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Published by: William May II on Jan 24, 2011
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  • Rules of Etiquette
  • Always In Game
  • Caution
  • Clarification
  • Emergency
  • No Alcohol or Drugs
  • Traits
  • Verbals
  • Attack Delivery
  • Vitality
  • Unconscious
  • Death
  • Attack Effects
  • Attack Traits
  • Defenses
  • Defense Traits
  • Armor
  • Using Weapons
  • Using Packet Attacks
  • Traps
  • Contact Poison
  • Shackles
  • Advanced Rules
  • Modifiers
  • Attributes
  • Races
  • Skills
  • Open Skills
  • Acrobat Skills 5
  • Alchemist Skills 2
  • Archer Skills 3
  • Assassin Skills 5
  • Beastmaster Skills 2
  • Berserker Skills 4
  • Druid Skills 3
  • Duelist Skills 4
  • Gladiator Skills 5
  • Herald Skills 3
  • Highborn Skills 2
  • Mystic Skills 3
  • Paladin Skills 5
  • Priest Skills 3
  • Ranger Skills 5
  • Rogue Skills 4
  • Runesmith Skills 2
  • Shaman Skills 3
  • Sorcerer Skills 3
  • Stormdancer Skills 5
  • Troubadour Skills 2
  • Warlock Skills 5
  • Warrior Skills 4
  • Wizard Skills 3
  • Gaining Magic
  • Using Magic
  • Spells of Chimera
  • Spells of Gloaming
  • Spells of Legacy
  • Spells of Malediction
  • Spells of Wayfare
  • Spells of Weald
  • Weapon Runes
  • Armor Runes
  • Portal Runes
  • Flesh Runes
  • Level 1 Runes
  • Level 2 Runes
  • Level 3 Runes
  • Level 4 Runes
  • Using Alchemy
  • Components
  • Elixirs
  • Venom
  • Catalysts
  • Level 1 Substances
  • Level 2 Substances
  • Level 3 Substances
  • Level 4 Substances
  • Avanlei
  • Locksmoor
  • Naporea
  • Mhurkiel
  • Rhoemurg
  • Trechele
  • The Barbarians
  • The Gypsies
  • The Eluviar
  • The Kh'rewyn
  • The Liendrel
  • The Eurvein of Air
  • The Eurvein of Earth
  • The Eurvein of Fire
  • The Eurvein of Water
  • The Aneketh of Sun
  • The Aneketh of Dust
  • Boar
  • Cat
  • Crow
  • Rat
  • Wolf
  • Mountain Trolls
  • Stone Trolls
  • The Vorace
  • The Shiven
  • The Embrech
  • The Zhuriel
  • Aradach
  • Myrkorim
  • Naveril
  • Sereness
  • Vespera
  • Azerial
  • Khelvaan
  • Murthean
  • Wyrlok
  • Xerelos
  • Elshea
  • The Nylachia
  • Ciarda, Fainche, & Sciath
  • Nielus
  • The Elemental Lords
  • Gifts of the Green
  • Gifts of the Gray

Break Trance 2

You have some method of snapping people out of
effects with the Trance trait. You may role play
for 3 seconds and touch a packet to a recipient to
call out "Cure Trance by Will."

Celerity 3

Your quick wits and reflexes protect you from
damage. You may spend 1 point of Air and rest
for one minute to give yourself 2 armor points.
These armor points can also be refreshed by
resting for 1 minute. Choose how you role play
your resting time. You cannot use this spell if you

are already protected by armor points, and these
points are lost if you put on or activate any other
armor or ability that gives you armor points.
These armor points last until the end of the event
or until you refresh attributes with Void.

Calming the Inner Self 2

You have developed a sense of inner calm that
allows you to exhaust a point of Air to negate one
attack with the Frenzy or Weakness effect. You
must call out "Resist" when you use this skill.

Chi Strike 2

You exhaust 2 points of Air to make a critical
strike with a staff. You call "5 Damage" and
strike with the staff. The attribute cost is
exhausted only if the strike lands and the
opponent acknowledges it through role playing or
negates it with a defense.

Combat Anticipation 4

You are skilled at protecting vulnerable areas and
twisting with blows to quickly recover from
debilitating strikes. You may purge one Agony or
Maim effect by role playing a painful recovery
for 3 seconds and exhausting a point of Air. You
must call out "Purge" when you use this skill.

Empathic Healing 4

You can channel the essence of life, transferring
your life force to another without drawing blood
or cutting flesh. Take 1 point of damage as life
force passes out of you and touch a packet to a
recipient to call out "Heal by Will and 1 Damage
to Self." If this removes your last point of Vitality
you fall unstable, hovering at the brink of death.

Fortress of Iron Will 5

You may protect yourself from harm by gathering
your Chi and using it to ward off all danger. You
exhaust 3 points of Air, press your palms


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together, and become motionless. So long as you
do not move you gain the Spirit defense. Only
game effects that specifically include "to Spirit"
in the verbal will work on you. Any attack that is
not beneficial with "to Spirit" in the verbal that
strikes you will immediately end this ability.

Mental Fortitude 4

Due to your mental discipline, you may exhaust a
point of Air to resist one attack based on a Mental
trait. You must call out "Resist" when you use
this skill.

Setting the Blade Aside 5

You may exhaust 2 points of Fire to strike an
opponent's weapon with a staff and rip it free
from an opponent's hand. You must call out
"Disarm" when you hit the weapon. This attack is
treated as a limb hit in that it may be negated
with a Parry.

Spinning Staff 2

You may exhaust a point of Water to call "2
Damage" with a staff up to two times. You
exhaust the attribute the first time you swing
using this effect. One use is consumed if the
strike lands and the opponent acknowledges it
through role playing or negates it with a defense.
You need not use the strikes consecutively.
Uncalled strikes and other skills may be used
between uses of this skill. Any remaining strikes
are lost when the event ends or when you refresh

A Spirit's Harmony 3

When you are slain, your spirit is in such
harmony with the world that you do not have to
become a spirit after 5 minutes. You may wait for
up to an additional 5 minutes to become a spirit,
although you may choose to become a spirit at
any time after the 5 minutes has passed. You may
linger in hopes that someone Imbue your body

with life or retrieve a needed item before it fades
with you.

Staff of the Arcane 3

This skill allows you to hold and use any staff
while you are casting spells, overriding the
restriction that casting requires both hands to be
empty. You must have a skill with the weapon in
question to use this ability.

The Will To Live 3

This skill allows you to survive if you are struck
by an attack that inflicts the Death effect. Instead
of being struck dead, you may exhaust 2 points of
Fire and collapse in an unstable state with no
Vitality. This skill does not work against a Death
Strike, nor will it protect you if you die from
bleed out. You may use this skill even if you are

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