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help you to induce OBEs because you will be more in tune tothe

higher realms.

Begin by performing the Focused Relaxation method above, and

utilize rhythmic breathing.Visualize the Root Chakra, and imagine an

orb of red energy at thebase of the spine. Feel its energy pulsing at

the base of your spine.

Move to the spleen center, just below the navel, and imagine it asan

orb of orange energy light, and feel its warmth in the center of your


Next is the solarplexus, at the base of the sternum. Imagine it as an

orb of yellowand feel its warmth and energy.

Spirit-Quest: Journey Out-Of-Body

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Next move to the heart center, and imagine anorb of green light and

feel it coursing through your heart.

Next move to the throat center, and imagine an orb of blue light and

feel its energy pulsing in your throat.

Next move to the third eye center, and imagine anorb of indigo light

in the center of your forehead. Feel its energyand become aware of

this center just above and between your eyes. Pause here a moment,

and try to become aware of your third-eye. It is believed that the

pineal gland located just behind the center of your forehead, is

somehow connected to our sixth sense, and psychic experiences.

Lastly, move to the crown center. It is located at the top of your

head in the center. Imagine an orb of violet swirling energy. Feel its

influence flowing down through all of the other centers like a


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