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Cloud Computing Presentation

Cloud Computing Presentation

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Published by: Vinay Reddy on Jan 26, 2011
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It is kind of by-product that provide access to remote sites accessible through internet. It is latest technology in market. shared resources and information are served to devices such as computers. Practically applications area of cloud computing not limited. . an internet based computing where software. In this details about how the work is getting done is hidden from its users. delivery and supplement model for IT services. electricity grid. It describes a new consumption.What is Cloud Computing  Cloud computing.

Computer Machines.etc .  Group of these clouds  some applications are make a whole cloud needed for accessing the computing system.g. cloud computing system E.g.Architecture Front End Back End  Front end is a technical  Back end refers to the term which refers to the some physical Peripherals interface though which a E. Microsoft¶s internet explore. Servers services. user can use some kind of Storage Systems. Firefox.

. It is also used for monitoring client¶s demand as well as traffic to ensure that everything of system runs without any problem. Middleware allow computers that are connected on network to make communication with each other. generally called as protocols which are followed by this server and it uses a very special type of software known termed as middleware. There are some set of rules.Cont«  A central server is established which is used for administering the whole system.

computer often break down. system needs to keep all the information of its clients.Cont«  If any cloud computing service provider has many customers. The cloud computing system must have a copy of all the data of its client¶s. Many companies that are service providers need hundreds of storage device with digital in nature. Cloud computing systems require minimum twice the units of storage devices. Making copy of data is called redundancy . then there¶s likely to be very high demand for huge storage space. That is because devices like.

in either case.Layers of Cloud Computing Client A cloud client consists of computer hardware and/or computer software that relies on cloud computing for application delivery. . is essentially useless without it. operating systems and browsers. phones and other devices. or that is specifically designed for delivery of cloud services and that. Examples include some computers.

eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer's own computers and simplifying maintenance and support. not custom) software Activities that are managed from central locations rather than at each customer's site. People tend to use the terms µSaaS¶ and µcloud¶ interchangeably. including architecture.Application Cloud application services or "Software as a Service (SaaS)" deliver software as a service over the Internet. multi-tenant architecture) than to a one-to-one model. enabling customers to access applications remotely via the Web Application delivery that typically is closer to a one-to-many model (single instance. pricing. commercially available (i.e. Key characteristics include:    Network-based access to. partnering. and management of. which obviates the need for downloadable patches and upgrades. when in fact they are 2 different things..  . and management characteristics Centralized feature updating.

It facilitates deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software layers. .Platform  Cloud platform services or "Platform as a Service (PaaS)" deliver a computing platform and/or solution stack as a service. often consuming cloud infrastructure and sustaining cloud applications.

Rather than purchasing servers.as a service. data-center space or network equipment. software. clients instead buy those resources as a fully outsourced service. also known as "Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)". delivers computer infrastructure typically a platform virtualization environment .Infrastructure  Cloud infrastructure services. Suppliers typically bill such services on autility computing basis and amount of resources consumed (and therefore the cost) will typically reflect the level of activity. IaaS evolved from virtual private server offerings .

. cloud-specific operating systems and combined offerings.Server The servers layer consists of computer hardware and/or computer software products that are specifically designed for the delivery of cloud services. including multi-core processors.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing Organization Improve Productivity & Innovation Operations Improve Efficiency Infrastructure Reduce Cost .

build and deploy mission critical applications Continuously improve existing apps and deliver new apps .Transformation Took Five Stages Implement CRM Implement applications Customize Extend Commit Iterate Create business specific requirements Add complex functionality Design.

Extend Automation with Custom Apps HCM and Recruiting Organizational alignment with cloud model Agile development methodology to develop 5 times as fast with half the cost Refine business and IT roles and processes to reduced project requests by 70% .

Commit to Platform for App Development Quote to Cash Converted 30% of IT Staff to development Delivered projects 5 times faster Deployed complex business automation. Cost avoidance of $120K capital and 22% reduced maintenance for one project Enterprise Service Bus Reduce datacenter footprint with 40% reduction in cost .

com Salary Manager Performance Management Time-off Manager Volunteer tracking ADP Payroll iemployee Time Tracking Coupa Procure to Pay Concur T&E Manager Manhattan Space & Lease Management Contract Management Salesforce Customer Service Salesforce Content Salesforce Ideas Plateau Learning Management Professional Services Management SFA Marketing Development Domain Program and Click to dial (CTI Resource Integrations) Management Event Agile Scrum Management and Bug Opportunity to Management Quote QA Test Quote to cash Director Sales Compensation Checkout Ecommerce Live Chat (Google) IT Infrastructure Support Portfolio Management Compliance IT Help Desk LiveOps Asset Management Intranet Google Apps Compliance/Ri sk Domain Audit Controls Management .Iterate: Run Business in the Cloud Human Capital Management Finance Customer Service Sales & Marketing Development IT Infrastructure Compliance and Risk Workday HCMD Salary.

Providers Leveraged the Cloud to Deliver Business Impact Focus People Business Success High User Adoption Simplified Programming Model Compose with Clicks Fast Delivery Instant Start and Scale Reusable Components Cloud Ecosystem Continuous upgrades Disaster recovery On latest release Automate Process Leverage the Cloud .

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