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ERDAS - Image Analysis forArcGIS

ERDAS - Image Analysis forArcGIS

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Published by J Daniel Castillo

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Published by: J Daniel Castillo on Jan 24, 2011
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The process of sharpening a lower-resolution multiband image by
merging it with a higher-resolution monochrome image.


Red, green, blue. The primary additive colors that are used on most
display hardware to display imagery.

RGB clustering

A clustering method for 24-bit data (three 8-bit bands) that plots
pixels in three-dimensional spectral space and divides that space
into sections that are used to define clusters. The output color
scheme of an RGB-clustered image resembles that of the input file.

RMS error

The distance between the input (source) location of the GCP and
the retransformed location for the same GCP. RMS error is
calculated with a distance equation.

RPC properties

The RPC Properties uses rational polynomial coefficients to
describe the relationship between the image and the earth's surface
at the time of image capture. You can specify the associated RPC
file to be used in your geocorrection.

rubber sheeting

The application of nonlinear rectification (2nd-order or higher).


A component of IHS that represents the purity of color and also
varies linearly from 0 to 1.


1. The ratio of distance on a map as related to the true distance on
the ground. 2. Cell size. 3. The processing of values through a
lookup table.


The entire data acquisition system such as the Landsat scanner or
the SPOT panchromatic scanner.

seed tool

An Image Analysis for ArcGIS feature that automatically generates
feature layer polygons of similar spectral value.


A vector format that contains spatial data. Shapefiles have the .shp




A set of statistics that defines a training sample or cluster. The
signature is used in a classification process. Each signature
corresponds to a GIS class that is created from the signatures with
a classification decision rule.

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