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The Hidden Evil - State Sponsored Terror Campaigns - Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment

The Hidden Evil - State Sponsored Terror Campaigns - Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment

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The Hidden Evil - State Sponsored Terror Campaigns - Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment
The Hidden Evil - State Sponsored Terror Campaigns - Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment

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Published by: Vatican Assassin. / M Jones on Jan 25, 2011
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If youve ever downloaded anything from the internet, you know that you cant use a file unless it has been
downloaded completely. In addition, it is sometimes essential that packets are received in a particular order. I think
the same is true when learning occult phenomenon.

Oc·cult (okult) adj., n., v., 1. of or pertaining to any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies. 2.
beyond ordinary knowledge or understanding.
3. secrecy; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated...
-Webster's 1997 Edition

Learning about Organized Vigilante Stalking is like downloading file that contains time-sensitive packets. So I ask that
you temporarily suspend any conclusions until youve received the complete transmission. If youre a skeptic but you
have an open mind, you may be surprised to find that your disbelief is eventually replaced with shock & bewilderment.

If youre interested in learning about Organized Stalking, Id like to take you on a tour. In doing so Ill explain how
this process works, what the double-objective of the group is, what their basic structure is, whos getting paid, how
theyre able to get away with harassment in public places, why you havent heard about this on the news, & how
multiple people (hundreds) can be recruited to harass a single person. Ill also explain why this international group is a
cult. Specifically, a cult with ties to Satanism. In order to understand Organized Vigilante Stalking it may be
necessary to go through a special learning process, almost like learning a new language. This process will probably be

The New Satanists, Linda Blood

Criminal acts fostered by malevolent occultism are rooted in a philosophy so alien to normal human functioning that it has to be learned
through a form of psychological conditioning that mimics a descent into insanity.

While you're moving through this site some questions will pop into your head. For instance while youre reading the
Structure section, you may be saying to yourself, Yeah, I understand whos doing it, but what specifically are they
doing to harass people? Give me an example. Those questions will be answered later in the document to the best of
my current knowledge. However, you may want to jot questions down on a piece of paper as you continue moving
through the report. I think what youll find is that most of them will be answered after youve read the report.

But for the questions that remain, you may email me & Ill do my best to answer them. The answer may be a
documented fact, or it may be strictly based on my opinion. If it is my opinion, Ill let you know why I arrived at that
conclusion. If I dont know the answer, Ill let you know. Please keep in mind, there is much we dont know about this
program. Throughout this report I will be referencing the work of doctors, former intelligence & federal law
enforcement personnel, as well as researchers in the field of DEWs, cults & state-sponsored harassment/terrorism.

Learning about OVS may seem like a horror show. It is probably one of the most violent forms of covert torture you
will ever learn about. The most disturbing part is that so many people can be deluded, bribed, blackmailed, or
threatened into serving something so utterly heinous. It can be appalling to learn what people will do when they
believe their cause serves "a higher purpose" & when they have approval from the state. So after viewing this report
you may never look at human beings the same way again. Corruption of this magnitude does not exist in a vacuum.
So, as we begin to follow OVS to its source, we find that it intertwines with other forms of organized crime.

I assure youOrganized Vigilante Stalking does exist. And as you will soon see, it is truly evil.

The Hidden Evil

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