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N e r v e S u p p l y o f F a c e

Sensory Supply Nerves Supplies skin (of) Branches
 Supra-orbital nerve
 Forehead  Supra-trochlear nerve
Ophtalmic nerve  Upper eyelid  Infratrochlear nerve
 Dorsum of nose  External nasal nerve
 Palpebral nerve
 Front of face
3 divisions of  Infraorbital nerve
 Lower eyelids
trigeminal nerve  Gives palpebral, nasal and labial branches
Maxillary nerve  Side of nose
(V)  Zygomaticofacial nerve
 Upper lip
 For skin over zygomatic bone
 Over zygomatic bone
 Cheek (over buccinators muscle)
 Skin over the mandible  Buccal nerve
Mandibular nerve
 Chin  Mental nerve
 Lower lip
Skin covering:
Great auricular nerve
Exception  angle of mandible
(C2, C3)
 parotid gland

Motor Supply Nerves Course Supply
Leaves upper end of  Frontal belly of occipito-frontalis
Temporal branch
anterior border of parotid gland  Upper part orbicularis occuli
 Orbicularis occuli
Zygomatic branches
 Muscles present between eye and mouth
(upper & lower)
 Muscles of the nose
Facial nerve (VII) Emerge from
 Buccinator
Buccal branch anterior border of parotid gland
 Orbicularis oris
 Orbicularis oris
Mandibular branch
 Muscles of lower lip
Cervical branch Emerges from lower end of parotid gland  Platysma