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NAME Aabha Aabharana Aadarshini

MEANING Glow Jewel Idealistic

Aadhaya Aadita Aadrika Aahaladita Aahana Aaheli Aahna Aaina Aakaanksha Aakaksha Aakriti Aalia Aaliya Aaloka Aamaal Aamani Aamrapali Aanadi Aanchal Aapti Aaradhya Aaratrika Aarti Aarini Aarna Aarohi Aarushi Aasha Aashalatha Aashi Aashinya Aashna Aashini Aashirya Aashita Aashiyana Aashritha Aastha Aathmika Aatmaja Aayushi Aranam Aashika Abha Abhati Abhidha Abhidhya Abhijna

First power From the beginning Mountain Bubbling with delight First rays of the sun Pure Exist Mirror Wish or desire Desire Shape Exalted; Highest social standing,Excellent,big High; Tall; Towering; Excellent Lustrous Hopes, Aspirations Spring season Leaf of mango tree Always happy protective shelter Fulfilment Worship Dusk lamp below tulsi plant Form of worship Adveterous Lakshmi Tune First rays of sun Hope Creeper of hope Smile Beautiful home Devoted to love,Beloved; Devoted to love Lightning From the land of god One who is full of hope Beautiful home, Small Dwelling, Nest Somebody who gives shelter Faith Related to aatma or soul Daughter One with long life Name of the ornament Lovable Lustrous beauty Splendour, Light Literal meaning Wish, Longing Remembrance, Recollection

Abhilasa Abhinithi Abhiprithi Abhirathi Abhisri Abhithi Abja Aboil Achala Acira Adarsha Adhira Adhishree Adi-Shakti Aditi Aditri Adrika Adrisa Advika Adwita Adwiteya Adwitiya Aditha Adithi Adishree Adrija Adya Aesha Agrata Agrima Ahalya Ahilya Ahladitha Aksithi Aishani Aishwarya Ajanta Ajeeta Akalka Akanksha Akhila Akshaya Akshita Alaknanda Alisha Alaka, Alka Almas Alpana

Desire, Wish That which is already been performed, friendship Full of love Pleasure Surrounded by glory, shining, powerful Fearlessness Born in water The name of a flower Constant Brief, swift, fast Ideal Lightning Exalted Goddess Durga Mother of the gods,The earth Highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi Celestial Mountain Lord Unique Unique Unique Matchless The first root Freedom, Safety, Abundance Exalted Of the mountain, another name for parvathi First, Unparalleled Wish Leadership Leadership Rishi Gautam\'s wife, woman rescued by Lord Rama Maiden Delighted Imperishability Goddess Durga Wealth Famous Buddist cave Invincible, Unconquerable Free from impurity, Moonlight Desire, Wish Total Indestructible Seen,Immortal A river in the Himalayas Protected by God A girl with a lovely hair A diamond A decorative design

Amala, Amla The pure one Amani Road, One who shows the path Amara Immortal, Eternal Amari Eternal Amarta Immortality Ambalika Mother, One who is sensitive Ambika Goddess Parvati Ambuja Born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi Amita Without limit Amithi Immeasurable Amiya Nectar; delight Amlan unfading; everbright,Nectar Amodini Joyful Amrapali Famous courtesan who became a devotee of Buddha Amrita Immortality Amritkala Nectarine art Amrusha Sudden Anagha Sinless Anahita Graceful Anala Fiery Anamika Ring-finger Anandalakshmi Goddess of happiness Anandamayi Full of joy Anandi Jovial Anandini Joyful Anantha, Anantya Endless, Eternal Ananya Without a second Anintika Immortal, Never ending Anasuya Without spite or envy Anathi Modest, Respectful Anavi Kind to people Anchal The decorative end of a sari Anchita Honoured, Worshipped Angana Handsome woman Angarika Flame coloured flower, Palash or Flame of the Forest Anhithi Gift, Donation Aninditha Virtuous, Venerated Anisha Uninterrupted Anita Without guile, Grace Anjali Offering with both hands Anjalika One of Arjuna\'s arrows Anjana Mother of Hanuman Anju One who lives in the heart Anjushri, Anjushree Dear to one\'s heart Anindita Beautiful Ankitha With auspicious marks Annapurna Goddess Parvati; Generous with food Anokhi Unique Anshula Sunny

Gentle One who follows destiny Consent Without equal Name of a star Beloved Glorious. Name of a flower Goddess Parvati Expected Celestial maiden Unique Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship One who is worshipped Fulfilled Surrendered Dedicate Heavenly A star Dawn Fidelity Name of a devoted pupil. belonging to the aryans Name of a raga or melody Limitless Devotee Hope.Antara Antini Anuga Anula Anulekha Anumati Anupama Anuradha Anuragini Anusri Anuprabha Anurati Anunitha Anuva Anwesha Anya Apala Aparijita Aparna Apeksha Apsara Apurva. Ashima Asgari Asha Ashis Ashna Ashoka Ashritha Ashwini The second note in Hindustani classical music Living in a hermitage A companion Not wild.Indian. noble. Aaarti Archa Archan Archana Archita Ariktha Arpana Arpita Arshia Arundhati Aruna Arundhathi Aruni Arunima Arushi Arya Asavari Aseema. Apoorva Aradhana Arati.Dawn Glow of dawn Dawn. Red sky in the early morning Honoured. Aspiration Benediction Friend Without grief Dependant A star . Famous brightness Consent Courtesy Knowldege Quest Inexhaustible Name of a learned woman of the past Undefeated.

Durga Rich in gems Sita Garland of Lord Vishnu Goddess durga Of the month Baishakh An ancient city One who brings good luck The name of a flower Nagakeshar flower Girl . Distinct Doll Bestower of Longevity Long life One who has a long life NAME Babitha Bageshri Bahula Bahulika Bahumathi Bahuputri Bahuratna Baidehi Baijayanthi Bairavi Baisakhi Baishali Bakhtawar Bakul Bakula Bala MEANING Born in the first quarter of an astrological day Name of a raaga A star Magnified Scholar With many sons. Queen Independent Godesss in human reflection Indestructable Indestructable Earth. river Godess Parvathi The Earth The Earth Innocent Royal Sign.Asita Aslesha Asmita Asvika Atasi Atmaja Atreyi Avaapya Avani Avanti Avantika Avasa Avathara Avinashi Avinashika Avishi Avanija Avni Avnita Ayanna Ayati Ayeh Ayesha Ayurda Ayushi Ayushmati The river Yamuna A star Pride A little mare A blue flower Son.Daughter Name of a river Achieving The earth Ancient city of Ujjain Princess.

Balamani Youthful. Bhavna Meditation. Thinking Bhavya Manificent Bhayanashini Remover Of Fear Bhilangana A river Bhoomi The earth . tender Balasandhya Dawn Ballari Creeper Banamala Forests Banani Forests Bandana Worship Bandhananashini Detacher Of Attachments Bandhini Bound. bond Bandhula Charming Bandhura Pretty Banhi Fire Banhishikha Flame Banita Woman Bansari Flute Bansuri Flute Barsha Rain Baruna Wife of the sea lord Baruni Goddess Durga Basabi Wife of Lord Indra Basanti Spring Bela. Bhagyashree Fortunate Bhairavi Goddess Durga Bhakti Devotion Bhamini Woman Bhanavi Sacred. illuminating Bhanuja River Yamuna Bhanumati Full of lustre Bhanupriya Beloved of the sun Bharani One who fulfils Bharati Goddess Saraswati Bhargavi Goddess Parvati Bhavani Parvathi Bhavanika Living in a castle Bhavini Goddess Parvati Bhavika Well-meaning. Beli A flower-jasmine Benazir Incomparable Bhadra Gentle Bhagavathi Lakshmi Bhagirathi The river Ganga Bhagwanti Lucky Bhagya Lucky Bhagyalakshmi Goddess of fortune Bhagyawati. righteous Bhavana.

Beas A star Seeker Of Brahman Creeper Daughter of nature The basil plant.Active. Radha A songbird A songbird NAME Cauvery Chaaya Chahna Chairavali Chaitali Chaitaly Chaitra Chakori Chakrika Chalama Chaman Chameli Champa Champakmala Chanchal Chanchala Chanchari Chanda Chadna Chahana Chahat Chaitanya Champabati MEANING Same as Cavery-name of a river Shadow Love Full moon of Chaitra month Born in the Chaitra month. bright Pure Melodious Princess Wife of Sage Kashyap Small dot A drop Learned A line of dots. a verse Handsome.Jasmine A flower Garland of Champa flowers Restless. Beautiful Radha A river.A bird enamoured of the moon Lakshmi Goddess Parvati Garden A creeper with flowers. always Awake Unsteady.Restless Bird. the earth Lightning.Born in the month of Chaitra Name of an ancient city Aries sign Alert. Affection Liking Consciousness The capital . Vortex of water. Lakshmi.Bhoomika Bhuvana Bijli Bimala Bina Binal Binata Bindiya Bindu Bindumathi Bindurekha Binodini Bipasha Bishakha Brahmacharini Bratati Brijabala Brinda Bulbul Bulbuli The earth Being. Moon Love Desire.

Chintana. Name of a river Chitralekha Beautiful design. Chintanika Meditation Chiti Love Chitkala Knowledge Chitra Picture.Intelligence Chimayi Blissful Chintan. lighting Charita Good Charulata Beautiful Charumati Beautiful Charusila Beautiful jewel Charuprabha Beautiful Charusheela A jewel Charvi A beautiful woman Chatura Clever Charitra History Chhabi Picture Chhaya Shadow Chayana Moon Chellam Pampered Chetana Perceptive. A stat.Champakali A bud of champa Champakavathi Owner of champak trees Champamalini Garland of champa flower Champika Little champa flower Chanasya Delighting Chandalini Glorious Chandana Sandalwood Chandani A river Chandanika Diminutive Chandika Diminutive of Chandana Chandni Moonlit Chandrabali Krishna\'s girl-friend Chandrabhaga River Chenab Chandrabindu Crescent Moon Chandraja Daughter of the moon Chandrakala Moonbeams Chandrakin A peacock Chandraleksha A ray of the moon Chandrani Wife of the moon Chandramathi As beautiful as the moon Chandramukhi As beautiful as the moon Chandratara The moon and the stars conjoined Chandravathi Lit by the moon Chandrima The moon Chandrika Moonlight Changuna A good woman Chapala Restless. A celestial maiden Chitrali A row of pictures . consciousness.

Gift A mirror A small mirror Seeing The one who blesses Kindness Kind Tender Beloved Deva ansh Silk Lamp Row of lamps Evening time Row of lamps Illuminating Lit by lamps. talented.Diwali Flame Row of lamps Fully lighted A lamp Illuminated Shining Flame. wife of Shiva Able daughter Skill Goddess Durga Donation to god. lustre A beam of light Lustrous . Sati.The earth.Chitramala Chitramaya Chitrangada Chitrani Chitrarathi Chitrarekha Chitrita Chumban Chunni Series of pictures Worldly illusion One of Arjuna\'s wives The river With a bright chariot Picture Picturesque Kiss Star NAME Dadhija Daksha Dakshakanya Dakshata Dakshayani Dakshina Dalaja Damini Damayanti Danna Darpana Darpanika Darshana Darshini Daya Dayamayee Dayanita Dayita Debanshi Deeba Deepa Deepabali Deepakala Deepali Deepana Deepanwita Deepashikha Deepamala Deepaprabha Deepika Deepitha Deepta Deepti Deeptikana Deeptimoyee MEANING Daughter of milk Able.A donation to god or priest Produced from petals Lightning Nala\'s wife To give .

lustre Initiation Lover Happy Direction Focus Wife of the sage Kashyap Blessing Born in heaven Divine lustre Divine Part of divine power A songbrid Wife of the Pandavas Sight . Lemon Gift Daughter of Manu Divine Celestial maiden Divine Divine wine Celestial beauty Godly minded. Virtuous Devine illuision Celestial maiden With a devine smile Divine beauty Minor deity Resembling a goddess Devine power Daughter of Shukraacharya Doddess of wealth Doved by wealth A raga A star Money Great The earth The earth The earth Goddess Parvati Daughter Thought. idea Patience Spleandour.Desiha Deshna Devahuti Devak Devakanya Devaki Devalatha Devalekha Devamati Devamayi Devangana Devasmitha Devasree Devika Devina Devya Devyani Dhanalakshmi Dhanapriya Dhanashri Dhanishta Dhanvi Dhanya Dhara Dharani Dharitri Dhatri Dhitha Dhithi Dhriti Dhuthi Diksha Dilber Dilshad Disha Dishita Diti Divena Divija Divya Divyana Divyanshi Doyel Draupadi Drishya Happy .

Ektaa Unity Ekaparana Wife of Himalaya Ekisha One goddess Ela Cardamom tree Elampirai Young crescent Elavarasi Youthful. princess Elili Beautiful Enakshi Dear-eyed Esha Desire Eshana Search Eshani Goddess Parvathi Eshanika Fulfilling desire Eshanya East Eshika An arrow. Arjun. Purity Ehimaya An all pervading intellect Eila The earth Eiravathi River Eka Lord Vishnu.NAME MEANING Ecchumati A river Edha Sacred Edhitha Progressed. Alone. dart Eshita One who desires Eta Luminous Ethaha. Unique Ekadhana A portion of wealth Ekavali Single-string Ekaja The only child Ekantha Lovely Ekanthika Devoted to one aim Ekata. Beautiful Eelampirai Young Crescent Eesha Goddess Parvati. A Hindu month A caravan Happiness Beautiful Turquoise . a Hindu month. Phalguni Faria Farha Farhanaa Farida MEANING Captivating Virtue Artistic Gain Born in Falgun.Born in Falgun. Increased Eelakili Parakeet from Eelam.Matchless. Etasha Shining Ezhil oviyaa Beautiful art (Tamil name) NAME Faatina Fadheela Fajyaz Faiza Falguni.

parvati A young girl Wife a sage Gautam. Gangotri Gangika Ganika Ganitha Ganjan Garati Gargi Garima Gathika Gatita Gauhar Gaura Gauri Gaurika Gautami Gayana Gayanthika Gayatri Gazala Geena MEANING The sky The lamp of the sky Ocean of the sky Majestic.Farzana Intelligence Fatima.The God of Silence. Phoolan Flowering Foolmala Garland Foolwati. Fatma The prophet Mohammad\'s daughter Fawiza Successful Fazeela Faithful Firaki Fragrance Firoza Turquoise Fulki Spark Fullara Wife of Kalketu Foolan.Exceeding Virtuous woman An ancient scholar Warmth Song A river A pearl A fair woman A fair woman. Goddess Durga A deer Silvery . river Godavari Singing Singing The chant of salvation. Phoolwati Delicate as a flower NAME Gagana Gaganadipika Gaganasindhu Gajagamini Gajalakshmi Gajra Ganda Gandha Gandhali Gandhara Gandhini Gandhari Gandharika an elephant\'s walk Lakshmi as graceful as an elephant A string of flowers Knot Fragrant Fragrance of flowers Fragrance Fragrant From gandhara Preparing perfume Sacred river of India River Ganga Flower REgarded Surpassing.

Goddess Parvati Gita Song Githika A small song Gitanjali An offering of songs Gitali Lover of song Giva Hill Gnanachelvi Intelligent girl Gnanamangala Intelligent girl Gnanamalar Intelligent flower Gnanamani Intelligent gem Godavari Sacred river of India Gomati Name of a river Gool A flower Gopa Gautama\'s wife Gopi. cowherd woman Gorochana.Geeta Holy book of the Hindus Geeti A song Geetika A little song Geshna Singer Gina Silvery Giinni Precious gold coin Gira Language Giribala Godess parvathi Girija Born of a mountain. Parvati Greeshma Summer season Grishma Warmth Grihalakshmi Lakshmi of the house Grhitha Understood and accepted Gudiya Doll Gul Flower Gulab Rose Gulal Auspicious powder Gulika Ball Guna Good Character Gunalakshmi Lakshmi the virtuous Gunasundari Made beautiful by virtues Gunitha Proficient Gunjan Buzzing of a bee Gunjika Humming Gunwanti Virtuous Gurjari A raga Gurpraveen Goddess of the stars Gyanada Goddess Saraswati . Gopika A cowherd. Gorma Goddess Parvati Gourangi Fair Govindi A devotee of Lord krishna Gowri Bright.

Patient Hamsa Swan Hamsini Who rides a swan Haimavati Parvati.NAME MEANING Haadiyaa Guide to righteousness Hafiza Protected Haima Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva\'s wife Hanima A wave Haniya Pleased. Snow Haimi Golden Haleema Gentle. Happy Hansa Swan Hansanandini Daughter of a swan Hansaveni Another name for Saraswathi Hansika Swan Hansini Swan Hasrat Desire Hariganga Ganga of Vishnu Harijatha Fair haired Harimanti Born in the season of hemanta Harinakshi Doe-eyed Harini A deer Haripriya Consort of Lord Vishnu. lakshmi Harita Green Harithi Green Harmya Palace Harnoor God\'s gift Harsha Happiness Harshada Giver of joy Harshika Laugh Harshitha Full of joy Harshini Joyous Harsha Vardhini King Harsha who ruled a part of India Hasanthi One that delights Hasika Smiling Hasina Beautiful Hasita Happy Hasna Laughing Hasumati Happy Hatisha With no desire Heera Diamond Hema Golden Hemakshi Golden eyed Hemangi Goldenbodied Hemani Goddess parvathi .

Hemanti Hemlata Hemanya Hemavati Hena Henna Hetal Hima Himagouri Himaja Himani Hina Hindola Hiral Hiranya Hiranyadha Hiranmayi Hirkani Hiya Holika Hoor Hradha Husna Early winter Golden creeper Golden bodied Golden Parvati A flower Mehendi Friendly Snow Parvathi Goddess Snow Fragrance A raga Lustrous Gold. Youthful Queen of the earth Trustworthy .Golden Giving gold Golden girl Small diamond Heart Lighting of ceremonial fire A celestial Lake Beautiful NAME Ibha Idha Idhaya Idhika Idhitri Iha Ihina Ihitha Ijaya Iksha Ikshana Ikshitha Ikshu Iksura Ila Ilakkiya Ilampirai Ilavalagi Ilavenil Ilisha Imani MEANING Hope Insight Heart Another name for parvathi One who praises The earth Enthusiasm Desired Sacrifice Sight Sight Visible Sugarcane. sweetness. The earth.Sugarcane Fragrant grass Wife of the sage Manu.Spring. Water A classic Young crescent Young and beautiful Brilliant.

Rich Ishani Parvati.Moonlight Induleksh The moon Induma Moon Indumati The full moon Indumukhi Moon like face.Daughter of King Nala Indratha Power and dignity of Indra Indrayani The name of a sacred river Indu Moon Indukala Digit of the moon. wife of Lord Shiva Ishanika Belonging to the north east Ishanya North east Ishi Goddess Durga Ishika Paint brush Ishita Mastery.Ina Mother Inayat Kindness Inas Capable Indira Goddess Lakshmi Indiya Knowledgeable Indradhwaja Samabahudharini With Shoulders Like Indra\'s Flag Indrakshi One with beautiful eyes Indrani Wife of Lord Indra Indrasena The army of Indra.With moonlike face Induja Narmada river Induprabha Moon rays Inika Little earth Iniya Sweet Inkurali Sweet voice Ipsa Desire Ipsita Desired Ira Earth. Wealth Ishrat Affection Ishwari Goddess Ishwarya God\'s prosperity Ishya Spring Itkila Fragrant Ivy A creeper Iyalisai Music Iyla Moon light Izna Light NAME Jaabili MEANING Fullmoon . Muse Iraja Daughter of the wind Iravati The river Ravi Isai Music Isha One who protects Ishana Lord Vishnu.

Jaba Jabeen Hibiscus Forehead Mother of the Jagadamba universe Jagadambika Goddess durga Goddess Jaganmayee lakshmi Mother of the Jaganmata world Jaganmohini Goddess durga Jagathi Jagavi Jagriti Jagruti Jagvi Jahanara Jahnavi Jaheel Jailekha Jaimala Jaiman Jaimathi Of the universe Born of the world Vigilance Awareness Worldly Queen of the world Daughter of Jahnu Lake A record of victory Garland of victory Victorious Victorious mind Jaimini Jaina Jaipriya Jaishree Jaisudha Jaiwanti An ancient philosopher.Lord Indra’s daughter Good character Beloved of victory Honour of victory Nectar of victory Victory .

Elucidation A river Treasure of water Lakshmi Lotus Lotus eyed Smile of water As blue as water Discussion Goddess of water Celebration Beautiful Beautiful one Night A holy river Janaki Wife of Lord Rama. Sita Daugter of King Janaknandini Janak (Sita) Mother. Tenderness The Lord of gracious River Ganga Janani Janessa Janhavi Janhitha One who thinks of the welfare of men .Jala Jalabala Jaladhi Jaladhija Jalaja Jalajakshi Jalahasini Jalanhili Jalapa Jalela Jalasa Jameela Jameerah Jamini Jamuna Clarity.

Janisha Janitha Jansi Januja Janya Jarul Jasmin Jasmine Jasmitha Dispeller of ignorance Born Life-like Daughter Born Female offspring A Flower Fragrant flower Smiles Mother of Lord krishna Mother of Lord Buddha Hibiscus Name of Prophet Muhammad\'s wife Durga Jasoda Jasodhara Jasum Javeria Jaya The goddess of Jayalakshmi victory Jayalalita Jayamala Victorious goddess Durga Garland of victory One who brings victory Victory Jayani Jayan Jayashree Jayanti Victorious woman.The goddess of victory Parvati Goddess Durga. Parvati Jayantika .

a nakshatra Splendour .Jayati Victorious Jayaprabha Light of victory Jayapradha Giver of victory Jayita Jayitri Victorious Victorious The goddess of victory Full of life Art of life Creeper of life Water Life Pride of Universe Crue.True Married A raga A stream Sparkling Oyster Curiosity to know Victorious Source of life A firefly Pleased God A flower A flower A flower A flower Flame Jayshri Jeeval Jeevankala Jeevanlata Jeevika Jeevitha Jehannaz Jenya Jerusha Jetashri Jharna Jhilmil Jhinuk Jigya Jithya Jivika Jowaki Joshita Joel Juana Juhi Jui Juily Jwala Jyeshtha Jyotibala Eldest daughter.

A flame Jyotirmoyee Lustrous Jyotishmati Lustrous Radiant Like Flames Moonlight Jyotsana Jyotsna NAME Kaandhal Kaberi Kadambari Kadambini Kadhiroli Kahini Kairavi Kaishori Kajal Kajjali Kajri Kakali Kakoli Kala Kalaimagal Kalabjari Kalaka Kalakarni Kalanidhi Kalandhika Kalapini Kalpini Kalavathi Kali Kalika Kalindi Kallol Kalpana Kalpita Kalya Kalyani Kamadha MEANING Attractive Full of water Goddess An array of clouds Intelligent. Night Night Artistic A bud. With black ears Treasure of art Bestower of art Peacock.Praise Auspicious Granting desires . gurgling of water Imagination The imagined Pleasant. Parvati A bud The river Yamuna Large waves. Brilliant like a ray of sunlight Young Moonlight Goddess Parvati Kohl Kohl Cloud like Chirping of birds Preaching of birds Art Queen of arts Parvati Blue Lakshmi. A flame Light.Jyothi Jyotika Light of sun.

A garden. One with loving eyes Kamakya Durga Kamala Goddess. Born of a lotus Kamalakshi One whose eyes are beautiful like lotuses Kamali Full of desires Kamalika Lotus Kamalini Lotus Kamalkali The bud of a lotus Kamana Desire Kamika Desired Kamini A handsome woman Kamitha Desired Kampana Unsteady Kamya Beautiful Kana An atom Kanak. Kanaka Gold Kanakabati A fairy-tale Kanakavathi Possessing gold Kanaklata Golden creeper Kanakpriya Lover of gold Kanan A garden. the holy city .Kamakshi Goddess Lakshmi or Parvati. mercy Karunamayi Merciful Karunya Merciful Kashi Varanasi. forest Kananbala Nympth of the forest Kanchan Gold Kanchana Gold Kanchi A waistband Kandhara Lute Kanika An atom Kanjari A bird Kankana A bracelet Kangana A bracelet Kanimoli Speaks with a gentle tone Kanitha Iris of the eye Kanmani Precious like an eye Kanta A beautiful Kanti Lustre Kanttadhara Holder of Shiva\'s Neck Kanya Daughter Kanyana Maiden Kapila Name of the celestial cow Kapalini Another name for Durga Kapardini A goddess Kapotakshi Eyes like a pigeon\'s Karabi A flower Karishma Miracle Karuna Compassion.

Ketaki A cream colored flower Ketki Flower Keva Lotus Keya Flower.Young Kiya The cooing of a bird .A monsoon flower Keyuri Armlet Ketaki A monsoon flower Ketana Home Khushboo Fragarance Khyath Famous Khyati Fame Kimatra Seduce Kilimoli Pleasing voice Kimaya Divine Kiran Ray of light Kiranmala A garland of light Kirtana Praise Kirti Fame Kirtmalini Garlanded with Fame Kiruba Grace of God Kishmish Sweet as grapes Kishori Young damsel. Lion Kesari Saffron.Kashmira From Kashmir Kasni Flower Kasturi Musk Katyayani Goddess Parvati Kaumudi Moonlight Kaushalya Mother of Rama Kaushika Silk Kavana Poem Kaveri A river Kavika Poetess Kavini Composes beautiful poems Kavita A poem Kavya Poetry in motion Kayalvili Fishlike bautiful eyes Keemaya Miracle Keertana Song Keerthana Devotional song Keerthi Eternal Flame Kenga River Kenisha A Beautiful life Kerani Sacred bells Kesar Pollen.A woman with beautiful hair Keshori.A woman with beautiful hair Keshika A woman with beautiful hair Keshini One with beautiful hair. A lion Keshi A woman with beautiful hari.

Vermilion Lotus.Golden girl. Unmarried Sacred. Goddess of welfare Night Name of a river in India Elasticized Goddess Laxmi Flower Goddess Lakshmi Earth Horiz Kuhuk . Welfare.A lotus Name of a flower. Peaceful. A flower Cuckoo. Nightingale Wild climber plant.A lotus Pleasure of the Earth Lotus. jasmine Pure.Name of a star A flower Performance Agriculture.Musk. Mercy Earth Lightening Which lasts few moments Durga.Kodhai Kokila Komal Komala Koyel Krandasi Kranti Kripa Krishnaa Krithi Krittika Krishnakali Kriya Krishi Krishna Kriti Krupa Kruti Krithya Ksema Kshama Kshamya Kshanaprabha Kshanika Kshema Kshemya Kshipa Kshipra Kshipva Kshiraja Kshirin Kshirja Kshiti Kshitija Kuhuk Kuja Kulavardhini Kumari Kumkum Kumud Kumuda Kumudini Kunda Kundan Kundanika Kunjal Kunjalata Kunjana Beautiful girl The cuckoo Tender Delicate The cuckoo The sky and the earth Revolution Mercy Draupadi Action The plaids.Forest creeper Forest girl . Security. Farming Lord Krishna A work of art Grace. Tranquil Durga.Gold Flower. Tranquility Forgiveness.Youthful. Favour Creation Action Safety.kuhuk Bole Koyalia Goddess Durga Developer Of The Race Goddess Durga.

The mother of the Pandavas Deer Safe.Kunshi Kuntal Kuntala Kunti Kurangi Kushala Kusum Kusuma Kusumanjali Kusumavati Kusumita Kusumlata Kuvam Kuvira Kundini Kurinji Kuvalai Kuyil Kuyilsai Shining Hair One with beautiful hair.A flower Flower Flower offering Flowering Flowers in bloom Flowering creeper Sun Courageous woman An assemblage of Jasmines Special. Expert Flower.A woman with luxurious hair Pandavas\' mother. Happy. Flower which blooms once in twelve years Flower Sweet voice like a Cuckoo bird Sweet voice like a Cuckoo bird NAME MEANING Laabha Profit Laalamani Ruby Laasya Dance performed by goddess parvathi Labangalata A flowering creeper Laboni Grace Labuki Musical instrument Ladhi Sangeet Ladli Loved one Laghima Goddess parvathi Laghuvi Tender Lajita Modest Lajja Modesty Lajjawati A sensitive plant. modest woman Lajwanti A sensitive plant Lajwati Modest Lakhi Goddess lakshmi Lakshana One with auspicious signs on her Laksha White rose Lakshaki Goddess sita Lakshita Distinguished Lakshmi Goddess of wealth Lakshmishree Fortunate Lalan Nurturing Lalana A beautiful woman .

Of the clove plant Grace Divine play Playful Playful. Ruby Goddess Lakshmi Pretty Wife of sage Wife of sage Agastya Crowned with laurels Worldly Wise The light of india A musical instrument Happiness NAME Maalai Maanika Madhavi Madhavilata Madhu Mahubala Madhuchhanda Madhuja Madhuksara Madhula MEANING Garland of Flowers Ruby A creeper with beautiful flowers. Goddess Durga Devoted Writing A flower Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Script A short letter Studious The eye Red. springtime A flowering creeper Honey Sweet girl Pleasing metrical composition Made of honey One who showers honey Sweet .Lalasa Lalima Lalita Laranya Lata Latangi Latika Latikara Lavali Lavangi Lavani Leela Leelamayee Leelavati Leena Lekha Lily Lingammal Logambal Loganayaki Lipi Lipika Likhitha Lochan Lohita Lola Lona Lopa Lopamudra Lorena Loukya Lucia Lumbika Lydia Love Redness Beautiful Graceful A creeper A creeper A small creeper Mass of creepers Love Apsara.

Madhulata Madhulekha Madhulika Madhulla Madhumalati Madhumati Madhumita Madhunisha Madhuparna Madhur Madhura Madhuri Madhurima Madhushri Madhuvanthi Madina Madira Madri Madirakshi Madura Magadhi Magana Mahadevi Mahaganga Mahagauri Mahajabeen Mahakali Mahakanta Mahalakshmi Mahamaya Mahasweta Mahati Mahi Mahijuba Mahika Mahima Mahitha Mahiya Mahua Maina Maithili.Friend A learned woman of the past Friendship Honeybee A garland Beautiful eyes like a flower . Heaven and earth conjoined A hostess The earth Greatness Greatness Happiness An intoxicating flower A bird Sita Friendly The name of a sage. Mythili Maitra Maitreya Maitreyi Maitri Makshi Mala Malarvili Sweet creeper Beautiful Honey Pomegranate A flowering creeper Full of honey Full of honey Pleasant night Tulsi leaf Sweet Sugar Sweetness Sweetness The spring Who is sweet like honey Land of beauty Nectar Wife of pandu Woman with intoxicating eyes A bird Flower Engrossed Goddess Parvati The great ganga Goddess Durga Beautiful Goddess Durga Earth Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Durga Goddess Saraswati Great Great earth.

Fragrant Maliha Strong.Malashree An early evening melody Malati A creeper with fragrant flowers Malavika A creeper Malaya A creeper. beautiful Malika A garland Malina Dark Malini A garland maker Malliga Jasmine Mallika Jasmine.Born of the mind Manasika Of mind Manali A bird Manasvi Intelligent Manavi Wife of Manu Manayi Wife of Manu Manda A river Mandakini A river Mandakranta A Sanskrit metre Mandarmalika A garland of celestial Mandana Cheerful Mandira Cymbals. Queen Mamata Affection Mana Love. Affection Manadha Giving honour Manaka According to the mind Manana Meditation Mananya Deserving praises Manal A bird Manasa Conceived in the mind Manasi Mental adoration. home Mandara Large. Pure Manideepa A lamp of precious stones Manika Of jewels Manikuntala One whose hair is like gems Manimala A string of pearls Manimekhala A girdle of gems Manini Self respecting Manisi Desired by heart Manisha. Firm Manditha Adorned Mandra Pleasant Mangai Cultured lady Mangala Auspicious Mangalya Pious. Mohisha Intellect Manisila A jeweled stone Manisitha Wisdom Manitha Honoured Maniya A glass bead .

Sri Radha That which steel the heart Beautiful Of the mind Thoughtful Worthy of honour Name of a star Mother of Daksa From the lush green fields A devotee to Lord Shiva. Rain.Rain Girdle . without any blemishes Durga Monsoon wind Seasonal Illusion Full of grace. fresh The earth Precious blue stone A woman wil beautiful eyes A saint Friend Cloud. blossom Ankle-bells Extremely Light of the mind Sweet A sweet girl Sweet A sweet girl Treasure chest Sweet lustre Jealous. like a peacock Beloved Illusion Peahen With peacock feathers Iintellect. Goddess Saraswati Of intelligence Mighty.Manjari Manjira Manjistha Manjyot Manju Manjubala Manjula Manjulika Manjusha Manjushri Manmayi Manohari Manorama Manoritha Manthika Manya Marichi Marisa Marudham Markandeya Marya Masilmani Matangi Maushmi Mausami Maya Mayil Mayra Mayura Mayuri Mayurika Medha Medhani Medhya Medini Meena Meenakshi Meera Meeta Megha Meghamala Meghana Mehal Mehbooba Meher Mehrunissa Mehul Mekhala The sacred basil.A star Array of clouds Cloud Cloud Beloved Benevolence Benevolent Cloud. clean.A devotee of Lord Shiva Mark limit Pure.

Precoius stone Lord Krishna\'s devotee Wished-for child A friend Friendship Truthful Friend Possessor of friends Enchantress Attractive Infatuated Salvation Lord Krishna Soft Doe-eyed Lotus Lotus Stem of lotus Lotus Of the earth Good earth Mother earth Another name for parvathi Soft Expression Ring Spellbound Liberated. Daughter of Kubera A precious stone Prayer Brilliant like lightning A Gem.Mena Menaka Menitha Menmoli Mihika Milana Milika Minakshi Minal Minati Minnoli Minu Miraya Mirium Mita Mitali Mithi Mithra Mitravinda Mohini Mohana Mohitha Moksha Monisha Mridula Mriganayani Mrinal Mrinali Mrinalika Mrinalini Mrinmayi Mritsa Mrittika Mrudani Mrudu Mudra Mudrika Mugdha Mukta Mukti Mukul Mullai Muniya Muskan Muthammal Mutholi Muthunagai Mythilli Wife of the Himalayas A celestial dancer Wise Speaks kindly Mist. Like a pearl Shines like a pearl Smiles like a pearl Princess of mithila . Pearl Freedom from life and death Bud Fower with lovely fragrance Name of a bird Smile Pure. Fog Union Desiring union Fish eyed.

Orator Naaz Pride Nabhanya Celestial Nabha Nobel High.Mythily Mythri Seeta Friendship NAME MEANING Naamagal Magnificent Poetess. Lord Shiva.Joyful Nandana Daughter Nandi The bull of Shiva. Sky Nabhanipa A new flower Nabhi Focus. the best.Pearl Nakula Goddess parvati Najma Sorry Nalina Lotus Nalini Lotus Nalika Lotus Namana Bending Nami One of Vishnu\'s Name Namita Humble Namrata Modesty Namrah Tigress Namuchi Politness Namya To be bowed to Nanda Great achiever.Central Nabhitha Fearless Nabhya Central Nachni Dancer. Suggestive look Nadia Begining Nadira Pinnacle Naganandini Mountain born Naganalatha Snake goddess Naganika Serpent maiden Nagasri Wealth of serpents Nagina Jewel Naima Belonging to one Naija Daughter of wisdom Naina Name of a goddess Naini A girl with beautiful eyes Nainika Pupil of the eye Naisha Special Naishada Poetry Nakti Night Nakshatra Star.Goddess durga . Orator Naavarasi Magnificent Poetess.

New Butter New New. Ganga. daughter Happy Cultured lady Goddess Lakshmi Flower A river Dance Cool breeze With good character New Boat All nine forms Of Durga.Nandika Nandini Nandita Nangai Narayani Narois Narmada Nartan Naseen Natkuna Natun Nauka Navadurga Naveena Navaneeta Navita Navina Naviya Navya Navneeta Nayana Nayantara Nayonika Nazima Neeharika Neela Neelabja Neelakshi Neelam Neelanjana Neelkamal Neepa Neeraja Neeta Neeti Neha Nehal Netra Netravati Nidhi Nidhipa Nidhyana Nidhyathi Niharika Niju Nikhila Nikhita Nikki Pleasure giving Bestower of joy. Goddess Lakshmi Upright Good behaviour Rain. Affectionate Rainy. Fresh. Young New Worth praising Butter like Eye Iris One with expressive eye Song As pure as dew drops Blue Blue lotus Blue-eyed Sapphire Blue Blue lotus Name of a flower Lotus. Handsome Eye Bbeautiful eyed Wealth Treasure Intuition Meditation Nebula Pansophist Complete The earth Small .

red Pure like the pearl Principles Angel of precious stones Girl of principles Constant Ever pleasing With eternal beauty Surrendered: Offered to God Bliss Nonattachment Fate Anklet Light Light of the world Sweet Help .Nila Nilakshi Nilambari Nilasha Nilaruna Nilavoli Nilaya Nileen Nilima Niloufer Nina Nimisha Nimita Nipa Nipuna Niral Nirali Niraimadhi Nirmayi Niranjana Nirmala Nirmitha Nirupama Nirvani Nisha Nishi Nishithini Nishtha Nisita Nita Nitara Nitha Nithilam Niti Nitika Nitima Nitya Nityapriya Nityasree Nivedita Niverta Nivritti Niyati Noopur Noor Noorjehan Noshi Nusrat Enchanting moon Blue-eyed Clothed in blue Blueness The first light of the dawn Ray of light from the moon Home Surrendered Blueness A celestial Lovely-eyed Twinkling of an eye Fixed One who watches over Expert Unique. Goddess Durga.Calm Different Full moon Without blemish Name of a river. The night of the full moon Pure Created Without comparison Goddess of bliss Night Alert Night Devotion Night Well behaved Deep rooted Carried.

Having the power of Om Omkareshwari Goddess Parvati. Gauri Omkari Light Onella Light Oni Shelter Oorja The energy Oparna Parvathi Orpita Offering Ojeeta Born in the month of falgun Oshma Summer season Oviya Artist. Lakshmi Lotus bud One with lotus-like eyes Lotus Lake of lotuses Lotus eyed Goddess Lakshmi . Beautiful drawing NAME Paadini Paavai Padma Padmagriha Padmaja Padmakali Padmakshi Padmal Padmalaya Padmalochana Padmamalini MEANING Pleasing Song Beautiful girl Goddess Lakshmi Who resides in a lotus Born from lotus. Praise.Nutan Nuti Nuzha Nyneishia New Worship. Reverence Pleasure trip. Excursion spot Indian princess NAME MEANING Odathi Refreshing Oditi Dawn Oindrila Name for the wife of Indra Oja Vitality Ojal Vision Ojaswini Lustrous Olichudar Brilliant Olikodi Brilliant Olimani Brilliant Oliyarasi Brilliant Oma Life giver Omaja Result of spiritual unity Omala Earth Omana A woman Omisha Goddess of birth & death Omvati Sacred.

Padmaroopa Padmavati Padmashri Padmavasa Padnuni Pahal Pakshalika Palak Palaksi Padmini Pakhi Pakshi Pallavi Pallavini Pamela Pampa Panchali Pankaja Pankajadharini Pankhadi Pankti Panna Panya Parama Parameshwari Paramita Pari Parinita Paridhi Parnal Parnashri Parni Parnik Parthivi Parul Parvani Parvati Parveen Parveeni Pasha Pashupriya Patala Patmanjari Patralekha Pavana Pavani Pavaki Pavitra Like a lotus Goddess Lakshmi Divine lotus One who resided in lotus Lotus The start On The Right Path Eyelash. Glorious. A festival or a special day Durga Star Star Bond Fond of all beings Durga A raga A name from ancient epics Holy.Eye lid White Lotus Bird Bird New leaves With new leaves Honey River Draupadi\'s name Lotus Lotus Holder Petal Sentence Emerald Admired.Fairy Auspicious Apsara Realm Leafy Leafy beauty Leafy Creeper Sita Name of a flower Full moon. Sacred Hanuman Goddess Saraswati Pure . Eexcellent The best Goddess Durga Wisdom Charitable prince.

Honest and Dignified Gain Prayer Rising Praise Peace . Starting point East Glowing Knowledge Progress Wisdom Wise A wise woman Knowledge of truth Woman One of Arjuna\'s wives Knowledge of truth Prayer \"Lamp\" in Kannada Language Goddess Parvathi Leader Spy Promoted Simple. Wife of Sun Origin.Payal Payoja Phiroza Phoolan Pia Piki Pinakini Pinga Pingala Piyali Pival Pivari Pooja Poonam Poorbi Poorna Poornakamala Poornima Poshika Poushali Prabha Prabhada Prabhati Prbhavati Pracheeta Prachi Pradeepta Pradnaya Pragati Pragya Pragyaparamita Pragyawati Prama Pramada Pramila Pramiti Pranati Pranauthi Pranavi Pranaya Pranidhi Pranita Pranjal Prapti Prarthana Prasana Prashansa Prashanti Anklet Lotus Turquoise Flower Beloved Cuckoo Bowshaped Durga Lakshmi A tree A tree Wife of Sukha Worship Merit Eastern Complete A blooming lotus Full moon The one who\'s brought up in flowers Of the month Poush Lustrous Lady Of the morning A raagini.

Faith Pravallika Flower Praveena Skilled Prayuta Mingled with Preeti Love Prem Love Prema Love Premala Loving Prerana Encouragement Preyasi Beloved Prisha Beloved. mother of Pandavas Pritika Dear one Pritikana An atom of love Pritilata A creeper of love Priyadarshini Lovely Priyal Beloved Priyam Beloved Priyamvada Sweet spoken Priyanka Dear one Priyasha Dear one Puja Worship Puji Gentle Pujita Worshipped Pujya Respectable Pulak Joy. Poonam Full moon Punarnava A star Punita Holy.Prasheila Ancient time Prateeksha Wait Prathysha Early morning.Gem Puloma Wife of the sage Bhrigu Punam. from Sanskrit word Prathyusham Pratibha Keen intellect Pratigya Pledge Pratima Image Pratishtha Preeminence Pratitha Well known Pratiti Faith. undrstanding.Pure Punthali Doll Punya Virtuous Purala Durga Purandhri Same as Gayatri Purnima Full Moon Purva Elder Purvaja Elder sister Purvi From the east Pushpa Flower . God\'s gift Prita Dear one Pritha Kunti. Loving.

Beauty Splendorous Bright Desire Beautiful Goddess Durga Soft . well being Brass Creation of God Sun Season Traditional Leafy season Graceful.Pushpanjali Pushpita Pusti Putana Putul Pyas Renu Renuka Resham Reshma Reshmi Reva Revati Rhea Riddhi Riju Rijuta Rima Rina Rishika Risha Rita Riti Rithika Ritkriti Ritu Ritsika Rituparna Riya Rochi Rohana Rohin Rohini Rolee Roma Romila Roopa Roshni Rubaina Ruchi Ruchita Ruchitha Ruhika Ruchira Rudrapriya Rugu Flower offering Decorated with flowers Nourishment Blowing Hard Doll Thirsty Atom The mother of Parasurma. the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Silk Silken Silken A star A star Singer Good fortune Innocent Innocence White antelope Dissolved Saintly Sanity Way of life Memory. Singer Light Sandal wood Rrising A star Sindoor Lakshmi Heartfelt Blessed with beauty Brightness Bright Lustre.

Ruhi Soul Ruhin Spiritual Rujula Who endows wealth Rujuta Honesty. Sincerity Rukma Radiant.Season Ryka Born out of a prayer NAME Sachi Saachi Saanjh Saanvi Sabeena Sabrang Sabri Sabita Sachika Sadaf Sadgati Sadguna Sadhan Sadhana Sadhvi Sadhika Sadiqua Sadhri Sadhya Saeeda Safia Sagari MEANING Wife of lord Indra Truth Evening Goddess Lakshmi Beautiful Rainbow Lord Ram\'s devotees Beautiful sunshine Kind Pearl Liberation Good virtues Pocessing. sun.Fulfulment Worship Virtuous woman Achiever Kindly Conqueror Perfection Priestly Chaste Of the ocean .Golden Rukmini Consort of Lord Krishna Ruksana Brilliant Ruma Wife a Sugriva Rupa Silver Rupal Made of silver Rupali Beautiful Rupashi Beautiful Rupashri Beautiful Rupeshwari Goddes of beauty Rupi Beauty Rupika Beautiful Woman Rusham Peaceful Rushada Good news Ruth Season Rutva Speech.

Sajani Sakhi Sakina Salena Salila Saloni Salima Salma Samata Sameena Samhita Samidha Samika Samiksha Samit Samita Samiya Sammathi Sampada Sampatti Sampriti Samrithi Samskara Samyama Sana Sananda Sanatani Sanchali Sanchaya Sanchita Sandhaya Sandhya Sanemi Sangita Sanika Sanithi Wave. Prayer Happy Goddess Durga Movement Collection Collection Collection Dusk. Born in the ocean Possessed of good qualities A raga A new beginning Friend The lady Guide Mountain Being near A flower Clouds Decorated Beloved Friend Friend The moon Water Beautiful Happy Peace Equality Happy A vedic omposition An offering for a sacred fire Peaceful Overview Collected Collected Incomparable Agreement Wealthy Wealth Attachement Meeting Ethics Patience Praise. Twlight Perfect Musical Flute Obtainment .Sagarika Saguna Sahana Sahasra Saheli Sahiba Sahila Sahira Sahitha Sai Sajala Sajili Sajni.

Goddess Saraswati . United Leafy Goddess Saraswati Good sight Straight.Saniya Sanjana Sanjivani Sanjukta Sanjula Sanjushree Sankari Sankul Sannidhi Sanvali Sanskriti Santawana Santayani Sanwari Sanyakta Saparna Sarada Sarakshi Sarala Sarama Sarani Saranya Sarasi Saraswati Sravanthi Sarayu Sarbani Sarika Sarit Sarjana Saroj Saroja Sarojini Saruchi Saruprani Sarvari Sarvika Sasmita Satyavati Satha Sati Satya Satyarupa Saudamini Saujanya Savita Savitashri Savitri Moment Gentle Immortality Wife of king prithviraj Beautiful Beautiful Goddess Parvati Full of Nearness Dusky Culture Consolation Of the evening Dusky Joined. personified Lightning Kind The sun Lustre of the sun A river. Honest Wife of Bibhisan Protecting Surrendered Lake Goddess of learning Continuous flow A holy river Goddess Durga A koel River Creative. Ccreation Lotus Lotus Lotus Wonderful Beautiful woman Night Universal Smiling Truthful Dishonest Chaste woman Truth Truth.

Daughter of kind Dasarath Goddess Parvati Peace Autumn Surrender Lakshmi in the form of the remover of diseases Goddess Durga Happy Goddess Parvati . power brought up by birds Goddess Parvati Silk-cottom tree Modest Silk-cottom tree A flame Goddess Parvati Beautiful peacemaker Lightning Goddess Parvati A fairytale princess Peaceful.Goddess Durga. fame River water Fair A white rose Quiet Sserpent who symbolizes time White rose Cherished Beauty Decorated A tribal devotee of Lord Rama Sew Wife of Lord Indra Flowering Tender A mossy Goddess Parvati Style Goddess Parvati handsome Beautiful Power.Sawini Sayeeda Seema Seemanti Seemantini Seerat Sejal Selma Semanti Serena Sesha Sevati Sevita Shabab Shabana Shabari Shabnum Shachi Shagufta Shaheena Shabalini Shaila Shaili Shakambari Shakeel Shakeela Shakti Shakuntala Shalaka Shalin Shalini Shalmali Shama Shambhavi Shameena Shamita Shampa Shankari Shankhamala Shanta Shantala Shanti Sharadini Sharanya Shariba Sharika Sharmila Sharvani A river Leader Boundary Parting line Woman Inner beauty.

cool sowmya Calm Shomili Elegant and Beautiful Shorashi Young woman Shraddha Veneration Shravana.proportioned Shipra A river Shirin Sweet Shiuli A flower Shivangi Beautiful Shivani Goddess Parvati Shivanne Goddess Parvati Shobhita Splendid Shobha Splendour Shobhana Splendid sona gold Soujanya Calm. Shrabana Name of a star Shravani Born in the month of Shravan Shravanti A name in Buddhist literature Shravasti An ancient Indian city Shree Goddess Lakshmi Shreela Beautiful Shreemayi Fortunate Shreeparna Tree adorned with leaves Shrestha Perfection Shreya Bbetter Shreyashi Good Shridevi goddess Shri Respected.sensitive.Lustre Shrilata Lustrious creeper .Sharvari The night Shashi The moon Shashibala The moon Shashirekha Moon\'s ray Shaswati Eternal Shatarupa Lord Shiva Sheela Cool Sheetal Cool Shekhar Lord Shiva Shefali A flower Shefalika A flower Shejali A fruit Shinjini Anklebells Shishirkana Particles of dew Shevanti A flower Shibani Goddess Durga Shilavati A river Shilpa Well-proportioned Shilpita Well.

Goddess kali Dusky Dusky Dusky Dusky Dusky Dusky Dusky A creeper with dusky leaves Goddess parvati Dark-complexioned Goddess parvati Lord Shiva Achievement Achievement Sand Wet remembered Remembrance Sprinkle Ocean. Smrita Simran.Shrilekha Shridula Shrigauri Shrigeeta Shrijani Shrikirti Shrikumari Shrimati Shrimayi Shrivalli Shriya Shruti Shubhada Shubhangi Shubhra Shuchismita Shuchita Shukla Shukti Shulka Shweta Shwetika Shyama Shyamal Shyamala Shyamali Shyamalika Shyamalima Shyamasri Shyamari Shyamlata Shyla Shyamangi Sibani Siddheshwari Siddhi Siddhima Sikata Sikta Simrit. Smaram Sinchana Sindhu Sinsapa Sita Sitara SivaSankari Siya Lustrious essay Blessing Goddess Parvati The sacred Geeta Creative Lustrous fame Lustrious Goddess lakshmi. The Ganga One who has a pure smile Purity Goddess Saraswati Pearl-oyster Goddess Saraswati White white Dark as cloud. One who has beautiful body White. Veidc text Giver of luck Handsome. fortunate Fortunate Goddess Lakshmi Prosperity Hearing. river Ashok tree Wife of Lord Rama A star Goddess Parvati Sita .

Smita Smriti Sneha Snehal Snehalata Snigdha Sohalia Sohana Sohni Soma Somalakshmi Somansh Sonal Sonali Sonam Sonakshi Sonika Soorat Soumya Sourabhi Sphatika Sragvi Srinika Sristi Sriya Srujana Srujanika Stavita Stuti Subarna Subhadra Subhagya Subhashini Subrata Suchandra Sucharita Sucheta Suchi Suchira Suchita Suchitra Sudakshima Sudarshana Sudeepa Sudeepta Sudeshna Sudha Sudhamayi Smiling Memory Friendly Friendly Creeper of love Soft Moon-glow Graceful Beautiful moon-rays Lustre of the moon half moon golden Golden Beautiful Golden-eyed Golden Beauty Handsome.Ddevoted to what is right Beautiful Of good character With a beautiful mind Radiant Tasteful Beautiful Beautiful Wife of king Dilip Handsome Bright Bright Wife of king Virata Nectar. Auspicious. Gentle. Welfare Full of nectar . Meek Fragrance. the celestial cow Crystal Tulasi (Sacred Basil plant) A lotus which is in the heart of Lord Vishnu Creation Prosperity Art Unique and Creative girl Praised Praise Of the colour of gold Source of great welfare Lucky Well-spoken Devoted to what is right.

Sweet Character Happy Happy A woman with lovely eyes Very just A woman with lovely eyes Beautiful A character in Ramayana Mother of Dhruva One with beautiful eyes Blue Well disposed.Name of the mother of Lakshmana.Sudhithi Sudhira Sudipta Sudipti Sugita Sugouri Suhag Suhaila Suhasini Suhela Suhina Suhitha Suhrita Sujala Sujata Sujaya Sukanya Sukeshi Sukriti Sukthi Sukumari Sulabha Sulakshana Sulalita Sulekh Suloch Sulochana Sultana Sumana Sumanolata Sumati Sumedha Sumita Sumitra Sunanda Sunandini Sunandita Sunayana Sunaya Sunayani Sundari Sundha Suneeti Sunetra Sunila Sunitha Suniti Suparna Bright flame Calm Bright Brightness Beautifully sung Goddess Parvati Love Moon-glow Ever-smiling Easly accessible Beautiful Suitable Well-disposed Affectionate Well-bred Victory Comely. natural Well brought up Very pleasing Beautifully written. Beautiful Maiden With beautiful hari Good deed shining Ssoft. Righteous Good principles Leafy . Friendly Very pleasing.Beautifully One with beautiful eyes One with beautiful eyes Queen flower Flowery Wisdom Wise A good friend Good friend. meritorious Easy.

Suprabha Supriti Supriya Suraksha Surama Surekha Suranjana Surina Suruchi Suryakanti Sushanti Sushila Sushama Sushobhana Susita Susmita Sutanuka Sutapa Sutra Suvarna Suvarnmala Suvarnaprabha Suvarnarekha Swadhinta Swagata Swaha Swapna Swapnali Swapnasundari Swarnalata Swarnika Swarnima Swarupa Swasti Swastika Swati Swetha Radiant True love Beloved Protection Very pleasing Beautifully drawn Pleasing A goddess Good taste Suns\'s rays Peace Well-behaved Beauty Very beautiful White Smiling Beautiful Seeker of God Holy star Golden Golden necklace Lustre of gold Ray of gold Independence Welcome wife of Agni. The lord of the fire Dreamlike Dreamlike Woman of dreams Lustrous Fair complexioned Golden Truth Name of a star A symbol of Lord Ganesha Name of a star Pure NAME Taanusiya Tabassum Talikha Tamali Tamalika Tamanna MEANING A great devotee A flower Nightingale A tree with very dark bark Belonging to a place full of Tamal Desire .

Pure and lovely Pride of the Tamilians . Wife of Lord Brihaspati Star Starry night Goddess Parvati Honeybee A musical composition River Goddess Earth Melody Starlet Goddess Parvati The first finger Tree Creeper young girl Young girl Youth River Place of pilgrimage A river Elegance Lustrous With devine power and grace Lustrous Lustrous Lotus flower.Tamarai Tamasa Tamasi Tambura Tanaya Tannishtha Tanseem Tanika Tanima Tanmaya Tanmayi Tanu Tanuja Tanuka Tanushri Tanvi Tanya Tapani Tapasi Tapati Tapti Tara Taraka Tarakini Tarakeshwari Tarala Tarana Tarangini Tarani Tarannum Tarika Tarini Tarjani Taru Tarulata Taruni Tarunika Tarunima Tatini Teertha Teesta Tehzeeb Tejal Tejashree Tejaswini Tejaswi Thamarai ThamilSelvi Lotus Flower. darkness Night A musical instrument Son Dedicated Salute of paradise Rope Slenderness Absorbed Ecstasy in sanskrit & telugu Body Daughter Slender Beautiful Slender Of the family The river Godavari A female ascetic The sun\'s daughter A river Star. Beautiful A river.

Wish Mother of Lord Mahavir Thirst Confluence of three sacred rivers Young woman Night Snow Brush The sacred basil Strong.ThenMoli Thenral Thogai Thulasi Thumri Tilaka Tilottama Timila Titiksha Toral Trariti Trayi Treya Tribhuvaneshwari Tridhara Triguna Triguni Trikaya Trilochana Trinayani Trinetra Triparna Tripta Tripti Tripurasundari Tripuri Trisha Trishala Trishna Triveni Triya Triyama Tuhina Tulika Tulasi Tunga Tusti Tusharkana Tvarita Tvarika Tvesa Tvisha NAME MEANING Ubika Growth Ucchal Perception Udantika Satisfaction Udaya Dawn Udbala Strong Speaks sweet like honey Cool breeze. glittering Bright .encouraging Beautiful Feathers Holy plant with sweet fragrance Light classical melody A kind of necklace A celestial maiden A musical Forgiveness A folk heroine Agile. efficient Intellect Walking in three paths Goddess of The Three Worlds The river Ganga Maya or illusion. happiness A particle of snow Goddess Durga Swift. Goddess Durga The three dimensions Three dimentional Lord Shiva Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Leaf of sacred Bael Satisfied Satisfaction Goddess Parvati Goddess Paravati Thirst. Elevated Peace. quick Brilliant.

Udgita A hymn Udichi One who grows with prosperity Udiramalara Fresh flower Udipti Fire Udita One who has risen Uditi Rising Ujas Bright Ujjwala.Lord Rama\'s brother Urmika Small wave Urna Cover Urshita Firm Urvashi A celestial maiden Urvi The earth Usha Dawn Ushakiran The first rays Ushashi Morning Usra First light Usri A river Utalika Wave Uthami honest Utkarsha Advancement. Ujjala Bright Ullalagi With inner beauty Ulka Meteor Ulupi Wife of Arjuna. Urmil Wife of Lakshmana . the Pandava prince Uma Goddess Parvati Umika Goddess Parvati Umrao Noble Unnati Progress Upala Sandy shore Upama Simile Upasana Veneration Ura The heart Urja Energy Urmi Wave Urmimala Garland of waves Urmila.Proud Utpala Lotus Utpalakshi Goddess Laxmi Utsa Spring Utsaah Encourage Utsavi Festivities Uttara Daughter of king Virata NAME Vaagai Vaanadhi Vagdevi MEANING Name of a beautiful flower Milky way Goddess Sarawati .

Desired Vanshika Flute Varada Goddess Lakshmi Varana A river Vari Water. Treasury Vasudha The earth Vasuki One who resides under earth Vasumati The earth. Vaishnodevi Goddess Parvati Vallari Goddess Parvati. Best of the dieties Vatsala Affectionate. a river in India Vedvalli Joy of the Vedas Veena Lute Veenapani Goddess Saraswati VeeraSundari Vela Time Vennela Moon Light Vetravati A river in India Vibha Night . Goddess Durga Vasanti Of spring Vasavi Wife of Indra. desire Vandana Worship Vanhi Fire Vanhishikha Flame Vani Wish. Goddess Saraswati Vanita Woman. name of a river Varuni Wife of the lord of the sea.Vaanika Sita Vahini Flowing Vaidehi Name of Sita Vaijayanti A garland of Lord Vishnu Vaijayantimala A garland of Lord Vishnu Vaishali An ancient city of India Vaishavi. Possessing treasure Vasundhara The earth. creeper Valli Creeper Vama Woman Vanadurga Goddess Parvati Vanaja A forest girl. sea Varsha Rain Varuna Wife of the lord of the sea. Blue lotus flower Vanajaksi Blue lotus eyed Vanalakshmi Ornament of the forest Vanamala Garland of forests Vanani Forest Vanathi Of the forest Vanca Wish. Desire. Tender Vedavathi Familiar with the vedas Vedi Altar Vedika Altar.

Faithful Unique. Vinodini Vinutha Vipasa Vipula Virata Vishakha Vishala Vishalakshi Vishaya Vishnumaya Vishnupriya Viveka Vrajabala Vrinda Vritti Vyanjana Starry night The way Great personality The moon Learning Lightning Lightning Victory of Goddess Durga Goddess of victory Victorious A silk-cottom tree Playful. temperament Rhetorical suggestion NAME Wafiya Waheeda Wajeeha Wamika Wamil MEANING Loyal. spacious Large-eyed Subject Goddess Parvati Goddess Lakshmi Right Girl from Mathura and its neighbourhood Basil.Vibhavari Vidhi Vibhuti Vidula Vidya Vidyul Vidyut Vijaya Vijayalaksmi Vijeta Vijul Vilasini Vilina Vimala Vinaya Vindhya Vindhyavasini Vinita Vineeta Vinoda.Goddess Durga Beautiful NAME MEANING Xena Brave . Distinguished God. Clean Modest Knowledge Resident Of The Vindhyas Humble. Singular. Radha Nature. Shining Dedicated Pure. Beautiful Eminent. Modest Unassuming Pleasing Exceptionally new A river Plenty Bravery A star Wide.

attentive Yuthika Multitude Yuvati Young lady Yuvaraani Princess Yuvika Young woman. mind Yahvi Heaven Yajna Worship. Successful Shining.Worship Yaksha Sister of Daksha Yamini Night Yamika Night Yamuna Jamuna river Yamya Night Yashila Famous Yashoda Krishna\'s mother Yashawanthi With great fame Yashawini Successful lady Yasmeen Jasmine flower Yatee Goddess Durga Yogita One who can concentrate Yogini One who can control senses Yosana girl Yuktha Absorbed. maid NAME Zaafira Zahira Zahra Zaina Zakiyaa Zannat Zara Zarna Zeena Zeenat Zerelda Ziana Zuha Zulema Zuleika Zuleyka MEANING Victorious. an incarnation of Vishnu. Luminous Beautiful.NAME MEANING Yaalini Melodious Yaalisai Melodious Yachana Pleading Yaamoli Melodious Yadva Intelligence. Perception. fair Beautiful Pure Heaven Little A small stream of sweet water A Hospitable Woman Beauty Brave warrior woman Bold Morning star Full of Beauty Brilliant Beautiful . .

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