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Interfood China 2011 Brochure 000

Interfood China 2011 Brochure 000

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Published by: James OReilly on Jan 25, 2011
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Market your products in Greater China

Important information

Date: June 2-4, 2011 Venue: China Import & Export About Interfood China 2011 Fair Complex The China International Foodstuff (Guangzhou) Exposition (in short "Interfood China Guangzhou, P.R. China 2011") is an export event & trade platform developed by Fair Huatse, in cooperation with the China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Foodstuff, Native Produce & Application Deadline: Animal By-Products, in order to link international food and wine foreign trade institutions, April 30, 2011 producers and exporters with targeted local business networks. Interfood China was established in 2004. It mostly constitutes a prestigious showcase for imported food, alcoholic drinks, beverage trade, relative products, and services from abroad responding to the needs of professionals in this sector for a trade fair with strong international appeal and a strict Business to Business formula.

Who should participate?

Producers Exporters Traders Agents International Food & Wine Regional Trade Commissions In the context of China's rapidly growing demand for imported food & wine consumption, Foreign Trade Institutions Interfood China 2011 is the first large international trade show in South China dedicated entirely to imported food, wine & spirits, and beverage & fruit industry.

Exhibition schedule
Bringing together the country's entire community of food & and wine importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, along with key large-scale buyers including hotels, airlines and restaurants, the event is one of the most important trade platforms for International and Chinese producers, exporters and traders to firmly establish themselves on the Chinese market. Exhibitors Check-In & Stand Assembly: May 31 and June 01, 2011 08:30 – 17:00

Opening Ceremony: June 02, 2011 • To maximize your market development efforts by participating at Interfood China 2011. 09:30 – 10:00 • To showcase your products to importers/distributors, to retail and food service buyers Exhibition (For Trade Only): as well as to wine industry professionals, and to test the market in South China. June 02-04, 2011 • To hear from local experts, and develop an understanding of the regional market. 09:00 – 17:00 • To expand your distribution network across China. Product Presentation and/or • To secure business in China, and increase your export sales. Tastings: • To promote your product and brand image in China's top-level food & wine fair. June 02-04, 2011 • To receive tailor-made assistance from Fair Huatse, and be advised on how to 10:00 – 16:30 successfully operate on this market. Stand Dis-Assembly: • To benefit from media campaigns managed by Fair Huatse. June 04, 2011 16:00 – 19:00

Why should you participate?

Apply Now at www.fairhuatse.com/interfood2011.html

Market insights
• China's economy has dramatically developed a lot in recent years, and the birth of a thriving middle class have fueled the demand for quality and gourmet products. Imports of food products are growing at a rate of 15% year, and, despite the economic crisis that is affecting demand in Western markets, all projections suggest that China will keep its import figures steady. • China is now the largest world market for foodstuff consumption, and China's imported food & wine market is blooming.

Market Analysis
China is a major foodstuff producer, as well as a major grain consumer with the largest population of 1.4 billion people. China is also one of the countries that enjoys the highest world economic growth rate. With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the diet habits and dietary structure of native Chinese people have changed tremendously. Nowadays, Chinese people not only work hard for having enough to eat and wear, but are also in pursuit of food nutrition, health standards, processing techniques, packing presentation, and consuming taste and brands. There is a huge domestic foodstuff market in China with strong competition. Upon entrance to the World Trade Organization, Chinese food service companies face a great pressure from domestic competitors, as well as from those international business giants. Guangdong, the biggest province in economic and agriculture development and rich in food resources, leads Chinese food export. However, the local organic & green food supply is still emerging at its initial stage. The Pearl River Delta, with Guangzhou at its heart, is the biggest food logistics base and consumer market. Its economy influences South China, South East Asia, and even the whole world.

Advantages of Guangzhou: A great dynamic international business hub There is a saying: “Guangzhou is a paradise for gourmet”, which proves its outstanding contribution to the foodstuff industry. As a financial center with 350 internationally recognized supermarket branches and about 150,000 retail dealers, more than 600,000 distributors of foodstuff & agricultural products choose to settle in Guangzhou. Thus, no wonder that traders from all over the world have headquartered their national general agents and wholesale dealers here.
According to government sources, Guangzhou has a permanent population of 12,000,000, and it served 9,856,000,000 visitors every year, including 3,120,000 foreigners. There are 2,560 tourist hotels and guesthouses, and about 250 starrated hotels (assessed by National Tourism Administration). Guangzhou is neighbored to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia countries. Its convenient transport system spreads the foodstuff commercial network all over the world. With the help of local government, Guangzhou sets a perfect base for domestic and international trading enterprises.

The Highlight of Interfood China 2011 The service core of Interfood China 2011 is meant to fit professional visitor requirements, and to guarantee full satisfaction to exhibitors using our services. The professional buyers come from: organic foodstuff corporate chains from all over the country, hotels, motels, clubs, entertainment venues, western restaurants, leading supermarkets, professionals on foodstuff commodities, foreign buyers in China, foodstuff produce and process base provider firms, industry associations, embassies from various countries, and foodstuff manufacturing companies, agencies, distributors, professional institutions. Local and foreign technicians are our special guests at the show.

Apply Now at www.fairhuatse.com/interfood2011.html

Significant Improvements for Internationalization The year 2011 is a key time period for international producers and exporters to open the huge potential market of China. This exhibition has successfully invited quite a number of national pavilions. European Union Organic Food, Italy Organic Food, and about 15 countries and regions being among them.

Exhibitor Profile

Participation Cost
Type of Booth

(Enjoy A 10% Early-Bird Booking Discount By Feb. 28, 2011)
Price (Euro)


EUR 2,000/booth (3m×3m)

This offer includes: 2-3 partitions, Fascia board, carpet, 4 folding chairs, 1 round table, 1 information desk, One 3-layer showcase, 2 daylight lamps, 1 rubbish bin, Booth cleaning service

Standard Booth for Food Exhibitors

(Corner booths are surcharged 10% extra) This offer includes: 2-3 partitions, Fascia board, carpet 4 folding chairs, 1 round table, 1 information desk, One 3-layer showcase, 2 daylight lamps, 1 spittoon, 1 bucket plus ice supply, 1 wine cooler, 12 wine glasses + cleaning service 1 rubbish bin Booth cleaning service

EUR 2,200/booth (3m×3m)

Standard Booth for Wine Exhibitors

(Corner booths are surcharged 10% extra)

Apply Now at www.fairhuatse.com/interfood2011.html

Euro 200/sq.m
Raw Space only (Minimum: 36 sq.m.)

Exhibit Space Only. Excluding any equipment. Plus, the Exhibitor should pay CNY 30/sq.m to the Administrator of the Exhibition Center directly.

Miscellaneous Activities
1. The 2nd Guangzhou International Catering Festival Synopsis: To promote the culture of Chinese and Western cuisine 2.Wines promoting and tasting event Synopsis: To promote high quality international wines 3. Fine wine Carnival & Flair bartending Synopsis: To promote the culture of flair bartending 4. Eastern and Western Food Industry Summit Forum Synopsis: For the innovation and globalization development of traditional food 5. The 2nd Procurement matchmaking with supermarkets Synopsis: The top 20 supermarkets in South China will be invited to communicate with exhibitors face-to-face, and jointly discuss cooperative purchasing processes between supermarkets and suppliers

Our Services
1. General Services a. Free of charge: 200 word company introduction in the fair catalog b. Provide assistance for the exhibitors in samples transport and custom clearance; c. Arrange Internet services for the exhibitors upon their requests; d. Free of charge air ticket and hotel booking service for exhibitors. 2. Business Matchmaking This is a single package solution for foreign companies to establish a business relationship with a Chinese importer. Producers/Exporters can appoint Fair Huatse as trade representative in China, then we will contact and negotiate with potential importers on their behalf until they establish a business relationship. 3. Consultancies Fair Huatse offers a tailor-made report on business, promotional feasibility study and planning for foreign businessmen. The report will include a market positioning analysis, business promotion feasibility study and suggestions. Besides, we also offer consultancies of negotiation advice, promotional campaigns arrangement and miscellaneous executive services.

Participation Procedure (Application deadline : April 30, 2011)
a. Please send an Application Form to Fair Huatse. The exhibitor will be served on first-pay / first-served basis. The priority will be given to those, who order big spaces, and our official sponsors. b. Fair Huatse requires a non-refundable 50% deposit for all events, where the value of the package surpasses €2,000. The payment term for the deposit amount is 5 days from invoice date. Payment of the deposit reserves your place on this show, but your place is not fully secured until the entire fee is paid. Non-payment of the deposit by the applied deadline will result in the forfeit of your reserved place. For packages amounting € 2,000 or less, full payment is required with payment terms as per the invoice provided.

Apply Now at www.fairhuatse.com/interfood2011.html


If your application is successful we will send you a Participation Kit to give you all the information you need to prepare.

Contact the Organizer:
Patricia Lai, Project Manager Mobile: +86 13650850056 Email: exposiciones@163.com Guangzhou Huatse Exhibition Co.,Ltd Room503, Block A, Yinye International Plaza, No.867 Guangzhou Avenue South, Guangzhou 510300, CHINA Tel.: +86 20 229 26 552 Fax: +86 20 286 20 287 Email: fairhuatse@163.com Website: www.fairhuatse.com

Apply Now at www.fairhuatse.com/interfood2011.html

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