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the midst of a very real experience, while fully conscious of the

events they perceive. They may see their physical bodies from a

differentvantage point. They may travel to other physical places.

When they wake, they have an instinctive knowledge thatthe

experience was real, but most are afraid to even talkabout it for fear

of what others might think. These people have hadspontaneous out-

of-body experiences, and I am fortunate to be one of them!

Spirit-Quest: Journey Out-Of-Body

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Imagine waking up, floating above your body, and being able tomove

simply by thought. You can go anywhere! You are truly free! To have

these experiences given to you, is a great gift. There are many

people who have had such experiences, in fact more than you might


For those who have not had spontaneous out-of-body experiences, it

is possible to learn to induce this state by will, andanyone who has

patience and the dedication to learn will eventually be ableto achieve


Imagine being able to travel by thought, leaving yourphysical body

safely behind, and return at will!

The knowledge is nothing new. For centuries, Tibetan monks have

spent years of their lives in practice and meditation in order to attain

altered states of consciousness with ease. The shamans of the

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