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Published by: Ashwini Mallad on Jan 25, 2011
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I have maintained an academic record of above 85% throughout.

I secured the 525th rank inththe AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Exam). I also secured the 445 rank in the CET (Common Entrance Test) both being engineering entrance exams. I have been awarded with many scholarships through my academic journey of which the one’s I got for best performance in ‘Control Systems’ and ‘Signals and Systems’ are of prime importance to me. I have secured an ‘S’ grade in a project (software) I did in the 5th semester for solving Karnaugh Maps in C++. Presently I am working on an Automatic System for Garbage Disposal. This system would sort garbage based on their heat signatures. This project has been submitted for approval by the KSCST (Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore). I have attended many workshops , the prominent ones are the workshops held on ‘ MEMS – Micro Electro Mechanical Systems ‘, ‘robotics (line follower and wall follower)’and ‘Blue Board (open hardware)’. I also have presented many papers of which ‘Dynamic Clocking in Processors’ was most appreciated. I have organized many events in the college, technical (workshops, talks and competitions) as well as cultural (rock shows (music) and dance shows) in fests like Software Freedom Week (part of IEEE’s Software Freedom International) and Pleiades (a national level technical fest held at BVBCET, Hubli). I also do volunteer work for an NGO called SEMA (Society for Empowerment and Mobilization of Artisans), Dharwad, where I teach the artists to use the computer and also take tuition for their under-privileged children. I have also been a secretary of the ‘Interact Club’ in which we had taken up many issues like to raise awareness on AIDS, to clean the city of its garbage, to treat domestic animals with care, to promote works of young budding artists at the ‘rhythm pundits’ art studio. I am also an active member of a rock band called ‘Dammit’. We have recorded our first album this fall which got a good response. Our biggest show was at the ‘Dasara Utsav’ held at Mysore in September last year where it was attended by more than fifty thousand people. Music has also helped me develop as a confident personality. I am an extremely motivated person and have a zest for learning. My temperament can be described as that of being a calm person, I don’t yield to pressure easily which has been tested on many occasions during my engineering. I am a quick learner which I personally think is one of my strongest attribute. I am a team player, I like to listen to people’s opinions as much I like to give my inputs. I am a diligent worker and value attention to detail.

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