at a certain time we realize how far we have fallen and that we can't find our way back when

did i start crying over pain instead of fighting when did i succumb to the everyday teen woes I'm through with trying to make myself seem strong when I'm as weak as puppet strings that have been moving me throughout my life a mere toy in the vas emporium crumbling to the ground strong is but a setting which has been tainted by water my many tears frying the circuits of my existence and leaving only a weakness one that carries the label of debbi a downer and a plague to spread doom and misery and eventually give in to pain and bringing my world down ruining all those close to me and leaving me to lie in the blood left behind a glorious red river for carnivores and murders to hide for my legacy leaves only weakness where evil prospers while the brave, the strong, can all crumble and suffer the world is too dark, and i am too weak i have given into the stereotypes of my generation a weak girl caught in the whirlwinds of teenage woes

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