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Published by: Sb Skool on Jan 25, 2011
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The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with the joy of
living are goodness, beauty, and truth. To make a goal of comfort or happiness
has never appealed to me; a system of ethics built on this basis would be
sufficient only for a herd of cattle.


A see-er or seer cannot be too comfortable. To see is to understand the powerful currents that
rage across the seas and continents of the earth—dreadful visions of war and genocide,
ravages of floods and eruptions, the slaughter of millions of innocents, the scourge of disease
—endless travails which human beings have endured since the dawn of history. Such
spectacles mercilessly invade our vision through the roar and outpourings from newspapers,
tv, radio and the Internet. You and I are deeply troubled and moved by these things. Can an
artist or new vision make the world a better place? Art comes from truly seeing; it pours out a
balm upon a troubled world. “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness,” said Eleanor
Roosevelt. The candles lit by art burn brighter than the explosions of stars. Deep in the

playground of myths which inhabit our minds, passion, love, understanding and desire
inflame our souls. You and I are those fiery furnaces, lighthouses or blazing candelabra which
illuminate some small part of the darkness. There is a dark side to art, just as there is a dark
side to all of human nature. What we know of evil we cannot ever lightly accept. However,
without shadows we could not comprehend the light.

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