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28th January, 2011 Dear Parents,
st The Physical Education elementary swimming programme will begin again on 1 February (A day).

Below are the times when classes will swim. These times may be different from the swimming times at the beginning of the year. Whilst 20 out of 25 secondary classes have completed their swimming units the remainder has an impact on the elementary timetable. However, the swimming times indicated below will not need to change and they will run through to the end of the year.I have attempted to allocate classes to each week of the 10 day cycle, but have not always been successful. Year 1 1AG: A & E day 1JL: B & H day 1EB: G & J day Year 2 2CC: A & H day 2NM: C & J day 2CB: F & J day Year 3 3IH: A & D day 3CK: E & G day 3MS: F & G day Year 4 4CM: B & F day 4BM: C & J day 4NB: G & J day Year 5 5MM: A & I day 5JC: C & H day 5KK: F & I day Year 6 6AR: A & D day 6DH: B & E day 6SS: E & F day 1NH: A & F day 1NW: C & F day

2SL: A & E day 2BC: E & H day

3JJ: B & H day 3MR: E & I day

4HP: B & G day 4ML: D & E day

5HR: B & G day 5CW: D & G day

6CB: A & D day 6GD: E & I day

Thank you for your understanding and support of the swimming programme. Kind Regards

Simon Millward Whole School PE Coordinator.

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