Chris Coppenbarger



14+ years experience in HTML/CSS/Javascript 6+ years experience in PHP/MySQL 2+ years experience in Drupal Launched 4 versions of over the last 6 years working directly with the Marketing department with regards to design. Fifth version of is scheduled to launch this spring on Drupal. Preview design at Launched in Spring 2010 on Drupal Launched http://www.gourmet2gocatering in Fall 2005 in HTML/CSS early adopter of AJAX technologies in Spring 2006, implementing several UI interfaces on Active community member of, making suggestions, creating/submitting patches when needed, and asking for support. Userid: ccoppen Portfolio available at


ajax (jquery, dojo,, prototype, rico), xhtml, javascript, dreamweaver, flash, flex, mysql, apache, php, php5, joomla,drupal
( Expert , 14 years experience )


( Advanced , 2 years experience ) ( Advanced , 6 years experience )

( Advanced , 6 years experience ) ( Expert , 10 years experience )

MySQL jQuery

( Advanced , 4 years experience )


Columbia International University Web Developer

08 / 2005 - Present

Edit/Update, write portlets for Jenzabar JICS in C# .NET, template Moodle CMS for Distance Learning, research/implement new technologies such as JQuery/Ajax. Implement new designs for the main website as directed my marketing. Lead the redevelopment of the marketing website onto the Drupal content management system. Design preview available at Chris Coppenbarger Freelancer Freelancer - Developer (Drupal) - Developer/Designer (HTML/CSS) - redeveloping on Drupal 7 Columbia International University Student Worker Web Developer Cleaned up PHP/HTML code. Converted Coldfusion code to PHP. 11 / 2004 - 07 / 2005 09 / 1996 - Present


Clayton State University C.I.T , Information Technology

Columbia International University M.A , General; Islamic Studies Toccoa Falls College B.A. Cross , cultural Studies


programming, gaming, guitar, bible study, reading, listening to music, concerts

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