Vodafone made the UK's first mobile call at a few minutes past midnight on 1 January 1985. Within fifteen years, the network was the largest company in Europe and the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. By the turn of the century, almost every second UK citizen had a mobile – and a third of them Vodafonere connected to Vodafone. The Vodafone story is one of investment, innovation and award-winning customer service. Above all, it’s one of growth and the ability to deliver the tremendous benefits of mobile communications, not just in the UK but worldwide. Vodafone’ve come a long way since the early 80s. Click on the tabs for decade-by-decade highlights of our pioneering achievements Company History 1982 The Racal Electronics Group wins its bid for the private sector UK Cellular licence. It sets up the Racal Telecomms Division and names the new network ‘Vodafone’ to reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones. Based in Newbury, the company has less than 50 employees, all in one building 1985

The Vodafone analogue network is the first cellular network to launch in the UK, and the first call is made from St Katherine’s Dock in London to Newbury on 1 January 198 1987

Vodafone is recognized as the largest mobile network in the world • Vo-data is created as the ‘voice and data’ business to develop and market Vodafone Recall, the voicemail service • Vodapage is launched, providing a paging network that covers 80% of the UK populatio

1988 Racal Telecomms Plc floats on the London and New York Stock Exchanges 1989

Paknet is formed as a joint venture betVodafoneen Racal Telecom and Cable & Wireless 1991

Racal and Vodafone demerge and the Vodafone Group is listed as an independent company on the London and New York Stock Exchanges • Vodafone and Telecom Finland make the world’s first international roaming call • Vodafone launches its digital (GSM) mobile phone service – the first in the UK • 1992 Vodafone and Telecom Finland sign the world's first international GSM roaming agreement 1993 • Vodafone Group International is formed to acquire licences and supervise overseas interests • Vodafone opens its first High Street store 1994 • Vo-data is the first network operator in the UK to launch data. fax and SMS services over the digital network • Vodafone joins the Global star consortium to develop and launch a Low Earth Orbiting Satellite mobile phone service 1996 • Vodafone is the first network operator in the UK to launch a Pre-Pay analogue package • Per second billing on the digital network is introduced. as Vodafonell as options to buy ‘bundled’ minutes and make off-peak local calls to landlines 1997 • Chris Gent succeeds Sir Gerald Whent as Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Group Plc • 1999 Vodafone AirTouch Plc is created as a result of a successful merger betVodafoneen Vodafone Group Plc and AirTouch Communications Inc • On 5 January Vodafone connects the five millionth customer in the UK • 2000 .

T-Mobile and Vodafone form a new association to drive interoperable mobile payments 2004 • Content Control launched providing a bar to 18-rated material for younger customers • . Telefonica Moviles. offering customers access to Internet-style information • Vodafone UK and Microsoft announce a joint project to bring Microsoft Outlook functionality to wireless mobile devices • 2001 First 3G voice call made over Vodafone’s initial 3G network of 30 radio base stations in the Thames Valley • Vodafone introduces instant messaging to its network • Vodafone becomes to the first network to offer pre-pay customer the ability to roam • GPRS launched nationwide providing an “always on” connectivity • Find and Seek with Vizzavi UK allows customers to obtain locationspecific information through WAP 2002 • Vodafone trials a global mobile payment system in the UK.The acquisition of Mannesmann AG almost doubles the size of the Vodafone Group making it the largest mobile telecommunications company in the word • Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Modem launched • Vizzavi – a 50/50 joint venture betVodafoneen Vodafone AirTouch and VivendiNet to deliver a multi-access branded Internet portal for Europe • Vodafone acquires the largest available 3G licence in the UK • WAP gateway opened. Italy and Germany • Vodafone launches the first European GPRS roaming service • The Vodafone Group Foundation is launched • Vodafone launches Vodafone live! and Mobile Office • Arun Sarin succeeds Sir Christopher Gent as Chief Executive of Vodafone Group Plc 2003 • Vodafone UK launches Speaking Phone for blind and visually impaired customers • Vodafone live! attracts one million customers in its first six months • Orange.

a new voice roaming price plan • Vodafone wins Mobile Retailer’s National Retailer of the Year awar 2006 • Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G broadband (HSDPA) data card launched offering improved data speeds on laptops • The number of Vodafone live! Customers with 3G reaches 10 million 2007 • Vodafone announces the launch of the Vodafone UK Secure Remote Access providing data security for remote and flexible workers • Plans to build a state-of-the-art 850 seat customer services centre in Stoke on Trent are announced 2008 • Vodafone UK is the first European network operator to offer Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 ultra-mobile device with built-in broadband connectivity • The first ever touch-screen BlackBerry smartphone – The BlackBerry Storm 9500 – is announced. easy-to-use voice and text services • Vodafone introduces Passport. The device is built exclusively for Vodafone 2009 • A major expansion programme brings the number of Vodafone retail stores to 400 • The Vodafone Foundation launches the UK World of Difference programme giving 500 people the chance to get paid to work for charity • Vodafone signs an exclusive agreement with Twitter allowing customers to send updates and receive SMS notifications • Vodafone Sure Signal launched – a unique device to improve the mobile phone signal inside customers’ homes 2010 • .Vodafone launches its first 3G service in Europe with Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS data card for corporate customers allowing access to office applications at ten times the speed of GPRS • Vodafone live! with 3G is launched in 13 markets providing access to a range of services including video calling and video streaming 2005 • Stop the Clock launched for pre-pay and contract customers allowing an hour’s talk in the evenings and Vodafoneekend for the price of three minutes • Vodafone Simply is launched giving customers new.

Vodafone is the world's leading international mobile communications group with approximately 347 million proportionate customers as on 30 June 2010. Energy. FitMama. Europe and the Americas.vodafone. . Africa.Vodafone UK wins Best Network in the Mobile News and Mobile awards • Vodafone UK ranges the Apple iPhone • Vodafone One Net reaches one million customers when pregnancy exercise specialists.000 people across offices in Asia. The company now has operations across the country with over 121. The new reward scheme provides access for customers to a range of high-profile national events • VODAFONE INDIA Vodafone Essar is the Indian subsidiary of Vodafone Group and commenced operations in 1994 when its predecessor Hutchison Telecom acquired the cellular license for Mumbai. sign up to the business solution that merges mobile and landline numbers • Vodafone VIP launched. For more Communications. Shipping Ports & Logistics.16 million customers**. Power. please visit www. and Projects. Essar employs more than 50. Vodafone currently has equity interests in 31 countries across five continents and around 40 partner networks worldwide. The Essar Group is a diversified business corporation with a balanced portfolio of assets in the manufacturing and services sectors of Steel.

turnover for availing the services of Vodafone. The clientele should have 250cr. Vodafone Enterprise Team Strategy to handle customers: 1. Customers reaching to the co[Reach IN. They thus provide various customized solutions to their customers over the time. culled out to cater to corporate segment. This organization provides complete mobility solutions to its customers.ENTERPRISE TEAM Is a Vertical [org with in an org].strategy or model] Tools used for reach in strategy are:• • • Call centers Written communication such as E-Mails. Fax Retail Outlets .

[Vodafone website/kiosk at company Departments in Enterprise Team 1. Enterprise Service Delivery: This department contributes to the sales revenue by guiding the sales personnel in their different KPA’s. 2. KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler). Enterprise Solution Team Solution Team performs all the technical functions and process which help in customer delight. • Cross and Up-Sell: Vodafone [Enterprise Team] has successfully managed to increase their product portfolio hence they have also managed to up-down sell or cross sell their diverse product portfolio to their existing corporate clients. gets Data Access [broadband links] from Vodafone for many years. Enterprise Sales Team : Enterprise Sales team’s basic task at work is to do sales and generating revenue in tandem. Company reaching out to the customers [Reach Out – Strategy or model] Tools used for reaching out to the customers are: • • • Relationship managers Self service tools location/SMS] and On site services. They assist the sales team and thus for any .2. now they have also cross sell their portfolio of Vodafone handsets to the same in recent years. 3. The rest of the 3 departments are supportive departments to the sales team.g. Service Delivery contributes to the majority of customer relations for the enterprise team. For e.

helping them to their delight and offers them packages regarding product portfolio’s mentioned under the EPOS system. collection team helps the sales team with the customer/clients billing related queries.problem faced by the customer they help with the on site help. E-mails and tasks are synchronized directly from Outlook®. and Microsoft Office Excel® Mobile and Word Mobile attachments can be viewed. Mail on the move  BlackBerry: BlackBerry Connect lets me access the functionality of a BlackBerry from a wide range of supported handsets. Enterprise Teams offerings 1. edited and returned. Having a common e-mail experience across the PC and Vodafone Windows Mobilepowered device makes service adoption simple and accelerates delivery of the benefits that mobile e-mail brings to business customers. view attachments. update my calendar and much more – and all in sync with my mail server  Vodafone Mail : Vodafone mail gives you a quick & safe access to Microsoft Exchange & Lotus notes from your desktop straight to your Vodafone mobile phone You can even get your personal POP3/IMAP4 mail account on the same mobile phone using single software  Microsoft Push Mail: Windows Mobile Email from Vodafone enables customers to enjoy a Direct Push e-mail service on the move in a format that anyone familiar with Microsoft Office will recognize. I can send and receive emails. Collection team With the help of BSCS. . [At the door step service] 4.

I just plug my Vodafone mobile phone into my PC or laptop and start browsing – without the need for an ISP subscription or modem! And with an HTML browser on my handset. receive emails and download music tracks. like person to person video. downloadable video of entertainment. and no installation hassles. It is based on an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) initiative for a single global wireless standard called International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000). access the high speed internet. I can get online directly through my mobile phone with great connection speeds. it works 3 times faster than GPRS  3 G Cards: 3G stands for third generation wireless. news. And all at speeds that are faster than my traditional dial-up connection! That’s not all – the Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G USB Stick also gives you 3G Broadband speeds while roaming abroad. simple and secure. current affairs and sport content and video messaging  USB Stick: The Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G USB Stick let me work from anywhere with real-time access to information. And the best part is. Data Access  Vodafone Mobile Connect: Mobile Connect gives me the freedom to surf the Internet whenever and wherever I want. It enhances the service experience such as multimedia.2. With a 3G phone and access to the Vodafone 3G network you can make video calls.  Edge Data Cards: Laptop becomes a mobile office. watch live TV. Quick. I just plug it into my laptop and get connected to the Internet and my company server. live streaming. Mobile Applications  Apps on GPRS/SMS/CSD  Wireless  Monitoring/Tracking . 3. internet access with the ability to view video footage on your mobile handset. with real-time access to information. high speed mobile broadband. as well as the usual voice call and messaging services found on a mobile phone. the EDGE data card gives me instant access to the Internet and my company server.

develop. > We are committed to be the best in all we do. > We will strive to delight our customers. Voice Solutions  Digital Gateways  Analog FCTs  Mobility Voice Vodafone’s CRM Vision and Mission Vision: To enrich our customer's lives through the unique power of mobile communication Mission: “Passion” Passion for Customers Our customers have chosen to trust us. > We value our customers above everything else and aspire to make their lives richer. enjoy what we do. anticipating their needs and delivering Passion for our People Outstanding people working together make Vodafone exceptionally successful. believe in the power of our teams. > > > > We We We We seek to attract. more fulfilled and more connected. reward and retain outstanding individuals. Passion for Results > We are action-oriented and driven by a desire to be the best. believe in empowerment and personal accountability. . > We must always listen and respond to each of our customers. > We all play our part in delivering results. we must strive to anticipate and understand their needs and delight them with our service. Enterprise SMS 4. In return.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about understanding people: what makes them talk to you. Passion for the World around Us > We will help people of the world to have fuller lives – both through the services we provide and through the impact we have on the world around us. close more business Datasheet Vodafone Business Sons Flexible solutions that work the way you do for guaranteed success Service – call centre and field service management. what makes them buy from you. Benefits • Intuitive user interface that works the way your people do • Flexibility to support your unique business processes Marketing – obtain a clearer view of customers.> We seek speed. make more informed investments. shorter sales cycle. service reporting and analysis . and what makes them come back to buy from you again and again. organize and share all the information they have about their customers throughout their business in a consistent. job scheduling. automate campaign management and increase campaign success Sales – Sales force automation. more informed real-time lead and opportunity management. what products and services they are most likely to be interested in. organizations need to collect. > We will be a force for good in the world. To satisfy customers and achieve commercial success. A spirit of partnership and mutual respect is critical in all our activities. Customers are more demanding than ever before. efficient way. flexibility and efficiency in all we do. > We recognize the responsibilities that accompany the growth we have achieved. Increased choice and access to more information on alternatives make it harder than ever before to win new customers and retain existing clients in the face of stiff competition.

. Vodafone uses Oracle Siebel CRM and Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM to offer the right solution to meet the needs of every client. CRM is integrated with Vodafone’s billing system and switch [platform where the services are delivered to the customer being real-time]. increase productivity and efficiency.Mobile access – instant access to customer and activity data. CRM thus handles queries from the customer. Recognizing that different solutions address different levels of organizational complexity. deliver more value to customers and improve win rates. complaints. driving measurable improvements in business processes.Oracle CRM Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM. requests which are been generated by the customers. enabling closer relationships with customers and supporting the achievement of new levels of profitability Tools used by the org • Oracle: Named “CRM”.

BSCS: Billing System and Customer Support: the billing system of Vodafone which is been rendered is been integrated with EPOS so that the field agent does have a clear view of the product portfolio and billing system of the client at the same time. Customer Retention: Vodafone’s Enterprise Team has strategy for customer retention named “Win Back Customer” Thus they divide the retention customers into two categories i. easy-to-use sales channel to streamline orders sent to its sales staff from a large network of independent agents. Manage sales portfolio. Voluntary and Non. and gauge service levels and key performance indicators (KPIs).• EPOS: Electronic point of sales: Gateway about point of sales software. The company deployed Microsoft Dynamics® CRM to process the daily flow of orders. Being a mission-critical part of the business. it needed to be implemented as quickly as possible. check status.000 orders a month in a secure environment • • CONCEPTUAL CRM FRAMEWORK FOLLOWED BY ENTERPRISE TEAM 1.e. The system now processes more than 5. Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM: Vodafone needed to develop a reliable.Voluntary Voluntary Customers: are those who voluntary want to give up the services of an organization [Vodafone] thus a special team is been managed by the enterprise team where they do task such as • • • • Telephonic Calls Offering New Products to the customer or more customized solutions to them and offering them delight Instant resolving of issues Network related issues .

4. (CLTV) 8. 11. 7. Complaint time-to-resolution. Average time for resolution. 5. 4.Involuntary Customers: are those customer for which the organization tend to discontinue there services from their end. Customer Categorization. ISSUES FACED POST IMPLEMENTATION . Cases closed same day. Closed Loop Campaign Management: Since this is a best form of CRM practice mentioned. especially for working women employees thus Vodafone is in pact with various organizations providing services regarding women security named [WEBTRA] CRM METRICS 1. like all organizations Vodafone also practice this CRM model that is taking example of launching Vodafone’s Zoo Zoo ad campaign. 10. Complaints handling (e-mail/letter). 2.g. 13. Women safety is a big issue in Delhi. Average number of service requests by type. Number of service calls. Event Based Marketing: Sales and marketing team has to act up on situations very quickly and efficiently because events occur time and again and to cash up on is a big task. 12. Percentage of service renewals. Brand image. 9. Revenue coming from Commercial Partners. Number of cases handled by agent. Bonding for customer relationship: 3. 3. 2. 14. 6. Average number of service calls per day. Customer satisfaction level. E. Percentage compliance with service-level agreement (SLA).

Maintenance and modification of CRM system.000 towers is already the largest tower company of the world.either directly or through its strong business partner network. offers services to all telecom operators in the wireless space and other wireless service providers such as broadcasters and broadband service providers. Change Management. IBM India has clearly established itself as one of the leaders in the Indian Information Technology (IT) Industry . Aligning CRM to Vodafone’s vision and growth objectives. Finding the right CRM managers in India. IBM holds numerous awards for its industry-leading employment practices and policies Indus Towers: Indus Towers. VENDORS 1.• • • • • • • • Monitoring how customers interact using various modules of CRM. ensuring significant scale benefits for its customers by way of ‘speed to market’.and continues to transform itself to align with global markets and geographies to grow this leadership position. Indus Towers with a portfolio of more than 100. Monitor Service Level Agreements.and has a presence in over 200 cities and towns across the country . I T Department : Enhancing Network Connectivity • IBM: IBM has been expanding its footprint in India . • . It is undertaking rollout of new sites in the 16 telecom circles of India. “Customer Equality” is key goal for Indus and the management team will remain steadfast to its principles of neutrality and equality towards its customers. Visibility of business transactions across India. Inconsistent data flow sometimes. Widely recognized as an employer of choice. headquartered at Gurgaon in the National Capital Region of Delhi.

with more than 370. powerful performance. Genesis merged in 2005 into Burson-Marsteller. Oracle's open architecture and multiple operating-system options gives our customers unmatched benefits from industry-leading products. operating-system. Founded in 1992 as an independent firm. and virtualization technology. Indus Towers plans to seize opportunities arising from other parts of the globe • Oracle: Oracle provides the world’s most complete. to become Genesis Burson-Marsteller. the gold standard in public relations. storage. media portals & . energy efficiency. Genesis Burson-Marsteller has been recognized as the ‘India Consultancy of the Year 2008’ by the Holmes Report. OnMobile offers a one-stop solution for all needs through an innovative array of products in M-commerce.Initially starting its operations in India. Personal Relations (PR) Genesis BM : Genesis Burson –Marstellar.000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—representing a variety of sizes and industries in more than 145 countries around the globe. Landline and Media Service Providers. and integrated business software and hardware systems. the most respected publication in public relations worldwide. with Sun server. OnMobile generates top line revenue of over 800 Million USD for over 92 customers globally. entertainment. Oracle's product strategy provides flexibility and choice to our customers across their IT infrastructure. open. Now. Oracle is the only vendor able to offer a complete technology stack in which every layer is integrated to work together as a single system. including excellent system availability. and low total cost of ownership 2. OnMobile touches the lives of over 88 million users across 43 countries every month. As India’s most trusted full service Public Relations and Public Affairs consulting firm. In addition. Value Added Services • On Mobile Global ltd : [Music and entertainment solutions] OnMobile [NSE: ONMOBILE] is one of the largest white-labeled Data and Value Added Services [VAS] companies for Mobile. 3. scalability.

One97 also invests and incubates new mobile technologies start-ups. messaging. phone. it offers customer lifecycle management and mobile marketing to enhance their profitability. WAP. RIM is best known for creating the BlackBerry® Smartphone and providing solutions that allow seamless. SAIF and SVB India Capital Partners. USSD. Championing speed of delivery. user-generated content & social networking. The RIM portfolio of award-winning products is used by thousands of organizations around the world Important Market Priorities in the sector are: The most important market priorities in the sector are network and network enhancements. commerce services and made-to-order network applications offer new revenue streams to telecom operators. Since organizations tend to keep on with the basic technologies in the sector they are in and thus for Vodafone [Enterprise]  Towers  DTS  3G services . Funded by Intel Capital (Mauritius) Limited. mobile utility.interactive television programming. SMS. mobile marketing. One97 thrives on its widely deployed telecom applications service platform to deliver scalable. Working closely with service providers and enterprises. flexible and customized services. One97’s Innovative mobile content. the Internet and applications. mobile access to time-sensitive information through email. Video. text messages. and information & network products. • Handset Providers RIM India: Research In Motion (RIM) develops integrated hardware. On-Device Portal & Web • One97: One97 Communications Limited is India’s leading Mobile Value Added Service Company. data & 3G. software and services that support multiple wireless networks. OnMobile’s products span all mobile access channels such as Voice.

With a 3G phone and access to the Vodafone 3G network you can make video calls. receive emails and download music tracks. live streaming. like person to person video.Then comes the VAS [Value added services]. current affairs and sport content and video messaging.  MNP: A significant technical aspect of MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is related to the routing of calls or mobile messages (SMS. news. watch live TV. There response time and coverage is poor or not up to the mark. Emerging Trends the company can capitalize on  3 G Services: 3G stands for third generation wireless. high speed mobile broadband. It enhances the service experience such as multimedia. MMS) to a number once it has been ported. as well as the usual voice call and messaging services found on a mobile phone. since it is quite crucial for the customers for better service delivery. There are various flavors of call routing implementation across the globe but the international and European best practice is via the use of a central database (CDB) of ported numbers. thus we recommend that . internet access with the ability to view video footage on your mobile handset.e. Value added service as the name suggests are the services which enhance the user experience. It is based on an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) initiative for a single global wireless standard called International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000). They thus appreciate the value of the core product. Network operator makes copies of CDB and queries it to find out which network to send a call to  Youth Nation Recommendations Recommendations for Vodafone are totally based upon our observations i. downloadable video of entertainment. access the high speed internet. 1.

Making a chaotic event for the organization. Vodafone has out sourced its reach-in activity i. • We also recommend heavy investments for B2B business that is shifting to a new BPO for handling B2B business queries.• • On the feet employees should be more in respect to what they are right now. as this structure is deployed in the consumer (B2C) market by Vodafone. This can be done by hiring off role personal to support the staff of Vodafone.e. its call center to company named ‘INTEL-E-NET Global Services’. • Thus we recommend dividing the work or creating a department for handling queries of B2B and B2C separately. 2. Genpact and V-customer are some good organizations. This will thus also help in having a support mechanism for the agent deployed in the field. . They have deployed the same task force who handle corporate and consumers at the same time.

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