Section C – Demolition

SMM 1 Sectio II / 34-35 1. Description – stating which materials are to be removed & which are remains. 2. Alteration to existing building & temporary roofing & enclosures, if practicable, give qty. C3 – Measurement ** Notes: - No detail given by SMM 1 for the items below. ITEMS Demolish individual structures Cutting opening Cutting back projections / cutting to reduce thickness Fitting & fixtures Remove engineering & plumbing installation Remove finishing/ covering Shoring & scaffolding 1. incidental to demolition 2. others UNIT items items Items Items Items Items SMM 2 - state dimensions - level of which structures to be demolished shall be stated - state the size of opening, type & thickness of existing structure & treatment - state dimensions & nature - state size - State the nature of installation. - state the nature if finishings/ coverings - indicate the qty - deemed to be included - 3 stages – provide & erect, maintain, clearing away Size or dimension must be Stated Shoring & scaffolding Deemed included COMMENTS - stating the high or level of demolished structure from existing level SMM 2 C.2 - Demolition 1. Location shall be given. 2. Old materials became the property of the Contractor. 3. Old materials can be re-used. No adjustment shall be made to the measured quantities of new work in which such old materials are re-used. COMMENTS - described whatever items to be demolished as shown in drawings - measured as lump sum - prepare a list of old materials for re-use


Section D – Excavation And Earthwork
SMM 1 Section III/2 - Site Clearance Items Removing hedges Site Clearance Unit M Item Description By removal of tall grass, shrubs, bushes & small trees < 300mm girth and state area - State average depth SMM 2 D2-D8 – Site Preparation Items D2 – Removing hedges D3 – Clearing undergrowth D4 – Removing Trees D5 – Tree stumps D6 – Lifting turf D7 – Topsoil Unit M Description - State nature & height & location - Deemed to include disposal - Deemed to include disposal - Classified in stages of 300mm girth (measured at height of 1.00m above ground) - Deemed to include disposal - State method of preservation & disposal - State average depth - Handling & disposal of topsoil – clauses D17-22 - Cutting down trees (irrespective girth) - State area COMMENTS

M2 No



M2 M2

D8 – Alternative


Section D – Excavation And Earthwork (Cont’d)
SMM 1 Section III/ 1d – Volume to be measured 1. Same as SMM 2 SMM 2 D9 – Volume to be measured 1. No allowance for any subsequent variations to bulk or any extra space required for working space D10 – Depth of excavation 2. < 0.25m < 1.00m < 2.00m in 2.00m stages D11 – Starting Level 3. Stated and describe - “ground level”, “reduced level”, “formation level” COMMENTS - all excavation measured in m3

Section III/1f – Stages 2. in 1.50m stages except oversite

Starting Level 3. Not stated starting level in SMM 1

Average depth to the nearest 0.m3.m.Section D – Excavation And Earthwork (Cont’d) Type of excavation Items SMM 1 – Section III/3-10 Curved Excavation. Exc. state average depth Exc.m.m3.25m . State starting level .where the foregoing > 1.m3 .50m depth. excavation measurement 1. Pits to receive . To reduce level .< 1m3 – Nos column base . As EO to excavations . Alongside services / groups of services Breaking up concrete. around services crossing Exc.basement walls to be covered externally with damp proof.< 300mm – m2. Trenches .Pits dimension < 1.m.m3 . min.break brickwork.m3 Exc.m3 Exc. Not stated Around pile.m3. measured to the outside of foundation . Pile caps .m3.25m bothway shall be given separately . State starting level .m2. in rock Exc. Deduct existing voids COMMENTS . As EO to excavations . As EO to excavations . stating the depth in 150mm pipe Ext.m3. Trenches to receive .25m Exc. As EO to excavations . .existing voids to be deducted . concrete – m3 as EO Exc. State Nos & starting area . Below ground SMM 2 – D12 Shall be described .No. working space 600mm to be covered Exc.25m x 1.break surface concrete – m2 paving . Basement . exc.

the excavation in metre / kilometer . In metre / kilometer .Disposal can be included or measured separately .State the limits of site defined . Free of water Keeping the exc. exc. distance must be given SMM 1 – Section III/12 Same as SMM 2 Same as SMM 2 SMM 2 – D15.Measured in items COMMENTS -dewatering Disposal off site Topsoil for re-used Topsoil removed fr.average distances fr. Site .Measured in items .D16 .Not stated .Location of such deposits .22 .Not stated SMM 2 – D18.Average distance fr.Location of such deposits .21.given separately COMMENTS For disposal to a designated area provided by client.m3 .m3 .m3 .Not stated .19.water level Section D – Excavation And Earthwork (Cont’d) Disposal of Water Items Keep the surface of site & exc. Free of ground water Disposal of Excavated Material Items Disposal on site SMM 1 – Section III/11 .

m2.D30.Section III/14 . state thickness .25m – m2 .Same as SMM 2 . raking. m2 .Not stated . > 0.Not stated .< 0.25m – m. m2 .D33. Material to be obtained off site. > 300mm thk – m3 . 2. vertical & curved work COMMENTS COMMENTS .D25.No detail given SMM 2 D23 – Classification 1.> 300mm – m3 .D32. m2 . D24 – Measurement 1.Section III/15 . Material from excavation specified to be selected / treated.refer to Section IV/2c.D28. Material from excavation.D31. horizontal.Not stated . curved work shall be so described .D29.Not stated . Items Filling to exc. m3 .D26.Not stated SMM 2 . stating height . Thickness stated – thickness after compaction.Section D – Excavation And Earthwork (Cont’d) Filling SMM 1 . Other than to service trenches Filling to make up level Hardcore to vertical / battering faces Hardcore to sinkings Surface treatment Trimming rock surface Blinding Puddle lining Geotextiles SMM 1 . m / No .< 250mm thk – m2 .< 300mm thk – m2 . > 250mm thk – m3 .D34.Not stated .< 300mm – m2. 3.state the type.

Timber piles g. Piles to be extracted shall be identified and given separately COMMENTS . An item for maintaining plant on site 4. Separate headings a. Pre-formed concrete piles d. Interlocking sheet piles 5. starting level shall be stated 2. Isolated steel piles h.Section E – Piling & Diaphragm Walling SMM 1 SMM 2 1. Pre-formed concrete steel piles f. Driven shell cast-in-place concrete piles c. Raking piles e. Test piles c. Contiguous bored piles d. Pre-formed prestressed concrete piles e. Bored cast-in-place concrete piles b. An item for bringing to site and removing from site all plant 3. The following shall be given separately a. Preliminary piles b.

Measured in m2.m. of piles stating length .m.Size & weight of heads & shoes stated . of pile extensions . corner and junction pile .include handling and transporting . closure & taper piles as EO COMMENTS Pile extension . cutting/burning SMM 2 – E5 .cutting – in Nos Interlocking steel piles .Total driven depth in metre .00 m . in metre . method of driving and testing . stages the diameter.Total driven / bored depth.50m .m.classified in length as < 3m. .heads and shoes – in Nos.Total Nos. Corner.m. in 1. depth .Section E – Piling & Diaphragm Walling (Cont’d) Items SMM 1 Piles other than cast in situ & interlocking sheet piles Cast in-situ piles .Total Nos. < 12m 12m – 24m > 24m .shall stated whether is left or drawn .> Nos .50m stages Bakau Piles .total length of pile estensions < 3. of piles .m2 .00 m > 3. stating the max.The concreted length in metre . total no.

Diaphragm Walls ** Notes: .volume of exc. nominal lengths & depths of walls .state thickness . Weight of stiffening.stating wall thickness & spec of concrete mix .as EO . lifting & supporting steel cast in .stating limitation on method of disposal SMM 2 . In rock Disposal Concrete Trimming & cleaning the faces Reinf Waterproof joints Guide walls Top of walls & reinf. To receive cappings Prepare cast in pockets / chases Remove guide wall Unit M3 M3 M3 M3 M2 Kg Item M M m/item M . Items Excavation Exc.No detail given by SMM 1 for the items below.include add.Section E – Piling & Diaphragm Walling (Cont’d) E12 . Calculated fr.state the wall thickness and maximum depth .

laid to slopes < 150 from horizontal/ >150 from horizontal shall be described. Particulars shall be given in description :a.05m3 Not stated SMM 2 F1 – Generally 1. Complex shape – No 2. compression a. The stated thickness of walls. Opening in wall. floors. Treatment of reinforcement crossing the joint c. Classifications : < 100mm 100mm – 150mm 150mm – 300mm > 300mm 2. expansion. F4 – Joints 1. Voids < 0. No deduction for a. Formwork b. Volume of steel b. roadway of 0.05m2 sectional area f. roof slabs. Volume of steel e. Voids < 0.20m2 c.Section F – Concrete Work SMM 1 Section IV/2 – Generally 1. Waterstop. Designed joints – waterstop. slabs to receive further finish. slabs shall exclude projections. 2. Expansion joints – measured in m . Voids due to boxed / tubular steelwork < 0. expansion. In formation of bays – m b. beds. Beds. No deduction for d.05m3 other than voids in soffits of troughed or coffered slabs F2 – Classification of Size 1. compression jointing & pointing material COMMENTS Section IV / 20 1.

Distinguishing between sides. chases to be cut Mortices.Section F – Concrete Work (Cont’d) SMM 1 Not stated SMM 2 F5 – Finished Cast On To Concrete 1.50m stages Description COMMENTS Not stated . pockets. soffits & upper surfaces – m2 .as EO to the concrete stating the mix & thickness of the finish F6 – Labours On Concrete Items Treating the surfaces of unset concrete Hacking faces of concrete Grinding.50m high kept separately state the height in 1.subsequent grouting included in description state the mix of grout -works to soffits > 3. holes Unit M2 M2 M2 M No . sand blasting & similar treatments Channels.

stating the number .slope floors shall be given separately Not stated .> 300mm thick – m3 . where less than 300mm thick shall give separately .Section F – Concrete Work (Cont’d) Concrete Categories Items Foundation in trenches Isolated foundation bases SMM 1 – Section IV/3-19 . state thickness . sills . copings.measurement take across beams exclude upstands.m3.m3. ends . kerbs. hardcore and formwork . Width and thickness stated include excavation. stating the number . deemed to include thickening.m3.given separately.m3 . m3.m3 SMM 2 – F3 .< 300mm thick – m2 state thickness .m3 and intersaction .Foundation < small bases for fencing post in No . stating the number COMMENTS Casings to steel grillages Casings to steel ground beams Pile Caps Beds . where less than 300mm thick shall be given separately .15m3 – m3.m3. stating thickness Suspended slabs Coffered or troughed slabs Upstands.m. exclude upstands.m3 .cement grouting – m2 .m3.m3.volume of troughs/coffers shall be deducted .state the number .m2. stating thickness . deemed to include thickening. including formwork. stating the thickness . .Thickening shall be measured in m as EO the bed.

Section F – Concrete Work (Cont’d) Concrete Categories Items Walls SMM 1 – Section IV .m3 .m3. state the thickness .m3 . stating the thickness COMMENTS Fascias.measurement take btw piers/projections -m3 . attached columns.Landing slabs – m2 Not stated SMM 2 – F3 . stating thickness . strings – m3 .m3 . fins Beams Columns Steps. stating thickness .m3.> 300mm – m3 . deemed to include strings and landings .m3. include kickers. staircases Tops and cheeks of dormers .steps.m3. staircase.< 300mm – m2.

.m2 .Temporary strutting given in description.Categories straight and bend bars.Horizontal bars & bars sloping < 300 from horizontal over 12m stating the length in further stages of 3.No deduction for voids < 1. stirrups.Work requiring special bending SMM 2 – F8-F9 COMMENTS . .Vertical bars & bars sloping > 300 from horizontal over 6m stating the length in further stages of 3. .helical reinforcement .Categories .Section F – Concrete Work (Cont’d) Reinforcement Items Bar Reinforcement SMM 1 – Section IV/21-25 . . include hooked bars curved bars irrespective of radius > 12m in stages of 3m .In m2 stating the mesh.indented bars . binders Spaces & chairs not at the contractor’s choice .include cutting to deduction for opening > 1m2 . weight / m2.measured net area .50m.50m stated the height in further stages of 1. hooked ends and bending .00m.00m2. min extend of sides & end .kg / tones stating diameter. stirupps. bindings .links.general .No allowance made for laps. . > 3. Fabric Reinforcement . .

Formwork to soffits > 3.50m high described stating height in further stages of 0.50m high shall be so described stating height in further stages of 1.Section F – Concrete Work (Cont’d) Formwork SMM 1 Section IV/26-27 1. 2.00m – m. Edges – m where < 300mm. COMMENTS Formwork Categories Items Foundation & Beds SMM 1 Section IV/28a.00m2. Formwork – permanent character to be left shall be so described – impossible to remove. m2. 3.h 1. 2.00m 2.00m high shall be described.<250mm 250mm – 500m 500mm – 1. 4. pile caps & beds) & ground beams > 1. 3. Formwork to edges & faces of foundations (bases. 4. Formwork to soffits > 3. stages in 100mm SMM 2 F11 1. to small features shall be in No.00m – m2 < 1.Generally 1. No deduction for voids < 1. Formwork to kickers for walls – m COMMENTS .50m.00m2. 5. Soffit of slab for thickness > 300mm shall be given separately 2. Formwork to curved surface stating geometrical nature & radius. Formwork left shall be described. No deduction for voids < 1.50m. stating height . Formwork to soffits < 1. SMM 2 F10.

00m girth Unit Description M2 .Categories <250mm 250mm – 500mm 500mm – 1.state thickness in stages of 100mm M2 M .Categories <250mm 250mm – 500mm > 500mm. depth shall be stated COMMENTS M M Section F – Concrete Work (Cont’d) . Measured in m2.Sloping > 150 from horizontal Items Formwork to soffits of solid slabs > 200mm thick Formwork to sloping upper surfaces of slab > 150 from horizontal Formwork to edges of slabs. steps. Classification . 2.00m . Staircases & Landings SMM 1 1. risers to staircase Formwork to edges of staircase flights Formwork to ends & perimeters of openings > 1. sloping surfaces measured in m2 SMM 2 F12 1.Horizontal .Section F – Concrete Work (Cont’d) Formwork Categories Items Slabs. width .Sloping < 150 from horizontal .stating max.

28f 1. COMMENTS Beams. lifts wells given separately. 4. Formwork to sloping upper surfaces of beams be measured > 150 from horizontal. Formwork is required to 1 side of wall shall be stated. Formwork to beams intersect with columns measured up to them on all sides. No deduction from formwork to columns at intersection. Classification . F15 1. sides and soffits of beams and lintels 2. Cantilevers & The Like IV/27e. Formwork to secondary beams measured up to sides of main beams. 1.Sloping > 150 from horizontal 3. m2 2. Casings. 5. measured on both sides of walls SMM 2 F13 1. m2. 3. stating vertical / battered. Vertical surfaces > 3. No deduction from formwork to columns at intersection. Formwork inside stairs wells. 3. shall be measured as EO for formwork. No deduction from the formwork of the main beam where secondary beam intersects it.Formwork Categories Items Walls SMM 1 IV/29-30 1.Horizontal . Formwork to secondary beams measured up to sides of main beams. No deduction from the formwork of the main beam where secondary beam intersects it. m2 2. 2. m2.Sloping < 150 from horizontal . No deduction for beam intersection.50m. 4. F14 1. stated the method of uploading the other faces. m2. Formwork to beams intersect with columns measured up to them on all sides. m2 Pilasters & Columns .

ridge tiles.Section L – Roofing SMM 1 Same as SMM2 SMM 2 L2-Measurement 1.bedding and pointing in description COMMENTS .m2.bedding and pointing in description .same as SMM2 SMM 2 L3-L15 . hips and vertical angles SMM 1 Section X/1-10 .raking eaves and curved eaves shall be given separately -m . hip tiles and vertical angle tiles – m . conical and spherical roofs shall described stating the radius COMMENTS Slate or Tile Roofing Items Roof covering Eaves Verges Valleys Ridges.raking verges. No deduction for voids < 0.mitred hips and mitred vertical angles – m . curved verges shall be so described .m2 -m -m -m . Work to curved.50m2 2.m as EO .vertical coverings shall be given separately -m . stating the pitch .

capped angles. finials ends .Classifications. vents.covering > 500 shall be described .00m2 – Nos .m2 .m.Section L – Roofing (Cont’d) Corrugated or Troughed Sheet Roofing Or Cladding Items Roof covering Bedding and pointing Ridge.m2 .No . capped interactions. stating the width or girth . stating the width or girth COMMENTS .flashing – m.capped ends. vertical angles Barge boards Flashing/ expansion joints Others Items Roof decking Bitumen-felt roofing SMM 1 SMM 2 .covering < 1.flat coverings < 100 .slope covering > 500 and vertical coverings .covering > 50 degree shall be described -m -m .roof covering > 300mm wide – m2 . m stating width in stages of 150mm .< 300mm wide.m. hips. stating width or girth in stages of 150mm COMMENTS SMM 1 SMM 2 L16-L26 .slope covering > 100 < 500 .

vertical work & work > 300 shall give separately X/27-30 .Classifications.m2 .slope covering > 100 < 500 . jamb and lintel .m2 .00m2 – Nos .ridges – m.Section L – Roofing (Cont’d) Others (Cont’d) Items Sheet metal roofing SMM 1 .> 8m .m .bedding and pointing – m . lourves.hip capping.Long strip roofing kept separate stating length of roof slope to be covered .Nailing shall be given in metres stating the spacing COMMENTS Felt Roofing Asbestos Sheet Covering X/24-26 . barge boards.< 4m .6m – 8m .4m – 6m .as clauses in asbestos sheet covering SMM 2 . described lap .flat coverings < 100 .covering < 1.slope covering > 500 and vertical coverings . flashings.vertical sheeting and sheeting > 600 shall give separately . corner piece.m2 .capped ends – Nos .

m.vaulting – m2 .item required to be in one continuous length > 5. > 300mm wide – m2 . fascias – m  no addition for joints or laps  no deduction for voids < 0.eaves. stating width / girth M4 – M12 – First Fixings 1.Carcassing .soffits under 2m span and 300 mm wide – m .Generally .labours on sawn items shall be deemed to included .centering .00m stating the length in further stages of 600mm . verge. method of jointing and fixing  M2  Classification .classified .stating sawn or wrought .00m shall be XI.soffits > 2m span .floors .soffits under 2m span. timber > 5m length shall be given separately 4.ceilings and beams .Section M – Woodwork SMM 1 SMM 2 COMMENTS M1 .roofs .curved items shall be described M2-M3 .No XI – Timber 1. structural timber – m 3.labours on wrot items shall be measured -wrought surface on sawn items – m. stating the cross-section dimensions .50m2  members fixed in length < 1. Boarding and flooring  State thickness. classifications  lintel  floor joist  partitions  trussed partitions  rafters  ceiling joints and collars  purlins.walls .domers . struts  trussed purlins and beams  roof principals .centering – nett area .centering left shall be described . wrought timber shall be given separately 2. ceiling beams.gutter .

labours on timbers  rebates and grooves. state size and spacings 9. stating girth > 75mm  chamfers and moulding. casements – m2 3. stating extreme size. paneled lining – m2 8. doors – m2. seats f. Stops d. nosings. Skirting b. Boarding and flooring (Cont’d)  areas < 300mm width – m. gutter boards&sides – m2 11. work tops. stating size. spacing  Framework > 300mm wide – m2  Framework < 300mm wide – m. roof boarding – m2 7. stating width > 75mm  rebated.00m2 – No  Firrings – m. tongued or cross-tongued joints 6. state extreme size.described Section M – Woodwork SMM 1 XI – Timber 5. stating the width  Areas < 1. wall battening – m2. floor fillets – m 10. bed moulds COMMENTS XII-Joiner 1. Isolated shelves. fascias and barge boards . door frame – m 9. stating width M13-M16 – Second Fixings 1. sashes and cased frames – m2 5. grooved. stated the No 6. cesspools – NO  Angle fillets and tilting fillets – m.  Open spaced grounds and battens – m2.m . unframed fixings  m  Classifications a. state width and average depth  Drips – m. stating cross-section dim. nosing to floors – m 2. Glazing beads e. plain window and door linings – m 7. Architraves c. architraves . beads around casements – m 4. boardings – m2 12. Window boards.m SMM 2 M4 – M12 – First Fixings (Cont’d) 1. felt – m2 8. < 300mm length – No  Nosings and margins – m  Access traps. < 300mm length – No  Bearers – m.

roof trusses – No 2. Handrails Section M – Woodwork SMM 1 SMM 2 M13-M16 – Second Fixings (Cont’d)  Sheet linings and casings a External work shall be so described b Sloping work shall be so described c No deduction for voids < 0. door frames and lining where supplied together with associated doors – No 5. casement and frames and window surrounds – No 6. stating width in stages 100mm f openings < 0. Specify group of timber specifies. trussed rafters.50m2 – No g access panel 0 No as EO M17-M30 – Composite Items 1. staircases and short flights of steps – No. landing shall be included 7.g. stating the extreme size and no. of lengths of cills. doors – No 3. Resak . mullions and transoms 4. door frame and lining sets – m.No COMMENTS Type of timber used. balustrade .50m2 d > 300mm wide to walls and ceiling – m2 e < 300mm – m. eg.


external work 2. no deduction from the areas of finishings shall be made for grounds S2 – Insitu Finishings – Generally 1.50m2 COMMENTS In-situ Finishings Items Walls. XI/24e.ceiling shall be deemed to include sloping ceiling . cornices etc – m. Shall be classified : a. no deduction shall be made for voids < 0. size and method of fixing . Work to pattern or > than 1 colour – shall be described 3.50m fr floor shall described separately in stages of 1. > 3.50m 6.shall be measured SMM 2 . ceilings. work to ceiling and beams. casing and similar beads – m. curved work shall be given separately 5. mouldings. columns Mouldings SMM 1 XIV/7-8 . work on different bases shall be kept separate 4.plastering – m2 . Wall And Ceiling Finishes SMM 1 1.ceilings – measured btw walls .ceiling at height > 3.No deduction for void < 0.soffits of stairs give separately XIV/22 .angle screed.50m above floor shall state the height in stages 1. ceiling ribs. XIV/1 .cornices with bracket / with flat or weathered tops shall described COMMENTS .Section S – Floor.50m 2.architraves. internal work b. stating type. stating girth of visible contour .50m2 SMM 2 S1 – Information 1. beams. m2 2.

intersection on work to crossfalls to slopes shall measured shall be deemed to be included separately  > 150 .m. cover strips.Section S – to floors laid in 1 operation with base shall be described .m as EO .50m in boiler room. stating average size of bays .no deduction for voids < 0.strings and aprons – m. measured nett area.m. stating dimension . ducts shall be . stating size COMMENTS Floors Channels Skirtings and kerbs Dividing strip.treads.paving. stating height . Wall And Ceiling Finishes (Cont’d) In-situ Finishings (Cont’d) Items Staircase areas SMM 1 XIV/47 .work in boiler room etc same . stating width VIII/2 . movement joints . cover fillets. channels. strings – m .non-slip insets – m SMM 2 -all work to staircase shall be given separately .filling in recessed manhole covers shall be so described . risers – m. inserts – m as EO .nosings. laid  slopes < 150. .m.channels to fall shall be so described XIV/21 .undercut risers shall be given separately . stating height/ width .Classified .Work to floor lay in bay shall be described. riser. machine room etc which as SMM2 interrupted by seatings.treads.

measured nett.m2 .S11 . stating thickness .isolated units or access units .Section S – Floor.S10 .a preamble item shall be given .no deduction for voids < 0.particulars:  kind of tile  size and thickness of tile  shape of units  nature of surface finish  bedding  treatment of joins  layout of joints .gutter and channels in screeds . m2 SMM 2 COMMENTS .skirting in m SMM 2 .m Tile.50m2 .screeded or floated beds-m2.No COMMENTS SMM 2 .forming channels – m as EO COMMENTS Metal Lathing SMM 1 XIV/2-3 1.beds and backings to receive different types of finishings shall be given separately . Wall And Ceiling Finishes (Cont’d) Beds and Backings SMM 1 XIV/24 . Slab and Block Finishings SMM 1 XIV/36 .

Section S – Floor.S12-S15 -particulars  kind and quality of material  thickness of material  method of fixing .given separately in m. no deduction for voids < 0.m2. Wall And Ceiling Finishes (Cont’d) Flexible Sheet Finishings SMM 1 No detail SMM 2 .cover strips over joints – m.50m2 . stating method of fixing  sole plates  head  abutments  intersections  framings to openings .work to isolated column – kept separate.lining – m2.S16 .access panel – nos COMMENTS . stating size COMMENTS Dry Linings And Partitions SMM 1 No detail SMM 2 .5m2 . no deduction for voids < 0. state Nos of column .describe the extend of lap and type of seam .

Section S – Floor.cornices –m . domes. mouldings.forming openings < 0.deduction of wall or ceiling plastering shall be made on any face where width covered by a cornice > 150mm . domes.shall not include any carpenter’s work .cornices –m . Linings And Support Work SMM 1 XIV/10.S18-S23 .Arches. stating girth SMM 2 . no deduction for voids < 0.access panel – Nos . stating overall size SMM 2 .m COMMENTS .access panel . stating overall size .cover strips – m Fibrous Plaster SMM 1 XIV/26-35 .cornices which are circular on plan shall give separately .covers.Arches.50m2 – Nos .coves > 25mm radius. cornices .lining – m2 .a preamble shall be given .15 . groined soffits – No.particulars  kind and quality  size and thickness  size and spacing of supports  layout of joints  treatment of joints  type.50m2 . size and length of hangers  nature of structure to which brackets and hangers fixed  method of securing brackets and hangers to structure .no deduction for voids < 0.50m2 . measured in m.m2. Wall And Ceiling Finishes (Cont’d) Suspended Ceilings.Nos COMMENTS XI/24 . groined soffits – No.S17 .Lining – m2 .

m2 .sides and soffits of beams shall measured together SMM 2 No detail COMMENTS .Section S – Floor.plain and patterned carpeting shall be given separately .particulars  kind and grade of carpeting  dimensions of pattern  method of fixing and treatment of joints  nature of base .50m2 COMMENTS Plaster Board SMM 1 – XIV/4-5 .no deduction for voids < 0. Wall And Ceiling Finishes (Cont’d) Fitted Carpeting SMM 1 No detail SMM 2 – S24-S29 .

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