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Career Plan

Career Plan

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Published by Sharon Shoni Lee
The long-term career plan of Sharon Lee on her quest to become a musical performance director
The long-term career plan of Sharon Lee on her quest to become a musical performance director

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Published by: Sharon Shoni Lee on Jan 25, 2011
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1/24/11 9:45 PM


international school in Seoul. My favorite thing to do is singing and playing the piano. I've always believed that music is the one thing I enjoy the most. I am attending to a youth orchestra every Saturday as my entertainment. My dream is to express my musical passion and move people's hearts by enabling them to dream fantasy. I am not sure yet of how I will do that. However, my current goal is to become a musical performance director. By becoming a


ello, my name is Sharon Shion Lee. I am a sophomore attending to an

an internship at a real musical performance studio. There, I could start out as a musical actor to act and sing and perform on stage to know the exact experience of a musical performance. As I perform, I will be learning how the system works: the sound, stage, settings, materials, rehearsals, and audience. I will be able to see all the systems in a musical performance, and also figure out a good connection between the audience and the actors.

musical performance director, I will be able to carry out my passion by carrying out my favorite activity just the way I want. University Since I'm a sophomore now, I currently started to wonder about which college I want to go later on. My goal is to get into a college that has an emphasis on music. It would be best to go to a big college since good, intelligent teachers will be there to help me achieve my dream. I want to study music as my major, and focus on

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High School Degree College Degree in Music

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Internship at Musical Company Musical Actor Musical Performance Staff Musical Performance Manager Muscial Performance Director
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After I have become a musical actor, I will be doing extra acts and might be able to do the main character when my career experience builds up. When I have experienced enough on stage, I will then ask to be the helper of musical director. I will help him prepare everything behind stage, figure out the good angles and positions, and all the general enterprise of the show. I'll study what the director does by staying beside him when he works. Then I can slowly start preparing what I can use from the experiences and plan out my future. Dream Come True Once I become a musical performance director, I will be very busy and tired during the performing season. I will use existing

performance, dancing, and creative writing as minor subjects to support my future career as a musical director.

Qualities to Succeed Passion Integrity Courage

After College After I graduate college, I would like to do

scenarios to make a musical that I've


/11 9:45 P

ch act s

as my style. I will defi itely pick wh can really express their

emotions to the point that the audience will be completely feel like they are in the scenario. I will use real music, no fake ones, li e while the actors are performing. I will also make the actors interact with the audience during the performance. I will make a crew and company out of my own name so that my musical system would be carried on to the successor.

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