Introduction WHERE IT ALL BEGAN5

Chinese Wood Plate .

Sheep Skin in place of paper .

Mulberry Tree Paper Making .


Separation of Skin from the branch .

Origami Zoo .

Kangaroo. Camel and Reindeer . Gorilla.

The Sea world Goldfish Ray and Carp .

The World of Birds Java Sparrow Swan flamingo and standing crane .

Birds Raven .

Beautiful Flowers White Flower Hydrangea and a snail .

4. Hold in Half diagonally again.HOW TO MAKE AN ORIGAMI CRANE 1. Fold in Half diagonally. but rather separating the perfect square in half. Repeat step 2 to create 4 perfect folded squares. Facing the color. Hold again in Half. creating 2 triangles. from the 4 perfect squares follow the folded inwards bents. 2. only not diagonally. following the marked line in picture 2. bring them together . 3.

The other 2 sticking out sides smoothly bring together to one point 6.5. Bent the outside edges inwards from both sides to create the ice-cream shape (don¶t exactly follow and look at the picture 8 ± its extra) . Bring the whole construction to the shape of one square 7. Flip the unconnected side up from both sides 8.

Skip 13-14 to bring yourselves to the picture 15. only now with the bent sides. where you open the just bent sides of the squares back to their original share.15. you need to open up the front and the back. you should have once again a perfect square shape. Follow the lines that you have just created in 12. leaving the top untouched creating a shape of a diamond shape. but now bent the sides INSIDE and fold the open half of the square. . When you are done. 16. The head Of the cone should remain under the µwings¶ that you just bended up. Here come the tricky part ± open up the outside side of the square so you will have an open pocket. Do the same on the other side and bring everything to the same point. The shape should look once again like an ice cream cone.

find one of the sides and bent inwards the sides that are away from the head along the middle crack. IMPORTANT! With your diamond shape.17. Holding all four sides. 20. Bring the sides that are away from the head. 19. previously created. 18.towards the head by bending them upwards. Repeat for all four sides. hold them OUT. untouched. .

Unfold the sides of the crane as shown on the picture above from the middle 24. Make the head and the tail by bending the ends!!! YOU HAVE DONE IT!!!!! .21&23.


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