HOV::;::~~:~~::;;~'R"'" OPERA HonSl



ninent Democr-ats who claim levetand will car!"y a majority of res m the electoral oollege. can gel' be classed under the doubt-

ie oC "rambow chasers." the eleettun, which occurs to- , oak, call determine who it is N"nl'ly All Ihe PI'OI>""I)' /'10101 H"'n:.:~

~s been chasing the fateful willisp, and all indications along

seem now to point to tile fact '-I'he sale of the city and sur burban

publica~ leaders wjJlnot 0111y ~)l'opert; of tile Tift estate, at admin- 'TUESDAY

pus theu pot of gold on the tstrator s . sale, commenced at the ,

rf this month, but will also be COUl't House at 10 o'clock to-day, find ng the Joss oC foul' years jt is just about to close at the hour tile administration the promise of HERALD goes to press,

hey claimed that they saw in a A large orowd had gathered in front

-hued sky. of the Oourt HOllse at the appointed

olidSoutb will never be broken hour, and the bidding was lively from nuiaturs of Republioan boodle the start,

g ngo realizE-d, and so stated Mr. J, W. Kemp is the auctioneer.

reports to their national com- The sale embraces all the oity and

suburban real estate of the estate, ex-

pal leaders, author-itres on the cept a few Jots.and is t he largest pu blic f the campaign, as well as the sale that has ever taken place in th is b.ewspapers of the day, whose part of the State,

ndants scour the country Tile pr~pert,y ,sold, so far, has

individual canvasses teJl us brought very good prices.

York certainly, and Indiana An undivided half interest in the

wi.l! fall this year iuto the Tift store, corner of Wasbington and Supported by Her O\Vll ('nDlpaTl io column. "'hat is left of the' Pi ne streets, a nd oceu pied by N,F.'l'ift Comedy n.nd )l usirlll ']'a It> n t.

n party in New York is har- &; Co., brought $6,000,

o be sure, but the desertions .A half interest in the Carter & EVERYTHING

n account ot the protection Woolfoll{ warehouse sold Jar $12,000. New Song;;! N W }'!l('('5 ~

d the faot that the Aust ral- Oarter & Woolfok own the other half . r ew Uunces! • ~I'w '0 t,nOll'

1 . Ph Id New fll!':ncl Xc,,' 'aylllg.

aw w.lil prevent to a large e 0 Bridge IIouse brought ~2,1i;O, Xew Fu uny "itlllttion :

e buying of votes, will cer- An u ndlvlderf one-thlrd interest in

It them "that State, the house and lot k no w n as the Mann

but the most hopeful signs place, corner or. ucil;.'ty and Jefl'erson d D

ts come from Oonnecticut streets, brought ~l 2nO, fwd was birl in The Widows Chorns an

Innesots and Washington; by Mr. lIfRllrl. ,

gao's vote will be divided 'fhe little house alld lot known as

etwean the two part.ies. the Lot'w place, corner of Society 11 nu MI'SS Jarbeau's

and New Jersey are no ,Jackson streets, sold for ,~l. 'ifi, lU

iSl'd as doubtful States but 'i'heae are among the best knuwn iDly a"d the tatter at least, pieces of property sold, lind the ad to the Democrats. amount. At which t he v were knocked er there is no cause for duwn to til' higbe 1 bidders are given

tb t I I .J. 0, HER:¥l4l'EIN, Prot .. nUll

ere should be no over- 0 s lOW lOW pl'i~t'S range. Mo~t of

'['he work to be ptl'ectunl- the property .. vns bid in by the heirs hould be overwhelmingly thollgh a good many purchase WHe il'y Democratic vote cast mndto' by outsiders.

,,~~.?)(I .. !t' ,11 e I' III a pn til'y :;0 'N '.-·.-.-II-t -.-. I-e-f~-I-!'!I-I-.- "T-(l H 1l:.

Goo(l PI·ice •.






[0 her brilliant Mu icn] 'omell,


Till' TIit of t he ~I'n:"o II !

1':Nj""Y{'r and thl' Jlet'," "l:'lil!tl," , iJem Cluud.," .. ,,'hen' I' Yl Guill'" .dy Prl'tly lltlid:'''

d!!' A ticket IW11l1ed by 1.!;\yor W. B.

an .roprutor, Gt lber-t and with the WUllES of t.hree

cut of the six pres nt Councilmen on it, is announced in this evening's l1El~ALD for the city election on the fu-st Monday in December.

Iishea every even- So far as the HERALD can percei ve


the~'e is no important issue upon

WhICh tbe people of tbe city appear to be divided at this time. In the absence of any such issue, the ticket announced to-day will probably meet with DO serious opposition. It is composed of good men, most of whom have served the city fai thfull,. and satisfactorily in like positions in the past and it-would be a difficult matter to :nake

up a ticket of good men to run agai n t nIl the Iocal uews tbem upon purely personal grounds. on sale at the tot- Tbe ticket is a re pre entative one too

, ,

and would be a bard one to beat eve n with a popular living issue.

In our city politics It is gelling to at Union Passen- be so that it is no 'a 'V mat tcr to make sod h'om newsboy

Up a good ticket for a Board. of Oll 11-

oilmen. 1 he position is fl. thankless one, and the only alat'y attached to it is til criticism and "cussl n" that gets in the f'arthf'ul di cnarg of hi' dllty. A a result of this, many of tile best and most capable men in the ity sh r i nk from the U npl asant or den I f lELA D a scrnrnbl to be lected to a po ition

, tha.t i v holly without em 01 um nts nnd y·t impo. es 'Work and responstbitlty upon t11 Ill.


I Albany.

Iff of DOllghel·ty


.................... $ 500 ........................ 250 ....................... 1 25 ...................... 100

f·~··~d~~~~~·~·; no ~~-

If anybody.

[able, and mnds

e of 'V aehington

ok Store, corner ta.

~roo.d street.

)V. 2, 1892.








OrCllpi(>ll ,,'it" E

'JIIH' lJOU5l' and (session yesterday. joint session was due to ox prrnt io ns flees of circuit jud

'I'he first electio tice of the Supren Logan E. Bleckl chosen.

Mr. II. .T. Lew elected .fudge of cuit. Judge S. '\V Judge, nn d .fIon. citor, of the Cow J. Hunt, of .Jutlge, antlllon. 'olicitor or the Ilamiltou )Ic"Th

• 1 I

was unammou J

the N ortbern Ci r Thus far there tion, The first lIon. R. 11. I.e\ on. ,Y.)I. JIo

circuit. Tlowar vole of 113 to 9

, urpr ise Lo a.ll 0 as his eleclion \ uiost '1 but that he was oustua ombin .. , r y Rcpubli

ith one. xce



______ -l..(.;....uJ~rO'in lnw-mn kers have. tonchell

did not

f ,

, l





The NII~::el~ ('nule F.'OIlI lU '. 'V. J. ."iDson's "'ell a.t Acree.


Yesterday's HERALD told of the discovery of go1cl in Dougherty county, and stated that the nugget which had been tested by Mr. J. W'. Joiner, the jeweler, came from a ell on Mr. '1'. J. Pinson's place in East Dougherty.

'I'he story as told in yesterday's HERALD is true in every particular except one, 'I'he gold nugget belonged to Mr. ·W. J. Pinson instead of Illis brother, who brought it to town, and it carne from Mr. vr. J. Pinson's well at his mill in Aoree.

1\'Ir. ltV. J. Pinson was in the oj~ this morning. and bad two more rich . are now ripe, 8" tatfd nuggets, which be showed to a representative of the HERALD. There ap-

more days in which to pears to be no' doubt about there being a good dea.l of gold where his well was

dug. The weli was dug two or three to-night will be well years ago, and is only about twenty

feet deep. The nuggets which have b Her house be n round W re taken from th rocks

last night. and dirt tuat were thrown up when

crg ia hould the well was dug and th first ope

alifornia? was disco ered by Mr. Pin OIL by be merest accident. After he learned - -tll, t in was gold he looked further, and fou nd two more I uggets.

The e is Jo.nid 0 be a good deal of ex-

-item nt d WD 'about ov r the


II', Pluson say be ill e ds to have

dis overy inve tigated.

).\.lI,Y HEll,ALD by Neuman & or Locnl 'Ycllthcl' 'ignals.)

~A., Nov. 1, 1892.-Tnor Georgi a to-day :

O'ht or Tbursday. MERR.lllLL.

R-Photographer. -Pbotograpncr, Albany

e quiet on the streets





-Seven day's \1 who has bet-wh

-Mr. D. C, Bad

Bacon were into

-It doesn't m: pay for coal, it'. smoke. -This week 1 to lovers of am

tainments . -Isn't it fUlll

a gentleman de~ ing arrested?

-A mintatur the bat 1S the la gel' young rna

-The "Hustl

tfhomu,svi11e t to-morrow nla:

-Mr. and lead this ev commences a

- owente

to the Indian effiei n t tna,

-Mr. Hal yest rday f1' weduinn- at night.

- r: E.

One county in the Second Congressional distr-ict, Baker, is to have Federal supervisors at the election on

next Tuesday. ~.' . ,_ .

-'~ ~.,:' Baker is the horne _county_ ot Hand,

0'11 "the rJ:~trd; Parny ' cahdida"te for.-' Con':

";.i ~~ '"gress, and this little foretaste of the

. '. force bj ll is doubtless due to hi'm.

~ J~NES.


y or to-morrow er our new









BIU Old .'oller ~ Will Give n Good D~lIloC~R.~;c,)'I!ljori~y All

tbe 'Sft.m~_" ,



tJhail'lIIan 11108 Committee, ~ -M'ringeul of S~u

Special to the Hl ATLANTA, statement of

But old Baker is safely Democratic and will give Ben Russell a good majorl~y next 'I'uesday just the same.

Judge En;u>ry Speer, of the United States Court for the Southern district of Georgi~ made the appointments of the Superv,)sors yesterday. 'l'hey are appointed by. the Court under the Federal statutes as "managers of election," and the two contending politi ... cal parties are equally represented at each pre i nct.

Here are the appointmpnt. made by

Judge Hpeer for Baker county:

N wton precinct-H. II. Sanders, People' Party; B. . TIudspeth, Dem .. ocrat, Jlayg ad preci nct-A. J. Munk, P opl 's Party' Jam s Bodifield,

rno rat. Iilford prpcinct-J. E.

Tiffin, Pe pl s arty' 'I'. F. 'mith,

committee to against Judg Blue Ridge G House this 11 Evening Ja day, and ~Ir. frOln serv i n ing commit

Mr . .M.ose for future are string the accusat

'l'he fun late Senat to-day.

There a position t di ell ed The IJeH day f r w

[m )Ortcr and

1 _LJ~,'I,r::I: ,:!l LOW l'RH k~

"!O,w,wm" Coot ~lo,e!,

Baril,are" • '


Tlm U.MtV II

ses ter

or UVUJt:' l·Ut:: l(1.t.l).ln~ TIra-\O' I.'" ....... - -"7

of blunt Uucle Sam transact his business po

in a plain, blunt fashion, and not in- su du lge in myths and shadows to feed ed the vanity of the editor from Oshkosh at and the protected man ufactnrer from


Ka lamaz oo.


No BeaJ.·s .4llowcd. 'I'wo "dagos" with a measly Iook ing bear attracted much attention in the C

lth ed city thi s mor nl ng. They are from sunny France, and as

they carne in they headed straight up r:.r Washington street. T'he Mayor ga ve a ~e orders however, to have them nt out 1 In of town, as the citlzens object to hav-

ing bears shown here on aocou nt f their frighteuinO' horse .

I r Accordingly they I ft thi. aft rn

~~ I for 'l'homas vi II anc will t llLl the' Ii tJ t n J n h i there.


~.r aR. 10 call Ibrlll!! or xou'r 1,I"Ul. I,. e.Ullle, II; 1III."I'h~. .r Ihrille _ .... h.' .lIb· ".,rip'; •• It e.... Ihe prIe.. or .ub erlp· lioa ta .,.Uillel it. Plea.iII po.,. ubllc:ripIiou bill. proUlplb.

'l' ES:r;>.A Y, NOV, 15, 1892.

to Congress in December a cons tion of the Tariff bills now }yi the pigeon-holes of the Senate mittee on Finance. In takin, course be ne-ed not be disturbed bugbear of consistency. States[ able and as patriotic as he ha 1 permitted the poor plea of consi to prevent them 'from giving eff the popular will. As a stud political history President Harr so familiar with the examples 0 point that they need not be reca his memory.



THE 'fifton Gazette. grows brighter with eaoh issue,


'rIIE New York World gfves the

Tammany Tiger the first prizE'.

ADLA.I and his axe bewed out a beautiful road to the WbIte House.

'THE latest returns place Oalifornia and Ohio in the RepUblican column.

MR. CLEVELANO'S letters were i n Mr. Smith Clayton has -been "'"

themselves a power ill directing the some bright and interesting Iett campaign. tbe Atlanta Jauroal from New

duri ng the campaign.

In his letter of yesterday he S~ John Wanamaker aocounts f.

Democratic victory by saying ~ was a tale of two Cities, and tb big foreign vote in New York an cago settled it.


'l'browout New York and I and Cleveland bas still a major the- Electoral Ooltege of nearlj votes. * "* *

.Tohn Cockerill bas announce the- Republicans will renew ths for proteotion in 1896, and that ~ Jey wi ll be. tbeir nominee.

I bope so.

That being. the case, if the crats are true to tbeir po 'ti tariff reform, we will get Penns an d Massach usetts. * if ...

The New York Herald WSl know what did it.

Wby the tariff in the Of

West, and tbe force bill in tlle 'I'hese were the grand causes tri um ph, wi tb tbe Au tralia n system as a migbty good third.

CLEVELAliD is the first presrdant sf nca Buchanan who can truly be called national.

ATl'..A.NTA'S festi vities . begin to-day. 'l'wo weeks of j nb i Iee ought to last them a long time.


TT now seems probable that there

will be no opposition to the mun ioipal ticket that has been announced.

HON. A. O. ~ACON, of Bibb, is doing some good work in the House, not ouly {or his constituents but for t.he entire State.

)V A.LL street' speoulntors are DOW moumtng the loss of several hundred thou and dollars as a resnlt-of the electlon.

Sur SMALL says he has been slandered. It ttus is the first time he has noticed it, be must have been treated vPJ'Y badly.

TFfE country weeklies are coming in THE ELB(JT~ON H008TIlJ

with all the election news. orne ot

them were ~nterprisiDg enough, how- Do A Bird rbol i. N .... ( .•• wl

e"'er, to i ue extra. G.I ... ,. PoUtle ••

BEP JiLl A.N8 are consoling themselves w.ltb predictions of a gluwing success in 1 96. At present, howe er, they hav nothing but losses to bank on.

In the celebrated

IT would have b en the politionl jokt" of the season If Jerry imp on' friends bad batt red that s ate Ulan up a little a WM propo ed just beror U) ejection.

JOE JU(K that taunch D mocr ti war horse, 0' ougla county has been stroDl'ly endors d by hi coo tit ..

.:...-oc:L.. .uenta or d ist riot

ditor n. iog thinK up to tb r qr standard. Their complain



ore 1







W. Tucker

ER, re,


~e P~OUlpt reftlit for at current ~ to .ight I approved e IOlici ted.

rb~, ,;lrUI Ueviic .. 'r (,be '1'.ro-a,P'. 01 ,b., lJlCl-Phofi"'OD l)n",I"nciLlII_.).h,et 'J'eJe&Fnpbl.c- ]'to ...... 1

8".(1141 to tI ic It" n AL.,.

A'l'I.~NT"', Doc. S.-A very dIst",· guished party of nit.ed States Army officers wilJ arrive in Atlanta MO!,day morniug. i

~'he parEy will be composed of Gen.

Grant, tile Assistaut SecI'eta,y of War; Gen. lYilllam Smith, Pay-Master-Geoera! ortne Uoited States Armf; Maj. Davis, tbe Advollllt.e-Genern1, !llld Oapt, Miller, tbe Quarter-Master.

Gen. (irant will bead the party. Gen. lI'ullerton, Geo. Byingtoll and Gen. Grant's son will aocompany the party.

l'he troops at tIle McPherson barrucks lui ve been ordered to hold themselves ill readiness ror n geueral reV lew Monday morn i ng at 9 o'clock.

Tn ..... PPRO .. B ........ O,N'S •. I,L.

Uuder Dhea.lloll Tbi8 rtloruiua-ACl,. 110M •• tbe !toldiltl .... t HOUle 10 be Tilke'u \Vedneldnr.

S)Jcol~ll to tho HHiHUU.

ATLANTA, Dec. S.-'l'be Senate WIIS 1I0t in session .rn-day.

A part of tile appropriation bill was under consrderatton In the noose. Mr. Rankin moved tv cut off approprj at; ens from branch colteges, and pending the d lseusslcn tile Hoose adjourned.

The action on the tloldilu's' Horne hili waa reconsidereil so as to allow debate on it on Wednesday next. It was made epeoinl order for Weducsday, anu the vote will be taken after the debate.




WE ~J..EAIII 'J~'''1l: 11'''"0111 I.' ........ ~N< GEn »~I"'O'T, C'F UI' tlf!l,li:-j

" L DO Jr •• De n'lIzqllllWlb'll ee .. l Du.... I Q A I ... 'bnur-f".'he Oillelnh: at .he ' __ ·tUg, 8)1". tltHl ,riwit i,botl· lJit""t .a Tbe-i .. Rc;:;.

Ilhn' ';l'ODI' of In&.iH::e"ou.

-'.I.'he North Georgiil. M. E. conferIIDce is hi session at Mild i5011.

-'rhe official return! from Cnli[orllia show II Democranie plurallt.y in that Stn~e or 271.

-Latest ndvices state that Uontaoa ",111 send II .Republican Senator to the Un .ted States Senate.

-A slrgbt ell.rthquake shock WIIS felt i (I Chattanooga yesterday.

-1011's. Gazaway llllrtrid get of SII vall-

nab, died yesterday, '.I'.li.e T"o".n~ (lO ..... 1' P~lw .. r'.

-LizziI.' nO.l'd~n has been indicted 'I'homas county held a priulIlrY 011

for murder by thogrllnd juryat~'l\un- 'l"hul'!ldny lor tlill nomination ot coun-

too, MasS. 01 offioers.

~'be resu It wa~ as follows: 1:'01' Or-Two thousand Third Parby ites dlnary, JOB. S. ]lferrill; fol' Sb'erifl', R.

met at ?:hotn~on yesterday to bowl for P. Doss; for Clerk, J. W. Groover; for 'I'om Watson. 'l'hree-toUl'thB Of them

Recai vel'; W. I". McGallll; for Cotlec-

were Negt'ollB. 'l'bey were all asked tor, 111. w. Blmmeus ; ror 'r~easu.rer, J. to subscrtoe to' Watson'. contest fund.

F, Parker; for Surveyor, W. H. Rog-

-'l'wo countrymen, near Atlanta, era; for Coroner, B. C. John80n. 'I'he olaim to have beeo ilflld lip and robbed gentlemen nominated are all Demoby Borne soldiers of the McPherson crats, and will be elected without I1l1y

bareaoks, 1

---- ...... ,=--,;,_- .....&.!!Jr~o;t!Il.,._Il ..... _~ I._.Lll"JA ,wJu'nb_t<em=w.

l'o-day is a red lettH one t.n AI uauy, anu every one of bel' citizens ann join in n heartfelt "Amen," Ior the consummation of an euterpri8e whIch lor yenr" has been daily clumcred for.

Am! that enterpr-Ise is the Alb!!.n), Union Pa senger Depot. It seems IlU age si "Q~ the nail-road Oom m 189i an of Georglll issued an order eo the 8everal roads eutering lbany, whereby they were gi veil nutice that proper accommodation s ,for their l'H~3cllgeJ'S must be at, once prepared.

This occaetoned joy in the hearts of a l l our citizens, but when delay atter deJay foJlo\~ed one upon the other, and time after time excuses were otterred fol' the putting oft' of the crecLion of the depot, ~he case seemed j udeedR. desperate one. Finally, though, the depot was erected, but hitches again occurred to delay its occupatlon.

But time works wouders, and to-day the roads, entering Albany began to have their trains arrive at aud depart from the new depot, 'I'ioket-agent B.M. Oomfort has moved i1is ticket cases and fUrnitUre from tbe old "shebang" nnd Is now in his new quarters. 'rile first tickets were sold Irom the new otl1ce for the II :40 Oentral truin.

Tral ns hal' e left from the new depot to- day' oYer all tbc ron<,ls exoept the S., A.. M. 'I'be Southern Express 00., and the railway mait : service Offices 111l~e been ooonpietl,.and the telegraph department has been fitted out, Messrs. Penfield c't llcJntosh s restaurant naa been opened, and mea Is are nolV served at a:1I hours.

In raet the new depot is DOW ...... holly

occupied. ~

THE Ol',I,>lOlAL~ 01' Till<: l'J,o\N1' SYSTRlf 11-; TlIlii OJTY.

'file officials of tile entire Plant SYRtcm arri ved i 1\ tIll! 01 ty ina special train about 10 o'clock this morning, under charge of Super mtendent Haines, of tlle t:I., F. &; W. 'XlIey \ve\'tj on a regular tour or Irrspecuon and only remarried In fhe city halt an bour.


Some Phl.lolll.phr ou,Uul'ln'rill!i-jljj~:D,lI!It niu~ oil "PC.lI_dni.oil'l llond __ a Au E.dc .. l,. LndT'"



'~his ndmi rahle observatton regard-' in" culture is giyeu by Mr. MaUock:

"( don't onll II woman cultivated who bothe"a me nt <Ii n ner, first wrt.h rl i~(luBsiog" this book and then thatwhose on" perpetual question is, "Have 'You read So lind So?" But 1 call n woman Cllitloatlld. who responds and who knows what 1 mean as we pass naturally from subj~ot to sobject--who by n flhsh Or " sottn ess in he" "yes, by a 8ll1l'bt gesLure of cue band, by n sigh, b~' a flush in the chaek.jnakes me reel as 1 tal k of some lovely scene that she, too eoulu love It; !IS I speak of love Or sor-row makes me feel that 51,,, herself has l'nown them; as I speak of nrnb ition, or en n IIi or hope or remorse, or loss or cuaructer makes me r~81 tbat all thes~ are not mere names to bel', but




-Hop. abIlity t -It t. picture -TilE ender. -No' key to l -1' ... necks ~ -SOl COtlJ.e IJ -Til as dun londeci -JI. the_de. whist)


'rile old.-fasbioued gold signet ring is once fiiore seen, but not Oil museu'pc binds; insteail, it is noted on those (liatinctly feminine, and it is usually worn on the long, slender little finger. Women whose nands are snort and dimpled, says the Ladies Home Journal, should not wear such rings, as They tend to give a thi(.k look to. tbe tlogers.

-MJ for II' (r·an": on tIl'

-M maklr and f turu· of he

-'J "Brurij

.l IIOl':NB1' I'on .\N IIl.D1'll{l.Y r,ADY.

A bllll,k velvet bonnet, to be worn b~ an e){1erlv Indy at a.. tJlHlI'C!J weddillg, nas rl'al d uohesse lace d raped o~ or ! II~ soft crown, and 1\ fall 01 iLjostin front, caught in ph\ce hy aver)' linely cut jl.t buck I!!. '1'110 bllj,lll is co~erecJ velvet, and the tics are of black aatm.

'. Evening shoes ure in grPIlt vnriety and must match the gown. Black shoes with paste ornaments lire W01'U with white dreSges. 'I'he new.('st decoration Is i 0 Lh~ fOt'm of l' sma lidiamond-shaped buokel, and hlls 0. scrnp ot satin through it to give a touch of uolor, Pale blue suggests all opu! surrounded by hrilllllnts. Ulnck patent. leather shoe" often have bright red bow. 'lie Onintiest shoes af all Ila~ 11 "'01 d lI('twork at the toe And h~el; ,t m~y be over pale blue or pink white, the rest is Qf blank or white satin,

_ bhn.y while dresB6S for summer are made UI} over yellow silk WIth wi(\o yellow lI .. shes at the belt, or :ello.w sdk gh:d.le!!. Spanjsll y~llow rIbbons ot either silk or velvet lire used as a lI. gnt'niturll for cream white wool I\?wns th or those otsoft SIlk.



th va co


J .- ~,-

f tho

sum to be employees bond con forrnance • delivery 0; city cornir their con' bond, to 1 and Coun. their succ

SEC. 10. the said 1



aph r ..

ably 0 - [

To A. nU~tI.1 the ()hal"tel' of tlae CH,t of Albany to Cl'ea te a RORI'd of 'Vale'" ConllniMSiout'll'S, Defining Theil" PO'Vel"~ au(l Dl .. ie~, a'Il1

rOt" O.bel' PIII'pO. e~.

Dough old

ThaI Oil lUill Tbat oil mill st readers of the HE getting fat fa t.

Died of Hi. "roQud. scales at 840 poun

Mr. J. D. Winohester, wbo was aoei- which hav-e been a dentally shot on last Tuesday after- week by the fat nOOD, down at Hardup in Baker cooncotton seed hull

ty, as reported in Wednesday's HER- meal. PractioalJ

.... LD died from the effects of the QC)

-The plan for the reorganization of tbe Central railroad has been practically agreed upon. This plan involves the scaling down of interest on

- \.

the bonds of the road and a new issue

of first mortgage bond-s to retire the 7 per cent. bonds due January 1st.

d line of Insur .. and write inproperti ~S.

p'n tha.t the City TaxRE!!fI!:NTENCED TO' nA.NG. .bat I am ready to re-

pr the year 1892., at my

nion TeJegraph Com- .l"ohn CroomM, the ',,"orah COd.'''' lJI.I.r-

re~iU$T. Citv Clerk. de.'er, •• be BRa&,ed JaBu.r, 6.


John Crooms, the Negro who killed bailiff Jim Hamlin, in Worth county, about three years ago, and whose trial has been pending in the courts ever slnoe, was resentenced l?y Judge Bower at Isabella yesterday, and January 6th was the day fixed for the execution.

Crooms has bad able counsel and his case has been stubbornly fougbt. He was sentenoed to hang when first tried, but his case was carried to the Supreme Court. 'I'he Supreme Court sustai ned the court below, and Crooms bas now been sentenced the second

time by Judge Bower. ,

- Crooms has spent mostof the time of his long imprisonment in tbe Dougherty county jail. Several months ago, however, for BOIDe reason, be was transferred to the Bibb county jail. He was brought to this city by Sheriff Cox this morning, and is now ironed and in a, cell in the Douaherty county jai1. He is to be kept here until the time for his execution arr-ives.

The. last hope for In m seems to have been dispelled, and nothing tbat his lawyer can do for him now wi II probably save bis life or stave off his execution. The han~ing will take place at Isabella on FrIday, January 6.

IL, $100,000

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The trouble with class of citizens in Southwest Georgia our consumers to U is out of al1, proper ers bei n g so Iarg jority that the ode come by legitimatE

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'I'he South Georg.

Metbodist church n on the 14th of Dec \V .• J. Robertson an atten d from Alban

Mr. Blitch has j istry and bas prea before .AIbany c preached Iris last fere e on last Thl]

To-morrow mor Rev. Mr. RobertsQ last sermon before ence, and the pulp] filled by Rev. 11 preacher of Black his way to Colum

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n tn ·~wr.·nlnO~lnr~~~~r~I~~~~~re~_~-v-e

abl , to say the least, and those i uter- bo ested are inclined to take a cheerful

of view of the situation under all the oi r-

a cumstances.

Id --------

Gen. 1YIorgnn'8 Vo,~ Dead.

One of Gen. Mogans' cows gave up

on the ghost yesterday about noon after sueffring for some time wi th a severe it-

he case of colic.

Medfcal aid was extended in 'her last

as -

n moments, but no human power could

be save the unfortu-nate creature from the ttd grim destroyer, so _ she gracefully succumbed to the inevitable.

~.~ Coroner Grant Wynn was on the

ground, but no jury was summoned, as n there were two good witnesses to the fact that the death was in the

1- of things. So no inquest was n · Had a jury been em anell d and

n in, the verdict wonld ro a Iy

b en death fro 1 an 0 r r 0.' f

'I~.IR ,,"NO LI':f'IIIT N.OnT



I ... Tn .... - ...... "I'll' T,I Ii: R,..t.IJ.N",

FiRE. 'I'''.~nu Il ... .,,, .... d

(t,,~ ~. ,11'1. b.~ "I'CI'9r"'-~' IIIf ,11111

- , .... , ... '!.~.J"~q.:J:l!taJ ..... .hllfl'.

Tn 110 1I".to'I'~ .. ra

'I 1 AI ~'Jr~ntcl'e!tl/ifJeX,~

" r". . e •• ot tho

'-'.""n"A durrng thu progr. d e

1kE!' ~/~lJ:'1" 11!"J homo uoeween :2 u.n • o'clock this JJ)l)rufng. I';P d 0.0.)'1- .A ll{~h "'lnCl. WIlH l.tIOlVl~Co :~k8 into

ried n perfeot 9ho\V~f 0 sp n ~l.nd

IIfte. 2 Jl[r, 1'iIt's lor, .ubjectu\,Il' hi. bar (J

ootJ:re prellli~i!s to grell!;. dange,rt :HI

II~ "'en r cur to protect bis. pro»erty. i NotiG;08" tiwt th. 10ft WIII<lO\V o! II • I,)lu'n was pnrfJy opeu, ltfr~ Fl'rft '"lU~11b<I up to It for tire ,,,,rllOse ot clOAIl g

t'·a .""ne .,':. He pu!Jod tl.e .IJUtter "POll II I,ttle

on u.." tl .t tor tile

by Mr. wider M,.," }I<! Imel (OUI) ". t" w the purpoSe ot g;ving n II good ''''"'f

veJope<f in close it wbeJJ 1,,, "'"". sbocl<~d by .~v.

Dg at jll<t" n;lln tllru.t .Ilia (aoe out t·he ":'~J:~ tlM:t no rrow \.('JeIJjn SJX jrIO'W~ of lila: 0\\'0. 1

[ace was li st:rnoge One to ..i\TtM 'l'ift:, ~nd 11 regular wss »oe II v~ry pre"(J.~eBalug one c,th. sometime. cr. Mr. T;r~juJDI>~(/ dowll to the gro~lJ(I In II few a-nd mntle ti,e stranger follow hun. Imrrl raius lVlwn tile fellow Inrl(led on terra I!,~~~ tbe [Jj~ht, lie IIJJdartooit to run, but Mr. 1'1

to 'the pl/lycd Jl bluff game Oil him 1ll0.~ au? Mr. S . .<I.. oessfuJJy by tllr(lIvillg /JiB hand to IllS ol the iii" pocket 11",1 taJliIla' him tba~ if be tbe dldll't Btop b, would slloot lIim, See. d gain. IJI;; Mr. R. B. DrowlI near by, Mr. 'I'in

Clilled b;m to hi. IIs<listance and they

build· carried the mall to tIle police and be ,\vas fock~d up.

III I'lllat.jng his experience til is morn. iog Mr. ,flft gMt.! that Ill) was never worse surprised. 01' rendered more OO"rI'OUB nil of Il 8uddell_ chlln when that (no..! was thrust witJJ;1l six iucllell of bis OWII. Said 1111, "L made out like I wlIsn't soared, but 1 Wile,"

'l'be stranger turned out to be II tramp who came with Lake & Nortll's cirous. 'l'lle circus peopltJ say lIe followed them f~om PensacollI, and tbat they IJllve been lIuuble to "Shllkll" him. TIle poH(le found bim with tOllr othel' trllmp~ }Jo\,~l'lIlg over 11- lIre d,/wil Ilear the J'i1'81', on last 1:l~lltlllj UJornillg, Il.1ld mt:de th(\ltl leave t.,v,.n, but this fel/cHI' ":lUll! bll.I'k. If e Is It tjitty. vi/IM"oUR Junking (ll'eMure. II" will not hl' pro.~Pllut .. lI, Ij'1t will II!' trll'Il ... t1/0,r.'{· r hi:lllft('!'nnull witlJ II rt'mludf'r 1l1l\! will {'J'obllbIJ kl'f'p !Jim

II way 1rom..llb:lI1Y it! tl!~ flllul.t!,



Ourlng tb" greater pnl"t or tlH' night last IIlglJt there WG e n s ~'Qnl;" ortb. t 'w'ind blO\ving at n rorloul J:'l\teJ :;:~ clme Bud "11"1,, houBe. throughout blO the city 'Wer~ sbnken 0.'9 If by nn Cllrth ..

quJl"e, t 1 g~

'lllu:~ wind <lid it!! wor:8 '- ama ~~ G01 •

" I blowing down telegraph

however, ,n S F & )V wires wero

wires. 'J'IH~ ",. '.. _ eh

broken by ie, Bnd ... a consequence ~

train on tbat rond WIl. somewhat be Some hj"nd time thia morning, Wires On but tho se "eral otber li lies wer .. broken 11.180, about 01 hilt as yet no other delays bnve bo~n cant . C caused by this d&mage. touchir-

In tbe olty S Il<lmber of rences were a mag; blown libwll, and "ome P"lople ~ny they going ~ were in constant t .. rr(}r durIng ~he attr~ct; night lOr; tellr their honses were gOlllg an~lOu to be blown over, '.l·bere wae DO dnn. articler gel' froro thlltsQurce, however. ae the ~ike a _ wind nlthO\lgb n pretty .trong one, Ing to WIIS by no mcnns atronll" enough lor pende tbnn, • what ~

It 'VIIS a fortunate thiug that the has b ntmosphere waa deoidedly ~1I111P dlll'- Furlli iog tbe tli'e, or the destruct,ve f\llmee and would have Spread further MId far room more rapidly than they .did. .As it endle WIIS, she people in the ,l(",gllborhood are s< of the fire were in constant dread that By a' tlleir dweili ng would catch next. For· span tu nately the atmosphere was very ing, Ilnmp, and lIying sparks could do no

damnge. ()UnleTIIIA8 ~N EUROPE.

'L'IIe i1:ro til it!} morn i rig has led to 0.

J';"(lod d~"l of <lis""ssion nll,l sev(!~~~ snggt3:stfOflS j n regard tu the mor_e e t ciollt Otgll n izaUon ot tile fire dopn r •

• nd the employment of tll" wat.

menl,.1:\ I... - , Z

"','·Wo<l,8 system to Pllt out Ilny ~ II res wMcll mlly occur during tbe lJOhdays. as tills is LIl" time of the year that firM

most liAble eo occur.

it has been suggested that a :fireman be employed by the BOQrd of Water QOIrJiuiesionel'8, and put to work at the plant. rt is well known tllat lin eng!neer baa ,,1I·endy been elected, nod ,s now draw'"g a salazy, In view of the racts that the witter-works system cnn be used in ease of lire now as well as

it can nt nul' tillle ill the future, and tbat the holidays are liable to bTi ng alOIlS" tlleir usual nil mber of fires on sceeuet of tbe various 1irll-lVorks that arc let loose at random IlJl over tbe oity, this suggestion is II good lind timeJy oue. Tbe Wllter COlllmisslOn.

ers could not inl'l'st a smnll amount or money better than in tile employment of n fu-eulllll, as i n tbat case the .ystt'ilI conlJ be used at any time 1.11 caSe of i1re, an d tbe tu IJ pres ure eould be turned into the mains.

This- SuggestIon should meet with th!' approvAl of those in nothol'ity,

'.0' .. 1"" G.elU FeAt .... 1 i." e d b.

Olcl-'V .. rlilLnud ••

A ","jd l";r .. O.,Plle.I ... e ....

A member II the new ouncn reo cenUy elected has some strong views in r",tn I'd to the i m PI'OI'<' men t of the tlrt' d('llMtment of the olty,

He I1.1S not a WIII·cl to say Ilgnin t fhp "IIJI!llker ('Oll,p1Inies, On the ')1.111'1' 11111111 lie sal'" (flat rheir work IIl~t 11 i,e:ht W3S l'xrpll,·!\ t liudel' the oir"IIU1~! ,,-'v"'''' !lnU I hilt it rm'ritl!ll tht! !Iig/lpsr n'lJJmpnLlI (Ion ...

]III[ rhcrt' is no floulll b,ll tllllL It it" tll .. !t~r fll<;j!iti~~ ONr.I't' wurk oOllld be

In Germany says Youth's Ocmuanlou, they m;ke Ill" e of Christmas tban we do in AmeriC!1. Everywhere tlu.! Christmns tree is used.

Jf a family 1.8 tuo poor to have.a wbole tree, I/. Bingle branch only WIll stand in II oonspicuous place, bung witb !;be few Simple gifts.

A. week before Obristmas St. Niall-

olaa visits the chIldren to find out who bave been good eooogb to re~eive the gifts the Chrlst-ollild 'IYill bring them on Christmas eve.

rt I 1\ very usual thing to See on a German ObristmaR tree, wily up in the very topmost branCh, nn imnge or doll re presen tnti ng tbe Cbrist-chi Id, wbHe heJow sometimes plaaed other Images representing angels with out"pread wings.

Aft!'r the tree is Jig-hted the family 1{llthl?r rOUnd it Rnd sing a Christmas "hymn.


In Fr'lnee may be nlmol!.t unin'naB, se!'n ropresentlltion1; 01 the manger in wbicb Christ wos born, With flgures or Mary, Jus ph and the child Jesus aDd cattle feeding nenr by. Often these


----- --

''''''l" '(i, "WIII'n rlie /J('W CUlJllcil meets III

J.ultll1ry," ~lIiil Pt' rhi.~ morllill1o(, "Ol)t! o~ III Jlr .. ! lhing~ I ~hllll ol'i1Ig"10 tlJeil' JI!-'!'fllflill will be till> IHaire r('or,ltnnl~ 1.a[ioll "r Lhe lIre dePlIrtulf'llt. I sball t'IH!pn\'OI' 10 have II pnid depllrtml'DL cI"':lIpd, !lot to CO"Jlil~t with th\' VO!UII_ le ... l· '~OIJII):llIfeLi ill 41t~' way" under. ~nlIld me, bllt simp:y a malJ pnid department wJliclJ IIha1l be ready lUi 800,. as the aJar-m is flOU udell to go to the scene of rhe fl"1! R"lJd throw a strtaOl Upon it.

Ap .a .. ()" . ." i III ..... ('."iI(T C;eqrl ,101 • .rJerAlD".

lllor:U1I1; ill rill' Cuunty Vllllrl JVtlg~ iI. 1.1. r.(lng or 1".1' COllnty. "as (0 the Judgl"s Si'nt. in the place or "zlld/fe lV. 'r .. 1t1n~ .• , :rJIIJ was disqUl\li-

jfC'd to ant in the ('8Ij(' of the r;OllLlt)' \'R, Gc.>Ol:lfe Elrubbll, on IlcrtJIIllt of his being -",unll!"" for thf' Central rniJrO:1d, trUll. corJ ora lo~ tile tb~ft W88 COUl_