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Published by: William May II on Jan 24, 2011
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  • Rules of Etiquette
  • Always In Game
  • Caution
  • Clarification
  • Emergency
  • No Alcohol or Drugs
  • Traits
  • Verbals
  • Attack Delivery
  • Vitality
  • Unconscious
  • Death
  • Attack Effects
  • Attack Traits
  • Defenses
  • Defense Traits
  • Armor
  • Using Weapons
  • Using Packet Attacks
  • Traps
  • Contact Poison
  • Shackles
  • Advanced Rules
  • Modifiers
  • Attributes
  • Races
  • Skills
  • Open Skills
  • Acrobat Skills 5
  • Alchemist Skills 2
  • Archer Skills 3
  • Assassin Skills 5
  • Beastmaster Skills 2
  • Berserker Skills 4
  • Druid Skills 3
  • Duelist Skills 4
  • Gladiator Skills 5
  • Herald Skills 3
  • Highborn Skills 2
  • Mystic Skills 3
  • Paladin Skills 5
  • Priest Skills 3
  • Ranger Skills 5
  • Rogue Skills 4
  • Runesmith Skills 2
  • Shaman Skills 3
  • Sorcerer Skills 3
  • Stormdancer Skills 5
  • Troubadour Skills 2
  • Warlock Skills 5
  • Warrior Skills 4
  • Wizard Skills 3
  • Gaining Magic
  • Using Magic
  • Spells of Chimera
  • Spells of Gloaming
  • Spells of Legacy
  • Spells of Malediction
  • Spells of Wayfare
  • Spells of Weald
  • Weapon Runes
  • Armor Runes
  • Portal Runes
  • Flesh Runes
  • Level 1 Runes
  • Level 2 Runes
  • Level 3 Runes
  • Level 4 Runes
  • Using Alchemy
  • Components
  • Elixirs
  • Venom
  • Catalysts
  • Level 1 Substances
  • Level 2 Substances
  • Level 3 Substances
  • Level 4 Substances
  • Avanlei
  • Locksmoor
  • Naporea
  • Mhurkiel
  • Rhoemurg
  • Trechele
  • The Barbarians
  • The Gypsies
  • The Eluviar
  • The Kh'rewyn
  • The Liendrel
  • The Eurvein of Air
  • The Eurvein of Earth
  • The Eurvein of Fire
  • The Eurvein of Water
  • The Aneketh of Sun
  • The Aneketh of Dust
  • Boar
  • Cat
  • Crow
  • Rat
  • Wolf
  • Mountain Trolls
  • Stone Trolls
  • The Vorace
  • The Shiven
  • The Embrech
  • The Zhuriel
  • Aradach
  • Myrkorim
  • Naveril
  • Sereness
  • Vespera
  • Azerial
  • Khelvaan
  • Murthean
  • Wyrlok
  • Xerelos
  • Elshea
  • The Nylachia
  • Ciarda, Fainche, & Sciath
  • Nielus
  • The Elemental Lords
  • Gifts of the Green
  • Gifts of the Gray

Your passion for music allows you to manifest
magic when you perform. All spells purchased
under this header are devotion spells. Spells
purchased under this header do not use normal
incantations. Each spell must have a unique
musical incantation that is at least four times as
long as a normal spell. Your songs require 16
syllables plus an additional 8 syllables for each
character point of cost. This song replaces the
normal incantation of the spell. This song must
be in period and it must include the Sphere and
some form of the name. It must be submitted and
approved by plot in the same manner as custom
spell incantations.

In addition to your spells, many of your skills
require a performance before you can use them.
Although most Troubadours perform music, any
performance art will work in this context. When a
skill requires a performance, it requires you to
present some kind of art to a live audience. The
presentation must take at least one minute, and
the audience must respond with applause. When
the applause comes, you have fulfilled the
condition of the performance and you may use
your skill as appropriate.

Act of Passion 1

Your performance charges you with the passion
to give a little more of yourself off the stage.
Once per event you may empower this skill with
a performance, as described above. Once
empowered, you gain 3 points of Passion. These
points may be spent on any skill or spell in place
of attribute points. You may spend them one at a
time or all at once as you see fit. These extra


Copyright 1999-2007 by Chimera Entertainment, Inc.

points cannot be refreshed and fade at the end of
the event.

Awakening the Young Heart 2

The less experienced are said to be blessed by the
fates and more easily inspired and renewed. You
may role play for a minute with a character to
determine if they can be affected by this skill. At
the end of that time you may touch a willing and
conscious recipient with a packet to Diagnose the
Initiate trait. If the recipient has the Initiate trait
you may inspire them with a performance to
refresh a point a Void. After a performance you
exhaust a point of Water, touch the recipient with
a packet and call out "Refresh Void to Initiate."
You must explain to the recipient that they may
only be affected by this skill once per event.

Aria of Courage 4

Your songs bolster courage and give aid to
faltering spirit. You plant your feet, exhaust two
points of Fire and begin to sing. So long as you
sing and do not move your feet you may touch a
packet to a recipient and call out "Cure Fear by
Inspiration" as part of the song you have
prepared. You may not interrupt the song to say
the verbal and you must have at least 8 words
between each use of the verbal. The song is
interrupted if you are struck by any hostile melee,
missile or packet strike.

If two troubadours both have this skill they may
work in tandem so long as both are in arm's reach
and obey the restrictions of the skill. One may
sing a verse while the other harmonizes by
singing the "Cure Fear by Inspiration" verbal.
The second troubadour may cure a person each
time they sing that verbal in harmony with their
partner and need not wait between uses of the
skill. In this case each troubadour need only
exhaust a single point of Fire.

Break Trance 2

You have some method of snapping people out of
effects with the Trance trait. You may role play
for 3 seconds and touch a packet to a recipient to
call out "Cure Trance by Will."

Bringing Music to the Hearth 4

Your performance carries magical power and can
heal those who listen. To use this ability you
must deliver a performance to a live audience, as
described above. After a successful performance
you may spend two points of Fire to call out "By
My Voice, Heal by Magic."

Chorus of Harmonic Focus 2

One time per event you use the magic of shared
performance to empower yourself with harmonic
magic. Prepare a musical performance with at
least 2 others who have this skill. The
performance must be at least one minute in
length though most are longer. Each performer
must have a part that compliments the others
involved. If you perform your piece and the
audience applauds then you may refresh 2 points
of Harmony from Song of the Arcanum and you
are empowered with harmonic focus. You may
expend this focus to touch cast one beneficial
spell without an incantation. You need only touch
the recipient with a packet and say the verbal to
cast the spell. You cannot be empowered with
more than one focus at a time. If you do not use it
the harmonic focus fades at the end of the event.

If someone with this skill has already used it they
may still help you with your chorus but they can
only benefit from this effect once per event. If
you cannot find 2 others with this skill you may
substitute one or two other people who are
willing to perform with you. Exhaust a point of
Air or Song of the Arcanum for each person
without this skill that you include. If you already
have two others involved who have this skill you


Copyright 1999-2007 by Chimera Entertainment, Inc.

may freely include others without cost if they are
only involved to add to the quality or scope of the

Entertainer 2

You are skilled at entertaining so that you may
earn a living performing between events. If you
use this skill between events, you do not have to
pay monetary or food maintenance costs. You
cannot use this skill if you end an event with a
condition that prevents the use of game skills.

Legend Lore 3

You know many of the bards and storytellers that
travel the merchant's road, spreading tales and
gathering bits of news and lore. You may
research the legends and stories of the land to
look for information on a particular subject or
item. The more legendary the information is, the
more information this skill will return. If you
spread some money around you often hear
rumors or tales about the things other traveling
troubadours have seen and legends they might
have heard. This is an information skill that
requires you to spread around some money to
loosen lips. You submit a question between
events as described in the Information Skills
section above. If the question is appropriate for
the troubadours that travel the merchant's road
you may receive knowledge appropriate to your

Musical Focus 1

Your performance charges you so that you may
shake off effects based on Despair, Fear or Will.
To use this ability you must empower it with a
performance, as described above. Once
empowered you may use this ability one time to
purge all effects based on Despair, Fear or Will.
You must call out "Purge Despair" or "Purge
Fear" or "Purge Will" as appropriate when this
ability is used. Once the ability is used, it cannot

be used again until you have completed another
performance. The performance must have
occurred during the current event.

Raise Banners With Song 1

Your song can be used with a Herald's banner to
inspire a Company. To inspire a Company with
music you must either be a permanent member of
that Company or you must be accepted by the
Company with the aid and approval of their
Herald. If you are not a permanent part of a
Company you may activate this skill by giving a
performance with a Herald and as many members
of the company as possible in attendance. At the
end of the performance, if the Herald gives you
approval, you are Affiliated with the company.
You may only be Affiliated to one company at a
time. Activating this skill with another
performance replaces an existing Affiliation. You
may also end an Affiliation by resting for one
minute if that is your intent.

Once you are Affiliated with a Company you
may use this skill in two ways. First, you may
substitute the trait of any "By My Voice"
delivered effect with the company name. If you
successfully use a "By My Voice" delivered skill
you may change the trait in the verbal to "to
" so it only affects members of
the Company. Second, you may exhaust a point
of Fire or Song of the Arcanum and sing an
incantation with at least 24 syllables that you
create to inspire the Herald of the Company. At
the end of the song you may touch the Herald and
call out "Refresh Eloquence by Inspiration" to
refresh the Eloquence of the Herald. You cannot
inspire yourself with the second use of this skill.

If you are a permanent member of a Company
and you find the need to act as the troubadour for
a different company then you may use this ability
to become Affiliated to one other company.
While you are so Affiliated your ties and


Copyright 1999-2007 by Chimera Entertainment, Inc.

Affiliation to your normal Company are
suppressed and you cannot use this skill with
your normal Company until you rest to end your
temporary Affiliation.

Slander 1

You may, between events, submit to plot small
snippets of your lyrics or art that somehow
slander or trash talk some corporate, social, or
political figure. You are publicly attempting to
cause the figure to lose face. This could cause a
drop in reputation, cause an increase in those
who challenge the figure, or cause others to
investigate the movements of that figure more
carefully. This skill will make life more difficult
for the target, but it is common knowledge who is
doing the slander so most powerful figures will
attempt to return the favor - usually in the form
of armed thugs with little concern about the time
of day or night.

Song of the Arcanum 2*

You gather magical power by singing, and this
allows you to cast all sorts of spells more easily.
Each level of this skill gives you 1 point of
Harmony that can be exhausted instead of Air,
Earth, Fire, or Water when casting spells. You
can use these points of Harmony for devotion
spells learned as a Troubadour, but you can also
use these Harmony points to cast arcane and
divine spells so long as you use song to invoke
that magic. Spells cast using Harmony points do
not use normal incantations. Each spell must
have a unique musical incantation that is at least
four times as long as a normal spell. Your songs
require 16 syllables plus an additional 8 syllables
for each character point of spell cost. This song
replaces the normal incantation of the spell.
Music and lyrics for arcane and divine spells
must be submitted and approved before you use
this skill to cast them. All Harmony points are
refreshed when you use Void to refresh attributes.

The Sphere of Legacy 3

This skill allows you to learn spells from the
Legacy sphere. These spells are purchased and
used like skills except that the incantations are
longer and must have a musical or performance

The Sphere of Wayfare 3

This skill allows you to learn spells from the
Wayfare sphere. These spells are purchased and
used like skills except that the incantations are
longer and must have a musical or performance

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