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body is positioned so that I am lying North to South, withmy head

pointing to the North. This lends more credence to the

electromagnetic theory.

Focused Relaxation

In order to achieve a fully conscious OBE, one must first attain the

body asleep / mind awake state. This requires deep relaxation.You

should make sure there are no outside influences that will disturb

you while you are attempting to relax. Unplug the telephone, shut

thedoor to keep the dog out, and send the kids to the neighbors

place.Remove any jewelry and wear loose fitting comfortable


Spirit-Quest: Journey Out-Of-Body

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You can either be under the blankets or on top, but make sure the

blankets are not too heavy or constricting.Lay on your back, hands

by your sides, and being to breathe rhythmically: In 2-3-4, Out 2-3-4,

In 2-3-4, Out 2-3-4 and so on.

Start from the feet, and working upward, flex and relax the muscle

groups along the way. Flex, hold for 10 seconds, then release. Work

your way to your head, paying particular attention to the neck

muscles and the forehead where a lot of tension is usually stored.

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