Assignment Blogging Rubric

Studentʼs name:__________________________________________" " Completed the assignment If the student completed the assignment on time, evaluate it using the dimensions below. Dimensions Emerging Posts are primarily of a personal nature, provide opinions but are not tied to development, conditions, or philosophy of journalism, or relate to the topic under discussion for this assignment.
0 2 4

Assignment number:_______________________________" "

Graded by (group number):_________________ Points

Did not complete the assignment If the student did not complete the assignment on time, so indicate with a zero Developing Posts have tangential relevance to the topic under discussion and/or are presented in a less than compelling fashion.
6 8 10 12 14

Mastering Posts are of interest and relevance to the course (development, conditions, philosophy of journalism), the topic under consideration in class, and such relevance is made clear in the post.
16 18 20 22 25

Interesting, relevant & on topic

Quality of posts

Little effort appears to have been given in consideration of the topic; entry is somewhat shallow.
0 2 4

Student gave considerable consideration to the topic. However, the student does not provide in-depth analysis or provide thoughtful questions or ideas.
6 8 10 12 14

Posts are thoughtful, provide original, in-depth analysis and thought. Student reflects deeply on the topic.






Posts do not provide links. Links
0 2 4

Few links are provided and/or are from a single source.
6 8 10 12 14

Posts provide links to a variety of relevant and compelling sources.
16 18 20 22 25


Posts have numerous spelling and/or grammatical errors.
0 2 4

Posts are largely free or spelling and/or grammatical errors.
6 8 10 12 14

Writing is compelling, free of spelling or grammatical errors.
16 18 20 22 25