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Google Places

• Today the Local Business Center is becoming Google Places. Why?

Millions of people use Google every day to find places in the real
world, and we want to better connect Place Pages — the way that
businesses are being found today — with the tool that enables
business owners to manage their presence on Google.

• Place Pages launched last September for more than 50 million

places around the world to help people make more informed
decisions about where to go, from restaurants and hotels to dry
cleaners and bike shops, as well as non-business places like
museums, schools and parks. Place Pages connect people to
information from the best sources across the web, displaying photos,
reviews and essential facts, as well as real-time updates and offers
from business owners.

Claim Your Google Places Page
• The first step is to claim your Google
Places page
• The following instructions will walk you
through this process
Create a New Google Account
• Logout of any existing Google Account
• Click “Create an Account”
• Fill out the required information
• Click “I accept. Create my account.”
Create a Google Places Account
• Click Places for Business link
(bottom right)
• Login in with your NEWLY CREATED
Gmail account
Enter Your Business
Phone Number
Fill Out Your Information
Fill Out Your Information
Fill Out Your Information
Fill Out Your Information
Verify Via Postcard Method
Verify Via Postcard Method cont.
Places Dashboard
Coupons Tab
Sample Coupon
Places Dashboard
Google Places Help Page

• Remove multiple Places Pages-


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