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Date :Apr.

19, 2006

Digital Multi Function Copier (Option):AR-168D/AL1556 etc. No. :DCE-609

Countermeasure when "CHECK SPF/RSPF. START

TO RESUME." is displayed during use of SPF/RSPF

1. Model Name AR-168S/168D, AL-1556/1566/1651CS/1661CS/1655CS, FO-DC550

Machines equipped with AR-SP8/RP8

2. Symptom When using the SPF/RSPF, "CHECK SPF/RSPF. START TO RESUME." may be displayed.
Take the following countermeasure when it appears.

3. Countermeasure (1) Clean the SPF glass.

(2) Stack A4 papers on the table glass to the height of 3.5 mm (approx 40 sheets) and place
them the same as normal copy.

(3) Close the SPF/RSPF gently, and execute Sim41-6 to adj

ust the OC cover lifting detection
*Close the SPF/RSPF gently so that it does not lift.
(4) Remove the sheets (A4 size, 3.5 mm high).

1) Perform adj
ustment with all exteriors mounted.
2) When disassembling the machine for repairs (removal of exteriors), be sure to conduct this
ustment after reassembly.
3) Perform this adj
ustment after replacing the scanner carriage.

SHARP CORPORATION Document Systems Division