match, heads in a pipet capped at both ends, make a devastating bomb. It

is set off with a regular fuse.

'A plastic 'Ba,g',g'ie is p,ut into rhe pipe before the heads go in to prevent detonation by contact with the metal.

Cutting enough match heads to fill the pipe can be tedious work for one but all evening'.s fun for the' family' if )'OU can drag them away from the TV~


About the best fire bomb is napalm, It has a thick consistaney t like jam, and, is best for 'usc' on vehicles or buildings.

Napalm is simply one part gasoline and one part soap. 'The soap is either' soap flakes or shredded bar s,oap~ Detergents 'won't' do.

The gasoline must' be heated in order for the soap to melt The usual way is with, a double boiler 'where the top part has at least a two-quart capacity. The water in the bot .. 'tom part is brought to a boil and the double boiler is taken from the stove and carried to where there is no flame,

'Then one part, by volume, of gasoline is put in the to'p part' and allowed to heat' as much as it will and, me' s,oap is added and the mess is stirred until it thickens. l\_ better way to hea t the gasoli n e is to fill a bathrub 'with wa rer as hot as, you can get it,. It wi 11 hold .i ts 'heat longer and permit a, much larger container than w'~11 the double boiler.

T"'JO-·· O'R··. 'M 7i.N-, 'S·.'.' .r AME·.:..c, ':" ,5,· BO·I,D.... V' 0.'1'.. 1

r.- ... ,._ :J.'1·1~_· . . ~. ~ '". ..~'


T'his 'o'ne gives more h,ea't ovar a ~T.id,eE are'a and is l1;,sed m,ain~,y 'f'or _g'l"asa work aa, it witl ,en,able- 'you ,to 'bend gla.S,9

into a.~11. k.in:ds of odd ehap,e's i


With a pipet~e you can lift ,sma11. org'·anisms ,or fl'9Ck,s out "f' 1· U1' d c 1!i.ls' - ~J." U can p~ck' 0, 1 q'_:_,~ I ~",O I' I''O', ,_"m.:: ,- ,.L "

up ve,ry s,mall amount.s of a liqUid much 'easier than po;uring·. You might 'e'ven mark th.e ,pip .... e'tte for usa as at measure II'

To make pipettes 1i ho.l.d a l'ength 'o,f ,glass ,tubing over thlB' flame and, when it reddens a"l,l ar'ound ,.' pull. i. t., q entl.y a't 'roth. ends urrt.f.L the ,middle is qu,i te thin t Then. break, it:. in, the mi,d,dle i


·Tlo use it, put your' thurnJJ over _ ~he wid,~ ,end and pI ,ace the t1p in "the liqUid directly over th,e particlle you WQlit'ii 'Then re,mov'e' your thumb and the 1 Lqu i d wil1_ a,utomatic,a11:i ',r ise' and ca~,ry 'the part ie-Ie ·wi th, it.

MOt.rr'H F IPE TrE

'The mouth pipett.e does much the sa,me as the, ,regul ia.r one, bu.'t bet'ber ~ I f you n'eed ;aJ cer,tain amount, of what you I r's working with", You ca.n -suck 'Up exactly as much as you need oz can fill the pipett.e and j' drop 'by dro'p,. ,re',alease an exact amount, Lnt o a pr oceas ,

All you do to, make it is to 'fore-I! thiS' larger ena of t,ne

P'DOR }1AN t, S JAMES, EO NO vea,



! -.



. - --


I,' Krun ' __ i A vhi ~1 e ba~k, I va a In\l''lt,ed to be en t"he Dlav-id lLeit't.er~

Man, s;how ~ 'Ehe 9 i If 1 who e,a,l!.,l~ed ~ a a,id they had ,til capy 10,'

,my 'book,j) 'itgra.nddad, t s Wo,nd,er'ful :B'OOlt, Of Chemistry~ and thought l,t w'u,ld m_a'ke' :f"or ,an intel:'es;1:ing sUbject. I -t,'ho\l;'ht so t,oo ,and. a,s usual.; I: jUll'tPeC1 to conclu.sions and s:ugge,st:;ed 'I co,uld, d,Q, some (,:'l".-emi,!c,.l magic+. A,c'1t.ually'. t,ne COPY' they bad w,as ,the eal!ly ed,i,tilon which, didn' t, - have ~"C:nemi,c,al M,:ag.fcl1 1;n.; it.,~

,So.. in,ste'ad of golng on t,'he ,slow' ,a~d, explain,ing the del ,i.g'h't s of be.lng' a, ,mad, se ien-el s,t, I vol un tee,red t;Q, Clem .....

ons-t l('" a· t e-·· 'N'-"':r-l"" ~~ l'~ ',jII"i;t,e-s" I n'll:J'~ iii"' 't- - ~- ,... 'fIi..~'n·e ~ 'he 'Ar-due -,-- r

._" - _. ,"'", '- I' ,._'!Iiio.lI'~. ~v·· . '~~, _- .. ,;Ii; _ "'''',"=,,;11;;, . ,iIi;J,a p,iIi;~,. -'II' '!..., - ,r _ v '" €!I-

va,s quite exc,i:ted abo'ut. ,tJ\e, project and urged me to, do

,a t 1ecu3t, six d,emon,s t,ra,t, j,cn,s 11)' a,s, - my' :s eg ,me nt, llO~ld' be: from six t-c, e igb1! m,in ute s ..

I soon J:@allzed, that, :ma,y-ne I: 'had, b..it.-ten, a:ff mcu:'e tban 1 'CQUld c:he,w., I expla,.inea t;ha,t I: -was experlenced ,o,n t,alk showa 'but 'ha,d neve'!; do,ne' any SQ,rt., of ller,f'or,ming I The producer encQ'Ura'gea me to d,a ,III¥' 'best so' .1 p,i.ckted ,s.ix: ex, ... a.mples' I t'hougltt, - ve]C"@' ,s;imple and D'a:slc I 8p8ctacul,ar but; ha.rmless.

. . ill " "" - ~ , ... I .

'One wa,:s, nl't,.r"oge,tl t,r.1, .... lodloe from, p1age 150, XLII. ,Ano, ....

,t.'lle,~ vas t.he ignit,.ion, of pota,sslum c'nl,o,l'a'te ~d iSug'iU: from, pla,'ge ),53. XXXIV c: i). Then caJite t.he· spOntaneous; ,com ..... b'us't. ie"n ~ o,f :mer'our]". :pQ,t a:ss tum ,a'nd sod ,i[,um. - pag'e' 1 ~5 3, •


Bu.rning' wate,t e,ame 'n'e'xt,i page 155,., LVI ~ Aft,e,!" that I me:an.t to d,emon~trat'e 1 ig'ht ing ,~ cl..ga:re't'te .1 t,h an lee' C'UDe, page 156" 'I. XX, lV' • La,at wa"s simply' M'W ,met ai i.Ie Js'od ....

.. .,:.._ - . - --

1,Um ca.t,el~S ,r l,re whe'rt ~t ~

At home I did all the's@ pro jeets wit;n ne trouble 't,hat.

I 'Can. remember" Wh'8':n ]!: did ,the',m, in l"'e'nea·,raa,ll' a na,l,jf 'hou,l" befo,re Il;.apln,g JI' eve'ryt'hi,n,g 'went 'wr"ong il ThilB, va,s @,nt,i !"'e 1 y my fa U.11;,.. I t.oo,k ,@,ve'ryth..ing for g,r an:t,ed 1 N Q t: ha,y .... 1ng 'performed so before any a.udience. -I didn"t, know EU10Utgh t,c pract;,i ce ·un.de,l"' st,aig'e cona it ion s , ,even, though

,the E!'ffe'c'ts 'wr-'ke:Q the' fi"t;'st tl~.,

I st:a,r'ted s@'tti.ng up about; t.'llree houts before .I was to go on. F' i,r s't l! ,m.ixed up a 1 a.rga.. l,a,rge. la,rge 'batch of n,.i:t,t"og',e'.n t,r,i .... itOd:ide" Bet'tG'l"' to-a much- t,han ,too 1ittl,e; l' though,t '.' 's-ince t,he n,! tZQgern ·tri .... tad ide, 'Wl:rUl.,(j ~a~e an . hour ,(l,r more to dry I' One' ,of' t;:he stag's hands :had tQld me

to make two ba'Ech',e,s, so I CQ'U,ld use one ,a,t, :["ehea..r.sa"l·. I did aind made even DJIO'!"'e t;'han, WiltS' 1n the 'f i.rst ba{bch,~

Rehea.l's,a,l 'time came' a,rcftmd and I put. one ooar,d w.it'h ,t.h@ n,it,rog,en tri-io<ti'de on a '~,a,ll,. ,,'heeled: table and a s't.age hand moved it Ci,ut in front of the eam.er,~s.. I 'had ev,erythin.g lined -up ,and began ,o,o,i119 the va,r.ious demon- ....

s 'l:ra t ions and E!V'e,rythi'ng went, Wl'O'ng ,t F ir s't I pu't. a

slice of sod I um in. a plan and ,f loaded .i't; wi 1;;h 'waite r t • l't dian It bUr,s,t into fl,amE but: just ,s,pu:t.ter.ed and gave of"f' puffs of :s,moky mist. It had' flamed ,a,t home J but not

t he're. 'Why? - .

I't occurred to me on 'the l?l.ane g'oing heme ~ When' I

..:::: '" - - t- . .,oj i.... 'iI' 1 '. ril f f - _ "', .. ' t"\ = . - j; Cj' ... ..::1 ~ n'm ~ no d rap- '-

,,!!., 1 r s't 't,r" ,QQ ,-' 'b, .lL 5:.' - ,1 cew, '0 - ., a, p,l,e' .... ,!!' o;:!;; liiilIiQU. '!Iio " ••• 'n!. !!<iiI. .• - ., _,'_;_ ..•.

ped: it: ,1ni:o ,some 'W',a.iter. It c,id burst: into, flame,~, A:nQ" t her 911c\e ltd 1 a id a.sld,e l~ii,t Sipl \1'1: tiered i I· eoou.ll.d.

have real iZ"eo i,t a,t ho;nte when I f i.r-st t,J;',i,ed it ~ 'When so, ...

..:I .. • - " • d .,ob; I, -h'" d:l' - ~ ~

u,l1J.m\ ,is f l,r,st sll,ce~_" '.1; l,S, S.''Cl:rliEiY' an,. W']l,11 J.,gnl. te, ,on

conta'ct, wi t,h any moi,s,tu:re" However't it o;][i.di,,;;es alrno,s't

pipet't'e ;Lnt.o a. foo,-t of rutiber or plastic tubing.


To t ur' n y.o U:i: burnier in.to it blt).wtcrch, simply uee the pip~ et.,te to bl:Q,w' int,o -the fl a.rne ~ - T'hia' adds O'X!lgen. Which, ,makes t_'he' f.1 ama tiOUC h hotter I!


This lets you gather larger amoun t,!!,;, ,or 1. iqu..id" 'M,a'king i. t, ,q_l;S:(_l,. shovs you 'a ,simple '}:iJ,r 1nc'.ipl'e' of ,glass blowfng which. migh.,t, enccnJi"age you t.o ma);;,@

. even ,mor'E! co-mpl i.t:a t. ed. .91 as a ,-, ware,.,

Take a pi~ce of glass tUb,ing one foot or l'ess: a,nd bold, ,the m.iddle over your broad flam,e' '-or bunsen burnE!,;r l! t.urn,-

~ iI ~ _ •

l.ngJ unt,11 ~t 'glO''W6 red ~ Th,en

put, a f in.ger over one and and b,lcfw int.,IO the ,ot'ber,t 'The mid ..... dl.e' 'will 'bulge, out ,ov'er t,he

1 ength, of' tlle . he'a,too part:,~ Try

i.+ I' t- 'I,~ f' 'un-" r .

.... ~~ .~, _" !II


immediately ~ eYe'n as ,one ~t.~'bes, and. becc:HTia!5i C:OVer ed, vi t.h a ki.nd of" vhi t: i 811 rust""

When put in. the Ya'ter a"t t.he st,udio,ll the oJeidized sod i Um spl ut. t.e.:t'ed b-e'cau$:e· of ~he' insnl.l:art iD'1 property of the ,oxide<iJ As ~~ter pe,ne,·f:,z.'a-e'ed the layer of' ,sodium oxide it- only c.reat,eQ more' oxi(!"e so no actual flaming oc'cnrred and it just 8plutter~d~

The ea,me· Qxid,a t.Lon p'rs,vented the cigare-ttes rrom be, .... ing 1 i t.. by the Lc e cub'e. When r waG, at ~,D me I tr i,red, t.he c 19 aret. t. e 1 ig' h t i ng t r i:ck in t. hee 'J(i t-e hen bee au.se t.hat W,i!I,S -Where 't.he i,ce ,eup'es wer.e'tI I took one of my v.if@' s ciga~ I" i!'t te bu t. '!:. 8, :f ,["0 m be r a s,h 1;. ray' by the s i rik, and poked a apac,E!! in ,t he tobac co wi ,It.,h a tOQthpi ck ill I then put a

f re en 81 i Vel' c·f sod i Lun in .i t. and he lld an lee ,cube to its tip.

One d:r-a,a and 1't .. wacs li,tlii' 'Th,ie vas beeause tnIE! ~i9arette was bo,ne·-dry and 't.·ne 9,1 ive.:r: lef sc,d,ium had UQ ox,ide, C'D ii, t. ingr Ii ,:6 ut, vhe n I: PC'5~fp,ared ;~, hr~'e f l"e:8 h c .ig are tt.e S on the !!J,et .. none of them 1 it I' Frustra.tion ~ Of' CoUrSe ,Il too f'resh. cigar@tt~s: ver~ ,rD:)ist -a.nd. 90 c,a.used tr..,e (lxid,e co,at-ing'l The book sU9,ge:s't:ed. drying the c'i'garette!l in 1:he Q'ven but. I did,p 'iJ 'I: pa}-i" at.,t.en.'ticrnOi

'T he'n the 1" e' va,s the 'hUhl ing wa, t ar t,,r -i c k. ~ :( t we 1" ked at hom b·j!,c:auiS,e: 'I had a la;l"ge.j 'g'la$s p;~Lr i d.i:8h -with a f'resh 19,1 i VB'!" of po ta,s9"iu..m, ina, .1 a.yer of at her about an,

e ig t.h of an Lnc h 'It.hick,, T:bi s 'kept t: he pota 5'siam from 'QXidu in;; ~ tnren, I poured in so 'me· wat,er;:l the ,et her .!it ayed ,on top ·aM too va;ter ,ignit.eCi, 't.1le potasailUl. which l,gnl~ 'ted t.he @·t.ber i pro·duc'ing fa. startling f]. ame,I"

On the s,et I ncrvever; I had put ,the sl.lite'r of potasslum dlown 'while a,oing sQ,net'hin9' ,al sa a..,~Q it had got be;n a thin c'oat.in,g lof 'oxi de '11 Ins'taad of 'the pet.r'! d Lsh, I had

~ 'to in pie pan:. ~nd ua:ed t:C~Q 1 itt 1 ,8' e 'I:. he r to g,o w'oo n ·pa ur .1119 iu the '\lateI'". the OX1. d,~, 'ke'pt the potassium fro,!JL 19n.i 'tir:~ ~ ~ ,;,_ t, just. spl ut t ered""' and 1J!~'bbl ,ed ~ pUB hi:~ the l!oo-'th.in Laver of ether' avay~

_, I didn ~ t get ar oUlld t 10, tnixing the sod i l.-lm. po t a s s,l:um

a nd :mercury, That woU1.d hav:e 'Worked 'but. v,a B not. spE,et acular'I' Wha.t" did me i,n was tbe pG'i,t.assium chlorate a.n.d au':" gar l.,gnit..ed by' sUlphuric aai,d.a, Nlothing (:'01.110 so Wl:,ong

\11 th th.a.t bu't what. i,t c,a,usad was ao,met,hi.n!J. I hadn'li t:. all,t ..... ic!pated.~

I had put t.he' bQ,a.rd spread wi 1:11 ab'ou,t, 9 ix' 8qll a.1' '8' i,ncheB try one eig't.il Q,f liLn, inch of nitr'O;'lU\ 'I:t"i-'oxide

iI,b.Q u t 1:.be .m iddl,8' of t. be 'tab'l e, B,arry ~ one 0 f c'b. El'XU"'" t"lve,B) ~Ie leaning ,ag,ainst the table w'ith hie, left ear about t.wo teot from the ni t.rogen. tri ..... ,.i.odide'l I d. idn ~ ~

no t 1 ce he 'WaS B::) Cl,osu because "I Will,S pr aoe-cup led Ii! Wbe:n I d.id the on ..... c,Me.r'8 pe,:rforJ!n~ I had, i.n,t.e,n.ded, bo 'hlave Da.vid at an.c ,at leCl~t t.hree f'sg,t,. back. ~

A],'YWaY I ,af" i!e,r ~he f aU Ul""'8: of OOIE; of the ,nro,gt. obvious deren st r at ion S J< l.ike the i;n it. in; Of t..he at'har' and

1 igJl'f, i ng t l-l.E! e ig ill I"'et ta 'wi't.b ail ice cube I 'Wi! 6 lID r r i ed. that. ·1 wouldn~t, hav'e any r,eason ,to be D,n 'the Bhow" I be .... 1 i~va i'1: va a t;hi'9 feeling ,of f"ru~r.a. t, i01D. vhi,~·~ k'e'pt. me

f t'"o:m b@i.ng' a'Wa.I"1e:· of ,the consequence,s I':) feat" eire B sne s S It At ;any rat,e.. instead of h;aving Barl"'Y' st.a,nCll we,ll away ~ a:s I ~llld have had Da,vid II! I did,n'l t even no't ice he Wa;,9 9.0 C:los'e i;c the nitrogen tr'i-'=-iodide,

atrt I was not only feelin'g frus:tralBd bu't. bEd",n,g stupid, I remerrlt'erem tha't droppin.g' sUl.p,hLtt:'ic' acid on the

S hJall pille, of po t.,a.s,s,i 1Wm ebl 0 1['3 t..e. and 9Ug' ar did i.,g'T:!. i t,e

be'al'ttt,ifUll y and stand pre l tlt sp ar ka ill! lo,,~er e~Je ry 1; i~ ill Pe-rh.i.PS, I fel.t I co,uld, S,'tlOW 'Barry I COlJ lid get. ~,omet;hing t.o ~,rK a:ft.er 13111 ~

'T:hep it happened ~ The po t a. S s,i um e h1 0 ,r s:t:.e a:nd SP..1Q j!,r nl:rt.ure did i.gnite beaut:i,f"u.Jl.ly and sent sp,~rks, e,\O'"ery ..... vhe'ra':!, inc:Ludin.; intD the' larg'i!' l!u:ear D,r nitrogen tr'iiodide!! Wha.t fa,llo,wed was not ii, bang- but. a OO,om .. It ~un'd.e,d 1 iKe noth.ing less, than a 'ro1tlb go·ing off in the


Mason, jar s are made of' pyrex and so can be heated with ,an a:t coll,Q! burner. They mak,e very good 1,a,.tg'E!: flasks:,! Th·ey come in quart, pint and halfpint sizes. The,]," ar e also e~sier to clea~ than regular fl,asks to

~'he lid far th1e flask c an

be e i the 1:' a. ,t wo,,-'P ar t, Ma.so n j ar


l,id or lone from a mayonnals,e

jar li Make at Bt.oppe'r-sized hole in the ~op and make it from the top of t.he lid in,ward 80' the st,opp9r will go in smoot,hly~

- y',ou can either drill d' .. hole

and enla~ge it with tin snips and a file~ or make a punch,

o r p1Jnche,a fer diff'ere:nt e,iz'ed 50 t oppe J:' .~~. punc: h-e's axe raad e front s.,hort piecas of metal

p i1)'8 3/4 C)r 1 inch in d 1 arneter. Th~ outside edge of the' pipe is Qround or fi1ed so it is

qui tee sharI:h The'n ~ \fii th a b i ~ of vood under the' lid" the

pi 'P,e is, cent 'Far 'ed and hammer ,ed as snovn ,I


Orin ~oJ~


Plastic funnels of .ne,ar~y arty si ze can, 1).'2 bought at your supermarket~ But yo~ can a1SD



s,t,'ud 10 .and vas heard all ·over t.ha t f leor i:iI!n<l [I;..n.a flee r's a't>o·'IJ'E!I ,and helL·ow ~

B:a~EY va ~ under st.anda.bly traUJ11a t ued a.nd in a at ;!its o·f shock:. He skit tli!!iE.'E!ld 8i.de-vay S! away from 't:.be- ~l 0 sian ~ E;I.a.t. dawn on t.:~. edge of' ·the st,a,g[e.. :!i~ 't.li!efl. yell~d .• uJUm. 1 :bleeding? I ean ' t. h@iar," C.an I gif:~'rt this :stl1ff eue of ~ pant. 51' ji

He· Wilen. ~ t b.l.eed iog ·Sind: hi I!J t.el!'fLOOX'.:EtO" de af'ne;sis ~.~. to be ·~ct'ed under it he c irc:u~t ances ~ He Wai ~ w@arin.g whlte pants and there w.a~ n:o'thing on the·. I .CQ:Uld ,!~U~@. In a few min.ut.@s hi shear ing l;@turned and 'he "W'aS cut, e fl' ~ mck ~nd had r3uf f@red n[o in jury ~ e ue I was tr U1y ~Q.r.!ry

! h~~ u:p5e·t,. hiM 180 I .

Naturally .•. :[laviCi 'nad heard the blal:l·t. and refus,e.a to e'xpiI'l: lance' any~ing 1 ike, it. I eugq·es·tEd to the :l';u."'QdueeC' 't:h.at .;-,e co· un t.ing the iSlet'ing of '9J:'rOI-S 'WOuld Qla'k_e. an ;a.mtUsing .segitleIl t... But. o~ 'hey we,~e· ·all to.o s,oook u.p 'to, ecns ider 'the sub j'lK:t Bo 1: was bumped ~

I f you wa:t.eb t;.a1 k B~ltB OD. a re]'1lI1 at'· Dai 9 is YO,lll!' V'@

np a rd. many ref e·1t'e·ncas 1::,0 gue !!iI·t.s· be ing sebed~l ed bu't net b@tog' on tha SMw ~ Thi e: Mppens qui ti:' oft@fJo.. It i s usually 'ibeGau~siE!! achedlUiij:'$ are 50 t;i$Jb.1: an.d ·t OOJ;IEI' L B 50 much. .illVol V8d ~ha ~ t.be:y lean i t 'tah any c'halHc:ie!il .t-1i: h a g''U.Sst. woo :might; m[t@r:te.N 'Wi t.h t.he aMv t S [@Ven 'I:. ifming ,.

For ¥8Rkl!ii af'~er ~ I \la;8 g;~t. to ing ~5!ill is t.:~m :ra ad_.t$ all CfV'e" '~h.e c.ountl"]' wbo heard David man.t ion r:ne.... Y,a. is! ! .BUp~ pO SBd to be an t.h,at. s.h.oW? Would I he on l·a te:r1 (They hae; ¥~tched BV@.:ry night. after t~·t) '" An;rvay t ':! ~nm.d pn1:r t,@·.l~ t hem &~t. it. wa B up t;,o ·the prcduee.t" 1:.0. .:r:e.sehetiruJ_·e!·

~ ~~ I vas Q!Jre t. M.t ·coo·mi ~al .mag ie w;OUld not. be l'be ~tm].e¢t.!

S-c ·It ak·e EI. ]..II!i.S'.9cn f .tom rn:y expel" i8r.J1CB ~ '~.n. YDU do an. expar iment. :frau. G:R.A.ND]}AD ~ S wo.'NillEBF'U'~ 00(1'1:\ OF CHEIM I S:TRY .I' follow i't. t:Q t.Ile a et tHE'" t Don 'to :tOlm .an:ything f.or grant.ijd ~ And II you :m:eiiill.n t iI']I !;).e.lr'f O:t"m be!! ora .any aM i.e-nee"" dt:J . t'he t..ru·.1'\g a t le.a;st· s.b¢· t. imes :f' ::h"'i5:t ~ .lta thB,:r;' than. 'one@ .~ .. t OO.me and then k;iambing hef ore y·our ~.ud ie::ru;::;a ]., ikE!' .I did ...

What Is A Secret"Agent?

by K Uft ku"

Ii. lot: of my :f"€:i:J:U@1:"S Yet"e eonfll·s~d hy mT ~ecre'c. Agent concept... Since our OotID.try i'e 'tClLr iblr in need o~ 59'ere 'Ii::. Agen·!:.5 J I II' 11 s:epar at e f 2lC·t fl"t3 rn rnyt.lJ. so yo u Can .see i.f you qua.l ify.

Yuu l-JLUba.lJ1Y '\::I,.(,li L yuu.l' ·t.rwu 1.!ttpirl!t8sion U.L S,~cret A~

g en t a f r'o m tt~'e J a.1'I:le S Bond eel:" i·e~!S.~ P a tr Lc MeN ee ~nd D i a-· In ~ R igg of 11 The A:.v I2.:Fge.r·s Ii aon~ :~ a t.r iCk M.cG~~h.an 0 f ,! S,ec= 1r"@t. Ag ei'l:t.·" ~ 'rrH~:~ se ar e thE! id ~a~ i Z@d SitCf'ee Ag'e'n t. EI iU'id. m.":)re in 1 ine "Wi t.tL -What. a. S·ecret Agerlt ",ught to b~ li

In .El,ct·lJ.1al i t 'J!' , hOWE:ver J ~ he aVle r~g e i5@cret. .A9 ,en:t is

rro.:t"!E!: 1 ik.e Do D ,Ad ams i n I~ Get. S.mart II c r 1 :titJSp,ec'~o·:t' Clou~ ~"eau Cl,f ·the ., P in'lie P'ran t.he·r~! s,elt" i e3 f. pl ayed by t he iii tiE! pp.t.·~-r Selle-_riS ~ J[n soor1t r 'tHiP.y t!lir.'1:9! stupid and, bung-l ing ..

Th~ KGS i e.n "t .much het. t.e·r ,; The B r- i t i sh .Se ere t Ager~:t:. 51 ar'e' t,QP 9, TM' r~ e!. $On. f.O r tni E! i 'Ej t h~ t: IlB!O ~t ,of -th:ernI ax e: t r a.i n,@ld by th~ 'KGB, And 8 i f1C'E! E h8 iB~ i t iah arE:! .mo·re· i.n~ [tell ig'e-nt T.han the do;~~l-bJred Russians;. they k:I1OY how 'r.o use tl1e ir ·tr a i n ing' ~ B.Ult the· AlI1@r ie an Secr,et Agent i ~ US'I,.1 afl y a ~ at' atto ia. clod lor tr ai'to r ..

The FE I M ,~nt i. so I t nee e ISsar i 1 Y a. ' •• S ~ret I'll Ag Brit.

B.ut he is sa ineff'·ective tha:t he is U!S.U~]_ly a wast@ of

t. he '1:, ~'ayer ~ i' money ~ The Sec:' x-~·t is how he :§I~t. ays on t. he payroll. The reaBJJrI foOr- thi~ 18' that the! recruit 'has 'to be SO J o·e C 011 eg e r tOG Sltr a ig:ht. and n na:i6!m.al n. Thu.~ ~ he. can! t. ident i~ y 'W" i th ~n t i -e st, a'bl i s:~.n·t t. }"Pes to the d e ~ ~ ree itt ak:e~ to 1 ~ ~.tn "W'ha t t.'h~y i r ~ up to cO

~rhe ATF 'has th~ wor·ia·t:_ r·e·pllta:t.ion. affiOl:n;J the weapon'S


mak~ you~ own in a pinch from ·t he top·s. of g']_13i551 or pla.s~ i·e: hottl@:S. A '!!mife and SCiS~01r"B ar,~ all you :r.i@iEd 'to work 'W'ith plastic bottles but for glaes~ you • 11 need 'c.he n .i,e hro.~ wire bott.I·@: eutt·1Ztl: ~

"A gallon jug' top cari be as b ig a f'Lu1.n.el a::!l you ~ 11 ne@d '" By us inq a is.t@ppeJf wi-th. gla:;:rs or pi a.st.ic tub.i ng [! i·t. c·~n be a ~ sm~ 11 a~ you r:rLi:iI.y w'a:n t. it.

~i\.n ext-I" a. in Jtla king. the f lI'fin.el froJtl. gla,~s 18 ti:1a:t the hot. tom pOl r·t c an be u5~d a:s at l·ab bowl"


Thi 9 i9 a C].[Hy·er way to

f i 1 t.eL' a 1 iqu id "Iii i 1:. nOl,l't f i ll~e:t' p·aper., All l"'O'U nee:ci .i s a C ew :hnc:l1e;E! c f c!O't ton rd p~ ~ 0 t' ·e:ve:n heavy- t:rine j and two. ·bo'Wls ..

:p 1 ac e t.h~ bowls lone hlg her than t he· at her ~ a a 51:.0'\111. Then ~ lit. ·t h:e :r;-o'p'e' 0 r t win~· in one bowl. 1 e.~d i n~~l to t h~ 10 t.}~ rand wai'~ a f:ew houz e ,


For t hi S Y·tJu n e[ra!d ;3 e 1 a Y f lo~:t" P()·t Ii' SOlT!e s a.nd and a

IP .:Lee e .of cot, Lon l:"OP€' or rq 11 ed up ~otton for a plug.

f' i rat put in the plug, -then add .i:3i f ~W' inche-s e f s and ~ The nice t.ning· about. the s,a.:nd for :f 11 t~~ 1n.g 1 S t.tHlIit wha.t you -wa.nt left beh:Lndwil1 be held ·ct-w.ay fro~ t.he: plug by t.he s~nd and So '1,;/111 no tel og' ·t1:te! pl ug ,a.nd st,op 'the f.il teE ing act. ion!.



r::.t."'·o;;..:td 'but til i 8: is 1 ar·g'e:l·y U"rtoo ~~rve.d... For the· rna s t :pa.t't they az eo in t'e 1.L ig en t a:nd ~'~C'e!nt ~ e·u t t,:~ exce ~'$ z'e~

~ .. li:;:e~ by an ocea~iona1 d ingba't ~;s g"i yen G gCH:Jd· g·roiIJ.p iiI The purpoiSu:!: .for. t he·se -ca..ne;,

bad imag eo., Mao "I t,lley are g'1:'~atly undar~ta£:fed and. so La tQ hold flasks or bo.t'tle~

ar e gene rail y. iru'ae..t'ect i ve' aga.i.n:l3t ·the re al ~r i mi n,a.l, eo!. = a w·~.y f rO;m '1:., b~ d i t"rE';t;;t f 1 ~rn~ 0 f

€!!rn~n t .. y·o1.;lr ale 6 hol' O)f bUl1!5l en 'Cue nee ;,

But. . by .ra.I: J • the wor$:t- lot af . !~;Se:cl>et'n Agent~. i~ '~he COllect -a gen:e'r,al aB!Sor·tm~nt CIA., Vl.t:'e P :reS.Ldent BU;·sh. used '1::0 head the :ot"ga:nl.~.·!~:i.'tl.iOn" of dif:ferHnt is iZ:f?d Cans. Punch. 'N'"nre-.n Re ag an .a i €"i!£I.. i of El ush r UrlS t. he c oun:try 1 ike· l"...e' did 'the C I.A.i' th.@ co urrt; ry r!S. done: for '"

1 1: to ole ~ on.l, Y' -Dn~ r tJn ~ in with t~· crA to g: i'v€!: IJ,'~ on t.he m . 'When 1 p. er f EN~:ted .my Pang I d e'C'id,i2d to toarJ;r·e·t t. 'hll!il;ii"i' t hroug'h. t. he CIA iii ThE!:' id! ~·aJ va 8. ·th;;t t if' I made ·them an(a a:n Agent. ~s caught in a forl21gn. C;;::H1N·tr-yll' ·the ~apo n cout Q ~'ia·t be t..r ~c~d bo t. he g'O,I''t!2'.]tlli1l'etl t ~

T ca 11 €!d th(!!' i:it hea,dqu art er s i 11. 1. ang i BY ~ Vi rg in.ia ~

( i 0 3~:3 5 2 -1100 } .i3; ncr t h'e pnon.e was. an.swe·red b'y a to:k:e'n darl-)ey' st.raight.. o·ut. of Centl;·i:j.l Ca~ting. I ·tCilQ her 1 wanted bOI tal k: t,(] :SOITIe'ione in cever+, oper.a t I o1:'lr$ f. 'or "l,.,"bat.eve!' t.hey call8'd t'h.a·t de'part!'f'l.en't, Sh·~· boldi ~ ltd holes In the middle of 1:.h~ can

have ·to g'i v e her' t M tL.a.Ei:te It') f 80l"t'LeOne: i.n tha t ~ ep.art- bo '1::r::.Q·rnlil! ~ With t i 1.1 an ips ·or

ment ~ It oug'ht t.o h,av~ ibi!!i~n 'Qbv Lous !II ~~.n to that a:t 1,1 _ s har p sc i is 9of'" oS ill en 1 az get h€

p id bit c.h J t.ha·t I d idn :~ t know any sueh.· .na~ 'but I pa·t= ~11 e t:3 '~Q acco rtmiD.~ ate Y'O\ll' \far-

i en t.1 y to 1 d har to pt.l:t. irnB in' tel ueh 'Til i t.n Qtl'fO I'r119 handy. 1.IOU.5 S l Z ed f 1 as~s ,;

A maJ.1l1! :d;ark.I2V Cal.tl!E' on t.he .line and I 'WOo.de.reci it - I 'i d To make ~ tr ~'Md :E'rom ~ tin

call ed the N'AA CF' :by mi, st a k..~ ,0 :IH~ h ad n~VeJ['" he lard 'Of· ~ . c an ~ 'U Sie '1::, he ·t i rt 5" L.p s ·to eu tand Wa.'S impa1:. i·en·1:, F as if 'he van:l:~d too ~~t back to, his gt.r .lp~ from .t·Me open ~nd dQ~ rop bt.:l c-ket. Ito 1 d th~ ig io/t 1 wa.ntad to $€! rud t.h'~ ag fa! n- ·t 0 ·t h~ lo,t h~1;" end ~ You. 7,t;l11l ~lQt.._. cy a cOPY. 0 f THE FooR l-1AN ~ g ,]'J:..J.m S BOND and ~rHE WEAPO N' ~ ·t hr@iI!!! or 'even f our ~t r .i.p is OU t .' EER and 3 :s a :m~'P 1 e' .~ ;;!i:ng 'Wi '1:.11 v ace in@ 100 t·t.l €! s 0 f n loot. i:n.e T h'e n llw.beur d o,e'SU i·t mat tl@j[" :! S sul pha t·e JI pot a E:S Lum ~y;3p.id.'e·· and r i~ in '! ~n hiB room- I oriq as t.her IE i:s pl er!d;.y of

t etnpe.ra t~re L, Q. gt'"~spe,j; t.he i;3.~d th~t I wa:s; oft·.e·r in.; V"@nt.illat Len ~or the fl:a.~ and

W'@apon:s for I:. he ir Ag e·n t.s he !'i;: napped ~ '1"' We d.C) n 'I 'to l~.i 11 s t r O'F:l.g suppor-t for the f 1 a. s 1\ ~

!')~O pI e "1 and }'"lung Ill) ~


st i..ll hoping f 1 call ed. an ATF Ag.·ent in. []·all as ,a.l-N

T t' ,~

'wid hi rn my pr-o.b 1 em in ge ·t.~t i:ng t:b~ .na~ 1 CIA to' st and . 0 cu ml cr P SC'd pee· sllYi e s'

1Jp ~ H~ g;;w e me a nulribe·l;'" 't,;o ~.i3Jll in. Lit. t.l ~ :Ro ek , (501 = ~ nd g J!.;a. ~s for Dt her 1 . .ab eqUl ip-

37,9:=61 a 11.) '. r c~lled aM '~h~ :PM:r::l:e "'Wil~ .~nswered by a rn@~t ~ lay the ql as~ flat. on.

, • 'Lo.~ SQit'iS l1·~~ri"'iCl'r:'i. ·ers. h'it11 tn"'" '''''''11 =

slIeemJ.:rug 1 y~eonc aoua WOman WllY pp'nnect.edl me;I' 'W i th ~n 'A ~ 'ir~ .~ .... .... ...

g@llt. ~ This lJ![}Q·b d i;rJn' t wa~t: to. g i V'e h.i~ fU1.l (~.X' real) er held firmlY.1 I,'"U[1 the goI aSs n~Jne but. l~t. me ·~.a.11 him uJimii t 1 ·told hi'm what I ·told cutter !iii long a. Bt('"~ ight 1 !n~ ,. th~ AT.F .~g:en t i!).n.d he a s.k~d JilIE! if I nn.t~d to )-0 in. ·the The n .put ·t he p~ne' 0 n ·the ·eag.~

C U .. Nothing in wh.a.t. 1" d 5 a, id 'W'a.S ~,~n !tl sugg'e!:S t ion 0 f' t h·~ ·t a.~.l g. W'l :1:. h t M· ~T!!.'E ed

·th~ 1:: r. w~u~ lOOK i ng for .a j ob ~ I ~ tH~.We.r·ed. ·thH:i. t ! alr@ a.dy Fa~;' J u~ t.1 ng" 0 III t ·oyer the. t. a~ h~d. a job and j u::;t. wan t.ed to -off'~':r:- my s.@rvic e~, • As if D 1· a'l eagle 0; No 'W':II S llfliP ly Sn a?

." .'. 1 ,.. the qla·S.'El aDar·t at ·the ~U't ~

h~ had n. I t he ~r d a woiLd ~ hIE' !S ~ l d he t d. t a~e my ph·o~~e fiUm- ~" - - .

be'I" a.nd t h~y 'I'd Ig€t hiaiLk. to iltlHE: if ·t.hey ,"eed'~d m@., To He,ll 'with ~em~

Thf! i.r ~ ;~it f 2I.mo us grr ~ U dote· t the: tn"ltd.'g 1 ing s]' c·b, G.

Gor.don Liddy was for :a t imehll t.he prime exa.mpi@ of a s€!~ ·t::·r'l!!t. Age,n,t" .He sc,reweCI up 'the· 'W:tl t e:['ga t~ 'br ~ak - i n ;and vas jail'ed for it: ..

More recent.ly the CIA mi.ri'e:d th@ h~rmr in Nit:'aragu.a J ine,ff ec·t i vel y ill It.:8 impl "'.I d~ma:ged 'So me of our all i@So IF sfhi'ps and ArneI' lc~ i.S! r~p'.u:t'2l!tic:m.,~

5'ecr"sd: Agent.i$ could de .a, lo·t '1::.0 sto.p. terror iSlIl i' e:sp~ii;lil1 y ~y Mo!5l1e·m :fanatics: ~ I lL~a.l i;z;~ r~ of my suhSCr i bera ar e p:L' ~par·ed. t.o do big til i ng: s a.'E thi $ t. im~ 'but I i 11 q i Ve a iCO upl ~ .o,f exa.:rrnp1..I2·s: t:! f how .r i?;al, S Ie-~:r e't:, Agent~ could squash terrQri~m~ 'plua th~ traffic in dope",

Thf!' Moslem fanati!;:'s eoul,61 hila ·got·tl~n lEO through 'thell"" reI ig iol}. ~ I sl a~ 1:5 moat holy pI aee is th~ :K;a,aba in MeCca, A se·cret:. ~'glE;·llt. in a 1'1'" iv·ate pl ati@· cDuld ~implY S'Wocrp down and d cop a pi g 'on the K aaba ii To, No ~l i rna and Jewg~ 'the nobl·e pig i food of Vikings; i::;a u:ncle,~n~

To drop g pig ~ D. t. he K ~aba 'WOuld b~· ·the- rna ~t 101 asph ~ e m:ru sin mG.·t i mag' inoalol e t .. o I Bl am. on C! ne ';) t· its 1 eg 8



POOR 'MJ\N'I S JAMES BOND Val ~ 1 15 F'OOR z..L~\l' i S JANE S EON'll Vol" 1

-oou.ld be too .e~sage ~ IIOT1li oS i $ ;:;II pig'" Rel ease ifiI.11 A~.r~ BoTTLE E1.~HER

ic~n host age's" immed i a tat Y iI Any furthe,t" . ac:~i Ofi$ ag_ Ell. ~ ~:t A.mer i cans will resul t. in OUI' nt-urn. And t~n we won t

drOop a pig'u... " •

The ria'a.ction wpU1c} be outr,aqa by @v1ery Mo$lem nat:Lon

as you c::::an well .i :mag ine '" Butt.he ,threat . ~o, t.h@ lr ~ st: 001y pl ace wol11.d f cr'~e every K:, ~l em. to ,9".1!. V'~'. up e'Il. ,eVen t'he s 1 ~ ght.es~ ,ant i =Arne.t" i c an act.. Eyen, the DI;l,:firt. p'$'fchot tIC' Nvsl'l!m fan:atic 'W"(Hlld. real iz@ that for him t.o cause, ,the de'st.ruC-t. Len of t.he Ka,ab,;a_ wo1:l1 d keep hi m out 0 f .P ardise ..

The dope tr a f fie co,at s A~r Lea hi]'1 ions CD f d,oll a.r s

e,ach year; '.' It a1 so co'S,t,s the 1 i v'ee ,and f,orttllnes, of t.l'lcus~nd9 preyed ,on by mUgger a: ,I bur'9' 1 ar~ and ,d~ped -'UP

p'Sy~ho,tics~ Of ~out"ae. t.he 1rf1lo1e dope pro'bl-eJi!i could be' If'esQl ved by 1 egali~;,ing drugs and. letting t.he nat.Lon ' IS inf'~rLors blow their useless minds with no r~Hlil loais t.o soc i ety., But. ·thi's will. no t ~ done'"

Even so .. .se'~et. Agents eou.ld interclE!pt batch~s of heroin a.nd cocain and lac@ it. wit.h ri1ci.n. Those who sho't up or 'snorteo t.he doctor'eO. dQpe yo'mid die~ Depending an 'the area. :r-h),llyt70ad produce'l:s. of 'th@ scummiest mev i e is would go" inept 'pol it ic ian:s· woUld make rocJ.jn for' ~n and hopefUlly, a few Rock ;n Roll idtl~s 'would bit~ '~he dust~ ..

Nothing bu,t positive re~l tB 'WQUld COJ'N! fr,om poisQ.n~ ing. il1ici'l: drugs, Asi,de f:t;'o'm 'the' in,itia;l el,i,minatio.n pt SQ,trte of the worst el~,m.ents of society II ,only. the sui.cidaJ. 'Would cont.inue 'Us:ing.

Those' t.WO op@r:e!lti-on$ mU,~t be 1.9ft. w bet.ter 'equip'ped and f in·~w::@d Seet.~t. Agents., B~t, yo'u can thi1j}t o.f many 1Zj'mall ways yOU can, act to' pres@l"\te the ·best of O\l.r 'CUl.= t'L'lre~

... S:fi!!t!t'e't, ,A'gent::5 don,'II 1:. n.eCt:ts~aril:~f have to

work. alone,. You may n~d h~lp in, \t:.raining, even thou~lh you must not let EW'iJ.n. your C10Biast fl" iends in on ce.:r;t~ £lin personal ~C'tivities .. The .tneed t.o kuow-r' rUle is iii mus'l:. fot" a S@'C':t.·et. Ag.ent ..

E'5tabl:L~h a reput~tian for something as fa,r fr'ol'I'j your hobby as: pos'sible ~ Boa.st. of your proves,s in ,rt1a..tt.i 0.1 art s or und,e:.t'wi~ te t" ba s·ket. -weav i ng ~ 8u t don b t ex ... press any intere.st in Se-e::e-et A~3'ent!n~ to anyone you a::'IE!'nl t try i ng t.o ~ec ru i t f. and then 0 nl y if he i ,9 Ell very n ~a~ e.s t to t:; he, ~ i Z@ Q'f th~ ..

1 ~kelY pro~pect.., 91a,5~ C!~i;;t.er i Mount th~ ~ 1iIiO

Her;~ 1 mu,st -warn you ag13,ih5t joln.i:ng .an}!" pol i tic-a.l bo~rd..s; in, a bro.,ad! V W~l.Ctl will

act! Vl st groups ~ S1J.ch gr'oU"p.m; iiU"'e a.l 'llfays nu~.miber@d by tbe s,ccom.moa:a t::e anyt.hl.ng ... rom a l..uis'tabl'i2: ,and Yntrus:t;wc,:t"thy.. I l.earned thi £I in t.h~ s i.x- gallion bo,t. t:le· do1;(n too ~ pint. 'I ti e-~ when I jo ined avery .r ight -wi ng 9 roup I C(:! Ul d., ~ 'e.x'~ " Na i 1 t~t! b.o ard a f irml y fro fa

cept. .tor the Klan. I drew t.he line there ~ A man WOO the bot:I:.,Qrn~

1 i lee S '(::;.0 dress wells' i m;p1:y can' t .get' tho 00 ro,be.s to . T~ use " pu sh t h~ bo t '71 E! as

drape properly. . -, f a.r l.nto 'Ene V as 1. t will go

·Pa 1 it i c al' 9 rO'QPs are a 1 w. aJrs e,i t her inf i.i t.t',a, t,ed O,l:" a ~d. Ln B.~'r 1::. the 9 1 aLS 81 ell ~ t ~r 1 n

f~l~e~ with big-mout.ha ·~i!!fho are all t"alkll ,Anyt.hing· done the ,~le ne~:t"est the. he1,g~'t Y1.11 he done by you and 'they 1.11. turn you in simplY fO]f and ch,ame.t·er you w~nt. Hbld .

a pa.t on. 'the h~aQ '. .... the g 1 GistS cu1:.'l:.er fl.rmly ,to 'r...he:

In t he ~ant. im.e J ~I[) to '@\rery gun sllow you can g,et ho t tJ. e J 5 :s id e ar;d t 1.J r n 'the

to .. There, is the pI a.C8 to inak~ cc~tacts and ,to c:ollect. bott:l e a fu.11 C l...rcl1e·. Ol~ t-wo.,

your arsen.al.. NOlW i'~ is!;" ead y tc hea't and

While -wo.r~ing on this ~ T was watc'hing RED' M,WN on break!!

P( ~ I f you never pI ~n on dO.1ng anything: until the real ~:En OAWtfN hits 'US:_. you'll Btill have j1Jstifi@d your exl.stence~

At t~ fieginning of the pi~tur'e, a statue of Teddy RCClsev~l t waa soo-r.m. ana niSI, quote-; ~rF.ar better it is to dar8: mighty t .. hin,gsJ tha.n t.o. t"ank wi,th 'those poor .. timid 9p ir its whb knoll .n-e i ther v ict.ory nor de f e,a t'·,! ~ Th~e I is your ration.ale' r,or bei,ng a Se'r:.ret. Agent ...

Wi t.h a glass cut't,e:r bought c h'e~J:ply. ';3 t, any hard'war@ st.or e I you c an ma,k'e cu ts in ho't t 1 es whi'~h, ;are enough to C,i3lUS@ them to br~ak cl@an~y with the appI Lc ,a: '!: ion o.f hea: ~

'Ho~"er ~ the break will be only as clean as the cut a= rol,~nct the bot. tl Ie ia even ~ For thiS;tl yO'll w-ill' need. {l form which w"ill allow -an, ev@n cut ..

The b~s~ form is one which will eo 11 OY yo.'U t.o ~O, t any size boot;,. tl, eat t. he h.@ight you need 't:.o g.~t t"h.e cl7Jnta.1n@!' you "P'i!i!'B.nt. ..

Ttl@. simple :e'o.t"rn de'scl:' ibed will de just ~hat~ With it you Can cut petr i d Lshes I' oo'toPls J funnel s' or a.nything e L =:i'e you may have a use for~

F·.i r st. J: 9 e 't t'!j;,tO one inc h by t we'l ve i ne h bo ard ~ and am;;vt.'her 'I:. o moun t. t hem on.

O'r ill about a dozen hol-e~


80nLE CU'!''I'ER.

Thi s is a dan,df tool which will 'enable you tD cut bottleS! to any siz~ ..

F II st ~ rna,ke t.he s.imple st~l'1d shown. Then screw in t-wo




I 1 c:1·1,I'"'e :smeal t: Sl by the pres s ~ AS a former r e po f"ter 1 find it hilu iout;l t.h-a,t II joUlCn l iSt.5~' r so intimidated y THE POOR. MA.N'Il$ JAMES BOND t..h t they figuratively soil. tmselves 11 n d.ealing wi·t.h i t ~ Thi s 1 fIt st is, ~ classic !an~ I 'Want. t.CJI share it with you~

De n i se "ami.! ton .of' t.ho I.o;s ~g e 1 es T iJne, called and ques ioned me on my 1 ck of responsibilit.y in publishing such d.·angerous .materi.al. .• Wb"at with such iii! hioh incidence of nt.ia in L·.A.~ County~ any suggestion of the 1 tha a ·lication of comtnan substances 1nU:B't. b2 d·on.e wit.h crimina~ intent. m

T ha t sale' t.o be the t 1u.-u.~ ,of l1ll .n i c t·e ..

She c-r i t ici2. as as tor my ca.llo·~s e·ss in pub is11- ing a ·l:.hree se-nt.ence d:e'scri'p,tion ·of' 'oleam! r J (See

top 1 r t 0 pa go 50)" Then sbJ el,a,bo at·ea·

on the oleander, it av ilability to L.A" dingbats~ ho it ~rks, etc~ coord-ng to her rticle

nyone can poison nyone with, little cha.nce of beinq caught and the only reason th articlels

po _: son ~ i s l">~ ing re in V t-s ,t ig a.-t.ed. i:s t.hat h.ad

to be st aloou't - t" {Due t.o ren "Wed interest. Illve

":"ep:i: ~ n't.ed r;.h s·eC"'t.ion on plant. poi~cns)'!o

. Sl18 quotes my figure of 60~ 000 PMJ'as sold na.t .. ion-wide over the past 7 years .. ·Whil.e de,crylng such spread of my vorl( 'he i ve·s; no t.hclug-ht to 'r.he vast circul8;'tion of t.he L! A~ Tim S; pl"obab.1y

m.i 11 ion 0 lr mor e + So .no." sev ral h.und red housand po t ent. i al Bo rg i .a.S know jut. how 1:0 do it lJ

f a:r re than I could 'have 1'e ched iI

L t A. I III S £ avo r I to hun It 1ng ~port, de ive-by hoot .... ing S It have ](1. 1. ad. core is :SO f &t' hi ~ year ~ T ha:t Ii! 9 a proble. f'or the qame ;rden~ But i. tpey 011.'0 Dan is" s adv Ce t hay mig ht rona id el" send ing 0.1 e ..... ~ nd e 1'" -1 riJ.i!:~,ed pi 2; 2Ui 9 to t 'he ir l" i v &18 i nate.ad 0 f

shoo ng hemi!

Tn whol e art icle was born ou·t, ·of th~ alleg ed murd ef by po i son CI't Tim (Belly) rPia.ter s, [II a, 8lurba.nk

co f f il"l- 5 t uf t· e r l' by D av id (Cbuckles 1 S co nee .. Ch ·CJ(les~ ho along vith bis p 'ents is charged with 67 co h·ts of n ughtin ss •. such lit ;:ell ittg body parts of u.:ncomplainif1~' cl ients,.. cle· rly had the intention of (j·ep:rivi:r.g B;I!11y of c-@rt in of his Constitutional Riq ts,

C hu okl.1ij" 8 bo r'r owed an Old ad· t:: ion 0" the' pMJB

.f zcm .f r iend a.S ~ c;p~il:t, to deal ing i th B lly ~ Po . .sons iW'e:re the appropr 1ata choice but, unle SiS ~s: Cll rea y f amil r wi h 01 6:Bl1d er ~. the PMJiJ reference w,CJ,uld have ~e·en in.ada,qu t.e,,· I 91.clP:PQEU!I he COUld t~ve Qotten the pertinent information from the 1 ibracy., He might al9() hay cal eel h.ia . oeaa Poison Contl;,cl at ice f!l A simple r,eguest -0:: their bc-oklet. desct ibing mest hou~e'hol,tj product.s 'i:Q be

ltep ou't of' the reach 0 chil.dren'lIl ~l. s

POOR MAN~' S JA:.\{ES BQND V,,~ i . I

long ere·w·e· eo the·re is i!!I space bE!t wean the ae rev he ad s and . h wood and vi h the ends of l:h s~r we prQ ject:. in~' crt the cut sid ,8 0 f the r.rmod,qm_ nosts",

• N Ii ·ti~'e i:!l six-foot ext-

en$ion c~~d nd cut off th~ plug ~ Cut a erru.ple of fre- 0:: f one of' t.ne insula ted wires and st.rip the" sulation oft an inch from berth Ell'Ld.a; Wr-a[:i orre end round projectinq Cr~w. Fi ~ 0-1 f end '0 a small~ lead fishing ainkerw

Strip th inBul~tiQn' rom an i~ .. oh of ~ 1'"l2 SMI"·t.2:r vir@ and wrap t.ha end around t.he 0" her- pltO ject ing GC cew' 01

. g·tr ip IOf f an inc'h of ir\EnH- 1 at from t h· . ether vLr e and fix it to &nothe~ small. l~ad fishing sinKer ..

Now for tl1E: nicht'omB wire t 1 't. U U ally C C,Hfi@-5 CO i 1 ed and i 3 bouq ht at the har d. wa.r~ at-or e .. Hold the co 1 -iEilnd p'-111 an end of th wire to straiqht n thE 1 en~ 11. you W nt .. Wind ~l1.e erncls at"cunEi the 'WO .serE> head.s 50 it SI 5~ BS ~ho~~

PU"" ........ VO lead sinK.rs

in' t:I . s1\.U.low ~I 91 aSs ccntCli io~r. Don't 1 t them touch or you"", 11 bu~n cut he unit..

You nov have a salt-vater rheos·tat.. minus the sal t II- Pure ,-,.,'a.t@f' is a poor eonduc rot Blect~icitY1 But he 9 adua!

plants also dangerous. to I ·t.he yaung 'w'Clu~d hiii,Ve giv-. en him a. much .more d·e-tailed descrlp·,tion of 'his

$0' ug ht - a.f 1te r we.a pon '"

~o Chuckle5 vas. hardlY' the impressionabLe dirn~ wit. so 0 f t. en 'pi ct. ured a. s being t. urn. ad on by the" PNJB"

Ano't.ner fun t.'h.ing abOl_lt. such smea.l.~ s is the

n a u·t, he r i 't:. i ~ S~i _ quot ed in j udq ing my mater i~ 'I' 'they" co me 0 U t. [of l:.11e 'W'oodwo r k to ·tell OOW dang e rous is. the PMJ13 ~ Ne,i1 Livingswu~ expresse.sf the Estab-

1 i ~ hment by F3t 121" i a reg ard- i n'g 1. etna 1 krlowl edg-e in the hands af us jU5.t pl~in fo.lks .. -

~rH pret.end S to despi SB my boolcs yet he has not; axami.ried any , My bOOKS a;t:'e not meant to teach .a.n.y.~ orie co do- a,nyth ing to anybOdy iI The:! te·ach 'the mak~ ins,- of we apon s to use against aggression and :f_u~ t'Ll.:te tyr.anny i, _He ccrn d not c i t.e one e'ase or any cop l;:leing hur't: or arry child blowing hi~self up be~ Cal u sa of the P MJB ~ Wh:en h·e· s.a.}' ... ~ the PMJH i is 1 a eking -proper safety praoeduJ:;"@s,. b~ i$ ~s much as 2ldt't'-aitting' be has never examined i·t ~ A cursory perusal of NEW IMPROVEO F:MJB_ gives c1e·ar war'nings~ Pa.ge 79~ FlashpQwd·er~ Ist- paragraph~ Pag·e 105. culumn II!' last pa_ragraphi Fage 140,ll! .a11 o.f INTR.OD-UCTrONi Page 195, eot.umn. 1 ~ bottom. Page· 201 ~ column 1 ... top. These are jU6t a lew I spotted by riffli~ 'through. Older ed.itions a.r~ equall.y highlighted with ·warnings... Proper procedures ,- sa.fE!ty precautions and the aocur acy of t.he formulas should be ~-'V'idfB'nt to a.n.y know:1oogeabl.e, reader ..

L j vi:ng lltu rle no doub t s,t yl es h i;ms p.J 1 f a s an eN~

- . .

Continued on next page _CARBON ARC FURN~CE

T hi s si mple' c arbon arc f lilt" ~ nace produces a verjr high temper- a t:'ur ~ a't the t i p.s o f t. he

c ar-bo n rod.s. It al go prod UC'[E!'S a bl in.d ing 1 igh.t ~ So n~ver

1. 0 ok direct 1 y at tit un L e$;~f you are -wear;ing very d8Ak gla.sses ..

Cu't:.. t.'WIO fl ash! ight bat t'e:r-i·e-s at. both ends until you get to theil: c.a..rbon rods~ Clean

"f f '1:. he xo-d s arid w.r ap an in-c-h.wide st.rip of the met.al cover Q f a Da t t.er y t it~f.'htl y. arlO'unci one end. of ea.ch rod ,

';Ii th a 'WOod'en frame j' as

shown'il push ·the rods t:l'L~'ough holes ell:" i~led t hrrn~gh both up-, £" iq.hts I' lI."'i t h t.he- met~l wraping51 f irml,y in -t.he holes' J but

with the roda loose ~nough to move back and foeth.

N ex ~:I' -bar l!! t YO 'hol@s in'ta asmall ~lay flo.werpot ~ith a

dr i 11 or a GC'c-~wdr iVfi!'r.. Mou:nt 'Ehe pot on til bot'icK and push. t.he ro.,jg Lrrt.o tn~ holes until "they ar-e about .j3J qua.l'·t:.er of an inch apart ..

Connect the bare wi-r-es of

t; 119 eJds n 5_ Len coed toO t he met-



addition of salt W~l ~aUSe 't.he water to bubble and ·!..hls mean!3i it i s cond uct, mg the electricitY4

HQUs·e cur r ent. is muc h. too

s tr ong f o-r such i:l shoT t llYlgth of nicltrome wtre .or flas-hl 19'hbatt.e.,ry carbon rods .. Without t.he t"heos.tat, '1:n.e insu1.ated· '\>lire would .mel t or a fu~e

wo,ul d; be bl0"i{n iii

Now plug in to an -Qutl·ri!!;'t .. add thiEl' sal t until. the·re ar~· bu~bles and watch the nichrome wire' turn r~d ~- -

Etch. a 1 in,eo around the bo·tt.l:e vi'l:.h t.he e1:cher ..

Hold you.r bot.tl.~ so t:'he etched par t res t.s on the gl'owing wir'e aoo turn .i't Sl.ow1y .. The! glam:rs will bE!9'111 -1:.0 P i.ng '. T he bert tl IE! shaul d ,Sna p apar t el e an.l.y a fte·r one or two reVolutioh~~

Smoa.th the edges -by rubbing with ~ery paper ..


\ \



al wrappi:ng-sJ 'held either by so ldsr- i;og .or ·l:.i:lJP@. Ptl't in the plug and pour SOID@ s~lt into t.he howl .. Then slowly move the r'ods un.t.il t.hey barely t01-ilChoi A't:- 'this point the'te should b~ a lot of .sparks-. (When 'pushing ·the electrified rods in or ~ut use rubber-c;overed qr ip pl i@ra). Pul1 th~m slcW1y apart so you 1-0":1. 11 ge"t en ar c ,

Wit h a. C f!!!r i\:mi.c COVe r r 0:[ your furnace yau can gener~te e rJ augh h~a t to .me 1'1::, JI1€ tal s .and do many other interesting things j

POOR M.:~'P S IJAMES BOND Vol ~ 1 18

l'~r-t: on t.e r ror i sm, s i.nca he! wrote a boolc on the. auc j{~c't ... Such experts may boast of having r'ea.d

more ne'W':spaper art i:cl,es on te·rror ism t.han moae people· buf t.hat ~ S about. a~ far ,as it goes in pri!lC'tice. 5i nee- 1 i Ve dona con:side~ably ti'lOre t.han re'ad. ~ bcu t. 'te:t"k"or ist: s 1'1111 .:t:'evi~w' his book II' liThe War

A.g ai nst Terror is.ml' ..

r~Neil Living~tona t ~ book is fatoou9 :drivel :=rom By DEN1SE HAMiL1~Nr TimesSuifJ Wn!BT

f ron t eo bacx , In'd eli.9 C rib i ng the '["e r ra r i st e 1 B.me n t Oleander isa familiar ~il:ht to :Southern

a-S such ef f e-ct L ve attention~ge:'l~,t,ers ,. Living stone -C.aUfOfI'lh~.n$.. ,Ar dark gr~f;n shrub wHh

't e ache S, the viol en t it nd men. t a..1 ~y uns t ~bl It! haW ,to pink" red, ,or w'b1te flow-ers, it briPten&. t3p

hold L he E .::::t.ahl i shment: ,a,t bay and at the Sa.me· 'time f'r\aeway la.ndsca.ps and Bpreuu lally m

9 a in the pr@stig e. su ch 10 se r s couf, d n2VG r 'ho poe for sUlrorban. ba;ck ym-iIls.

us ing the i~ in! er ior abil it iles leg i timid teiy .• ] He,. Vibat i.s not illS weU known is tna;t

g r aphic.all y .ill u s t r at,es t,h..e ·t.echniques ,of misE its eViery inch or. th:i5 . photogenic ~an~

to ere ate destruction fan: ou+ of propo r t Lon to h~~,a _~ard'~\J:I_,.~~t an-dl ~l1~Y

the i r min i :E ~ul e n u.mhe r s ~ Any lone 1 y and al i en a t ed ~'~~, :pamcn ror whreh. there IS ne sure

, d i ' d 1 h b t t _. d ~. Th " ~tj;dote·

In ~Vl ua ia s ou 0- rea - .. e Wax Agalnst Ter- '-KUJriSaxoo.1rnowrr.He~te.abouttbe

ro . l.s,m': -to put. hi~-self and a. few equally ~i t't~r lethal PrGperUe.s 'of O]eander°i.n a fAnmter

and tw ~ steel acqua 1l1tanCe:El on t h~ perth of •• re$l s:= 1971 book called ·JThe- P(lOr M.aII.~,!l Jam.e8

t.a n ce a n be hal f o f rr he F eop 1 e~" 'M Thi s bo (} k i $: d an ~ Bond. 'r- -The .self -p~bJj.$hed text. which

gerol]s.. I do not thinK 'the F frrst A.mendment .oUght la.w f·nforcem.e-nt ~ffldn[,s have 10[1,( de-

'1;0 pro tee t tho, se who 'Wr i te boo lcs en cour ag. ing -d i s - piore-d~ t.eUs read,era bow to, kill peop]e,

t u r' bed pe'o p 1 ~ to act 0 u t pa l" a no icl rag IE! and :rnurd. e r oo:mm1t arson and butRd oomOO.

fan t.a s ies ~ 1 'Want. this book b<annedn ~ Ea:rljer this year, beth 'the ,anei,e:n:t

of cou r ae, I '. Vie not read his, bcok , but he plan; and Lhe' a.tomk~n,ge ~-ok came

did n ~ 'L read min e e i ,t her., So J. the:L E! !i under new scrutiny after _ witnesses at a

S LlC h. bo 0 ics ~ ho weve r, C an pro v id ~ Ir a t, ion al e s for prelj:mjnlrJ _ h~~l~ te.stified that ~~ ~

.L f·...:I . ~t '. t '. d 1 t' 'b ...J;.... d . dena tuner al hosne opera tor Da vld

~CI!..S 0 ue'~ r uc lon an ~J;ue, y y "--'I~SSl. ants. E'~. . .• .r 1,.. "'] " ".:lI B.' ....... _1_

'rh . d .. d th d'·' econce SlIilHl ne uau Jl(i'la:OTl Bu . lJlI"UidUJli..

,ey a]. so _ t ~~ -' ,t 0. ... pz'ov l_ e . e :' l S ~]_ ~.ent 'til 1. <t h a pmrt-i:c~an "rimothy 'W'ater.l.

, ~ Let, Uri:!: o . .L ,. ~~m~e'~ I ~. s fJa~·t of an ~n~el]_ec:tu;a 1 e]. '"; W~lel"g" 24. died -Ap:rU g. 1965.~ at

l t.e , Anot, her book. I' Vie rea.d bu,t 1(111 not! name j Camar~ltcfs Pleasam Valley HaspH.aL

could al mo st. Set:V,e as a terror ist s ' recruiter·'.9. Until M.ay~ when {OX~C'o.~,Qgical rests

manual with such plaudi t.s a·s; nY.e,t t. h,~ te'rroE'is't. turned up traces -of oleander 'jn Wa.lern'

my st .i Q'U8 11.:l s con s Ld e r a,b 1 ~ at t I' a ct ion f 0 r al ert I' b100d and tissue. ~t ~~ hee~ thougnt than

intell igent ~ capabl~ Lnd i vidual s of a~l a.ge 9 coups the' l~~pmJlJld morncran _wed of natural

i n rnari y count r i e s u • causes brought On by obe.s.Jt~ ..

San D _:_ eg -0 Co 1.]11 t y' s own Co nr a:d. Grey EH:) 11 be mel ,an s., The, v. entura ~OUr.ftY district a~'tm:fi-e-yt::;

t.he f ,t o f t.he .. )or" ,d ",,' h i s - bl "~., -. h', ofnc~' L~ r~'ltaewmg lhe flIew evidence· but

e a. eo. e s ]. x 1. 5 l n l s a re a r::J wn. up e a.C has not det-eF.rnined 'W he llier W c h:J rge

Y7ar ~ He says.,~ ~I w:~ ,~l_ w~ys f i~d , tne:se. ~atU~al.s·~L. He the 32~ y~ar.o·id S~cm{'e ~n ~aterS· de,ath.

~ 7dn t nalm~ mlne bn·t I'll bet.. h~' WoUld fiAv,e 1..t he Sconc~ Ui a,waiU»g tnai m Pa~.aderJa,

Q ld. ,E ut he seems 1:.,0 1.~1 a.rne: t h.e ~a,ma,ge on ~he' m.anu- :Sup~Iior Court ~,[)~g with his parents.

~-$ lflstead ot the kids] or the1r apathet.lc pa.r- Jerry ,and t,a:urieanne Lam.h Sconce. on

alL t s • fn ~e·]o.DY andi misdelne$JlQr Icbar_ges

IIi ked his a CCOlm t of '1 1'" a. id ing ., -t he he use 0 f a regarding' the operation o.f Lanlb ~

1 7 yee ~ r -old 'Who b 1 e'W" h imsel.f up 'h" i t h he me ma.d e· ex - Ham,e j[il, Pasadena.

pia siVI~$ ~ Canl' ad .see,ms t.o h1 arne Desert' IS IMPROVIS- The cbm"ges rang<e' from muWating

ED MVN.r T rnN S BLAC'K 13 00 K • . ooxpses 'W Belling body ~rb;. David

But h~ l..~a oS a yOUl).g man, old enD Ug h t·o join, t:. he Seonce ·8:11;0. fa~'cha;rgeSi of ~li~t~n~ the-

Mar i:ne s , wit h pe t"IliI • :s.s io n II .N Q'r wei ul d he have n~ Ce' 8- murd.er-s o{ tU5 grandpJl'el1ta: and of. a

sarily gott,en the idea. frolIl the bOOk:'i M.o~t likely d~llty districL.,aoUm·:r1e,Y' .wne, was th,e con tin u e d. on next pa. g-e pntSecutor :in th.(t P.'l"~hmmary h~~g,.

Claim ofPoisoning-... Th~:::~:::::alltbechorges.

N·oneL'he:~e:ss. the re'veialwn of death b.y

S· D b poioontng $ent coroners, prosecutors and

. . tlf" S'· e . ~ a' te' o· n po-Uce investigaton aCUITyi~g to learn

... ' . . . . '~ , '.' ' ...•... -. . .' .' ..... .• . . . niJ.lre ahoUl, th-e 12 or ~o kng,w-n cues oJ

olearide·r poisoning ,and to· obtain eopt-e-s of 'h ' "'Th~ Poor Man's James Bond." which is . M· : .... , a,:~.~ y. .... e/ m····. M······. a'~ '. n. '.' u' _ a,,·, .}. S" :' not widcl_,y available but ~s .stock.ed in

oEome FWvi vali.:st !itiops.



&1.8 An,g.elee i!\me.;B

Tb U May ~ A ugust 25, ~; 988

POOR ~~. S ,1 AME S BONU Vol f 1



hcS had a w·el1-forro~d iQea and bought; '!:,h.e book as a :;'ii.tap in im~pl. taffie!nt ing hi,s·. id~a ~ .A.t. any rate I t.he boo k 'W!a. is ll..Q tat f .~ul. t. 'i Pip e Do mbs are COmrf!(}n.l Y' s·how"'l1 on '1'V and are moro1fiL=·siIl1Ipl,e iil A book could 01.1= ly serve t·o' add such ~ca .. f,~ty feoatu.res as my iel.ea· to

t 1 t . ~ · · ..r,.. 'I.,., .~.' " th ,. t t

pu a p. a.s: a c uagg J.e a.n ",-J;Jti:::: pl.pe 1(2 _ l.'~ ~ cop

~I?',r; ~ 5 sed .:l.ra und t. nil!: '1;:, hl:- e ad t3 to p &:" ave nt p it""ema t. U.t:"e expl0 s.ion. th:it.""ough fr icti-on.. The i..nstruct ians. eO'l~l d n.o'l:. have been raul ty or 1 ac~l.ng in p.1:opsr cauu i.oria rv pr-ocedttr-lEls. Ha:dn;' t h·e already mad~ 10 0':: them? Host lil1:ely he' just got. bored and careless.

And shoUl.dn 1 t Conrad be g rdJ; tefu.1 that the j erl'[ f inailly goofed.? "What 'Wou~d have happened if he l·'litjLd act u.all.y USl~d: ·those bombs? Thirlk ·about 'that [!i Con~ tad, bli.lddt~

S o I ocricf, ude wit: h SO r- ' s a wn \J i m G r a:ve s who judged my civic-=mindBdneas in eXP8'rimenting with po i :sons an T,;dno·s ·as '~sicl~."; 13 Relat i ves of a murde·r~ ed WOman. were awaJrQ;ea rri no tni 11 ian doll e rs becausa of an ObVi.OU3 this-gut1=tDr~hi.rB ~<i rUn by SO~. I think. Jim is a little ~ate in recognizing what sick is.



by Kurt Sax·on

"1"1 .' -;

C ~ Marell ~ 7" 2tg/2 0 a ired a sey~n·t on !'tTc,;t roL' i i5rt miCIJ1'U,-

. "18l!",, 'One o·b';,r :l.o'!.l S p;urpa 5.£ 'Wa,S ·to j3'XPOSIE:i and. d i 5icred. i if. the .alE!! 1]L er S i;J:f' book:! en nCllniemad lEt 'We'iElponry aa de =f i!lict.o ·te·,r LO :["i st. ~ and h@ ~1lLl:·t.l @!S9 pr'of it e'er:i3: " Allot her Db .:Ject W'a IliII ·to :al\i~w ,t:; ha t. sucll. mat,@·r i ~.l i a a e 1. e'ar and l~r asent da.n~ e.r 't.o !5H:l C i ..... e t y " 2: 0/2 0 f a.i:l!. ad m.i. s.e.~~bl y on hc!!'t'h ~un t.s ~

:2 0/2 0' o bv:to usl y ape rJ. t a. g'rrB';a·t doe a1. c·r 'ti._ r'e sea.t'chi ng' the t':i!"Ub j,~ct. ~ 'S'u t Ylhen t.be them€' is weil.pons Q f any Jot i.nd .1' t.heil: l.i:beral bIas ,(ende:r:'s ·t'hem helpl~!5!.i!i in a .fren~.y cf 'hY9'ter ical in;fa'J:"~'"c:ea and. n~~'-'Qall ing .

The it fir at, t.arg et Wa·I!::; THE A'N-ARCm ST CQOKBDOK ~ co.~pi I p.\1 by W i.ll i i:Un. F1o'W'e 11... Wi t.'ll i 'l:. is e ft1i)·h:a.s i!5i O~ n ~.!I:"e(>t. i ~s lGu'!.d :Pew 11 ~1.S rI!Ill't.l-e·st. a bl i shmant p.ro,pag an~:ta.. j ito wa. s t. he' ne.are·st. 2.0/2·0 'DVIij'.t" 19ot to a ter.ror 1st manual.i

One i.n tul'"V i'@I.ne vas Mol:' r 1 s L i t...,,-ak ,Df The Laroe r ~ 111.06 M~\uJnrol1;a. Bl-vd.·j r N" HollYVeJO'd ,I' CA 91601 ~ 'Hi~ ma.in 1 iD@ is S1!l-t'V i val product II bu:t he at-oc'ks book.s en ~ ap:~m ~t f f) ~ 'tOOSIII w-no YQ·U,ld ~l"'rt.Bct. their geods f'r,oQ'll 1~t'ov. id@nt l.,o\~)'t."" e,r s' all 8Urv'i val !. ~t. S· '",ill 'have tn, contend w'i t h •

.ftn ! n t.el"a !5rt i ng p a. r t ,and an end.~or B@_fit Q f ,!SIIII,.U:h bo,ok Ii , e: !Sp@t:'!all y min,~' ~ ~a. IS a tr i'p t.o d:C·u.g and ha.t'dwat'e' is t,(] r~ ~ by Eli 10;12 a employee ~ She had a shoW i ng' 1 i s·t c'~ 0 rd i nary

! temlB tc be u sed for ma;k:i ng 'bombs.. ExploB i V·D:8: ,e~q;:HB r t :Ii LJ aek M.~eorge ~ assu1i';"@Q .20/20 that he.t p.u.:r;cha:s@:5 'WOUld .rn~k.e ex:910. a i ye lSi equ i v Ii i.e n t. ·to f iva· or ~ be st.! C:k:g ot dyn~mi t>a:·.

They .niBxt: :sIpan t. 3: 5. s;ecc nd s .on t hi[! nut '!'rI"11Io t hra·a_ te:n.i3d '1:0 bl (Mi" up 'lb,€! 'Wa s'bing '!ton. HOritlme'fi t, - -f our ye a.r'S! ago '" p..a t..rCi 1 man J :l rn Pow- 1 ~ ;Ii f i.r st. lOf f iCE:'r to ·I!;!ixami:ne the 'try ck lael iaved to have )::el8;rl .f i 11 e"d vi th. oe-:xp.l.a ~:i yes II! .s l1i'.id o·t such man. u-a.l :!iii J

r· It is a detri.mBnt. to UB"-.. l·t I s a detriment. '~Q a.l1 1 a1;i e·n·~ fC''cce:cr:en't, off ic§!X':s: and. the g.e·.ne:L"al pu'bJ. ic a;9 well!..". e ut

t lJe r~ Tie C6 nol e:xp 1 (l~ Lve s in 'I::.:he· 'l:.ru~k. and t:.)"J@ @oV'@on == nad n.Q t.J!..e ~.l:t"!! ·to :boo·k::!iii ID f any ~oX"t, ii

Dux i ng 1DY i trt@,~ i elK t. hey hGiid the ·eame r a an me· f o"r' Ell 00 iL.l:t :3 0 mi flU t!a S F:t S 1" d i-s ells sej m,_aJ1y a:ffi,peC"t is of t he 'Wea.~Q.n.B book f i@ld.. Tl":te'1 C!.l.t. my p~xt:. dO.'~:l"l 'to 90 B~c:o:nds.. ! telct .t.1i@IrI my

It also raised concerns that l,e:JflS :sucb .i).$ s.~n·s: c{)uhl prove dangerous ~1iL the l"H~nds of violent. menu1J]y uiilSllaible indj. vidual$: and apar~ed deba\ie ·o~ c::enmjrnhip V'S. frecednITl of tbe pr~,

N llil. LivlJlg:stone,. a Ge1Jrgetown U m • verBity 1P.l:"ofe~:sOE "iN' flo wrote! "''The' ·Wii!I.r Agaellst 'ferMrism:' called. ~1.l:.$ book .. an iii. trQeiQIiJ.~· ~j~~ o'f ·iit"era1!.'IJi"'e: th3t

L...l- " '[.~

serves no PUUli ~c: m terest, .t:~ e wal1lt! 11.


"K iJrr a booss teaeh people .fio,w !O kill

COp.$· It.TJd teach ch ildren ha''W 'tLa blow th·ern~l ves up," he added. 'I'I d.aoOt thwk ,th~ :Pir-sL Amemhne-nt o'ugbt tn ];lrotect ~!l' if you wlile a book on how !lO :ll'Ujrrl.'~r OOmeo:Jle ii

La w' enforcement ·O:fficials dJ~.b ~ks

_ .• _'11.. 1I:l.~_~_.' j.jl. - 'b' . - - - - - .~ - ..... 'II..,J'Il r!i'f.!i,A'

~ _ ~I S may em. manlY~ ·""",,:..u

my tMy olt.en fiud such t~ 'IY"'~eo 'tbll!:1 raid IDe,gal expJ.osj'Va ]abiSo &rue' blM ·aM

i'~";:'iio'Ii 'hi.il·t,.., "1,1.\;; .... ~&i. it. ,f,"" .-tJ;jljja '~J,-w. ~I!o. .. u.@ .. ·Q'U'!.O;l.,. ~~""II5,1!J. .. .~ II;llll.L'_-

C1Jlt to ti~ vlO'lent 'ineid.en'tS directly 'to ,th~ ~~ poU'~e ~y~hologi:Bts sa.y the man ~ Bl:s are Mnger.cous; ·beca.ruie they enmllIr~ a,ge distur~d. pempl,e. t.oO act out ~moid rage and murder Iantasies,

Lt. Doa Be as l.:y " who l'H~.2i!lS. tile Les A~gel·es Police Depa.rlme'.tll':s ·~osl ves $~d" sayS' crim]nnis often plilotocopy and, p~s around pages of ·'Th~ Poor Manj~ James Bcnrf· and 4Thf: Anarelm.t COOl;_OO·@k..·~· anoth ', e~· such wm!E'l' '.hal W&s

, ~ ~

popular in lhe·1SOO$ .

Thre police ~ay dan,g.er ;dm ~.~ because ·th~· book; ,oCcasi.-o.tULUj· prmt. ina~"tura:t.e chemieal f·(j,rm.uJilIit1 or do· M'~ i:ndic&J.e pr'Op.er ~det:r procedores, 'Lj''Il ~ ingst.o,:n.e smd this is Ei~il:iall.y lru~ of "The· Poor' N~J.$ 1 ames :B.~·n.d,"

'~We' gel, an av·eT!3J~ illf 'six ki~ ~ ytu who bl,.pw therms:el ves up. rna wllien 'Wleget to lhcir hnuse, we 9.1 w-ay:tl :fiIld thee manuals, '" said San nieg,o County Sher· iff'ii; S~t, CQn:rad G raysen or lh~ homh and ar"S:Dn sg-t.:a~,

L..ast Y~'Hr,. th~ sql::u;~d raided an E~Clon·

d.]~O hoU$~ art'er a 17· Y!iU"~·fl·,!d bOl ~ltw :trlm~df up with bom"elnade ~t~··es. T~:n pipe bo(mib$ .snd a how ~·w text UUed ~'lmj:lr'D v I.S ~'[l M:u lil i U CHUi S,l~.c k Bo-o ~,.

we're fQtrl1d,

Ev,e:n those most staune:hly o:;~.tt.ed to pre~ freedom and the pubUc's ri;~t W bear 31"m;s :recoU at ,oIljl·e a~ <f Sillmri.i',s hook~ wb.1c:b. 1nc.l!lldles a ~tf :aect!on Gil. bow lQ te.Rt hom.e:made pc_no oon.roC.tiO![lS an bomeless WiD!JS.

~~'rhat ~s pirt!UY' ~i(!."k:; .aai'd Jim. Gr~l!_ maDca~g editor of SoMj.'e'1" of .For.~. th.e· guns~ wd· adv··ent~ magaztne.

Saxon i:lirim,s hi.$ 1Il0(t!K has .$o,.ld 1SO"r,m QOpi,~'T mat1::f via man 'Df~el' - Few ilDalI:l ~ s:tr~am bi)okst!lt'e~ stoc'!k: I 'The Poor M.HIjs J :;I..xm;l'S HOl'!ujl" : 6:Om fa 'book.sb O'p (}'~nfllrs intel'v.tew·ed .E!1Y they don I t Wall t 1\ ~n

POOR M:..~t\i. S Jfu'1ES BOND vca , 1 20 POOR ~N" S a-M1ES BOND Vol I.

faa i n purpo ~e flO 14 publ is hi ng; "rlfS· POOR HA:.,1i;Jl i· S J:AM;E S· .BON1l I TtiE their- s.be.~ vas, ~C(NEER ~nd my 'boOk.11S on SE!·;!:.f =su.f.f i-cie'n'cy 'Vas DOnDY"

U f 100'1.1:(",15:8 I Yir i 'ta and CQj·IrIJ!.J.l eo f Q Jr ~nl!y;. ,An a'u'l:oo rand/ o,:r cC:Hmpil.lt!!:c na.s·n. 'I t ar r i vsd llri til ~ ·~an ma:k.e ill. .1 i V .l.n.g f ~ om. ·U'l'1! s~ie .C),t" 'hi 9 wOlrk. eo, a Bat i sf i@a JHat"ket. ~ Flu't s i nee' they 'iIf!e:LiIl'?i 11l1a'bl@ ~o !i;I'how mI!;I' up, as a rad.ical pamph1etl€l'@r turning {l1l,lt. t;.arrOr i,~t p.ropag and.,~ af t[er it ha~ d at iii ~ lfo·rk as a d i .isih w;as:ner J' they me.an t ,to pr.o j'B[t:'t. IftIe. a 19: an i r re'6ponsi bl e pr,o.fit.e~r",

Reaching:1 tm~ 20/20 d ict . to· jUst-i.ry Powell 'i·S. s,t~a;te~nts~

:2 0/,;2'0 wa.st &d a f'i,.~ 11 t Yo :rninu te~, :r 8lqQUliI,t inq the ~s@ (J,E T'iB!'Xa:n .. John Chanslor, 'litho tried ,to bu~t ricin t'rom M1.rud.~.I"Y i!'!l "1913:2 ~ I t ''W'~~ .a 1 ur id ease III 'but lag;!.in 'tliiitd l1fJithlng 'to do v·i t.h ~apon S 000 k.s·. t-Iad C'ha'rf! 5·1 or 'boug ht my NEAPO NEK~ I !lIla.dle! h i ~ O~ l" i c i nand -..::111 ed hi s vi :fe J' 'th@'r-IE! VOl:] 1 d na'V @ :be,~n .s'D me just i 'f i ca.'t:i.e n ,;E[or cit i it" i:ng ·th@ ~a!;:e i In 1£:0 n j U:FJ C"~ i 6IIn 'W i t.h uu ,~!:! r ror i s'~ llLa f.l, ua.l ~ ... "

I i'I a 1. e t. t@L' oJ 0 hn M.i. f'.LrLli;~·ry 'Yrot.e. t.o me- :i n. 1. '9]8 2: C'f.lnc@·r:n.i r.g cha n"510 r , ne to.ll d :me Cha nal·or had con:1f:. ~ct ~d 11i l'!lli 'l:.hro1uqh hi i;1i publ i ~her ~ Obvious]" '1, 'Chan~l.or had read one Or mpc@ of H1 tinery'!S ·booQks. but ,the :r i'ci'l':I prD.C@,~i5i ian.' t t.h~rl;!" So It'he Chan5iLor- s:po't: on 20/iO w~-s i.m::rele-vant. cOHee.r.ning MinrH~·ry t B 0[" a. ny o-t.t:Je r s tlch OO'C1,!k;; s ~

Mov i ng tin.,j .2 0/2 o Sa id., ~I R 0 'bIert:. ·~f~B r ian ha is b@!I!Hl he lp i n:g 11::5 coo:n;H.n-.at.e ~l~e !"ederal Gov.ecn.m:'I@·J).~ i':5 f ight.. ag~ingt berror i 8m f'or a 1 ~:$I t 1.5 ye'oar 19· (W:i th 1 i 't,; t.! e· it any' :s:uC'c,e is i; ~ .I . .mig h t ,add) ~ Hoe" is Q f";f6l of W'o,9hlng' ~ en. • s ,rru~:t. know! ~dg' ~;a.:bt1 e e:xper t:. s" ..

M-cBr i an. to:JL d :2 0/1 {) ,. [I" We ~ we hii~,d 'ho:~r s v:h.Q '- V@ ~d mi '!.:.1:.ilii:i!i t "hey have used. t.l:u~ rna nuaf ,!iii i 1'1 eOnICCi,C't ing . the- ir dev i.C"e:~ .. S'CI1f\e 'o.t th~ 1:' te;r;-at'l.!ll:"@ ha.,s: OO~l"l. ,r,o-una in a. vQxie't.y c,f 'che

1J.gne: r lean t.e c ror i is t t:¥'P@ 'g rc·l!J;P is • •

'7 he:re TilE& ~ c c a id loilsrt y@ ar ~:~ tJ:1B' .st.rg]lgh:jj~d ·of. kt:t-e· CSA .. an. @x 't.:.r·@ me rig ht. r ad i ca.l ozrg an 1.z a.t 1.0n ~ The [t::D i"qpound h;;i.d V,flj r i Ci tl! 5; boo by=t~ !iP~ , 'We!·a:po:n.s ~ i1l ~ a.l . a.:nd !Dt. hi2.0l"w i se • "!I ~.t.:~ ,0 f [~Xpl o':s ive ~ illlld. Ll'Ia nUal'""s on tlre pr'~·m.i s i:s on 1:10 v to USeE!! the ~xpl.Q s i ve:s ~ltd. how t I;) make ex~ 1 0 si V\e.Si~. ~

5:i !"lee I t i'I!I qui I:.:.e f ami] i,ar vieth t.he n~w d~·func:t: CSA. {~~e 'p3g~ S I of. THE CLlH RtlWNE:R.) J. 1. M~"W t.hi:!Jt ~his refe,t'e.nC'e.,. ,t~G , ~ i rre 1 eV,tln t ~ .~·,er the ye'ar 51 t bs::: CSA -had .s.e-V~]E' a 1 d ·~.rol "i 't.! oh is: and 'weapons eXpert;E;" t.,(",~ ined by the mi 1 i tat':r ,. T-ney ne'V'€l't' :!:'e~lly n@ea'l2d E:ueh ma:rIlU,e!l:t 19.. So ·Ell ison bombed a .f ago churc~ a roj ~ P i p~ 1 ii. n~ ·Ql .so~ sort. II as Jr cf:l'memDa:.l:" ~ Any ~ f :s!@Weral c f! h i ~ m:1e.lt'lher 5 could 'have bu i1 t t ha bpn~ 3 vi t:.hou.t: t"e.f IE!' rr .i:ng 't.o ~:ny mi! nUl!il ~

"th~ t il:m :f 00 t ag @ ~ 0'/.2 0 8m,wed 'liln ·t'h;e CSA. o:rd nanc@ ,[X).:rtt c!!;.j. iru~d :nip i mpr,eJ;V' i sed. li'@'la:pon_ry or' :manu,a!. 9 c·n. t.he sub je ct... - 'A. ccrpy' ~ if the P.MJB 'wa 9 s:ho',." OQ ·t he .~r 19' i:n,~1. f.i 1 m htI.t ha.d be1:!i'n :p~r[eh.a! Bed on1 yo a c."D~ple of Rlnths ·I::!ef (!I.r- e' ,the r iii id ·and SCI, nad :not. 'b@@ilI U Sled ...

Th-e cSj\ va~, a CU1't:. 'wh i en J g,"ifmr t.ns ye i!U" 11;1. J had call e cted'

:"e~ ~On5 ~nci ~X1?1 0 s i V-E! s:_ ~ ~ '~h. gr[e'a't z·~al ~ Th@y,_ d ith! .' to 'g'e t. . their kn9wledqe of vea:PCtli9:1 imp'.l'Ovl..S&d or' ot.beJ::'w.ls.e ... ,from OU.t' 'boiPik:s I So t:he, CSA.-' 5 .;a milt ieB a r'E al. so it re.l ~a.n t t,o ·t.he qUell!rtiolr.t c,t our It'llil:lual i¢J being a d[etl:ime·nt. ,to soc.:LiI!!rty"

~Mcar i,an. con t. Ji n'll.led = Ii JuY~i 1 @HB ar!l!l l@.a!::r:nirlg f rcilm .t_ hi s :sarI:. of t hi r1g.. A s·Ub~~;a.n ~ i,~l numbe.i: of expl c s i "Ie,s. i:hci ~ d f: 11t. s ·that. ,are' i nv e~d;, ig ~ tetJ. . gVery ~ ar bj' F,£d Br a.l Ag Bnt~. ~.ir),d bp' ioC,i!11 ,aut.h£)ri,t.i.e,s rnvo1vo i1,Ctcid!B.Ht:S" UnfurtUtlllbly. many of 't:. he'~ ace id@ri't. s ,~ril!!!! by CUlL ilO s-i t..y 1E!i@'~'klE!!r's and th!!:!· i n·t·~!'"'e st!li!!t:l jmren lIe 5 'WtlQ! dec 1d e t. hey are g"QI i ng ,to ISEH!' if they can ·mak.,g· ,th@ms@lvas iii bomb; B.ee if they c',all:1 make ~G1 me t hi ng' 'gI'O ooom ~ lit. nd i 't. ~!l; Vf& t"y. ,t r a; i e~· ..

Tr~gicJI ye.s" .B.ut. wha:1:. ~lwut pii.rental. ~,upervi iSlicn1' And. hoy 'many :s~ch t.r ac~@d .tg.g ~ii!II:p~n@d '~;(] .:t~no.l' an;'!: YIllUng' $·t,~·rs ~ ,[,"Y i ng t.l~11 r e.f:::r e,:a f:e ~ bo,M l rom ,~ TV' shoY a~· OIPPO Sled to· ou~ hcok s'? 0 hl:r ·t he i rrf e r:e nICe i-9 ~he It'"e ..

,~ tell( vme:k 8 preY:t: 01 Us t.o 'to h~· ai r i:nq of [~hE!' n ,t~~ C( ... ~ 1 at fto!1\nua.l"· ~ I'Mfn. t. ~ 2t;!J 2: 0 d id a p i@c@ OIl, a p·:ElYch:i,t. ic cl.ccoor t::!Q~vh:::!te;d of :p-ol.i soning se'V~n of h!.s. ~\~~i'!:.ie:J1lt:s: ~ HIE!!! had al.30 lrJi.~ 1::(;11 JoLil1 :hi s CO~1fOr:~eCg vi th i.ced tea .laced. 'w-ith ant.


,CRgAialDii illiDa MIi;l'tiam;~

"I'm tern two WilY~. It.'iE a fret:: speech t~s;!.le en one hand and dep~orabl,e @n tbe other," ~:a I)o5i[er' ~mond. the form.'e<.r presi.dl!fl.l of the $ontherrJ CaJHm-nla:

Beoksellers' AEm. . and the trade- book rrU!fiSlgcer ·.at the UCLA student bookstore, whidJ does Ill'lL c~rry' the hOQK_

$aJrol",l,t a folliLs'y ~6,- ytear~ cud w he It ves irli Harnson, Ark.~ and ~lJbhshes s urv: ~ valist books M.y§ w~ r1l gh~e that his book will ,oorne in .hand.y ~'w hen the It!JSSj ans and Mart~Rn:2 ~ n vad,e,·'

~~rj has; de bet·ed. the oleander PO!S'o n entr y in h.l~ '. N cw ] rnp·,rav~d Pcor M';]J-:(~ James Bond" because, he :s.a.id, ". ~ t wasn' ~ fanciful enOUign."

. T h e s e ct ~ a n o.rt,s·i ria Il y read ~ ·-0 l eanders are ~iJITI mo()'l flowets but .!ll"r,:'. ELDou:J.. iis POiS@llI,]U~· QiS ~IIY plant. The heart is affeeledi vety qutc:k!y and severely. RQlh the b F'"M1 C'h!:!'~. a n.d l h@ IN ves ~:rlt' I e ~ thal."

~:xp·er~3 S,D.Y' on~y ,8. frac U 0 n 0 ( 01 '.!a.1 idar poison i ng's; W het 11 er ace i-

.;,lr.-n La I. or i r~ tent lo na l h 0 rni I:'~(~~~ .. ar~ I._

n;'por led. Dr _ FreCll'i;j! R leders, d

! orcns ic texico I 0 gis l with Nat to n a I Meche OJ.·r Se r ''''I.C~:; LIl Ph ilad ~l ph i a.

:!;:.! ide h 1.1 dr en, j If.!! p;,.H·~ Leu lar . are SIJ_"J'~f.!pL,fl~e I U .Qleilnder pOL:'Io:ning ~H.!t:.i.lIJS.e lh~ .... · ~.i.H ~ h i ~ t;S L nth e i r

nio lJ L 11!D_

~\ L()d-c-r~ S~l ~a :3ympt orr~s ~ n(': I U~ ",'urn i L mg. dHlYr h C'~, 1.'1.0 i ge.itmtl ;:m d ~ con Li.clf U [] S· of lh e' h (">} rl u nU l t !tt' Tn HS,C i C' (: ta m ps ca u s(!- the· :!) lood to ~lL.""p flljJv.,ng. which· ~dn j'l:!"::!uH in. d 1;..'.J.l h .

.. Once the pcoison.J ng has oe ~ t:"tlf-r(!;D. l \ lJ:i: ~xi. f"lfme ly difJ~c ll~ l w tOlJ.nt(!ta~t fL ~~ .j.!! mostly In Cad'E hiJ,nus.·' H ~oo €:'r.5 sa tel.

A mi rn.J$.tl! I C ;:LfT'lOLJ n Lfl-ll the p I a I H i:-:: C Flo1J.gh to be fa L~ l, expe;ri.;s SlII io.

Df". F. W.@r:re~ Love1J. v.er-'iEl.lr~ c.o:u r.l ~y's·· c:oruIi.cr. MY $ he koow:j of t IJI/O 0 l,eanoiC!"!" PO~OTl ~T'l g' ,cases - on.r. In wh~ch a. H6~ y~l:r.old wmna~ ~n ;-!ol"1..hC!rn Califorhta ,C"()mm~Ued .5U i c jd·~ by €,il \ lu,S: 1J.~~aricl1 12'1:" ~ ea v eS nnd a llilS·12" j n w.ll =.r:tl <Ii Hal llcilfll h (';r'b do~ toI" in F!otlda prt."6C dt>eQ oj eanclli::r Lea. i 0·[" a. mng' patien ~ ,F:U1d ~ccid~n~~!lY kllled Qne_

Thc.n 1Jh~ re a't~ ·Ul@ llillc~nnrm[['d . t~ le-s. -:::uen :LtS the Qfli~ abo'u l th'e- Boy SCoUl whn barbecued a wiener on an. o-lea~de.r bn ru::n and·d ~cd ..

'Wa!o!:il"s't who ran the Blj]rtla!l1k~ ba.sed A 1 pll a. Si,')C ie~ y ~ a c:r·e.:rlHI. 'l ioUl. s·~rv lee, di'£'d ] n iillga ny altf!'T" 'l. '!AIt! 1~y:s of bJ oody v~mni rL~ and clhrr:rhea 801 the Camarillo hDUS~ 01 his. D_10l11et ~ M.ary LOI-I! W llteI'S_ An :aUtop.::iiY p"e-T'ro:rml?:d Ib J l fi.e Ve'!1 t ur~




poisOln ..

. Copi@8. of 't.m P:M.m ;ar,~ THE WEAPONED veru ~hditrJ aD?ng'

hi is e:r.1e e.et. II j along 'W'i th 'W' az iaus po i ~n9 • But. be vas !i. doc .... tDr I' witn t.he 'trainlng and vit:.h ei!is·y. ace@5S t.o _tnany poisonous subfft:an-C'eB ~ 1: t ve :never vr it ten. a.bon iii:: ant poi'i!iion and t.h~ d,oaths gf hia 5@V@'R vi[ct.i1tl$ we:r,@ not. de,scribed ,a,a; a

r& lI!tul t of anything 'be had read in my lxioks: Ii' But ag a in ~ 't.M:r ~ 'vere l!!Y books. there V&l."e some bod l~'s i' but· no d 1 rect

C'o,nJ'i.@ction '. _

P'or ~'Uch a p,reattgio1.l$ 'p.t'Cig,l'!l1II !IS: 20/'2[0 'to 1:'al_ ,an

iii], arm a'bi)ut. ·'our <II manual s' for lIi .. a;yhem'i:i ii ij!j'ter:rorist. lit,el:a~ '~U :rei!' t @'t,c .. ~, 1ri t bou t. one cl,ea.r,.:ut ~l Ii!! i '6 :shalll!!fU~ .. , And if M:cB,ri·an is sllc;h an [eocp~ and ao C].,o.s.e t.;O ·the ,-subJliK!t and so will. i ng to C'o~l aQo1:' at.1S! vi, t;h 20/20 i why cc'Uld.n i t he haV"e ~~~lied t.hem with at least one 1['refuta~le' exaql,lle?

I .. ve SOl dover- 50 ~ 000. cop is s of the ,HJiB. 'I· P'al, ad! n _ publi9hed 3.00 Il 000 ·Wl!,apon.a and ,nU ated books. 1 ast. ye a.r al·one ~ a.:tld ·wi. th LOQ·mpan ie',s I Del t.~ Ii De s4;!!·rt.1 Alpha. et:.c.,' mi 11 i (n15 QVE!l.~ the y~ ~ r':S; ~ On ~ he sUr l: ace. 'I:.h ts &taoald, be a.l ~ nni ng • But. where iiI're the body COtn'Its?' "Whe't"e are the. exiI:qlles: o.r er i me i!!i vhi eh Vc U1 d -nQrt. 'hiJ:ve, 'bi!@:.D co,~i,t::te~elI! v1 t:oolrt. ,euch

1 it er,a:t ure 1.

~a·t vi 1:. n. ,tlle r..os:t il i't.y slpwn us J:'IJ the me(! i a .1 t vo,...l d be X' e ai'90nabl ~ ,to ex:pe.ct. t:.~m to rob our- noSI! s in ,actual exa,~,l. '9 if. t.hey hadi [them .. A ;f'@:w ye.rs. i!II..gIO <II man ansv.;e·r,gd ,~ [el at lSi.s i,[ i ed ad in. SOL,t.fl:ER o:r FoRTUNE <I' bB~me a nercenary II wen t '1:0 At r i'CHI and go t: 'ca-pt.ured a:n.d was exec.uted. The medi a bad a f ie 1 d d [~y • ... "I' M' ~n lifOtU.d 00 .al.:i..ve 't.cd.a,y e'x'cep,t. for SOLDI E,R 0 po f'O.R:TUNE i, I 'th@y' all aia id • I( The man v~u~ an

ad 1Ll]1::: and t".e Gpt.:lHSl bl e for hl" act. iol1m:.. SO F W"a,s bl iUJ1e,l Ii: is IS,) '"

Re'centl.y!!, SOl? ran an ad 'bey a mi1ll:n in an A,nJerican Iu:.ison i,(ho -"a,nted' ·to hir,e, IDE!-,~c:enari:eB to luUp h~ escape .. T~ ,ad WaD a.n~ r ed ,and f OUt" or f i v,e mel"cenar:i.~ 9 jo i n@d him i:n

(:It' ~ son ~ .Ago..in" :a ,rredia ~)'a.rrage of ,aeeusa,t.io;n.s, ~g:ainEl't. SO.F ..

So if J chnny j d US to ~ l,ack c,t. p;e.cmnt.a.l sUpe.rV is~:lLon. :~' iB 'f,au:nd. w.i.th his ~Qds and :fac8 blown off and one ":Jf. ·our

- n1 i3; ,jU aI ~ ~ 1 ued t Ci the· ce il:i ii:Q: 'W.i th hi s. bl olOd. s c.~ n di n:yone

d o'l!J1bt. -t~ medl i a ,[ eo ~[at ion.? Or if b:Jtl'or rci'W !J te!' zo r i g,t b(!!!.g1ns throving bol'lTlbSi. h~ could no.'t. have ma~€: without. on,€· of .0 ~l:' hook 5·, wi 11 riOt., ·the ,_d i a 1 ay the bI,&me a't:, 't.he pub-

1 i 5'00'1:' I'S door a.s toey did, vi t'h. SOP?

Al t. ].lOug' h. YEI r::'aO I[ t be [eJC1It'iected to act as .sl:ll r- i:D'9 ~t.1! :pi al"~ ~.n·~ S or pub1 ire guard iana a,nyw·a.y II 20/2-0 ~,ho1Wed '~ e.xf;,t"'i5:rM3

·1 ~c k o.f prof e S is i.e n.al i sm and f ut ltl';"e cred fbi 11 'ty in acC1J 8.ing us of contributing to violen.ce., using nothing bu'l:. infer~nC@ ~ndJ innu:endo... Where. is ~he journal ism of Jo~ph Pul·U:.zer1 'Whe_r~ ar'e ,the objective. lnve~tigat.i ve ~~p'orter,~1

Th@ 20/20 ~a.ff sought to expose ,our fiel.d ... ooping:' [to find 'I: r a i Iii! 11 ,t t:.e·t'[ed yi 1:. h the bod ie,s of i nrliOCf1'trt 51 1 @adltng ·c.o our firma" No bodilQ~.. They ma;y have. hop,!E!d to show a SCl"'ODngY. biiind of anJ:i~ s.oe-ia.J. t mlJidel"ot.i$ nihil is'ts f~,~l"jt::.i!t'l9 reVQlu·tio,n ·an.d terro:r: ism lth€r@V'EU:- they could. In,st.e;ad ill t.hey lot:md' onJ. y vel1,-IKhlcat.ed... cllEl:ant:::'U:t aut.oors, al1d pyb~

1 i ~ ~"t":S ,. Un~:f f i ;1 i a.ted rd t.'h a,ny 1[" ad i cal ·g.rtru:pa a n.d wi '~h n(rt a t·e· rot" istie aim ii1DJngi us ..

y,ou mig ht "Wooo er W'flY t. he ~di i a so f B,ar.s a.nd hn t@ s '~s· that 'they ~1OUld strike out $f) blind,ly. I have a theory you might. co·nsider" FOt' YBilIIlrSjo the· 1 ib9ra.], new-,$ media has been pu 511i t'l9 thE!! i r C:~liIiJe ra.s in't.O t'he f aces of BVDc::r v i01@n 'It. med~ io'cr i t.y sC're amifig', II bo.",,-:n. w'1 th A.ttw.;!!'r lea J II

,. he mea, i iii he!il C"ons i 9'te IlL tl Y I urt herad the c a.use.s of the WE!iii'k ml.nded and dest.r'tir:t,i~ "'dis;a,d'Viiaf),t;'ilg[edll of' e~ery race J c It'·e@d arHI eol or ~ They bave encoura.g ad t.he· Ie. H't:.:ry· i "to CH.acou n try of ,1'0111 ions of i ll.ega,l ali ens,~ d i se ased, Cit" imi na.11. ill i teratJl:.e' and p.er~'-rsca!", O·ur st.:rrO'Bts ;u:'@. f ill9d wi t.'ta. saVa,-, g es who ~a,pe~, .l"ob JI' rna iJn iil.nd 'k i tllll ~ i I1'OSt. 'IiJ i t;h i ropYn i·t.y •

W aV i ng d,e s:t rCYlE!!d o\U" c@pu'bl it;! and undar om! ~ the i r Cln'l. d emccracy , they fiE! ar .~ v 101 e·;nca 11 nd t:E!!t" rot"l sm they 'thems:el Yes h"ve nur.tured ,,.. Yet.., all!l: ,the I!lt:'orpion 'Whu !Stun; t:o d;'e·at.h tb@' f roq c.arl'ying 'him a'C-.f"OSS ~'he· s't::rea.m~ be~a~s@, it wa,s hi 9 na,.t;u:re J t~:y follow t.~i[:" own :nat.Ur@S still ~

C • I!f' '..II W'

Coun ty. oroners omce sain .. 3 &

ter.a died .of na~ ural e a uses, rompounded by 1l.!!Ii eX1~m€' gbesrly and fally dlepos~ il1 his ~j ver,

Some authori tfes- 'today qUC'Btion th,at conclusion and say the coroner Sh~U1~d hi:I!'V"e!i carriEd tH.:! ~ wld co logi. cal tests.

"Tn C autopsy looked real funny l'O: me," said Wan Lew{s. the deputy districl ,MLo.rl'Lt!Y' in Pasadena who

irutiallj' handted lh·e Sconce ease, Qut was removed a(t~r ScoMe wa;s accused Ot .soUr:' t~ ng his slay fng_

"Here's a guy who's 24 .and w (!'ighs, 300 po ~ [leis. ·an,d. he died or fan)" U.[cpo:rit~· in the liver?" Lewis asked rh€t-orj·C::;3Jly.

Loven, who Qe('a·rBc' V entura C(.lun'Ly\s eeroner till ~ at e U]85. said the 'Prel{~OUS eorcner l:n(:Ucll.ted he pJ;:11'] ned to perfo'rm loxi~ol.o!ica.1 t,r:-::o: ts, But. ito vel i said he l[eft thee ~QtIollrt July, 1005, without dlJrng~-

Beth LoVfH .and etherspoint out that standard larico-iog'tea I tests would ElL) ~ hii ve u,n~ncd up the f.lf.:rs~nte' ol oleander, however. becau se j t requires a sp.ecifie tcst.

.. ' J f you d:,or.'I."t. ;!U:.lS'p.eeil o~ eander. u. wo~,d be way down 00 your bsd. of hmgs to look r~lf.' I Rieders said.

J L. 'W .:4,11:11' t' unul lh LS year that the .e w ho.ri l leg bC.g~ll 'to suspect foul play, Duriug an 8MlmmHh il~,ji'Ifing in P as adena Supe rio r Court. wi In ess ~ 1E'5, 1.,t!:oltlfi~d that SOCIne,e hjred two

men to beat up Wa ters on fi'eh. !,1 . 1"985_

Da v_id Edwar·ds. a fo-rm,er Lamb e-mf,l~CJyee; tesllfled that S,conce borl'-owed. tfl Ie S~l.on book t.o l.etLFn hew to :p~iso,n, a n,elgnbf;W's dog I

W itnesseB said thaiL in Ma,rcn Sconce went to a Simi YI1I,UIEY

, :re~taurnnt wher,e Wa~erg was: ea.t:ing' and told 'Wi'tru~'s.oos. lhat ne dropped: po~.snn ~.n!lO W.awn' m}xM dritik when he lett tbe l~lble.

The' m~1ti ve. atton:i±ng til) wH.(lC'$Re.11i4 was lh~t Soonce wanted to 5Uence W irte:r.:il bee~ilIse the Burbank mo.r1.idan $USp~ttG that ,LAm b Funer.a1 Harne was OElllldU'(!'( - ing·l.il~aL n:HJ.n.i:pl~ cremation6..

O[le ccHmate teshfl,i:!di that the p'C),iSarl, ",'as no·'l strong '2no~gh. 00 S'-conce P-QdS'UI"N!d W'iilten ag:::imn~ (!~'u.:sin~r a heart .attack. CeUmat~ t'e~tin'0d 1.hat SCD'ttce hr,agged ~ bm]t _poisoni rag Walen.

Thei Venlu.m Coun.ly di9t[1c~ ~:I.torn~y·s ~fflce s~id it pt',ooa.tJ~Y wdl nOl :decide- whether w Hie mU1~der c:hillr,I!'e-8.. a,galr1:sl SCil(1)te unUl S~t,embel"'r bec~'U;s:e the pt'oi1:ec:utc'" revi ewing the e 'It ide-nee i;s Gn. v,aca ~ lion.




and five parts of calcium chloride .. The calcium ch lor ide can be bough t nr it. can be made by covering broken up bits of blackboard. chalk with hydrochloric acid and letring it soak in wen and then drying it.

To start the process, put the potassium ferrocyanide into the flask first. Then put in the water an d swir 1 the flask to roo L" both in ~

to power. gredien ts well. N ex t; the sul furic ac id is p our-

It is shot from a water' pistol into the vic- ed in, slowly" and the mess is well stirred' with tim's face, The victim. auto rnatic all y .gasps in aglass rod or tube.

surprise and droplets of the acid are drawn up The' calcium chloride, in coarse fragments, the nose to the olfactory nerves, Before he re- is put in to' the receiving bottle and a two hole alizes he has been attacked he is, unconcious. stopper is 'P~t in with a rube leading outside.

Within three min utes of his colla p'se he is. Measu rements are by weigh t. Con sider the

dead. parts as. ounces, Depending on the size batch

A few drops in the mouth is also fatal, So you need, the' measurements are cut in half just consider that if 3: man is, shot in the face until you reach the quantity you 'want. Below with prussic acid he will drop dead before he are four sample S~.ze batches starting' w,ith 15 'can m ave. ten feet r patts, 0 r ounces, and. ,going down th e scale to

The attacker usually hides the water pistol one and seven-eighths parts, or ounces, Mea-

in 2 .. , 'folded new sp: ap,.e.r 'and sh cots the victim . '.. ts i t th he - f-'

.SUI:lng par. 5 IS easy Once y-ou ge ':. e' " .. ang 0

in the 'face who He passing him on the street or to


. . Th ..... . · d

on a staircase ; . e vicnm sto-ps In surpnse an .

co.llapsc·s and dies of an apparent heart attack, The, attacker sim ply keep s on goi-n g and passersby gather to gawk and discuss tb..e.ir own coronarie s, I th ink 'it wo uld be s= at fun. to watch what would happen to some poor son of a bitch who tried to give the victim mouth .. to-m ou th resuscitation.

Small batches of pIU ssic acid .are made with

your stiU.~ The ingredients·nee-d~d are 15 p,arts of potassium ferrocy an ide, nine parts. of distilled water, nine parts of .strong sulfuric acid


A. pail" ~f·. needle ..... nos,ed pliers . and ~. pair of reg'll ar p.1 ier s and a f~'w clothes hangers wi 11 . allOW you t.o maKe eVer so I

many d iff eren t., pi ee e s o·f l,ab "

I~ quo i pmen t , a Ell :sho'wt"i; •


Prussic, or hydrocyanic, acid is one of 'the most poisonous compounds known. A. stu-

d describ d i b r • •

enr once . escn ec It ase1ng So pOlSOnOUs,

that a drop on the tongue of a dog is e.nou:gh to kill a man. Nazis and Communists used to murder each other with it before Hitler came

Pow:s.ru.tn {~~nide DirtilJcili 'ft1u Sulfuric~ .

c:aJcmm clJ.!oridll:


2 'i1i 02;, .fM 1!J,z. 4~··@z. 2.K o;z;_

:3;w., CrZ. 2J!l,:o:G. :l~ 00;'-

I'" oz.


1 1f8 mo.

1 .11B oz. 1 118 os,

5/.8 ~.

1"5. DZ, 9 ez. 900;. 5 oz.

If you lack a lab scale you Can me asure 'with plastic cups on a $ 3: :OQ postage scale bought at any office supply ·S'torem To do this, say y'ou have a sao ml flask and want the smallest batch, batch four ~

You first put a plastic cup on the postage

P - "R' 'I'd l\ 'If\. i t, S.. ""1\ "L.iI"C' S- BO N' ,- D' -V- 1 1

_ '00,,' .L~:J..t-u.,1 ", y fir'w' .' " '" I· 0 __ .. ,


rants wear a cloth mask soaked in a brine SO~ lution of bicarbonate of soda. This goes over the nose and mouth,

When the dist illate covers the calcium chloride in the receiving bottle the action is stopped and the apparatus is allowed to cool, Then the tubes are removed and the' distillate is poured into another bottle with a go[od stopper, Light an . d air cause prussic acid to lose its, potency quickly, Its container should be wrapped with aluminum foil and stored upside down in the lie f:riger at or '. A few drops of hydrochloric acid will help' [0 preselV'e rhe prussic acid.

What is left in the flask is the' most beautiful Prussian blue dye, Don't 'pour it down the .' k h .. ...

,A word of caution is in order concerning SIn, W,· ere It will become a pollutant. Instead,

sulfuric acid", Never pour 'water into the acid use it to dye a shirt. This is yet another exam-

th t Id d · 'Ii t ti A' 1~ ple of reey". cling,

as a: wou .o pro.,uce a vioien reac ronv Ai-

way,s pour the acid slowly into the water. If batch. four is, made, only about a half

When you distill the mixture in the flask, ounce of prussic acid is obtained, In a, small watch closely to see that' the stuff doesn't water pistol this will be enoug:h for several

hi d ~- ,

bubble up into the neck, If it boils up into the ns an: will at least Bet you a seat on the bus ..

'tube you'll have a real mess. If it starts to Although deadly poison, prussic acid is head, for- the neck of the flask" quickly remove only about as strong as vinegar and so leaves the alcohol lamp, When the bubbles subside, no, burns. 0,0 the' skin, This is small [consolation

return the lamp andcontinue (0 watch. for the victim.

While this stuff is being made, wise ~l i .. _!, '"

PrUSS1C aC1d; D1Ck's, 1872

._8~' •. E~ .... DIo,AcUL T.kIa_b,~ @alDli m~t4;, &Cid .~~h 1 :ftWd(nlD;~ ,a&.. "vi,otet Or' blrddl ooloM, :ilBm,e~ A W,l<teb

clilled p.~o am~~ 8~ ~on.J~ of .. tblB~ WJled 'water, B4d 6Gt illJ'8llH (J_.f:wde 0.1 ,Iil vel, I'lw .. moistened w1'~J1 tlDa. '_, uti in."er:1"..M

b~1'1,e81!, ,~~, !wBth li,rt!lld, ~.IWDI'~ ~_ ~Dg ~ ~*61 ~~~I~ ~ .. WI~ ,g~]e4 R~~ ORr' .lItm eODt~'mrtol! h1:ba~anlc;,ooid,. ~ e-

odor ~!'!~ lmmel~,. ~:t bDib ,at-'F. ~ahr.,. W,b.eu,t~[epremp1tate_h~m1ld4ed"pouro2Jt'a 'comel op'aq,a~ ,UUi white ~,rmm the (iM'mfliiti;OA

,10,4 IOlIclifiQ8 at; C5.o~ U~ 1,lle~.fila, ,paT-hiJ'. ~. clew dUu. ,wI, ,~tl keep for \tile. (8(1'6 NfJ~ ,of ~arnle! Of ilver., . _ .

~ 1'D'€J& n oonstih.teB O'De ,of 'ahe moRt a,u.i]y 3947_~).. ,( U. .11 n·~) "Liebig,s 'teal, .Is. conaid'uea the D;l~t de.li~l'tG.i

po!5OM klw'1VEt., Its uJ.tl ,In HI',:oaoorAlf- 8810,., Te.18 tor tho 1'1;....,08 of Pl"Ula- No:La't!SD, fI ws.teh~. or poreeleU.Il caP'S"

.&oT I and BBTALLW 0'1' 4lIIDIlI. PI"IlW ,001<1, afo,.6..oicI. It. is 'M~med bT 8 aU'onl with 1 o.r I; ,bOPI ','.' .1,EdI.ow hy,.nolulphumt, ,of

erven, wWm., diluta,. hi VIJq ,~bl. '00 ,Bpoota- oo'(Q' of' bitter ~lmo,nd~' ~ liim,mo'Diia j: invert, it ,o".r tl);e matier. ,M bef.o'~~,

lQDU6 daoompolitlon,. and tJD.a epeeili11 OOO\ml, ,N &ut.r,iM.b.d br p~sl1, all.4 'tes,ted "With _&. aDd aft9' Hi (ll'W miQ,u:ws . d:ry it 'wi tb Ii :gentlll

"Whe'lli.t'- "~oaed_ t_OtbeU1b,t,_'''- To. ~mote flO'lllti~ ~f 3wp~,!e ,or tm~ of, iro~~ It,' :,~.',',:;' •• , ... ,II,_,~,_·"_'l,~ A,tW,~""!,:~_.rn.,',':,~,'Hiq~·.'~,',~",<o.,;"l4f~,lP.":,,'P.,··~i'~".'''I'II,i,,~_..i:I,B, .. ,'., ... B.'~,O'~"~".v:'n.,.~, .. _,&!.!b~a.,~:."

ita P'i'8li8tTiitlon, it u: 11~[ to lurrottnd the. gI.V'6' a bluif) p~CiJ,~t~te." O,! ,ona tnl1l:I::ri,!I ruae rUd.I"''' w~,.' 1l!UD. lliUaM!!. of ... 'U~~ ~la '';11'( _, w.m

ImttrlM oO~Dta'iDil1g !,t wi'th _t~.p~~, IHIP-:r, ~ tba 'wl~'t.i~ ~ dU~'te ~P;hmio ,orm.ut.iatio 11aI~ will form &, blood·'r,ed d·re~ if the

aud to k,0!P th~, m-verted m an ,OBS6lll"e, Sit- anm.; ''lhlB, test m.~l 00 ,applied by sl!read:ing ililDaJle~ q,lIJ,~nUtT '01' hydl'Oayatliio acid i_ ples.-

lla;tioD. Tme., aAaition of.. '.,. etllill quau~ ., BWgt,t) O_l'OP of' aol"Q,tion of po!i&SijQ, over the ent.

t~ty uf mm:ri.Buc Beitl ~ndenl it 'mu!Bh le6lJ, bott~m of ~ wl}teJ ijd,lWlrf" or _ poro&lain Mpm!Ile,

1iab18" to ~g,a, and 18 genamUl llJ!&de by oo.d In'f8.dinl, :It OVM' 'an,otheI 'velsM Of the

m~;.'8:tu~ 8'=' 1~~U8 Pralie, ::ii~:~e :,~lni~ ~e :::t:8~~~:~

.&.a1~" PUIO ~~y.s~Ui .6dt~11mi4~ !Jt, '~o.. D,~r ~pe1lJI~; add. 'ti? 'the rC-'OW9,J ~,p.n ';tJ iii

WH,Um.I, 15 "arts ; "\V,ter' ,md., l~tilph'lm.O 8.(jiudJ, fl.lllgio _dl~p of ~ BOlU,tIQ'II 0" s.mil,hBte (.if Unop

of .a~b. 9 ~Q.1"t8; ~ didiU in ,e, W,!l. N~ft ;,iDtO II! , .,UN O!f iro~ '_ .HI ~OB8 it to the air f~ Eli, 'few'

, ell~coolod reOEnVer.~ OOl1taib.wg ohlonde of lIeoo_nu~ Next oot4 1 or " dropa of dilut:.e

elliltiu.ID. in 00 r.B6 ,ftagnlf!lntij I) p&rta; 8WP t3,mptuu1.o, aohl, Wh&ll II blue. colot' 'will 'be ,de·

th~e p,rooeaa sa, .aOD a, the o.h~_oridli illi. . tbe,', Ha y~oped. iii ,~ooJrIInW AOid is preseut, ill 'tbe

I.'let'fEIt :is PMfec,tly fJovur,oo. by the distilled matter t.MJ.t6.]L

~~~~~:~.~e;;~~tK:e~'i't~~ ~ ~=:m J~1;~ ~:~ ~ ~~ ;d

d~, 'Wlih tbe boUle mvmBd. _ 'Wmoh; when. ,MOO and. belte.ai, :m, II te' 11 tulle,

81M9~ :ooute, Pru..w Acid. Mb: 41 u"olv'tl fU'm.es. of oyano.jpIl~, which oor,n wi.tb

scale and turn the little knob that causes the

1 ~ izh ith rh ...

sea e. to reglsrer no wel.g. t wrtn the cup on re.

You don't want '[0 include the cU,'P' as part of the weight.

Then, while watching the seale" slowly' po'ur

h · f id ~ h "I

n ~e potassrum terrocyamc e into, tr e cup untr

the scale reads one and seven-eighths ounces or just a hair short of two ounces. Another cup is 'P,ut on the scale and water is slowly poured in until it measures one' and oneeighth 0' un c'·e' s o r ju s t a hair ove' r one oun ice

,-',. -~~ ..... " .. ;., '.. : . . . '.'-'.~' ..... _. " '':' -.~ ..... -'':'_: ,_,".

The' same g'oes for the sulfuric acid, Bits of calcium chloride are dropped into another cup' u-ntiI the scale reads five-eighths of an ounce or a hair over one-half ounce, The ether batches are measured likewise ..

EnC)tclopedi.a :Britannica, 1892

'PRU,SSIC Am.n, 'the f'41idlittr name fOf' a da-.uger,OQI" pOlsOUOl'IS, t'h.ou,gb che.m.LcaUy le.e.'ble, acid1 hOWD seionti .. ~caUr,~ _, hydrocyani,~' acid, n 'o_~ ~c e']'8Dide- oi",hldrogltJu, ~~ is her.'~ taken as a e.o'1].vellH3Dt headl!l8 ur.uler which to trMt lof '~1a.nides ,gan,araBy!, This IPltJ.eric teftQ (b-om Idl()l'~'.Q.'~ blue J is not ~,oo,nt to hinJ; a:~ aDY p,nerio proper'ty; it, 'u du'. ,a'm.,pl.y to the f,ac.'~ tha.b an Cf~mde~ hi an hisw.iOOa!. ,8~, are dE:!til'~tl.vel a,i ,a blue pllgmen.t wldch was, diseO!V'0~ed neciden tally by Diesba,ch. ,A, BM lin e,o!lo,\u,;ma'ker., aJUDU,tl tha, begi,fI n ~ n g of t.he 18th cen;tury,~

The. f'~Uln dat ions of 0\1lI' p'~C!le:n b kno wb~t;!ge Ot cyuUd,es, w,ere hllid by Sc'b eela (17' ;8,3)~ '\"AO:39 discOTeri'eB w,e'r$ subFJe~

q ttently (from I S 11,) e.onf3tnnOO Bllid Sill I:P leme.ntecl" eh idy' it) tile sense of qt1£\'O·ti.tELtJ,\'le det'erminaflons, by 't:kt.y .. LUS$RCi A'I th ougb. we 11~ vo 'no SIln.e.e, 1'001' f'u'rtner' lbistoric&t n,ota, 'lV'e, .1ilS~ net om'iit to 8t~t~ ,tlli\t Clly .. L'U~J Ell one :r~$rwlt of his 'wor'k, cQllce:ived, e;nd, -in·troduaeQ .in'to, chandltry t'he notion of the ~ ~ eompou nd r&d ieal, U h~,V'i ng sJ10wn tllQl,t pr1.tSSi.'c acid an.d i.ts, Mlts a.re related 'to the: -group NO in 'precisely

h 1 1 · - . h~ "' ..... _,'1 b ~ .J

t e same w.lhy Q.S e ~,o.rul~s. are to c '. I.Drln.~, ,or' inD.p,_~'.ll~m~o

'Rul(lhur" Tbis id.ea, ill. :h.i! (nv'll I~yes ~n..d ln, tt100,1 ,ef his OOD. te~nr.or.a,rie s:, "\V,QS grleafly f OF ,tidied 'by b ;,9 snoe _ in e.v'eD Lsola tl rig h is, ~ I: ,t) yanogene i" as lL ~\\bs,tl\n.ce.,

In prOK)laring cya.no,gen, lor e.yani,d'e9' in the laJbo.I"ablry the ., pera to,r now e_,hva,Ys statts f r'o!'m (J1d~,iat' of I)Omsh, ""i th wl~ic.h" accor,ding'ly, ,\i"e beg:L:rn'i

,P]~luW~lc ()/' ,P~,8A., ('lfC)~ FIB.o; l{. ,+ a~. byn", f'e'lT,oe.y.'ttiil. or llO~l.~i~m i (}el'n~,. ~11~dla"~g(!'~,l~t+·-,T l]lS salt ~s ·~m.8 p~od,u.ceil ·ll)!ll\$.tl"ia~ly frcrmJ., :l.1u~;a.l r'l!tu[i~ (, n~t;!! :and h,Oli~jJ, e]l[:Jr::ll'~iII old !Jfl.PU" blood s'ohd 5, $: ~~ 1, ~a["bo:nii'tte: or pom~ hI an,d; ~ron fl1ling,~ o;r b'0l'~ll,g5 ~Sl fa.,\V '~!I'Hde.r1itl~ T'he Ciill"~Gn: 1m '[llf l".!Obls,h, ~9: filsm ~.:t ,a red JI,ij![\t, j'n a n iron JUla,r. .. sbaredl vessel 8u;s,pendeii. wHhhl a flu·Ii:ac.-., OJ' o;n nile (1'1~e1-~11 n ped so' ,e' ct 8 i"e liNrrhem to'Iy r1J1111.au~~, ~nd tho t\'ltlulELl maUer" 'wl~'ic·b. shoul,tl ~~ a.s,dr~ as :ro,~sible.~ i,~ th~n. in't,~d,lJ,CE'd in, inst.819 III i3n is al (]:inig 'W ~th tl~ e' lron, The fUE'ilHl 1S., iC(!l!ilbn l~etl ,M .l!J'n~ ,II inHamnml~I'e _g,lS(!$ are goimg ow.; t11,'en thesfJU flui,d m~s: is, li:\d]od Old O!lld a.Uo.'''''·O'u, to. C'OQ], when it hal"(lens ,in,to ,a bla(lk stol1e: .. likc bO'dy 'kUOl\"ifl to tl~~ ~ n~,El-nitra.~tti)'\er !IS, ~'I metd ~,~ , \Vhou ,tile br,o,kell,.;· up ~nnbt ~8, tUgIJsto:tll\'Hh ';'3. t9t in an h·'01l·vesr.;~~ IJit'1l-ssi,:de ,o.f po~~ll. ',o.SHB i n,to sol u.Hou ~ '" ldle B; 'bll~e'k l:e:sid~,~ ·of ehIiIiC~Q]!", _ 'lne.taUic iroTJ, .s111plhl,Je of' ironl he",! l"eml:in~ Tha· el:3'ri,r1ed '!lolii~tk'nt aft;,9' ,~fncti!nt' (!Ofl,'clltndi'on illi, the l1eat, deposUs on eo'oiling' part. of its l)r~liS$i~~' in hnl~n, .. yenO\Y' qt1n.i~l~,DU{l ~rramls (gp.1l!nRlly trtln. .. (!'!.te~l oc tA'hedl',o ) I' \l" bh;:'h ,M'f '~nlrU: cd by J"!oc'7stI:U:i:mf;ion~ toI'Illla la:st, JIl Qfh~T· 1'1 tlo.~5 in];'[I] ~s.b au impure lreeu '.ltf, 'lr.]liea, :iI!, ,a,d.£ted to a

r:r(!'s~~ f~l~' ,~n d so u.tiH~~, . I.

] 11 fa·rm'cr Hhlt.S it Will beliofVB:d that tll.o p,ntSSh'ie ~IS, 'P'OCi,nced d~~Uhl" tihe, ~1,lvm:ion, l~' "o~eM; fr~d. I,n t'h:~', 's'l~~'ucnt l'Jl"~C;SS of, t,bdvla'! 't~(Hl eunply ~s8@;(l, iutlJ ~-ol.u.tuJlnt nn,t~l (;j~e;b~B ~hoWtcd, tlt~t th:~ !i~ 1'U"1 Il nten8.,lj1 e. The (,'UiO, ca 11 ft(rt aOl'J!ta.il'llJ, 'r"dy- fO'l'med .prus~na.te,


'ibee&u ~e., this. fmlU td: 'n r~dl 'beat lU~M1.b up ,vi. Uil rorvi~l:titln or mfd,ne o~ ~i1i'tbule. of' il'~l~ nn~ e,)"a~'ide. or :po~sin... Tlle, 'meW lltl r.Bl".'l; ~,(~1 ~ n,.~'~.~~: w:l't~. ~,tl~te:, 8],ao ho:~ ~~'~~, ,up ,~~,~ ,:-' _ :111~in ,cy&~ide o:r ~~11l~~, '~~fl,~~ _ th.~ ~uU,. IE~llllBt~~ mldlit~., ,.'yiJ:eld!J IilIO. I pr.uiBI. 'late on ~~'.m~Ul~E1l1~ , ~ lt~l ~~t~,,:, f,~e, .~:'l8SiB t_~ ~eOf,tlil!lly '~U5~t '.e prGduleOO. _t!~.~n~. the ,~~:o:r, h_"1:9.1Ia~~~n" ~1 ~thPoIQe~~ml of _t~e .~'1a:nide' o:f flO ~~.IUm, on Bom~~ (~~~~\19', co,m!l~.· .~. n.d III t.bO' ln~tal. Lle~;g t~~!llu ,t ~hnt ,It, ~Q )kl1rtly 'b~ ~ ~etal~u~ Ul),'n, pEll'U,' 'tlte st1Jlp~nC[e ( .. r :J!l'On

~t~~~nt m t,he _ ~etal~ ~Iueh ~~:e"te~_tb'll.Ie:f.H.~venion,~ A.·~re&mi.ng b Jll~~e h~~n t. _ ~OMC~~S; ." ,@~ibl? ltd pln~}.~p, _ U.~9 + l'e~~J' wldlcb. i~ "'ltVa.y~! ~~u~e~dlnl~'lt~.~thQfu. '~~lil (trom the r~;n.,g~nt$ Vro. '~: and t,~ , $tllph ll,'f o.r ~ L10 IO'l)J"UlIC matter' 8od, t at. ,a.r tt1e su T ~1h,~'h:: of. ftO~,h

~~~e~,~.hJJj the~:~~~~~.~_M,a;n hB'puJ'!tlll_ ~1~'$ ~\i_.~ ~ ~l1Ipor:~tn:t P~t.1 ~l1~e 1.1ouble.lm,p,h~~I\! _ iby tl,~ :9.C,t]()fIJ, 0(' w:a~ breaks up 11l1'O',aU;u:;;

~j~ll~,~8.U] p~lLJ~:,. 5nlr]~jj~I~' ~~, ir.ou ,JfE'~}~ ,an,~' 1m 111~1,! ~l T. ~l,d~ 5~lll'hh1le of~ IInJIIl u ~D'f JL pc,'ClllhIl.'I lu!n:(i,:; ~,t, (10013 W}h~l'~ C-n~Ulh!.'1'Y PieS Idlues, not,

,~ec:tt ~·e~"!;l~].v: aI~. ~el!f~. ;.it~ ~a., D!Ve,rt.-:8 the: ~f"f1"idio. ili!o.11'".-lS$.'i:l'te, U.IiUS, tiNa. It +~~i '~ K,~ _+ (NC11,Fle,.,Jt4,~ w11,lle tl~~~ ~11J:tnn.ated ~ldphU'r' 'Of ,UH~. orig.1 D~l t~ '[roUes ~ 'lv-jill 9;ftOU~'er p~r~ of. t;'he c:r!tbidoe of' 1~~til'3.~nl.,rn U1tJJ S!lt~I~:Il~)·:ln,:l.t(ll't S +N(:X ~~N(',. ](', wltfcll ]a:ttel~ ~alt ,1': 'UiU:i' 'IIn,a'Y~~~~~ly. pI'o,lnced,, ,Ll$ :1], '(f,:iJJ;llte~ :mCG!Q'VCni'f3ldrt.) h11e~ ,pr"!~>n£t._,,_,Plllt-e p~~~to I~f I!~tul~ ~~, U~~ ~.l~iji:Ii!ll' 8mV'i:ty 1."',8,9 ,; it ,b~ v,er~IQ~~rfl,t m the ~llf .. , " l't ~o.se:'I 1m ',,!'ateT~ pa;tt '!'t, 000 C_ '- tll e r~t.

~~,.IIO~.~~I ,,~u;t_!e'rr. s!,CJ~"~Y.' Tllle ,~nbldro~ ~~t i'9.,ii l~"llim [Jolroer'~ ,1 ~e .. ~JfS.~.ls .tii~o~ve~, I.n,,'fo~ '_!I:rtl ,of 'CQ]!d an(~ 1tl two, ,par-[s iJ( 'boli_lIng ,a,{d;e.r,. It I~ U13:{i1~lO.b[8 ua. and u'Ot d'i!h'v'd,II'aood bv~ aleoh,ol.,

P ",jI., r 111- .... ". 'I J ,..,

. nl!l'!i:m l!iil, .. ',0 , 'pJ(ii~ (1 ,~U.B tbee ·,com piO$,Hiou, or II l\,Otlb'llj ~t1111 t,

F,e(N.9)1!'~~4KN~I, but Um iile.a ·tbat i:t eentalns these ,two 'binary ty~t'~~I~~.~ 11:9: enthje;~y at· V,alrtBVl'C. ~Ti,t'l,~ 'its "a.ctio~&. Oya~nd~ of po~~silnm 'lS, I'GREh [1 'd_ eoom pnood ].]y ,Wtll1 U;lE!! .t.eeb],e~ ,a~i!de_, .a.n~l to ~Qm e~tent '~.r,en by m'bi:r; witll eUmhm.tion of 11,'d,rocya:ni'c Il~ h),1 . B,~dl ,"n ,thi~ ~'trlH'HU!iMt .;per~;;R ps, i:a: _tensely po.(eQlfil)tlalO A,S(I'] u~ bt).~ 0 f the 'pru.&91 ate r~m' lll$ ,absolutely Uftl:Chilllillgtd on om t_1OmUoTI", n~d, tb~ 8lc.liJCl~ M.'l H even o~ a.l.ron,G' ludibJ, in, the e.QiJd l"i5l(tlbl ill1 the rWlr rn 11 bon O!f th e l ~ '(~ r"O'g~'h_ ,=5BJ t, r('N'l!),~ r'e:H '" ".. 'h k lit iog -dooQm posed, il;, Is trut\ but only \\"b,B'~ t.ll.; mi.ltul'iI :i. bOG.tQ;{i,! 'wIth. e,~,o:b .. UoD. ,of ~~f*l ro~:,.art[c.1 R~ht It i~ 11 at ~i~no.\jlS,. 1~ fs EO III tiol} W ltfn mb:,ed.

"~lth.nil~Jte ~f'_~ve:r ,d~ ,~~'tl,siT'~ I'~·rec.~: ip .... !·m~ ~f,c:yanid,~ !of'dlv·e~, 1f (J. Ag, ADd, _ .,iutlO,B of tbl two Ditratea. bel, "leld. a 1Hi:itar; pl'Q~

tiP! tate ot t~e leam,aeUJon, {N 0),1'1\ A,g~ ft hlE!h, ecnki [M an' ,thlt h~o,n ;: .~~1,7' Jlltra'te of potassium pB~8 ill 'to, nhltl.'D'n. Other hel,Vj. ~1~!al~~e.,B,altl, ,,~}l:~~I[I.tm'~~arl'\ D~R' the .It~~q;t~l ,,~,r t.h@~-, ~~~ i!Ur~erfl t[on.!II ~hri),l1u~ t91 rQu.Ql~·lnl t~ lead !Q.,f Llie1bll; 'iilie:llF' pru: data

~s;~, _bhm:!["1 eoml,01iJud of',JOtuliu:m, x..t ,yUh 8, ccunplex: mdica·l ..

,N r~Ft~ ,~~ fill'vO(l,JHl nO,ge~ ~, . ,_ . . _

B·!,~~ _ J..., ,.JII '''..J!' .... "0 '1'1 .M •. ' ~ JI ill' ,-.;.,!. '

_, , U~"',I' :~~u~nw ~,c.t ~J~.&:II '_ ~ )._;_ 1.'.Q". a.e~dt~ . .!IS LJli"e'pral:w Most tDn··

v'~;hl.n,tl1' .fllO'lD !pmS5i~te, 0.1 ~Wll~ Wijb;l~r j;oo~Ol.'blctl~b, tbu.:

. r~]lo~~ri~~.~m~et~~., , ,,-~n )l~:~t~ of. p~wd,end, ;pHuaia te ~N lib.cedl ~!'h. ' .,a. re!,ol't, l1W.,J}CCK of: l'b!eb, '~~' bn~bod.llpw~rd., ~d a. (~led dowa) n~~xuu'9 of ~-even pa,rb 0"r(1;11 of v.itrjO:I ,and. fOlH"tM'II Plt~l8 or w,3:ltr is, 'than ,a~lde~I... :I:r ~li. aq_1.teQ1;"', ,.,Ilhl, ii, ~l~bil, ''he B~,i:brORd O'f the :"Iiort

i;~.j~~~ed '011 d1r.eet t,~ ~ ,~iebig:~ rr;o:n~e~scr~·. W!hi~h.lllUSt ~e:,l:ept y.e=ty 0001 by_a Clllfr.lmt of cold W,I-'b!'~ lr th_e :WI1h,yd,FO'ns a~id. l!l des;u~oo~

~~~~. ·l!llttli:~~~ek~, oot:tln (~r _t'W,g~~ lill.'~, U .. tub!~) 'e'lur~rd. with fQ~, cll].~l1d~ .. ~f!,~,c~~CtlU[l llDd k~._?t: a,~ ,S~"_ .~~.br luune:rm~Q. in • WaP1I" bathiot.,t:lliS.,tc.~p~:m'tuu",_,m~~_ be ~~Sf~~~ ~e't~~~in t~le. R:tc,rt obd e~.nd~~lse:l"," ,T 11 it'~~,191 Cl~ ~6.f.e p9;rtw~]arll '.l t :ISJ lta d.L~,pen ~,h1e WI l~'r,?,v' ille for· 0. '~[I~'t ,el\'c1.eut cot,:dle~n$\ ... 'tI:g;n t)l ·the v,apou~,;: the: exit .. ~h.d. or' ti~e eo:m,[],O!£I:se~ s.bou ld, b. pro'ViUe.d w~th ,a1i ada,pter pl,~g, ~l own. t Q n ea.r U1tt bot t'Om, ,of th,e r,ecel:vet ~ 'wIt i'el~ 'Musl 'be w.'I:1',t:nimdeii by a. f['(!;Oziflg mb(:t~iU1!~ ';(.~~ t,e.mpe.l'ahllr.,~, o'f Ul,o ],a.UCI·', of e01.USe~

:n~~~t .. ~~~, ':~ ,~110\R,d._ ,to_fmll to. 'tb,e fn~d,tl.g,YpoiDt of ~l~ di5~in.a'te. ibn ret.ol"t IS ,h@;a:t,cd by m·e~u~s. of a" :8Bnd ibnth and .a., In'18'k ·d15,tJUa. ..

t· !O ~ ... .l ''''11 . ~ " .• 11 b ~' ",~.l T __ 11 .

, 10ft ]!n.a.t'll tarl1h~, lInt) I tlU!I 'rns~u1l:1e. e.gl D'5. 'tiM ~ ry 11)'. _ b!e rI!sw.t pi

th ereaeil:ion ls ~ln RccQ:l'd3I1 00 'With, tliJ!e e"eUl mjtiotl i1u11't t;h.~ dilub;; vftrii)l~, 'lD 't'be fid,1t; . in9t~nce, OO'Dlterm the ).lT1lt$.$'iabi!'. one.,:half :in.to, (~C),~,e~ H;I' tll,e oltb o:r hrlo leN O)lat~e,. I~:i H" a.~ dl 't][a't _ through '. the· elfect of .thte bea't tb,fl&C -&,,,"9 b.~J§, d.eeompnoo each oth.e_ llbID

{IN'C)a:l!,e} 'K1Fc, ,,,hi.ch f,em.in" ilJ] ,the Tesi~hl,e 'ns' a l~r,e~ip:ita,te~

. .;Jl 'NIC', 'l' 'H -';iI .... 'I"·IC· K h·-I'L, d]"''', t·~l-'~' ". ,-- n' _,-'I' 'l.T'CH' ~ .'. 1-

:11.1.11..11 ~ '" .. : ". 1Ri~ U.,if'!I .::' ,II W, l~u . ~i!!I :1 3 ove', ea.l .1'11":' n a to' (rIll' ....

l~ ~i,q\ii ,Jol 0; 69~!~~J?eeUi~ gta1·it)1' ,aJt. [~~~ ~.,~ wldrc~ Ire~zeE ,Ed

., l~, C~ l(f;'a'r .. L'U$~} 1]1&0 a wIn!! fi,'[~D\1S fiilllid. Ac~ordnl,g 'til l8chlU l~ ,th~j aeid, i'" lettIly' plire~ renudns 1 h1U.hi ,111't - ,a1'ril C. 'It br:illfi n t .2'ES~ "5 n; at ,,~" G i ts V~·"1ilt'tell.si,ol1 _~IrCadJ.·· iy ~mou nt.s -t? ba,l r i1I.~1iIi Bt~os.phe'[\e.. The VfiPO'Uf' 1,9 I.HMI1.tnRbl~ :~:nd, buUl~A l.'to eal'bo~ne.. ac~,dl." wllm... a.u,di n:W.trog~~ Tbe ,ooWl. mlix,.O$ witll WIIEI!1" in aU .,roPCH("tiO'iDI, wltl~ C'OQtraetton ttll'tl 'J!I)t Qb!iiorpUon o[ D'eat.. TJH!'

'1 j b h .3' -1- 1'~

~o UU,O'il -(,l,I:-'ai'Gi an, ~'lsti'llaUon liite, II Ill,e.m !mooh&.ni~· mbl'tUte or

i,tm tw,o e.~m,pon,eu t;.; . 'P~Msj~; I\¢id hms, 31 lVe:~' _poouUa, r p;()~-err1ill !3m~U.; nl~e .c.l18r~tedstie: stin is ,I kbul or eli,~]dlilg ~,ctW~q l,,'Jl~C:h, ev~.~, t~e .. h~gJtl.;: a.th,!t,.Uit'Q,d., .. V'4~!iI~,r_e~~erl~ ~o~ .tI,l~~ ~&ry.nL ~l9ic aeid is ,rfJ'a~luUy paISO~:~tl9; ~. fe~ dro'pa o:r 9IVe'n t.ha 'Oli'~hn8l"y

,:lh,.:'l1~ilCClltU'.Jl, pt-e'.p8'I'RtlO'D (of :2 per eont.,), aN, i!iufEcie.n;t to kHl &

"I a rg<6, dog'. It R€.t9 witlt ,ehuackf[~:ti~ P!a,~pUtu~le~ eSRe~l~)J 'when, ulllal~~u a va.pour., E_\!9,en ,a_ T.eJatn·ely ~lr8i d,o.te, if lt~_ h.M 'on 00'

ro.~U(~ i,m .. w,a1.~'~ ~~e".~~~,R!dl ~~ithou.t ,r.odJu.,aing ia .' eJ efiec'tl 'is mn~l to d'i) ('1€lJ,~,th velJ ld.tl8 ll,ann tlle.n .. 1

1 'Tb e J!JtiUan. P~dlt1~~~ prC$CfmCri1 ,frill' tillO ftl,e~! ~]Dnl :AtM a. ,:tr:e~Ph of 2 per c:mt. 9'" real ~W. 1'~e 't'W'tl T:D!;d(Qina1. pNpml+. ti [lIn~ knolVn al ,qv~, «fnrgd~~~m l"I'h1-'rarl~ m "n~l ~~ ·1:I!1~M 1~i&tWo~,~.tf.i ~:~I't ecrtLveiy OOD'~;~;n pf1t'uJsic .cldl ia, 'Combl:n4 Mon wIth ]~ ydt.hll 'Of bah!ro;yl~ OI~~'COH.. In neithe ... • case d[Jei~ U\& p,rua~ic., aeid 'pN;,l:dlti :iD the ,',epw"ble lllat-e.-rial , ~t 'Is produoed. '. trnng tb ~ m o.e'bb.'Jg' ,MoeSi ·whEe.'q_pi~e:de. tbe d.irartlllati.{lu, by. ,Q, fe'rmmta'U,ve ,dooompooUion. or,tibl&

lDlltJ8,ulm. wbieh th .. er' COD tala.;


Ammo,n,ium Ni trate See Page 104

First, dissolve a quantity of ammonium nitrate in some water. Then y'O\l, evaporate the

W·" .,. tle"r'-~ '-']' .~ i th .. ···· . ·t:·-:-·~ - "', 'h,~l . c+t _ .. Ii. ',. ·····~-l' .. ,

'~ •. - .. - .. t. over '_ .Ie sove; w, Illl,e' 'lit.l.lrrlng, unti you

have a heavy brine, W·h,en :nearly all the mois-

,iii .. h Id 11 _.

ture IS out it S -_oU,_J· solidify instantly when a

drop is put on, an. ice cold metal plate.

'When r' ead 'y- ~ d u· 1m' "p ir ,all} .... lit . - . .,. . ce.· . ., .' .' ild

I., C-_'-= -' ,""a, :./, ..... '--',' , ' __ " . ou on a VCf)· co.··

surface A"· &. .. ~·r a" w"~":'h:lle- b r'~' sk it ... , - ·d:1 "Ct··· .' ",', " .. .L", L!',,",~L"" ,c/'-.:, ,U;., _ ea ·····1 u,p an. S'IOI'e It

in a bottle ..

,A spoonful :is put into a. flask with ,3, one-

hole stopper ~-'I·t- h t be" I dl .... b·

... ":~ __ mne ... W_L~_ au'.' rea ,.mg into, a •. 'ag

plastic 'bag. The flask is heated with an alcohol lamp,

When the temperature in the flask, reaches ,480 ,F the gas will generate, If white fumes appear the heat should be lowered as the stuff explodes at' 600 F ~

Wh h b !I! f"l~ d th

ien the ·,·ag' IS n rea, stop ne action and

get ready to turn, on,

'LA'" 'UG"HiIN' G:' ·G·· A" 'S

'--=-_"~~'~l ,'-., .":____-:' . ,I . " .. '._----: :. I :"~'__:_ ',":'

Laughing gas 'was I)'D,e; of the earliest anaesthetics, After a little while of inhaling the gas the patient became so; happy he couldn't 'keep from laughing. Finally he would drift off

t'o a pleasant sleep.

'5 .. de .'- - - .... lfei 'hi , .' died ·h~l . ...,_'Il ...

,~cme •. ' o-lt-Y'Qurse ler,s ,a;VCle·_., w·: !I,e UU\. ...

ing laughing .gas ~ This is because they' had gen,crated it through plastic ba,gis while their

h O· .. id Th ";1 f-"'" t

eacs were InS1~e·. I n ey were Simply' SU . oca :-

ing bu .. r were too bombed out to realize it, ..

The nick, is to have a plastic clothes bag in -. ,-:h'····· b .'.:' ... I· .___: .. ' . t, ". ]. '-'11" of th . e" ,aas', ·TC::-C"·h·'·e···n·~ y·~···OUi

w, .Ie· you generae a ,0 o~ --'. b '. "c ... '.' "

stop generating the' ,gas an,d hold a small opcn,ing of the bag under Y'OUI' nose', getting plenty

.: f ... xy-- .... ge.-' .. ~.,.:,.-- rh e .. meantime. Then, Whee~

o 0, _ n In. . ...... - -" - - - - . ,

nak · '·'·h of, ~

To m .. · .. e rt you, start WI'!', ammomum m-

trate 'bought from a chemical supply house or which 'you have purified with 10,0% rubbing or w: "0' od alcohol,

-- - '. ,., ,_. ~

'Dick· 8,

POOR ,M'~AN I s JAMES B:Q'NiD vo i, 1

'P'OO'R_ M'A'N' S JAM'ES E,OIN'D' Vol. 1

, ~te, ,of ~m,cmja _e:x,plodea with violence ..

Nitrous oxid., ':in. also be, made fn the.,.. BRm.e 'wa,' from, crya-"- .. ; eli nitrate, of 8,DlDonill'- 01'

br~BiIlg Jd~1l ~~ for,1I0iued~ys. o'~~.,

lion ~... but It req:wmR lT~d care m lts

p~tion~,' ,_.,-:. '~,_,.' _ _, _ ,: .. _

. '_ " ,-'.~ T~t for ,Pare, L&ualbin.,g Ga.

:l:r~ ~O!:n e:l:~1I, s:ti!! ~rm~:



S,ollmann T s Man·lL1al. of Pbarmacology:l' 191'"

NITRO' us O;J]D-

, ~ "',' :. . . . ... -.-

'. - _".. -

GeDe,,[,a] 8tatem·em~F- Nhrous ,oxid~ N ~.O! nhl'ogen mo:noxkll Ot' protoxid, "Laughing Gas," was the, first of the inhalation. anesthetics and Is still the safest, When jrW.~.le4 undihned, it produces very rapid.ly un-

, d'h' '. b,.J," ... ~

'COnSc..l(JUSness an.,' anest -'eS18" partJJy .- 'f a uErect nar'cot1e ,K,tion., and

partly by, exclusion oi"o~gen,; "The aspltyxia limits its use to very short operations, such as the extraetion of _ tee th. It has the ad vanta.ges. of promp-t action and recovery, absence of irrit2!,oon. and oJ after-effects", and is practically devoid of danger," By', the, ad1~" tion of o.xy,gen; the asph ~rxial f actor rna y be removed, The anesthesia. also becomes slower and Ugh ter; bu~ by ica.[eIu.lly ,adJus_ting' t~e percentage, of oxygen (5' ~o _la' p~r- cent.) a satisfactory degll'.ee of s:or'Sleal aaesthesia ean be maintained for long periods, without letting the D.phyxia obtain dangereas proportions, N i trnus oxid is especially valua ble in the '" Gas-E ther Sequeace," b)'!' avoiding the ·u~plea'5.ant features, fll tb~ induction of ether Dnesthesia"

,Inhalation of 'Undiluted, N~O~-.F;(Jr sboetoperatlcns, ,!IS in dentistry, 'the gas is administered through a t:i.l.ht~fitting mask, ·so that an air is excluded. The symptom s . run a ve:ry ra:pid course: Ute :ltre._limit1w.ry effects consist in a sW'eetish taste; numbness: e~~a:rat1on (Jlaugh.ter)~ confusion; deeper and. quicker resphatlon; and f''lnller pulae, P:artiaJ. ,a,nes~

I,· , h 1 f consci ., t t1l:..· d

tuesia J "flt . ross o conscreusneas en.sues In c w,e.nty to .: hlrty secons ..

The pa tJ.ent is sub j eet to dreams, and the anes thesia\ is imperfect, TJ1e

..,.·,glrL.... d d it t b' · n- ~f--' h

I'~es ;oa:~~ ~t~en"e, au. eX'~'1 e~en-. m,al~ , ... e prese~~~ e~peCHL, r n t •. 1=

panen t E dis t urhed, 'The respirauon .IS s,tiU regular j deep and quickened;

the pulse full and rapid; th.€: pupils enlarged; the face. dusky,,. livid (U'

.. I'l'd th --,,"-1!'id- - '... -d -1' htl t d C' J.'JIJJ" - -,~- '.

par L~ .;,1' _' e eye. '·Sr tWJltc! in.g an S Jg.y separate -. . ..... omp,~~:e tuU3t~na

~UFS i~ .. fifty to one hundred ~nd twen!1 s~conds) '," :a,vera~g' fifty~s~~ Its onset liS denoted by ~ change In the ~'e.apuatuln,. which becomes sliKht~.y :ir.rEllda:r and nOiisy.. ,T'he' pulse ,is quickened by about ~30 'pe~ cent .. and is smaJI.. The blood pressure shows ,a large Iisphyxia.J. rise (K:e'm'p~, r89") •. The vasocons tl'iction dim in [shes, the urine low ~ The Iim bs are relaxed;

'h- • d ~ 'd~-"'" , 11 -1L._'·b-" I" ""11 - if · Th

nut tn ",vi", :i,Wu muscies eUI\lt C orne or ep.1.1lept'I:'Qrr:'.m. eoatracuons. ''I' e

'"'I 1 iO • hl dil d Th f'· d - '"

P~Pl[S are atmost Invalltlc,.Y . nate . se taee is, cya:nose·,-.. .Relaxation

of the sphincters, occurs rarely,

n- -...:, 'D--: __ ..:lI .il . t·'L·=- i1'- • h ~..II th ~ d

""per,llu:ve n'flWi!'----lLS soon a.s '. ~ ;s'~age lS reae nea, . - te ,gas IS ,rem,Q,ve·· ~

The pulse at once becomes slower and fuller: the respiration also· reccvers rapidl Y'; and the' asplbyxial symptom:; disa ppear ~ The anes thesis lasts

- JII'; • ~ d .... if. th ;. d d ~t ..

some twenty-two to :,wllf'ty seconos _ wer : I - e IRs .lIS remover t M· . I IS

during this period UU31t the operation Dust be. performed, The t,otaJ] tim,e between the beginning of the administratloa and completerecovery is therefore one hundred toone hundred and twenty seconds, The d uration of the after-anes th'es.ia inereases 'with the duration of the B,(;hninistra don. T.his, may be prolonged to' several mhi utes by' giving ~he pa ~eJl1t. aft ocee ... · sional breath of pUR air (every 'fif'·th in'hah. tion); or by admit ting a. li t tI e

· ~ h .. 1'• ·T.h .... .d I '. f ~ h 'L . h . ..1.. '

air Into tie mask, .. e aamission 0 atr, n owever, maees t ie anestnesia

u neven and unsa t]sfactory. .

,After'-efi,ects are generally absent w,ith short a.dministrations.. Sometimes the patients complain of .giddiness) headache, Jassitude and drowsi-

N ., t' 1

- •• - - .....,'.-- •. : • - •. 1

ness, ausea IS excep iona +

A£cidentst,~:\lli ttl short administra tions, these are very rare" because

f' th id .. bet ;I. 'b.. t:· ....... t d · f· ~ d . ~ 1

o ', .. e WI, e . margm ~,etwee'n t .. ne nrst : a.nget Sl,gn. 1~n.Olsy. an' ll,r.tegu U'

respiration) and death. Only about seventeen deaths ha VB been reported,

ki lh f 1" le - h ."

rna mg' ~ .. e:fata 1 ty . ,:SSi t .'. a.n I: In 5 :tCOO)C()'() .•

- .

POOH NAN t S JAMES. BOND Vol + 1 27 POOR ·}t1AN '.S JAM;ES ~OND Vol. 1


The 'f I r s+ process for making chlo.r~ of 100· proof vodka. This is 5Mb alcohol so.

a L hydr ~ te (k·nockout drqps) .i s f rom, . r tI

lJ ick , 5 formulary .. , 18.72;; distill it off and YOV should have just a ntt e

I ~ over 12 ounces ..

4278. Chloral. ChI om, IS· an oi I \," ) i -. ., ~]J_ h

1 " The equipment needed IS the stll.~ t e

quill, possessing atl et·hercal Rme 1.;1 it is aolu- · b 'i, ieces of 1 bi

Ida in alcohol, ether, an.d water, but its JU)~u... ch~orlne otne, some' pieces 0 grass tutnng,

tlO~ in tho la~te_r·,r.apl,hU,:ehan_ge·9 .lnto' '~fi.·erni~, rubber ~bing, a 600 ml b~;lke·~t a wa~'~r glass" 8o~.ttl.crrat&I~1~ .~.a8~ or.hyd~a.~ or ~"~~~~,l., an aqualJum, aerator and a, basting syringe and soI.ulllc m DI.I •. r.ger qll&nijty of WAter. C~lor.al S' .. c .. oo .. :l..~n'g., thermometer. both from the dime'

~O'L 1.8 At ~,~ and hA~ S, _ peclflc, gm Vl~y' of .. . ..... ,. .It.", .. ~ ~ , ~.. ~ .., .. ,.

1 502 store ~

··4277. To ObtaiD Ol1lonJ.. Place ·an- A piece of .glass tubing Is fitted into the

hyd rous alcohol in. 0.', tub.Iated. re;~ft) au·d bottom of the stopper for the flask, To it is P_&S,6 dry ,eb,lorlne, ~ ._~ro,lIgh. it, .t .Ii"~'t in fitted an eig h t .. inch Iensth of rubber tu bing

the cold. but aften"'ftrds 'with tllo ap pU cat urn. , . ~~ ,. '

or ELge'~Ue hest. Aa ·soon u 'the ·c'hlorine and. at the end of . this is tbe aerator. Two

PL.~~~,tJ· undecom,oeed tb:wll,gh ,tbe 6.quOt' at more pieces of glass ttl bing are put in to the o'lhOI boili~ g te,!n,.r.~t ure, ·~be. ~rocel8 ili eom- top of the stopper and th e rest of the equi r-

.p. Je~.t On. ,co.olinr,. th. ,8. ' .. _,bo,.lltud. In t.b I , retort . t ~ t ... [l ·t· t' d

Udi.ll! I' ~ f'di'"tr & .... 11'11 r b~" men ~,.lS set u.p as iuustra e .•.

aQ, _ .. : 'lIe&,.t lOfDUtliJ '.~""rI'WIU.lQe mUEI 0'· ,J'w ~

ted ,ehloral~ ,Thj~ ~,~fJ,t',be I 'R\e~ ted by saDUe To begin" put 12 ounces of al cohol in t he

b.~atJ, ~~~~~gttated Wlth. ,tbncel Jta, .. 'Vol~me, of flask, Put two inches af bleach and. a. tea~il of Vi't'r1.~~, when. D'n n:~,cr,euin8 tho. h,e.at .. sp·oonfull of Sani- FI u sh in the "Chlorine bottle.

Il ttle, an, olly stratum ,of impure e.blurai 1rill S h hlori h h h 'I h 1

ri to 'b ...i. Tbl t L. :, ,tart t te 'C' uonne t rougr 1:' re alCOO

. Be! ....• l~ . e 8U,J~ilCe" ~' '. ' . '18 DI'US, uG :removed t hil th f1 k ~ I· d h h fl k

boiled for aome time; to drl:TO off IOIDe free W· ile e ,as· IS, co ... : d. Wate . 'it, e . as, care-

~.rdroch~oric acid a~d alcobc III, _ ~d 'next cUr.. fully to. see when the alcohol sto ps absorbi rig tined WI th 8D equal 'Volume or OiiJ, DC vi Idol; the· chlorine. 'Then Ugh t the 'A! co h 0.1 1 amp with

d1aatJ{, i~ mk~ ~)~,s't. bet· Jec~ll'edl·\. rrgm flnelt"'·pow~ its .. wick turned down or with the stand on.

a:~bG ~!dac~m:f ~b~R:: b:O~:d~"" B;h: blocks so only agcnrle heat wiU be made.

c hlorine is bee t ·"introduced by a tlUbtlluaerted 'When the alcohol stops absorbing ,again j nUS<: into the tu Itu I&t u re of the ~ retort, and a IOEi g the heat,

tube, bent ll:P'WR'rd,Rj. should. be cjoDDe_c'ted 'With ·K,eep.' t.his Up·1 until tho e alcohol is: boiling.

the] be ak to COD ve.y' 8'19&1 the by,dr,oe'hlo:ria F'; all ~ E '11 1 ., k . n I ~

r:~g ::Oholt::t:h.d1,: o,ar,.~jdt'otoc·.Ii;B,2,~~wD·~!_h!~~ol,:~ Thln·. y ~~ WI nOf··,~nger 'pte ~p :n,~c d·' ,orlne,

~ ~ ,I w , ~1lU~ DV ~K 1Iv- n en, thIS part 0: ': flUe process 1S ~ InL~ ~e '.

hac 'k into 'tho 'retort" ' . Some of the alcohol will have distilled off.,

Knockou t drops are usually given. to some- 'It will go in to the collecting bottle. while: the o ne when- he. is a; li.ttl.e drunk, After fifteen waste chlorine p·s goes outside, Several times min utes he is out for' the :nigl1t. during the p:rocess ~ this alcohol is poured back.

Chloral hydrate was used as a sedative. in 3 into the flask.

dose: of 0.6 gram. It is seldom. used. now and ,is When the alcohol is totally chlorinated the hard. ·to g~t'" For those who know chemistry contents of the flask is poured into a por,ce-' and would like' to make it [ include the for- lain. pan and allowed to cool + If you have mula. done it' right the cooled produ et: should _ be a

TP.e chemicals needed are bleach, San i~ cry staline mass 0'£ unrefined chleral hydrate ..

Flush, ethyl alcohol, sulfuric acid. and calcium 'Then,., strong sulfuric acid, three times the

oxide, volume of the chloral hydrate, i's slowly pour-

You will need pure alcohol so buy a fifth ed into the pan. The pa.n is then ·p~t o-n 'the




stove over a gentle heat.

When me chloral hydrate is- mel ted, it an.d 'm,e sulfuric acid are stirred thoroughly and 'part of the mixture ls poured into the 600 ml beaker and put over the alcehol Iamp. Don't let the mixture in the beaker get over 200 F as it will begin to boil .away at 2.10 .F _ This is where thethermometer comes into play,.

As the mixture heats" up, the still impure chloral hydrate will rise 'to the surface in the beaker, When it stops risingl take the basting syrjnge and collect it off the top of the sulfuric acid, It doesn't: manu if you. pick up a lit ..

de sulfuric acid as IOD,g as you get all the chloral .hydrate ~ St:are it in the' water gJa:ss~

_ Repeat the last process until 'the pan. is empty.

The still. impure chloral hydrate is then put

into the' beaker. Then it is heated at about 190 degrees F 'for 2.0 minutes to drive olfl aU the unchlorinated alcohol and hydrochloric acid,

The next step is to pout' the chloral h ydrate back into the "flask and add. an eq u.a1 amount of sulfuric acid, The contentsare then swirled. around to mix ...

The: chloral hydrate i.s then distiU,.ed out of the sulfuric acid, This is easy to do as chloral hydrate boils at 210· F and suI furic acid boils at 72'2. F.

Who h di ···U··· th lfuri . ..J en the .' Ist.l Jng 15 over .. e su . uric acio

tS poured out and the flask is washed and dried, Then finely powdered. calcium oxide, equal in volume to the chloral hydrate, is put into the flask, 'The chloral hydrate is 'then added and distilled again. The pro cess is stop-

'PO'OIR }fAbJ' S Jp;bMES BOt\:D 'tal ii 1 29

ped as soon as the ch oral hydrate has nearly stopped dripping into the collecting Jar and the surface of the calcium oxide is, dry j

To prepare for use, add to the' finished chloral hydrate, one 'part of water to two parts, by volume, of the finished product, Chloral hydrate is a hypnotic and :many people become addicted to it .. Taking ,it, yourlf · ser IS a no-no.

P'OOR lMAN'S JA}fES BOND "'101. 1

, 30

p repamt ions" When, heated .wtth eo~~eIl~!II~,ed Blyceri~e ~a 'the utrem.itri,u, ,)ividit1. :ud mill. euler reluaUion ,tDllle I a tempemtlllJf_. ~ Ilou'-2'3~O'O '0., ~~hlor~l.~rdm,te_ Yl_~da arul, ,deet;h, may result f,roul ,cardiae apcDpe..

ch]~oofo~, C~'CIs ,~,.a~~ <I lOr~liba _of allyl, H,~O_{~_C;~J)J 11 0," h the originator of .. pIan' f'or pedonn1D8 opera

aod. by tho Mtio. of Dltrtc aeu\ ~ strong' IJ~Dhsb"G,~ l1I.t~5 tions during allEe,tn,.s.ia prnclaced by me ibtra"'TenG1J8 c. it b 't.r!£11Sfo,rmeti into, trichloracetio:' smd .. COla,!COOH,j inJsct'O'n of chloral hy1dim:to" R,o, Bhowa (CODIfI;. r~,1 The elect of ehlonl :hydrate 'upon fE" 'blo~d, like t,ha.t af 18'1 t; hx,iii.~ 5 15" 661, 1hB-t it m.y' 'bi harm)., 'mjectE}d. form 10 acid, is to, r-ende:r it da.fker~ '. B'nd that whon thua- bi-ougb.:b iu1-o imm edia;l';e, . con tact wiib

The 'b,reBki. b.p of ~hl_oraJ, ,h~e,;., In the pr.encl. of t'lle, 'b1:ood".it ,effects eo,~~te anet'beel •• f ,~0Jl1 d1lJ,ra,tiOD • • 1'k:aliel. with the production, of 'chlG.ro:form aad lannat.u, ~n. is s, mph). ~d eli~tual rem,l,a_,. for le,tanu,B:.. Chloral led Liebreich to, tbe ,oanj,ec.t.u;:re that a. ,aimUar d6Compoai ti on, hyttm.te, aomethu8S fails to a rOr d. reUe! from ":ering" and mIght be produced in the blood; and honc.~ hiB :introdut·tioll when, it dOg ,not induee; alee'Pi mAy' oocasion. [1%Citem:en,t· and 0'1'- th.e drn.g,. in 1869, as an 8n~sihetic, aDd ,hypD'I):t.ic delirium .. In [some c.u~ a dOle: has pr,oouce4 an er-np'twa of' (Or.wn.pf.. rend.,. 1869, h:tt., 48,6),. I't hu been supposed 'U.Fticllriaw It m,ust bel adnuni.tered. wi"th eautio,D'to chil .... ,,. 'h$t, iiB ph,ysiological &etiOIl mar 001 dDB, to formio, ~ as ,&nd w 'patienta haTing alleMG [0,1 th,., lu~an 8D,d of 'be well WI to ehlorofoirm. J~' iree, iii. the 'blooo, 'the· [ei!eets, G" ,d~ga,tiv,-e tmet,,. t-~~ aJreetio,DI, oftha bronchi, 'OI11,RIRL the fO'l"mic ac'ld being atmou'ted to 'the produ.ction from. i_t It a.ppears t~t ohto'nJ eaDnot.. he d.eeompOBed uld 'lh,~o'wll of 'Cl\,rbo'm" diol:id!e.,. POreOI1De., llo,w,ev.,er, has ,admt'nistered, oii by a healthy bodJ at ,& mater m,te thaD Cr--om 6, 10 7' B.odlnm form.at.a. to d~ ''Without 'peirooiving in thea the., gmi'oB' an hour lRiohanlsoo, LaM~t, 1,811, 1, 209); and u .lightest awelth.etic" pbliJJD'l,ePBj1 o:r the abnormal fOJrmati~Ii *1 Jim;" cif the dIose that esn be,a'f'ely takeu :iH.ot, affected of":earbou dio~ide (Oomp!~, "'Rd." 18'7'&, Inviit. 129.,!! He.: by the e.uatc.Dml]' use of (h[D .,., am in ,the cali· of opium. COMidem th&t chloroform, is nt freu in t:he b]'oodt but is bu.t mtbet the rev'e,tIe" Ua iDca~tiOUl [emplo,ym,e'nt~. in -]IUI6 D_o,t,eJimjn_a.ted. as, BtiI,~,~ ;::U1g' oon,Y8neOl iuto lo~ium chloride q'tlant,i~esl&nd the 'prao:Qso of haWt_U" resorting t.00 i., 'to lind :fon:nate (wid., 1.80,9. ):d%~, "83:)';: the pro~!Onpd aotiD'D g,td,n r~iel f'rom iBlh.l~l..n,ea, from neunJgiR, &ad fro,m the Df chloral en ,tbe aDimal economy' .,e: ,ezp,la.lu on 'the 'llfl'ectlJ, iof alcoLollo excelS,,, .bave in not, a ,few ina taD eta, I.d .upposiiion ,that, cb:lo~f.onn, beiDlg prod~cM at; the e'J:pellB_e~ to fatal ,reeulttJ. I'D eODSlcquence, ,of lhis, risk .edi,eal of \he alkali of the album.eD of the b~ooc\ 'tIJ.e lo;tterJ which pmetitionen DOW u.s, it less ex'Nnsi'fety. T'he IcontiDued JDQ.1 'be re,p,rded B9 an amide" fD~rma wit.h ,the tridllorinated, n. ,of chl'OJBlll,ydr.ul,; t~ is I:pt't,o cn.Uise :1 hypermmil' _ld.ahyde. ebIo,r,al :-, co'mpollM which" 'b1~he pusl ~tlo'n, eGD.,iUtiou. o:f the akin" ,dUJtl86 ~;n;llm.ll'to17· M7'.bem. of' 'the _, the bl,ooi,. dOhle '. oou,tio.U01ill, ,Iupplf of chloroform. lICe ,&D,d ches"t ec·nju,nctiri,t'w" :ttl[iI. i"rlted'erence wi'lll ~ TaBlet" on the ,otner' hmul" suggests that u, ,ehlo,ml~, apbatiOD; ,aDd may' 'b,riug on €Iuip meJancholl; wea.-kft_

1 k 1 ~ ...... ,'"",L, .. 1..iL., ~ L. of' will, :aml blBbilihi' to lIeep·· without 'be dnl'&r·

when 'made a _EkinG wi th eauti,e 'po~. "le, ~ til tue ~ _., I--: . , ,," __ !II:! ... .." ~ _ =: - . . ,£I" •

preBence of the ~~idi.zin, agent :pg,tu.Binm ,~nnfI:D,ganBta C,liIaml ,byd:ra.te \I ,of I,pec-I&! vUUD as a 8oponftO wbere

th e f:ormate:,. chlo,rtd'6; ,and ,oorbona.te. 0'1 pot:__J uml topth:_er o'pium is mlail:mias,ib1er aa ia 'tla" cue ,of chUdr,eD.J ia UJ'8I1:Da" 'With carboo. monoxidQ" thif! alkalloity of. the serum o:f tile aud ,m 80me .fp'eJ& It is aed i.n deliribm treDl,enl" mhiM, blood may det.e:r~nle a 8.imilar d,IC~)lD'Jloaitio,n _ O'f chloral Isvero chorea, 8-eUIa Dfu:i';B.. an d, phthiau,. 88, w,en u :i1ll. hydr,a;te, tbf3 p~ysiol,olgieal e,freets. Q~ whic~ m1l1'~t~e_rdore be, ,d,ppnC28, pel1lnuiJ, ,cholera~ IBiHlckDt$l, 'CRDce~.. chmDic' asccibed to poMon:ing or' doozidatioD of &rtlinul blood hJ' rurfllDltillllt:lnd pstral,g"ia. a.nd iu 'put.u ritiOll :8.'Dd. eda'DJ,p.liaj carbon monoDde, ( OQm:,'lO ,en",,. lzx~ 662; ,Jo,W1,~~ (lncl in OOIea of tetanns i'~ i's, employed to proa.ce, mOB eDhn~ Pkarm.. Ob.i'tR..<'), ::a, 3,fU) .... S&r~, re~lImtion, 1m antago,nism to stry,eh'Dia Wft9 first pointed

'lb., Irst effect. of a ,dese of' cblo'ral ,hydmte is to pr,t),dlkl,CQ crUll by, LI~brmch., {C_ M!Il__pti' Nnr:l~ ~ 1,8'70;. 1x:L 403 )1"Wh~n 8 stG.t~ of [congestion df the brain, 88 eyid.enced. bJ' the con.., admlni e;ts1'fe.d, ,to 'rabbits 'i~, hos been fun nd to, 'be a 'remelt,.· dition. of the re,tinl1 veuels; after I) oz 1,0 .iD.lJrtea" een- i,or poison.ons; doses~ of. :str:y~nia (Bentlet"~, ~di\1'~'1 Jl,~. trac:rlon. ·of t-be. vessels iI, observed. 'the ,retina blOOm. ,of' a Ja~~!, 1810, xvii 26:2).;. bu' on§ h& .. sh,Qw,n (9,az:., .JlS~ pato pink co.lO'df, ' wl doo'wsm.eraa enl~e.el; ~he'D ~is w~ ,il, PrJrU~ 18,1,2,. 'P, 4(1) that tbe hypodemde. i~eclioD of or~, the, n:ttnul and, cerebral 'V'eB.8,ela resume their a.o.cu_:tc.?med that, 1drJu! is of' DII). :81lB.fl io;·be leue of rabbtt,fJ poiso,ned size (Dr W;' A. ,Hammond'}t Ie ClSes of d,eMh froJD chloral" with· {n:tu, dose,s o'l ehlor'l hydm'e. Numerous, [~er.ithe cerebral v,eese], hl'V,', been foud, mUf:h eo.~ed!l mentiS have led. to the cOB"elusio,Ds that., cc chlorsl hydra.h

The eiteem o.f' ehloral h,dmbe vary wUh d'iferell,t 'i~ mom lilc!ely' 'to aave life ,lLfter Ii I'atil d.ose· of stryc.bnia, iudi ridualS; b,u_t U B role, & _: of' 20 grains .uts in a th 90 e,trychnia. is to m,v,e life efte! 8. f~tW dose 'of cIblolW. heallby snbject as &. mU~d _dati"e of the sen8~.ry nle~~ 'hydrate.;" that, after' a ,dose 'Of B,t,ryohlune baa produced s,re·tam.. . . "d p'r~d,1lCflI,. about . 11.111 o:r thre~ quarm. Of aD teta.nio' M'D vu.h! iODSJ ,th,l.s' convtde~ou may be reduoo cI in Bour a.fter. it has been tabu .. a lig"ht) refruhiD&. and Dor •• t forea Brut. freq1leucy. an,d. lUie nUI:f' h,e, ea.v8d~ by mealm '(If slee:p,. witn()'ut OIumg'. headache, or d~tud.n~ of the, the i oBIlenc0 of eh 110 ml, hydrate;' boi thJJj', thougk ,the tePJphution a.~,d puIaa. .•. , " ~ _ ellecbB 0'£ a, po[sonoD dose of.' ,the hydrate m'B.y-' be. miitl,p-l-e-d.~

'Take:o in large. quantities ehl0,~1 h1dra~1 iii. "owe~l ,t:he, coma, pr,(n'dced by 'j,u, actIon ,on bhi~ brain is not, rem~ved, sopor.ific; i~, ~erpe pMb1, .'wen '!b_e temperp:tu:re of tb. 'by &t'ITchnia, -(BODA0tt" R,port, In Brif.. J{ecL ,J ()'U"r.'t 18,71),. bld.1, 'lnd ,dWl11lluhes 'the ,freq'oe'~cy' a.nd. fO'f.C8_:M ~. h_~~a 1" 91; O'gilvie Vfill~ .Edi,,,. Jietl. Jo.ur.'~j AprU 1815; 90T} acQOll, 'prnhabl,' from, pu~sis of ita ihlri.Dsie lbo'tOr. Chloral h;ydro.Lte.. mod'm,es, t,be ·act.i.on of 1\, :ftL~al dose '0,' glLn,glia; whillt· thel rate ~ lupir&,:~o~; la, l_eDoo; eomat. ,of·'Catabar b5&tl,t 'but. u· .of 1i"'le sernce if giwo 8p,p~entlyth.rough affection of tbs med'UU._, oblo~pta~. ~,.. 'lOme time afl.erth,Q I8tter~ Thel effecta, of chloralism !Zoe ce18ive. dOSe!. 'pf\adueo complite, i'nsensibilifJ. Mdt dimi.oiBh, combated h, proV'O,king emesis, and by atimulat.iDg f'roo~y.

and at last abolish f'ailu ucitabiJity'; pallor; eoldneu. ,of ,.~, , '.

poOR MAN" S ITA.HE·S BON;D vei , 1


Mo st fire bombs are sim pI y gaso line fined bottle s wir·b a fuel soaked 'rag in the mouth (the bottle's mouth, not yours), 'The original Mo~ 0 tOY co cktail, and still abou t the best. was a mix ture of one part gasoline and one


POO~ ~1.AN t S L..TA."MES BOND Vol. 1

part motor oil. The oil he Ips itt 0 cl"jng 'to.

what it splatters, on. .

Saine use .Q ne p art roofing tar and one p~rt gasoline ~ Fire bombs, have been fou nd wh ic b.

d b . ] d ~

were ma ey pouring me te wax Into gaso .. ·


Clole FittJ.ni 3:1;/, -m.ch A!uDrlDtlm 'PubiDs Glued 6l1i SbelL Cork



'These little go-odies ate affectionately

known as "nut busters .. U 'They are simply shotgun shells enclosed. in cardboard rolls wi th cardboard fins put on. ,On the 'primer en d oJ th e sh en is .g!ued a small CQr k wi th a hole drilled through it. A· roofing nail fits in the hole .~l1l1g]y enough to stay in but loose' enough to plunge into the primer upon impact.

S i nee the shell is not Co n fined in the ch amber of .2 gu n, it will natu rall y n ot cause th e same amount of damage. But .if it goes. off between a. fellow's legs he' can look forward to becoming a soprano.

The se born bs are thrown singly or' by the

handfull into the air over mining crowds. The' we ight of the she 1.1 and the stabilizati 0 n by the fins causes the nut buster to; head..:Straight downward.

It has. ·tremendous effect as its presence is usually a surprise. The threat of more coming

· - d . ~ .

In IS guara.n tee; to rout.any mo LJ ..

Not only does. it go off on the pavement but it wi.n also. explode .on contact with a perl.

:t bead oi h ld A .. gh ......

sons reac 'Or So, ou cr.. .'t rugnt It 1S unpos ....

sible to trace its po in t of origin f

A c;lever use for a plain sh otgun shell is as a muffler bomb. The shell is simply shoved up a car's exhaust pipe with a length of stiff wire' until it drops j nro the muffler. After a few minu res on the road the shefl explodes, totalling ou.t the muffler and treating the driver to a sick kin d of panic'.

PrJOR "'_.fl\"~~' if'" li"lME" - S Ba''''~''D' V'_ 1 1

\_ ,'. . 1~1..S.!,'\I" W, .... n . ':.: " J!.\I.. '0 Ii '



1 ~ __. 1r"'~1 _" ,~

AutD hody'Nlcr



A grenad~ on the end. of an eigh t .. inch piece of broom stick tan be thrown almost tWice as . f. as whe'D Y'ou hold the grenade directly in

YOD'r' hand,. "

& lllustrated, both c-aps "are drilled and the bettom cap is fitted with a strew that goes into the 'stick. The' piece of broom stick is also drilled but a size smaller than, the screw, This.

~ ••• .11 •. "" h 'I i, • h 1"'

1S to rn~ t ie screw ,go In easier Wl1[ aou t Specl t-,

... the sti k

nng .. e sne "i

The' fuse is cu t the, length Ii takes about five seconds to bum, It is ghu~d firmly late

the' cap and generously covered with. flare ig-: niter, To ignite" 'the fu se is sera tched wi th a strip of _ wood covered with red P hosphorus .

and sand

I~, •. ' ~lli' . iiI

Pipe grenades can be caused to fragment simply by ,grinding depressions iI.l dJ em w,ith a

Ii di .L 1 d ~ ~,.~

grIn· .mg' w.o'ee 1 The' . epresaons are. mace be-

fore the ,explosive is put ln, Depressions 1 J 1. 6 inch deep cut the resistance of the pipe enough to make it shatter ~

If you have any skin at all you can grind such a grenade in about two minutes,


, Pile of pc:w~

O ... oJ', .....

" ~1!PoII''''''

Firecrackers are so simple 'to make that many books on fireworks ignore them, There are two main types of firecrackers but m,any mixtures.

Handmade giant firecrackers are made by first rolling p,ap~t around a 3/4 inch dowel un til the paper is 1/8 inch thick. This 'is the case.

The best. paper to use is from paper sacks,

I· t th d" _~. - _] ridth . id "th' e lengt h

t IS cut ,0 tne aesirea WI.',," an ,',,~ ,,,," _':' ,', '

,th at makes it 1/8 inch thick when rolled, On the last roil ~ the paper is glued and the ttl be is slipped off the dowel r "

One-quarter inch 'thick slices of the dowel

are used to plug the ends.

The plug for the fuse end i,s drilled to allow for the fuse" The plugs, are smeared w,itb glue before bemg pressed in to the ends of the tube'. Mor-e glue Is squeez~d in around the fuse .after it is put in,

In. all the directions' I have for making giant: firecrackers, it is, recommended that they be filled only one ... third. It is agreed by all who wrote' about them 'dlat completely full ones aren't as loud as, those' that' are one-third full.

I admit to never having made one, I did 'play with them as a child and used them 'more. for their destructive' properties than for their noise" They' do have terrific ferce, even when



n~Fu~ "



only one-third full ,.

Anyone wanting to make them can rest for himself whether there is more concussive force in a full firecracker or one which is only one-third full.

If you choose the one-third 'fun kind you sho uld be sure to.' put the fuse well in to the firecracker to make sure It reaches. the pOl¥der,

For the small firecracker I two kinds 0 f P aper are. use d ,. Any re'gu lar pap,er is u sed for th e tu be bu t thin WI apping ti SSUf' is used for the inside.

AS illustra te d, it P He of powder is pn t 'On. the tissue, The edges are folded over and the fuse is p laced so i ts end is in th e powder area. the short end of 'the tissue is then lapped over the powder and fuse, Next, the whole thing is rolled tightly to the end over the glue' ..

The au tside is a st,J;ip of paper ab au t .11 in-

ehes longand slightly wider than the' lengtb of the powder [core. It is .smeared Ugh dy with glue and rolled tightly around tb e powder COte.

I f any glue is water based 1, the firecrackers are' allowed to dry for a cou ple of days, Th en airplane glue is squeezed in to both ends.

Adequa te firecrackers can be .made with commercial gunpowders, Pistol powder is, best bu t even shotgun 'p owder 'will do.

POOR· M.AN" S .J.AMEs. BOND voa . 1



PO!taSblLm. pumanllMaill::1 potul';;u:m oirrate. ·cr Eu~~u.~m 01: !!iIooium dichron.a.'


Ptrtalli:iJl1 il,ib:lo~t~

&,: opt' or ............... ---t""'7'

&re 'jgn.i.l«



Of the many powder formulas to 'choo-sf from, I pi eked three as being the most practical and stable.

The first is four p,arts pctassi urn nitrate, one part sulfur+ The sec and, is ~ six parts potassium ni trate, two parts alumin urn powder and three parts sulfur. The third is five parts barium nitrate, two p,arts aluminum powder and one p art sulfur,

The potassium nitrate and charcoal are both grou nd as finely as pess i ble 'before being mixed ~ An ele ctric blender can be u sed to pu 1- verize both bu t should never be used for any other explosive stu ff.

beat, The:y are horrifying to took at .and if set off in a crowded room, instant panic is guar~ anteed, They burn ,8 t 4,00"0 degrees and give out a bli ndin g Ugh r,

Wartim,e i ncendiaries had magn esiu m .cas .. ings which burned fiercely. If water was put on them they disintegrated, send in. g bu ~n hig mew in all directions. You probably can'tget hold of mAgn esium tub ing so you wi U have to' settle for aluminum ..

Aluminum tubing, bought at any hardware store t is the next best casing for improvised incendiaries, I t do-est! '~t burn . as fiercely 'as ,magnesium but is still pretty awful ~

The tubing should be at least 1 ~ 'inches in diameter. This is to make sure th ere' is enough thermite to bum the tu'bing~

AI umin tim tubing is cut into sui table


For sheer terrorism, ineendiarie s can 't be

POOP Mt\l\Tt S ~TAr1ES 'BON'D VOlt 1 35

le ng th s an d. sl ice s of a :1 arge dowel are cu t f or p] 11 gs. On e slice is drille d to accom m ad ate the fuse.

Thermite IS a mixture of three p.artsj. by volume, of red. or black iron oxide and two parts. of fine aluminum powder.

The tube is. filled nearly . full. and tamped until the thermite is one inch from the-top. A. circle of ti ssu e pa.pe.r is rh en pll t -in to kee p the therrnite from bl¢:ndin.g with the igniter.

The igniter is a mixture of one part!' by weight, of powdered magnesiu:m and two paris of barium peroxide. This is mixed caref u 11 y ~ prefer abl y by rolling, back and forth in

, • • ~ _U 'h ; .,

a plastic container .. Ir .rsnt an t . at se·nS1t.lve.

bu t ir doe su't hurt to he cautio u.s ~ Goggles and gloves should. always be worn when. working wi th explo sive or flamm able' s:u. bstan ces,

Wh en mix e'(11 a one-h al f in ch layer of thermite igniter is put into the. tube .. Another circle of tissue is added and one .. fourth of an. in c h of flare' l.gniter is spread. i n ~ Th e onef ourth i uch a f inside tubing is clean ed of 'flare igniter to accommodate the plug,

A bate- f U Sf is stu ck straight up in the cen ter ·of the fl are igni ter and it: is left to dry for a day 0 r two ~ -'Then the drille d plug is SlD eared :Wl th glue 'and pushed over the fuse, Then flare igniter is daubed on the fuse and w hen dry ~ the thing is ready to use ,.


Thermite can also be .ignlted by potassium chlorate and sugar or flsre ignit~ t.. although not as; reliably as with the barium peroxide and magnesium.

To ma.ke a thermite gren·acle which will ig-· n ite by potassi um chlorate and sugar or flue igniter, y.ou start with aluminum tubing lJh inch es in diameter ~ or more I and five incheslong.

Buy' a length of dowel ~h:at 'fits :s.nugl Y' insi de the tube. Cut one-feu rrh inch thick slices of th e dowel to plug both ends. Bore fuse

POOR ~N"S L.T~MES BOND Vol·~· 1 holes in the slices tha t are to be used. for th e top s of 'the grenades,

Put glue around '[he bottom slices and put them in the ends of the- tubes. When the glue is dry l put in a one-fourth inch layer of three parts, by volume, of porassiurn 'chlor~tle and. two parts: of sugar;. we 11 mix ed i or flare igniter. Then put: in a circle of tissue .over the mix ture so it stay s by itse 1 f ..

Next, wrap· a pencil once' with a 4'W inch piece of tissue and hold it in the center of the tu be while you pour in the thermite. Wh en the tube is full ~ tamp the thermi te down t being careful not to damage the tissue around the pencil. Put in and tamp the' thermite until it fills the' tube to nne-half inch (rom the top].

The pencil is then carefully removed from the tissue tu be and potassium ch Iorare and

. fl ~ + ~ ~ f' . led ,. a :

sugar oe . are .Ignrter is. . unneiec In un t. It

meets the top of the thermit·e.

Then, put in another circle of tissue over the thermi te and add a one .. fourth inch layer of pntassium chlorate and sugar or flue igniter" Next pu t ~:n the plug and the fuse. G 1 Ute .is squeezed in . around the fuse to bold, it in, place,


Potassium permanganate, potassium nitrate an~ potassium or sodium dichromsre can .mn be used to ignite· thermite, However II they wain 't i~ite by fuse so must be' helped along 'by an addido.nallgniter ..

Fintt either of these igniters, must be crush .. ed to the fin~n.e$S of granulsred sugar ~ A, q·~at· tee-inch of the' ignIter is poured over' the rhermlte and. a quarter .... inch of flare ignit-.er is spread oV'ter it,

The fuse ls stuck straight up 'm 'the tlare igJ;1i tel and tb¢ mess' is allowed to dry for a couple olf days! Then the plul is slued and put over the fuse and pressed firmly ,into the end of the tube .. It .is good to squeeze some more glue around the fuse as the Rue igniter doesn't hold it very weD.



Many' Militants use dynami te, In some states, it. takes a fire marshal 's perm it to buy

dy · b h .. ' - An namite but sue, a permit IS easy to get. n.u

you 'have. to do is file a mining claim in, so me desert wasteland, The land office, usu aUy in the courthouse, is where to learn h.ow to go about 'filing a claim ~ Then. you take your

cl .. h fi . ,1..a1 d ·f~

aim 'to 't 'e rre mars .. " ~ anc r you are not an

bvi he 1- h "]1-. •

o I,QUS, ' ~. ~ a,~t Wt ' giVe 'YOU a permit.

Th . ....._~1 ] • L 'IL. • ~u ' e miner at you Claim 'to ne ~tu. ntmg wiu

depend on your own. ·area i, In the courthouse there is usually a geological su rYe]? office where they can give you a list of minerals mined in your area,

You should choose. nne tha t requires blast-




One Jdilitant was out in the' boondocks and 'found several ou tcreppings of pretty rocks. He· figured they would look great in aquar-

II H f·l d hi el .. d L .. ~

nims, ,,' e 'I, e , "IS '- aim an:' got ms 'peruut.

,Aftier doing enough blasting to prove he was using his dyn,amite legitimately, he was supposed to $bare aU the rest he bought witll

h'· fri'" ds B h · ... n;z blasti d ns men ,. ',ut ae uses It' an .lOt "",~ astlni an.

is fast becoming the aquarium rock king of Southern California.. Now' he looks down o,.n his, former friendsf.

Not all Militants are like him, They file their Mi'ckey Mouse claim and after a little blasting to make the area look like it is, being worked t'h'ef buy all the rest to' sell to friends.

With your permit you can, buy dynamite 'for $20.00 for 100 sticks and resell it for $2" 00 pe;r stick. Less the' small cost for blast-

.. d Ii 'I f . ·'h h ~1

lng' caps. an · a. "tt e .use given Wit-,,' eac ~'. saie t

'Y'OU will make' 1 tOOO% profit, If you steal it yOUl' margin of J?rofit will be even greater,



Dynamite is bought from stores selling to miners, Such stores can be loca t ed through the busi ne ss section of lh e phone book under j, 'Exp 1 osives .. ,. ..

Militan ts in the service, and especially the N ational Guard, steal great qu antities of explosives as. well. as military equ i pmen t and supply their civilian friends. Dynamite ~s, ai_SO

.. .' th

stolen from construction sites, even m u e


middle 0 f large ci ties,

'Dynamite range·s in explosive veloc i ty "from 4,000 to 2·3,,000 feet p,er second. The lower velocities are used for moving earth and such and the higher vel oei ties are used for their shattering effect on stone and stee L

Lower velocity dynamites are made up

It • '1 a. • L d I

from 20 to 00% nltrog. yee-nne witn sana, c ay

or sawdu st asan a bsorben t.

The low veloci ty dynamites are very dan .. gerous tOI store because the n.i tro settles to the 'bottom in a few month s and the stuff has to. be 'turned eve ry (,OU ple of wee ks t ~ i ke h atch .. ing eggs. If nat turned, the settled nitro can

1 d tit ~~ 't,. '.

exp oce en ,e shgllteSt Jar ..

If you are smart you will buy only t~e ,Ielatin dynamites, Th e-y are made up of up to 90% nitro and the rest is nitrocetton, These are toe' most powerful, These are also safer to

iL.. b t • .. " h

store; :&5' tJ,It)' .' ecome less sensinve Wlt' ,age

and don 't have to be turned,


Once the Militant has h:is chernicals, he sets up his still ~ It is, .small ~ efficien t and safe, In it he makes things like: tea:r gas, prussic acid and occasionaly distills alcohol.

First t' a flask is fitted with a on e-h ole ru 1>-her stopper. A. mort length of thin glass tu ~ ing is Inserted in to the: bole" A five foot len.gth of thin rubber tu bing 1'5 fi qed over the glass, tube and coiled into the ice bucket and out through a bole near the bottom. 'The end of

'the til be is fitte d. over another gia-ss tu be which is 'in a two-hole' stopper stuck into a. bottle, The other hole co ntains another glas~ tube to which is .attached another length of tubing long enough to reach outside. to get rid of any nOXi01i1,5 O'I poisoncus fumes ..

The equ ipment for the s,till is ch:e.ap and simple to get, Mo~t of it can be bought fro.m. your local drug store, They. carry tubing, stop" pers, glassware and m~ny chemicals. wlli ch they freely sell to doctors, staden ts, etc, If YOll ,get on. go ad tenus wi th your druggist and he doesn't know you're _ (teak' you can buy most 'of your Stuff from him ..

A r.ing stand or tripod 'for the flask .is more bandy thari the can in. the illustratlon ~ B U'[ a tin can with strips cut out of it. for ventilation and for the. removal of' the lamp is usually adequate ..

The checklist of equipmen tis:

I. alcohol lamp, 2. ring stand, tripod or tin can" 3. '00 ml or larger tla.sk .... 4~ assortment of one and two-hole and holeless rubber stoppers of various sizes. S.· about six yards of ~ 116 of ,an inch (inside diameter) rubber robing. 6. abou t a foot of six mlllimeeer (outside diameter) laboratory glass tubing., . ., .. child's plastic bucket .. 8. receiving bottle ..

The hole in the bucket for the tube is made somewhat smaller than tlu~ tube so it will fit snugly and prevent leakage ~

F'~U strength wood alcohol for the lamp can be bought at the drug store .. Rubbing al ..

cohnl; although 3 Q% water will burn in the lam p but not so well, You can distill the pure: alcohol off the water from ru bbing alcohol,

'This is 'best done over a gas or electric stove, First a large pan with. a cou ple of inches of wa ter in it is put on the burner to be 'wed and. the others. are 'turned off.

The still' is. set up as in tbe ill ustra don except the receiving bottle is. larger and doesn t't need a stopper or tube: going outside. The

POOR M1\.N" t S .~JAiMES· BON P Vb 1 OIl 1

flask is. fined with rubbing alcohol to just un ~ der the neck and set in the: 'pan 0 f boiling ·water.

In this setup a coarhanger wire 'with a loop in its middle' is pu.t nver the. neck of the' flask ··.and fixed to the sides of the' pan. This is necessary becau se as: the. aleohol distills off, the flask gets· ligh ter and would rise in the water and fall over without support"

Another consideration is. to 'make sure the tube does: not flc)'p over and c ollapse ~ This can be prevented by hanging 11. string from the ceiling by 'which the tubing is held above the flask,

The tubing .. should be' further supported so it doe's not touch the hot edge: of the p an, If it is allowed to lie over the edge it will mel e, When the action. starts the alcoh 01. Viilil. fair .. ly flow into the collecting bottle P Wh.en it

. stops aD. that is left .in the flask will be water.

If left. alone, water would start dripping', much slower than the alcohol, but this is not wanted,

This. is the only ease where you. should distill. over a, stove, A stove is harder to control than an alcohal Iamp .' It is also harder to clean up 'than a table in case of an. acciden L


There are. several eye and. nose irritan ts on the market which can he easily duplicated by

Mill'll" """" '0' · "Def d n It ~ ~ dverti zed <tIi "" .t.anw, .. ' ne IS .. ' .. ' en·. " I,i]!' '3··' ·a:L .E.. •. ,. , ~

leaving ~ red stain so an attacker can be idenrifled OJ the stain. is not visible and the active

~ .1 ~. househ Id ·

. Ingrewent 1S common . ,ouseo: , () .' ammon.~:a"

F ~,.cd· ~

orget It. Besk .. es, ammonia turns to water In

a few seconds and is more likely to enrage than to repel an attacker.

A much better irritan t is formaldehyde ..

Better known as embalming fl uid j it smells h orrlble, hurts the ~ye~ and nose, and on ex ~

th .. · ki

po:sure to e . all It vaporizes, rna e lng a room I




.. "

uniahabi table for hours,

. • . .. !

It can be squirted from a water pIS·to-l. or

nasal inhale!', poured. on the floor or vaporized by .it bomb described unde-r stinkum ..

This was accidentall y 'tested aft~· a visit to the. Avilas of" Eureka, California .. I threw my j acket on an easy ch air and my anahist ~s.~ sprayer fel], out, It was filled with formaldehyde which I carry for vicious dogs and members of the Eureka City Council.

Mrs., Avila found it later and put: it on [he kitchen table ~ Her sixteen. year old dangh ter 1 Laura, . sa W it and; feeling' an attack of th e sniffles, did then take it and :squ itt it up her left nostril,

The. action got' pretty heavy abou t then as she went into convulsions, and almost blacked, out.. She wiped her hand at70SS. her nose and got some formaldehyde under her upper lip,






This was so painful she th ought she. would lose her mouth,

A scratch 0 n the back of her hand got some formaldehyde and the. agony was almost as bad as everything else, Even though none. had

gotten. directly into her eyes" they began to tear copiously. and she cou ld hardly see ~

She' was 'totally incapacitated for at least twen ty-fi 'lie min utes She couldn't do a, thing except yell. She' regained her se nse of .smell several hours. later and lu ckily . the re was no lasting' damage.

Formaldehyde can be bought at the 'drug store under the pretext of wanting it to preserve mice or other lab specimens.

The ,irnta.nt mailmen use against dog,~ and 'which is sold widely for self defense is oleo-

...... n + 'L he h f

resin capsicum. ~apsicum IS, t e ot essen ce 0 .

red peppers, Oleoresin is the pro·C'e~s for ex-

tracti ng it;

To extract the capsicum ~ grind up fou r ounc-es of red pepper seeds 'in a blender or with a mortar and pestle. Red P e:p p·~r seed s arc bought in the gro eel" s.

The dry, grQund seeds are then put into a coffee' percolator in which there is about 16 au n ces. of alco hol, preferably with the water distilled out. The seeds. are: then percelated for about a half hour+

The alcohol is then distill ed off u. ntilthere are only a couple :0 f tablespoons of red liqu id left in the fl ask. The' red liqu id 1 s then added to a 1-1 al f pi lilt of light m i neral oil) bought at a drug store ..

It can be sprayed from a, nasal spray. Another good way is with ,3, window cleaning sp,rayer bought at any dime store .. The tube ot the spray er j S cut to fit in a two nu n ceo medicine bottle. This way you have enough goody to last tb rou gh a whole demon stration, no matter which .side you're' on. It is alga, nice to keep by the door to repel In truders.

Bef ore using, the container should be given a few shakes, . Under Isboratory conditions ,aU

the' oil is extracted from the seeds" But with my l'AJckey Mouse method a lot o-f un is left in so the resid ue is' quite, :potent. J list. be sure you strain 'out any larger bits so the sprayer hole is. not clogged,

The ground seeds left in the percolator are dried and. saved, 'They a:re great for throwing in to the faces of people in a mob" If you really 'want 3 lau.gh~ throw some broadcast from a theater balcony dUTi~g the den th scene in ,~" Love Story .. "

The goody called -MACE is probably only acrolein. If no r, it. works just as: wen as MACE and is simple' and fun to produce ,.

Acrolein is not toxic but cause's horn ble pain in the nose and copious tears, and irritates the skin, A shot in the face fro.m ,2; water pistol or so me 0 ther sprayer 'will pu t anyone




out of the. game for at least I half hour'.

Acrolein is best made' an ounce at a time.

Pu t .in the fl ask 2lh ounces of .gly.cerine and 3.14 au nee 0 f sodium bisulfate (S ani ... Flush). both of which can be bough t at any gtoce'ry store.

The still 1 S Sf t up like in the illustra tion wi th the outside tu be connected as th e fumes aile' bad,

When the'. mixture starts ·to· 'bubble it must be watched constantly to 'make sure it doe's, not bubble up. in to the neck of the 'flask ~ I f it starts for the n eck of the flask I re move th c lamp un til it settles down, If' the lam p is '[0.0 hot ~ the tin can is. raised 0 n sm all. blocks 'un til the right heat is, gotten ~

Distill off an oun ce o f acrolein and take away the lam p ~ .An ounce is 'all this size batch is good for ~ Let the flask cool for an hatu" before opening and cleaning. Pour. th e resid ue down the sink and put your face ove r the drain to get a. sam ple of th e vap.or. J esus ~

Then cap" the rece iving battle and wash everything: the acrole in was in contact with.

The best squirter for the three irri tan ts above is a wat,er pistol. Most water pistols leak badly SQ' they must he transported barrel up so the goody won't ooze ou t around. the trigger ~ J t will leak when you u se it so it is be st to pu t it in a plastic sand wich bag' with the' ope·n-' i ng held around the b arre 1 with a ru bberband. If the pistol has a trigger gu ard it sh auld be cut off and then It can, be used justas easily in a plastic bag as otherwise.

For casu al carryi ng arou nd, you can't beat' I nasal spray. The best ones can 'be screwed open SO the good.y- can be poured in ~ If not, you have to. squee ze it and p.u t its nozzle into the goody. When the pressure is released the irri tant will. be sucked up,

Su ell irritan ts .are illegal to carry in some states. That's one of the reasons the nasal s'pray is best. If you are sear-ched and it is


found, there is little chance it will be recog~ nized for what it is.

1 don 'r know what advice to give you if the, cop has the' sniffles and. goes to, use some of your g,oody,.


'[ron' su 1 fide is 'Sold for ,$ + 3 S for only 1/8 th .of an ounce. Easier to make" just as potent and costing about $.~SO a quart is ammon ium sul fide ~ It sti nks to h igb heaven like rotten eggs an d noon e can stand to st ay aroun d ] t once .it has been spilled on the fipor or vaporized by an explosion.

To make some, you mix four ounces of sui ... fur with eight ounces of hydrated lime in a stew pot'. A quart of 'water is added and the mess is heated, and stirred un til the s.ulfu.r bas

completely blended, ~e hydrated lime will sj,nk '[0 the bottom or the pan and the Y'ellow liquid is then poured off into ~ bucket, . Take the bucket outside .. if you have any sense t 'and add one pound of sulfate of ammonia. Stir ,it a m~inU't'e and hold your nose .. Then cover the. bucket with plastic 'wrap and let it' set for about a half hour i Then pour off the liquid ,slowly through a cloth iil ter into a bottle.


If you don't have' an outside you can use

your bathroom, Just hope no one has 'Co go for an hour or so. The liquid is vile but it is

no't poison. .

Incidentally, when I researched this formula I wen t 'to the garden store and bou,gbt a five pound bag of sulfa.:te of ammonia for' $1 .. 65,. Garden sulfur is v,ery hig.h grade and makes excellent gunpowder. :It has, 1.. 0% inert in,gredi~'nts, so 10% more. _should be ad~~d to any formula requi,ring sulfur. I bought the ~y-' drated lime from a bujlding su P'p1y store' for ',.10 a pound,

A word is in order about the spelling' used for sulfur products. Differl:n,t spellings are =


_POOR MAN t S LTPU-iES' BOND ver . 1

sulfur. sulphur, sulfate" sulphate, sulfide, sul-

phide, etc. . ,

Stinku m is [either poured on the floor t shot

from a water pistol, thrown in a bottle or light bulb or vaporized by a firecracker, ~e' same goes for the formaldehyde or acrolein,


The' hydrocloric acid goody" is the most fun in the whole 'book. It takes m.any forms and 'works, 011 the principle that hydrochloric acid reacts with aluminum powder, foil or metal, releasing a gt~a t, dark cloud of noxious g,as which looks horrible. and smells worse.

Hydro chloric acid is used for killing algae in swimming pools and for cleaning tile and stone work.

Where swimming pools are common it can 'be bough t at the supermarket for less than 11 dollar' a gallon .. It )5 a15-O sold at hardware st,ores ..

Being only 37% strength, it is.seldom harmfuI to the' skin but will, eat through clothi ng Ilk'· '. batten; acid.

_, - e , "'./ '

. . d ·· .. ;\..1 '. ~d ~ _Ii k · .;

Hy.·ra L;ri one .atl· IS W;,SO DOwn as muriatic


On damp ni,ghts~ a bottle 0,' the acid alone, broken. in '[he 'midst of a crowd I will form

· 1 d f hI .,ji - ... s' . - - "'"p ·

noxious C ,QU s 0: c.' ionne gas .C"f'e am .. '01'"

son gas!" and yau will have a panic that will

give. yuu laughs for years:.. ~ : . + '..

When you. get .some, open It up and glV~ ] t a

sniff" It won't hurt you because you couldn't stand to smell enough to be harmed. Then put ·a couple of square inches of atumi.n.~.m foil in a can in your sink and pour some acid on the' feil, If the acid bottle bas been ti.ghtly capped the reaction of breaking d.own the aluminum and, producing a dark noxious g-l$ should start in about ,t minute" If the bottle has; been set ... ting for mo nths, poorly capped, the re~ction may be immediate, You can stop the acnon ~t any time by turning on the faucet and flood-


ing th e 31u minum with water.

th ' ."':l....

When you have tested e reaction WIUl

fo.i.lJ try it with. powd.er and. then 'W['dl aluminum metal cut from a pipe or a slab.

The versatility of the h ydrochleric acid

. .' ~ sh 'Id k - f' ,. _

goody is am az,mg. and - .QU,·, - eep you' ascm-

ated for hours,

Of course, the Militant's most common use

of the hydrochloric acid ,goody i:s to cleat areas of' people he doesn 't like .. In R movie or a meeting hall a tin can half full of alu min am powder, foil 'or chunks is, put under a seat, The acid is in ,3, bottle witb its mouth covered wi til a. c ouple of .plastic bags held in place 'with :0. rubber band. You can also use aplain rub ber or a balloon. over the mou th of th e bottle,

The cover is pierced with a pencil and ~'e bottle is upended in to the can, after which, ,the Militaut gets up and walks out, If the acid . Id d · d L - 1 d f is 0.. ano reacts. immenrateiy, a W3; 0.,

sponge is put over the aluminum, causing the needed delay ..

A person sitting beslde 'the. MUitan t would not nod ce apy thing, especi ally if something exciting was happen i ng up front. By the. time he noticed the odor the' reaction would have

1 f h· · 'n h d b 1·'

ett " rm WIt ;.' notr lng to e: 0 .: ut ron squeaJng

dnissi f L

an. plSJlng rom the' scene.

The outside goody is gre a't" too ~ It is used to break up .parades and demonstrations and in riots t where it 's every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost a

It is simply a pint or quart bottle (a,' quart: Is better) 'fined with goody and wr.apped with several layers of alumin urn foil an d put in 3: paper' sack ..

Now ~ ,say .a group of Mili:tan'[s infil trare . a civilian parade. ,I t different points. At an

agreed III pon time they yell, ~ 'They 're tn r'~'wing' things! U' The I) ; while the .Qt~er paraders are looking' arou nd and up ~ the Mili tan ts trash their outside goodie'S, still in the sacks, to the



As the parade moves on, the Mlli.t~nts.filt;er

back to where the goodies ate, 'When ~h~ re-

1I"i-"f'. tart -;flo" t't. erv s- .... - am- n p' 0 ;50' n g' ,.. Ed POI SO·· n

a ..... ~lon S"-".~ n •. J " \:..l. \,_. ;.", .. .. :1,'., ~ . _ d.,.Ji • I. ~. ·iL l

gas!. t~ and panic the whole mob out of the action ..

. The aluminum mapped bottles have to be

slaramed down hard of they' rni gb t nat break.


Ignite rs range from powder fuses thar smoke 'and burn an d ignite the device in a few' seconds ~ to ch em j cal igp i ters th at take minutes, to watch timers ih at igrii te the device electrically hours later,

The sim plest fuse "is made- from .gunpowder mixture, usin g, the dextrine or 'gl ue . 'but om i tr:ing the graphite .. A length of cotton twine is stirred in. the m ush ~ which is wetter than th at to be 'used fOT gunpo.wder, and when well coated it is hung up to.dry.

If a thicker fuse' is wan ted, the' coated string' is folded along its length on ce or twice, dependi n g on how th i ck you wan t it, 'Th en a heavy object is; attached to one e rid and spun; twisting the' strand s, The other end of the fuse and the heavy 0 bje ct are secured so. the stran ds will rernai n twisted un til dry .

The dried fuse, whether one o:r more strands, is stiff and brittle. 'With any bending the powder drops off in spots, making it burn unevenly. if your fuse is going to be handled or wil1 be out in damp weather, Y9U should make' some Micky Mouse safety fuse' ..

Up to three feet of masking tape is unrolled and plated sticky side up on a' tahle, Threequarter inch wi de tape is used for one-strand fuse and one-and -one-quarter i nch wide tape is used for the four-strand fuse',

The dry' fuse .ls simply laid along. the tape's, edge and the' tape 1S rolled over it until .~t is, nice' .and tigh t. It is then cut in to. the desired lengths',

A more so phisticated safety fuse is made

POOR MAN t S' [lAMES B.oND Vol" 1

by coating the fuse with spray-on plastic from an aerosol can r \Vh<;n this dries the fuse' is coated with rubber mold 'compound, 'bought ae any hobby store. The plastic is used first because the mold compound has a water base and waul d wet the fuse. The ru b ber would dry but the fuse would stay damp indefinitely,

Fuses 0'£ all kinds are best, lit with the ma-

· 1 d · ~ h"",,\;, fl This i b

terra we, to. 19nrte l,5~iW~y ,·ares. '~_I . IS IS ae-

cause 'matches, often .go out or the Militant's hands are shaking so badly he drops the match into his. fly.

Commercial safety fuse is almost im pos.sible to light with a match. Coating: its 'end with flare igniter makes it easy to Ugh it and also keep s loose powder from dropping out the ends, This. also applies to homemade or other fuses.

Fi are igni tGC is gotten from high way flares you can buy from any auto supply or surplus store for a-s little as s . .1 5 each. The black igniting core is dug out, ern mbled and dissolved with carbon tetrachloride, bought at any auto supply store,

Car bon 'tetrachloride is commonly used for dissolving. grease from, au to parts. Just .en ough is used to dissolve 'the igniter and it' is then eva porated off in a 'well ven tila ted area as' the fumes are harmful.

The gray powder is, then mixed with j ust enough water to make a thick paste. The fuse

ends are then di pped into the paste and dried.

The most diffi cul t to Ugh t fuses are easll y ']jt by a match or even with a drop of sul {uric acid.

If you don 't want to waste a lot of fun flares you can make your own ignition mixture ~ which is. the same stu ff as fo und In flares,

A lifetime. supply of the black p art' is, made with 11h. ounces of black antimony sulfide, 21h ounces of potassium chlorate and one


POOR 1'-1AN' S Jl\MES BOND vei.. 1

ounce' of dextrine' 'or 1 ~ ounces of Lepage's .Mucilage.

The black antimony sulfide and the potassium chlorate' are both wet before being mixed. If they are mixed dry an 'explosion can resul t i Then add dextrine. or glue and en au gh water to make a thick paste,

You don 'It need 'much of the red striker 'mixture. One striker can be used to Hg';ht many {uses.

The red striker mixture is made 'with 11A

. ~ ... _. ... . .. .

ounces of red- phosphorus, 1.4 ounce of dextrine or 3/4 ounce of Lepage's Mucilage (from the dime 'store) and 3/4 ounce of fine sand. Enough water is. added to makea paste, slightly thinner than the black p~t~"

The striker is a. tongue depressor, bought at the drug store, or any similar ligh t, thin p ieee of' wood, ,A couple o'f inches of the striker is smeared with the red paste and allowed to dry ~ The red, paste should be stirred well before using as the sand will sink to the bottom after ,31 time,

.. .


Chemical delay ,jgnit~rs h ave' always been popular 'with the mote versatile Mi1itant.s~ The'

. h·· b

most common suci Igniter~, . ut a perverse

one, is the ·sulfuric acid-potassi urn chlorate and :sug~r goody,

The igniter is a mixture of half potassium chlorate and half granulated su.gar i, I t bursts ... fl ... - 1·· f dr f lnto t ' time with the' appucauon .0.' a .. ' op o·

suI €uric acid,

The id · f the mi .. -

. . e l··ea is to put :som,e 0: - ·:e mrxture Into

a glass or plastic' tube and then stuff' in some cotton, or paper. Some acid is then put into the tube with a medicine dropper, bought at a drug 'or hobby store.

Tilt: acid is su pposed to seep slowly

through the barrier' and finally ,tgnite the mixture, The bad thing about this sy stem is tha t

POOR MAN'S J:"AMES Borm· Vol. 1

.. f d ~ k or i .

It 0' .tent oesnt wor ,', or it works too fast,

\Yhen: sulfuri c . acid eats through vegetable matter there is a. reaction .of grea.t heat, This is. often enough to break the glass tubl.ng .or mel t 11. pI~stic drinking straw and can: stop rb E: action ri gh t there.

If the glass ill bing holds, the. a ci d still Ioses its potency as i t reacts with th e vegeta b le matter and that w hich reaches the- mixru re may be too weak,

The worst thing that can happen, however,

. har i ~11 k i f .L. ·d

IS 't "at l.t WI ,. war" too· rast, TJ Ie acre can eat

through the barrier in seconds instead of the· minutes you think you have"

This could be d isastrous if you lo itered in the area for. 3 .. minute te avoid lonking· $'USPlcious, If you armed the device before goin.g into the target area, y,ou might not even ,get there,

To avoid such hangups you should use a non-reactive ~arrler su ch as' asbestos fibers, bought from any bu.ilding su pp~.y store. The

· d~ +'[1 th h h L ., ·h

acn WI... seep : r roug ~. t: e asoesto S wir aut

m,aking heat and withou t losing its p oten.cy '"

Ad , .. it d ' 'I.. b .. b

n ,', since It aoesn t eat tne asbestos, it can ' e

. .

ti med wi t:h m uch more certain ty, w hich

'makes it safer and more sure,

Powdered highway flare ign iter c an be su bsti ttl ted for the potassium chlorate-sugar mix" ture, It is over half P otassi um chlorate and is sim pier. 1 n fact ~ if the plastic. straw is pushed over ,2 fu se coated with flare igniter, the' fuse

d .... L;·

nee s no 0 U ler igm ter .

Another chemical ignition devi C~' uses g~.y'" cerine to react with potassium permanganate, Potass i urn permanganate is a, relatively stable oxygenator and can e:asUy be bought at the drug store. It is elso used for stain-ina; mi,CTO'"' .scope specimens, disinfecting fish. tanks and

curin g fish fungus and fin rot ,.

The potassium per,m,ang,an.ate is ground '["0 ,a

powder and mixed with the same' amount of

f d th hi h fl· j +. Co

use' power or. e .• 19 ~'wa.y _ ,are 19n~tel'., .. ' ,',t ...


POOR ~18.N ~ S JA'MES BoND. Vol. 1.

ten can be used as a barrier .as j t d oesn 't react wi th gl ycer ine,

A t least an in ch of gly cer in e is pu r into the tube ~ =r= iall y j f you use a barrier, 'Vb en it reaches the mixture it takes from three' to five mi [lutes for the ign i ti 0 n toO take place.

F or some reason, I haven ~t bee n a hie 'to get this to work except In a plastic straw. But 1:h at way it works every tim e .and is ] ots of fun,

I f the igniter 'is po tassi u m chlorate and sugar or 'f] are igniter or P otassi urn perm anganare, it needs a barrier to keep it in place. To make sure '[he' fire train burn s P est the barrier to th e fuse, the barrier should be flammable, To make rna terial for this 'barrier, mix (Olton wi th wet fuse. powder or flare igniter. Then dry it and pull off pinches as needed.

To arm these devices a. medicine dropper ruled with acid or gl ycerine can be carried u pended ina te st tube in the sh irt p ocke t, A plastic felt .. tip marker wi to a eli p to hold i·t uprigh t in the po cket can be use d Instead of the· test tu be ,. It ,ru s .sim ply. hallowed ou t an d the dropper fits in nicely.

'To avoid burned fingers" a .string is tied to the dropper so- it can be pulled out of the eon-


'To .avold the. medicine dropper entirely, you can make up some pre-prim ed plastic straws, For these, you will need some. rubber mold compound. Suck up a half inch of the com pou nd j nco 9 4Y.! in ch pi asri C' straw. Then let' it dry for 3, cou ple of days,

Sh ortl y before use, pu t in the acid or .gl)l·-

• T:I:.. L h . d .

cenne, hen ,I WIt ~ a cotton tippe s tick ~ clean

au t the' straw above rh e acid or- glycerine so there wiU be' non e on th e sides to ignite. the mixture.

Next, put in the barrier and push .it within an inch a hove [he acid or glycerine, Then put in the mixture and the flamma ble barrier. ' You can carr.y this quite safely upend ed in



P,otassL'Um cllJ!O.ta'~ &; $iJ.~,_, ,_..,..~ .. _--. w. n!Jl"e ign,Lttr

flUe wlidl narc igOi:.

P.Gtaal'll.lml ,', cbLot'!ltC

ra: iUp.I' or Due 'igniter: ........ ......,...

t , .....

Po .... um perm iLn:.pIio .. tc

~~ ..... &: £Iii« iinit~· '~~-"iII

"'"ftU']CA' ' i' n: w:;ti, oil, .y,:" l"'N'Ii~'~

'-a.llI.A.lft' .I..i . . EJ....n· U' .I R.s ftJ3.

~ .~

your sh irt pocket ~ When ready' for use it: . is turned over and lts open end is pushed over the fuse,


Although. the wristwatch tim e bomb is not a for-mula ~ I feel that no, book. co nee rni ng 'bombs and Militants should be without this, ..

The diagram is stru~g out to s~h ow the: points ,of contact. The igniter is at flas'hlight bul b I carefully broke n . to keep the filame nt intact.

Filaments from household light bulbs can also, be u sed but th,~'Y are: very del i cate, The "bulb is broken and the filament is removed and carefully attached to rh e two cop pe r


Improvised goodies. are fun an d .give a sense

f creati ~" L. E"~ 1

0', creative accompusnment. .ven S01 an eiec-

tric dynamite cap will take 'the p lace of a I ot of ingenuity.

Flashlight and 'transistor radio batteries are sufficien t to heat the filamen t s or de-to na te the dynamite cap. If tlashUght or p,e'n Hgh 1:' ba tteries are used they shou ld be reversed as

i h in "

In t· e urusrra non,

'The wires should be soldered to th e battery term inals to in sure contact. The be st w ire is the thin. plastic covered kind used in tra n~ sister radios.

A hole is drilled into the plastic watch lens

and a small n ail is, insetted and glued in place so j ts point deesn tt' touch the watch 'face ~

If the bomb is to go off more til an an hour' after it is set" the minute hand is taken 0 ff., The 'watch hand making contact with the nail is sanded to remove any paint on the contact e:~ge.

POOR M..4A\J t S ;JAMES BOND Vol. .l



-'. '".

Who·, tWo kU.lUi!:"r~;L;::!Ji. are u .... ..::d th~)' ';are t&_"",'cr'i'FIi: d IA.tj. ~hi)w'rl

'When the bo mb is finished the parts' are compacted .and taped securely to its casing. The watch is secured with transparent Scotch Ta pe SQ that the band's are visi b~e for setting,

The watch is allowed to run down before arrachi~g it 10 the bomb and is wound only

f ..

a ter It IS. set.

To. avoid frustration from a dud bomb, the' timer, battery and filamen ts should be tested before arming an actual bomb. This is done by putting rhe filamen t in to a sJ;naIl pile of

d If it isni d~ b b

P'DW er. 1 t ignites, '," rscon nett t'· e - ra ttery

immediately to save the filament. Examine the filament carefully to make sure it is still

. d Pf" •. b d

in taca .an 1, rr IS· rt can _e reuse. ..


Pipe bombs" whether filled with match

heads, gunpowder or hi.gh explosives, should 'be lined with p Iasti c Baggies or freeze r bags.

, ' ., • + 'l .. ,,_' d

This prevents friction 1 sta n C e ecrn Cl ty an

any chemical reaction between the explosive and the metal,

The mouth of the bag is folded back .over the threads and the. explosive is put in. Next,

the. fuse is. put in and the plastic ~ag is wrap-' ped ti~tly ·around the fuse and held. 'with a rubber band. AU this is necessary because any explosive on the 'pipe threads could cause the bomb to explode when the cap is: screwed on ..

'The cap for the fuse hole is' drilled from both sides with ,any h lgh -speed steel hid ustria1

. drill bi Th iL.'. • .. '

twist uru -'1 t. ' : e :I.J it 1"5 used With any electric

hand or 'table drill

The size of the hole: should be exactly the size ,of the fuse: The plastic bag. should cover


POOR ~-fAN liS ~TA;M:E.s BOND vot , 1



amy the lower part of the fuse i FI are igniter t if used, mould be put on the fuse after the cap i,51 screwed on as the' hole would have to be made larger than necessary "to accommodate the glob of flare igniter"


Co', 'mmonl'y known' as "eip n

,. '. '.'., , r '.:' " ,," . 'k '., gUJ1~,t guns

made from pipe 'have been made and used for years by juvenile punks. Today IS, Militan.ts make them just for the hell of it or to shoot

. .~, ~ d jh

once m an assassrnanon. or not art, threw

away if there is, any da.nger of apprehension,

They can be used many times, but with some, ,a .length of' dowel is needed to force' out

.. :iI. h' n

me spent S: ' eu,

There are man y variations but the illustra-

.! h th b . d .,

non :S', tOWS, e nasrc x e:SL,gn ..

F:irstt a wooden sto ck is made and a. groove is, cut for the h arrel to rest in. 'The b arrel is then ta ped. se cutely to the sto ck with 'a .gnod I s.n-ong tape ~

The trigger is, made from galvanized tin. A slot is' punched in the trigger flap 'to hold, a roofing n~il ~. which is wired or soldered .0 nto the flap .. The trigger' is bent and nailed to the' stock' on both sides,

The pipe. is' a short len'~h of one-quarter inch steel gas or 'water pipe with a bore that fi ts a cartridge 1 yet keeps the cartridge ri m from passing through the pipe.

The . cartridge is put in the pipe and the cap. wi th '3, hole bored through it~ is screwed on . Then the. trigger is slowly released to let the nail pass through the h ole and rest OD! the primer,



To· fire f the 'trigge·r· is' pulled hac k with the left han d and held back with the 'thumb of the r.i.ghr hand. .. The gun is then aimed and the' "[hum b releases the trigger and the thing actu. all y fires;

Pipes of different lengths and d i arneters are found in any hardware store, All caliber hul:-lets t from th e ~ 22· t-o me' .4.5 are used in such guns,

Some zip ,gun s are made from two or three pipe's nested. within each other. For instance, a ~ 2 2 shell 'will .6 t snugly in to a. length 0 f. a car's copper gas' line. Unfortunately I' the copper is to-a weak to withstand the pressure 0 f the firing. So the length of gas line. is. spread with glue. and pushed into a wider length of pipe ... This is spread with glue and pushed into a length of steel pipe with threads and a cap ..

Using 'this method, you can accommodate any c-artridge t even a rifle shell, 'The first size of pipe for a rifle shell. aceommodates the bullet" The second accommodates its wider powder chamber,

A 1.2-.gauge shotgun can be made from a 314 inch steel pipe. If you want. to 'comply wi th the gun laws; the barrel should be at least eighteen inches long.

I ts firing mechanism i.s the same as tha t for the pistol. It naturally has a longer stock and its handle is lengthened into: a rifle butt" Also) a small nail is. driven half way into each side oft he .stock ah 0\1 t four in ch es in iron t of the trigger. The rubber band Is put over one nail and brought around the trigger and snagged

over the other n ail ~ ..

In case you actually make a z,ip gun, you should test 'it before firing it by band. This is done by first tying the' gun to a tree or post I pointed to where it will do no d:am.age. Then a string. is tied to the trigger and you go off several yards, The. . strin g is then pu ned back

and let g.o. If th,e barrel does not hI ow up ~ the 'gun is safe to fire by hand.

You should not atternp t to register such a gun .


Many Militants squirrel awaystockpiles of gu n s . and DO rnbs and 'as fast :as th e au thori ties find them with metal detectors, the Militants discover new ways of foolingthe metal detec .. tors, Militan.ts hiding lethal. goodies have discovered 'the following tricks to fool the deteetors,

Rural Nlilitants bury ille_g,aI items under metal scrap piles or where' g~rba.ge with 'tin cans hAS been thrown for years, There is so much rust .and bits of metal in the. soil that the' detector mdicates that a tank is buried there.

Not" believing there is a tank' buried 'there (although there might be) the searcher move's. on to find a. more localized, and therefore easier ~ digging Job.

Iron . filings and Ia the cuttings scattered over the site will give the same' false readings, The agent using the detector will figu re he is over a dump site or an iron mine, 'Unless he can [con some arehaeologists to dig up a few hundred cubi c yards of dirt he is .I.'pt to just wander off and get blind drunk.

The floors of barns, being impregnated

~. h · iii III '. d

Wl.t·. tron-contammg urine an . excrement

from the animals, render metal detectors use" less.

Fence corners and other places' where ani .. mals g~ther regularly a.~' good places to bury con traband sin ce the soil there is the same' as that in barns,

Since streams deposit metallic oxides along their courses, a. dry stream bed wiU likewise register a bonanza which no civil service work ..


et will tackle ~

City Atilitan ts have more ·space' problems than do rural ones. But they still find ways. of hiding stuff from detectors. The concrete fl oor of a basement is a great place under which to hide metallic objects. If. there is a way .of digging underneath the cement, the o bje cts are safe' from the d ere ctor ~ It wi 11 buzz everywhere and nut pinpoint anything.

Those luck-y enough to have a basement space to build a secret room are least likely to be f ound aut. W'alling off a corner of the: basement makesa dandy .goody bider and can .also hold a, body or 'tWO'.

If the 'basement walls are made 0 f reinforc .. -ed concrete', that is, has, those steel rods ernbedded in them, the new wall must give the same metallic reading. To achieve this, the mortar cementing the bricks is liberally sprinkled with cu t soft wire In about one-eighth inch bits or a fe·w' handfulls of tiny wirenails, None is put into the mortar 'Used to cover the brick wall, In this way., the brick and the concrete will measure the same metallically.

Whether the se cret com partmen t is walled with metalized mortar or is just a plain brick wall I the goodies to be hidden are placed in me' middle of the space and not touching any wall.

The poor Militant wh 0 has only a little back yard and no cows ~ garbage or scr~p pile bas a real digging job ahead o-f him. He needs :3. bole five 'Or six feet deep,

The goodies are stored in a W,O oden box .covered with 'tar or creosote to protect it from the moisture ~ Then 'the box is covered around and on top' with about ,3. foot's thickness of loose, non-metallic rocks, Next. the hole is filled with dirt,

Smart MiHta.n.ts put a layer of plastic over the rock covered box, Since a metal detector works best if d amp earth is in contact with the hunted objects.


Poo~ MAN I' S ,~TAME.s. BOND vci . 1


Those Militants' 110~ content to psych out the driver wi th some pr a cti tal joke ha ve his last ride in mind.

The best methods require getting under the hood. Ex plosi yes are pl aced as near th e o ccupants as possible. The fuse, homemade, cornmer c tal or sa fety , is Mel p'p e d .3. few tu r ns around the exhaust manifold. After a few minutes on the road the exhaust manifold gets almost red hot and. ignites the fuse.

This, way is more certain than wiring the car because since it blows up 'on the road the wreck 'will do the victim in even if the blast

d ' ·d"f he I d d victi .

oesn t. Besic es ~ 1. t of' ] nten ~. VJ cnrn J S ::;t

passenger instead of the driver, the driver may start the .engine before the passenger gets into the car. You can see how em barrassing that would be to the bomber, can't you?

Old-fashioned 'typesJ like theMafla love to, wire cars. Tn ey are too set in th e ir wa ys to change and besides, th ey get a ch arge out of seeing ,I: car blow up before their eyes instead or imagining it going' '[0 hen "On the road,

They usually U Sf abou t th ree sci cks of d y~ narnite, two lengths of electric wire with two alligator clips for quick attachment, and .an el ectric blasting cap. The "cap is stu ck in [0 a dynamite snick and its two wires are connected 'to the 'two ele ctric wires, Tb en one aU ig~tor clip is: clamped to the input side of the co il and the oth er is f astened to- any metal surface in the car' s f rame as a gro u n d ..

This is 'Very simple. and you 1 d think anyone could do it+ But sure enough, there are always morons who win attach one clamp to a spark plug an d one to a ground .. This usually results in misfires and no end of f rustra ti ons,


Now we go from destroying cars, to protect ... ing them and the,ir contents from pu rsu ers, A

diagram would fit only' a few of '~:he vehicles but this: explanation should be understood by

anyone at all handy with cars and trucks, .

'F irst ~ a. hole is dril 1 ed j n the' exhaust m an l" fold the size of the nozzle of a paint or plant sprayer.. When the nozzle·. is welded in p.l~c~ a ] ength of gas line is. affixed to the nozzle tube and fed into the' driver's compartment.

The gas line: i s th en attached to th e spray unit Inside the' driver's compartment 1U nder

the dash,

. . d -hi

Solid 'brass, plant sprayers gOIng unr er t,· e

trade name of" 'Mist ~ 'i fier, o:r Similar, can. be bought at any garden store. The n~zzle ~. removed .and welded to. the exhaust manifold and the container is put inside wi ~ the driver and connected 'co the nozzle unit with a

length of ga~l I inc ~ '. .

To use, the container is filled with castor oil, bought at any drug .store .. Burned castor: oil VJ.iU -blot out everything on th e road be .. hind you~

A friend tried this and '. just pu t in a f~ short squirts to see what it would do. The' effect: from h Is exha ust pipe W·I.S so w.ild that. . it looked. like a bomb had been. dropped on

the freeway ~ .

He was so startled he allowed .hirnself to be pulled over by a. cop and he almost g.~~ locked up for It. He .could have gotten away If he had 'made' a smokey run for i t,

It is the hot exhaust manifold which tul~s the castor oil into smoke. Smoke screens In

war are made 'Using this simple prinei pie, Crank case oil to be 'thrown -away: is great for smoke screens, It could also hig~li_gh t the. i dea of' recycling in 'your area ..

D.n the . road ;; the smoke not only causes pursuers to slow down in order to sec" but it causes pani C' ,among the other motorists on the' road, This m akes the police. i.top the' ch sse as the' traffic hazards are greater than your capture is worth.




since this section ~"aB wt.it'b~n:ll in 1.970:li I've .run aor o s s ·a 'te.rrif·l-i:::' book you! 11 want t.o get .from you r library 'Or or~er through" your ~oca]_ boo.k stdre~ It is ":Poisons, Antidot.es & Anecdo"tes", .by William Ti~ chev and pub I i.a'had by ·Sterlin.g Pub-

lishing, t 977 . . _

It is the mosl: f'un bo.ok and w11l give YOLl ood l.es of id,eas a.·s. well as t·~11 yo~ how p.oi"s~nB wor};;·.j

Al so ~ I I v~ .i nccr por at.ed ti The Complete Me.dic~l_ Studen·t' s Ma.nual of' Che.m is·t_iy' ~ into G~ANDDAD·;~. W'ONDERFTJL BOOK OF C·HEMIsTRY·. This ma;nual has ·the 'most e;.<tens.iv·e wr it ings on poi. ~ons of any 'book. I'" v~ ever .se·en;, Unger the' he·~.d ing·s. of "~ Action on ·the ecofiq-my.t!. it de.sc.r ib·e·s how much of ·wh.a.t 'will do in an opponent. and how 'he wi11 reac+. and for how long before he, croaks.


Plant poisons are very easy to administer and are hard to trace, A few leaves in the sal ... ad. aren't noticed and the victim dies without

knowing why. .

Rhob;rb~ for one, is a deadly poison, The stalks are line but if you eat any of the leaf • you'll die .. Cooked, the leaves take. an hour or so, but in a salad they kill almost immedi .. ately,

The rhubarb bought in stores has all the leaves taken off so you win have to ger [be leaves from a farm or grow your own.

Yo'U don't have to be stingy with rhubarb an d most other plant poisons .like figuring grains ,and. grams .. Just chop up some leaves and put them in the salad or stew or ,~mong the lettuce on hamburgers and you will have hit tHe j ack pot,

Castor beans are a good poison as they are almost rastele SS' when grou nd and only three or four are enough '[0 kiU ~ They 're easy to g~·t, especially in SQU them Cali fornia where they grow wi~d. They can be put in to almost an')" food,


Oleanders are common flowers but are about as poisonous as any plant .. The heart is affe cted . very qui ckly and severely, Both. the leaves and branches are lethal.

A couple of poinsettia leaves wii~ kill just sbou t any bod y, Better use three.

'Yew is a, conifer, or-cone bearing evergreen tree or shrub, Any nursery man can take you ou t in back and iden tify it: for you. 'But he will get pretty. sur ly if you start stripping off branches s~ you s~nuld b~y a small 'tree, if

you do ~ lit kn 'L b" · .

ou ru n xnow wnere a·ltg· one 1S grOWIng ..

It's the. fol iage that kills so forget the 'berries. It is so poisonous and so q,u irk tha~ act

one time the Secret Service considered it for . d , h + ki H

mtereste 1 n in ore aest enc ways t 0 ,> ill.

su.i,cide P .. ills, The bea ury'· .. :' of it 1$ that it kills al- 'U' lik ..

~ d ~ el · th .. ru ] xe your gun.,-, pOlson IS se ldo m very e {-

most immec tate y WI" out any symptoms, fective a;g.,ainst hur.gllars~ But say' 'Y"OU'Vf:' been You take it and ~ spla.tt ~ you're 0 n 'the floor t

d d' suckered into giving a wife. swapping' party

ea. ..

I'm not sure of the dosage bu tit 's not where every female but: y au r own is either

rnu ell ~ preg,n.an t 'or periodic ~ In th is case' a H ttle some-

The 'way to refine it is to fill 'a co ff ee perco- thi ng to sprinkle on the ho rs d '0 e u vres is .. 1 later with the ground up foliage an d put eight good thing,

O'UlI.CC$ of alcohol ill the pot. Perce la te it for 'The MiHtan t can use poison 0 n individ u al ~bo-ut a half hour, If the 'alcohol boils off, pu.t enemies' or 'can put it in refreshments at rallies in, some: more, of political opponents. It: is- also gre'at for get:.

Chc~p rubbin.I' alcohol is good enough on ce ting rid of rivals in bis o.wn group ,. Last, but you have distilled it" o'f£ from. its water cen- very .important, IS that old standby for an ern-

tent. barrassing m oment, th e se If destru ct cap sul e ~

When the process is finished;; put 'the alco .. , There are several books. on poisons, Th E'

hal and. wha.t weli t throu gil the percolaror in- bes;~t ~fl:e Is p~ 1 S ON5 l by 'V incen t Brooks+ tt' s to the still. You ·tb~n distill Qff the alcohol mainly for doctors and police but is very. readuntil you have only a couple of teaspooafuls able and amusing .. Mo,st libraries, have it.ralong 0" residue' left. Pour this out into a saucer and with several others, which are mainly about

'11At "'t t ·a .•. arden 'P' lants to wa .. tch for,

,II"", iL[, eyapar,8' !::.. til· ~ ~ I!'L

You can use the same process for a finer I got a great charge ou t of reading about

grade of nicotine 'fro,rn tobacco ~ Always :strive Warfarir:t on pagel 108- of POISONS. Warf ari n 'for quality,~ ,is a. rant poison 'which is mainly corn meal or

Laurel. Is another evE[lgr~n that can cause some other rat dainty + Anyway i it tells how des til by the eating of a single .leaf ~ It is. best some sl 0 b was j nduced to eat a pOD nd Q f it a. 'percolated and distilled but j,'[ can be used as day for six days, T,~~'k about Jethro Bodinet

it is and put In stews, and as a garnish. on. hors .A word "to the wise; if you're a southern

d 'oeuvres .. , type and your' wife stops eating her share' of

Poisoning was. a great sport and topic' of the corn pone::~ thrash. her and make her- eat au' conversati on before the' widespre ad use of the pone.,

50 POOR lW-rtS JAMES, BOND Vol,1 I

firearms, Now that firearms: m igh t be going ou t, MH i tants and su bu rb an ires are be comin g


. Poi-son 1 n g is 'n 0 pastime for an idi ot, Yon 've got to be. inlghty shrewd. To 'give 3 blood enemy just a bad taste in the mou th while y au 're sit ti ng talking with .him over a drink is dangerous, He tu. suspe ct poison an d know you

tried to do him in. ~

Poisons' act' in different ·ways,. There are f our con sidera tion s when selecting .2. poison. Four effects for different objectives ..

One ob] ective might be to kill the' vi ctirn immediately so he would be unable to talk. Another 'would he a several minute. delay where the victim would be stricken some time after you had left the see nc ..

Still. another consideration is that the victim sh auld be UDC'Qn cious so he can give doctors as 1 ittle hel p as pass] ble, Also, you don't want him to h urt any more' than ne c·e.ssary be .. cause that would 'be mean. The fourth consideratio n is 'that the dose is. strong enough to

be lethal. -

As "you apply yourself to this study you will nceasio fi.aUy blunder, Your victim will be down ~ floppin.g like a. fish off 'the hook and the' m edi cal types wi1i sti U. pull him throu gh .. I kn ow th is is' frustra ti ng, but one must learn to cope.

Another goo~ thing to kn ow about the po ison of your choice is. i ts legitimate u se, If a. druggist or so meone else asks you what you want with it, res embarrassing to have 'to ad~ rni t that you wan t to k:il1 someon e. .A cover story is alway s good ~


Th is is sim pi y antifreeze J: su Ch as Prestone, Zerex, etc, .Always read the can to make sure the ingredient is ethylene glycol, It (s a colorless, syru py liquid with a sweetish taste ~ It: mixes we n with both water and alcohol.

Au thorities d isagree on. the lethal dose.

They put it from it half" ounce to four ounces, This is not imp ortan t ~ b owever j as anyone win drin k four ou n ces in his soft d [ink wi th~



b . . .

ou t _ ecumlng SU SPICIOUS •

I t "Can al so. be tasted ala ng with what you ~ve put it .in:. J list wash your mouth ou.t . and you will· feel no bad effe cts ..

At a party ~ a. hal f-gallo n at a time can be dumped into the punch bowl so that everybody wUl get his share, Only don't pour it in directly from 'the anti-freeze can, An observer might wonder about you. I nstesd, put some food coloring or Kool- Aid in it to make it

1 k Iik ' , h" d .

00: nke gr.a·pe· Ju.lce or somett 109 an put u:

in two .. quart fruit Juice cans,

That way' you cap. po~.r it in the' punch and

,... d zri d hi ld

sur It an. gnn anc any.one warci ·.lng· WO'U ....

think you 'were Just helping,

A nice thing about ethylene glycol is that a person. dying from .it j ust seems dru nk ..


Arsen ic and its. compounds are great p.oisons. They are q u j te popular and ha ve been a good subject for come dies su en as "Arsenic

d 0·' Id~ f.... H 'TiL • h ~ b .

'.an _ .'. ' .. ,_ L\a.,c-e.· . ue nIce t·· Ing a out arsenic

is that it is almost tasteless and it doesn't start to act until a half hour to an hour after it is

taken, That way you. can za,p just oodles of people who would get off scot free if you used a 'fast poison like cyanide, Cyanide is terrific for individual hits but disapp oin ring w.b~n working' with groups.. ~ - - .

Say you Ire operating' at a. governor's banquet and Y:Qu lace the' grits wi th cyanide, One 0'£ the victims would be eating ·a hand fun of . gti ts and. would all of 8, sudden fl op' over in to

hI< ·H·· ;nhb ~'j'"J'h EO hi .-

ss gravy. , JS ne'~'1 . or m~.I;t swipe IS, pork

chop but you can 'be sure he 'would not touch the victim's I' O[I his, own, helping of grits, ,H~' might even warn others,

But wt.t'h arsenic, they'll all be to their prunes by the time the poison takes effect.

Th~ lethal dose of most arsenic compounds is from O~.1 to 045' gram .. A gram Is. only 1/2·8th of an ounce. Say you h~ a pound Q"f


arsenic or arsenic trioxide, etc ~ s.ay j 21 so; yau dl~'wed the maximum dose of half a, gram, That would be 896 fatal doses, There would be enough left over 'to take care of We Senate and Congress.and even Billy James Hoggis.


This is rat. and insect P 0 ison. It ~ s .a real killer" It can be bought at hardware and, garden stores in an adulterated powder. Chemical supply companies sell the pun: stuff for $,35 an. ounce,

You can make it yourself with hydrofluoric acid, and sodium carbonate .(sal soda),

Use only plastic when working with hydroflouri c ad d :D.S j t eats glass and m etals ~ Also work with good ventilation and avoid the, .acid fumes ..

. Pu t one part sodium car bonate in. a plas,~ic container and add sn e'qual amount of acid, slowly t stirring all the while, Th e result MIl be colorless. crystals and white powder,

Death bas been caused by less than one grain. There' are 437 grain.s to an ounce .. so a grai,n would be about the size of a gram of rice or wbe at ..

In, case you didn t~ know" sodi~'m flou~.ide is, the waste matter from certain chemi cal companies which they unload on morenie

ci ty officials, like those in Eureka, to fluori .. date the drinking water. It might 'toughen kid t:s teeth but it also d ulls the creative p~t of the, mind t even at one pan: per million in drJ'nking wa tel ..

,P'Ol SO'N'S doesn 'r say if the fu II strength stuff is, fast or slow '1[0 act or how long the victim 115t5. Testing is in order here"


Nicotine is B really terrible poison + One drop of pure nicotine' has killed in, ,fi~te~n minutes, It is gte,a t to put a few d fOpS. in an opponent's sho't glass and make a. bottoms, up toast to Senator Fulbright.


FDOR- .~"S JAI'-1ES BOND Volt 1

Its taste is pretty well covered by wine, especially sweet wine. It's not. so good in drinks that have [0 be sipped and savored. Few poisons are.

You can get almost pure nicotine from the kind of snuff that comes in round; flat boxes. Pour it out into a. water glass, and put in' just enough wa rer to cover ir all.

After about 24 hOU['5 pou r the mess into a handkerchief that has been stuffed·down into another glass but with irs edges over the rim. Then lift out the handkerchief and twist the edges ,S'O that the sou ff forms into a ball, CO'n-' tinue twi sting un til all the ] i qu id j oS squ eezed out,

Pour the. liquid into a small sauce pan and put it on a low fire" When "the liquid has eV3- porated 'to about a teaspoonful ofthick syrup l,t is finished, It is best to dilute it with en ough WE:. ter so it will easily le ave a medicine dro pper, ,A few dro-ps mali ~d do the tri ck ~ .

A good way to- handle n icotine is to fi U a medicine dropper with it and plug the end with a piece of soft wax wh i ch is pushed in and molded around the openihg~ The dropper is carried with the wax end up in the' .shirt pocket and is ready for use ina ji ffy .

Nicotine is also a good way to. c crnm it suicide if you an!" a p risoner ~ Just colle ct a handfull of cigarette butts an d strip, the paper from them, if you are' a neat person ~

Soak them for several h ours ~ if po ssible, in water. If yeu are being watched you can slip

them into your' coffee .. At the last minute just gulp. the 'whole thIng down. Best to do it on.

an empty .stomach, If you keep your, mouth shut for a few minutes, even if theypump you out :it win be too late ..

Nicotine is an alkalold so you might get qui te a b igh 'white you. die .. Give it ,3. try.


'This is my favorite. It Is an insect poi-so n


found under several brand names. The rno st common. is Black Leaf 40~ bought at .any Pl'" den store ~ This stu ff is, 4·0% nicotine sui fare +

Just a few' drops in a dri nk will kill quickly ..

I t is best: to. evaporate it 1.0 the poin t where it is like a thin syrup. and will. .still form .into dr ops from 3, medicine dropper.

One o.f the glades of nicotine SJJ.l fare is 'tI13i.t i t is absorbed by the skin and is fatal wi thin a few minutes, Death by nicotine' sulfate can. only be dete cted by a blood te st, which is seldom gi yen ~

·A fine way 'to use nicotine sulfate is to carry it in a soft drink ell p and act like yD~ accidental! y sp illed it on the victim r I f he doesn't wash it off in a matter of seconds he wiU he dead In a matter of minutes" There is little chance of him washing it off ifhe thinks it's just ~ ·soft drink, especially if he is at a rneetin g or talking 1:0 someone.

Most other inse ct sprays and powders kill by being absorbed through the skin. Some of them are: Malaibiofl; Parathion, Chlordane and Lindane.


At first thought it w-ould seem that the best way to test poisons would be on alley cats. Cats are not the best SlL bj ects because, first it's naughty to hurt cats and also because they are hard to kill

Alley cats eat such garbage and corruption they develop cast iron stomachs" A. cat can often handle 3, dose that would kill a dozen people,

The best subj ect is a wino, In every ci.ty there are. hundreds of winos sleeping out in nests in vacant lots, abandoned houses, under bridges; etc. It's very e,asy to find such nests" They are usually made u.p offla ttened cardboard boxes and newspapers and Uttered with wine bottles,

Put the dose you. want to test in. 3 half full fdth bottle of sweet wine ~ Then tuck it in the


POOR MAN" , S ~JAME-S BOND ve i . 1

nest where the' wino win be sure to find it. He will just think [another win 0 hid it there.

If the nest' has a dead wino in it the next morning you've figured out the right dose. If both the nest and the bottle is emp ty ~ it's back. to the old drawing hoard ~ Try increasing

the dosage. .

I was going to test poisons. myself in this way, Then I realized I 'would probabl y wipe out: balf ·the Eureka City· Council. Even so ~ they deserve it, since they all voted to. put so-

di urn fl uoride in the city ~ s drinking 'water.

Most poisons can be. tasted to .see what, if any, flavor should be added to hid e the "taste ... It 's quite safe to pu t a li ttle hit on your tongue to get the taste and then wash 'yo~r mouth out well The only poisons I would not taste are prussic acid and others tha t kin with less than a grain and stro.~g acid or lye whi c11 would damage the tongue'.

The 'safe st way to test po isons, for y ou, is to put it in dope. Another safe way is to .p1!1 it it in an enemy' s medicine, If you have access to his bathroom look for capsule s, especially prescription so yau know he 's th e onl y one taking them,

]. I"aw · ... he capsule tri ck on ~ j Ir - t" • d u,

~. ". uc· ~:"';'Ii.4_!;, ~ :., .. onsi e.


Care every step along the way makes the difference between the 'proud expert 'and me red-faced bungler. Im:ag~~e. the embarrassment of the ancient 'Greek poisoners 'when Socrates said, i'iWOW! It 'sure doesn it taste like t-omato juice! ... ,


Many MilItants rob banks for operating expenses .. It. is pretty easy to get. caught 'and g'o to jail for ten year-s, that is, if you don It get

.... 'Il.. d k~ "11 d C f' · +. . • I 1

seor an. xiueu, Counter ~ eitmg IS, a. at ess

risky and the sen tence is abo ~ t th,e same if you are caught passing funny money. Also,

there is less danger of harm,

Ninety per cent of the arrests for-counterfei ting are made on tl p-s ~ If you are a. lone wolf and produce the .. stuff all 'by yourself; and if it is pre tty good ~ yo;u r chan ces 0 f' cap'Me are very "51 im,

If there are tV{O people involved. the chances art two to on e against you. If there are 'th ree people, it 1 s tb ree to .one and so on r

The person I got this information from made ·the· best stuff the T-Men had ever seen. H'e wasn '~'t en u gh.t making o-r passi ng it. ile was suckered,

. The treasury people are setting up all ki nds of fun. and games be cause they are running out of work, 'They promise to P3:Y informers on tax cheats, but they don It live up to their-

promises so people have stopped informing,

So, having nothing better to do, they app'fonche,d 'this ex-counterfeiter und promised him '$20~OOU in real money to print them up a 'milli on in. phoney . hun dreds r. They then showed their badges: and arrested' him, They have .no case since they set .him up bu t he was mad enough to divu 1ge the secrets, of b is craft.

" Anyone. who '1.S' good with photography and dar kroo m techniques "can be a professional counterfeiter.

this method works, 'with 'minor variations, f 0[' any p';:lper' money from any country. I stress foreign curren cy because i r' s a stup id bird z:hat' fouls its own nest, But think of a grand tour of Europe, financed out of your own hasement. It would do your head good and besides, they want your trade.

Samples of foreign currency can. be bought from most coin Sh.OPSl foreign exchange sh ops and. from many of the larger banks,

Contrary to popular opinion, you can buy paper ne ar ly iden tical in feel. and Wei:ght to legal bills. It can be bought. from, any paper' .house in the U ~ S ,.

It is normally a 2 5% rag, If yo'u go any


POOR MA11. t S LTAMES BOND vea . 1

higher in the tag' co ntent it feels too soft I. whereas the 2. 5 % has the crackle th at a real bill has,

The only problem with thee pa pe,[. .is th at it is ,3 bsol Q te l y white. ,A re al b III is not white! It 's a com binati on of greenish ~ yellowish brown in a very Hgl:n tint ~.' At the end of the prate ss you have to dye the bills wi th the tint that matches 'the real U. S » currency Foreign bills, have different tin ts.

To begin with ~ you must have an ex cellent ne gati ve, 'The first way is to make: the bill in the negative' the exact size 0 f lh e real hill. The other way is to enlarge it '('0 abou t four times in real SiZ(1 retouch lt, "then reduce it to its real size.

On U, S, currency', and particularly the 20 dollar bill" there is one very troublesome place, That is around the eyes. Some way ~ they have made th is area. very difficult for a camera to pick up.

A plate for currency is made by engraving.

They take a. p ieee of fl at metaland scribe indentations in. the me tal. Around the eyes are' very fine .lines and 'the inden ta t lOPS "arqu.~.d the eye,s are ve~ .shallow.

Thet'e is v'ery little in k in that area ,. When-'

~. b d d b h hi

ever l t IS toe reprn .. ucec uy a p ~ otogr.aP,·:lC

pro cess, the se lines do not register we 11 on th e

negative. .

Therefore, you must retouch the negative by hand. so as 'to get these fine lines, The

" "

. thd' lar h'

easiest me oo IS to en ,a.:rgie t e Image t:o

. ~ ~ f h l+

twice Its 'Sl'ZC" or more. After teo unes are put:

in" the image is reduced to the exact size of the real bill,

All bills are better enlarged hu t a twe n ty

.. 'h f _..::I ~ •

IS t .' e worst as ' ar as reprou ucnon .1S" con cern-

ed, They have made it that way purposely be= cause the tw'e.n ty is the best denom ination to pass.. The easiest to du plicate is the hundred dollar biU.

Each bill needs three differen t negatives,

POOR M.A~' S J·A..MES "BOND Vol, 1

One negative i s for the back, wh ich is all one sh ad e of ,gr'een.. Anothe r is (or rh e portrai t side and is. fo-r the black, The last is for the green seal and sed a] n u.rn bers on th e portrai r .side ..

After you have the' negative s for the hack plate and the portrait plate 'you have two very diffic.ult areas, The first: is the little green seal reading THE D.EPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY 1789 .. This is 'on the right side of

he nortrai t e p ortrart,

The den omination of the bin is pri n ted in fine black lines over the seal. These h ave to be touched 'Out of the negative of ·th e seal and 'the serial numbers, You have to enlarge th~ portrait side maybe four times Its size and take out all the black parts especial! y the fine lines through the seal. Then it is reduced to normal size *

Then. you. take another negative of the portrait side ·a:nd blow it up about four rimes. In th is one' you tou c.h ~u t the seal and the serial numbers+ Then reduce it to normal size.

Now you have a c·omp Iete set of negatives.

You've got the green 'back side, You.have the b 1 k .. id .' L he seal or seri ._1

ae. portrai t S1 - e WI tl rou t t. -. e te·· . lor senai

numbers. Then you have the green seal and the serial num hers on the r igh t and Ieft sides . ·f- th - bjJ'!

• .' I . -. r.

0,. .. e . . ~ .

. Next I' you. take the three finished negatives

and reproduce them so you will have as many bills as. your press handles on one sheet, If it handles 8'-6 by 14 Inch paper you wiJI need five: of each negative,

Now .it is' time to get the negatives ready

, - ~ V in h

for the pla teo makrng operation. ou WI . . ave

to do the printing yourself as it 'would be risky trying to get a commercial shop to do it for you ..

You ca.n. get ·a· second hind 8 ~ by ] 4 offset press for about $300. 'You can get a simple book on running the press:· and describing the offset process 'from any printing supply com .. parry ..



To. get the negatives ready for the plate making they are cut to the exact size of real bills on the sides 'but with. extra negative on the ends, Then you take .a piece of opaque ora.nge plastic and rut a hole in it exactly the' size ·of the several bills,

Next 1 place the negatives, side by side' oyer the hole and scotch "tape the end s to the orange plastic, This is called stripping.

Your next step is to lay the stripped nega-

f ,+ h ...... at ~

rives down on a sheet 0_ .dg. ·t sensmve ':. unn-

num called a li tbogra phic plate. It is. best to nave a vacuum frame so the: negatives will be. pressed uniformly on the plate, Then "the plat-e is exposed to an arc light for from two ro 'twc and .3 half minutes.

When the exposure is complete, the plate is, put in to a sin k -for developing. F irst ~ a desen .. sitizing solution is. rubbed over the entire plate. Then the lacquer is put on, Places that 'were sensitive [0 the light pick up the lacque-r, showing what you have.

When the plate is developed' and lacquered, .a solution 0'£ gum arabic is rub bed on the'

hi isture f ldi ,

plate, T J.S· prevents moisture rom OX1: .. oong

tbe aluminum plate ~

When it is ready the. plate is put on. the press and wra pped around the cyl i nder '" The relation between the' position of the' psper feeding through the press and the plate on the cylinde'r is called the rcgiste:r " The register must be exactly the same for all three sets of negatives so there is no overlapping. and the' 'printing' is perfc~tIy centered Mound the edges on both Sides.

Then the printing starts. The colors on a bill are easy to match 4 Three inks are used; black and two shades of green .. When matching inks you must consider' that at the ·end. of' thr: job you Will add a tint on both sides, Thus, the: greens, should be a "hi t: lighter' as the

· ~u d' k h

'tint Wl " nar een tnem,

After the' black p~a te is. run it is ie'£[ to dry for 'about two hours .. Then it is turned over


. ·'·dl tho ,.... Ide is ,.. ·-Wh·" :1, .', th· has.s - t

an " me green s., ... l. rUD. '. en,s Q4.;,re a

couple of hours it is turned over 'and the seal and serial numbers: are printed"

There should be several sets of serial n urnbel's. When a bill is being passed ~ one number is good for about a week before it is picked up' and. listed with ban ks and stores. A dozen. different numbers should. be made into ne,g'atives for a sizable printing.

When the three colors have been printed and the last j s dry t the bills are cut apart with a power paper cutter,

(In the origirud. text the co un terfei ter recommends CUtting after the printing is done 'and before tinting. I don't" know why I It

h easi fi " d . h

seems: muc easier to I irst nnt ane iron t e

sheets flat and. then cut, There may be a· rea-

l!. . ,. h f Il d h'

son lor his .sequence so I r ave : c.; owe IS

text, Another thing might be confusingj and

th · .. d I h · d sh f

at: IS In .. , ryl,ng tt e pnnted sneers .or two

h -'k' • ~ I, h L, h

ours I T I i~' Impression is given t, at tne s .. eel'S.

d ' did' I id all '. all ." k are nee m rvic U y, Actua ,y, you can stac

them as many sheets hi.gh as the pre.S! penni ts,

O 1 . d 'di b th kui '1-" h ..

n yoon t :_. stur.· ne stac . unn It . ,as set a

['0 up le of hours)

After printing you have wha.t looks like play money with no resemblance in color or feel to ~·al .money.

The tint is a combination of yellow I' green and a tiny touch of orange. I t is 'a vege .. table dye used in coloring cakes; icings and cookies and is bought ~'[ any .grocery store, You can buy :a tinle package ot' ·fou.r different colors for $ .. 3 S;; 'This, is enough to tint five th ousand bills.

To make the tint you put water in a pan and carefully add the dyes. while stirring. Hopefully, the tint will be. too .light· and. can L..... d ke d d: It b ·f··· d: k uc ." at ': . .ne :, . gta . ucw.y .eca.use ~:. l.t 1S too .. ' ar

you will have La pour it out and sta'rt over',

You will have rejeer bills so te:S.t the tint on them. To test, dip the bill in the solution t then press it between 'two layers of paper tow-


POOR Kl\l\J;; S J_i\ME S BO I\D Vol" 1

el to blot up the excess tint .. Then the bHI is dried in a hot oven 'for about a minute and compared for' color to a real bill, preferably a crisp," fresh one"

When you have arrived at the 'right shade of tint, do 'the whole batch, blotting like with the test bills' and drying in a hot oven for a min ute, After this it looks q uite similar to a real piece of currency. But that is not the' end of it,

The bills. mould look used, First, they are wrinkled-a li ttle. 'Then they are rubbed with grou:nd coffee to give them an aged, dirty look. Then they will pass even ,at ban ks,

Don 't wo.rry about the lack. of fine blue filaments in your product, Just observe some poOI'1 harried shop broad servicing a line of impatient noontime shoppers and see if she examines the' bills for tiny· blue filamen ts, I.f she did sbeJ d be fired if me' wasn tt torn to pieces by the mob.


As, much fun as bombs a.re tOI use against o,thetS:~. :m.ost of ~e fun goes out of it when they are used against YOU", Whether you repre~ sent the. government, the Bank of A~erica or

. al Mill· .•. d d

a lIV·· ... ·tant group, you may some .' ay nee u

this seeti 1 i

IS section so P.1 c :ose· ·atte'ntlo·n.

By far the best work on bomb bandllng is

" E 11 ~ d b ,- .. al G· l-i_

Lens s .... xp"oS1ves, an·~· Bomb .D'lSPOS:·.. '. UIUC"

This is described in the book Section ~ It' is. heavily' illustrated and is much better than my

b k : th id ... !.£..;o f' b b

00' for '-- e .' 'enullcaban or bomt compo ..

nents and bomb dismanding"

Lenz's only shortcoming, however ~ is his ,se'eming preoccu.pation with taking the nasty things a.part.. M;y methods are' safer and more pracric.al.

If you are confronted with a bomb the best

h~ d ~ d ~ nd

tmg to ·· .. 0 15· to run an'· report It a. .', so ·pus

the buck to ·som·eone else I 'If you ate the one


to whom the buck is passed you aren't supposed to run away ~ You are supposed to make

the area, safe ~

If you are a bomb squad person your first act should be [0 assure' minimum damage. in case the bomb goes off before you can dis-

f + H · d .... L,~ ....

pose 0 ,nt~ avmg u one tim you must next re-

m ave the bomb from the: area.

Jf the bomb is obviously going' to go off

. h· ~ h d ~ .

wit , m minutes you may nave 'to, eacnvate it

on the spot, For this I again ref er you . to Lenz ",5 bo ok because if you are in 'me business you have no excuse for not baving his, book ..

There ate four basic types of bombs: shatter, concussion, shrapnel and fire,

Sharrer b ~ .. bs .,,;..o!I; ~'L. ~ ~ r -IY1· . . I' .

", , ~, ' .l "om, ',';:1 3L"'" UJOst:' rerv ng' on. y on

[he actual explosive: matter 'to do the d~age ~ These include. chemical explosives enclosed in plastic or pap'er" blocks or 'molded plastic ex" plosives .or b are sticks of dyanami te,

Shatter bombs have a very short 'radius of


.. :."; .


. .~ ..

. ' ......

~"? . ~~' ..

I, .';

I, • :- :," tI

::~.i .

<j(./:.' .• ~.\~'~.~ ...

, ",' ·:f.:~J!:(::" '.-

.. I " I -'U I :.~

, "~--?:'" •.. : "r...;;,i..

• ..-~. .~ .~'~~ ". 'l"1IW..,

, . ~c. '.... ."''''''.:&! •

... '. . ' ,"_..'.' ~''''!Ii

'~ .. : -I;n,.... ~ .

.... .• _" 1,. ;.';.. ... : .• 1 ........

~.ho to $hOWl eomple b: spatu, I., ,and: pl •• de mediciDC' bottle on l,eft and ,e;xploded s-p.tu la on the J~gh t.



damage.. Anything from. a, half ounce or a couple of pounds: wBI 0 nly shatter in a radius of a few inches, You. have no doubt heard of a soldier stepping on a land mine and havin.g a foot sheared off at the ankle, Then there is the dynamite fisherman who loses only a hand whe.n he holds a stick too long.

The photograph shows a spatula, which had been 'used to stir a mixture of about ],4 -ounce of potassium chlorate 'and a. bit of red pho sphorous. The mixer was ignorant of the fact

. hese chernl irred .

that u ese ehe micals together, So n rre a dry" will

detonate spontaneously.

The re sultin g blast kne aded the spatula outof shape. It a tomized the first 3/4 inch -of the 'bone handle and split the rest. lt shartered the plastic. mixing bottle.

The fingers holding the: bortle had the flesh blown off the bones and the bare bones, had toO be amputated, The palm of the hand was turned to hamburger and its inner b ones 'were smashed.

The hand .holding the spattda. 'was undamaged . ex cept for particles of pla sri c bottle

which 'pierced the skin, .

So the shattering effect, ,altho'ugh terrible, was only in a radius of about VN'"O in ches from the outside'. of the charge of explosive ..

Examine the photo s of bomb" expert' ~ Norman H'iU ~ He had been [Dolin g with a bomb the size Q f a pack of cigarettes lana it blew his h and into a blood y mist. Oth erwise he- was not harmed.

This also shows that the sh atn;ring effect was only a few inches. and concussion was. not a factor here,

The second picture paints 0 u this fo 0] i shness in. previously playing wi th a sim ilar bomh ~ Nate th at he is r idicu 1 ou sl y bundled up 'in the most ela borate blast prot ecti ve ou tfit, Yet, assuming this was a. similar bomb, his body was in li ttle danger; But' his vulne rable hands, the parts. of him that are. endangered,

are 'bare!

I saw many such. pictures during the- recent 'rash of Jetter bombings. Bomb squad people would be wearing use Ies s ve sts an d carryi ng the vile letter bombs in their bare hands.

Ignorant! _

I don 't usually moralize about such thingS

but Ietter bombs are the mark of a creep and. a. no-class coward.

.... b hi h 11 ] +. 1

Firse, born s w :lC~ USU3 y on y cnppie 'are

no-class, If you are a Mili tant, re·gardless, of your fe,e"Hngs now, you ·will. change in time, When you are off on another trip you may re,gret having some victim still crippled for life

and suffering- ~

A case in po in e is Re nnie Davis. I don't

know 'if' he ever made a. bomb bu t he 'was a high priest of the Yippie s calling f or the en d of the establishment. It is im possi b le to recknn the damage he' encouraged with 'his antigovernment· speeches.


'Yet he' has sen si bly ou tgrown the ~e ftist movement. He is now a spokesman for the fat little Indian. degenerate, Guru-Maharaj J i. I wonder if he ever considers 'the sti ll crippl ed police his kind produced when they were ,SD righ t and. all - knowing ..

At any ra te til e letter bom b is the lowe st of the no-class weapons,.. It usuall y gets some non-involved postal worker or secretary. Anyone so cowardly" th at .I1e can 't deliver his weapO'O. to the target is beneath contempt.

Con CU$SlO n born bs . are th osc mean t to ] 1 ft and. move, 'These send out a shock wave which pushes but WllUS, bu ckles steel tanks and raises roofs, They are' usually bare chemical bombs or dyanamite,

Shrapnel bombs are: meant to send 'Put bits of metal or other hard debris which will pu.ncture people or 0 bjects, This wou.ld in cl ude a pipe bo mb as .0 pposed to a bare stick of dynamite ..

POOR lo'lJ\N i S JAMES EOND v» r , 1

Fire bombs are usuaUy con taine rs of COIUbusti ble liqu id ignited 'by a. en em ical or fire fuse. They rna y also 'be' cans, or batt] es of liquid set .off by dyanamite or other explosive,

Hav ing found. a bomb; ,if y'Ou aren't sure you can get rid of i it, you sh ou kl park it around with .stacks of tied n.e.wspapers. Such simple stacks around the bo mb and betwee n It and. the target will take up most of the shattering effect. They ·wHI also act as an ex",

cellent buffer to the con cussion, They will absor b a blast th at woo Id otherwi se blow oil t: every wall in a room,

About ten two-foot high stacks of news-

papers carried always in the bo:mb vehicle should p rotect a lot of property .

If you are lucky y'O'll r born b is loose and is pr-obably not going to go off right a,way., Your next job isto g~t it away from the scene.

This is best .accomplished by using' a. carrier made of .% inch steel an.d opened at one' end. The carrier's bottom part is swung out and it is lowered over the bomb, The bottom is, then swung in toward. the bomb, .the sharpened edge sliding under the bomb and picking it up~

The carrier is then 1 if ted and taken to the bom b vehicle. The ope 11 end of th e carrier is t. eld faci ng th - lie a 1i!"0;O- valuable area whil .o<lI, the

il~. . . ~ _ '_ . I"1,C 1 ," .;"ilL. . - . . _._ [ '. . _. ~ . l' .IIw

closed end 'also, faces away from people.

I f the born b is sizable and sh ouid go off the, carr ier win be ru ined. B 1,1 t th ere is m uch Iess chance for the officer 11:0 be injured than withou I the carrier. Th e carrier wi 11 be j e rked fro m the offi cer J s h and and sen t in th e dire ctio n of the closed end. The main effect 0 f "til e blast would go out the open end.

Tha t carr ier can be made by any blacksrni th, hnilerm ake r or we lder who war ks with -%, inch metal sheet] ng. The: pri ce is around $50.

The design shown is simple and can be made in a few hours, Any" metalworker can understand ·the plan and may even improvise


P··'Q,··'O·,R' 't..t!i.'N i" c~ J"'i'i.i!'C'S B 'N' D V· l~

. 1"1..."1. 'U . .t'U.!..I:!J. 0.· 01 •

1 mprovements,

A steel rod is we lded [0 the back of the bottom part. It goes through a hole drilled into tb e 'to p p,art and is bent over tb e han dle as shown. The' rod is al so se cured to the in side hac k a f the carrier by a we lded band.

. A h~~ f inch ex tensi on is weld ed to both. sides of' the bottom of the fron r and the middle of the back. The 'weight ofthe carrier rests, on these extension s, The bot torn, W h ich i s actually a Lar.ge blade" rests alone and swings free of the extension s,

In case you have carried the bomb out to. the bo m b vehicle and packed it j n am idsr bun dles of newspape rs you are p·re·tty safe. The next thing t a do is. 'take it to an empty space and shoot i t ~

It is ever so much fun to stand 0 ff an d. bang a way at a bomb 'wi 1:11 a shotgu n ~ Use' 0-0' buckshot. Most likely the bomb won 't explode but shootin g' it to pie res, is far more relax ing than interrogating winos.

I can jt see any reason for taking a bomb apart unless it: is about to go off and is chained to an i m portan t target. But in case you have to, disarm, a bomb you sh ould have 2 pair

of galvanized hand protectors. "

These goodies, would have saved Norman Hill 's hand and that fell ow s'tirring the chemlcals wouldn 11 h ave even 10 sr a finger nail.

I 'don't en courage making explosives but ,if

h . 1 ~ f d +

t e 'manlpP, a trons . were: pet 0 rme wi th the-se'

hand guards the most potent explosives, could be made safely in bate he's under four ounce s, It almost goc's without saying that the. horne.rnade face and body armor descri bed fu rther :on is. a" must ..

Any amateur can make a pair of these hand

protectors in an afternoon.

First go to a· sheet metal sh op and buy lWO· 1 ~.ih by 9 inch pieces of gal v anized sheet metal ~ Th en ge t .9... P air of· tin ell tters, some p 1 cture hangi ng wire and a 1 J 8th i nch d rill.

POOR M.l\,N f S J .. ~'1ES BOND Vol iJ 1






lJL'i ." 't'-.a '

n .... X l'!Ioonslon

;sharpened edge


7~'- """'"---- .....


~ ~.j! ex ten sion



From a drug store buy two pairs of cru"cible 'edge is in the V bend of the other, Then

tongs and dip their 'ends in liquid rubber stitch the picture hanging wire through the

bought at any hobby shop, About four coats, drilled holes and the' job Is. done,

well dried after each dip, should make the Holes can be .drilled around the rounded

tips so th~y can be used to mani puJ ate the edge to ace Om modate wires hold ing elastic

finest wire, circlets'. In this way the protectors will hang

First cut the sheets in half circles of 19~ on the wrists without the need to grasp the

by 9 inches. Cut -a notch lW inch deep by .2'il tongs, You may not think such circlets ne-

wide 8;1 inches to the. right of the right hand cessary so they are optional.

one and [0 'the left of the: left hand one. At When brought to full width the' tongs wiil

the 'appropriate en ds of the' no tehes. cu t small- handle the largest pipe bom b s, Even SO." I re-

er notches ~ inch dee p by 1 inch] ong. commend using the carrier fo r pipe bombs

Next" drill seven 1/8th inch holes in each and any other explosives with fr~gmentatio:.Jl

sIde of '[he notches, Then bend the drilled sh~~th.in·g ..

edge opposi te the small notch. to a V', Th e hand protecto rs. will. wi thstan d 'ever so

When the bending is done 'YOU next lay ·the much concussion but an exploded 'pipe bomb

longs on the metal and bend the half circles would giv~ you a couple of pretty battered

entirely so that the drilled edges Join and one hands, Therefore, a pipe bomb should be

p bOR N.A..N. I' S' .r AME s BON 1) Vo1.1J 1




+- I %" -i '. '\.l:II:' ....._--=I11;.._----:1::;...._ __ '--=~~.,...._,,;:.:i....____;:z:;.....____::1~


.... 771: ....,.


;i!'~-r:~ .~;::\,...,: ~".

. . .. ' .. ( .. "~'

_I" .~~I~ I' .....

: ,', .:

,. ~., ... ' .

.. ;.:.._~ .. -.~ .

.... ~,v=. ~':",,_._

_,' .. I r.l'lJl •

_ .' • '1 ... -... ...- 6(rI+ »:: - .. : l

'. • '.r ,,,:,, I'

:~ ~I.: r .. ~·~ - ',' .~~

-. -': _....-

·· ...... ··1 .~.~."...

. . - ~ _ J;.iI''---'



Pho to show s gal van lzed hand p rotee t(;rr .and steel bo~,J... . •

~~~'U carn~r ~

handled only long enough to gc't it into. a carrier. If you must use your'h~nds 'then the, p~o~ rectors would certai nl y be be rter than n 0- 'thing.

The. elaborate bomb 'suits shown' are very expensive but easy to dup licate, They are mainly fiber padding to absorb the concussion . and ,any bi t$ 'Of shrapnel.

Instead. of spending. up to $:3.00 for a bomb suit a fireman 'can make his .own for $5.00 if he ,IS at all handy or has a wife.

All. you need is a pair' of coveralls wi th a sli t in the back. As in 'the illustration you sew on pockets. made from blue jean material, reachi n,g arou nd the legs and aims. and on. the upper and lower torso, In these pockets gotigh tl y packed newspaper at least two inches thick,

For the head you will need a curved piece

POOR ~N <s ,r~'\ffiS BOND Vol ~ 1

.. ~ ..

of gal vanized metal with eye holes, A complete pocket IS also meade for the head. An - inch thickness of 'paper is put in front of the face p 1 a. te . Eye ho Ies are cu C out as well as aslot far the nose.

A, % inch stri p 0 f cle ar plastic is gl ued over the eye holes of the face plate. Then an inch more of paper with eye holes is slipped in back of 'the. face plate.

,An el asti c str i p sewn to the face mask and g,ai.l1g over the top of the head. is joined: at the back by one sewn to the sides.

Such a; suit can be carried in back of a fireman 'I s Cal' an d be slipped '0 n mu ch qu i cker 'th.an the man y -strapped and. bu ckled exampks shown here" I believe 'they were designed for going in after gun men.

The th i rty ~ five bu ckl es and so lpS. would take several min u tes to put in orde r, This detracts from the fantasy of the heroic bomb squadder with only seconds to p:rep,9.re: to dis ...


POOR MAN I S J,&"'1E~ BOND ve.i • I

arm a ticking monster, Actually, mast bombs are dormant when found, 'They didn 'r go off .as planned and the only real risk is rhat they will still go off accidentally,

The fact th at my su it i s M~.,cl~e'y Mo use an d cheap sh ould n at disco urage you. I t wi I.l absorb one hell of .:1, concussion and a lot of shrapnel. It will be ruined and need replacement but you will probably walk 3way~

It is certainly as good as the other padde d suits shown , The suit 'with all [he :5,trap~, does not seem TO be padded but instead seems [0 be made of metal plates. This 'would not absorb a concussio 1:1 0 r sh :rap n el,

Its safety factor would lie in its overall im-

'b·l~ W' ;, . h b

penetra u] uty. . ". e anng 1 t ~ yo u mJ,g t not e

pierced hut wou ld probahl y get kno eked d own, And it wo uJ d cerrai n 1 y be very he a:V)! . m p refer the paddi ng a n.d I rh ink 'P adding is lnos!: common ~

At ~ny rate yop Cri,Tl see th~tt bomb disposal is dan gerous by t not mysteriou s. You she uld read Lens's book and just hope for those ro ...



p OaR MfoJ\1 'I S J,AME S BOND Vol t, 1

.' . b I" ] ~ "b h" [ 11., L d

marine JO~$.," rxe on TV], wnere rr e '('OCl( ]ian"

is about, a minute av.ray from WHM1.MO't

Mo~ properly made and activated bombs go off before they are found, \Vha t you win ',C ,C t li:i'k' l " ' " - d "d' D""'~" j, sh " ,,' ,'" " . If' mos "d, e y get are' .' U s, I~on t s ort yourse

on knowledge" however. But don"t gn overboard on elaborate equipment, either,

The main reason for making your own equipment is that you wi]] have more confidence in It, It is also cheap enough that you can take i.t rQU t ~ n the 'woods ~ tie: it 'to a tree, and test' it aga~nst variousblasts, You can't get such knowledge when you are assigned the rex-


p,enslve ,gear."

- - -

Hell'lldmade Bomb. Protection Su it'




Thi s di, aq ram 0nd .shor t, 'q:i:":sc,i:-i pt, j_ on , sent by a f' r iend .t 0,008 not S-hCf'i.\t 'the .conrJ.e·c·~io.n bet);\rcetl ·the 't·'WO hatter i,es and th,e motor Ii Even ao , one going so' far as to build the model will find the hookup el,ernen1.tary ..

'the ce'nt r i.~ug al quri , described in The- Scientif ic Amer i.can., 1661,

is obv i.ousn.y a work.a,ble 'COHcept Ii The 1861 a~"t.i'Cl.e I re'p-rinted' in 'II HE. viELl\.PONEER unde r the t i tl,e "T'he Ea.l-timore stearn BatterY'~' j is.~ weapon

you mighl:. consider F In 1. t, wa.s descr ibed auc h a gqn which shot, two-.i rich ball'S 150 yards ·t-hrongh three one+Lnch pine pl,~n,k·s and la.nded f r orn tJlrep. t:.o f o u r bund rad yards beyond., pp.'W"er~d .py human musc i e ..

Lmaq i.rie a maohi.nequn J powe'red by steanl.t gdso~ i ne or elect.riei Ly ~ no qllnpowder ~ arid . S...i.lent. ~ I Can i t .$'ee 'Why it was never Hsed ,I' s Lnce .i ts 1837 pro't:atyp.e wO.r}r.::i9.d aug. a st.leam~po'wered mod.el was patent.ed i.n 1-859.

The toy mode,I,. sh:own here o~v i01Llsl-y worked 4'

Tt "TQ~l d b.e Lrrt er e s+Lnq to. see h.ow the ltTF wouj d react t.o ·a fully automat Lc gtm u~ing no po.Wde,r J arid t hus not being. a. f .i r-e a r m , and being s i t errt, " .. it.hout t,he USG of a s-ilencel:.


5H.UftN nps, FOi SMOCmi OPdAl'lOH

,CAN .

"'. IN END to

. GUlDE ..

r ' INTO ..,au: • ,

T:H'; 0, 'UG-H' _. o&.L.j... . ;.i.!t.. ....... 'L-; W'·l~th·,

eli _'~l~A p"ow··- . ~l"t'''1 Li.. ........ ..1 Db 4.·~a"bo·iuaU"t,··th,· .•.• '" , e.~w',!iW :., ,·er, . - .... ~, ., "...", ' .... ~_, .1_ .: \'

eldest ballis.tic pl'"i"n,ciple on record-the

.... 'L - he' ed 08' id el b'1... ....... Go'lia" th' .. th

:n~t ~ ~~a:t:u~, ~ it togati!er

forc,~,then let go.. Wham! _

N t ",L ... - this 4 ~ t kill

_ D, l.I~t .' .__ cannon 11 In" ,Ilal'J::-'-' .. er ..

Wei kept it small to be on the safe Bkle. But, itia a great de'monstratiotl, of centrifugal power, and it·ll, shoot a BS.25 C?r 30 feet at a mu~%le 'velocity o,f around ,~5 feet per IeCOIlO. 'This may set you thinking of the pJtiential of a centrifl.Jlalpn whirled .by a IllS turbj;ne at, say. 2OrDOQ r~p.", With an

_ a-.......l .... _ ,~ ... d radt·''1'111!1 __.. _,'I..-... •. ,&, iff;lft y' ou'd Ea.~w. y ~ :. .... ~ ... '::''Wii:II; f.;J;I; a.uI.I U:1rr V a&..i.t . • ". '

get a muzzle vel~ty of over 5000 f.p.s.==-' better than ,a h~lgh-powe~ rifle!

""'- Ii b·" ~ pl and eh

~ ue spm tn~,n18m 15 sun, .. ' e ~.. c.ueap

Re, L. Cl.D.Il, Jr..

_]I- •••


-, I _ ..

... : ...... -:- ..

• " I I

to hulld. The toy motor is mounted,. by soldering its lugs or bushing (or both) into a hole in the bcttom of 8, eellopbane-tap~ ean. The' rot-or that's spun by the motor aha'ft consists .of a base pla,te to, wkich is aoldered a short tube, bent and slotted to ,allow free passage. of the BB shot. '~is 11iiit must' turn without binding; the pick .... up spike' must pass freely through the end, slo.l, Bevel the oppOSite end of the tube ftush with the top:'nf the ean cover ..

'The end of the magazine tube is 'UIlIIetcut and bent 50 the dropping 'BB eDte~ cleanly into the \vhirllilg p,ick,,,,,up tube. l\ _

large ~ clip. provid~ wire for the. tri&~ ger, , ._- -;. back on It r,eleases, one shot

while blocldng 'the others, 'This lets the roto,r recover .ita speed between Sbota.

II' Bpits BB &hoi with a hum aDd 'a: click~ DO fICIB,h. DO baD.9., Instead, of explosi,vBS A or compr_d Qas. there·s a sp,IDninq mot 01'




-: _ ...


t- .. - .~

_"... F




~ ...... I

• .&. ."



This .. gu npowder is more like the oldfashioned gun powder use d be fore smokeless powde r was in ve n te d . It: is qu i te powerful when made right and properly confined but is sti n not as good as sm okeless powder. which is really guncotton.

The 'farm ulas here are for what is: known as b~ a¢k powder, to d i 56 ngu ish it fro m smokeless. powder"

The simplest black powder is .. meal powder, mix ed dry. Th is is used mainly for fireworks,

The general formula 'for black, powder is, by weight, 1 S parts potassium ni trate, 'three p arts powdered ch arcoal and two parts s·ulfUl. The ingred ie n ts are ground ~ separately, as fine as possi b Ie 1 or fine e nough to go through a 100 mesh scree n.

F or a better q uali ry powder ~ ad d one-hal f parr of dextrine' or one p--art Lep,~ t S Mu cilag'c and enough water to form a thick mush. Stir and mix well and then rub it through a window' sere en in a thin layer on waxed pa'per. A 1 at 'W in sti ck to th e bottom of th e screen, Let this dry until it can be scraped off without the particles going back to mush O'I being so dryas to become powder,

When the particles are firm but 5Hghtly damp, sprinkle them with one-half part fine grap hite. Then put them in a round bowl 'With a p las tic c over and gen tly swirl them so th:ey win. become roun d and uniform.

N'ext, put them on the window screen and shake it gently until an the proper sized pel- 1 e ts h a vie f alle n through. Pre ss the' larger pellets. through the screen into the bowl and swir] them" ~gain and keep this u.p until all. 'the pe llets are un i form 0 r un til you are no Ionger

amused. b ~

Even better powder can be .rI'l:ade by su 'stJ,"

turing undistilled rubbing (,,70%) alcohol for pl ai n w'a,ter +

Gunpowder, both black and 'smokeless, can


.l'C'i.OR MAN" '. S JAJ.1ES BOND v» 1 i 1

be bought at sporting goods stores, It' is; used for reloading, It has to be signed for but a pe:rso 01 who practi ces . at til rifle range and loads his own can prove a legitim,ate reason. for buyl11g tons of lr, He can fu 0 Be 1 O'Ef an y' am nun t of .it for other purposes.

AU grades of gunpowder are' sui table for making . bombs and grenades~ Of course, com-

. ial d d ., - I'} - k -1 - ·

merct - ·pow eric an. especrai y smoxe ess, ]S

more powerful than anything you can make Q)t horne.

Of rh e smokeless powders, Bullseye Pistol Powder is the most potent. The strength ~ngt. is, first, smokeless pistol powders t then tifle powders, Next, commercial black powder and last, the homemade kind,


The simplest fuse is, made from gunpowder mixture, using the dex [trine or glue bu t omi t~ ting the graphite.. ,A length 0 f corto n twine is stirred in th e mush" which is wetter th an th at to. be used for gunpowder, and when well coated it is' hung up 'to dry ,.

I f a th icker fu se is wan ted, th e coated strin'g is, folde d. a] ong j ts fe,Qgth once or twice, depending. on how thick you want it. Then a he,avy object is attached to one end .. and spun, twining' the strands. The other end of the fuse and 'the heavy object are secure d so 'the strands 'win rernai n twis ted until dry .

The dried. fuse I whether one or more strands: is .stiff and bri ttle, WIth any bending the powder' drops off in sp ors, makin g it burn. u nevenl y. If your fu se is going to be hand led or wiU be 'out in damp weather ~ you should make some Mi:c.ky Mo use safety fuse +.

Up to three feet of masking tape is, unrolled and placed sticky si de 1.1 p on a ta hIe. Th reequarter inch wide t a.,p e is used for one-strand fuse and one .. and-nne-quarter inch wide tape is used for the . fou r-strand fu se.


The dry fuse is sim ply laid along the tape ~ s edge and [he tape: is TO Ued over it u ntil it· is' nice and tight, It is then cut into the desired lengths.

A mote $0 phisti rated safety fuse is made by coa ring rh e fuse with spra y-on plast ic from an aerosol can, When this . dries the fuse' is coated wi'rh. rubber mold co mpound I bough t a t any hobby s tote + The plastic is' used first: becau se the' mold compound has a water base and would wet the fuse. The rubber would dry but the fuse would stay damp indefinitely,

Fuses of all kinds are best lit with 'the rnater ial used to ign ite high wa Y' flare s.

Com rnercial safety fuse' is alm ost im possible to i igh t with ,3; march, C.oa ti ng its en d

. h fla '., akes i li h d

wit rare ~gnl'ter ma es It. easy to 19:: tall, '

also keeps 1005e' powder from dropping out the ends, Th is' also a pplies to homemade or oth er {uses.

Flare igniter is, gotten from highway fl.re·s you can buy from any auro supply or surplus st ore for as ll ttle IS $ ~ 1 S each. The black igni.,. ti~g core is dug ou t t crumbled, and: dissol ved with carbon tetrachl oride, bought at any au to

supply store. .

Car bon tetrachloride is, co mmonly used for dissolving .greas.e from auro parts~ Just enough

. d d- 1 h""' d It I h

J.S use' to' isso ve t, ',e ,l,gnltet all' It ,~s t. en

evaporated off in a well ventilated area as, the fumes are harmful.

The: gray powder is, then mixed 'with just enough water to make 'a thick pa.ste.1 The 'fuse



POOR :MA}.I·! S JAMES BOND ve i , 1

ends are then dipped into the paste and dried.

The most difficult to ligh t fuse s are easily lit by ;3, match or even with a drop of sulfu ric acid,

If you don't want to waste a lot of fun flares you ·can· make your own ignition mixture, which is the same stuff as found in 'flares.

A ~ ifetime su pply of the black p art is made with :1 ~ ounce's of black 'antimony' 'sulfide, l~ OlU1Ces of potassium chlorate and one ounce of dextrine or 1'~ ounces of up age 's Muc~la.g~.

The black an timony sulfide and the p otas .. sium chlorate are both wet before' being mix .. ed, If they are mixed dry an explosion can result. The n : add. dex tri ne 001' glue' a nd en ough water to' make a thick. paste,

. You don It need much of the red striker mixture, One striker can be u sed to Hgh t many fuses.

The red striker mixtu re is mad e wi th 1 iA, ounces of red phosphorus, ~ ounce of dextrine or 3/4 DUn ce of Lepage' ~ s M.u c it age (from the dime store) and 1/4 ou n ee 'of fine' sand. Enough W'3 ter is ad ded to make a paste', sl igh tly thinner than the black paste' ..

The striker is a tongue depressor, bought at the drug store". or any similar light, thin piece of WOOdL A couple of inches. of the striker is. smeared WIth the red paste and a] lowed to dry I The red paste should be stirred well betore usingas the sand will sink. to the' bottom after ,a time .

P o OR Nl\N t S ~J ,ZUv1E·.S BO NJj·. Vo 1.. 1


Sulphuric Acid



OF CHEMISTRY has directions for making a wide range of needed chemical compounds from easily gotten raw ehemicals. These directions were taken from DICKtS ENCYCLOPEDIA OF 'P'RACT'IC,AL RECEIPTS AND, PROC:E,SSES1, first

P· u blished in 1°72" 'D"'ICK" "8 fai led' h .

',' ",' '.' I .', 0' ", ~ " " " .' ',': .' _ " ~ , ' ow ever ,

to give a simple method of making sulphurie acid. Its compilers obviously thought sulphuric. acid would always be so easy to buy from commercial producers that individuals would never need to make it.

DICK·S method of commercial production (3855} is too complex and the simpler method, credited to Nordhausen (3858) is too sketchy. It is also impraetieal, although you can easily modify the multi-flask method I .found in the AMERICAN MECHANICAL DICTIONARYi- 1876, to a one flask setup 'if you want to try it.

Since the home manufacture of sulphurie acid is so im portant, ,I ha ve included it here. The. simple ehemicals needed are: sulphur, bought at any garden store, calcium chloride, (4247) and iron (ferric)

~d hi h ~ i I .'

O'XI '~'I W::.,lC. IS simp y Iron rust,

The glassware ean be bought from any chemical supply company or even from, your local ph,ar'maey~

TnE: following instructions will enable you to make sulphuric acid, nitric acid and Turkey-red oil, used in dying. The methods here are for making small quan .. tities but you can modify your setup for making larger amounts,

Es.sentially I sulphuric' acid is a thick. oily, water solution of sulphur 'trioxide. Concentrated acid is made commercially by the. "contact" process 'in which sulphur dioxide, produced by burning sulphur or roas ting iron p yri tes I is pa ssed 0 v er a. heated catalyst, which causes it to' combine with oxygen of the a ir '~4J form SQ Iphur trioxide .. Since the' finely divided sulphur trioxide 'cannot 'be dissolved direc~~y in water, it is added to concentrated sulphuric acid, forming a .superconeentrated or "fuming' ~ acid w hie h is easily d ilu ted to the required strength,

You may demonstrate this "contact" process in your kitche n laborator y.~ with the simple apparatus shown, Your sulphur dioxide producer is 'a tin .. can cover on wb ieh you set fire to a mound of su I phur. 'I'he gas is collected by an. inverted funnel held just high enough f'Of' air to come under its rim, Tubing carries the' sulphur dioxide to the' bottom of a pickle' jar filled with lumps of calcium chloride which filter and dry i.t~ For a catalyst moisten a little asbe stos fiber and 'shake it with a q uarter

pour the acid 1inw the. water~ stirring constantly. Likewise, concentrated sulphuric acid will. draw water out of the skin, leaving a dangerous burn.


Never pour water into eoncantrated sulphuric acid" They will boil and spatter over the room, This is caused by the' acid's great affinity for water. The only safe way is to

POOR 'P-L~N'I S JA~1ES BOND vea . 1

of its bulk of iron oxide, When thoroughly mixed, dry in an oven and pack loosely' in the .glass tube- which is arranged horizontally in. your' setup, T'tu.~, remaining flask contains .coneentreted sulphuric acid. The half-gallon jar is a siphon bottle w hieh draws the' gas through ..

The Bunsen burner must he adjusted for gentle ·hea t- or the sulphur trioxide, will decompos e again, A mark ed increase in the

t + f . h 1 h ~ id i h

eoncen ration c the suip Uf!.C act In t e

flask occurs in a. few minutes, By addin g it


to water-in diluting, 'always pout the acid ~n~o' ~he uXLte'r-=-y~u get a greater quantity of acid of the original strength,

Sulphuric acid .is used in making many

h id A Iev nit .. id

01' er aeios. ,s au examp e1 mtric a'CL·-

tremendously important in manufacturing explosives and cellulose filmg~may be made in your home laboratory, but use' a glass retort as' nitric acid reacts on cork and. rubber, Through '3. paper funnel, drop 25 grams of sodium nitrate in to the retort, CarefuUy pour 20' ce, of eoneentra ted sul-

ASBt$.'TOS F I B'e; R~ AN 0 I RON Ol<lDE


BU~StEN ~~I).NEI'l.

S~tAt.l.. FLAME'

i -

CONC,Etn"RAT'ED H::!,-S04


Sulphuric acid ca'n b.e mQ·d.e in your home 19 bOll'afQry with odds ,0 nel ends ~j~e' the e p pc rat I}$. ~ ~ 5 ho wn ~ n d j,o 9 re m g b 0 'VB,. CO rn me rei a I' m a '" uia cfura :by ,the· It eon·hjcf·~ pl!"OCe5S1 iIIu$itlfated s.c:hemlcti.e,aUy b-eIQw. is: ess.ent·;QUy the .same.

DUST ...



.,.,..-- ...... SO'l .,...-,-iilIIiIi;.


. ~, ~


M!'o RPJ iON mytER


~ JI




Bttn~ ~ .~.,qJilNCATAL'I$T

'SuJ.~phur~io-acp~~ A:p1pa~.~a~tua. .An (..tllP~l- 1'8 tus In which sulph U I· IS su blirned an J. til f! ac id cm.Hlen::s~~l.

'F'ig ~. illos~mUw T!.l:.it~·a o:pp.a.~t~a fo~ produci.n.g sulph uric ~Id by means. or ~o.lphu.MU.B aDd DJ'k"JCu·a.c.ld. tt$j.Je.~ COIl(leilSf:d b)'~ ,~~ _ i!l to tile Ug:li id form. A. iiil q, n.Ir.n(ll:~ in wMc.b th~ :i.ul p·hu.1." is bll~1;!d ,. B, the fimt; pu rU5.('1·:r tel .... pump W'h'ich .ex-

hll.us!ti5 'tb~ g,u' from ~hi!i 'fi:iI;"!!I·t ptl'rifie-:r ~ .- _ . .,

.... od fO.tees· it Into the see., . . 1fIiY"I~jJ;d~

u mJ )ltu:Uil::!.i" D I ~h6n'r-e- it.cia dl'1l""TI i ato ~be cOlld-eri~T It 'Wh~

~ I . . .!I •

It Hi .t!.oDd~n~d i no ~ .11.. liquid

&lid d rn wn riff' j ilto· tb~ ey. Ii:utl,tlr. P:_ 'llIe C,oIDwullkatlo,u ~ ... ·tween E Bnd p. is. ·t.ben out. off', a.na • vn.L Vfi in

.POOR :MAN',g· JAM::ES EOND Vol. 1

phuric acid on the' nitrate, Arrange the retort with its stem. extending into. a test ;I! be I . d ~ .... t d its bo 1

~u'e rmmersee In :lce wai er an 1 >,,··W.

resting on a square ·of wire gauze' with an asbestos center, When the c-rystals are t horou ghly moistened, beat the retort gently, distillat a low temperature until no more vapor condenses, and then allow to cool. The drops -of liquid ill the test tube will be pure- nitric .aeid, H'ANDLE WITH GA·R.E!

An important property of concentrated sulphuric acid is its eagerness to absorb water-sa property employed to dry gases which are bubbled through and to remove water formed during chemical reactions. This dehydrating action can be' demonstrated by drop ping sulphuric acid on sugar, The mixture 'bolls. then blackens and swells"

Dilute acid does not, abso: b ··,,··t·,.

uu e '. em oes no. ar _, rrr wa er,

however .. and this may be shown by an amusing "stunt." Wri.te with it on a. piece of' paper, and the writing will be invisible. Heat "the paper t and the lines become visi-

bl the v ter e t d th

~e: [as me wate r evaporates ann . ne con-

centrated . acid chars the paper ~

Dil ute sulp hurie acid .aets d iff erently from concentrated in several ways, and, strangely enough, is often more active, Drop a tittle dilute acid on a piece of clean 9'1" ne or iron and "·t h tta ck - n th' . 't '1 .~ ... "'_ '.. u,' '. u I· ·a·u._·s_ e me 81


,. --=- ~- ..... "


PuOR MAN' S ~JA..~1ES BOND ve i , 1

instantly, forming a sulphate and furiously releasing bubbles of hydrogen ~ Use cold concentrated acid and little or no .action occurs. Heat the metal, and the' con-

centrated acid will oxidize itandthen form a sulphate.

One of the greatest uses of sulphuric acid is in the. production of fertilizers ~ In 1941~ nearly ,(I four-th of' the 'total production was applied to this purpose, Phosphate

k f· d i th • .... h.Js r t· 1,'

roe ~·t as oun in . :,13' eartn, IS pr ae .lea ~ i.y

Insol uble and of no use to pla nt life. T rea tment with sulphuric acid changes it into soluble calcium phosphate, a valuable plant food I' Two other important uses, in storage batteries .and in electroplating,

d I f it hi hIt ~ 1 d ti

enve rrom 1'8 ... 1.g.' e Be .tIca!l. con . ue .1V·-·


Shake a. lit.tle sulphuric acid with an equal amount of castor oil or olive' oil, and the result is. a thick dark-reddish material called 'Turkey .. red oil, which is used in the dvei · d . t¥y a- . H tt'" gent" to

yemg m ·uS;,,·: ,._. s a we. mg azent _

make dyes penetrate more evenly and easily, Having molecules which .. are partly a ttraeted to water and partly to oil, it lowers the surface 'tension of water',

_..l~ dil

spreads more' rea. _ .. y ..

the worm· 'Plve. ~ing ti:u:ollgh ~~ i!!I~oUd piiri~ ler D'iI! 'O~t tel!.e:'rinl!: the Pl'UBuN' whiQn DlI;iIl'talus ·.t.ho sul phu [lQ~.~ M:M in liq L1,.~[l '['.!m!!., aDd perm i t.:t:iu,g' it t.o assu i!I:U~ tl[~ ~ll.I!l-eoI[]~ e~l.l.diU(J:n. It nOoW9 t ill r;j}l1g~ t I ... \~ ~te hi to ;II.. l"{!ctl'ivf:l'.l:', wbero the ni trie~

~itl ~i Q~yg.@.n..!.. .~lid, s'~i,)a;m

.firo..(u, ebe: bo.il-cr 11 ;0, re 8.d:fl.li t" ~

'1..'." .r:!'it !.L.tL!. .JE'l.g, :vu"~,


POOR MAN t S JA~ S, BOND "if 01 Ii 1.

n~, 6009'

EJIl'- .... ':1',

~I.ril!l .. ' ," _ .. ~.' '11Ii

ted, an tl jj~, th~'[i, SU,}) lui, t ted, to a, bH''CS.~U r~ s um,~jeut "to, lbqll~'fy bot h :it and t,he III trk ae l.dL ,rr he rea~ tio us bet ween 't,be OX~' g,e'Il ~'Dtl the ~,)) t ric an d su 1- tl I ~ urous ,w:~i~ ~ N;'i5uJ t in t be, produ c!i Oil of sulp hurie acid,

][ u nun g or N o rd, ~UiU ~M sulph tiiI.!i.':i"e a(' i u _ i.~ p re:~~u.r~d lIy ~ne::U1~ of the a P l~ar~~,tlU-~ A ( v.~,g. , 6OOU) T 2~ i}nUlJ~ ~l3 0'f 'vitr'! oE ~ tr.)'t'u; < dli,t!i'J aul 'i~ hi'~ h~ ~'I,f' 1. ... [1 D} ~:re p blieed iill E3a.C}D of t h 13' rlasks a,(l, ~ etc, ~ made of

fil\e~c i ay .' wb o~ Dec kSi pl!J.~a through the walls 'u:f' t b e furDlli~e: ,0 n t be fi rs'~ ,p,;'pl:i:eutiao. ;of heut ~ u [.1 ,8111 ~p'hHU·QU8 acid. u:md 'vt~sl(:



hylirntoo, (litl] pblJlfic t],("kl ~~~, c),·~,tt ~ which are nstl:!tlly nU!lJQi to. ~a.Il€'. \~~heu white \'9 P01',$ ,of ,!l,D,h)"drous !nd,hulr,j,e aeld ,8 p'pe-a;t ~ t he ne~: k;$ ,()f t h e iltns:t,~ are Iu w!.l -to tb,~ reC'lfh'@f'8 iJ 61, @a.ch of '\Jh)~,h eORta:i,n~ 3(]' ,~t'tJlntUeS ~~'er, ,and. the dil~tl!~adob eentl DHftd 'fror.n '211, to 3n h ours, '!;:;rht~U the Hn_sks a:re R,~aiu 'ill..! 100. l't.jJ . h the sul pluuilt.: ibis '()'PEJ ru t ioo Is feflcat,t.';fj, :rOUt tlli1ll1te.sLt befo,:re [b.,e ~C'hl is d~(rlIu}J, 8u:flr len Uy sh'ong'- I h~ ~'V~cUi'~ gra'l'"i tJ Vo.rl~5 'frmn L 86 to I. ,,92 ''1. his v,8ttiet.v ],~ llrL net pai i, u.sed 'for dis~alyi.n,~ 'indigD;, ], 'Part benD,,1l 'mi,xe'LI "l,th 2 of the c~m,mon a~id for tb'hol, pur ~'e'.

B i$ -t'he ap p&r,{ltue e mp~ oyed 'fOl eoncen trot 1 n,g the ordiliJRry

:su~.phurlc &Ai'ltl"Of COllllnlt~lt'(i~. T]u.~ ~e1.k :It!d.d'i 'p'rep~J'i@d hy the

t.., - ., • .,,,,," r t.h 1 . 'I ii, ~ • • , ~,.. •

a.u~prpt,.on ~n. Wa"!iT 0 'to'- e' ga$; e'\:'u':l!t·,y, Il)" 'fi'a~t"l~llug' Ij,)·t''i'I.iC!S~ :~,9

t::rH.n 8f~rr-ed {<CD ttl~o le3.th.-"ft ,e~.u,ulil bl'f a iii (''0 n n,@r'te~i bJ' a, ~ i:p boa wt th t:at simi,b .. n~ tdlambel" b: th~ l!l.li ttl~r an d th ~ lie tort t U'@ ,hearted (Ure~ tl,)" Il:'f furna.~e~" 'l1l'~d t'h e foO'-rriJ(~1' by i\ i1lH~ t i le:re:firollii1 ,; d;uri n~ the t ra Ds;f4t.l:'U[1 t~e n~():[Il1 'U lie th"sat b} 11 be se~o nd c ~l8.'it~ her the aci~ 1 aeq lUi l:Ie~ a h i ~bt.l r 'Li{!gr,!::!!e of ,rt)ru~'~nhta.Uo,n ~ B,]) d is t;.h~'fJ, by 'Inef~'rJ $ '0:[ a secen d !1ii.Jjho-D -; ,tonv~yed from t beMe ~n tD ['be r~tort~, ,!hr!'re ~at'er ~it,li1() w~nlk at"i.1 ,ilr~ d,dcv,~n GI, strong aeid, '~f s,E!(i'ifioc; ~n\ vi,ty 1. 'jS to 1. 8 reUl~'li, iii hl~ 1 n tbe, 1~tOJl~1' when,tiI it, j,iS vi'lthll.h',ft'wl'!I. by i1 l~l.u.ttnQlU ~:iphon, {:If p~!fdil.9,.r (,:Qg~t~ru!c'ti~~., The re w,rt i.t~, also tu ~n~ny eases UJ ad~' v r ,p~f). t in tun i' b·M"t Il-ass is ia.1SQ freg'Rent],y employed,

~'PLasEVE .. i'RDX~

~A· ..... -. 'J .. - .

The ,,',ell kn,own Itit,M' e:~,iPl.o9iV\e s used 1m, practlc~ belc,n,g

b nth. as re ga.r\C S the iF cll@'mm,ea.1 'ClQD~tJl. till t:ic,n_ an d a.la 0, the iE' prGperUe!Ell an,d e,ffeets, in ;le:ner,aJ, to t.w,o dUi'~'re:n-t ,Irou.p~~ vis, til e 'e'the re e, 1 s a;:U, a Of :0 j"trlc ~ld and. -t h ~ nih" (;\ cOm'pound is prop e'l"., Typ:ica,l repre,i!j entaUve ,s of the' filr,st; clai9 ,13 Elre n~t['o gly,ce~m,~ ,p:nd .,iuncotton. ':;Jr tn,e ~,e!e'luld the'

2J. rO'l"tl illl1c nltlrQ co,rnpoWlds sue ~ ,a:9i t:rLl1"i t.rlOtoblftR ~~ pic rte acj,d and te tranUr,~m,e'th,)(Milble ~ T,ne m 10 8;t p'l"om:1n en t ,[I',SI't ure s of' th Ill' ethe r"e'al is all 9, ;ot Il,'L'tr:1c I.C: Ld a :re' on, tbe

fa v'Ol,u:'I,ab le ,::3 ~d€l the' h,ig'J'l aDl 0IU!l1 t "f e:ne r gy' tihe y c ontain ,~ndl, cnn the 'u.n.tf,aV'Qur-ab lti, ,!i!I ide' tl1,e'iF' 'I! &',.Y' U-.bd.lUy too d<i!'~ amp-a.i"'" t.ion ,MLO th c ir e',xt reo:rd m,s~ru.y ire 81 ,sen ,fd~ i'ven es s t,O!W a:rd i m ec hani(; al 1nfluE!:'n Ce' B • In (: on1mdi artinet L,o'n b€:.r'~'~o' 119 the' b ell a via !ill"" of the, a rom at io III itro CQm p.ound.s . The'ir e.dey an'" ta,se s a:re m 'p ar t lo Ullt th,ei,r e liC't rao rd m"ar, chern leal

~ tabU! t y and the i.r m uked non - se:n ,si"t iven,e,$ s tow Bra $

I3,M' c,~ but ttl e 1r d i Baa var~t a,p ~s' the ir c,ompa r-at L!ii.i"ely ~o w


The s e - OippOS lite ly ~ on t,r:ac te d -P:r"oP'Eil r" ie s eX,plain 'Ul,e "Ij{,a,r iO,lj S, attempts whi,ch ~La!ve be;e'rL madB :0 ~rovide 6!ll expl,o,si.ve,jI

~ h ich s ban ,COlm, bine in HB'e 1£' ,Qn:iy th e ,advanta,g,es o.f b OUi c.la S ,se s, of e xpio, s i ve,~, ''''dl.lu !s: to l3 If' a ,com poun.d", w,bichil

in ,add i t Lon to the 6 t,~bil~ ty ,an d. n,(n1, -l9i ens lt1 ve:n e's s of the araDl,a.t1c nitro cOl"(Jpound,s exh,ibits the degree Q.f lener"

of the enJ'l,e,r,t! al ss. ~tS o:f .n it r ic~ ,ae li d t A s a :re ~ult of the sle atte mpts hUh 8'rlo obtamed, Of? rtam, t~'t.ranilitrated bl!:1lz ene de'rivatLvea, with the on.ly re ce,n,tly prepared te'tranitrani'"

1 in@ iii:-e the chi@f.. The s:e C,O mpo un d,~ &'re most c e :rt.aJn ly

.an ,adv'anc e in til :1:9, d:h",e ct io~i' but the y he ve net f'ulfille d. '~he e-xpe'c1:at'iJ(!In s demanded of· the m, b eo cause, as U. w 'Ei:ell sub.seque.ntly ,f,oMo. tb.~ mcrea,se ,in energy confe'rred by the f,o u,rth n U,ro g:rQ'UP was obt,ah'ie d at 'the e XPtlUS e cd" B

ge ir'mUB dee eeas e m ~he iI" art ab tilt ty,., O,l,rmg to a d ee 'Ld,ed lia:biU ty of t.he lou rth ili t ['10 iP'\o up,,, w h i~h tl :51: itu:tl\ted in tb,e m~ t a .p os i.ti'Q n, the's e highly :rd:t rB t,ed sub $biln,ee' ~ a re !a 0

: .. :iabJe' to' cle,c om:pO;3 it i'Q~ ·~h at any praot 10 ,a] ue e the r·eaf is ,no'~ to b~ tho usht o:f;,~

In th~:I, w'&y tCt!fre!"o,r.e Ute ehd aimed at c,oonot be a;ttalru~~d ,and, th,'e'l"e ,irs' COilE! s'q1Jl,en'tly B,t, p:reaent n,o pro sp-e'cte of 'the re,a.li.z ,ation of t ~i'ia lei,a'a.,

N ow a ceo rdl in.g to the Ph". sent inv ant ion it ha,:g be e'n j'Otm d

th a,l he! xa.m e thy'h!ne,te U"a.mine" th ewell kn,o "In conden satio,!) ,[produc,t ,obtained l~t"Iam :formalcehyde and amm Ofii~ yields" 'wf:l<I~'n, a, lal t,ab ly tr e ated w lith c anceD. t.:r a ted n.ih: ie, ac id,I' ~ extr'so,:rd 1na:r ily powe rrul exp 110 8i,v~' ~ om PQlU1d,~ w,Men. combirle ,9: in t~s,eU :in alt ,abs;O lU1"';::"])y id eo oj, ma.nne r th e l,avo'-ura.ble p l'op'e'rti.e' ,8 of the e the':rle a1 salts ot ]11 t ric rae id atl .. d t he' a~o.m,a"U,c ni,tr'Q com pounds,;

Tn'La new (i:,Kplo'r3,1\re s~bstMce ~s neiithe'~ an, e~thet"eal :s:alt of nit-roie a;i!: id n,o l'" a. p t,I,re nitro com'pcHlr.u;l~ but 'i a: ,a n U~'a '" :mtne w:itb. :a pie cuUa:r ~m g i 0 rm,a.t Lon;; A:9 c he mia 21 i.rJ. y,e ~ ,tis·,a1:ic~ h aa .ehown. :i.'t :is de riv'e d like h~ xa.m eth~ lenerte'tl'" a'-' ttl ine f:l'Io'm the' bypo!tn"eH,g::,a.l c::y,alo,t.:rilne1hyle'netr iam :lne

H - 2


.. ,'NH'

H C-.· :2


and poss@s,aeSJ the .following s·tructural formu.la:~

H. 2



N~N02. C})1'

. 2

N' NO:2

This cy,c lot.rim ethyme.n .:triin Ur'arn in,e 1,9 'for m. e d "rom all the' acces sib Ie de r 1V,81 i VEl! S e f c yclotr U:n ,eth.yleoet riamine by the action of ccneentrated nitr'ic' ae ld, For it,s prQ~ due t Lon on a la r.g,e 8 c. ale, howe ve'l" ~ 0\11.'1,. c:yc IotzIme thylenetrimetby11riaro.m:E3, that 'is ilie' cond,~nsation preduct obtained from fiQl"ma:ldehyde' 'with m'eth;ylam:ine c:auld be ente rt,ain ed a.S· a raw ma.t,e'l'1a1 in, ad.dlth~D. to th:!? alI'e·ady know.n hexam ,e'lhvli.e n,et.e1 ram m .. e j a s the g-the',r der iv a H,ve's

' ..

·are difflc ul t ly aeee s !!!dbJe an d thereto re' no t e conam ie al ..

'The' f'olJlc.rw ins: m ethQd ,of prepara H~cm ha!l: :b ee'n fotmd to ,answer ytell by reason of its good yield end tbe re'markable un Ub rmi t1 of the prcdue t:

1 n.to 5100 .grm S t of fii t r,w at: ·ld. Q,f' B BPS c'ific gravity a.f'

1.52 f,r·eed as compl!.eteq as PQss:ib e I,r',om nitrous gaeea !l.re m.troductd, ,at .first m (;]lJ.i.te sm,all. portions, and gr,e,d.u Jly... 1'0 grms... of we,ll dr·i.[ed Q fQ;chl' he,yam,ethylGlLst,e.t1r.am me w'i't.n cont. in UOUl, ~ , 'tj,,. r lng,i' Thie· te mp'e l"ature 5,8 ke pi

b etw'een 20Cli md SCi'" C '. dlllring t.he :oj l·ra.,tliOD. After th,e adcUtion 0,' the hexamethy,h;,n.ete,tramm1e t,s complete the

m, 1)1: tur·e. 1 s allowed to IIt.u.d /;01"' a f'ew m.m lJ.1 te S 8 t the' l!laW,

t, 'mpe'ratur\fi' and, then the' mixtut,e, is, ,s,lo,w~ hea:te:d '0 ,55·~

C t a,y co:ntm UOUI sU:rr'm g aDd 'CGO Unl if nee e'lliS: ary the temperatuf' is ke'pt hetween 500 and 55° fo,r, a, p,er"ot::! of about ,IS minute s after wh lob the .m as e i.e, a,gam eo ole d d·O'Wll to the oriamal te III pe rat va. .A!:te r 1 ~ m inute~ s s.land in,1 :1:1 is dilute d wh Hst b,e inS' again coo,le' d by the qu :L-te gradual

ad di t ion of f r;Orn. ~ to. 4~ t i.me;!ill Hs v[olum e ,of 'Ii' a ie'l"" en d .. afie r some .'tim.a the s'eparated DitIiO com.p~und. iB, aep,ara.ted from the liqu.id., ARe l'" being wa,s hed g·e·v,e' r a1 tim e'a: 'Wit,h C!O ld. ",·ster. hot di.lu.te _,od.a solu'ti,oll and again w'Uh wa:ter it ls finally dried ·at. My de ,8Iire,d 'tem[J,)<f!!' ratu r,e. [f ne c-e Ii S axy the :product m.ay also be· reer),sta1]jzied {'rom acetone'"

The (:.yclotrLmet.hylen,etrinit.ramine obte.in,ed in this 'way is a 'briUiMtly ~h.ite. odourless .;;nd tae,teles,g rather eegl"Ss" ly cry sta.lline ·po.wde l' ,01 a. n.e ut,r&l rIa &C·t ton t 1'1 me 1't Eli & t· '200°' C ~ and ,only d,em.nates at higher tem:perature s~ It..Ls


quite .ins,al.lbTh.e. in, wa:t'E!-:r,~ difficu.ltly soluble ill hot a1.coho

-. _,., _.if!. -.." "" -L~ -l:y CI 0- in ac· e1·0""'· t::t. al i!!I. I al Ii'liC"'" tl'" C .,. i'"! Id ... n. d O c<i!!l.' ... -

.L.Il.~'t,.;I4. 'I!;;i ~(;IIiO :--:... ": , ... ':_ ,':":W'~ .I:i ~ !,.Ql. ~..... '" ~J. iIilIoIoolO. ~ ..... ~J

tra.ted nitric ae Id fro.m which substancea U can also be rec ry,alallb e d ..

The cyclollrimethylenetrinLtram1ne ts nol attacl!;}ed by

e ithe.r boiling w,Q1e I' DO,[> by hot. di Iut e. ac ids and exn ib its when ;subjected to, the usua.I hot stot"ag~ t'l2sts, eve'll at unusuall,Y high. tem,:pe1"a1tur.es quite ,a r-emarkable 9,tabu~~.y~.

It 'is extraordinarily n.oQ,=e.,en.sith."e t:owards shock, blows .a:nd fr LC'U,O,ll and in thi s re spe',cl is abou.t e qual to ·th~ arol'rJ at5.c 1. nnLtro core pounde, When ignited it burns slow 1y 'without ex plo din g w'i~h a brigft t. r,e:ddi.sh flam e and a f:i.z 'z mg nets Ei' Uke t erran it rani Un e and leave s not' ea id ue r

The most ~urp:ris,ing featl! ·,f'e of thia ccmpcund hcwevar- is its e.xtr·a.ordill,ary explo'sivf! and 5,ha..ttering power-, In this

l"·esp e,et th ~ eye 10·t 1"ime U~ylen e trinit.ram ine ex'c€: e da all th e explosiv.e' substance[s hith[er-m knOWll" both the en.ol"mous,ly if De :r,g,e tic' n it l"Ot; 1,,'Cle. r ine and a.l~;.c], the it apidly' de't On a tin.g

t,e;t ran i tl"'anU.me • Th is prope rty. it ewe s, m addition to a cempe sUJ,on wh :·ch pe rnl lits of fa'Ll'ly comp Iete in ter-na.l combusti,on,. to i1s h~gh endo'tib.e·r-mic eharaetee pri.nc ipalJy. Whe'ir'eas the .form.a.tl,on or the 1ll0st 0:( the nttr-o explosives t e.ke' s pla.c is! with ·fre.q uen Uy E, ,~on.s i.o erable 10 S s of ene ro·, the· 'we,lding together ,0,:' the eye.lot.rim.ethylIEu1.etrinitra.mine f'rom thiEI ele.:m ents 're qu ires th e Elstonisb1n ely hi.gh arne W1 t 01 ,81. j 4 c:a.lo:rif!s per mnleeula. This· latent riMed. energy

i 6, !Ilg~m man ire sie d ,cn. ex:pi'08 Ive de C ompoa iUo.n ·and in ~

Q re ase s the am eunt o.t ene r IY o'! ttl is ex plo siv ~ to an W1- usu any h:w'.gh Enn.O\Ul t. ",and in hand W'l t.11 th i.s inc recta e ot ene l"gy th er·e. appe arB ItO be a.1so lthe velo city. of de'to.n.alion. whl,cb. is greater than that of i1..l'lY ,.other kno\m @)"plo~ivle· sub atmc e, Since the 1"19' is addle d as a. th l:ro fa.c:'tot"' an extre.lll'ely la.rg,e 'voilu.me of ras due to the ltarge :e.mount [of

:n i't r',oi'eD. and hydro P'ri 'OQ,nt a. me d, ·thi s, new ex.plo i i ve s ee·m s te be of qlli:t[e enarm,OllS eifect. wiblch is also clea.rly

she Wl'J. ac:-tul1. y by the su"rp:r ~s:ing re sulta of th e Ie ad b lac k and p'e'rl,et ra t,wn tes ts .•

Anlotb.e r .re. quir~ ment, 'II hl,ch is, d.ema.t'lde. d cf a iO,o,d explos:'1ve.,. that 01 a high de'·ns,Uy. is p08se,ssed by eyc:10,tr~meth.ylen,atrmitre.mine in fj'uit.e B, .F@mar-kabll: ·degree. The absolute !!!I,peeifi.c: gra.vit.y is, 1 .. 82 ,a,n,d this is a. maximum not po is,S e 88 e d, by any 'nl't ro (::ompolmcl, hi "'hart £); Tn is 1a,C:t enables. ve·ry h1gh lo8idinS' densities.: to be obt amed whi~h

is of gf1eat bn:p,ortance f·o.r many purposes~ e.g'.; burstln·· charl'~B f'o·r- p'r-oje(:dlesi~ detorJ,ab:u;s afl,d, per.cue.~ion eaps.

The fOllovf'in'i table, 'will show the compu'ison, of' alL tbeae c:o.Dsta.n.1s of explos,hve Bc.ience wl'lh ·those of other 8Kp.ioislv[e's.. ~ Se.e n,eXit '[page)

.A p. om.t D,r 'Impc %'tanc e wh ic h 1.8 not to b,e 'Wl c.'e ]"'9' at irnate,d is alse tn.,e beha'viour' g·t cycmotrime'tthy~eDe-+rin11.ramin.e in a ,,,anita!"},, di.roe cti.oD~ In c;,ontrad1st:!i.nc.tion. to m,o.',Sll. of the Qther ni1ro compoW'lds. it is,absolut.ely no:n''''poi,51:lonouS'JI has no tIn,cto rial p ropi9 rUe B,y, i.s: com ple t.e ly odo urle e ,s an d. ts[stele's8 and does Dot C,fIl,U9"E)' ~ ittJ1 .. er in the f:a,rm of d.ust. Or' ,9o'luti!on ,any mil" r.i hUlJi.t aJfs,c t iens: Qf' th,Ei' re splira tory ., rg,ans and. th e skin. In. j u rtie s to the WO'l" k pe ople by tbe US 'Ua 1

d isc,o,l,o til" at 1 OinS of the s k.1n.~ injur lOus action en t he IS ens ~ of ta,ste., e. rupt ic!D.~" be adache ~ a,nd e as)" ahronic poQ 1son in g

w h'i(;!h are cauJiIled :in the prep,8l'"a:t1o:n .m.d handling or tIt'e! -

nit ro compo und s are th.e'riill'or e. pre c:: lud e ,e M,d. th e ~ 0 rn.pli - cated hygienlc' precautions hi.'therto ne~es !3,ary become


'111:1',.....,.. ........ tL-..;:o,,,,,,,", rem s "i~'~'-oa :·t" W" 1; l"i ·t"··i-.lc.':I':i;o;~~r.""'"" iIi....;:. .... ''!I''''......... ~lLrI'~I ... jI'~.

Jlt~ J,; -u If.tL J . L ~'ICi'a c: " II!i:; i, ~~ .. -'~'Ol ~ _-. .lL II ~ '= ~ ~ 1,'~J~ ~' !U'G" ~ LL~~~ , fl.!.1l1J~ ~I U I.

c ycJotrim e thyllie nat rin hh."'am:i.:t'w W'f!; ha.v€' .8. pe rf,e·cUy new J .

... • ,i.'1,. . t . l~~.·· . 1 "'" ~ . ,- '1' pill.. .... A ~ L ~ ... .::;. ~.""", ii:'~,;::o.8 '~, '" in 'Ol!J,'1i"j ,I.:II.1Q..J,1L e r ,'0 un xnown exp &!i..I is,llve,;;, ~' Jl_ ";'i!i'& ~ .,;,.;m~~~l". 'S ,.I.IJIL .!I~',;;I'!;;.II!.1 .', w,~

ide al way the ad v ant age is! bQ'~h of the eth.elr'e al ~ a] 1.$ of n iJ1tri~

'".. "d --.'" - 1- -.,.;;, 1ii;-. .... ~ - ,~. "" .... '~'. ... -.Fiem· . "'·1· ,A' .... '"'t''!O'!tJ''';, ,n .... 'M· . n..-..·.iiil".. ...::II,"", .m.m"··-

ac 1 " aDlI!..I, a. SIll,,;!! :!i.I,1Y' S e. 'I!. l! I.U € ~.!L:!U!'.I ~ ~ '.!L. .IJ~;III. .!II. 'U .... U . ,t-'IuI"!O'IU.~.Y'Ii:II,~ "'" ..

bdn sd with h"'EtD'ulrkB'bie stahlilHy ,aDd :n(m'~ 5@tJ:siti',,.e;n~ss .

1-.. -1 J;j. - - 1~1 b ith ;11- ..... ~i~ ....... , .. . ..:11 n . --"in 11 - u -

W ~.!!!.I. ~ e .1 'I- sr~rp,as,.~ eiS' a.J1l ., l.i .- ,e I'IW ~;'JUO'W1l any .It.'rac,Bi.'...'· ... i!. ',-Y . ,~;ia'~

ble €'xplo;,s, htc ~ in el!iie·,t"·gy'; ,sba. tt~·T. mg' power M d dens ity an d. co t.':! b~ne s wtth. th~ S,€' € nraD I'd in.ary p ro p@,rUi.@5 in M. e xplo ~ SlV ~ r·e's.D ee t. many advan t age s alsc as I"e gard s' 8 aJl :Ua,r'jf' condrtions ...

Its po s sibiUt ie s of' Uiij e e mb r-ae e in r e ape ct. of the iar.ge

b f~ "~l ..... ,~, 1""lFr!Im..::.rtl"e~' Wi..·~, ..... t, i<li- In""";;;"""""",,,,,, ~";;;' O"!; 11

'Dum e lr er' e:x!Cil11! = _If,.!!!.!;. ~"".j. F";'; . ;:_ ~ liI";"';'.L l JI, '" t"1d'!D 0 ~ rL::I;~ G' 6" ~.

'b . .' "". h .. . ". f~ '. "" . 1 ~ n,rd m· . i: 1'::., i!'i; """'U' oi!io 'n, 1.n .t!'i'i:~'.rn, ~~.iIi .... 'ii':I oIi'\I,e~ , li ... "!i; .... ~l'l~

urB.:r:u::::. i es [I eli. V 1_ 1iMJ!!L11 ',l:.llli;la.a:. iI' 11I;i ~ LV~· 1",... 1;;J"",~u .... ·,.· .II. U 'iO!I·YIIUIi,

'11-' , t ~t . ,..t'- bu -",,~ II!... f' .. ,· t'""'l~" Ii·'

ricnto :iii s use .H)t" ._Uf"S LLng clIi:la.l"'.ges: .wor pl"oJecl, laS,;ii' m w.n@s,~

.and -U:H~' Iike, and as a b ta stin,S: a.gen t. fo r ,all min mg ~d rrrine r alogic .al pu ["po ~ as i'~ is pa:tHcubr q' s:uUab 1@ f'Q;t, the pr-oduc tton 0'£ e xtr aor\dinari ly r.ap idly ~~ tin g detQna,Ung' fuse s an.d ill conjunctwn 'W' Ub ini.U;~d llfl€ $1 S of' ·i~ition .. fo t· the in.Hng of percusr;d.on cape, d'etaoators and fuses, for

P~·; ·,.t":]·~ _ A' ~ ,-; ..... '!10'!1·...lm·' ·flii to 1IO!I>.·e ~'1il!!~ !:'"...'". u:-ikl· .... ;a.. it·, ts P~I'iI~I -.:EI .....

~. ~~.,I e ~ "OIJ ,es. '!i..' ..... 'U,£. U . 'b '. ,~u !;I,.:II §;;i ,'U ,;1,;" .~ i J'!iooU , , ·c ... G' ·.:1'1041, !!;;I,

and the effect a'irn,.ed. ~,t th.€ c,.c1lQtf"im;e.'U'ylenf:;ft:r,mi·tlr'al..~.me' m a.y be us t!,d alone jJ o r in C onj un C t ion "'!11th 0.1' Iii i::;:;,ed w'l th utlle!lr ex:~ilio,!ld ve $; '0 r C OWiPQ UQ'5'l t S Q,i' @x.plos i v~.s ..


B:iIl$icall:r.~ tile procluelto:n of nitroglycerin ·mvolv~s. fu~ ~rndu.E'.l. adding of gly,c~·t·;C11 to ~ mix.tk:n;.'"e' of nhri.c aID-d su.l,fu:r'iC' ac:d.d;s fo11ovted by ,sei'pariEohon of il\be nittroglye:e'tin irO'ITJ th-e- w a',~ t ,e p.rodu.c t S • Tbe fo U!iJ'"wmg diit'I~"c1ltion swill $.e t'"\~ e

[0 r th e ].aoo r.8ito ry pr·@pa. r,~ hori 'Clf' rrl1t"'O g~yc e Tin m ~ m Ml a:nl0unts .•

'PRE P AR.A T] ON 'OiF rn E Iv{ 0:: ED' ACID:

( :2] M fl: as ure ou t .3 a 0 :m It of C O'nC €nt rat'e dJ! or ~8% !3:u.Uu.:ri!c' Ladd is, ha.vil1g· a spol2.ci1'ic gt'avi~y of 1. S 4 at 'room tel'l1,pel"'atum",e.

( :3). Slow ~ Y POLl r ttl e SulLi'U.ric ,~id ill to ,t.he 'Nit ric i3.·c.~d~ aIld stra;rt telt'mg it cool i)f:f in til.€ 8~lt= ice ba:th;

SALT t I{E ~-tI'~- ._".,,' +. .~


AC' :'TU Ii 'L' ..... nr Tn ·/!LTc to 'k'~ n " ... ,no I wI,-II!l.ll. ~ ~ ... .:: .~~~

{ :3.) Qn·e unit of gly,oerol y.ie Ids about :2 ~ 1/,;:3. unit Si of nitro .~O :you Can judge· the a.mount 0(£ glycerol to use by the S-= ID()lm;.t ,oi n:i.t ro j"c~u w i.eb 10 make,

{4) Th.e nitra.w:r C,M. be! made Qf .glass,'! cast iron. .. lea.d~ Qr .~teet

f 5·) Sta rt tbe' lalir f'lew an.d roe guJa.te it S,j3 tb.a,~\ the ac i,O,s, aee we 11 !5:-tdir.red cui not S'pattertng {l,ut of the n:i.trato'r ,. U is e a

·t la t pl t ~h 1 f"l d" too tit

. I ~-.'\", _F I . ~.- "I'", ,'._ ~ .• " :.' _',.J _' ',', _ I ,'," "". _. l , .•. 1 .. I' -'f." I . • ...

sere" "ype e ,m.p e riB, .· .. ·.·a e ne a r now an Vi. a .. . it!

flow' carefully as it .h@lp8 to k,e'@p the t@'m"p@lf"2.tun! down. If t!h~' ternpe ra;W\ty do,~ 5, ,go up ,give' the nit ra.ta!" as mue h a.i.t' ~ you, po ss ibly and is a!J!e ly c an,

(: 6) sta.n the g'lyc:e. rin e mto, th,e n i.tr~t-()r· in a n.n,e" is 10"", st.r@am Or even '~y til@ d:['lc.p.r. Q@:pe'ndm_g '0'0 ·th@ ternper ature r·i.a e, .and the spe'ed .. and vi(doo ce o:f tha~ :r'e:8J,i;::ti,a,n,o; \'fr Lttl

p ~nty 0: tiHU~ a'VaillLable the d:[,iO,p m ~ thod is· ~dvis ,~bJe ~

( 7') The, :ice boa th i$ I~alt and c ru.$be d :Le,e ,an·d. smaU a.mOW'lt of" vtate r, ..

(8) Use,~ toltal rnnmer~ion. ceniligrade the't'm.oml~1te:r in the' 2.eids :in the nit rat~.ir.. The nitra tin g te m p,e-:r',i~1,:ture ~~ kept belO'w 22 C1Je g)"ees c ent1.grade., U' jj :l"'Ul1fl S h~ghe r j; ,coo 1 !It

off. The! tempe t',a1tur,e em go LlP 3·(l d e,ITe e s, C\ wi100u t t·O!) m u~. d§lnge r.'.~ TIle n [t .. i'O be in.g ·p:roodu.c!ed w.:i1.1 ~tart m de'" ,c.o.mpoBe a.t 5 Q <de gr-e E!' S C; and give orf the red. 15,as of nitro ~ g'I1i!'n dwx.ide;. whic.h is !poi $onou~ ~ Don ~ t let this h ap'pen. U' th~ re :W,a, a sudden ria-,e in the te: m.pe l'atu~'t!· err the' I'e d ga.s

is nQtiood.~ DUMP THE \Vij·O.LE \V'OBKS INTO 'THE C_O.LD

\i'r.;!i;ITE· '0' ~ ~

'!j ft _ ~,\IJ'iI

un Keep' the :t'e,~tiO!n co,ol~ 2It1.d t.he. air sUrrm,g go. i'n,g 'until

",b;!:] ., .... m'p" i"'Iii""a;l,u 1";,,,,,,. o-I!! ... iL·"l.CI '''''@.", niiil ~ ""'",n'" ......... '"'" "'" "'" ,,.:!I·~·wn t i'"'; i Ii! dJ':l "' .... ''''' ....... '! .. .,U~ r"" .. G'.o 11. ..... ~ L~ ..... .:1 ..... ~ ..... i,!!.!J.1J ~ !o."o!!..JI~P'l;.!;;! uu." "w L o..! .' "c-"'" 'U..:;.,a

C .and r",e'rn a i!n8 thJe lr'e' or Bl ]1tUle co dl1.,e,_r •


q) n·· ~. t" 'F'''' .. '. ,}' .' .. 11 t·" ., ," ·f·· . ·th·, ·~t"-· }. ,4·,-.,. • ",t . ·,,1, '. ···t ··f '.lL. .J."',o1l1I' u~ coo SQJ:.U ,ll.on.ro.m . e n.li. .I'a~or 11"i 0 ,IP' en.y 0:

""""",, ... ;I. 'i'!.'il' . "'~ • t .;Ii " ..:i

:room I~mpe'!ralut"e ·W,8!!~er. ""J."-IIQW ri!m 11:.I~,li..s 'wa' .e-r-.nlll,"l"'U'~~lu

s(ll u'~ion in th e ~ e p,arator.

(:2) 'Sepa~'a1t~ the. 1'lliqU,DI'SP Or w'asta ac~d8 .from th,e- nitro. Th ~ rdt ro will tH!' .bne.:avy a n (In. ilLhe botl().ITJ..

f 3) Kee p tb e ., r 'UqUOi'" ~ M $. E']),ar:.3'te fo~' fu.rtlle 1'" s'e'pa rat ~,o;n wHh chkJ!:~,:,ofo.rm. i.f Ollie' wan-t~ to do th,Ls·, This ~s Olnly dOone AF TE R n~ 111;r~liz ~:i1.g ,th,~ a.cid ~ wt~ h ~od'i um 'Cia rho-nate solution. Check the' acid it)' "'"ith blue libnu,s :paper ,. W'ben it is :ne'ut ral. th'H Ii tm ~ V1«illl. stay bliIl@ aa:ld. show N 0 t',~,(t.

( 4l Add plerd.y of: ::I ,8 t'OI ·4 ~ d,e'gr-ee ,e' W,a,lt,e r.' to the nit ro ·and mL:<{ 'up 'w~fu the air siirI"w,g·,. Then s.e'par·,;ate.

un G i'Ve' ita. f'L."al, ",,-a i!.h. 01 cone en b."s te d. .5 aU ;sO h.t.t.ioll. le't it set for one day befo re separatm,g"

('~l Separ-at ~ md che c k the' ni tro ,for a(d~dit:r,. 'Til e 'nitro

nlli $ t be neut ra. 'L. If illi Is Ui.)t" K@@ P w,a_,sihir.t,8 i L It M'U ST be neu tralli due "too ,S a.f ~ ty and ke epmg ,qua li.tk ~ .


Drv 1th@ n'i ~ r.oo 0 v er" ::~m]j\n:-ic aei d 'in a de s s icatnr ~ The nJi,t 1"0

.". ._. . - - - .

should have a Bp6cif'ic, grtavi.ty of :1 ~ 6 ,a.t 15 dlegre'es e, it

ma . .y t:aJ~e ~,~V€:ral days fait"' ttu~: nit:",1 'to dl''lt out~


Add an iequ.al q,uanHty .of C. ,P .. ChlorofoFIn to the NEUT,RJU~ !'~UqUQrs," MLx.i chen Ie 1. separate and. run thrcugn the sH~pa:,ra.Hn"'~ LB,t thO!; ,cJ~.lorofot",m'" nitro :SN~'t :in th,~ open for

1 day $0 th,@, ch lo ro"fo rm e an ev avo r ate off a~ m ueh a,~

pos sible. N' ow ttl i s nttro c an be m ixe d w:ii'~h. the othe r n:i~, r-o just be fore Pl<l:t Lnlio tb.e d e~.s.lift ate r 't 0 dry;





{.2) FROZEN NI'TtU] C,AN~T H,E' ,DE'TONA,TED, T.H]~iREF'ORE~, 1"£ IS ~LttFE.

J "l) F'f"iur 1C"i p. R' OC'" . "EH:~ C!' T' . i\ 'ii',jI"'il;'" Q/i;Ti; O····U i'T'i .¢'I, ~ II /. i"!i TJlroP\lj R 9 EXC L U -

, . ..J. I .1. ""e " I _'.' -..I:!.. ~-.._" ft~ ~ n...c .. . .1 ..::;; J:. ~ JrW'i...J.··· .' - •. . .





. . . ~ C.',,"- --_. l····~ - ~ ·NI~'!i. ,;j- .......... ' .. ···t , .. '. 'n. 1].-

Pro'pertlE;5: N,lt.I'Og1YCe'r'U'le, '.' '"-11'1 JLS "n~ ,mos _ com,mo.. .

'q,uirl high, exp'losivle bO'wn today" E>,:rw'@v@r~ ,t~@ re ~f'oe 'litl,a,:n,:y otne'r s im liar' liquLd nit ric e st~ r.a, 'which hav,e the .s,a.rj,H~ explos':!:ve prop'e riies 2J,S 'N G ~ M,any of th'G:;Sl E: hiav',~ sonu~w,t1,at :1nt,e-ri.or bluttn,g PQvrer to that iOI€ NG ,[ a few. are,' superior}. bUl 6re m,ore stable towards, m~chan'i~ar shoc,l;[, than, NG :i h;:le 11'. PGDN is j,u.st on,e' such co.:mpoun.d, 'be illg

at least tet!. tinl.e s mor'e slable' tow,a;:rd s, me c:hruJical ~hoc'k than, 'NG. Unde l" t.h e !',aJling we{gh t t~ ~tJ )lG d e10na te,a, ,at


PD:'O' E' U''I'r; 1'\1' '. S": J PI. 't!.A't:::'S·-· 'BIO'- 'N" 'D: V': o.L

. .. "\.. 1 .. ·.L!-ll \Ii . _-:, .... .l-l..L~ l.Jd; ,",. !.: . -," .. 0 _ Ii


a be ig.!h.t of f.rom, t,w'Q te ~o:ur' centim eter.!3 us in ~ a t .. ~ 0 1(110-' gram. 'we·igh.t.~ 'lPG,DN raila, '1.0 detDoe,t'IE' 'under me same l\i'Ed,ght dropped ,from, a ,h@:1ghth 101.' .1 00 ,oentirnettel"S. It, . :fa:Hs 10 d~ tonate unde r a 10, kilogram 'w'Ellgnt, t'rom, a he ight of 20 c ~n1timete [' S "", Tbia d iffe r,enc>€ be com 'I: s, 'vE.lulab~ in. manuf act.u.ring and transpo rta't ion i,

;iii ..-. ,4-i..., - 'n roo t'i, , ..... " " 't' 'D.I"""'D·'1II.i "~~"":h ;r.~""""""m m ""'P.;i.-:i '" ~ 4- 'f' .... 'r' ""'-- ~

";,"",j..,I,,IIICU,II,e r .t" '.' o!?'@r~,y. a ... I; '!;.;I' ,n ,WI:~lC ... ""' ..... '.... "GoIUIIYa _Il. u· ~'l:iJll

:iOU3 C:OgSi ider~ ti.on by M:Y or,ganiza;~iQn is ,its ,stability

tow ard !§t.'ora,ge: QVe!!" long pe l"iQdlS . af time 'wLthou1 .,~:uff'lfrr: = in"g a:.n:y, ,de c~mpo sit'ioL F\atrthel"'~, l~JG'DN' doe s not frele::z.e as, I"EHadUy ~,S NG~ the l'"e:by ,eli.min,s,t:m.g the, haz ardIS of paT'~

t" ·Ii "Ii - - 0::'. ...• -N' ri ·c - ....... ' t.. ' " . - '. - t d . '- , - - _.... te ~" - d- -1" 1i:li""! 1f"'Ii'N'" I'

·li.8.u,Y .Ii, :ro~ en ". 'y 'Vii' J.:UC,U loS. m,o,;S: , .. ' ,ml,ge rp!U.s ,.0 .uan,· .. e ~ ,I[; '!;;,;J'.~ .

fr-ee ~ eg, :at m mu is 2: 0 d e,g:ree s' een tigrad,e, _or zn m'U~ fourd.e'gl'1ee 5 :F,. This me ailS 'tn.at :s:mc:,ks. of PGiDN can b ~ buried in, un der,gro'ijDd eache s w:il'.thoot ,8(2: ri,oIYa dan ge lr" of

free'~ m:,g,. provided they carlE' plaice d belo"'" the lrQst "'lm,lI!~

It t the: oth e~r en d of the te mpe r,at~H:"e ~c al~.,: M,DN' S hews 'ex,tr'em e stab iIUy.. It show'S nc ,c,ec:omp'o,s iti:Qn, ,afte,1'" ,2,5

d a.y s a ~ 15 de FEr@8 C@[rbig'ra,de.. 'Unlik@ N;G l it 10 De s :no'!

. L . .l i.. - "", iii-",' .', a.. .i- ~ . -

C ause th~ lSP1~l'V@':r'@ ,.;~e acacne 5i ! rom !!O.!!'Fc,a.tu'W,d' Its 'Vili.por ~

. ~

Like- NO.. il can. ,~e<l!atndz e guncotton there b'_' sugge sting

Its U se fn r the man W'8ictu,l"'e of cordi.t.e and s,mok~ less powde r ""like -S!lbSit~ee 51 ~

As an E!i,xplc,s:fve,. P,G ON gba,w's about !90:Yo of 1be' e xpan sion of MG ill the': Tw-a~JZ l, leact :blQc,k te s::t;,,, B,y <;::ak: ul.atio:n, its

ene,rgy c o1],tent is 11'r.~ lilt tn,at of NG,. It 'is, ~ hi g:hly br i,san t e:~'pl()8 tv~ howe v\f!.tr'~, and has ,a, dietoD ati(),n t",ate of O\' e-r 7,~ (100 mete rs pier' a ee end ~ De sgi.'t@. l,t a .high m 1€l'c.n"anLc:a:i!. in sen ail ., tivit,y to is bo,c k" f'G DN· ~,~ e ,as] 1y mit Iate d. by ~ de! ten i3i.'T.: ion wa,ve~ l' een be .set, off vdth. a number fj blas1m,g eap ..

PrQP,-le:ne' G lyc~] is sQm,@w.i1at en,; ape'l'" than G lyc,e:r irlH~ .at th B P I"E!' sent t:nn,e: by about 2' 0 ¢ a. :p O'iW'ld :in lot,s' 'of 40 U:~,s .. PO can be purehaaed from ,My chemtcal supply house f'6'1II" ab DU t 6 O~ t() 7 5~ pe It" ]_b~ d@pe;[Jdm,g on, the, q uan ti ty bou g'ht .. Fu.rtll~r,m OF'e,t the nit [r,a,t i~on of PO r'e:q:l;dI"@ s Ie:sis 01 th ~

m ix,ed, N,i t :r~,c: -'Sulfuric ac ld,s , The's'e savmgs OJ' '~o'U,:r Se a,!',e' oofse't by ~h~ low,er explosive ,power o'f P,G:DN~ a.nd rnray

w'eH baJLan,C0 .(ru:~: wh"en ~ll !!c,Qno~i(:):' a~pu1a]tiOti,~, have helen made~ N'even.h~less;!ll· th,e " g:reater ~t.~bili.ty of' PGDN t'(}'v,rard ,m e chnmc a1 $,110 c k ~d the lOW'le [> f["~e z 1ng :po inti a'r O'U twe :igh ~ny oth.er C(lU:S idera t. LooJ'iIls ~ ,F'or thi~ :re EtSOn.l .all tho, $,e who h,a.ve bee,n manuf.'actJ1!.;trtng NG'~ or ¥lih,CI' ha~,re hE!N~>n cOIlsid,~,r'" ing doing so ... ,:ahoulla giv-e se'riCH~s 'thou.g'h·t t.o th,e m,an,td',ac'= tJure of PG,D'l~~ instill!. ad.: The proc.es'8iI is ba f:, ic~n_y th e ,sa..m ~'1II ll,:3e~ the SIDne trIPe' of ,mixe,d. ,Si,eids,., ,'the' g;,ame pt'Oo'~dure

:fl)(' separat i.on ,and pU,rii'Ic ation and (; an be run in the sam e

e quipm, ent u.s, eel [o:l.'" NG 4'

- . - ~ ~

Tb~ fo 11.ow in.g p. ro'C ed'u:re wa s: c a.rr ie d au it by t h_,e w ri t'~'r of'

thi.a ~e part for the p:re'llar~'t iOn 'e<f PG DN d urln,g a I'Ie"c en:t .. eX,p,e r1mE!l'lii't. . ':A:'UllQ'.ugh the prepa~rr,alio\t1 'Na s con'due t ed on ,s. ve' rV' '~'maU so'ale th;llill~!i.e '1'!l~ ......... ljUo!liiE:iiiIV ~'O" ....... """"0·"" wh"y'l"''!i'''iCI''er

'.: ~ .:._. ~ !I:I .. ~", "," ... , .. ; .;;t "·~~IWi· '~I ~u~v .... ~~JI1 • .i I.Ji." .,~~13 ·.~ILl _",: ,,' . lEliJ. b' ._.

b a',t ch€s d ant\6.t. be ~;Side~ p.ro,rided U:u~ y ,are ke~pt within ir~alLia'U.c bound,s ~ 'B~ 'tchle 1S ~ ~n tim@ s, th;;a siz,e .of the 'one des c:ribe d on. ttiA9~ flf)llOWUlI :1;J!age S: 'wolol:ld be ,'i\e,a:son~b leo" and w'O uld ,pro d1aIL: e' ~p,prOJ( l1:m~te 1!.~ 1180 gl[''-'a,:m.'~ o:f ,PG ON ,( L e',,,

- ~ Ln'li, . ,

Ei = 1/2 OZ :1;1. b/w,I" J • ~

!?r'e ~r,aUQn. of ~l'OP'Y l'E!iie Glyc 01 n ini.tr,a1e: 30 g,ram, sail' 9'16fl;l Su.l1U t" lc Ac'~d WaLS ~ Low ly pou.re d 'with B t ir ring in to ,213 g!r,a~ ,IS of 99$" :N'it ric A~ id:; . A s,m all amount of' he a,t wl3..g p,ro@ueed~, but it is not e>.:cess,iv€!';Ii and nQ e'xt:erna.l coo]l'ing is r"eil::p..lir-e· d., The' 5, []I g'Ta:rrNS, (l,r m lx,e'd ,~c id ttrus ly p ir"od'~c,e d


'l,be e.nti~ 5. 0 ,gJr',a ms of m bI: f!d .acid, was p Iae e d iD a ~ 0)0 re.l glass beake.r which, in turn was pla,t:::,ed in 8. b~ih of ice. W1d

. "..41 II.. k d _, 'll;b,

w'ate.:I"., The .acid was st'I:.r',l"'eiJ ~y ~~I.aD" usm,g a. '~~I",m'Dme~

iter. W.b.B'l1 the te'mperature of 'the mix.ed aedd ha.dl aunkto

1 [)ife;; C .. ; 101 gr.am,g, of P,!'op),lene G ly~ol (9. 16 JIll U w,as mot ['0,d ueed dropwis e with ,good is Ur.r ing,; Th@· rate of ad'd i't ian of the· pc; was so. ri'aumat,~d to. ke ep 'the t em perature 0.1 the mtxtur-e b€!,tween 10 Md. 16., degre.e. a IC" 'Tbe a.ddition. of

tha PO 1a.ke,s., from 2:0 to 30 mm~t@ls,,; dependlin.g on the e.f!icie:ncyof the' cooUng bath, md 't,.e F's.te of stirr'mg. ND'

.... 11.. d' ,. . d ' oIIolb ~d "t "

red fum.e s werlE! UIU',g E!:J'"\l!'E!: _ s t amy ttme :: ur IDS: '1!!,!II1i.1! a~.:.i ien,

The· PO ~h.o.uld 'b e dl'opped d ir E;C tl:)i' Into the' B:.cid:s and rJi,ol be alIDowe d to. sp,b Slh on 'the s i,de.: ,,·aUa of' the be ake r. or on. Iti:l .. e s,tlrrll1\g ro,d. Dro pie!s ilha.t do so, 'C aD ,s,tan to ox ld iz e and gen~ r,u@ heat crea:ting a h~~,i£U:d~ PO is mo're sensl·= 'live to ·o)Cld,ation th.aD 'Gl.YlCerine Use':U~ and S'Ci' a OWe'l'" nttr.aHon te mpe r··a;ture i 9 m.e ee s,sa.ry iI Ni tr at ion ,S! R't ~'a deglie e s· C. b~ ,~Jm ,t.o ,ShDW som e. oxlid a;tioD" and all 3,0 dJeg~ C. the I'IENll.c1ioll b~.'m,1 to go out of C'Qntf"o._.~ : MPORT,A,Nf'T: A. 1!.arge vat of tee "rater sh.ould always be ke.p.t .near at hud when doing any nLt.ratiom,s," If 'the temp'eratu.re' 'begins: '~Ol

c limb 1"a.,p1dly mnd pa sse.s: th·e uppe r limit given for Ule

5 ~ C it'ic ,nit raUon~ the entir,e, batch lsbo'u~d. be du.mpe d

, M'ME'DIATELY irnt·Q. the vat c"f Ie .. wa'te:,'; Th,e vat should contain at le.'&'SI .five' Urnes the 'vQl~me of wat~r and i~e ,B.S, there' is U,q.ukl! in th.e niltre.tor., .sudJ:ien r:ises m t;emp~,ra.t,ure 8"ecolD.panied by red lUiIlles ,0'1' brown eUllo.,ke is· M indic a tia:n. that oxid,B t.iOQ liS! tak:ml ]jJlll~e. and thait the batch is abou.:t to :£0 ,out of' contr"ol. ,Aile I" the' PO .ha!S, an be en ,ad ded, srU,rr i.cl is. c:GAtiD.ul'~Ht fQr aDothe'l'" rive' to ten m'in. It 1.8 ·then ·read.y for s@patratiao.

The :m.ixtu:re is po'u.r·ed in to ,a_ ale p«ra to!"Y' ru.nne 1 add

Q llow ed W, at HId .fo r s, re'~R' m :In;iIlh~'B. ,A sharp Une Q f d1:vi·o;>


awn '~ ill a{lp ear when the IU.h. ture has ,s e pa:r.atfN~J ,. The lowle',r ecil -'. layer o.,t spent ,aci.d8. is ca.l:>ef~.Uy wltbdra.¥lD MldJ set as'ide .for further p·urif'i,c:a:tion he:t}re be.'~g discar<dled. The ,!!PJ:.i!t" la~,I" of PGDN' 18 len in the -runnel and. an e.q,ual volume 0 reI) Idl wat,e':r' ad ti@d to it.. Th'eii .f'u'un,e 1 1.13 elo sed, and ge.nUy shaken ilOr about ,S! ttrm.~~e·~ On st.atr~din,gJ title mi;!{E.LU"e diVides.· m.te 'two Iayer s BB be-for,e" but Uris 'time'

tha product fPC,DN) lS the ~ow.ett lrfj!yl~,r". IDt is drawn ()I.t· Into

a c_ea:n be ake e, SJ1ld the wat.er wash la)'er', )1i,'hieh remams

:in the' ,fu:r.m,el. is pour~d out oif tJ::i~ top of ''''he' funnel :~to

ano ther ves ~ el, 1"11 L(i W ashbl~ p~Ci\ce fS! s is eepea tad hVID I) r

ttl r,e e me r@ ·t nne' SOl!' e aeh pe r Uon o.f use dJ wash w ate r be m:g added to the' IU'i,e.v~ou:s one. The product i9 then given oa wash with dilute Sodiul"rn C'a.rbona:te ,s,olu.tion untl.l the aofutroll remalns alkalme to Litmus paper, the spent L-a.roooa:te wa,;s:h( e s) be in! adde·d. w the us ed WB te f" w,a, 51he S ~ Finally • the' PO D~ Is "iN a.s~ ~ d wUh w ate I' a.g'aJn until. it is 1.10' honge'l" .e:",kalin.e. When dl",aw]1 'off from ·U~~ fin"l w,~sh.1.' the FCDN 'will b~· sOID'ew}ul.t milky in a.ppea~;r,anlc,e due 1t0 (lJccl:uded wa.:teir·, On atan din g in a war.1n 1"OOnl r,O 1'" a ,eve' raJ~ hQUl',fh

thi.s. wa~e'r will evapoeate .. -e:avin,g ,ll oo'lo:rle.13$ oil hav:iLng a pleasant ettru~re.al odor'.. is gram s of iP:rod~c·t were obtalned in ·the ·abo,ve' run,

Before pouring ,Bway~ 'the apent acj~,ds shonmlld b~ extr,e.cted ~,. i th chlol"'Qf,o. r,m to ,remQV~ trace a· of PO DN .. The is: ame po·etian 01 Chllorcdolf'rn can Ul~D be t~s.~d to e~tt'act WI". tracee of l~'DN' :in the water and Caroonate, wa,s..~es~ Aft€;(" the Chlorofol'm eva:porat.es fa .£ur.th@:t, amount cd' 'FIGDN welill be ab'la We d. T,~~e' cJiwroft'lol'".n1 l~l!)]uU.on should be vlashe d unti.l It ~s nell ru ~o litm us before ey:a.p or,a HOD, n,oW'ever. 'Ther spent ac id,,, ~f" e f' ext j["Iu~UJon with ti1 €t, C~ to rofo.ru ~ i' ,s.hould be poure.·dj into 8. Iarge volume of 'water bef·:lre bem,;g' dis.ea.t"'de,d.. All gla.ssvrar,e. ·yth.ic.h has C:QIiQi,i! into cODtae~ .. i'"h F'ODN ml:lalt be· .rm,Bed. ~"ith J\cetono be'filiJE'e soap ,Sind water

e Ie aning, Th,ea:e Ace tone .L" ins e s ,9 hould be pO'1Jl N' dover :B·awdlus;t ,M d ligra.i ted at a sate d liSt M,~,e :from ~,be PO,hi t of op'e ra ~ tion. Rinse tbe :n.Ur,aHon be,aker with w,at.e r f.Irst be.fc)!ll"e' rins,:mg with A.ce·tone. )'htric: Acid :i.,gn,Ue.s Ac;e·tone!

arrow 118!lunched grenad1e

Sly IRaymond ,J~ ~arner

Th i. S Q'renadie lcan !be, u!ked with;: a convent i'cnall long 'bOW'" a c.ompoiund bow'. or ,a c.r'o:s,$.bow; 'wh i ,c:h W'OD 1 d be. m'Y f' ~ rs t: tho'j ce.

The ,nose and ta i 1 c.aps oS F,e calS t us' i' nlg either plaster of paris or clear casting plastict

The ta;l cap has a hole drilled in it to, ac,celpt an arrow shaft or' a cross, bow' bolt~ The shaft or bolt should be g~ued ~ n place i! lhle Qthe rend has a hole 1111 in dlil ameter ,and lill d@,ep to seia t a th i' n

'1'1 d ill _ h •

wa_ e,'_:_ 9 ~i ass tube F. T -:@ lout~s I de 'is re-

d u !e.e.d f'o,r a d Ii s talnce. ,0 f 1" t:o' al 11 ow a

poo.f( MANIS JAMES BOrin Vol. 1

p r eca of th i n w,a 1 I ed me ta 1 cr p 1 as tic tu bing, to be s 1 i pped over' j t '.

The nose cap, is .east wt th two' he l es

th rough itt (0 r' V'OLi can cas t it 50 f i d ,a nd then d r i 1 1 the nece s s a r'y ho l es ] to t ake

a fir I ng p i r!I a Ii d a co t t e r p i ~ S, ,;!I' f e t y • 1 t

a 1-S,D has a r~C:e'S 5 I n the, bot tam to s j t over the base of a ~410 shotgun shell ba5~

The I nit i a to r i 5 ,t he b r a S s ba se from a . ~10 Shotgun shell. Caref~11y cut the 5h@1~ apart just abov~ the brass base,after first having emptied out the ~hot~ powder and wadding_ Once you have the' brass base [cut down., re fill most (rr It with the, powde r you removec bef'o r e cut> tin 'g I t, Us e. tis. s ue p a pe r 0 rat h i t'I c. a r dboar d w,ad to hal d the powdar I n the, br as s base.

A 5 te,e' I Was. he r with 'an outs ide d i ame~ tar of 1111 1- s used to S upport the sho t,g un shell brass base, Drill out the center of the washer to accept the brass ba~e. The rim of the bras$ base should be supported by, the s,tee l wa,shef,

The out~ide casing for the grenade '(s ,a piece, of ,th I n wa 1 led me,t.;dJ or p 1 a's ,t ~ c. tub i ng,

The Coer. te.r tube t s a pi ece [of til 1 C1

Wl!3 l le d 91 ass tub i ng that: has an ou t.s ide di ame te r of l ",

To assemb1e t~e grenade:

'l ~ ;1 nse 11" t the shot.qun 5 hel l base into the steel washer.

2.,.. Epoxy the washer 'to the be .. t tom -of 'the nose cap,

3~ Epo~y the glass tube to th~ steel wa::sh[er ..

4. E.poxy the outer CaS u ng to the, s te-e 1


POOR: ~lAN" S lJA,MES BOND Vol ~ 1

W.al 5, he. r .

5. fIll the space between t~e glass tube and t~e outer c3s~ng with B.B.151 5m311 nuts and bolts br nai~5.

6,.. F! 1 'I tn e 9 1 a·s s tube with b'l = c;k powde (J' r ~ f 1 e oowder or' 'one of the propa l l an t powde r s ~ is ted r n the I ~i? rov i s_e'd Mun I_-

t lon:s. Handbook in PM,jE -Vb 1 .. 2.- .. -

7., Ep,axy the base cap to. the ,g La ss tube and ou'te r cas 'f Ing' •

8 ... r rrs tal 1 ,Il eo t te r pin wit h no n '- h a [F de. n ~ i n 9 P.e rm a t ex and :5. l i: pit i n p 1 ~ ce un til it is sitting On t~e saf~ty pJ~+

10. Epox-y th e ccmpl e te 9 renade to 't he EH'Id of an arrow Dr bo~t.

DANG ER' NO[LE ~ Mlake S I,J re the 110 I €I for

the 'f~' r i' n 9 .p]' n i 3 a s n u 9 f ,j r , I f 't t hi too, 1 a r"'ge, 1 the Pe rmat.ex flii3,Y not ho 1 d t he' f~ring pin Tn place when you I~unch it, possIbly causing the grenade to €xplo~~ in vour face wtren you fire It.

The firing ptn Is ~ piece of steel rod 1/ B II i n d i a me te 'f" W i ,t h a 3/4 II 0 n W,;3 5. n e r epcxvsd 0 r so 1 de red 'to the end" Make sure ~he tiring pin ~xt~nds far enough past the end of the nose cap 50 that it will

h ~ t the shot gUIiI s ~e ~ 1 IP r j, mer when you h ] t your ta rget ~

Remember that thi5 grenade has to hit some t hi' n:g fa i r 1")" so' lid to be set. 0 f f . 1 f shot into sand or mud~lt mayor may not explodeL It would probably be set off if it hIt a human or antma1i but only if the re was p 1 e,lllty of fcr'ce push i ng it .

Make ~ure that your arr,QW is, long enough for v,au to tome. t.o ful ~ d r,aw wi' thout hav'I"9 the grenade. h l t the bow+

Improvised Hand Gren'sdes b~

Dan Moore

A ready supply of Improvised hand grenades can be made in the home wO r ks hop. a t a co~t'of about 7S( apiece~ These gren~des

a, lie eas.y to ma ke and ,a re jus t a,s e.ffe.c t i ve as regular grenades. There are two kindsi offensive ~nd defen~ive, in w~ich both use the Same fuse assembly. Addit'onal1v~thes€ 9 ranades us e r'ed,d j' 1 y ava i 1~ ab 'i e mate r t ,a los and can be put together in 15 m;nut~s,

The heart of these grenade5 is the fuse assembly, therefDre 1 wll~ descrIbe its produc t i en f i rs''t ~ The nta tel"' i a 13 naedad for

the fuse assembly arc:

1 'I ~/411 PVC pipe i Ii !til 1 ling ths

2. • 3./.4' ~ woode." dowe l i n 2:-' I 1 e ngt h s ,. 5 mm g1ass tubing

4 ~ 1/811 wooden dowe 1 j' n 1 ill 1 ~n9'th's. ..

,5 i Par a f fin wa x

6. Conc'ent rated su 1 f'ur i c at: i d

7 I ,50,%" sod I' 'Urn ch l a rate a nd 50l 'SdJ gar rnl x ture made, pa-s,tY' with water then blat ted OR paper towe 1 sand dr I ed ~ Ai Construction of fuse assembly


Start cpnstr~ction of the 'fuse' by

d r i 11 irlgl a 3!16~' hol e 1111 from an end of the PVC pipe~ This ho1e will hold an acid ~i~l~ Next i nse r t lEi 1 ,eng th of 5 ll'lI1l g: las s tlJb I ng into th i s ho-I e and place the 3/411, 'wooden .

d?We1 into the PVC pipe so it is touching. the. 'g, as·s, tub i ng. Dr i 11 a 1/8P hol e 1/211. from th·e dowel 1 end 0 f the pi pe , To i 51; 1/Bu hale is where the safety ~in is Inserted (s ee d i ag ram). The 'safe t y p l n. 15 the 1 i.li

1 eng th 0 f 1/811 dowel (a he 1 e tan bee d rill ed ~ rJ .a n end of' the dowe 1 and 'w i re i ns.ert.ed to a r din pin re rJIlO val ). WI i Ul th@. 1/811 ho 1 e

CO2 Cylinder


Tape Wrapl=d ng.

drilled insert the safety pin. This ~il~

he 1 d tl· ... e. 3/4 II, dO'we 1 i n p'1 a e e .( s e if:; d I a 9 ram) . The 1 engt.h of glas's tub i!il9 can bli! liemov,@d. The l ns ta' 1 it t i on of the chem i Cia \ ] gh~' tcr remains .

. Cons t ruet i on of the chem I' ce 1 i 9 n I to r

is started by making the acld filled vial.




M,ake th ls vi a l by cut t ~ ng a llen.gth of 5 mm glass tubing the 5am~ ~'ength as' the O~p~ of the PVC pipe. Next. sea lone end of the tube wi ·th 1lEP,1 of pa raff i n by di ppr ng it in'

me'l ted wax, ~ N;ow f Lll the. tube w lth su l fUir i c acid using a glass eyedropper. etc., le.vi filg a ll8n air spa ce. F j' I 1 ttd s S p·C!;,c,e wi t.1l wax.., The. v i a 1 .can now be lnser ted i Cl to tl1~ ~VC pipe ·and taped l' n p 'L~l!ce. F j' n 1 sh rhe

!, fuse ~ by i ns er t i ng .a 2111 x 21 i 5 qua r',e of

ch lor ate pa pe r fleX t to th e a c i d v i .-3; 1 ( se e

diagram)~ The· fuse aS5embly is finished. B~ Construction of offensive (concussion)

• :' .. : ; '-ll.~ I

~~.Il. ~I .'. _._. ~-Il'll 'I'. I. __ -,r'l. 11 'I;;;;"';; ~ 1 1'1. I,'" .,_:1,

~!i.. ..1.1: __ " e I' 1'1 • 11 " .. _ 1-_ 1 1'1 11 1 ... "I' "! I' 'I • L .I: _ [ _ ,.

ti: :;:;~',:~: .:~ ;:;:~::::::::::: ::: )t::::::' L


~" -.'


~-·11 [I ,_.,_ . .. . .

, . ,I, II

' .. !" !"-

e .. r .. "! L ,,_.J.rc""II :-. 'I == if

"1' •• I, II .. ", •• II!

, • e r 'I e . 'I," ...

'~ I': 'I~." r"

II'l 1'1 •• 'I

_ ..... ill 1

, ll'l

~ ~: - :

-, .


• 1 ~-;" .. '

· ,

: .; .. 1

-.,,' ;,,1 ... 111

'.::~ ,

,'- r ' ' •• I,

.. L 1 _ ~

.: -:

· , -..,

.~ ..

· . ~ 1 " .. '


· .


Th e rna t e rr i a ls n e..e d ed for t h e: of f en s i ve 9 renade are:

l , 2n h@avy-wa.l·! ed ca rdboa rd tube i It 311 lengths

:2... two plywood plugs for the abov€ 3. epoxy or glue

POOR M_~.N~'·.S iJhl1E'S BOND Vol .. 1


PO·OR MA:N 1;S IT~MES BON.lJ 'Vol i· 1

It. F] ash powde ( you r hand w j' th the dowel end up. .second,

:5. 3J4~1 do'We l ln ltU 1~n9tns pull tn@ safety p l In eut , Th is .arrns the

tJi.. 2~ I 1 eng th of '5 a f'e ty I fuse I 9 renade ~ Th r rd, s t r I ke the dow:e 1. ·end s na rp ly

7~ th. ~fu5el assemb1y' against the palm of' your h~ndt etc. Theri

S ta iit cons t r uet i on of the 9 renade by sheu l d be ,S ~ h t s s j' ns' sound and a srna 11 a-'

d r i 1 'I Lng it 3/32U no 1 e th rough the, cen rer of mount of smoke, sho,u.l d come from the d6w.e 1

the 3.14~ I dow.e 1 '. Theil epoxy the fuse j' n to end. Th·is. i nd i 'cates that the chen t- Cal 1 i 9~

th ls ho 1 e 1 e,av] ng' 'kllex'posed en e l the r end. n i te r has Functl cned , Fi' na 11 y hu r 1 the

Now place .,at smal l amount of en" 0 r'a t.e paper 9 renade at you!'" t.a 1I"9:e,t 'i mrned l.a te] y and

on one fuse end to Ii ns u re i 't i g n ] res (see take cove r . The: '9 Feria de. s houl d exp 1. ode in

d i a,'g f'am, " Hex t cut lli 0 f f the open end of five (5) seconds 4

the i fus e I asseab 1"y and epoxy the dowe 1 You now know a 11 YOIU need to make a~d

(chlorate p~per end firs.t) into it. The use my grenades, howeverJ there are a few

ch'~ or.at'e papa r on the d:o~ ,; fuse shou 1 d add i t i ana l i terns , J \tal i. 1 I 'I'~ s t these fo I:"

.conta,b t the ch 1 0 r a te pape r in"t he 'fuse as - conve n Jence ..

semb 1 y (:see d'i ag ram}". Colil t i' nue by cut t i :ng. 1. Us e the .offe.ns i've, grenade to daze and

a ho 1 e the. same d i ame.te,r as the II f'us e I In 5 tun the "ene,rn,y' and use. the defens 'j ve 9 ren-

the tenter of 6ne of the plywood plugs~ E~ ada to inflict c~5ualtles~

pox,y 'the fuse assemb i, yin to thl 5, ho 1 IE! I eav- :2. 211 PVIG: P l pe eGn be u$:ed ,as a, f ra'gme.nt,a-

~ 09 " n cf the dowe 1 end p r ot rud I ng au tt ".,Now 't i an s 1 eeve fo'r the of Fens 1 ve grenade ~

epoxy eh i's plug i nto the car-dboard tube. '3.. GliOO'\fieS, etc. can be fl 1 ed 'j n to the, C02

1~, ~ t'- L t.h d 'I d f th ~ f I f' - T 1 t ce rt r 'I dge 0. r f ragmentat 1 en ~ 1_ e eve fO'I"

n'll n _. e· owe en 0 _ ,e "use. out .,11 ~ I,

'the cardboard tube wi th f l asnpowder and e= better fra9mentat'i o,n ~

po.x-y the so 1 i d plug o'n to the orhe r end of 4. Wax p 1 aced a round the 'S t r 'I ke r makes an

the" tube (see d i 8g ram). The grenade 'i s @ff'ect i ve a l r and W',a te r sea 1 t wh'i 1 B· a coe t

f t n i 'shed. CI,f V'arn i sh on the 9 renade wi l l make it

C '. Co:n:s. true tl on. of d~,fens"i Ile -( f ragme,ntat ion) wa,te r:p roef .

9 r e na de :5, .. 0 f fen 5, i' ve 9 rena d es ca n ,be used fe, r IS mo.ke

The rna ee r 1 a 1 s needed For tne defens i ve or i neend i' a ry purposes by rep 1 ae i ng the

gr~nade ar@: flashpqwder wlth the approprl~te fi~ler~

l , ellilpty C::0:2 car t rid g,e, 6., B'o th 9 Ir.e nades rna ke e f'f ec t l v~ 1 an dm i ne 5

2; ~ 3/!t1l wooden dowe'l in i,n ~ eng ths. when bu r i' ed €J!lpo!!d os Qrd y the dawe 1. Shee t

3· epoxy .-01'" glue. wocod can be p"l eced on tqp of the -d~ 1 for

~. sa'fe;ty·. 'fuse 'I n 2·[1 ~ 1 eng ths . r d f

! ncrease su r -ace area ~

,5. f 1 ash p owd e r 7.. S i[J rv i va 'l i s t.s t etc. w i So h i 11 91 to is to re

6~ fuse assembly t~ese grenades should remove the acid vials

S,ta r t cons t.ruc t 1 on by dr 11 ~ T ng ii '3.1 3,2,1. and 's tore them :s-epa rate 1 y ~

hole th rouqh the 3/4u do we, 1 ~ I[ nser t the .8.. Chern i ca 1.5 and equ i pmenr fo r my 9 renedes

safety 'fuse thr euqh the, dO\tt.e,l a'! low~ ng *n can be purchased from Merte·l Sc i en t if! c ;

on one and and 'l!U on the e the r , Epox:y- the add re's s : Educa t l ona 1 Modu T es I nc £ " 16,65

fuse in pJace~ New f'~~l ·the C02 cartrrd~e Buffa~a Rd~tRo~hesi~r~HV 1~624. Catalog $1.

w·j th f 1 as npowde rand, i nse.r t t.h,e: 1 ~II 'fuse Me rre 1. has .13 goad 1 i ne of ch.ern i ca 'ls and

end into it. Use tape, e·tc. to. se.cu!~ the' 1 a bw~ re wi' th fas t de 1 i Ve ry.. ~H 9h me 1 t i n's

f DJ'Se. .. Wrap a. sma 11 arnourrt of ch 1 orate papar pe tnt 'Wax i 9 1 ass tlllb-t ng. and glass ·tu bing

around the short fuse end (see dla9ram)~ cutters Can also be p~rchased f'rom Merrel.

Pla,ce the dowel end C02 car t r l dge (ch'lorate 9. HTgt; melting pol nt wax or ac l d proof

. p a pe r en d fir s, t ) i n tot h e 'ff u s,e ass emb 1 y as - @poxy ea n ~e. Ul,S, ed to rno re e f f e,c t i ve 'I y s:e a 1

he fore ~ Be su re to epoxy the dow-e 1 r n to a,(; i d v i a 115. Us'@. t h f s fo r grenades to b,e.

place. Finsih by taping the C02 cartridge ~tored.

Into the fuse aS5~mbly (se~ dlagram)~ Th@ 10~ Check' PMA Vol.i Nl for add1tlooal gren-

grenade' is fin~ihed. ad~ informatlan~

I). Fir i ng p,rocedu re 'and miJ sc,e 1 lan,eQu5 Pn~.cau:t jon'S ;

The, fir 1 ng: procedu re fOlr these 9 renadJes, 1 1 ~ Make a(ia u $ e, 5,eve,r'3'~ te.'s, 11:. salmp '1 es: bef g're

'~S" as fol10W"s. Firs t, gras p, the 9 rell'lade in I oc re.·3!S I ng cha rge size' ~

12.Tes~ safety fuse in fuse assembly to ma ke su r-e i t w ill 110 t Je t aft e r be i Flg e - poxied in place. if It d~~s, try another brand or epoxy th~ f~se ~t the dbwel ends only~


PO OR io..~ ? 'FH III "t:2' T :l\'''IrE;'Q Bf") =--.rD, v, l' 1

' ., . lYlt"U. '\I ,,~ L, t"U'l,L::,. 0 l ~".:'II < 0 ,

1.3 .Wa i t at 1 eas-t: twa rnl nutes when a,pproa.ch~ Tng dud grenades,.

Provided these itam5 are c~nsidered ~nd the i 'n'S 't rue t l ons +o l'l awed anvona s hou l d be able to ~~f~ly ma~e and use the~~ gienades.


Potassium Chlorat~ is a highly unstable and dalig-e rOU5 coepeund when used l n i31 py r-otechnical mixture which also conta~ns suJfu r , Comb i ned, these two cornpeunds are sensitTve to both heat and fricticn as well as s p.a r-ks , and. a re made more so by rna i 5 tu re absorbed from the humidity In the air~ Furth~rmorelJl they deteriorate on stora.g~

s ~ ow 1 Y P. r'o due I ng 5 U' 1 f 1I ric a c I d wh 'i ch make,s. the In i xtu r e ev-en IIIICrire uns t,ab 1 e .

Some y,ea rs back ~ had the un fo r tuna te person~l experience of h~vrng Just such a

m i ~ tu re span t'aneous 1 y 'l.g:n j t e wh il e I w,aS ml.xi ng it on a hot hurnl d d,ay. Had the amou~t of materIals been larger or had ~ been a bl t 1 es S l uckv Ii I YJOu 1 d have been' pe rmanent 1 y b 11 t nded . Even so l J s u f fe red pad nfu l bu rns to my eyes i! f ace .and hands '"

Sade r ~ but w" se r til coked for i!i rn i xt u re of eq ua 1 powe, r , bu t, ' wl ttl I}~ t te r s tors ge qualities and on~ less ha2ardou~ to pre-

pa re ,

The answe r I found i nvo 1 V'ed the use of potassium perchlorate. Although this chem~ ical contains more oxygen than the clorate, it! s more stab 1 e l n both s, torage and prep-

a rat Icn. In addl t i on , I found the S IJ l fu r coul d be. e i rn i na.ted ent i re l'y ~ mak t 119 the preparation that much simple~~

The i ng red i ent.s ,B're t b,y we' i :Qh t , 1 ~ra rt s potassium perc~lorate and 5 parts alum'inu~ powder , 80th sheu 1 d be a'S fine, as pas s Ho 18. Afte.r wa,i gh i 019 they are thoroughly mi xed and s 'tcn"'~d ina s,e,a'~ ed con ta I ne r un t ~ 1 nee'ded ,

Th is m'i 'xtu re j S ext r~m@,'1 y p.owe.lrfu 1 and ve'lry I! veriy "fast burn 'I 119 ... We 11 made twl th ve,ry fine 'ingredients~ rt burns about 3~4 times f as t@r than cQtflJTled'·C tEll 11 y made black powd:e r, I t Ls e,;olce: 11 ent for U5,e I' n ae. r I a 1 bornbs,

1 a f"'~,e 0 r Sma 1 i f i rec reeker-s 0 r any purpos,e where a q~ick violent eKplos1on is needed~

I tis too rap, i d bu ro i ng for use i'ln any firearm; and is not su'il ted to such use,

I have kept such a mi x ture several yea rs

'W i ,tI-J no de:'ter 1 orat ion t howave r reas onab i e storage p~ecautiQns's~ould b~ observed.A\\ sue Ii m l xtu ret y pe pewde r s., 1 In C 1 u d ""'9 comme r c i' a'11 y p. re pa red black powde r , .5 how 1 d be protected' f rorn dampne.ss .. A 11 wi 11 dete r iora te' i f exposed tOI 11 a rge. arnoun t s of hlmi i d

a i r , but, if you use common s erise t they w ~ 11

k~ep indefinitely.

There ,are a 15,0 'sev'era 1 other ml x tur'es that I hav,e expe r i men ted w."; t.h and 'found Sa't is factory. Wh i l e ~ do not th j 11k any of the~ a r',e, qu I t.;; a's good as tha tal ready 9 1. v en I' the,y a re noteworthy because they i;J)=

VO 1 ve the use of o,th'e r i ng.r~d tent's of the.

f i f"S t formu 1 a .. ,

A'I tern·a t i '\Ie, No,. 1 Sa r i' a'm Nit r'a te

Sul full'"

Alum I nil.i:m Powde'r

'4 Pa rts 1 'Pa r-t 2 Pa rts

Alternative NO,2 P'otas s i urn Per-ch l era t.e SuJ: fur

Fi ne Sawdust

12 Pa r ts 8 Parts,

1 Pa rt

A r te rna t ~ Vel No" 1 is probe b 1 'Y he.t ter: tna,n NO'i 2 wh i ch does not s eem to keep a's. we ~ 1 as the others. However, number 2 makes a very v l 0 lent exp] os 1'01'1. Fu rthermore i t hs the ' on 1 'y rea 1 ] 'y good forrnu I a I have eve.r seen for f 1 a sh pO~de r wl1 i eM does no it recu J re a} ,urnl num powder ..

These mixtures; particularly t~e p.erchlcrate-a 1 umi num powder urre , w'J b'l burn and i f con fi ned: III e:x'p 1, ad e il 1 mo is t no rna, t te r- how bad l y they are rnl smessured or pcor~y pre'-

pa red ~ like. m05 t til i n9s though !II 'the end result is reflecttve of the care' put into prnduc t lon , The most important thing i 5 to have the i"9 red j' en t 5 as f Ine as pos 5 lbl e before mixing them t0gether .. There is not mlJcn you can do ebout 'the al urn I num except to get tne f [nes t powde r p'OSiS 'I b 1 e, Th@ potas s i urn per eh lora ts' c;an be gent I Y' 9 r'uurtd i ill ;[3: mo rt a r and pes t 11 e or by 0 ther sul ta'b 1 e me,a n 5 if neces 5 a rv . 'The go~ 1 i s to ha ve the tekture as near to that of f\our as po~si-

b 1 e" I f you have t' he C Q n s i 5 te ncy 0 f tab 1 e

PO(,}R 14M'S J..JAME 3 B.OND Val" 1

s a l t ; j t w i 1'1 wp r k I bu t. n Q t a '5 good ..

The second thing is th~t the ingredients be. tho rough'~ V and .~ rrt I mate 1 y m ir xed. I f you a en i eve the de, s 'i r'ed n-eg r e.1I!: . of f i ne.:n as sin the ; '1119 r@di'ents t tr-te: rn] x·~ ng 'I s not ve ry

!loa rd I b,ut .] t MUS t be, tnclr,Qugh. M T x i neg t '5

rnost e!;iS i 1 Y' accomp 1; i shed \>111'1 th a fl at wo.cd stick on several layers of ne~5paper.Stfting through ~ small screen~ as fin~ a 5creen as may be obt~iriedJ several times l~ very u5@ful~ It should be dane· after a pre~ Jiminary mixing ~nd not only mixes the Ingredients but sorts out any large· pJeces which can ·then be broke~ up. Avoid the uSe



of metal and ceramiC utensils b~cause ~f spa rk and eontam i nat ~ on haza rds '"

W j. th a I"~ t:,t ] e p.ra·ct i ce I i'lt: i' 5. e,asy to

j ud.ge the qua 1 i tv of such p,ow~e r by p lac ~ ng a $,ma 1 l qua n t ,i t yon . a fire re $ i s t.a nt'S u r-

fa ce i n' an Q'le.~n a rea and 11 qh t i ng· i t WI i 'th

a shor t p] ece of fuse. 'Good qua 11 ty powde r will burn almost instantly with an intensly br T gn.t f 1 ash , . and a puff of wll j' teo smoke ..

I f made wi th reasonab ~ e, ca, r,e, a ny of these p6wders ~re equal i~ that u~ual1y found 'j n comme r-e i ,;3'~ 1 Y manufaet.u red f llre~ cracker-s such as ,,",-80 ~:5",



By fo11awlng the in5troction~ be!o~ yeu can modify any semi~automat~~ rIfle ~r shotgun to fire fully automati~ and by remote cont ro l as a bonus lit I '5" g~re:a t for a car or cith~r vehicle~

To Power Suppl'Y ~

"fou w r 11 need the fa 11 ow j' ng pa r-t s ';

"". One 1 2 vo l t So ole no '~ d .. (" I U 5 edt h t! cerbure tor 5,01 enol d f·rom a, Ford v,an)

One tc'99,'1 e sw:i rch f·o1'" 12 vo 1 1: s .. (Auto

supply store or junkyard)

... Two PU5,j, but ton 5.w1 tches Ino rm€l 11 y of of! (Au'tt. supp 1 y)

Steel str~ppin~ or other 1ight metal. pi eces fo r mount 'j Ing. (Ha rdwa re 5 to r.e.) Kisc. w·lre I does nb·t have to be very

b~",.,!~,y· ~l~..:;;I'~', iii

One seml~auto weapon. (I used· a Ruger

10-22" but others wt II work)

A 12 vo1tr supply. (batterYJ bat-

F·j r i.ng Sw i t e Ii

Switch ~


tery c~arger~ etc~l

Please F@fer to the drawi~g5 When bUi1d-

i n'g y()u r system'l

1~ Start by making mounts for the push

pn.nR MAN 11 S JAMES 'BOND v-,i • 1

bu t ton 5¥1~' tches and the so 1 en-a I d if rom the ~teBI strapplng~ The exact de5ign wil1 depend On the switches and solenoid you


When th~ wlring 1s completedt the' tog- 9~e switch acts as a s~fety (tt mu,t b~ on for the gun to fir~) and w~en the fir-





SQlenoid w/mount

" " <:

Swl tch and 'sal enold mount

use • The.se mou nt.s rnu s.t b€ $I tau t enough to ho 11 d the pa r-t s on the gu n 'j n the 'Cor r ec t pas i t i 011 ..

2: + The firs t p'us h but ton sw ltch IIllU s.t be mounted so that the'~peratin9 lev~r of th~ rifle wl11 pU~h it as the action

C 1 ose s ,

3. The. sol eno i d ha s a rnetal ext.ens l on

Soc. re'w,e,d~ we 1 de d 0 r b raz,ed to the p ~ unger so it will push the trigger when it is

act iva ted . The mood if ied unl t l s now reounted to t be t r i 'g'g'€r' gua, rd a :i,s'emb lv ,

4, The toggle switch and second push

sw~' t ch are the. control So and are 'mounted

a t you r f i re cont re] cen t:er ~ I n the d raw-

i ng,' I sh 0' '.J the -, m·~. J'. ust d' th .,e 1 b t

_ fl ~ a uner ~'~ rl,'ej .u.

'they cen be wna tever d ls tance Y'ou want

(: 5 uch as on the das hi of 'the car),

5, . To, w ire j jus, t f 0 1 tow t.h e p ~ c t u re S j ma k'" lng sure you get the switches in series.

lAg button i5 pressed~ the solenoid will trip the trigger~ cau~ln9 the rifle to fIre. When the operating handle goes for-

·'L~.qSl rd lit P res ses the Sow itch moun ted at the' front of the rec~lver, which caUSes t he. ~'O. 1 do no i d to -:,,1'1 - ,'.. t .... I '. t ~ ~ . t r i gg i!. ,r

. .~ !I;;i"y _ ~ Iiu!I iI:I';;I!0 I n I _ P .rie _" _.'. ,!!;i •

Th l s con 1d nues a,s long as the F i r i ng sw'i ten i 5 he 1 d dOwn 0 r unt I 1 the. ammo runs out"

This system ean be used to .secure an

:app,ro,Ci ch to 'y'oliJ r p roper tv II such a s a

d r i ve.vih1ly 0 r '3 d i ten ~ You ca Iil a'~ SO mour r t the. sys tem on ,a '1 tV j, rota r .and be able to char1llge the ,8 i m~ I f the gun is moun ted in

a car or truck, be sur-e i 1: Is very so~i i d'I y fi' xed and 9 i ve e l ose a t tent Ion to a, i m'" rng and cons[der the effect of the car

TOOV rn'g.,

Now y,a u ca 1':1: e·v~n f l re two wea po·n s i n two d i ffere.nt d J rec t lens a't once l


How' to nd, trat.e me:rcu.ry: 3 .

1" Take·a. bottle;" wtth 1000 em coneere'trate.d I pure ni t.rte.. a.,c::.id (spec" weight

1 J 42) ", P au r. 12.0 gr'aullu:; p'u·re llIe rcu:ry 1 n t,o th~ a ;'1 d a, d 1 .... ·t· it. :"""c,-.... f-·. ir. 12 1\,.0" ro

~ . _ .... ~ g,n, . _ I;::. _ _ .1. 0:;;: s: I!.. 0 ;I. • _ u U g ~

Don I t put a s ~op,p.ei c,n. the bot,tle.. Afte.r l2 no U't"'S, pu taG eopp e:r on' t ~ and cu Tn it (a,~ fd . and mer cury aha 11 mi'x) I!i Af te...r some time ·t.ake: the.. s noppe I:' away.. b eca use there mi go t be S om.e f WDe.s :. The,n eLn Be tbe ~o·ttle agadn ,

2; ~ Take a b ig bot t Le with a. 1a r,ge openi ng-with 12 80 grams, 0 f 9: 5:t (pu:te) ale·aho 1. Pour the mixtu're of ni.t·ri.c actd and. mer"'" cury in this bottle.. "Don' t. close i t .• ,Afte'r. a she r t: 't ime t ox,! e fumea will eS'C!8.pe ~ Whe,n. thi,s 9: top Ii t be ni t r,B e ed 'm.e.:rcu'ry "fill lay

on the bn t Lo m 0 f the be t t1e tIt: mUS t be, washed w1.th d i st, i I Led. w.t.'~ and d,j;,1.4 in, the sun on a Klass pla't,e til

1... ,cnpp erp' i pe

·2,. end (soldered) 3.. cott6n -Wool

4. Ibefrc.u ry "miiS t be ·n1.t r at; ed

(Kna 11q uec \:(si lber) 5~ cnt.t on wo,ol

6. tape.

7. electric contacts 8.. i.n.sulation

9~. thin ·wi.roe (like that; Ln a bulb)

POQR 1'lLl\.N t S ~JA1--1E S· BOND Vo 1. 1

PQOR M,i\'N' S JA.blES· BOND VO'l .. , 1


In orde'l: to in:~~e pot.a~sium cyanide you: mus~ Eirst learn 'how t.o make both potassiur[l C;:,eq:'Qonat-e and pc t.assss.i.um fe,rrocyanide ' .. 'If .you have some' backg't"-oun.d in cherni st.r y , and especially aCcess to a Lab arid its -equ i.pmen't .. t> the fallowing processes- may at least. give you ,a lau.gh t And if

yo 1J ire on e 'who be l . .i.eves 1 ayper scrra shouf, d nat hav@ ac CeS.,S to met.hods

f or mak i nq such subst-ances, this s.ection should g.i:ve you t,ne s.cre~.mihg m.e~mie'8 and. cold sweats'll Be.ca.use t.h i s j'!-ll1ky~rq lab Ilm -g:oin'g to descr i be really 'W'ork:s" If 'YOU ar,e the type who 1,ik:es t.o fantasize "f'unctioning under a t ot.af Lt.ar Lan sys'1:em which t.r e at.s everyone like he. was

e i I.:,hf.?.r .a pr i son 0 r or' a h U. thO'U,S9 i nma t,e , yo U t 11 1 aye thi s •

What with the s.'t,igma p.l aced. on potassi.um cyanide by a Vel" itable 'harid f uI of jerks, it is jl.1st about. unat .. tainanle nnw .. EV8n t.hough it is no t eV.en. 43, con, 'I: r 0' 11 eq, s.ub·s t,a,nce a t 'I: his t. i me. ~ I chat.i. Eng e- you to g.e.t_ some. I fully expect horne chernis,ts t.o marruf acrt ur-e po,tasSiU1l1j cyanide' and sel,l i.t on New YOJr.K· :stre'et (:!orn:ers l.ike they P'O Cra,ck ii

,A.t any rate; if you are imag'inative and lik,e Lo le,ar.n weird things~ ~u,1rning out; 'your own potas.sium cyanide wi'll give you a. feel ing of r-eal import.a:nce ~ It wil"l ;3"180 teach you mcr e about chemic.al manipulation'S t.han you will I'earn abou.t .in most schoOl,s.

These pr-ocesses .may seem t.ime consuming and complicated ", Ho\veve.r-, ·they are actually: ve'ry sirnpl~cJ. Li'l.:·cle time is 'actually aperrt; jll a.s. ITIJ.)st of 'the l'roeesses will b~ workil:lg' 'While you. ace otherwi~'e occupf ed ,

Fiv~ gallon can

Cl o.t.he'Sh.ange r st~ and

, .



With po+aaei.um ferrocyanida you can 'a15o make pz uas i.c aci.d , To 'my ~no.wled:g~ J!! 'tha t· I' s . the dead 1 i.e,st po i son . .a ki tchen c hemi s·t can Ina ke. . Instruc.tion's for making it. are el~ewhere in this book ~ Its use, ~~, de,oon:-,

. d'" h'- "tT"h F 1 lOt 1 t1 1\ t "t I, 1 · d ;

s,tr a.te: In t; ,8 movI,e·; t"" """ e " .lna .p ~ 1 .. 00 '" ,,n. "error .is g'll'" 'W'Q,S r:t" J.ng a

bus in t.he se ~,t just in f rant of the intenq1ed v.i.ct. i.m. She had t~he prus,sic acid in a perfume a:1:o.mize·l,"'" which can be bought in any department

a t.o.r-e , Pretending to primp, while l.a,o,king into a hand mi.r ror, she caught hi-s e.ye and gmve him a qu Lck 'spray in t.he face.1 holding her hreat·h .in 'the me~,t.ime ~ One whif'f :and before he could react he ~rump'led and died ~

POOR M_AN vs \JAMES BOND: Vol. i 1


POOR M£~N t S LTAMES BOND '\/01 .. 1

Get.·l-: in9 back to potassium cyanide.; kno:wl,edge of how it: wcr ks might give you, the: incent I ve for 1 earning to ma;k,e it II I t acts direct 1 y on the nervous sys.tem" rapidly ~ Tt stops. the use of oxyg~n. by' t.he t.iSSlJe·· cells and p.a:talYzes the center o.:f the b ra i.n whi~h contr'ol s t.he br€a.t.h.in.g muac.les. ''A f·a·t.aI dq'se or cya'niqe .Lrrvo L ves apout 50 ·.mill :igra:ms.j. a.bout. ±:'h~ weig.ht of ? posta.ge sta.mpt Ye·t. this qo,~age con ta i.n.s c.lQ~:::@ to 1 0 ~pilliqn t .b i, 11 ion .molecules I O:~e mol'ecu'le of cY·anide: o an d i sr up t, t.ne fur:n.ct,i'Oll of' .01'1P body' cell4! A. l:el.hal dO;3€:I' ··then, affect-s "One lout af ten eel1s in the

avera·g·.e "human body. Cyan'i'de k.:Llls by t.lJrn·ing o.f! an en'~yme +he c~11 ne~.ds to use oxyqen frpm th,~ bt.ood ~ This enzyme:ll cyt,Dchro.me., .i s vi t~l to the: .celll· E u·t il izati.on of oxy'gen. Shut down the. act. ion of up t.o t,en psr-

:cent of a ·pody" s cells and death, is. 9llmQ·st .immediate. .

Buyi}"'J.g potas)3iurn cyanide t.h@'se days is nearl.y impossible; due to the a,ct ion s of a few psychot ids. These psychotics in our. . body pol i tic might be compared to cyanide;. i tsel.f. W1:u::~reas· ju·st .a tiny amount of cyan.ide is e·nouqb t-o cut off the body" s supply ~:)f a.i.r, a cnn-tp'ar-able: amount of ding~ b a t.a in. a svci·al :syst,em is enough to cut off the supply 'Ct" 'a che.mieaJ... QnCe ava il.abl e to al]_ ·and .sold over -t.ne ooun ter 'wi t.hout; 'quest .ion.s ~

D~g·ressi.ng. tid a li.ttle soci.a1 commerrt., I believe society would do '~et_ter 1:.9. rid i teel t: or its crazie's rath,er' t.h.an i.ns-ti.t.u;l:io.na1 izing' all -of us with .ban s on gt;tns 1" G!u~m~cal a and whatever t~e! :psy'c~qtic might us.e next. a;,gainst society ~ s i.nce 10011:eys have t,a,ken. t.o ~S.ihg· t'he t_~lephone to call itl: t.hr·eat.s lOf 'Eampe,ring ~nd ·poi$Oning t \ve might f i"rid soon t.hat. ou r

h· " I I d

P one prlv~le·ges are ill j aopazrry ,

At t.he end of this sect,ion a're excerpts from 19t.h century book-s which

.des.c.r ibe· the m'ak,ing of the ch.emicals in this section.. Modern books guard against such descript ions for reasons. Q·f publ Lc 'safety" Of' OQLlrSe,. ].:)1

t he last cerrcurv , .t.hose Who were· a" ,threat to public s;;iI,fet.y wer e gotten rid of .in the inte·rests· of the £·r:eedom of anyone to nave or do wh,a'.t:.@!v·er he "Wanted aa long ·atS he d ion' t 2:Lct to the d .i.aadvan t ag:e of o t.he.r S ~ T put. the older materi~l her·e to show how simple t.haas .compound s are ·tq . .make arid h:ow caauat Ly 'such knowlledg.e was disiminarl:ed among' a. re~ponsib1e' popUlace.

Po·t.assiurn c~:rbona"t:.e. is g'ot·ten from wo.od ashes R It is ·the same stuff you:r 9r:eat ,g.rand'mo·t·her used tq mak,e. her lye soap, It. is ·db'ta,in."ed by boil.in,g ·a.shes" le1:.t.in.g t.he ashes :se·tt.1e J! pou'ring' off. the 1 iquid and evaporating itt It is further ra,fined py heating t.o ovar aoo deg.r·e·es F or more in a f·~~rn:ace'.1 which you can rna:k:e.

There are se'veral steps; to makin.g the grad:e you ne,ed but you can do so l~i:th common ut€n·~ils. and li.ttle re.al knowledge of chemistry. 'The fun o.f 'making your ·o·wn. is a t 'e'el i ng of accomp 1 i shmen t and al so 0 f . is e:cur i ty ; f YO,1]" '1 -1 ke' +o fanlt a·s i 7. e· get t iug Ziw'.ay 'wi th sQ,.tnething wi t.hol.Jt. d.nyone - kno-wing~


You Gan do Cl!1~ t.h.i.s work on your ki"tchen stovle- 'but when bo LLover s opeur tJ?-cr-e io '1:00 much S!creaming and jr@-lling to make your pruj~.cto worthwhile ... Also, ther·e may be times When fumes woUld be smelly .or even d.' ano .. ·· e.:r aUS a . .n d a 'ho t l"'!!.l a .• t::e w ill, all Q W-.- . y .. _: o U. to· r, u n t· d R- I..J

"!'1.L-' a·n -ex -ens loh1 Cor· o u 'L.~.l U.P

in fhe ~arage or on the baCk porch~

The kind. C)f ho·tp~s.t~ you need is: one with. i3 gradUal. heat control as opposed wi i:h one with ·a s,ingle set.ting or thr.ee settings., lo~.j' medium and h.igh with nothing a.n betwe@nt




F lVE G.Al.., T ,ON CANS

Ro urid , five ·gal1oh can s are fine ·to .boil your ~she6 in and are part.

of :the furnace and h~ve many other uses. S·uch cans; used to be plentiful but -Sin.c~ most companies. now use p1astic the rneta1 ones a.re: hard to f'ind '. T called all the placee I expected '1:::.0 have them but:. ha.d no IUQK un+Lt I called my fr i.enq.ly E>;;xon qa's s,tat.ion. G a·S stations. get g-rease for. 1 U.be jobs in the m0·ta~ Cans and .g ive therrr .a.way. y'ou have but.· ·to ask,.,

Th,ey' ar e t.rie ver y devil to. clean as the grea:se ,Ei'tilJ! in 'th.em: doesn't melt. You. can w i pe t.hem clean with newspapers 'and ·finish with old rags ...


lfcfood o r: co al ~:shes al"€! both sui table fot· extr ate It.ing po t.a aa i um car be = nate from. Co al, is s'imply 'WOOd which is mayhe. f if'ty mi.]_lion YBar's o l.d ~ Chareoal ashes are in the san:u? <;at.egqry .as w·o.ad or .co al, ashes. You can

f igur~ e¥tract.:ing a.~out orie pound of po-tass,iuttl. cCliibona·t.e ft:nffi te·n. pounds of a'shes i

. T. f you h,ct'lile a f irep~ace o r furnace ~ a shes ate no problem. O·the!":wi Se ~

you might .;;l,sk someone t.o let vou r'emove the·ir ~shes III You ·wi.ll not be re~' fus.ed 4 Of cour S'E, you coua d al1vays go to aome vacant ~Qt, pile up a Lot, <of s'cr-ap wood and. burn .i t.. Ash€s should be no problem,


first; put three gallons of hot tap 'Water in .an·eo bf the cans and put the 1.id on . .it" It should. boil ·p·retty socn if y.ou put th~' hotpla.te dia.l on f'ul1 heat ~ Then the dry as.hes.,; which you h.~ve run ttu:'ougn a piec.e of w Lndow sC'reen; az e put in while . at irr .i.nq , Put in t~e ash~6 a pound or so at. a time HO 't,-'he h.eat is. kept at a s Lmmar ~ When .the ash~s. are. all in and simrr~r ing' a'\Yay;. put; .on ·t'he lid and leave it a l orre f.ar about; a half hour ~ The.n r emovs the lid and stir Borne more to keep the ashes from lump·il1g: on the bottom. 'D~ this. every harf hour for ·about thre·e hours, turn .b'ff the heat 'itnd let the ashes settle ove.rnight.

You. should ha:ve at least three five gallon caris , Take' an old shirt or other Clo.th ana oove.r the top of ·the s'econa can, Then ~ind a turn or so 0 f pi.cture hang ing wire or heavy cord a r ourrd the outer' li.p of ·the can, t.ightly i! Then pour off ·the yell.ow .liquid from ·t~e ashes. slow.l·y. When you get EO the- loose sedimen.t ccrrt.Lnue pouring Ii Wh@n you. ge·t to the heavier sediment, stop., as moat; of the pota.~'siutn carbonate has al= re·ady gone over and what is 1eft is. not worth more ·eff:Qrt.

L·et- the Loo ae sed i:ment at.one for an hqur.or so unt.il .most of the' i~ quid has gone through the c1.oth" Then ~~N~oop out. the .sediment from the !!:Lag.ging cloth and. remove the c ot:.h. ~

You shpuld have a.t least t.w:q gal.1ons o..f yelloiwish 1 iquid in the can" Put ·the Can on the 1'lotplate and turn it .on to' full hea·t .•. Leave the lid off 80 the water eVdPorates. ~fuen you have' only a couple of quarts left i. t, i. s t:.ime fo r 'the f Lr.st. fil t.er lng·.


Get a .Co.ffee filter holder from any supermarket along with a. qood suppl.y of ·fil.ters~ You can ge·t generic filters for about $1.50 for ·200t. Put ·the filter holder and fil-f:,er 'on top of a quart jar and sl·o·wly pour the. 1 iquid. fr om the can into ·the f i1 ter. Wl:H;:~n. the f il te·.r ge·ts. s.l.ight.ly clogg,ed arid you are' tired o·f hold.ing the can" s·tqp,: 'wai t fnr the: liquip. to g'O through the fir st f il tel" and then d Lspo'se ·0 E ·the dlir ty f Li ter .

POOR }L~N. is L}.AMES BOND" V 0'1 It 1


Pour the f r i tcr~d 1 i.quid .J..nto a stev.r pot. or some'l:.hin.g similar:: arrd r~ne'w the f 11 t.e r and fill t.he jar aga)-·n, iI Di spose o.f t.ha t f .i L ter arid con+ in ue until there· Ls no 1 iqu.id or se.d.iment in the .can ..

Put the pot on t.he hotplate and set. it. a'l::.. a simmer .. ·Watch it p·retty c 1·0 s.e 1 y so all the 1 iquid doesn t .t. evapor a'it.@ ~ l.et.t ing the crude lJ'()t.i3H!:iLurn carbonate at.i ck to the pot Ii When· you Se··e· cryst·als for.ming· .• that. is th.e tim,e you wa'l:ch. close·ly be'cause you III just. nave to put in more" wat.er if it st. Lcics iii When it is a mu s'h; put it:. in t'he oz uo .ible arid let it he a t urrt, i1 a.11. th@ moLs+ ure is otrt; ,


Irhe· s a.l it s mus+. be mel ·ted. to fuse, 'and r~ac·t. ':fi t h th~ :cQ.mppund.s wh.i ch crp-·atE.~ the cyanitl;es ~ This takes· l~$'at at .. w:e·ll. ove1r 100.0 degr8'e,~ F. Th~ mel t_ed. s.alt:.S will go t.hrough mo s+ clay 'ct\lci.ble,g q:Q..d ·the great h:ea.t

v i 11 roel t the ~eamS of .frlost 'I:in cans ... You CQUld g·o to a ~l.¢I:.ing ahop and have a fo'U·r I nch wide· by six inch ·lotl'g l·ength of ste·el pipe cut

and have a one e.igth Lnch 'I:hic'k st.e·el bQt:to.m welded on" Thi B waul d. make an exce·ll·ent cruc{·bl,e but .i. t 'l"Nould cost. maybe fiv@ dollars or a. 1 i tt.le mor e . T f you don; t care t.o .pay 2hny-t.hing:l go '1:0 you.r ne.are.s.t g as stat ion

and. get~ t.he· used o i L f i1t.ers which are t.hrown. awa.y II, The' 1 arge·st and ~

1'n'O at ~oimnon fil t·er·s ?ire f i Vf:? inches deep. by nei3i.r~y four Lnche.s 'wide t The ir vaJL ue 1 i.e i8 in 'I.:.he f act that they are:· ste·el and seamless arrd free. 1\1.1 ·YOl-l have t.o db is take a hack.s:aw and. cu·,t ~r:(;;iund t.he 1 Lp Of ~he ri rt. ~Jr ~ Make sure yqu d'ori ,.,1:.. d.en t t·ne f i1 tel':' or i t_ WOn.·1 t co_me of f. Wipe the o i.1 fl.-om it and you wi 11 have an 'excell rant crucibl e: which wil]_ 1 ast

t; hrough s·~ver a 1 r .i.r i:ngB_.. The. 1 arger s.iz@ s ar·e .r;.est but. 'you may have use'

for the' two s.m.a,11er Si;?;-·8S. A.t any rate J' the few minq.·te.s it tak.e·s to cut the c aae off a,re well worth t-he effort ii


Af'lter' the crude pot,a.s-si-u.m carbon a 't .. E!' has be'en well or ied in ·the cruc ihle on the hotpl_.a.t·e·:j' it: ·must be f'ired in the furnac·~ to remoV'e most

o f th·e impuri ties ,I, Never £.i.11 the c.ruc.i'bl·e 1tl9.re than hal.t sin.ce it tends t.o bubbl.e up and acme Would be l.ost~ Since· t.he first. firing is while the crucible is ·comp.1etely covered with charcoe t 'Or br iquets"

you. must p.t·ovid.e. the cr.nci.bl.e with aome sort q·f covez ~ I.f you· don't have a j a r 1 Ld t.he :r-' ig·h"t siz·e., just cut a cir'cle 0 f tin from a can and cut- 81 i.C(2S .. aro.und it sp. the· ed-g.e.s c~n be ·pent over , forming art ada.quate cover , It doe sn ~ t. h9Vi3 to fi t tig'htly e i.nce it is e i.mp.l.y to k,'eep ashe's Qut of th~ potaasium c~rb6nate~


A furnace which will se.rve €f-V"ery purpose in ma.king potassium cyanide Can be m.ade 'wiLb one of the flve ·gallon c ana , a galVanized bucket and a 20 -potmd bag of cat litter 'I' You can. ge·t the· bu.cket from .any h.a·rdw·:ar·e store for under f i v·e doll ars •

fir s:t, J: pou.r· anouqh cat 1.i t'ler in the c an so the bucke·t is ,a.bout an iTliCh f. rom the top of ·the oan , Next, put 'a piece 'Of thin .cardbo az'd be~

t "Wee'h t~he· buC'.ket. and 1:h@ can and pour .l.i,t,t€I' an ·t.he cardboa·rd so it fills th·e. space bet"'W"ee:n the:. bucket arrd tl).e c·an. Now YO:u hav:e a furna.ee. whic!l will hol.d grea .. t heat, and also will not burrr anyt.h.inq ou+si.de it II ~Of' .cour se , if." your ·.hack. pozoh Ls -w:ooden~ set the· f'urnace on 9. coupl.s of br·ic.;kS!li You Can t t be ·too s.afe.

In you.r- furnace you will al.so n€1te·.d something to held the crucible 2lbove the' f Lr at, layer of the ~harcoal. br iquet.tes as they don' t bur.n


.POOR z.,1AM· S ~J&1VfES BO·ND Vol.. 1

'THe]. 1 "'With the crucible si t·ting directly on t,h.em. This is no pr ob.l em a a you can mak€r a simple .at.and for the cxucib],·e wi-th. a ~loth.e·s hal"lq.e:r. IJUst bend the c10thes hanger around so th~ the ends he~~lY touch, Then bend the hook over t.owaz-d t.h.e ends ii Put the. s:tand in the: 1?ot.tom of the bucket and s. i t the c r uc ible· on ther honk t, Bend 'the stand t.h is "tday a.nd th·a·t Hnt,.i 1 yoP, have it:. so -th.e crucib"1:e 'Will s.tanq. st.r: aight. .and abo u ~ an

inch a,bo.ve the .bottom lay~r· o'f br-lquettes I . .

c.har~q~l b,i iqu·~t.tes ar.e be.·t t,er t-b.an regql at char·co~l. b~cau se t.h.ey burn more evenly and last lon.ge·_r.. They a Lso throw out Le s s sparks· ·wh·en YOl1· are using a hair d.ryer for -white heat ~ Wh.at·ever sparks might. bl.ow out .. a.re not, .re.al1y dangerous J as .t.hey 9"0 out within seconds.j; but you dGH I t want to ·at·t.r.a.c-l:. a lot o:f attention~ espe,c"ia1..1y i·f you alr·e working on a: back porch in a: oity.

The best: pl ace to use your furrrac·e is in a gara.'g··e wit.h the door open so you get plent:y o.f air .. Unde,r- no circumsta"nce;s must y·ou use t.he furna oe in.side. The carbon monoxide would make you qUitl8 Li i , i:f n.ot de'ad ~

Chqreoa1 br i.quet.tes ~re so t.d at. a ll, supermarkets fn.r Qbout $ 3· .. 0·0 fb~r 20 pound s , Cha.r.-cOal 1 ig'ht·er is also .:e.~.silY avail able hut I f·in4 that a Bf2rri.z-O-Mati0 prop,a.ne t.orch wi·th puahbut.t.on lig'hter to be' far su.per i·or., You can .light .. the ch'ar co a L @ven fast·e·r by si~piy' put.t Lnq the noz z l e al t.he prop·ane torch 4·owri b·etween :the briquet·tes for about a m irrut.e, I "Yiould SU~1'g-~~t YO:u g~t the bottom li3.yer go.ing"J pile in t.h·!= res·t of .the b:r iquet.tes and 1. ight them·t In ali ttl e whi le ~ ai 1 the bJ:" iqulet tea l\1"i 11

C at,c·h f.ir e and the "Who 112 bUnch shoU:l.d be gl.ov.ring· ·W i t.h no Sma k:e •

On your I irst fir ing. of the crude po't..assium cazbonat.e , pi! e bl"ique·t·tes in a heajp ove r the· covered crucible. L·e_t it burn a.l l, nigh.t and when you uncover +he cruc·ible the next day you·11l have what appe ar s to be a ma sa o f fU,Ei'E:~d carbon ~ If .the c!""ucible iB .s·till ho t , and i,t probably w.i1..1 be.J -SEt it in a pan of: water to cool i t; , If y·ou pou::r; water in it whi.1e i-t is still h.at· ~,t.eam and. atsh "t!.i-ill erupt and pt-pbably burn your hand.

When the cr10cib"l e Ls coc l, fill .it with water and 1l. e·t it set fd:r a Lew hours be'rore d"igg ing out the "Cont.en.ts .. This will. .g'i V'e. th;e ~t.erenoug h time· to dis sol va a .l 0 t. 0 f ·the pur; er 'POt tlss.i urn c·a.:t bonate h.iqden in the -c,arboh .• When. the caked mas,p Can. be dumped o ut; of <the crucible Jo pu tit .i. n 1:. wo qu ar t £, 0 f W.Q t.e I"' and. rriJ=.t-~h and 's t i r it. so t.he po t. a's·s i urn

c arbon a ·t.e d i s so.l.ve s comp1. et.e 1. y •

S e·t the two quarts of· ma+t e r aside. unt.Lt, 'the ce.rbon set.tle·so,. Then pour ·the Cle a·rer 1 iqui.d into th.e f 1.1 ter oVer ·the j aT ill E:mpty the Cle'ar

1 iquid .into the pot a.nd set. it t.o simmer ing so it. will ev.aporat.e t :ilere i s 'i~her-e you. wi 11 U 8e up sever al, f·il t·ers II The 1 iquid goe·s. through v'ery q.uickly lv-hen the f::L1 t.e r .i.sn ~ t. clag9e!d ~ Also" .a ~nt of the carbon will go through. t,he f i1 ter at ·f.it" st iii And when you alb·S '1::.0 the bot toro ·0 f the mat t.er and t.her e is mainly carbon lef·t, t,hat will take 1.p.fige·st to £·i1= ·fer t At any r~.te.t It. will all come through ~le·ar after ~ few· fil't€fririgs So don It exp:ect perfec·t clar·i t·y act firr:-·-st... 5-0 ·as a f il 'ter empties arid

what noeC"l t' 'L-., .... o ucrh 1" an I' t C·l.r:..~ "". 'I'"""I.f"""rIUY. ~t b ""'c·"" ti....-ough -::;, 'Moth ...... r -I=" 1; 1 t ...... r and

I _.: '~: ~ • .6 ·_lU.·· ":,~" ,!C;I '. ,I c·~, ~~~'" ...L~ .. _- 0. .~ ",1..I..L.: ','-'.' ci.-L.l.r .. :11::: ~ .. ' ~ ".' '\

keep it up until i.t i·g cle·aJ.r.; t.herr evaporate it in the pot; ~


When you have the pre·t<l:.y pure potassi.um -ca.rt>onate f il t.ered ·tQ· olarity and. evaporated to a muah , put it in a t.in. ca.n and put. it on the

ho t pI ate [3l"t· med.i urn h ea t urrk i 1 d r-y ~ S i nee i t will s tick t.o t"he· can ~ .t..aJ"e-


a han~mer and. b an.g the can on. the a i.d as and, bOot to'm to br eak Lt. 1 oo-se .. I t I ~ just. a. t in can SQ go .a11ead .arid ru i.n i·t_ +

When. you. have: the potassium car bona t.e out and in 'chunks , pul.ve.r .i.z e i ·t. to a powde·_r .. It. v.;ill not be cryst.al iZ'~ed since 'neat.Lnq it in th.e tin can has burned out the water of c.tys.t~a1iz,ation. I'.m telling you t.h ia bec.ause when YOU re'ad the o Ld formula's 't'hey ·te·l1 o f crystdls. and I

don if t, want:. you to ·think yo .. u. have ITlCIJd.e a m i s+.ake + Crystal.i~!3"ti'Qn is a procesS ma.nuf acturer s are se·t up for .but; w~ich. you don i t need t-

All 1:' ight,; SO Y'DU n~'l,r have some pretty pure arihydr ouss (wi t.ho ut; wat-er of' 'crystal izatt.fon) pot.aas Lum c azboriat.e ~ Now for the potassi:Lnn ferrocyan i.do .. Re,ad t'he o t d ,a.rticles and formlll:as at. 'the :~nd of this ar.ticle '. Di..c·ks, for in.Ertance calls 'for potassium .bicarbonate _.; t.o 'be re'-purifi-ed t.o mak.~ abs'olubely pure. pot as si urh carbonate;, But such pur L ty La for t'he reag~nt grad.e used by chemists fox' te:sting and whatever. You doris t, rre e d 100'% pure .potas.sium carbonate or .potassiu.m. ferrocyanide· or ·even pt.")t.aae ium cya'n'ide to ,a.n.n'!2al iii t.h or leach gold fr.om quartz or self -destruct capsul.es or cyani de grenades or even pr ue.s i.c aci d .. Read the f orrmu.l a for. potassium oyan i de from the T·ecrln.o~Che.mic.al R'eceipt Borrk, 1396 to see' the g·ar-bage which can ·be' used for what. you. want i!! You. know +ha+ woul91rt' t. pass any chemist' s 'test .. for purity' but 400 milligrams o:f tha.t would ntaT~e· an ene'roy .g.o be.lly-uPJi just. the Same.

Some of the old formulas call 'for iron turnings, acme call for ferr OU.S· ox.ide (' .i r ori ox.ide· or just. pl a in rust), 'J_'}1e· POl int is that fused. J 'the at-oms o.:f i.ron wil1 be p'iCked up by the pota~$iu.m t;·a.rbon.ate whethe-r i.t'on I:urnings ar. rust is u.sed.. Al!S.o,. you can go to any junk yard and.

sc r ape off a lo·t of rus·t f:r;6m. 01 d be i1 er a ~ car bodies or whatever:l with a. lot less ·t.r·oub"l,e than. it ta.ke$.. 1:0 turn .iron ~ U·se. whichever is h·and.y.

'Again;l some Q·f t'he 01 d fnr:mul as ca.11 f.or coke" cinders or coal ill' charcoal J blood:l1 hair or lea,ther 1:.0 add mor·e carbon t.o the. potassium car.bon.·a.te. 5.0. j\.lst use five par t.s of whichever y'ou want.. I WOUld chooae .charcoal but you oo uf.d .g·e·t scrap leath~r from any shoe ahop , .chop it in sme'l.L bi t.s and stir it Ln, The, pa.rt,g refe._r.t"·e.d to~ mean parts by wreig·ht. i!

So let' is ge,t down to the business of m,ak-ing po··tassi.nttJ fe.rrocyanide., Take 10 par c s of your homemade pot.a·ssi:u.m carbonat.e.1 10 parts of ch~rcoCill OT bits of leat..her and fiv,e 'Parts of .iro·n ·t.urning~. or rust .. Get the furnace set up wi t..h the bot·tom 1. aye'r o f char coa; pr iquett.es 1 it. then .PUt. the crucibl-e on the oo.atharlger ·st.and. Then pile. ~r iqu·ettes a.ll around, 'the crucible and get: the rest of them 1 it, N€xt~. t~k.e a. regu1.ar hair dryer and set it for coo I and play the air on the .br Lquet.t.aa, You don't wan't; to set the- ha Lr dryer on hot since its he·a·t woUld be, negli-g ib1e but would 'burn out the unit .i.n a short time. Bes·ide,s. all you want is 'the air. flo'\\'!' and the· dry,er can be used indefin.ately when 's:et on coo.1!ii So npw' you 'have th'e briquettes: lighted and ar e training the air f]_o.W 'a11 aver

the,mil You' d be 'Surpri::?ied at the difference in. he,at!r .

Wh,en the crucibl.e +ur-na white ·hot,. pouz in the W·el1-mix~d 'irig.redien·ts .and keep the heat playing around the cruci:b~e. I wo.~ld advLse t~e 'we~iug of glasses and glovea, '~hile making potq::s.si.um f'erroc'yanidel!!

Soon t.he conten·t.s will. beg'in ·to redden and fuse, 'I'ak,e· a bent o~.it coath:a.ng:er 'Wire and stir occ as fonaa.t y , }\.fter all flarr~e's riave ceased in the .cr'uc ib1. e use a pair Of to.r).g s or pl La ra and 1 ift: out the o.r uo ible . When the 'contents have cooled, pour them into t.wo .quar t.a of' water and treat as you d.id while f'i1teri,p,g 'the fin.al proc.ess.ed pota:ssi'um ca'rbona'te. You may w~nt to cxyst.at Lae it as described· in Dickt·s proce.BS f'urt.her on in number 4201.

POOR MAN· S· JAl'.-mS BOND Vol. 1


POOR }ll!.N' S J.AMES. "ijOND Vol .. 1


. The last part is a snap t TIi vid!2' WhFL t po tass ium f errocyan i de von h av e ] II to e tght part. sand adq. three part s. by w-e .iq'ht; 0 f your pot assi LIm ·carbo~ nate. G·et your crucib~e "~hi·te hot again and. pour t.he, mixture in,", Very s?on it. wil.l me Lt; arid you will. see sorne slag in. t.he bottom of the crucibl·e .. , W.ai·ting 'urrt.j L a t L bubbling;, simmering or whatever ceases, 11ft ou't t.he crucible arid pour the .liquid portion .i rrt.o an Lz on frying pan or ont.o any har<f.J cold surface \vhich Will .nrrt; be affected by a molten su.b~ at.ance. This will be a pr~t i:l'· pur e grade of Pb~tds·sium cyarri de , It '\\rill no+ at i.ck and should be broken up and ·put in an airtig·h.t Jar + You can g·e·t some ·morfj~ potassium cyanide by dissa"l'v'ing. and fi lteri.ng the slagarrd, .evapo.rat; ing the liquid .. Tha-t'l s a iL ther·e is to mak.ing po t.a s s Lum C'y~nide.

! ol v 00. out 0'( 1 ~ tb:4l 801 D. tiott fUkrred J' e"lr~ r8f!,.n;d, and cyst&11iJcd... Tn e. el}'!' It.oll 9'~ tinned are rediB901vod in hot,water and cMl~d ve1"1·.s)owly, .r~g .lkrg81011ow oryahll of ~e. fetTocywde of pow"slnm. '0£ commOTt):)I· In order to 0 b'~ It pnrt avticle" f\tU) 6f1la· ronced oomm~reia1. Pt~lul"i&te of ·po~ In a gIus.l'eu.elJ diuolv-I the fa·eoo me.a.B bt "ItD..tel', non-trnliz'e anT B'I.CCIJ8 ot alk:aJl :1Vith ACetio &c{'d, And p,r~].pitato the 8Alt with ·!trons IJ· c{lbol t W&~b. t.he preclpit~.te with & little wOtl: &lc:ohul~ ,redia,aQlv," 1, m w·.ter; ed ~.q.:knl ... ( Oga f.ey. ~ )

4DOg. Cyanide (Oyan·uret) of ·ro_ .l~~'. M~X. tho :.0'._0' Dl8.'hl .. :.1.8. o.une~Fi ... ·O(' d~. te.rro-cyl\mdo 9r :powe:ium and 3 On"DeeR " ... ·ear-

bonate of pOtAs~I,; ~hrow· ~b9 mixtnte- to ~ dec p red- bot earth en crucible, th e hot bc».r~s sua.tP..inod until efferv,e.8Q()Qco oeaBol, Cl.d th.l'I .thli d P;OtU 0·0. ~ o·f the mB.Ql! b~Q'me_8 0·01 erle 1'1 ; Brter ·R ltw m Inn to Ii re,,~ t·o all ~ n, t.h 0: con t~D t, to e eill G. tih Q. cl Btt.r portion is pou.rod f.r om ·lb. hOf\VY "\~k .edhOent At t~be bo·t·tom en D oJ'can m~b10 11ab; .. ad. while te'· "M1Ut ~ ken up' 1.lul pll£ed in weU .. ·oln~ed. bottlea .. , ~hau p~re, tliig 6,o.l~ is colurle:g'EL snd oUarto.!, ita cry ~ tsl B D re en hi c, . Qf 0 e tab ed f.'l\], an ." &.TO .t1[.l~~yd ron 8~ ] r j t if n:erve!?·c 01 'ni t h 001 <l8~ it con t.n tn~ tJ\.l b-on~te 0 f potasaa, If it be yellow i! l t C(l.D tMn'B, it ~n ~ (IAe big. ) ..

THE TECHNb .... Cl"':U"1:M!ClU.., RE CE 1PT BOOK 1896

Ptodu.ctifm., oj CYa.mde oJ~ Pot(il~I~., Amtnon/ia :7'ar, ana GOA from Nd.,,,·o· gBtieoUB Orgp.'nic lIubstfIllltts. Leather ,,&SOOt b~o:oaJ wool, Jlair, ete .. J are sa tu .. ' rated with • solution of po tash ·a.ud then. drled, The mass is then heated

~~~~~~J b,:!~:!: t!~e ~~:fgJ::i:;

in the usuaY manner, The residue con-

.'. iii id d f' ..

tains e:yil,ll~·.',e anu eyaaate 0':1' p,otasslum,

::!h~::~n~t~ ~~iu,Pm"otash,Byi~~a •• '·~t,. calp'~ ... ~

'f \ ~~. ,--,., .. .&.1 V, V~

sium sulphide, and carbon, 'In the presence "of metallic Iron or ferrous

~:!t~ ~t{) °k~~:;a~J:!i;!::S:!':O~

11' "V" 1" V' "I' a't'll' o· n' A':" ft" er a Bp Dr" a' , ... ; - _. th Iii Sf' ...

A. ~ '.':. '" ' I" ,I~', "~',14,' LI,n,g'>'_/~ Lle

solution may again aer'v,e to,f' Impregnat-


carbon ate, br. tr'ea,ting the aohrtlen with earbonle acid, In case the ra" materials are eontsminated with sand it is removed by' ,vash,ing with, potash-lye.

THE ENICYC!L;'O,PEDIA BRITANNICA· 1,892 See 'p,a.ge 95" oo Lrrmn ri.ght,.

rOlrASSIUlI lIB,TA,'LS*. Under this 'heading' we

treat of potassi tun, m bidium " an d (,:83:on um ; BOD! UM and Lrrarusr, being less ClO£5f.]Y allied 'to PQtassiu'mt h.ftve ~ pecinl art it lea de vot;cd to them,

Po! (UJttu rn .. ~ The tb re a m stala under eonaidera tiollllVre: .~ll yel"y widely diffused throughot~t, natnre ,; hut only posassium is ,2.t all abundan t, an d til ere I ore w'e begin, 'W~ th it, Th@ riches t natn ral store i15, in. the ocean I which, aecordin g to Bog usia lV~ ki's cal culatlon (in hia Otf'(l ',lOg ra,plt.ie.) 011' its total volume and the' present writer's 3n3.~ys~s of' '·M, wa,tel"t COl~ t.'t tID S po tassi urn eq ual to '1 I '1 t.im es 1 01:2 tons of s ul plli a te, K2SO 4; ThJs inexhoustible store, however, Is n,Q,t much drawn Ut)QU at present ; the ~,j saU-~garde.ns J" on the coasi of France have lost their jndustrial importance as. potaah-producers, if net otberwise;. sines the r.ich d,e,pos],t;a at ,S'lassfurt in, Ge rma ny have com.e tQ 00 so. la.~ gel,j1 worke.d~ The$ij dCpOS~t51 in. a,d.d.itto'D to com,mlon, ~a~:t." include t'he. foUo,~dn,g hl in el' a.ts :-eyl'lf i ne" I{CI j ear nan j-t~, K,014' )IgC~ +' 6 H'20 (t rn n ~ paten t d,eJ i'q uesc eutc,~ys tams, often ,red mt'h diffused

ox" de ,ct: 'iron) ,; kainite, I{~80.t~ }1~BOt,"1rg'~12 + 6'~'20 .(har~ crystalh.n 8 maEs.cs., per~nw.;rlent 111 t,~e an);. ties.e.rIte (a

by d ra tied 8 u]p 1k1. te o,f tnngn e~ which '1 s on 1y VUtl' sl(Jwty di~ol'''ed by' w~lter) ; be~ides. bOf&l,c.iwjl Q.lwydi.rite (C~SiOf)' and ot.h~r minOT components Iyin,g' ,au'tside t'he, ,subjec.t of fhis nrt i cle., Th e po t.aSGiunl. m:i nernJs ba~led ue, '0 lOt confined. to Sta.~flUI't.; f,ar larger qu,;:w~itie9, ,of s.ylvin,e and

1_ • • . "'. h .' 'L. " , • f 'tl" - '1 !I. '\.

Kl', rut,e are me,t ",T t., In. t,mH~: ,So'1,.L t- mlnes. a. Jl\.£l.,lUSZ In \J16

~Ht.~rll (1arpa. tb inn 'l1'ot1rntain's~ but they have no-,t yet e.Q'me to, be \~~'or.k,ccl., ~O' e.,xten,si.vely" The Sta.~afQrt p;J'lusiferoul min er.als (nve their i ll.dwt,.r.ial :Un portan,ee ·to th~.ir' 1901.1.1" b i 1 i ty j n wate r loUd. conaeq tu~n Ii l'en.dy amenn,bility' to c'benl'ieaJ op-errf1.tioll1.s, In, point olf ,absolu,t'8 mass they Me

. i05'~,gf1Lrlca.rr~ conrpared \,itb the abundance a,nd va.rie't,y o:f pO~1S5ifetOU5 silicates, "hicb acell" ieverywhere tn the eartllt,s cru.st.; Q r Lboe~ (po tash f ~b.q)ai) ,~ndt' POltash 'mica. 'Dl'lLy ~be


PO'.',O··.,R ~lA':N1iS JAM':··E-S BO··'N····'D V·I, 1

.I;~ ,_. _ _ __ ., .0.

quoted as J!iromjnent examples, .. SUlch potassiferous silicates U~, found. m B.lm,os.~ all rock's; ]J' not 9.$ normal, :at leas;t as t:lll bsi d l.U,y cOlD'jpon eats j an d thei.r' d.i~bl.tegr~,tiWl r ur.ms hea, diree ~,t y {ll' 1i ndiree t 1 y, :the Bo'btble pota~s i um sa~lt,s \v bieh :ate f ou'nd in all r ertilc so~l a. Irrhes@ salts a l"e sucked, up by the roots or plants, and by taking part i.n tll,e process of .n,utritioln are pardy converted into oxalate, m,rtrate, and olth~r organic 88.1b3) 'whic.h, when the p'~anw M'e burned,

~sunle ~e ~.Qi'Ul of ca;rbon. at:." K2C~~~, It.·, is ~ remarkable :fact . thali, a1 thQugh, In ,m. ,g;tv~"n ,SO,] 1. th e soda m a.1 :p're-

dominate tDlrgely over the potash salts, tltt plm.nts growing in the soil mke up the latter by preferenee: iR, t.h'e ashe" 'of 'JOost land. plants the 'p<!ta...m {ca.lculn,ted as K4)O) 'funDis u pwarda of' 90 P ~ cent, of t he total alkali (K 20 or N &'-}.O).

Th . e , .. b lid .. ~ 1l . , -

,. "13 proposttion . ' ,oL S" Ul, 1 ts gene:raIJ sense, fo,r sea IlIa.J], t9

likewise, In, ocean water ,th.e ratio o-r $Od~ (Na~O): to p(Jwh ([{'2'D) is ] 00 : ,3~2,3 (Dlttm,ar) ; in kt?Jp it ]~ on .the e..;v'emge, 100: 5"26, (Ri,cbE\l'lclootl )., As:h,e,s patt],culn.rly rich in potash are those of burning n etUes, wormwood (A rlemi,ia A bs-in.-, ilti'u,vt.), . 'tansy {Tan<Ktltum ti1l':gQre), furnitory (FU71.U1riil offi~a l'~ )' .. 'to baceo, . In. fact th e , ,~llCS 0 f . 'herbs, gen~~.l)ll, are nche.r. m po tush thrun those of ,th 6 t,I'U n ks, and b,ranch,eq of trees ,; ye &~ for' o,bvioU3 reese n s, t h e ltl tter are, of' gr€&t;€tr indus,triAl importance as sou rees of' carbonate of potash,

C arOOn-a,~e 0/ Pot(U~, (K2CO',J in f ormcr times, used to be IIU1(h3, ezel usi ,,~ely from w'ood -,nJ3hes, and even now the inldustry- survives in, C'n.~~~ula, Russia, Hungary, aad ,other' eoun triefJ" where W'GOO is used as. ,the ge II era] fuel, hi some [J~laGea~for' iD5,t4n~~ in. ec rtain dis' w'l"ic ts of H lUI,pry ......... wood IS burn ad exprlessly for the purpose j a!!l a rule, ho .... ever', th 0 ash es p reduced in 'h 0 useho las form t' I era,,, ,r.nater-iat ~hlB ashes are ]ixivi~,tcd with wJlt,er., which dissol v es ,aU the ear bona te of 'pG'ki,sh :along wi tb more or less. of' chloride, sulphate, B,nd a litt1e aUic31'te" lV'hi" e (hie oorl'by pltJMphates. and, carbonates and other 'in,soluble mat·lul rem,ain as a residue, T,ne ela .. ri6,e.d s01.lJltiOID, iss eva porat'ed to dJyn~sr ill :iron basins an d tb e resid ue ca:~· eined '00 burn I)·\v'aypar·ti cles ,or charcoal and half~urned organic matter, In far,m,er' 'ti,mes this calcination used to he effected i~ iron pots, wbeD¢,e the name 'I' potasoes H WIUI ~i,~rem 00 I 'the· product ; at present it is genemU,. €ooducted ,1 n ,reve r bera~gi"1 fUf'nacae, on ~oles of _~,t ~ iron, The, calcin€d produ(:t ,g(JeJJ. into ~O'l!l'mlcrce 1l3. 'cl'ucle poiasb'e& The

cOlD.position lOf t'~ia .. su os't-ance [s ve.ry ',aria blet,-th,a . peTe~n.t21,ge. cf .:reaJ. I{~COi' v.arying f['om 40 '00 80 per een'~ The fol1C)\Vin,g ,[U, UJY5l!f, of an American ,., potas,hres;:! is qnetc.4 as .all exo.nl pIle ..

Ca.rbGnate o.f J,r.Jtash '11'4' 'V,a.t-er ~~.'~."~."~!'I'.;;~~.,; ••• 4~!i

... ~lJ.da. n;~' '2 "3, Insoluble 'biL"!i.rt.:!i'il'! <ItI1"'~

~~' ~~l~ '-'" .'1'"Ii II'.' .Ai ~

S:\'~'lpha~ o·r ['1otaJt h ." •. ,"" 114 ",d,

Cld'orid~ of 1!.(~ta.i5Biu m :. .. :3'6 ~ 98 ~.~

Cr'lld,e, potashes is .ls~l fOor th'e rna-nu'facture of g]assl and ,afte.r be.j ng '!'il usticized tor' the lDaJdDg o.f ,gait &O.ap'~ . , i or 'm,a~y ,~thel' P1U·P.O,JG:s :i.t i'~, t,oo im,ptlfe, and[ must .be., [,cfrned., 'WhlCh l~ don.o by t roo t u] (r ,the .crud e product with the ,m.i.1illi. mwn, .o~ cold 'water- reqilired 'to dissolve. tl .... e oo,rbilllil'tc1 'tfmovins' the und~solV\ed p~rt (whi'c'h consi sis cWeB y ,of'

~ul~hat,e~,. and, e\~,p~Jl.a'~i.?g ,the clear- H,qu,~. 'to .d!;y~u~ss in ,an 11"011 pan~ The IUll'lH'ed ca.rbolnate (whl.ch, :sbU contains ll) os. t, of. ~btl ch IDrl de, o:f the r,1l W m~ t,s'ri,al and other im. ... ,pu'ri tiles) is kn,ow n ,as '" pearl a~nes,~ I i

POOR ,~l'J' S JA:ME'S EOJ~D vei , 1

La.rge q,'U9 D t.i ties, of· en l' bODa t~, used to be mal1ld:rwt,llred from the ~,.q u ec us 'residue l!~f. t in the & tillQ,tion of befJtroot spirit" i~,t ... , mdirectly ioonl beet(o~:),~ molasses, TEHlliq'llors a.r~ evaporated 'to d,ry.ne~s atnd tIle. residue is ignited to, (} btain & ve ry hn pure ~rbo11at e, which is purified by methode founded on tile d.ift·crc~lt, solubilities of' the 8®v',ar.~~J components, Such :PQtlL~'Ims" howe,v',e;t'J ia exceptionally

.. l' ~ ~1I ajl .1 t' ..J.' Ai' 11,. :Z

:(',1(:':1; m aoea, ~ '--"f~n.tJ,'~.!j,.U! j,\QlUlq Ul, cruo .. G asees rrom 10 'to

21 per. cent. of pot..:'1a\ ,o,ud, f',ro In 2;] to, 50 of seda car benate, 'Tlt;,a, j,nd~ try \~~o1.11rl .b~,ve expi r~d by fhis tilDe Vf."r'~,irli3 i,t not th~,t tll:e - beetroo't spiri.t residues, ~ a,te w'QJked for tti .. , m e'Ulymm in e (see'· )!'E'".r·~,nLM~" 'vat xvi p. 196 ),Ina the carbonate thns ohm i ned Ineid entally, ~ M,g,s.'& of t1.e earbonete of potasI. ,,\H'h.ich now eeeurs in commerce is made r rom ,SwJ~ furt ell I ori:d. e bY' means a,f an. ,a;d,allmtio[[ of th e ,u'Le bla n c process ~j' {or t,h6 eCH1 '''ersl on of commeu mIt into soda ash (5,00 S~),D rms), .

. C'he:micaUy pure earbonaee 'of p;f)bsh ,is bes,t 'prepf,u·,e-d by the iSH ~ tion of pure, biearbonate (see, bel~') in. iron 01" (be. tt ~r) ~,n sil VOl' or 'p Iatinum ve.~seJls, Dir e'lise by tl1d! ealc lnation of pure bitartrate (~~ TAJltT,l}tJlC! .!ow) .. , l~e, la.tter oper.a lion. £ urni~hes :~ irrtima;ie 'wixtur,e of the ~~·hona.,te wi th eb.'r~C'fi], T,('\O 111. which the car "bonate is ex traeted O'Y Ibd vlrd ion ''''1 th '\1L~~'rer and :fil t'f.ft, tion, The fil tr~i'tie . ['3 'EP7Q.PO,1'a.t_ed tQ d.rywH;!SS (in. iron or pl8. tin,ll111.) and til G reskl ue 'fully d.ehydrat~u by £enth igni.tion. Tt16 sal,t is, tlU16 obtained as a '~r bite 'pOiOUS m(l,S~, £Ui8:l ble at a red heat (8 38,~ C~; Ca.rD.f3i1~y,. m to a, ~OIQ;lldess Hqnid~ 'wlilieh, f'raezes into a u;'h,ite opaque ,nmss.. i'he dry q!t ·is very hygroscopic; it deliquesces :into ern ony' :,61ution (~f oleum tar ..

tar,[ tl) in o'fdinnry a.ir" 100 parb of wnte'l,di$SiOlve~

at 0:" '0. ~OQ (1 '13~" fl. (oo1i!I,~' P!I)Lt.t

~ . of :E.fd.tUJ!"W~d i~61:!lti.:on:)

,83 1'! . 20~' ~

pil'rtS\o, ;C!~ rbo nate of 'pome,h" bei ng ins.oluble is stro,ng., alcohol (and m,3Iny_ ot'l:u;~l!" liq.uild 01'"gar,d,'e: eom'Porlu'ld!), is· m:ueh U8e,p T'Ot the d~b yd,fn tioD of t'he ·co:rres,pGndl.(l,g aq·u,e.ous pr&-

1f'ij,'"""iP".. i,~' '""·1· .. ''(.. 'r"""t'i'l '1· ,i.~, ,<j _. - t- ~""d' I 11 oi-::' • h "',

r~.!!! ~ W,iv.ii~ b... ,If " 'Q~a . iL;a ~ ery CO'Fl'~Efl!1 reLiC'· _ oo';!''\lwcn 1& :. (I'ij

\,;'ate r tho ,s~J 't, e'rye taUi.zoo 0:0, cooling 'wi tll ~ clutailn i p"r~ part.ion (Ji "rate r; but, 'tL'e:!e errstah, are li"t Ue kn(n~{n ev,en too ~hemist,,'3;. Pur,a ear bOlla te of potwsh is, being co n sk n t[y' 'Used ,in t~e E&.ba;ra~r,y, as G bas,i,c 51J,'b~mn.ce ,genera.ny~ fur the d.i~i.n'~Ci'"rrati.O'n..of ,bilie'~t~, _ im'D,(l as a, precipitant., . ITh~ ~ induH,trlal prepEUtaUQ]l ~rV'e3 .for the, mo.'king 0'£ '~in~glass, o'f 'pon a ~]1 ~oa:p (soft ,soo,p)~ and, of ca.u3U~ p~)'ta~b.. It i~, ,a::lsQ u$~d "i n m";u llciDcj where its ,old nalne, of ~ ~ ,s0l1 hrlAri ~ is, 'Dot ye't, qHi,te obsQlet:e.

, Bic{t.tl/Qn, tide df J.'Jolct~A (K,2'O CO2: ,4 ~2'OCO'2 - 2 'KII COI,~) is, obt.aine~ when c,aibQfl.l.Q acid is pa~30d thl"oiugn n, eo~~cll solo:Uan ,of the o;£ldinarr '~nllro,narte as ]_'Oll\g :3;$ i'~ is ,~'brs.i,lr'bed,~ If $iliea'te .is :pres,en,t, ~it like~rLse is eonv,e;ri:ed into, 'b],e.'l'r~, bou at ~ with eJi i 't 0 i m.ltioD, of Ii 1i.ca , 'which must be filtered

oft Th.'B fi] trate, is ev&p(H"'Eded at,. t'Bm,p~rature not ex:c,~edin.g 'c-0l! or~ fl:.t m,olst -_;~O~ C ... ; ,aftE!'t' Slltn,ciet1t €<Oll.ceu,"", tr,a tiO.D~ It d ep o~nts on cooli ng ~Ill~Jxlnnlg Cf)"$ tals 0 f the sal,t.1 while ·th,e, d!lo:dd~ iQf pomssi,u,lll, '\\\'hi~h 1:oa,~f b!l, l)r,e<~se'I)'t as, an im'pnrlty~ n:nuuns rn,u~tly in the ul.o1tiJer .. r flUOr.; t~be r~~t ia eaaily rem,QY~d, by 'Mpeated teaf'y~tr1,Uiull't:Lon~ If an a bsoi n,te]'y p ure, pr,epar.~ tlan 'is 'w,an ted, iit is 'b'2s,t to

[""'i l'l-'",,"'IiI,," "'\\1'0···1,.. 11;(~ r ""i nd Ill.;""', 'lit ... ·~"'l~ <Ii·h· oiii'L •• a. "'l,)·'lolj;.""!o t.- t1:- n:w:n Tft, ..... ~I1i'i .... ;::''''~

1 •• / ···v ,'" 1'l .. lULl; ... _ ~~l' _ _: ii.Ji~L, . liro _ ~.:. ·~v _-.1 . ~1Iii~a, " . ~ Jt!i!!l \_tIL\l~J\. '!I.#'a-.~

b,Y th,1E! igni Uon o.f' :pure bi.tartr~ te;;, l11e ft u::;: is fIL'ttiste t~ eOL

POOR ,M:A:N t s ~JA_ME,S BOl~D Vol ~ 1

'Yl'Lh, \vat.er and expo~:,ed to a. current o~ carbonic ncidt wldch, IOn aceeunt oJ t'ne condensing :ncr~ion of 'Lh~· el~ar,epa~~ is

b b d . h ; 1- "I"} 't"~ If'

al • oore I~ l'iI"lt, , gt'ea't a,'\,:l (J!d,y~ .. .ne l"e~rt exp atns l'tSC,'~

Biearbonate of' pC! tMh . 10!'lns k;..:rge mon G ~'~h:lJ e pilia~" permanent In th e a lr, 1. 0 0 p~;rtJ3 ofw '" te.l' d iseolve ~

.It 'Or"" l.~r' 2 'ill'. 60· 7,()05

]0"61 23~~~1 2tr·~1 ,4]L·,35 45'·24

parts Or salt,., At llighe;r te~n.p~a,tures than' 7' 0 ~ the sol utlon losee carbenie aeid qt1.iJ.dJ~', ,rIll.e sclutiou j,s far less vioie:ctly oJbliJH~ to, the taste and tr~~,t.l'la,perB than t,ha;t of the, norm~, earbcnate. 1[~11ce it iB rr~fe~red inmedicine as sn rtf'] ti-aeld. \\1t,€'D the, dry ~n[~ is tr~a~bed i.t breaks 11 P below' redness i nt 0' 'lJ}O l:,mal car Dl)nate, carbonic ucid, luut 'wrtt er'~

Cff. u sliJ: .POearli .( llll'ilrcr1e) of ,Pota.ssi um)~ l{1:I,O, ......... It has

b een kno ... ·L."'" $,,.. -r- oil'.; ~.no,...; ,(;' t" .l'l' me th iIlt' .I!'!I; Q!.r,,~ 1I'ill',ion of' carbon ·'ii't·'.a., of

_ o-~~. I . ,U 'rlli l~,il, 1 u· G.!I lU!lJ C .. I 1..1~ ._",l dl¥~ .. ) ~ L~Ull.l!Lt.. _" '_ _.1 ~~. lUu ~,~A.·~ ~.)I!

pok\sh becomes more lnteu!!iHlly ,u]kaHne" nets, 'mO'I'e ,su.ongly on the e'plder mi~l an d II issel VfJ8 {u·ts !110r',e, l~rtlnlpd,'f aJrol' it has, 'been treated with slaked lime, It used to be supposed

,- i1:' 1..... .. ~- '~.' ~. h . - - .,' 'j;ll

th~,t tho, la't~nt ~~,r!J; ,1,U, tu.~ quick-lime well t Ul t.o t . ,;e, ~ ~ DuM, '

alkali and made 'i,t 'c 'Ca,iIlStic~ ~',) untU Black, about the midd lie -of' last cen t1l1Lr,Y)) showed thn.t the chemical di ffereace bet'ween, the. tYltO IH:~,p~ationg_ is tlHl[ the aft 11 d 1:5 a 'C/L)Iil'lt)obnd, o:f e6\T bonic. aeid and the rca ustie OUfU5 ;~i wate r with the ssme 'base (potas,h.)~ -'tit e eaus t l'(ljzing' ac Mon ,of the Hln,e cQ,nsi.st:ing in, tbis" 't:hat 'it '\~"iJ"thdra.w~ the carbonic aeid from t.h~: alkali and ~ubstitu.t~s iJb~ own water, Add, "to thi,s tna;t the e x.c1hang0 takes place only' in the pres8nc~ of Q. su:melent proportion of vra,ter~ and th at it is '11 ndon e if Hl1e m LX tU.re, is aIlo\vect to Stet coacen tra ted 'by ev l\J:l ora Uon beyond n certn.in, (tu'gJ,c&l'tai"n) J)(dn;t, :A.ud, you lltt ve: a "i'"u U tbeQ',ry 01 the prDCes.8~, A" ,good co.ncre~n tl."~t'tion is t,y,elVIB parts - of" 'w'l1te~r for. one ot ear b(;lma t~ Q;f pom~"h i d.l.l~ .lime, ,Ds bBS;r, enl,ployed. in tllie. hhn',pe of ~ ,at]ln i~.ftwd pastej

d 'b ] '!I_! 0, ,- '~' • t b t' t.. "'", ... f "

D~J3;, .. e .y S~;~Jg,ng qUl.c..r- Hme \\11" .·nree, ,par~ 0', v/a.~~el!'

lXHlred. on at B tilu"e~ llle eJk[li solution is, bee. ted 'lo boi]itl,g' . 'in a ~st·:ir(]D vessel (,indll~triaU~f by Ulcan,s of B t.eam"pl peel) and '111 e Dime paste ,added; in i u~'tu.'llnlenm 'UlltiJ, ,a, raaRl pIe, of ,til e IDt{n~ed, :rnixtul"e no 1 eUlIe\r ef£'erve~CIB5 on a[1,dItiou of au ,excess 'Qf acitl The 'mixture is, th.en aUo'wed to settle, in. the I'lon v,es,s,eJj aCCl(lSS, of aLt' 'bei~],g plevented ,~s much as pl'acti.,ca bl~, 8\U<.t the clear' j iq t1 or is· (ma~ll 0,fF by nloons >01; ,a, ,Gy,I~lwon," Th e r,e:li.tahri:ug :m,ud of farbonat,e an.d Lydr,a,oo (if' Iin.le i~ \vasbedl~ 'by de)O:i n til t.iOD1 :wl th small m,st~lu~ ~nts of''hQt Wfi t~r. to reCO~;'ilr at least par;t of th~ alkaH. dif~bsed. t']l:rO~lghou t :it,1 'hu t, tlris, proo~s 'mU~Jt not be oo,:ntj un-ed ~oo long @r e1":i e some 01 the HiDe p8.\Sses :hl to $alution~, T.he~ 'U nited liq,UOf,S ~re'boUe·a dovm i'n aU.,;,lt'on veas~l· until tke, dlesiu,d d,'egl,"'ele~ o;f. eoneentr.a:t ion is rea~J'.usd~ In. 'ob(~dien~e 'to &on ,old tr,adic.'(l)n!, the oonoentrat,ion is b.oJ)],ttUl.Uy eontinned lUI tn, t~h~ ,s,pecijle' a;ravity" of t'be cold 1,C']' i~ 1 ~ 33S,) \Vllieh. is ,a r,a,the,t 1ncon ..

v~nielltly ]d,&th degree o.f s.t~~~ngth,· .Io,]: lUost p,urposeS,1 'b~,t i nthe c,~a or' t~h,e ordl l:lttry ,co mmt2·r,c ia:l ~rticl~ ~J,fi:e;l"j tlJ is ~d vEl.ntage~ "tlut,t ,Iluy ~ld [lha w of potasih wl~i-ch DUi];f 'be present as, ,an. ~hfnpur.ity crysta;l1i.zlG's -out e~a'rulple'te~y on st'o.wndi.n,g (Liebig). If' !SoUd. f:::anstie 'po,taJ~ll ia \ya:u~ ed~ U~C ley (nl'tel' ,rerno":Et.l ~J tlt~ ,depos,i,t oi' S,l.l.lph a:te'l' .&c~) is tta.ns~ ferred. to' ,0; silt'tJ"' db~hi ~nd t.he eVap'Ol\l,t ion 'ccn.tin'tl~cd 't:l,U~i:tl

'~n """"ehd 0- I "","'.a. <'ri'D''IIo ,t ~1 r.;,~ 'II,. ,,",('iIV'\7 ''!ii!flfi, 'r ;fi;r.l~ 'F' n,t K?'H'O'·· 1" 't'., ..... 1: t ~: co 'i!h3iD!1

"llaia~ ,;;;.10, J Q' ...... 'I;!~\'-I" .-1I..!!# U .... y.'.J' .'~ ~"tl'U' ,J6" 0.1· . ' ..... " m::'..Lli. ,.11,0 ""!Li~,~, ,

to go o,ff~ Th.e re~~.dn!ll 'Oily liolu id, is th e n pour~d ,out i rl to

'P'OOR MAN'I S J ... l\11ES BO}'ID voi. 1

Ii J d t· ,! l,_ ,. 'd to .:.:1 th

;8, pO ~H~: uon ·!;ray,. or inso an. iron m(n,;l.l~: p:rotL'Ucel:-e

cus tom3Jry form of' I' B ticks,:':' and allowed. :00 OO{)t Tb e solidified prel}ar~tion m JS,t 1:;0 at once bo;tUed 'up, because it .a.ttrrtcts th e mots't ure a nd earbon 10 aeid of ta,e air wi tb grt.a,t avi.dity and deliqueseea .L~co'rding' t~ the, l)lMeIJ;t writer's [experienoo (Journ~ Soe. Ckeln~ ind., llay 1884)" u ickel basina are fttr better ada ptled tl"J a n non basin s for the concen tration of' potash le.J. Tn e la,tt.er begin to ,oxidize beforG '. I) ley bali eem e up ·to the traditiObB.J s'blen! th~ whUe· nickel ia n.ot at,tao'k:,ed so long as tb[e percen~ge of reel KH 0 m isboTt· ot 6.0., For th 0 f'usion of l.be dry hy drs te, ni ekal vessels cannot 100 used j in fact, even sil ver is perceptibly atta.~ked as ~S~t'l as aU fhe exeesa ,of ~:mt.!-r is 2.way.;. Rmohrbely pure Kl:lO CQ,D .. be produeed m,lly in t;'~Jd vessels, R~a.rdin.g' the aet;ion of p0w.1h on platlnl1m~ .see 'PrJAtlN'UM (.~upra·. p, 191'.. Gla.es and (to 0lles8 ex!teD.'~) porcelain are atJ..d;CkiWI by e;a·1t1:BH.o potash ley,. :&'1o.wly in the '!;O~ d.~ more rea di . y 'OU boiling,

1!.r'o[.;ren ~{u.13t.tc potn.,,~ f'or'U:u~ an opaque, wh&te, stooe-lWlal mass of' d0.11:S,C graJnlJ.la.t .f.ra.etu.re; - S,p€-ci:6c ~ gr.avity:- 2;i 1. I t fuse:], consic1oFRbIJ" below Q\nd is pe.rc&plti: DIy volatile at Il reel heat, le, is extrem.ely soluble in eve-'n cold water, aIni in o;oy propor tion .of wa.t--ef 011 boiling, ~e solution is ],ntel)ooly H alkaline ," to t'0st,..papcrs~ It readily diBsoNe~ the. epido rmis of the skin and m.any other kinds '0;£ aaimal ti~suo,,___..hence tbe w[eU-kucywn ,a.p,plieat"i.on 'al t'b,e· u sticks " in. surgery. A dilute p~wh, ley r'OOdily emwslcmoos ia.'ts.1

u ntcmf1ruhrHg-~v .ponmc, "·-ib.eIn '''''ltD "lofmauon or e: [soap~nd o,f glycer i.n. C& ul:tio IJotash is the very "Y,pe' of an energcti,e i( m[oD,Q..;aei.d) basic 'bydmtel "M0 OBEMU1Jl'KY,[ 'V'oL

v ... PI) .. 4·86, .488).' .. _ ~ .. _ .

.According to T'iinnermsnn's Bnd SCmIra determina;t:i'o,~,fJ, ·as en 1 calated 'by ·GerL.1rCh, the rella tian in pure po'l:adt ley ~et~'0e;n specifilo gra vi t~y at, 15iD. C~ ,(and pe!ceId6~ strength, 1_8 as fonows, :-

All oo:mme row C&uet-io p,ote.ali. i8 eon tamiUil'ted mth ex .. cess of wa.ter; ,(over and SboVil that in the KHO) ADd. wi.th.

~~r.ho·na.. b~ MId e:hl~'t~dle Ofp-o~U8~~a~; 8w,p~~e~ ,ELI[~. ~ulel ,18 :a b.seD t~ A bsoblt&l.J pure· pawh has, pelrbapG nav,e~ b6en

seep .j.' .!i, pMl)~rati,01il: sufJ:1cing f'or most J11.1I'POOea at the,

~ 4! b · db ([i'l!' '! h ~,

Illslyst JS [Q ~ t~m~ ~-Y' .. gesting ·t[·e, oolmmerClBl .anlcl@l in

s tir'ong (85 'per ,cent .. by w',eight) PW-IJ[ aJr.oh.ot 'rh·s :hyd.m.t.e ~HO dtBsolves in the nlooih6[ of the solvat j ·tho ,ch1...:~de,

d .. 1... - b[ ... ' · "'Il.. b d'" .

AD li-,uel Mf'OIlft,te UD'lte vn ·tp t:. IE' 'Water ,M, - .form Ii .lClI'vreI'

layer all magma, f'ro·m. whieJi the alcoholic Isol"tion of the[ KHO i.E! decanted 01£, to' be e'fapornte·d to dryne&e ·p·d iU$oo. in . +jJ."'.,'n"ii"'"':'l18 e' po[~qse A raJcool ")10

The me·tal, (pot~ium) hM b€6iQ .kno,'WIl to IXUS:t Sln~e La:v'oifier 'bu''£; ~w~:s Srst obtained ae a substance, ...._. H u.m-

"".,,~. , .. ,,\., "~. __ ':- .. '. "."._'- .•• _" , . .J_~' -. "J • _ •••• _.:~.L .. UJ" :' '_ .. '

phrt Da 7 in 18,(.7 w It., pfp.paroo it frolll tJ16 hydrate[ b,~ ,eleetro~yma. aa.y .. Lu~ iliM Thent\rd slIbsequ.ently found, 'that tbi.1 fJ1llbstance Mn be redu.ced ·to the metallic I[tatre


POOR f.tL~ t S JAMES BO!l\TD[ voi . 1

more ea.~·;)y by :PM~~.J.!g i"t~ . vapou I' over ·#hit.e hot metallic 'irQu;: bu t (f~en 'th.eir 1P1 ethod as ,R mode 0 f .p'repun.t] on W;Q,S soon !:l.lJ!e.l"seded Ly Brunne..r1s" whQ, to f ie surpriee ot B.i~, C·QD t~em poraries, produced. the met~\l by 8.im:ply . di,sti lUng Hs ci:1rbona;te with chMc.o:~l-~ apl,ly ing an. old-established prinelple of ord1inary m.etallurgy~ Bnmn,er~s process is used to the present day for the production o~ the metal.

One of ,tho.~a c:rlll dric~~ n~ckl~s< wro~ught'" iron bottles '",hie 1, itrve lor iJle ,Itorins 01 ~uic'bn FtOr m msde into ,Ii, r·etori b-y m'kib ~ Ii''iilt ·the ,Ionew·~plng· at tlie. C'.IlJt;re 0.1 OQ,~ of.' the, <round ell!4B ,au,d

sni.~n~Utu ting fo,l" It a .aho,rt, .r·,'· [Ol,l",a -tn, lron eutl e'k pi pe, TIl.a,!! Ntl.}.T't: :m clt!liT:@'ed with ,:Ii. blael ihtx Ul!1.d.o. frmB a. Inbrture or Pill"

RIl d .~t~d~ .. bi t,f~~b-a~o [~Im aa" ~t.~d t.b ~t t. h~ ~ ~ ~l~ ,oorn~lll a .~. D~8:rJ~ ~j.: p_o&~nble tl~l'a 'PfOp.oo:tJ[o:n ,01 tr.~~ .eArOoD, d .. mar ded by the equa:boo

K:;jGO.i +~'~IC ,= 21{ +·3GO. It is tl en. all~.(II~d :ho,ri!o:ntilly "!"Jilthiu a. ~1\te:rt\U ·wi.nd~r.llrn.3C&j c.tm!1l~ructc;4 tor eeke ,ils rUiP1• At tint .a. m t~tUteJ of folo~ aad cbar>oo:d lfi :$. pp.h ed, to pmdu~' ·th~ "a'hi tem-

1-, 4"' '!I " j.!L,.. _ i bli

.pe1.Q~U1r,Fj ~"m ,c~~as.r;~g~ ~",:,ay·~_ ~U[a, lnQt~t~~e ~'nl etu~ ·.i~g. ()~tC. to, 8? ~

S1l'YI' va rn n,h !()ve.r tb.9' ro~b:ITt with. bo·rax: and th ns y.:r.olhNl t :til: i&.PlMt; tbU8.\ilb3(1q'UeJ:Lc'~ i.n. iHLSeI beat.. After 'thEl5'; pl"eU.r~.~btU'·m,g, coke .dflM is llS--ed ,and. t 16 fnti9 urged 00 to~ nnd ID'ultn"taineli. "t" i ts ma.xirn UQ l?!_tch, wl~e'D p?il'.assi~m i,'I'lb.!w'14f G(;io't1 bc,gi.n~ to mu.[6i i~ 8pP!3S;.rLlhre, 'llle to'1ul'eBs,1Ltwll C),_f t.his· V~qlOU.T."~ .bow·e\·er~ d.em!lnd!l, :m,pe cl.a! me t h Q{ls.

bee~U&9. ·Gv~n. ~th~.oolid :n~~ ~~a],.d (Ll.d.O~·I)~ o~i,di~' in t~ air ,~nd a.,..;' mast VlO,lel1'ty on ,1lq,Ill!a1 'W,a,tr.l"" Brunner l.lS(!Id to coMen,. t~hs

b •. ~t ,.. _11 '1'1... -~'11 ith _~-lI_

v~po~ _ Y pMSlJllli IDlw[ ~~ .. Sin&lll t-o~ V\:~C.I(i • .n~~g~ 'Wl~ [ nlii,;.~

oll (S9D PARAPTl'Nj, vel, XV],u. It 2S7l~ tn 'Wi.ln~b hq'IUr!·thEII·!t;lond6Mfdl rna. r:.o,:] lehlk8 to tho 11ot.00m ~Dd. {,hus esc~:pes the air, Donne ,and ~(afie~~ di~l:w3ru!~ ·wi.'th lOOk~U &1 LL?g[!t~he'r-; ,t h~:" fie eel ve 'b~l ft ~Q m lEI. ~.. ~;:ri1 de~ecr 111 ada .of two :fIB. ~ r;er:!t~n,~.' lar ·t:rays ·(li.r 'Wl",ou,gh·t;

JI _ . Il I ' • • I ". _. .1

If0Il:- 'W ~.H,;h fit ,~l05e 11 Up?Il .. (Iach, O~b1l'Jl' I' I(fD,t! JDSllfl.B. '. space, 81l~"Q as

!.D~ght be nsed ~8S E1 'l'.PJ,o'~tld for (lSgUJl ,I, thUll, ~Cla:kI91 ol._J\JD.\LO_mln:j,ru'·.

me1a.l. T.h.iiS, c;_ond·e.n,sij~ nas &. t8h~rt nec.k into w:hich the Otl~le.f~ pipe of ,thG ~,(jtort ti~,;. ~~d Ul~O pi.~~. m:lllat ~e .~3 l'ihort AS ~ .po.sslbl~lI1 'be .. eaUSB ,t~ is_ iOssen:tJ.:d (Don~'e _ n. 11 a. ~Ia}\e"~]' dl;~.~ tlu! hot, vapo'U r '~ ~b.r1l.lPUy rl"'o.m :t~ @l'i¢-n:3.1 ]l,:lg II Ito R. ~{li'W 'oom~n.w ra, to ,eva.(l(!Q certa;ln r.a ng['" Q,f mlldiun\ tcml~er:1i.iIlree a. t w hldl- ~hle meta.] c,onl~

J • "tl t.._ ~ ~..::il ,... ..... ' 1b1i.,- I'd '!IJ..' I.. L.. ...

'Ia1m~ 'w:m' .iI.' eal' IKJmc;::' ~ 'O'~Ul.e; ,nl Wi 8i 1-II.:,..";jjc.J:I: 1':(1 1 -,., w.w.~ l~n nti!1Y G l[l:aitmellii:

the ,ollUe~ .P~[~?·' ThQ flJl.m~t·.jen ~f this. t-ye -l)rodu.pt canuot be· nU.o.pt hI!) r (L, y'Oul{:d; hcn.~o R lODS' bo.rer.' ~ In sc·~bed. illto. ·t,ho COD· dense:}" rrOlD. thC1[ fir,d· to enabme, on'o· to ctc-~ r ,the Ur['Qa.·t of the r~" ii)rt at ~, DOm e.n t is. noti.c[!" l"Tm~e ~Ol1d 'IHJloor lis kep:~ ,~ lilt. 8S p:t!ls:s1 hIe il)oid. 01 ~he ~nlt~D t ~pplk4 tJklB . t~. ~ i t of, flo m" I el[ot";- .~I' 6OOl\ ~tS t.be dlShUr.'tlOll D fiDU~dd thii {ieJhU no,,. eoudan~'r u ,plu.n~ .. edJ. ~ l:rdo A,

~.'~k1J .. ~tlul, !f .~Q~~~~~~~,_ ~.[c~~ ~ t. dOWl~~,. the _ ~(nd~ ~~:RE:~'u~dler ,tbe od)~ ari,r4 tho nt)ll\~ !1J.olla nliltf.L.l. to.k~~ Ol,t t. 'l, ~,e ~ld,e meta :iii al W&, _ e'on ~Bmin~[tejd 'W':i}th 90'm[~ or tho blac·k. $i)] u.l ~lin(l otber m,·ec:h.anieai im »u,rit'ic!t To retI'lov(J.· thesol tho, b~gt 'mc 'el1 on, is to·' redi tU :l.'t,

if' .m .. _~\wt ~.,?~r ~EHnnl~ .ifO(~ ,R'to~t .and e~~~8v.'.,Q! thre V~rglU' im .. _roc~ .. 6.l ,o,OOO·M '0,1 to :e,r~lM~ 9~ oJ'lgLn41 pkn. T.he pllnf~ met..~ 1. 'II

... ft" . . 'h - ...... 'It~.· -- .~ ~ ~'l..:l .,iI if .'",'11." '1= ~},.\ .. , ,...... 1'-''11,...,,, 'I . . ~.~ ..

!So ... .,; 1~Il'Clug··., W ua mOl,1,.",f)u,. ~ unuar _ MOK ~ Otl" m I;IIJ ' .. ~ 0 Uiwll , '!!ces,

whie'b are prcselrv~a; ·:.u 'l?ct:U~1 filled. to the t_op ~d.tf ~tP'a pr.o· oollng liqu.id" But, I",ern ·th.is de" not pl'IFlV\eu t JtnCl UBfl o:lid fLtioa ; 'ibdlHh'~ metaUlc potauiUlJn IUiU1. 'b, mo,bitai"ru,ul tn .tbie ,ooD,ditio.n (mil '~,.

I.... '~t·,· . 11. ... _'.1 '1i .~.. • ,j,,'h' . ~

'P'rI1R1"V'w,g' l' .Ut I. [Sel.~m-1ilp .BlaBS ·tL1~CI 'Wllol ~ in e. Yn1ll.lJUm or' 'ID ~ll

:a;~mQS1)bQr-Q ,r hydrot;cn 0,1 some other intrrt G" T~e bla.ek. Mlid alH)'~!'o ref~rR!d. to ie ,it Mloot d:a.n,rcro'lm 8111 bsta nOO. When ,e!:~d tG :i.bEl: ~ Ii \. llt turns t·ed and t''ben el"p ,(!li'J.'~B cl. Ul!~r l'Pon t.anoolls1y ~r .oR the! eUght~~ ~""OOElt1Q~ "by :m~ti.mt .01 Jj,l\es.N~. :EVEn i! i)'pt llnd~r I~:,,~n ~t ll'.dl1611y beoomes, ,CXploDl'el f~.he [di'3tiHllbon o,r

tf~i~h; .,:!~~t:,':e!ir:~U$ opo.rcat.iol1,~ wbi~h bd 'better '-N

P , 1Iio· ... _t. .. hl "~,L "h·,,!;.... IJ, 1 ·l.. .. ·t

~ -ure PO~l um. IS a··· .. llliihl-W .. .ll~ m[c: .. a _;, uu.· ,on exposW'6

to d-· · '.... ~ ..3....... {i'1m f ,,_, .3'

. ~ OfL .1nary all It at once, wi:lWS· "._ " 00:' 'ODi~'~i BJlu Q'n

prolomged eXP9Btd'& .deUq UOOCG9J l-_ ~o a soln t·[OU of h,y-dra te and eM bon a t.e.. At tem -p: el',R t urea 00[0'" Oa a it 1s Pi ret t-v

.. . ~

h d- . db" 11 'h d- t t·' .. ;I

. a'r:: Q·n [ ne.t-lo..; at. t. e or~Ul&.l'T . eDlpcora:tlrB It lis SO[ eG~t


tba,t "i.t elt,n. 'be tn.[eaded between ~ thle bg~n and en t m·th

a blunt" knife j ,Bp,ooiflc gravity'~ O·,8tl5", It. fMeS ,at 62~"·.5 a. (Bunsen ), ,nnd .mt 720 ~ ~ '30" C. (CarneU ey a:nd

W:1i1'':... );10 • d' 1k'll 'L 11...... ....... b "111 t ~ f.. be~ '.

J.:uj.U.ms'J 1.;' .. 1 canst 8r8.l)l.,. uew.W.l~· ·Olli.lng POlO~.' gl'DS.

d• .. 'I .. h f t' f .' t I-

to 11311>] mt. - Orm,I,"lOD 0 An mtense ':r green va po ue ... ,

''''he.n, heated jn ,air it ,fuses, and tl en takes fi.r01 ana' burns into ,a, mixture, of o xi, des, 1tIQst remarkable, an.d charaa. teris t Ie fol' the group it represeu ts, is -i-Ls . ,act~oQ, on wAter. A pellet of. potasaium when thrown on wa tet at nn-ee· .bursts out into a "-iolet fiame and th.e burning 'metal rug,as e.ool!l'b

, .ll-Ih· .r.', i...... - ,t".. ]- '1!d - '1· t - '"~ - ...... "., . .. - 'lou __l,:' -,

on :bJ E; 811l.TiEtOO2, its extreme y UlgJl ·em.ljerftl'L'~,re proo'·u.wng

absolute eontac] wi th tb e 11 qu id, exeep t, 8 t t4e V'I!:ry end, tv hen. the las t,· ren JJ,Sllll.l, tUr'(Ju,gh" l-OSB of tem pf':r6;tw:,~ is wetted by the. wa t,~ au r1 bu r.~s~s 'W'ith e:tplOM,ve v io,lanc e, "W'hat real 1 y _gOM. on cll e'm,l:caHy "is, ~lUt,t tbe 'metal decemposes. the wnter t,]lUS, K + H,OI = K.BO + It, an d 'that 'tJ1e. ,hydr(~ge.n c:t\tehe'.s. ~e, the violet cQlour. of til, .1lame being dUJ~ to t~l-e notaesium vaoolu' diITnsed thro'ughon.t ito.

S·· '1' 11;........ - h" Ill, iIi~' '.;I.,.; t· 1 ill 11 &'l..,

1 mi. ,31 so t, _- a.. on WirL.;e-t 1l.S l;~ ;fLC: 10n on 8, COuO.l1:; 'we

ale6hoI is c em. verted into et!hy la. te,! 'wbil~, bydrosen esea,pes,j K -+ C 2 H.Gi ,. 01i = IC"iH:I ~ OK -T' H, tb:is; tim,e withou b inflam'ma.ti-on.. So.. strang :m -the hasilO11f! eha.moter of tbe clem,aft't, .... t .. .nt tn hp~'t~on t 1". .iIi,II!'t- _ 0.-- -. -p.Ao!tI. 'I.. ..... 't., .... , Hit.:r· ... ~

~~! . ...... ';~-.l.:a..:::, ,,,,:0 ,~~"" en ,Jjj'DlO~ ,W,.I.Ii&Vea JU.o,.O ~

d i:\'-L -h ld f' - . il. ... l-!!· h - t d '" ~ .. th ~

alel[" l. tien tie OXI e-: ree meta, 15 rea ee gen dy lVL_.' 'In

the dry gas ,1 ~ is grad uaUy t ffJ.-I1S..i (l. rmed .mto G, blue liq ui.a; ivhicn -on c.ool.in~ frec2.es; into t\ yeH01\'is.h-b~·o·i'VI.l Dr flesh~ ("I')loured .sOliiil 'Th.i~ tod,y is, lk:no\vn ~ (~Ilot;).ssa.mide./l f~S 1-12- 'V h i(H:i heatod llY i t~I2.] I to 'red.n c<ss, tbe, t\m~de is d{~LOmpQsed l~l.to- nnlhm,oni,a\, and niitrid,e of pOI~~llllm" 5,NII~K

= N· K3 + 2 N II ~. 'rho: ni't-rid ai s a.n ,a.lnrost black. so1.id~ DutIl .it a.nd 'th; nrr zde de.eoriL1po~a '''~at,er. l'eadUy 1\·~itb f~r-

. f · d · h I) ·

rna hQ!l o· am ~no,n.lJ ,n n.. e~ us ttC p()'~a,s ,_c, ' otas:u U Tn at

teul per,a rue,s. iron. 2 OQ~ to, 4 OO'~ C~ ,: ~ 0 c el UdOO,f ,bydl-'oge n. ~s, - as ]ls.Uad i urn do es, (SCi3 c, Pallardi wn,~ il un.d.er P.J.,.A TINtT!J ~ ,,·up.r-a, p. 1 e S), Tho 'highest d,egree .0;[ satur·a.tion. cnrre.ti lJond.s a ppr'o,x ima taly to th e £'onnuk I{ ~ H 'f o.r the "aHoy_...'; 'O,IL" t,o abo u. t 1 ~ G· \r Q] u:n.1e 5 of gaB, (1m e!M ured ICO ld) for ,one

1 f ... - 1," - " ....... - I'.

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H.:u;'GOU r.tt 'W he 11 t h-e. ~ tal i:t. heated. ea u.t:~o~ttl1-r, fi r,6.t in d r:r nit atl d. 1 hen in dry oxygen" it h~ tr-Eln:dor.m,e,j in,to a. 10ft nite U'1~5 (K,O~ r" '\'1 L~~.h, lH:nvtn;-(ir~ at, ·once t[j.k~s up' m~~(t oX1Pno. ~U~~ ~.rormadorui lllt im ,o.tQ.1.1 'o,r ,Q y~.low 'p~. ~,·'~.1.~'L'Y "t~tI'Q x lda (XgO A l. _'f"uslLblel lJi.'t 0 1e;~ bl~ at wi thOll-t deccn11 ,po~hio n~ .A t a whit~. _~'eat ~t lo!es (N(j'f~n.· and :1@;l'if.US. fl., t~.s id Wi! [0 r' l!o'!i;'L<'ll'f o.;:.idcsJ tl{~,O r). ¥.r~,en ;healed. _I i1 hyJ1!o,~c ~l_

ict)s rcJ.l19~'~ to ?'l':lmn~ry ~!-n~h:I' Kl~IO~ ~:\"hen dh;~ol!e;ll lll_ eK_~~~_.o.r fW~ te ac~~ .It f'.e,lds a ml:t@d, :~Ql~tl,on o:f _ th~ ~"J.l'fi'Ct.i':.ft: 'pot.~b. ,S-IU

,ilr~ll pe'f'O,~,],~~ ~! _h.yU n}g,e~,,>_w~.Lh . ~lmn,?a~lt c~.olQ.~Q;D,. or _ o~,ygmn~ ~;iJ.

P(jl~,Il$fi ~m M-lu, -Thiel e l~ ouly GUll ISI!l"lJ!S, or du~:se~ kn'owul~

na ~,~1YI. ~th c $~a~ ~ pt'iX~.Llee~ b;f' th~ tUl ]J~Jl,~ ~f' po,tash (K,~~) '11:~h, ac:h~~.

C}tlOf~i KCt· '!~hlS s&lt,(e,j)mrnere~l lliaID@:; i1I~m,u,r14te ofpQtash - )

1S at 'Pl"C.$ ~n t 'helDg p'rod,ac~dl i'~l, iu) me'uoo 'q lMtlrt:i tilo!l ,at _, S ~us rbrtfronl the 5.6i.~caUed., .. , Abtauw,Q. Z(!i. U F',or' the p'u.rp.~ o!' tn,a. alU\\.f~"::tl1l.~r o,f rn~'ria;h t.]lesa .f\r/:a,stJEitedl . b."to ,'" t"8.:~\· inate'rbd OO!htQL1U-

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1 e pail't~ or ~hlo,nd1e of potl'l.!:fwm); :2'D..'2~ o,r courmO:D ~ll;, 15~'20 (P r ~ ~ o~c ,.~ t,~" a ~u~ I fir ~ 'v~l!' I io~" ~y B(DIlm ~~e 6~1:pU:~a tal ~', nUlg'ne sill, l[ S;So..,,, 4 H ~O; '2 ~, of". t~ b.L ):ddte (CaC!]~g ~ 211 gC], :t' 121.?1 :to) j, ,il.n~l 1JlU~Or' ,compo~ents. Tl:u:i wllxhu6 ~ JLU'W tfl"o,u.ght m3:m,I,'Y'itl t'l!-\"'(i

_wars. ~ ClJ,'f:~.~salt 18 d.i~~lv~d .• · in wab_~~ith.',,~~~\ tu~2IP., ol_ ~Wa:m~, i:1\ no t~ $,Ohn.L01\ 1$, cooled. d,own to {rlOm 60 to' , 0. ~ ,~hen ~

·!.lu:m'Clt)~ !_f, i.mpute, c~ml!l'O'~ MIt., -t:rysmnize~ ()qt, "d,jell.. '~a :tfl~ m::J'roo.. The J"e~.!l.'t.Gd le.y depo19 -ts on cool1JIIJ,g and :s:ta,nci1l1g a





: I) 'P~r- ceu t, '1Tl'L~ri~te (r),f'_ potash,. ",'hi,clt is put'~fif:(lj;:.r desired, ~by l,,'ashi.n.g' U by dis,[~laoe:mellt iI!it,h ,co]d wabeT._'C@~mO'll fi3.:lt p:nn~

~'ip!l:nr ,gQ'~ i~l-,tc ~oJ,~'tio.D,: a.~_(l t~Oi r_o'~o~_t~~~ 1ll~' ~_hushe [lrQ,tlgl~t up to: frL)~ SO to ~5., The mother- Iiquor from the 70 per 'c~!l to"~ muriate is cli~por!l,t.e~ down furth~r" .th~ _ ~\otJ.ll~u:m "s.,,,Wt ":ThlJc~ eo ")~ ra.tes. out TIll! the h'eiS,t removed as ]~ I!:.rrpl"a:t~ and, 'th,!) slUffi~ '~-i-~ nrl Y ccncen [fa ted H:q iilor ~U(rw,ed to c'Q~~:Ill Uz;~ \l- hen .hI.10lS,t I ure c"I.'J.",nalUte. s,c·,parJ:ie'J. cat, 1\~ ~icb, is ~si 1., _ d.ec 01 l} po s. ed in to i ts 'C otn ~ ne n t! (~ee ':i~ljru,)., . (2) Z ie L"" ogel I.u~d r:ru p hen '~, meth oel. The cru,41,:= $al't ~ ,gr.o'Qud '111 ilJi,~ijd ,theJl Lea.t~ 1'1\ clOnc~·~trated f "}l'lltio.n of cblori.le (.If' m;a"gn'BSiurn u·ith lI'Le~:haJnieal 'gl~.8.tio.n. 'or 1M:' c~nmd,][~~ II.~'ilH;tpiLn)" .di~(mh·,r:' ~l"l~1 "el·yFrt~.t tiz,e~~ ~nt l'f16~he]y

l ~a re ou coo t 111g.. 1: he mo th er-Ii Lluor l. It •. used (or e, ,.~m t~';;iCq uei b t .' :'i:tl":b. t lou ~r ftc s h rn w • .1 t, T h'e CaJ nH~,U:a;,to p~J need l~ d JS~ lved in hot wiillhr aud 'n~e s~lU!,Uon ~U(,HTOO tCiP eoel, when it dep(I;:tl.l;.s :Ii. co.arse gfan'ld~ti' luud:.t!~ of {lQtilsn eon Wnlng up, to 99_ l'~r ,~e.ntli ,of tllO, pUfC' su'b:sw'H'~!)" rfb. n.ild,i_sool nil l'e&idllJ:E!! p·:rnJ!uc~d, in either P'l'OCl1!~~ eOl!)J~m,5ts' e' ~ ~e ~ly fr{ kie~~ ri toe; and, commO~L w] t, ~ ~ t ~s, w_?rked

~ p, e;l,t,h~r .,for ErOO]11 sal ~ flD'~ "o~~. mOll _6al~~1 or rOt ·S. ul r,b ~ to, or ,~~clEt

£ n:d e h (nj'~Jl e!U; m:'lgTIi e s,~ um~ Ttl Il PQt at~i)SI f@fOU~ by~' ~ pl'o .. hl\c b. are n.t iU?<ed, for t 11 (i 'm;''UHlfli<: t.'Ilt>O of Ina1iui rea,

'Cbl2m,icJUi 'pU:~' eh lorhle j'J,r I}ot~:~~llm Is moS't, ,con r~~i'(·nt,~Y frill'j1;:i.re,j from pure ,p~,rch.lot.a'Lo (see ilifra.) _by diox.J'g_L:l'J~1JjUng. it ~D I. PJ::t,Unum LlilSin 9.'t tho lo,..,;~~t 'tre.ropertt ttliM and theo, f'Us~tiIG", tho, 1'~si i:l"tile, i ~ a tL:"t!U-c'o~· e~efl p~:~,'ti nurn (!'rnci'b~ a.. Irh ~ 'fused. rl'Q~ ue t. ~oUi,_li608 'on Qooling bltu a ('''llmo'UIr'lcs3 glass, Chlorlde of PQtas~LUm. ·h ~50;1 ~$ i fIJ W,~ tel ,[U1U ~rys~.a U ises from the aolut iOl~ in ,aumy Li,[-,@lJ!,8

lJ!.libu.. 1 Go. pa.m or Ira le r cl.i:PJ.-o lY~

~ t 10'" I (lI'" 2rr' Ir 1 ()tf' a"

29 2 ~'~'.QI ~ !'r 42·! ~6~

tr-rr,rb _[If the salt. \'~be'll a. EIl"ffic:tenc:y ~f' hydr,ocl),lolith:ll,eiJ.~,,·8 i.d

d - t"1 l' it 1- 9!1 ~ t 1 . II .1 •

ll:tlise - :Ul.·o t~U! is.} ~~tl01~ De, a t, 'l~, c,omp.L~ '~'_Y' pNCltHUIotc: &'9. ~

rl"uH~; ,[lIO·wJe:l"" __ _Ir 'ct,e ",dJ.ft~L,al ~!)lu tiCK~1 '~(HL t~~i.E;t~d "~l~riJe of ~.r

1h;I1:~:~~~~~= 1fh:'~:t:s °kli:O~J ~t:fllllrb~le:e::O~edn b;

\~~as hm,g ~h c 'tN~il)i.ta te 'Wi t 11: aborJ s: 'b ~td~"Oc h 1ot.ic, ackt _ Chloride o! ,potcauHlul fl1sm;!1 at ,73-8~ (1 ~C:U'D,ellQy)" fu~d at a ;r~l. hCfJ.'~ ",'0 ! .. t lhze~ 'f..:L the r !l buud,ant1.y.

Chlo,,,·at.c!1 I{C~O:r ~ r.r"his, i,)1.du,s.h·iaUy ixUpoTtn.n't. ;~l.t was d j,s", covQ:re:d _in l.i8~ bl~. I3~r::t:hlJ~h:,tl whQ co:ni~~dy dmdgn.ared ~t ~S ',I '[:,c;rElxid.i4 ~J m u.r-L8.i. te~ it Ch \o.rbt ~ ~:s b Liif:~e.l'y· .m"h5 ol"l~ ad tv (:Q~l J.

':~l.~st~, ~llo~~~h, ley __ wit]! .. (Ql;~at_~o.l - _a! _ cldo'~·,iJ~ ,~~u hJ'l;'~C~~.'l:O.~ it'~,i ,2,1.\, !:I 0 + OJ m ~ Ita + ,K. C] 0 + 1 {IO. V~ h.c [J t lu~ U~ I.~~,d, s,ot u hO'D ~s

b~: ~ ~Il. I ~ _ $JJ ff~rs,j ~ slric tl y £i'eEi ki~ISI' ,a C O'lU plka. tetL. dc~'om pCl3 i ti (H'jll n' h U~ 1 ~, ,Mlwe ~e'r j In tb,o Dna ill· Cblnl~!lI ·toLl tb t) sam 0 ,u$ l,( 'l1m e il},O-'

eh, .. -Qdte ~,~c ke ~ P. _ill to ell1~r.i.d~ ,~U:~ c h~ora. h1~ ,3 ,RelO = 21~ Cl + ,_Ii c,n91~ ~C'QCO (blor&t~ or pot,lIlsh. 18 ASdy pl"Od~ti2~tl ')~ paSSUl,~ c,l~l(.ru!li'" l_J:ll to lru,o ~ em Qa't.~~ _. po'u.'!W, ~E!X I~ II!; & t ~r1 II: ~ t:~ r,Q-a]Ulli 'll~e IC~. all f;'"¢~ 6Kl{O'i-~C~t ~3")~O'+5,K.C~ +. KOlOa.; "1141 tlli:!. lTIQ.thod useJ to. be i"QUOi,i\r.Hl i,1 dustl"~~ t 1.1 \I,ll, HI LiE!lb~8' :po\~] t eJ ,out t II a ~ Ii ,. e!&s\X r ] 1.1, of '~h~ po, _ a.sh can _ be !ull'~d 'by first, Bubs t'i ~~, U 1lB' milk 0. r tim l~~1 e.. ( ~II, 11, ~,~oo 0 H'~ fo:~ the pota,'Fjl'u. lo!y And ftoo U1 til;; m ixc.d 10] Lt., t' o~, of .. lime ~ ~1 ~$ .1)l~eejrl'ibt.",t~ng~ __ 8.0 ~o· fila)'~" th~ !e b ]!~rio ;tC kl a!, ,-ntash saJ;t 0.1' a<:lcl:l'ng ~ I\.:Ci ]Q,t eY~Tl lC'~,Cl.OJ' pre!l;tl'!l't, eon~nhnlLng h)' I) \' a. POOl'ELt ltHjj I ,and, ,aUcl'\\;.ng t:he KCIO:lj tc 'i!rYstal] ~ ~~ out. 'rh'iII"~, the pr-e$~11I.t indu,s,bi.-~l p'r'ocess. Fol' tll(ll. tec11'ni~il'~ JetaUs ~'ie l81L1:5f ~'efcl" to tlto handibcolts (I,f ,c'h~n~bby. S1'lm,C~ it. to !BAy 11[L~t it. F~,a~t~~,O F ~ut 1 'i 03 tt~~s Ei:Cm ,a:['~ -~~.~ f~l' ,eye[!,)" :tca.CLOJ~ cuuJ '~hat.. the "" ..... 1H'G(hlC~d L~:' ahuQs,t chell:u,,~any IHu'e, after :'toe l;QCf.}""'ii~ tllJh.m ti on" By IO POil ted l"€ crystaU ~~a t i-m-~ e-\r Cm!'~1'" tra. C~ of hn P'lU~ t]G ~ l,s ,C,~!n'y :remo.\,~~, ,_ 'The C,I'J!3t0l1S. :it re CO.J.f)lt rl ~~ t nU1S I,j~n::n t - fUo. no.;> ell, nc pIa,tea, wh~cbt llu.lcas .fo.~·miCdl 'f~r..Y fi6~Ol,,· .j!, al'e 'very ~,hml so ;jiJ orton tQ e~.hibit tJu .Newton.'a. ,oo}o,urt. -lO(l1 r~rt.i \J,f \\·a.t~'~" ,dU:lsQl"lC~

tI. t. rr 'il~" 50'* 1 (H"'- 5· (0'11 oolll~ IS).

:8"3 '. 19 60

~rt_s of the' salt (Gay .. Lllssa:c). The, Hl~ is a1.mo,st trJ~lll1,1() j,n s.trollg ,nlc.~hol. J t is p~:nMl:;nent. in tl(l fl.lr" I t r'ls~s ac 35:)"" C. (CUl"tlieUI!)'t ~~~'Ld n.ta.:bout ~s.,~' J.~Q1f'O U~c .~~l~nF·e.~,~'tu,!i o,f :ts fOHl!atiQn ~'h0 H.qu~J gn~'ei .'[Jt( cn:,,~,S'e'~ WttJt,~v~.[~~~~O,i1 ,~f h(4~', '~,~_d, rQr~patio:n, u}t.~'[na,bdl Olr chJo,nde (aJ,U!;f OK:YSCin). T'h.~' ,6a.h .aceoroulgly, In C.ppO$~tlOm W all~' COUi biUuUble :RllaUOf win~ wl~ich it Billy Ci 1i11i~~rl~ f.J.e']~H,'eS at ilh,~ :hme time as ,11 ,s,to.~c of h~g':l]'y~ccnJdenscd ]oo.:w1,"t~'~Qmb'LneJ (j~.~]!li!'~J (I. tal of po te n_tial l1eat. HeD~e ib m!8..:rl~fo~,d ;,\:pp.'(ieElbotl$ in ,H'llll~rr ~nd pyr~ttchui~~, a~o, e~tU:U1, underfl,t,ood. ~Qi g1 vc Ohe' e-xllo·[~le 'of 1,h,c r~ndnu~s~ "nth ,,"hich d ~,~ ns !) 1!)ilrnn1lg Qgtut: a 'm.i:!l:tuT6 yf

POOR ~N" S JAlVrE,S R,OND V,o,14 1

it ~HlJ '~L~'] ph'LL l' 'W_'~Hn~ _ ~_trrlick _~~tb._ a hal~U~,~~'r_, ~~_pli~!.l~~_ !,C,t,dl.Y~ ~l~~ mee 1 ~ au rca 1 blew ~u'ffi,c:uJ.g to prod 11 C~ ~Q,c~l]y the tc m perature Ut!'L:~i"

&1 ry' for s:ta ~,tin,g t'l:\H~ ,'r~"e tiGl~. _ 1Yhe!1l t.h,e ~t 'Ij\'~~ sUU_ a no,\~~ J:tli it W'iU t~wl _as _;~ ~rub~b~~t~ for tho n~;h1c );~! gU[!J~Q\'f'Je,~,, __ Bueh PQwd ~r ~ h o ,,,"1) v Err j r rev cd too g'lOod _ to _ tm ~ L O. )'lQ~ ~\Cc;en t I Y ,~ mixture of ,UJ l~rtt of the ctlor~tc~ 23 of rau,gJi.'r.'~ ~j':nd. 2:8 or ~1j-".1SJ!i.'~~t(J of pO{il£h '1,";:;1:S ~"Bl; ornm (!U,J ~~~ by Poh 1 a,1 ~ p:r~f©ta bI e, SlJn bstitu te For ,,,IJ]!lji)O\\,,'der,, 'bu~ th:~5 pcwtler ha;t' nC!"fiLil c(rm:e ir.IJto Ictu,a.l U;SI~ al~'y~ where, \\,. e mUie:t fi(i-t fo~et, W poh~'t O,tlt 't,ha,t :rU'i:thU~8, .of ~h],craf,~ of pota,h a,c,d ,(>()tn,b!ll,1,S,t~bl~: :S:;jbs:ta~.lc!e~ :m:f[~~t o'~ lJo aeeeua.t be ,~d~ in rt mortar ; this "~QubJl be sure to e~cll ro aa fjg~~o U$, el:,plo3~~ as, ',nle ~eY~.ra~ inJP,ed~J~t~ must be pO:l,:der~d ,~p~Jat~I'J_ a,n_~ only 'Ch€'t,l, be rnllXed tog~th~~_ QU _': "Mi~~'~ _0:' J!~p~,r _~~ on. ,a, w.bl,~ ,~n i~uln,e,ees:;:ary

pn~s!;!. nrc 'or 11',M~ t ~pR. ~lll,g, Cl:.',r~fu!ly a Y'O_lld,~d..,~ .' •

The d ecom IlOSi U(J~, of ehlorate or. p(Jt~sh by ~~at ~ grea t 1". lh,'~l] ~,'" t~ te:::d ib:f' a d Ul~xtUj'.e Dr i}v~ small :poo}?O,riioIl,s' of 00 rt~il1l, so tid O:x.itJj(-B) <C', g., oxide _Qf .,['Op\i(! r I ,(jlf i,ro'n, 01" ,olm lUa:~~p~,nu!$~~i _ T ~~.c _ oxygo:n j 'i u the ~2,OO 'o~ bfu:t)~vl$i (,l"r 'marl,bl'Une~ t fQ[f" tn stanee j eomes Q.lf belo", the flisillg po ;,nt .of t be Sill t. He nee ,~ ;S~ ~t CoiQ,n tam ino1.t~J_ "lith, even ~ ~rr~U p,ril portion o"r het11ry 'roo taJIU,iJ chlora te cannot ,( i_n g~n~'l'tt 1J 00 rt:,~eJ.. withou t (lee QIUl posi ti,Q:D i_ 'T~·Ul.·\\"iJ'Hie r ~ b$e;r'~"l.1d ~b]l.:;"l; a nomal y '''lith a eommercial ,~!;!h~o:~ale which _ happened to ~on'~lll ,atb!l)~lt 0:r.[o ~mU ~1" ,ce11t o:f' (l~l'(H'~l:Q :ci;f ,dn,c., .,_I~he ,fi~,.~e\Ous., ,s;ob.lhO,11 ~~, tILe ~Q]t, is 1}IC utrnli a~u bean fro'.l~ln1 gE'd, bm.lu~g '\nthou~ dJ.@~QIJifl.'PQJ.$~ tlon~ Ou_ ,aciu,ifi~a t~(1 ~ ,,"·it 11. Itlilu t·e lS,u:~ ph url'c' ac i d, it a~~nm ~~, ~he r'Cil,C '~icr~, 9 of a ~olu tiM 'of ,d.d,o ~,~, ~CW,~ :{.'"G, ~ trJ;.,r a .l~O'l~lf1J.~. l~ u t tl;"a4 Uy ~O'I ~trg,nii.l'bl~ OX'i,"l1a.f1 t. In. thIS cR,pa,clty' ~lt _ 11$ 'tt~~~ tIl c-,ah,~~ '.')In[~~,_lJ:~g :itS', fl., f! lihcbQrse}~' . bl, t.n,~ ,fj,~Jll6 llld,ll,~~lY ']~~ i;;en·e~ I,~~ rui!l!:k~ll,g ~;~o ell 1Q mtc, of sod a n e ell ~u. for t he pro~i n,cno n of a"I,) \ 1 ! u(' hla c k '. 11] 'the ,e he mii C ill h. '00 Fa to ry it. is, ill ¢~:r15ta n t u1 ~d Sit t[ o,n as it 810 iJ reI,) (1',[

oxygen, ~,ud' as ,_a~l o~~diz~~g ~~_,D.t~ ~ I "rl, t~7' h:a,_].~~~~ ,~~f~ l.hrd~'l~,~e it ,~tved fot' t~ 'e det~ rnun at 10 n t~~: tb e, UP [x)rtWJ,nt la t l{!l I\. 'v 1 ;: 30., ,

Pef:t:.kl(J,J'tllc, ~;;:O,O .... ,-Trni.e d.cc'O]1l'pQ'~iti!Oln ,of ~hlor,a~ of' rotat-lh 11)' hM..t1, if ~at.al ~·tic B~j,j:n ts like :M n,O,,!, -I;.<;'! at,a. a b~fll.t~,.; I!rn~'i:'f't'l~~ b V' t'\I,-,o s,t:a,~~.s, I il th0 l1:~'$,t tbEl aal t breaks, 'ull "t h\lL~ '~lK.'C ,I 0.:1: -, .j.,'!L,l:' ~ +, O:!

+ 1~C]O..ll ~, ]il tb~ s~,concl! thoe 1~~n:,hlQ'f~'t~ at_oR high(.'~' "b:~ril:~:<:'l'~~~:it'~,. L~ ,tleeQm))OI$~J in t.Q ,~h~lo~iJe ,~nu @Nrse1n" rth~ tei'WUla'UQt~ Q£ t!'!,u 1i~t ~ta~ ];1 ms.J,·k,oi:J by a:. slfM:c.kliJnb~g In th® ~~~'O(I]~t1m~ or fh~, !i)1X_~',·~.~~ lfL~d by tha res.idll.ill_ ;S3l~t :(,y]uith,~, at ,tho.[~ ~Rlr!l.!l!~~j! bi_:a t):L~:n; }hu~~, b~eom] ilI,g' pa~~y. ,F.L"o~n:fb e ~)liX tu re j\ C I +, ,I_{ C ,l 0,1, rb,e <;' l_Jl.o1"lli~ 1!J·

f'1:til'n~h~'!i 0,· H,!.iT"b,tiol1 'IA'i*h s;a,m;;:c:sl.l'v'!I' in:1:italm~nt5 ef "ol~l '!,\';ilU!r. Th,~ ,resiJ 1l!1 ]H~r~'h [o.r,a, ttl i~ n:' ry' .ra~lly. In.:!,ri f1e~~ 'LJ'_ !'ect)'stiil,~ l ~ l~ Hor~

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chssc·]v[!'S lID: 88 ,pa~I'~s of \\-_# t.~'r.,or 1 () C"'t ;:u,J, ~~fnr le,$s.,~f~ bOl .. h~.g n u,t,er. It, i-s on ~Q~utely ~,nslJlu,b]e In a:b~iDll],tc 3\lcohaL U t-Cgllllj, tj) gH~~' erO' its 'ox r;'~n, at . a,bQ\l t ~ CH)~ C, ~ lvbicll 19 hel ~\:\~ :l t~ fus[ [)_a' P(i i!~'~~ Th j) sal t has be,eu rE.c;Q!mrnen.d.w ~ ;:j &11 [~su b1:te ~or ,chlorn.'~ in. p;rotechni~ rn b:tUl13St b~ca :l~~ i t ~~1!ttti_u$ tn~~ c:cyg.emj, fin~ :y ~t'I' an. a0eotllrt, ?f Ih~r _~rea{ter ~f,;],b~:hc'~':1 1~_ ,~_~~~_~ d~f1_gel~US '~.~g~imc:uf1. __ ~_,

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'k'un.i n a.l~~ ?i' i tho ri. Ii Hie, f'rc c al1~J!.H:; bwt th]_!!I '~ c'Uj,tr ~mt rig'lIt by ~t~ i,fh,~ UzinB' "1 b sol 'UjtiQ~l _""tth '~lj'~lf,Q,L-rond~ ac~d~1'_h~ salt. (rylta~ ~ h~ca Hl cO](iurless tram-l'Sll)fir~nt cld)c!., (l;3;sdy fWlnbl~ In. \l"~ter'~ ,[t i~ ll:S~ d, in 1I1eJ [d.nle r'iJ)f' [tui,e H:llg the ne'~,·~'e~,~ -00 ·cm:e a_he:p],c~an,I3~:r fen: i.t1st[il!c~ ,j also, On t~many) as R l~cll ~oo'st,~i)t~c I,~plr~~r~ to ~pc r,31 hOl~$ (lIJi til e: hU.'J~I1lX 0 r '~,h~ e1~~ 1: AfJ d {)~t)ll o€ the ptU,"e (Kl fl'E'"c) ~a 1 t ror' a d,ut h~ e~nl, safe ly bo n'JJ $cd to :2 g:L'auu:nes (a bou t 3.0

(F!liti ,$}.. It is a 1.sn l~d, in p horn'gr.a :tihy.., _ _ _ . ~, .

,l.'.adidc" Ii [" =01' til 0 very ][I, !U1.1 fi'NHl.a, m ethOtl:;, 'WhJich b.a ve been l'eC:'o_~nlnl(;-:nrle"J few th~ pr~p&tntil?n 'O,r U~i3 im'PGrt~nt~ saJt t'~,e ,~i:mp'l~e~~ I,lJl}l pr'Qhal~~y t~lC.1bt"~~t.) 18 t.o, dlS!OO~"l"e UlL ,111 e~ustiC·:PJt&6lb Ioy (wl"ncn 'U, 'IUfnre' emoug:h ~o ll.o·!,d Ul'l~, [nt'h.::t dti.ffi,c.ulUy s.ol'11lb,]~ i'Q~la,[El' KEOiij 'iJi'l_ 8Cm,U.t~?n) e,.,-o,ugb iQ;llit))e ~Q 'I?l'~~tco:. ~ ~,r~ln~,tu~ht )~U0'W _eo:la~l' (tl~e l{Xln~,o 'pa~~e~~ ,~t .-'?nc~ 11'1'00 tli.J ~~ I{_~O~ ~ ~b~ ~l!Y__PO b~y .. K[9 ha . .') ItO e"~lSIt.~ncc pr,j];1'lriectUy} n,Ild t~ de'ONuboo UtO 1 o (J,o"tD[ii' 1'(.11!1Ch D "llone 1[100 t C>Q~l v~ ['tleuUy by ftd~,i l~g a. s'l.lOlci,ell~Y ,~f :powd.ered. ,char'~ COit\t to the SOh.~Hi)lh eV.UIJpOI",til.Dn,g lo' dl"yrn~s,~, in, ~,n iron v~$~l; ,and 'fl ea ting' t b 0 T>e5iti no, 'rJ10, oxy ge::n, gO&S, of[ ~8, C:O:z at fIl 1 Q1V err' tern ...


flOOR MAN"·'S, JAMES BON"D vor , 1

:r~r,~tur~ tila,lt that \~"I:ti'c'~~ 'w'~l,]d b~, nc~~]ed f~r .i.~3, exr.~- 'U]$j'~il :fl~ O'x.~f'glll:n, g~_~. The l"~Sh~liLa l::!l dlsgol'ved" ~l\i:ld t,he solution ~_ tered ~fld .cV,!\PO!:,1l tcil to 1~:r·y~tB 11 i~a l:ioh~, 'l"h ~ M 1 t. ~'OU1 ea eu t in, eo l~QJ'~f1'~' trrn~span~_.nt .c'!~~~~' 'very ~,~$li1r ~~'~'ble "i:~ oven _('~ld 1'Ir'a,~ir.. 'Tbe c()nlur:iIE~rcbl ~~.1'; t .:ro~rUl$, 'Q p1di UQ- mil k .. '" h 11te e ~·ys;t..nl~~ 'W ]:1lI: 11; ,~ ,~ m~t t;Q:f ,of' J1J~b 1 t~ ~n',~ .1~f1i'~ra rr-ed ~oo tll~' c,~ ~.1r sal t!J ,aU;lHjU,~h tb~y ~ re iwod UCfMl. by e3.u~f rrI,g th,e '~~l t, 00· ~~:s,t.~11 ~1.ef fj"~nl, :~, ~,'h·~n gly R l kalina l(iilQU~n tUlid. bv ~lrring 11m cl,1'"3tals, (ll:iD:udly) to D. ,str-ea.m of h(;t:, :'il.'b"1 an (1 '3.lU:~,o<~lgl~ ~1n.'Q~lg h t]~ e" r Qi' ~1C!t ~~let,~ti()n tll,et ~,l'tl! ~t 1 C.'fLSt U~.~ l~ to CO,nh~Ul (':a,rbGlua1,-c. Iodldil) oS llJ.Otaasnun fl,Cit8, flll,,T" ~o,fe_po~w'~l'hd_ly OU Ute lu u m~lf[, sy stem 'ifi;n ~,n btcFm id e, ,Bl.1I[11 therefore 13 adnuulsfiet'eO. i 11 tlrtHILUer d oses, It, is lJ],S;M ngahi~:~ 'skh:i'~diSM\S~S:~ t1::urJ ,0.'1 SO IQf' eli mi~Utti:iitg t WI e lI;]eretlry' \r it icll ~ ~ca ii.l t he SYfiwm, rtfte'f long',~ citlltin t~ ed tJ d i11iiini~b"~ tiO'[~ of' mere uria 1 U1CJ[ cines, It, b, alse used, fa,t more l~rgcly than t'i:t.'il! bromide, in p'hoto~r~p'h1. ISse, p,lDl)1\O~ ~R,A fU'Yt; prt~.si"'J'i,~

S4dphlli~~, (K Ir~ 0,4). use~l to 'be e~tt&e,t.c~l rrQh~ kaln Ite., b·~,t t he (1t~~ea" i~ ],101rY gi ",'e.~ ~p be~au~~ the att~t ~,n, t.~ pl'o~~,~tea ~e_~pl_r enough from Ule murlate b ~C'!)mpQ~~ng l!t ~;nth lts_ exaet !c~1in,~ va'~ en t, of: on of yi triol all ~ "cml~::inim,g the ;rc~\i,d l1:~~ ,To 'plUJ:ri~J til ~~ erude ''Produc'~ tt is (t,i:3sHtlli¥'cil in 'h,ot watcl' and, the Hohttio'D. fill te~ mud al'~.CMed to eoel, wh~n Ute bulk [oiF t!h:~ dissolved sillt >erJf,!~bnbi(l',s 011 t ?d. th ,~hn rae t.el'~,~t-li.~ p.:rom rti t~tI,e...T'~~ ~ 'f',~rY' b~~ I; H f~:] . Ca'nh,dIlO:HJ) ,rl.,!s,ta15 htt'rre ~,\:~ a T1l.1 ~~ tl f!) haln,m:;s 1(Ji,r ill dOll b~ ~ ,U~,~,i5ul~d p,y:ra m,ldt

but 1"eal1y 1belun~ to _ ~~l~_ ~~H)mhi~ 5l,y'~t,~~," ~lwl,~Rre, ,tc.r.a'~_s'il.t:._n1tl_ v'e ry h!l'ftlji iHi.,d ~ bis-olfldlt ~y penna u.'~n t U1 thQ a:u", 1: hey have a biUer'

ala] ~y ta. at e., ] 00' pU'l;$ ,of ,va tetl" a~;9,~l v;0,_..

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8 '36 1[0 2ij

'1:=1'ri8 of th.e ,Gait Btl ~ phat.i1J , .0 r,. _if:mt~E!!miL ~uses Ed, a, ~~.ro~; S' red h,~~l,.'t~ ,and B;t this t@'~lFilH·~'hU'e '1"O~3,t1.r[1!t.t5" fCiT an, al ktll.lmei s,~lt, rn,thcr S~(}~y.. The ~hhQl.j,d.e[!; If,e'~g~~t fOF w',(!igThl,~ vob.tili.zes n,t. tem tim'll:'s the, 'rat!o, (]JUrl,Ben:)", S1l1pIHI.te of 'potasb. u$~_jl :w h) Q:;1nploy[ed h\ meiliciue.r. lmt hl tnHY ~ b$o", ote~, T.he crude ,$tdt. is used. oocasiollaUy

i 11 ,tl ~,6 '~l~ n m,r.t\_C'~ll !"~-Pr:' I.{las_$" ,~ _' , ,i "

.Bt.'f;ulpl«rr.}e (.KlISQ4,) _l~ l"cnid.lly p'l'mll~Ced, by fu~n!iilg Uil"rt~Jl pa:rb,

,o~ ,the 'PU ~~'~J~l:etl _no,:u~.11~ M:~,t ,ritll C]~~l't . p$].l'~ _ ;0 ~ ~U: u~'~ vi bic.l, _ 1'1: d1$S:O!''J''~s In "th'iI:"~ f:),~rt-; of Wll,t~r." of 0'"' [0" The :[1!·O]lltWn. behll'v'e:l r.'fol}tt~v m~,c:h, a!1! if Hs t'w',o 00l~gil~ el"~j', 1t:~SOil ~.1ld. I if2"~Ml'''J w'f!~,e In~se'~"t ,si~ by :!;lilo j)[' !C~c h ,otlu,;;-r un 1;0 !l'ltml ~d~ .j\ n. ~'!ce$:5 err a.lc(! h o~,. ll] r !1!et; prccijp',L t.rttcs :n ('Inn:'1l ~l~m pl~_~tc {\'vl ttl IHUE :bis;\l'1 ri]oo~ 1te) (l,ud. [me i!lIC'lIO, ~ ~:~r~~in~ iu sj]nU'~iOil" Si:Ul.Ull'lS th.;(1 '~.fu1.vio,u'f of t.1be f~d dry &'1. it. a.t ';a, d\ltU lo:.il, 'h if!!t;' !it ac ts, iQm :e Uic:i tcs ~ t I r..~Ul:l tc:s,,~ & c.. J! {LS, if it ~~:-'F.;' r~ ~u i l~lllldc:' Ii!~hl :r,[lii~i"1d. 'ooY~I'ul its, 1lm hnta.'1 bo,i li rig poin t! II ence ib Jre q'uen ~ ~ pp't iCJi~h~.i1 i'r~, iIli.l~n I yt=sj~ ,a~ R d~:~Il.tE':;'l',a rJ lil,g aguEl t.

For t·he f~UOWl ng l)Qtas;h :s.a'lt't:i "'{'! :re;toel W the arU('l'r~ na.'flJ1icd ::Ch )-'~ m al~d,.~t, S~'9 en R<CHd' [~:1''''r; O'y,(!:nbi'e ana, .Fc'f''focl!:nnidi~ P I'.;U~ l~ it C u) ; - Clu(]1"OJi:la~ i'n ~'l'~ P Ij,-.\.I j"~ U:b:! (/;rq;n'a,~ I~~ I. 9~).; ._jV~hyttt!, N IT,rt o~ (rE'~- (v,~t ~;vit p. 5'U~) i, i,jl1""'$plwtc.~', P.HO@f"li:iJ:RlnHi~,' (,Vdt '~""iit FifJ. :s 1. 8 1 in; axal'1IIt$;~ Ox A'if,jIC A c ~D ~ .S'u lp-h'{du B nd. SulpJiims, Su Lif.'U11J1l; S1"i'icrlis" G-LA ~ (v~l. ]Iii; .. p~ 6~~ ~,;) awl S! l.n::f\; ,r(iD'tralu, Til ~T,~, ~ U:;! .AerD'" ,F i)'I" ~lot~~l i. ~~] I:,s fiiOt, ~ird')1jiad~, $i~ t,l~e ]~'WlIHIlJook,s ICit c h c m.;~t'ry,~

,R'I.'llji'd,i l.nn O!.}i: d 'C'ff si um,., -- lYnen B U1l5,Cn, and Ki.rc'hhNJ1"

:!ll 1860 :lllpli.e,a their Jn~~t;hod of ,spectnuu, B.'nalYlis b, th.e:

QJ.k~li. iBalts w:bi,e!J 'Utey 'hiadl extt-"aeted anal,lu,ca.U" 'fl"OUl D'irk'heUn mj.n-en\~ 'W"tel':~ ,tll'er obtained a 8,POOUum. wl)J'~[cll);L

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in, :add.ttl;o,n to '.oe, unu c.k,~raatensatt 'tor MttluM; PO~ltlm.

3'Dd. n tnitJlJIlt exbibi .. ted ,t w·o hI ue lin,~ wblch ''tVJJfI5 f'OreilgD to ~ ny' Q th,ei' s.pect:rum· .fke:t maid ever' Been~ T~l3y acoo[_d;o in,gliy' concluded that tpee" _ Uu,~~ m u_s b be _ _o ~ln,g' 't~1 tb.'e8' pre~en;(:$ of • n.e\l alkali :me'lal, 'W hleb, 'they' oolt~d II !cmSln:,".,~ Bu nsen 6 t ODA~~ oosu.m,ed tbe p,ropiilit;a.tion of th.e ~ ix~d ~lkl,nne HIt vd t'h 4 ,ft, 0100 II tres Q" _ ,Du'dihe:t In, ¥.t:A! teJt:, with t'h., 'view ,of :isoln't'i:ng th~1 COOBi'ltnt :in the r'or,m ?'f ,Ii ,pure ,salt? and hie '" a"s Bl'IJre ,than successful - 'toir the h ew 61kaJ~ sa.lt~ u'ter e'Umioa,tion of all ,the o'rdUIJlty alkali. merta'f~, p'foved to _he 3 :mixt'Ure ~oI the m1t.s: ,of. two, IUlW anu.ua meta!~j whic.b he slllooeed,ed in Eie'paT~'ttng frota [ea,ch ot.her'~ :FOl~ (Ul19 118 r\e:t~"i.ned. the, 'n~m'e al'F~clJ' ehoee,n J tb~ ,other 'h e oOOB.'edl ~ ~ 'rO bid i um;"' O'll acoo~ t '0,[ - the pre~e'noe :] n his speetrum of (}ertain chamc-teJis,'tic, red Ii D.es,~ Since Bunse-n'la

POOR K~N' S ,JM:1E S BO.ND· 'TV' 0 1 ~ 1

t irne ,t.hes'G t "'0 me ~~,8 hay. e boon disecvered ln a grea't. .many native potasslfer'ons, materials ~ mlnerals, mineral \1fater,8i, 'plant ashes, &e,,~but in all cases th,ey Conn onmy a small fracti OR of the· 8J,k.~lij the ~i~ i U 0.1. i.n g,e n e [al anl0110ting to only II :r,m,.::tion of' even t,b~ rubidium, One 8,0 Ii tary excepti on to bo th, rules is a:fford_'ed by a rare mlnera 1 called it P oll ux," wh i c.h is found only on 'lH~ island of NIbE\., Plattner 3,naJysed ,t·bis. mineral in 1.8-16 and recognized it· as a couipcund ~,jJ:iMte of alumina, oxide <?f :iron, soda, potash, an d '~~,a.ter; but hi~ 'Cl,ul\nti tati ve ~n3blJ'~i8, came up to 'Only 02"7,5 per .eent., ,[\nd, he could nob ,r\cccLlnt f OF' t'h e - 7 -2 51 pe.r· ee n t, Q·f Ioes, I A i,t.er D unsen 's disco·i•lTJl"1 Pisarrl analysed fb.·@ mineral sga1ln" and he ('orUnd that, it, cant'Alined no potaa hat an~ but, ins'te.ad of it, & 1~::- ga perceatage (3 4: ~ 1) of C'«Iift;., It Gcalc ula t1 n,g P'htttner~fJl a na I Y ~ sis on the assumption t1UI'~ UU~· presumed ch]of'o'platinllta

f '.' ll hl .... r · 'h' r d.

o .potassium was r·ea·l y e ", crop I a.tUl ate or c,,'T. Stu. m, ~ e t OUl1!.'" .

tha"t the correc t,ed numbera did sae) '1.1 p to n cal: '100 and agreed. with his OWIll.~ Bubidium, singul!lrly~ is ~bls·ent {rom

this., min'ern L .

Thn't both TU bidiu m B n d creslum Brei eontaine d j 11 sea

a ter might well be tak en fQ,'f gt'~ n ted. j but it is ,~or~th 'v hila to stat,a that S,ehmid-t 0,[ :Dor,p&t act'1laUy provec t.he pr'e~en ce of ru bidi um, and eV'e'D d!~ter~mi'11 ed it q RID ti'ta,~

tivelY<i .

For tll11 p~re [f&t(1U(l'n 'o,i' nlbidfmll eom pIOU'nlih; one ,of the beAt ma.wr.i.al!l 18, ,8, mi.x.tlllr'f!' o,r ~d!ka ina> 8:;, .. Its, \'-h~,cl1 fa lib EI~ a by,e-p.~;,od ~l<:·t b~ th,e bldnst-rial pl'~pa1'a H on or. o~'~'.'bon a. 'be or ~ i U i III fl'OJ'1Jl Ie pid,oIUe: .. A. f)llpply of th~8 .3alt" r.ll:d:~llr-e ~~h,k:h nl,n!o)en',Yi)r~~.d up C'OJlt~.~,n.e.~j 20 per iC'Emt of cbl')i'ldlliJ il)f I'UbHJ.l.'IJMDlj 33 ,or cb]!')fl!t~e of I1oQwspm.m:. nllrl 8'S Q.f ("onunon sa1:tJl' bn,t ve1'Y Utne r:~,!'th11'o ~ 1_Js. '!~~1.~p'lycrui11e ri:"~nn t be. S,Il :ton o.t Dot. c m"ia 1,. D~ i n e ~amli lJ"he].e pid 0,1 it c r~"( "0 l:fon., ]T a.lu ~~ '(1 n l ted. S. ta tc~, On the. (I Ult'! r h ;uul , 1'S ric h hl ~tC~Hlm:. A 'i1JlUHn~ In'ac tiea n 'V' a:vaLla 1~1~ !!j~UJ·C·O lOll!.' CI\~'5,~ U In, is U~~Q. Bl,?t U~~~] ~ '1 u.ot: salt. ?f N a;~ ~~c'im . in G~.r''ll~ t)v; . 1 t,. Y l~l~~eu 'tOi Do 't bclH~f 1.

rer !(;en t. of ItS. lV,f!.1g h. ~ of t 11 0: [! l:d orO:E.;\3ttH~ IlW r t( 1·!j,C$,. .

Bnn~nr:!J m.~tl!Jjod. fot' th~ Extr:ar-ti();n or th~ b\'O, l'iJLN;. potll!;9i.um irI.1 ~.t.,_'iI!]~ f L'CHll a . p'l;-'7 BU mi:t t""H'C iG) f fL l'k3H.I:J Ie sn 1 ti; iL'j fDWIH1J.ed 11 po n t'~,· d r 1te reI. t so hl b i ~ i tv of the ~e IftraJ a.l kaline. c:D'],of.oph t/ 1lS. tes.. Accotd" h~,g 'to l~.hll 1.00 pnrte or \\'ah~.l"" dis9j[]J·ve ........

Ptr._t,W;[WlI B'l.!:lj,W'~Im.

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,., ~~ Ilsir.Il iii., I!I !II 'II !o • ;. _ _ IIr.! _

I''''' mroo'" C .. ,T '" U ; ; ... ~ !£i"',I:3 D. ..... "'.

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rJ~ rt; 'of th~ ~ ev n rd sal~s. 'Ill e .. dllorop.l~ ~il1i t.te $. .0 r &QfHu'D~ IU'Hl Ii tt) j .un. :~u'a eatF.lly s~luble tV,en '111 t(]·hl fiV,[literj $01 that. >e.hJQrtde of. rl.ti[L~nn. tloGS fI,ot 'ptetCit)U':lb~ tb~: t,Wtl tr~(·t!i\ls at all.. ]-1' m"l~!I 5t1.,rposh~g ~,·e., b,ci] ~ ,~Ter,' 111 bd\l~~ of ddo'l>OJ:'t ~~ in ~ l'~8 0 r po t~~s~iu ~'l :lUU (~y) rul~]t1_uun, \Il·~th !1 I q_ U'l~.tLt~'. of ,'wat1,;t.". .1i.'il,l_ffi~~~[1i'~ to, d.~i5~l Ve t ~~, c ~v ~\(),~,ej '~~. t~ 0 r ,1m t b :~[t8l, ~·I.l.l dl ~,~l ViC j _ bu t . the. 1: ~,~l{~ l\::i 1 ell] o.~ '0- P"l;:).,ttu;:tte '\\'111 00 T]c'lH~;t' ~il tnlil~lu.un l.ha.1\ tht: dlS~o.,L ve-~,1 p"H't. And

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'to', bring ,(10,\\'0. th.~~ ~'-h o~c (!r L~~h 'n~ltl]~\ t.he r1J1'~~d ilnl~ ~:~:ll _~~~lt~~~~~ bate :hI th~ pre,,,=] ~ltl.i,T~FJ ~,lHl the 'p,otlJ;81LHn Ul the 5fil~ ~.l.Ol~~ .) t Is e.l~o C'A3i 1)1 U U d.el'"St!!l)(lU th.n t~ ] f tlu~. lun [] an'~ of T.,~3 a~U t n~lf~e,d f~'tU 9 ~hOl"~ e'y'e-n 'of Llml w'hir-h "'olJl.c1 b~- t~ecd,ed by the l'bitUaID if l~~'c:;enl alOrH~j :i\ ,.el~.r nMl-'lv' pur~ rtCI';1,R.b:lj 'J'fW11 !l:.n).~ ex-peeLed to I~om.'~ tl.I!iIU"~~ .A ")T dry ~hloi;·ol~lai:ifil'J. 00 i!; ea.:5U)·' 1"Cd~lrCed to tfj, mixt,uf'C 'of rnf,bUi~ J); at; ~ tan ;til nd al kaH mie c_]drJl~·~e., '1), ~ ~ e. R~ln r~ ~ ol>ef:a t~ ~'nl. ~.f h.'c3.l t· .. I i'l8 j n 1..11 d fOf(eti t~ a W"t. ,a;oo~ C~_ The (!fl l;D~,' de: etlii ~,,~h~fK)l 'ved. 0.'111. .tid ':bus &gaUl 1Ude UleDI tdei to· f'rai:::t~cmrGl, nr.oc~pd.lioD .la·

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,Bedteul:».c;her biuJ, worke!) _ G\1,t IIll l~lllo~'UI pre.el. to 'Bun,HIll'I., rGIlD,ded upo:n ~he dier~re.t ao.]u.biUty ofthfa tbft':'8 f.lllm9-,AJ.~R(SC4)~ '*' ! 2B.~'O~ At lra C~ 1. CO P<li'ts rll ,:u tel' dw{)h,'" 01 t~ al:u,m. iJ-f


POOR :f\iAN ,. S J,AMES BO'ND, Vol. 1

~:~.~ l~~ ~ id L UA C~~~m.

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,parm S~:h~~.and ~i~iw-n_Rh1.~, ,~oo,v·ery.~a.~Ur ~l~h],e.iill w~tE.r~ I.nd. Y4'-ml.lD ~,~ly~ ._1D. th~. fi:r.~t. m'ot'~f"~l;,~nor ,~nell. UI'~' ~l ed allun of' K. ,Rb, u~d C~ cr~rgt~:~ t~(!S {)lUll. ,fhesa, !~~~1~~ ttl urns. ar-e poted _b 1 n peated, , er:y &~~l ~ iT~'U{lLnJ and. t~'B _ ;'lIl'e ~ i:&h~ L"oo".re~ I from tb eir lfi.!S~(i: t1 \\lIe. alums by p'r~Clpl.'tJlition. 'W'l th chlodd.e of

platiD1UlL ". t _IL:!: ;J'~' _. d~' ,. _", ,'" ·-t 0"100:' '~~-

':1"'h e_~'!iiI'atl0Jl o~. IQulnIUm ~~~., ~~J.'~'. (11 ,_e ~. gr.'[;,i~,_ ::._ ~ J~J,CU~J~~

.According to G,oofJff:roYJ.D_ u.'pp.t~n.;t~~iro ~ Mpu,," boD. ,ma'y~ be ~ eeted by.; dissol v-ingtho mil::c'4 -e.11} ~d.&~~ ~. stl'Oi~" b~'d,l'l~d;donc 2~~"t ~'~d I.dd.i'D ~·a 101 uti-on of terch}.or~de of an.hm,ooy Ul t~e_ Bilme m ansa uu.n~, i the ":::1].11111 (t::hit..tly') eomes . dlo\lii-n as ShClj + 1]'-lJ:CI ; ,~he belk of the· 'nlbidiiuUl reoudTHi di~4ill,e.d.. Tlw '~wo l''!,r~ ~Lk3_~,:tl mesals ~rC

" '·1'~, - ;I.. iI..1.. .... "fI;, - 111. '''''1'~ - - t 'lve a 'k) ub.1'

56 cliOSiC:I,y 8urillHtI'" to rjO·i,ati.~nm. Uia .. h!;;Wl,~, surace to g - I. __ ~-.y.' .-

ii;tQ;~mept of tIL.it pf'iD,c~Jr.id r~hl.ts, ijf di~~~~Jce.. By. way ot in t.ro_" duetio, bOVli"'6Ver~ , .. e. inar 6ta.t~ ~h.at. rUb!l.ci.l'u,M. ~em] ''rfll,S J?rep1l1"ed by' Bu~n from 'the, bL~k' Ih~x_ ,0 btained by 'i_sui tin,g th~. InuU'tra.~j \oJ 8nU;061"'I:I, mo.th.Q4 for ~.us"si~~" _ 'l[~~dUc ereSi,LHl1l, ~~ ~~e.~'~ e&D not be th U~· 0 btalnoo; bUt. Ill. 18 53 ~~.tterb~rg ~ mad~ ~t • Y, tbe tleetrol )"ab of 10 fU5N lU-U;\. ure uf tIl.e cyaullde..i of e.msnUIl n ad b~ r ~';,U~l.

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... ,tom_le 'weleb;bI. 0 ~ i.e n n " K·.;;!l.S-!)."UG Rb~,8rJ'fj Qt;j. l.S3"O

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,t:st!~f;~~tcte;;i~ r; ~. ~~. ,. ~ '" u,! .~~ , ",". -.~, l--. . ._. - I V.

B"I'U~ I~H~\"~;ty ~,i$ina.r f:D .Ol'le allMtlcr:'lliIl-(;, ~~~'Y ~;g~6~1 .........

" { Y.M,~ S!l;PI'"Il., FelTnil.:[u:.Iitt!, l~ ~1I". " D~lIq_~!tCsee.'mt.

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,AU"m. _.]JI ·thIs section 'we t'trMt o'f ,the detecti on end. ~itrtetm~'~. .. tioQ.. 0.£ alklU me:tn18 ge.l1eml] Y'iI If' ibe gi W'en ~,b!!ita:n,ce w a ,BObdJ & good preHmih.tny 'mlt, lS to hUt ~'bou;t Oll~· Qe n tig~nll1l e o.f it ,fl.t olle ~na Cit Ii nn,e ~ la.:tin ILl [U \\""ire ill tb.~ ~m.e.~al",n tie ,of Li B U1n3ell l!;:un.p, .or in a hlo1'f~·p]pe fiMllB j'ud at ~,,, .eD,d (l'r n16. i.nn~ .~~()lJ.o. l,l~sa II.! kali ulls at" au meiel'l,tl:r ·.Qk tile to ,1m.par,t. to tlw ~mo, t~il. c,ololD' c:ihl,r.ete,ristic o,f 'Ihe 'Napectb:o ln~'UJ.Uie "I'l'U)1lr. Certl:L.Q __ 1;lr, $,lllca.Ms. and ~rta'·.n oth~r c.o'tilp:n[n.~& do nl~t ~v!l)w.tUiz~. ~{i.t th~ ean be rell.dere(l Illn aUI ble to th,a teet h Y lnL1UDg tb.eimlL W1 th

.ul:ph~to C)..'( lbn, I.nd ,J~heD ap.p~.f~ng the. l1ama,'~ ~h~litnJ~;DJ a ,kalina .tulpbh ii, fozmod. 'if'fiich T""IA till lieS. 'Th t Ra·m~~,c:'C)O:UD UEI<-

P~'!l~ J~1i~ ,C:cd~ ~ Soo·i~... 11" i.~ II!;,

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Tbette Ham e~fMc.:tions 8~ very d~tiea:te. but ~ot ,cc('b:cillil.~'ie, heea~e. ,ill th.'e ,ca!ie of mi.xtures, ~vSf81 (Olcr.rlf:S DlQ" bt!l ra.lha.ted Ollt at thel ,sa,rot. _t.im.~,. a.nd one :m.a,)" f,~li[lse.n the )\cst-,tlllb h.Qlds. ,r~1r L-mJ.'itaDt:11

i&l'" things con.tai'nIng so-dillOl" w'hoae fia;m,e·~collouf h lnorle, intense t'l~a. n t bat or a~y ot.~~r m0ta.t-or :Ii ~x,m. oolour ma.,' h~ pr,o.~ ~c.'id w'hlth t:he e''Ie ~:$ inco.TI'~ pc tun t to i.nalYiM. The i!I~t:uum a p'p.1.n tus 'he.re l'O;inU ~~'n llS~fUlllt .; ,~d by~mean.s of it it is, lil ~e.ll~a] ~,s.s:'~'e to .;1 'th,~ Jlh'E:a t'ha.Io'a'ct.cnstie of the l!I+!vernll me,~LJ In pl"esellCle gIl 01' at Ifast an.~fLl o,ne ,iD,oth~ri' ber;a~: a~ .. _1:,de Ul'f!: ~fHlv'~ml J!u~tah

I.:~ pnif!;'ni: u. 'CQm.lpo:llntt~, o! dl~ff~reti,'t ,·ola~i].ity .. "I ',_, _, I.

F 0'1' .. tho r.-ollS'D i&.l1alysl.s l't ~:i fi e.ce9~ry to ~4tUt t,. ~~lll'f.~U},1 th.! .~'Htap,~\e· 10:to '19_;tteous oil" ¢l'ci.4 ~~]ll:tiaD, ,and.. n.e·xt .to eluu.ul~t"· an. '~b&t hi .~ alkah, fnctal" ~, su~tAble )n.~thodR. .~ ~»lt:a,m. Be.t '~f bear,. ·rtl~tal5J ;ca.n.~ be p .. 1"eci.pl't"Ated ,a.~, !uJrb lde,i, ~v·_ ~eaJi.sor~~ ~p~ur: .ette4 'b,ydl'og,eJlj Ul. tile ,,:reBtl hc,e. of ~eld'i ~n tL.eII 'r~,t 0/' f bl(t~~ :by 'ID,fm, liB of IRll pldd,~ of ammorri 1l,m fl.'om an ,alkQ.Une ,s.o~'1J hOD~ FW:Ol

the i1ttate., .ib.arit'llm, tttmnt.I]'Um'LI. ~'nd. c~l~ll~ ~~ ~Uy;'~~i~iit.aW by me,,ln'9 of ,euT~bo,ru~, W u r a, w:rn,QIl1J& a·,1!t bGillh1l.,g" ,00 tha t1t, ,i( ~ b. fil~& t~ l.rom th.e$(!lJ t~u.I'bo.nate9 is. c\1".nrQ,ra'ted, to dryne:s.t ,a,'n,a tbe I\c~ildu~ k"f).d .. :1, t, ,~ duU ,Icd h cat l~m,g ea"ougll ta, dri;;ji I.,\"ay the ,am.m ani. ... :rtB;i llothi.llK caQ be left. but anita 01' ~TkaJi m.etal~ ed. mBgnesim •. Thh. r.idlul~ is. u,i~~olY'~d itt :11 !'lMU q~n~'ity ,~':r 'W'~ter!l a~ 8,'ny Itlid na 1. bui~ M. ~ t of!' n~.agne~'t Urn. !lIte. re.lri otT. The: :til tra te 'la, tlDA:~Jl !J!CI.dj" to be to~·tcd. (,or iilU(:11j ~tp;ls fill rOn(!!'"~a = 'V·~ta;g,~G i~ a~~i potaSsium 'o~ fub'i.diu..m {nrQ!t IctfUi1un;) c;a]ii . be: detec'l,e.d by Bd?~tiQ~ (to .. nmwdl ot feebJy ace t1~ BQ] 'Q tWIll ,0 r 8. ae tnr,ah'd ,solu tiOD lOt




,b.itartrn. ta or ~a.. I'otasslu m JuuI 1" 11 LhU.nm CQ,Wie dOi'!;~,·B :as, Cr-}H~~' . Cua,uc.gttn! ,(,N C )l." ~ 'Then. d g~ mere J ric CY"Uil i dll is It ea ted it

tllJine bitarir..ate.:&. TherL?a!cU'O,Q. lH:ly take some tbr.le t,Q 'beC,JGm~ b~~k9, \I'P, b~l[);-'V r.Ca'i1'~S9~ in;l.(a lillCifct:ny and 'C.'·~,,\il,l:JJ~Mcn ,g.:~s; IIaJ"ti. ot

,OU1hUe5-tJ but ~l!Ii bal &C¢~l(;I,~ttd by VigO'fO~l.I' !)'ti:rdtlg. Jn [iI s.-c,pal"a:t'e· U~O 'lnttc'lt hQ'liti6r~1~~ alw~ys suflers pnl.ymel"i~ation -0.11101.- solid called,

qUlb,tUy of ['he lo~,lJtion li~hill'~u ·m·~,Y ''be ,&eil.r.!h~d :rOi" 'by m.e::;UIJS of ,~ pQ..l'3eyanog,r.n~ u and y.'r(k~l~iu~d., to iConrnst of' mol~'ClIilleBi (N_Ch.--

..... bol1fl te ,0',' ,~~I" 01' ~:ri:s()die, pbo~~p~f4,~ .. e ;la~~.J:·_D1I.lntCid ·l~.n~l_~t L"II~.~l~:~ !?J~an~gel_j, gas ±~, ~olO,~ltle_s!i ~ ~t:~ the ~H1(1'et~c G'~vil~ dil}m'a.ndlO~ ~Y

lvot. :u,v~ ~ 69,). Fm, :Bod., n lmve~, ~b.i.I~~.'Q pl"efl14b.nt, l'~ rormWRiIJ It ,assesses ,a pecubar OdOllt and h~s ,a, char:ar;wnstic,

In-:,,,. ~6._ Q.~ 1I:~b·~'w. a.p~i..t~,s ,Ihould. be'iined ,lOr ~o~t~~ltin_,· u·ritat.htg ,eiThci QQ. t.h~ ~,J~s and. tnueons membranes ,or the nos.-~

and, If n.cCUJI;i)ry·" ,upplerll~nt1ng' t1:w w.ct-waJ tub. Th~! _ease ~"f I,t. Ii. P.oieOIl.O.'~ll: By. ,st.rong pre~ssln"'e! ·i~ i9 i~{Nttd:cnffib]o. iuw· B. Uq.u~d.

rl~n,ri~ hi11, ;Pf"utnt; n(!;~d. If4fit, bit, epeda.tll ~co:n~id,~~~ l~u~ wh.r,:i( lii,eru:ts at - 34·~ 'I o. ~ and hM tM ro]]owing Y'al;1olll'·~t(llIUSl!OD~

tl .. e' q.lllali,ta.tiv.,u m4lthod '!\!'iU ,c~~:dJy be d.~dut"td. ,t:l.·cn~\ 'wh.".t is ,F.:!,..\.d P Ilt tlH~ 'b~;;mp~r'E.dur¢l. ,~ ~tat{'d--=::"

Wi tho f~H~w i fl,g ~ra,gr-a l)r~. ~ = _ -.... :~O'~ '"7 - ], Q~ o~ + 1 0;:1 .. 200:1 ,e,.

Qua~~tit;(l{i~ lJeterrt!d'J.(~i~rt~" -J.n Gl.ha.turll,\e. "lma;f'n.l,M~t >iI*,~ this, ,p: 1 1'85 207 3";8, 5, ,'mM

JJllbji!>ot '.vCJl1ld be ()<uL of p]lce 'tJ~le,. \~~el ,co(41~n~ (jm'~.lve8 toO 11\'0 At, ordtm~:rJ' 'Utml)v,atur,e:!':I ~v9:~o.r di~~o,lv'oo, aib.out ~~61rimeti, .. ,a~coLo

cues. (l} A. '\riubu'e o,f a]k.nJin~ dl~orid~!iI oul.1.' _In tht~ C;n&2 n... ~oou:t 2~a. t.im~( .. es i.'~~ "t~lur,llo of :tlu! ga!l., .- ~ll:.~ 'loluIiQ~iI!I,_ ar! ha,IJ_l", UD

~tilS&U~ _('induJing R.lJ~ il~Hi 9'3,.' b,"b~" s.ePB.,f~.ted. ~~~t by_a.dding. (v+)~ _ootnpla.~) f;p.ct,~ltanl,eo.ll~, dee[j'~l.p~r;;itWl1.. The h~~ of lu~C~~ctB

,ill qu.aD,tity of ch kl]:oi)l~.hr.~~.e··~H,~~d solutlun BIiI,ml..:'U~llt to conve:~ ~"J inc.luJd:e.;j oxalii1t.Q of .m,mOIU: .• '[Hi urea, 'Cyg;'nO~ll. h'ltm:s;. "'lib Ii

tJu. t.1ut.a.~ in t!) c.~llQ{GP']at.i [,~ 1:~~.S, toll· ~.II ~ lW. !'a.itt. to thYll ~'O:S (.o':~ ". C Immcte.lri!ri;i~aUy~ bca.1J!t tifillt pcacb~bl~o,' m C o!oQI\Cd . flllmo in tG, c~ ..

wah,t- h~ttl~, and rl!~m dio t~~h.hle '~O e~ tli-JU~,t ~tie. HU~iTlm ,ar,u~ :soJh.lm bonie neid ~i!]d.'n~.tt\'!J,FtlI~ 'Il~"~E3 ,gn.s ~,y'S'11o,W3nll ,as abe;ad.,y.' '~bt~ u

,B",lb hy lil::iviatiou. wi.t;b alcohol lOt 2,0 IJooe:r 'c:e~t~ (b)~ l:i·ei,f.;"ht). 'Th~ to ,c)~i\rridlJ:s "I\ih~.t c'~_aOr~J1e :,g4'~ Ct" h ioc'~ll:O.·rilics, b~~ it i~. w,eU toO

r~id'ual chlo·f.'QrI1~Una.hl is, ~oUI)t.kd OB El iUt~.i dri~d at. l:~ ~r 0' .• and:j ranIe~,ber .t&~t ·th~ 'Il:n.l,.b)gy~ t~oo4h ,perdec,G in r~p'rd. ,to 't~e.oo~ ..

'if Kb ~m~l Cii1 ar·a .a~S~(rilt~ "r,~i~be~ .a~~"dl~(J:rOr;,IF:i1.,Hn~~6 '~~ ,po'~,a5~.ill:tIlJ i3pcnthng ,r."lnnulm; dOtli9 1Kt~,~ :~ 6 ~ulOi, exte ul. to. the Ocmdlt1.I(II!n3!. of

p·tC~6K.~1~C16K:iI x ,"S071 = s l(CL).. Th.re: dd\ln:'~c fJf scdium }5 deter- 'o,r:~f.wn of th,~ bodies il'o,lJlles~u~ed. ",T~Hl~ (."}'.~.'U.{I~~11 d~~~, not !llll'~a

mined hy diaere'n'C~if lithium bc, t!!.bs~nt. Tha, caS@: of it~ 'pre,~De(j; willl hy.drogen l,:n'~ pru:ssl;c' acid, n,!r> ao.e~ It ecmbiae 'WIth (l1_rduJiI,ry

canuet be her~ e.on~i.:-lerc.d. ~2.) A. lnh;,tura of al k!l.i;s cowliiJlcd wlth rnetlds in. the ehlorine flls.hion,; '\¥'hen. ()M8led ovar nes;bMi potas..

so t~~~'l"ic ad;.rl,.O-:l' auc~, \1~l~t~le :ili.cl.d!i aa 'ca~l 'L.t;'. ~x~nedl LJ ~. JpThi.ILU·ic. B~um, it is true, it com "bi~as ,Mtlt tit lDto' cyani.de;, ~d M1Sti,;!:

Ill. t.h.li!u:.a~e 1~ is boe~,t to b~.k"11~ by ~J.i.t,m.Jn~ tbe ,,-rlHJ.·ie. m tc Dc-uh .• il r.<>.'Iuh -loJ ab~f1b, _ it wit.h .~ti~. of' ¢,y~anide _ ,~n'~i o~1':Mta

suI1Jl~'li .. hj',ii aJid th~.u to np'Tily t.b~ [);If;~h~~,[ '0," l),nk'o110T" W~l~J.:h,~ (Ji'CO. K),. ,j'u~:t as :c:ltlorine ywlds 'cl~lQ.;rLdo a,n~ll~yp~c.hlo:nl;1i! XCl.9 ,~

arnot~ i§8t, .0 t h~.r· ad"{.an hL,ge.$, 'Om~i['.e ·U~~ ,0.1110 d, III t, ~t: d(H~S '~~'i'" ~.~ filEl n.O b n t tbi'l j, u. be Ilt the IU 10 .. tp'bi:l. of tll'6J a M] O~cg III .cUon. i at

the ,a6.$enc!l! of ID1igne~!a~· Tl1Le mixed 8ullllL~l.e is, 'rl~$oh,ed hi ~ ',aur Dle~9.i]ne. eyl.ll-ide.S ,of raU ~h},~a can be, produced J~ditQ~t1ll.,.

and t'hel solution' n~Lxed. wtth a. nUl~, l1L,;)I"e tbtl.n, t:he ,·ol"iunt of Cya1t.id~. til POr~~~'l{t.u'~, N·C~,~t'~n. ~'J~ou_s, m_lxtu._~ of' t~le_~,nan~

,chlorop1,~~luic ,a"ci~ (., ~bthu;~m. &ol~twn "~) J:~tlla,~.~t~_ ·by .. tl~a" ]i6'~~ titi,es NOH and KHO DO doubt; oou'ta[ns thJs ,sa1t;. but It smeUs of

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acid, 1~C-p., CO{OH)_:2'- 21~.OB) +2NHt~·CON'· r"J'~ 'Ih'ii,s reacUO'D WDU9,

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discovered lly ··W'.o.l~[elr, who t]1~8 tor the' fiist time l1rodu,t-~ ·an

erganie 1mbst:n~c'~ It·o·m 'iE~01"galrlie 'n',~te1"iab~ 0'["' vh:tunli"y (1"01:'1'. itf!; e emerita. Singula ... 1y~ it is. thh ~udo~~ya,nu..to 1.],1'00. ""hieh ,8.el.'T~ I!. ~ _ll, 'ma t cn:t !lI:'~ 'fGr 1TI oJ, i ng cy ~nie ,€f e [d~ \Vhe.n, li,yd.T'~ltl,(iorat~ of u rea, Ii CL COXjlI,fj is heated to 1450 C. tll'e tatt.el' 'b~havea ,as rr it '''\1,~t''e ey~ 'l~~ '. ,O~, ammeuia: ,tlu~, ,an~mo_~ i~~ !lnit~~ '~i th t~,e hyd,r.o~·nloi'ic .a..eJ J, In to sn 1 .. I. m m (1,110 e atul til II e ya 1l.W. ,acid ~,~ se t, ~J;'f:e, but, un ute· ..

di.\tr:l'l sldr{;::ra P01:Y1Uf.I1.!lltion lute c,Y'tU~ uric a,.,ehl1 8. eQ,lid hi~ basIc. a eld of the eomposltinn N~,:CJ0::l:,H~J; W~tichJ .bei~lg tBffic·ultly 901ub~,e, can be fr~:ed from til e sa t .. EnD moniae by 'lx,j llG' ''''.a.sh ed ,,·1't.1.1 eo 1.:1 1'!r'Il,ter..lT ped~~t'ly ;!lu~ly.m.h(Hl.S ,c',Y',i,.l.nrl'i,c' ,aeid be. tub}e("t~d to dry cii$Ulbrtion it furnisb.el a. di~.tUh.t.e' oO,r (liqnL(l) !Cyaui~ acid NCO .. ,H',

·t"hich must ba enuil·el~setl in t!. y~.,;stl ~nlrl"Quude41. by .1. ft'~ezili:g ndxtul'C. -

CJ-au~c ar'hl'h~e a T~fY' BPlwe,cia9le TElT'IO,r;l'"'te-l1'sl~n ~V€n; et ~l·~f~' fltH}' tempera tures, and 1 he lea~t. trace or Its vapmu nl~ke5 ltsel£ felt by a ~:J~al'a(tElist·.r.~Uy \'iolel\'t e..nd, ti311.g@T01l9 tH!t.i.OU ,@J\ tbe: l-esllb·a .. to'IY O'I',g:a us" \\' ~ th .J·1.':1 :e.UlltlQ.oll'ta gas, it unltes 'into. true cyana.,t,e or arnmouta, '" e do not 'know linucll, of it!!l own }'ll'ope.·rdct:; l:l{!ca\IJa(! ~I' $Qon ~s i ~ ,rO~IJ1!~ OU~ or the, tl:~ezh,~g 'llli~b.n"a it betin9 ~ '~uft~rr ]l~11m~~nzan?n )nto ,,' '~yatl!1,o:li~ U wit h ,1P't1,a,t e",ol:~1ti&~ of }lert.t~ 'f1ll UJ eyame 1 i 1.1, I.!J a. po·r.cela ~ u .. 1 '1 k~ m a~" ]!,USOh;ll11~ In :e.H or(li.na:ry $Ql,'ents and ~lt:'v,oJd of ac·id pt'optlr'tiea. . Dr.)" ~,n~tilla.tlon reeOlL,VerbJ,

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~}' ~ I'll i~s.. t'1) -r.be l'lO tt'ts~i:Qrn :I!l~ t, N CS. K i,$ foa,'lUftl w~~e n ('y,a t1 id a of p'0t~.$siml'i! i:~, fusc,d, with ~ld]'~iUl" Ol' certain rne~aULc sul.J)hicl~!!lJ' C.l!'. ~ PbS. TIl ~ u s ltv! t . m e tl •. od or pt'epfL,~·~~tit>. f.l ifJ to flnlt iogc·lbel' f~ it y.- st x~ flit \'b Qf d.~ lllY_'ll ,i',r!J.t~ (1 .)~~ 1 h)\~~_ln'ti.:}~tl, te ,o~f' potash, ,~\~el1 teen ,?f dry c.~~"bOI.l3.:,t,~ or I"?t.as.it! a"d., t.hlr~y.·t,\~·o of 'S\~] p]~UL\ - Th~' fl1~~

'J! e~b(Hl~.tNl with rOlling alcohol ntHl th~ filtere.'J.s~latlo11, ~no'wed '!JO cOO l, 'W ]~!inl cryst.a Is ,0 r ·tJ ie !':If! It iH~-:t a tllte '(J'lt t. T ht= anI e if$ ve ty iE,~111 blc In wa tC'~· \~ith ~'ba'r~~~li':itlcal~'J l.arg~ n 11\S.(w[rrE~J~.l o( 'lleat. ('2; The an~moi'duti.l sn~t N('S". NH~ en'll be 1~''t;'r»H-cl,! -hy' i;lIo"ying a;

n ~ 1 ~i1 .. u'['c. ;Q:~ ale a bol, ~t rall. g .n~ ~u ~o L I~ it; Uhl0'1'1 ~.i1l,l ,:I.11.d _ buu I ph Ide 01 e:ubo ft, to Slbt.nd riln a tin ~C' :n ml then w."a,It'm'~' i ng it~ ':1"tiIOC:llIbOlln til) ,?.r ,t:~nino.nlLln)~: C~. (N HI\~~J' ;,9., J:troduced .,~·n-Stll .b~.t., ~lt'b's.(!qlle~~l,'Y

'H ,gt !!'d~~' up 2)] ~ t Q ·th!l!!' a nu Iii otHA.· a.w:! be'c.o];n~I!!I' N (:8 :. N H", ,dueh is .ca~i!v_ (ioh~l\in~{l in ·c'n~:ii,t~ls,. The tal' \\:tIlt!:!f' outa],nt)d.' bl the m~Ul~ ri1~ 1 i~I'e oifJ.[ c~:ll-gl;5 ';(H'n~ti me.~ c~ntitlins ~nl ffld,cnt :tiu:.ultiU~s of 1,hii~ ~tll t to mr.;. :~'c it, 'w("I,rtlll ,~·bilolJ to r'~C()Vct" it. DQ lh the Fotpa:shnu aud UIlE" a,nll~II!Q.1U~,Hl!1 s_alt. llliXl' n-~~wll "1~~1 :Ill; rei'iLgtll'la,~ tlontl nlOrn· (:spc"'''i.!I101]y as pt~qr"i:tf:S,m~h f(lf' tOPI)tll au~l a;'h··~t~ ,Soh~tiO[H~ or C~LrU .. t.~. sa' '& "fllcn m i.:c:ed 'with ~'UilphOC'ya:allte. ,a!!:i,~:\Jlm,(; tl·. ~ dnrk~'bi"!;)Yr'" e,Qh),out of tile C'llP~C sEl1t pu(NC$),l" bllt ·on }!~dltion ,o..t s.1r11Ehul'o~,.ii:eiJ ~the (io] OUr U ~$i ppcail'S ,Ill d a 1l- hl t-e.,,r',recl pU,a;te' '0.( fUprOQ:; IQJpbOC1.IUi.J..tl~,

NCS4 C~;'h C"QU1C.a. ,d{l~l], 'whichPi :if .eucmgll 01 n."~~l"!ld. \:d~ us<~JJ tun .. fu~ns all !,he C~PpCI" " ~f's:ul1'h;jc:ya.nate, i~: ,"~de:cf~,o,~ 'tfi.tnl te ~f_,sil \"e,l'a

R 11 tlu~ ,sll~r-er ~ pre~ln t8:oo~ _, Ag" N CS~, &1 toll a,r 1l.ll. 8.1?I~U.·~'1l11C.iO. to the ellie,ride D ud.j 1] ke tt_ uu;ol tl b,] fI it. ''I·.ntt;'T' ,I,ll (] III II i trlc fWHl. U pou this. a.:Jld t.he ral~t tba,t ~1l1p.ho,('y2t~~at.er:l ~tt'lk~ "II dC(l'll l'C:ll ,eo1:ouf' ,with ie n"ic Eat ts Yo 1 ha.l'd h~s. baseu. ,(U~. c.IJ!o.ll c n t limB] e:trie meLh .. J. . for the, de.t&rrLlinatiQtl of silver. (Sel S! t·rtn.),

,Su'llikosr-:.a ,?f ,qY'""'~~"!Jr J,~, .(:" mp6tun,~' __ ":",,~ B)' ~l,; 1, C t'i~li't. ~ rsa~ j.e ,c·ho.~t1.~" t ,.y dJ:tes from W olthrr 8 d 1I<OOV~r 'I of ,tl III) n~"hfh:rl.Q,1 fo.l'n) a\,l Oil\ of 'U,;~'~l'"C I,

:lfI,nd. in. the '1'"1] rthe"f' ~level{tp,n1(~nt o,:r tihi., Lnu~di Qf tIH~' sdenc,@ CYrllU,-, b"'CU La~ .. pl1.y I3tl a pr?1iI1·j nlC~,l t part.. (f'~,.r i 1l~1 ~t~a.ti~ns, "'C rn :a.y .l~~~r to· C~1"t~un pnssl.ges In the Pl'OS(!'il't arhde ::n~'Li In thQse Oil )Lf."lll,\,,~~ lit'ul (J·n Nn"J~OGEY .. ) li~llLoc. H. is lVOJrtlr. ,\'1:lUel to t'UUn:H~t!Btil bl"i!1'~~Y tlu:'~. :F.ynU~e'tical ,n~etholl for the' Jnal~t:~ng' o~r ,c),3Jl1qgt,:uitEiel£ (r~ ] 1 yd\!~cyallic. ru:id 'b p:tOU..11C@;d when :3, ,C:lltf'eliit. of elocb'l,c. ~:parks is ma.tie to ~l'O3$ a '111:ix:t111Q of I.,ce,tylt'ne, C;;I1 I'?J ~J d nit'l"o.g~~t~ t2)

C ·d ~ ~.. fi' d..Jl ."..:11

ya'llt 'e '9111 ;~Ullm.mu.um. u· ~twl;n~.' \~'~len nm.n~,Ollm )S. pass.e.'i.;a, o:v'e!

l'Cil~hot ch~1"'coal (.see ,S I lJ.W,a) " (3) lletaIll!!! (j'8!.iidcs, e:r(!; p1',odu(ttl


POOR M...~'" S JhlmS BOND' Vol.. 1

SPORT-'IN"G G- 0':' O':,cDS S'''TO'R' E

.' .': " ' ',_ i .', :. '. :;':. .; ',"'. ,.: '1.,,'- ',"


, , ,

A ~ ad d b M-l'J • b

. new weapon <,' Q·Pte.~', _y s ', uiranrs 15 n e

"Whamo" sling shot .. Its steel pellets will pe.'n. etrate a. human skull, It can evendeliver m,an'Y types ,of bombs,

t'-'J' .' r

It's arrow attachment allows a ~fiUtant 'to

I' • d f ith

SI.t In a car anc nre an arrow witl enough

for c e.' 'to, kin" While' spectators 3're looking for a, m,an with a bow, the killer drives away. ,A

perfect night we,a.p·on,.


While at the sporting goods store you might pick, up a, two-ounce lead fishing sinker, Tie on two feet of strong fish line and make a. loop at the end.

To use lr, 'put the loop o:n your forefinger and hold the sinker and line in [he palm-of your hand. Then half throw, half swing the sinker a.·t· the . pre'Y m

With, a little pra,cti,ce V'ou can flick it out at a, vic,tim"s temple and fi:~ish him off b'eJore :he kn.ows you mean to strik.e. This, gOlody is fof' clo.se quarter 'work 'in crow'ds, esp,eciaily at nightt They dr'rop like flies and no o,.n,c :kno'w's

wha,"t· b" l~'t h,"~'m"

'.' '.' _. 4Ii ... '.


A. plastic s,ubs.:tance ·u.sed to fill ,O'ut dents in 'C,aT bodies can. also be' used to compact simple bo,mb,s and re:place th.e' sere,¥, caps. on. pipe ·bombs.

'S' '0': 'm", ',a 0';' 'f" ""'h': e cub', S":£' a· n" r9 ·:s' p-' u .. 't 0'" n' a p'te' ~ 0'-; f'

I' .,,', J I,\...l ':-. ~ . ,I ';,'_ i3 ... ...: -.- .... _ .,...~ 11.':::' ,I." _ "",:. ~. [' ..... ~c.' ... : .... :

WQ~d or c~~board~ Then a fe'w d,rops of hardener are .a,d,ded and the s'[uff is. well mix.ed~ It

be'gins to harde.n in a few :minutes s,o· y'ou h.a.vle t·o bav'e all your jo,b ready and work fast b'e-

POOR M1\N' S JAf.<1ES BOND Vol. 1

fore the ooky mess gets too stiff to- work with.

It sets in a few minutes and then any excess can be pare d o-f f with a kn ife before it ge~s tot) hard, It is 11 ke rock in. 2.4 hours. In th e first: few mi n u tes it is sticky an d runs, so often molds are used.

A good use for pla stic au to body filler is to stop up 'the [ends of pipe bomhs, Pipe caps .are very expensive and the MiHtant must be. constarrtly on the alert for 'w~:ys to .. C:U~ cornets, . a,s who does nor 111 these days of ruinou s


An in ch of the fillet is e n ough to Crt p the ends .. Since the glop is sticky' and runs ... paper wadd iug is put in the end of the pipe to' hold the. filler in place until it hardens, The wadding is then removed or packed a'gainst the filler wi th a stick,

F irst, the wad d ~ ng is shoved in to the pip e SQ there' is 'a one .. inch space, The sp.a.ce is filled with goody wh ich is allowed to harden, Then you remove all th e wadding f au can or pack it: in, Then fill the pipe with explosive 10' l1h 1 nc he's . from the top __

Th en a fuse is. put i nto th e. explo sive and a small bit of 'wad d lug is pressed aro u nd h. The flUer is poured in and the thing is done.

In order 'to' save ,I. hassle in get.ting the.first batch of wadding out. there should be two pieces of waddin g'. A big gob of 'wadding should be put in first and a small ,gob should

99 PUOR M-t...w'~ S ~TA:ME S BqND vo i . 1

be put over ft. That way ~ the little gob will be stuck to the filler and the big gob can be re-

moved without trouble. .

Th e. ch erni c als in SO III e brand s . .p f auto b ody filler will deactivate some brands of fuse. mi

. . .

this happens with yours, just twist some plas-

H c fro In a n.aggie aro und the f u se rh at 'wi U be' exposed to the filler a,

This. method of capping pipe bombs, saves. more than the price of the caps .. It also allows Y'9u. to use s.trap pipe cut to size. instead of the more expensive lengths of pipe that are t breaded for ca. ps ~

Ariything' you are using 'the finer on should be free from 'W~'ase arid dirt, Pi pes. sh 0 U ,I d be' b oiled 1 n strong 56)3 p so the filler wi 11 bond with the metal ..

As 'the filler begins, to set it becomes quite, hot. There: is not enough 'heat to detonate any explosive, btl t for safety's sake, 'always use some wadding ..


,A very simple way to make' a grenade is, to fill .3 two-ounce bortl e. wi rh gunpowder or other ex pI osive, The bottle ca. p - is drilled for a

fuse. 'The bo ttle ali d. p.art of the fuse 1 s til en smeared liberally with plastic. auto body filler an d laid on a waxed or paper 5}! rface and illlowed to harden.


Ammon i.um N'itrogen Tri-Iod.ide

Every refere·nce- 1; ve read c,oncern:Lng ammou i.um n.it·ragen t.-r i-i.Qdide has it .a s an intere-sti.ng scient.if·ic cur LrrsLt.y -wi,th no practical a:pplicat.iOD ~ " AI\IT I't,I' ~ a sIc a.l1 it; be :i'ng ant, i an. y -encmy , .1 5 q uar an te e"d to be the mo s t

e f f ec t i Ve bOQ by t,.:t'" a. p t.r. ig'g' e.r e.ver dis ~o v,S'r ed .. _. .

POOR HAJ-.::' S .... Tl\MES BOND Vol. 1


POOR Ml\K I S JA:t".~S BUND Vol. I

I got the ;: or mu 1 a f. r.trm n:Che'mic~l f-iaq iC~':r. one of th.e boo k s .i n GR Al\'I}DAD I S. IIIJOI\DE;RFUL BOOK Of CHEHISTRY • .ANT'i is simply iod i n(2- crystals so;:akcd 'in stron,q ammonia", trhe boo k advises ma k i nq up just, a ii t'tl-e b i Land dem,~in~tr~ting 'hqTJt tt can be .se.t of:: by the touch bf a feat..hel·;; :COlI See ~ it.

, "11 I r" f' • t ~. l' h 1 I , t j

1 S ari exp.l OS;L ve ~ , n act, j l S 2J, l1.1-g ,exp 0 S lVe ; a f u 1 nu na ,e ..

Tl~l(~ r'ea erm o Lher '~v-r i t.er q have d i am.i s sed i-I::. .as having no pr ac t .:Leal cl.p~ pl iC'at.:Lon I s pr,obabl y because they ·don I t think. along Lhe 1 ilIE"S' o f improvi sed we aponr'v ~ Eut I do I' I .made about ·a tea spoo-nful and spread 1. t- a bout an e,iqhth, of 'an inch thick on .my work t:able and let. it dry. TheIl T bare=: 1 y touched it 'W"i th a ~eather ~ rnat.aad of the' ~nap~cr,a,C'k:le":"'pop ef'fe'c't de·ac r Lbod in the· 'boo k, i t 1,,;ras.. a real explo.s ion. The table "T,.!la.·S p it t,e~ !3.i'1.q mv ears r anq , .Aft~r having made' f. ar more than required to q,e·ril~hs,trat~·

t.h i s arnaz i nqLy un at abj e aubs t.ance, 1: ,vas struck b.y its heretofore unment ion-eel pbtential as a weapo"n.

I'magine, d high explosive anyone can make and ~",rhich is harm.less while rna .i at, but deV"s,st,a.ting" when 'dry,. Say you put a moist ,piece about. the siz'·e of a ,g:r~in of rlce' .into a pipe bomb three four·ths f1,.ll.l of powder and

J hern sere'v; ori the cap 4i When i t s mo Ls t.uz e diffuses, throughou t. t.he pipe.; in aoouf an hour i it is dry and any vibra'tion wil.l cause it~ to explode. t,her.e'by igniting t,he powd,e.i t Cr'ushed. into .a paste, ~: dollop about, the siz.e o'=-' a "bean on a stick of dyrianu.t.e , o,nce dry will explode ,the dynamite at the ,slightes'!: vibration~ SUC11 a pipe bomb or stiCk of dyna;,mite unde r the- car seat. of an enemy would hav,e him out of the way an hour down lJ'le road j I" m sure you can think, of many other y.'ays to use it I

fro make Lt , ·all you :h~ed is Lodi.rie crystals and' st,rong a'trurionia. You can 9"et 'b(lt~~ '- rom most pba.rmac i.es loca;t'ed: near bosp.l ta'l s , I 'WOu.ld adv.i ae ag.a 'h1st, asking for bo t.h a t; ,the same place.

If 1'0: lr pha rmac Ls t; do.e,~n! t stock Lod i.ne cr y.st.aas he can order ·then, for y~u a,t about. $120;00 for four ourioe s , You, might. te,ll him y ou are

l:-, h.inking of ma,K i il~l up aome fir s1:. . aid kits, and want. to, rna ke' your o,\\1'11

t inc lure of .i.od i.n e, Four ounces is enough t.o last you a 1 i:fet ime ~

Th~ strong ammori La CSD, be ·got.ten under the pr e+enee of being, a butt err Ly and moth C'oJ,.,lectar. Altunonia in bot:l:les -with some cott.on ori tl"le' bottom k i t t s but'terflies quickly t l'·h~ ~t.ore· ammonia is w·ea.ker a,nd the soap sticks to t.hs sea.le's So st,rong ammonia is an pj'bsol ut.e n,ecessi,ty ..

But if you don i t want to bother your phar mac i at; you ~an ~istil1. y,ot~r O'\o,i11 from store ammonia 'in the stil~ descr-ibed. further on. T":'u 28 o'ufld~ bot't.l,es wi.] 1 'prov,lde 14 ounces of 'strong ammon i.a , f r e-e fr orn t"0.e ao ap and 9' urtk in all hou se ho ld cl eaning' ammorri.a s ~

A._~Y1\rccf:i to make. 'A.NTI jI )1Jst' diop i.odine. crys't~l s .i.rrt o ten times their vo l ~JnH? o f S:ttb.lig ammon.i a. ~ A few. gra.in s ~"ill prove 'the proce,s.s;. .~f t~r abo,tlt t,PJl minLrl:es ~oa~in~ ~ '~'Wirl and po.ur +he 'Lod Lne cryst'als .i n t.o Q co:f"::',?e f J.l'ter .. rrhen rerD-ove t'he fil·t:er' from its hol.der, .: a .. rid ac r ape JJP t.he ,c.ry'stal s anp./Q-r 'pas'l:e' with a kn i f e or spa+ut a 4! Crystals are' b~st for

s+ re'!,\I"ing ,around f on 'peopl e to st.ep or sit on.,' causing cor oriar ies i P ast,e is be ,s,t. 'for sp.read.ing on things and 01.18:0 f.or stahil i ty in the rate of

d r y i nq , A small pile of t.r-sated crys·tal.s drying would set each o+her nff a s they :settle.d .. The pas.te jI ,however:. will. dry uniformly and r_;ri~l .no t. go

off" bieca 1] se of i,ts. own we·ight. '

When you have put th~ ANT I on a board or aome o·the,r surf·aCe' you don I t care abou·t" use· t'he, knife or Bp·a. t ui.a to' s~p.ar .at.e it. Lrrt.o tiny bi t.a , .l-\.f - ter an hour's drying' just 'Sl i·ght1.y ·touch Dna of the. part i.cles W"i ttl a -feat.l1er or anythi.~9' else and you t11. get a. eS'urpri:sing:ly . cud ,exp~osion;. which wi1..1 mogt 1 iK::ely set o.'ff t.he rest d_,f t.he particle's are close :to-

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