Richard Vosper-Carey

Retro Fest in my opinion can st nplv not be summed up in one word but rather a selection of constasting words, and great example would be 'fun' and 'daunting', As this was our first collaborative project lessons were in place to be le art, and believe me they were.

Working along side other students has been an interesting experience as the level of skill sets and art direction are not every

idea will work and not every ple ce of work wf!l be up to standard, but aquiring the skill to over (orne such problems is a set which

is much needed in group work. This project has taught me many lessons, perhaps then most important being time managment and team ma-reqment, aswell as lighting, detailed poly modelling, and environments - a subject which i thouroughly enjoyed

Sam Hayes

Having the chance to work in a group alongside students who she re the vfsto-t and ambition for lea-ning and ptoducf-tq animation was a po sitive ch anqe from working s o!o. I sorin found working alongside a team gilve il lot of a dvant aqe s. allowing me to s ha-e and improve work through quicker feedback, and focusing energy on particular areas of the project without neglecting other important roles. Despite having the smallest group, Creature Studios was focused and we set our goals early with high ambition. This collaboration gave me the opportunity to focus on Character Modelling and Rigging, allowlnq me to learn and understand a new group of core animation processes, it also gave me the responsibility of depending on and being depended on by members of a team. The time spe-rt as part of Creature Studios was a challenge, bt.t one that I enjoyed.

Matthew Hyland

Helping to create and bring the projectto life has been brilliant e xpe ri ence, though a struggle at times, it has been worth it. Working alongside Richard and Sam I feel I have learnt a lot. Being a three man group was at fust daunting, but as the project rolled on it became easier, Creating the objects and the previz, as well as marketing and also c-eatinp concepts was a lot of fun, however lessons have been learnt also through not storing all my files in one place. The difficulties I came across was when modelling locke-s and atte m otinq to create grooves in the lockers without colla asinq. When creating the hallway scene, and trying to get the daylight to shine right with became quite tricky. All the way through the project I also gave the option to Sam and Richard, that cnything I had created I would not have been worried if they had to change it ill any way or adapted it.