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The Prisoner of Zenda (SMSTSP)

Passage 1. What have you learnt from the novel?

Gap-fill exercise
I have learnt a lot from the novel “The of Zenda”. Firstly, we should be
loyal to our and to our country even to the extent of our lives. The
doctor and Josef ,the servant are brave and loyal to the King. They try to
the king and sacrifice their lives in doing so. Rassendyll is also very
loyal to his duty. He rescue plans to save the King even though he
in love with Princess Flavia and wants her for .
Col. Sapt and Fritz are also very loyal. They their duty with utmost
devotion and obedience. They take responsibility to protect the King’s
This novel also us to be brave and confident. Rudolf Rassendyll is
brave and confident of himself. He is very bold impersonate the King. He i
also very brave to after Rupert of Hentzau even though he is badly .
I also learn that honour must come first in situation. Princess Flavia puts
honour before love. Even though loves Rudolf Rassendyll very much , she
is willing sacrifice her love . She is a very loyal honourable person .

Passage 2

Write about a moral value that you can find in the novel.

Gap-fill exercise
One of the moral values that we can in the novel “Prisoner of Zenda” is
bravery. Rudolf is a very brave and courageous person. He is bold
to impersonate the King. He is also very to go after Rupert of Hentzau
even though he badly hurt. During the coronation procession, he
commands his to ride fifty yards ahead of him . He to ride alone even
though he knows that it very dangerous for him to do so.
Princess Flavia a different kind of bravery. She is emotionally brave.
is willing to sacrifice her love even though she Rudolf Rassendyll very
Josef and the doctor are soldiers but they sacrifice their lives to protect the
and do not run away when there are dangers.

Passage 3

Explain why you find the novel interesting

Gap-fill exercise
The novel “Prisoner of Zenda” is very interesting because is full of
adventures and I am happy to that good triumphs over evil in the end.
There a lot of suspense as Duke Michael schemes to King Rudolf . I
find his “Famous Six” bodyguards intimidating. They represent everything
that is cruel, wicked, evil made remarkable villains in the story.
I admire Princess for choosing duty and honour over love. It must a
very painful experience to give up the person loves but she has done wha
is right and . The real King needs her to help him rule .
I find the exchange of the gift of a red rose once a year a symbol of real
. It is a very touching and poignant moment in story and it reminds
us that true love needs .

Passage 4

Write about a character you dislike

Gap-fill exercise
In the novel “The Prisoner of Zenda” , a that I dislike the most is Duke of
Michael. is a very cruel person who has a secret to usurp the throne
and make himself the King Ruritania.
He is merciless and ruthless towards anyone who in his way. He orders
Rudolf to be killed. is a devious schemer who is treacherous even to
own brother. He keeps his brother as a prisoner Castle of Zenda.
He is also unfaithful in love, evidenced by his courting of Antoinette de
Mauban while to get Princess Flavia to marry him. He was jealous
of his brother, the King, who was betrothed the beautiful Princess Flavia.
He is a coward and who hid behind his bodyguards , the Famous Six,
protect him as well as to carry out his plans.

Passage 5

A character you dislike (2)

In the novel the Prisoner of Zenda , the I dislike is Black Michael. \
I dislike Black because he is treacherous. He captures the King and
him prosoner at Zenda. What he plans to do to dethrone him at the right
moment. By doing , he would be able to become the King himself. is
treacherous as he is willing to do that his own brother.
Another reason why I dislike Black is because he is merciless. He will kill
anyone tries to stand in his way. For example , , the loyal servant to
the King, is nearly beheaded he attempted to save the Kingl. Josef’s neck
has deep red wound on it. His head was nearly off.
Lastly, i dislike him because he is a . He is very good at pretending so
that in eyes of the public, he has done nothing wrong. is a man who
hides his feelings. Nobody knows he really feels. He goes around with
hatred in eyes but with a smile on his lips.
Based the reasons given above, that is why I dislike Michael

Passage 6

Character I dislike (3)

Gap-fill exercise
I dislike Duke Michael in the novel “Prisoner of ”. It is because he is a crue
person. He think of killing his own brother. He also sent of the
Famous Six to the summer house in New Avenue to kill Rudolf
Rassendyll .He plans to Rassendyll first before the King.
He is also very . Although he already has Antoinette de Mauban who
very beautiful and loves him very much, he tried get Princess Flavia.
He is also very cunning. He to destroy the evidence of the kidnapping of
the by sending eight men to the hunting lodge to Josef's body.
However, Rudolf Rassendyll and Col. Sapt take by killing 3 of the
horsemen. Rassendyll kills two and Colonel Sapt kills one

Passage 7

Write about a character you like most.

Gap-fill exercise
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In the novel , the Prisoner of Zenda, is one character whom I like very much. He Rudolf
Rassendyll. I like him because of his physical . He is very handsome, has blue eyes, red hair
long nose. He is also well educated. He had a German University and was able to speak
French German as perfectly as he spoke English.
Another reason I like him very much is because he is brave. He is bold enough to impersonate
the King willing to risk his life in order to save King. He is also very brave to go after
of Hentzau even though he is badly hurt. During coronation procession, he commands his guards to
ride fifty ahead of him . He dares to ride alone though he knows that it is very dangerous for
to do so.
Rudolf Rassendyll is also a honourable and very loyal to his duty. For instance, he rescue
plans to save the King even though he in love with Princess Flavia and wants her for . In
other words, he could just let Black Michael the King instead of helping him so that he be the
King and Princess Flavia his Queen but honour would not let him do so. He feels it is his
responsibility to save the King.
In , Rassendyll is also very loyal to his duty and to sacrifice whatever he owns. Despite
loving Princess Flavea much , he is willing to sacrifice his love he knows he must put honour
before love. Because these reasons, I definitely like this character the most to other

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