Kompetensi Dasar : Š Menjelaskan Konsep Geografi Š Menjelaskan Pendekatan Geografi Š Menjelaskan Prinsip Geografi Š Mendeskripsikan Aspek Geografi .

. What is Geography? . Jadi sebenarnya«.Geografi selama ini dikenal sebagai ilmu bumi. Pada kenyataannya geografi tidak hanya mempelajari tentang bumi namun juga makhluk hidup beserta gejala yang menyertainya dan interaksinya pada lingkungan.

weather. .Š Š Geography was first proposed by Erasthotenes (276 ² 196 BC) in his book titled ´Geografikaµ In the beginning geography meant earth·s surface that had limited area. sea. flora. fauna and human. Involved soil.

View of the universe Š Š Š Norms of religion were still strong in scientific analysis that always considers the earth as the source of all life in the universe called geocentric but Copernicus came up with a new view that the earth is only a fraction of the solar system with the sun as the center called heliosentris The modern view the solar system move around galaxy that called galaktosentris .



humans besides influenced by nature. also contributed to the of nature in according with the development of their culture Š . In posibilis's view. living organisms are influenced by natural law.Š According to Fisis determenis view.

Š Mention several opinion from some experts and mention what the material they review .

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