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Microsoft Office Teachers Guide

Microsoft Office Teachers Guide

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Published by: rscm752292 on Jan 26, 2011
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Microsoft Office

Introduction Uses History Components

Microsoft Word
Uses of Microsoft Word Document creation Starting Microsoft Word Text typing, Font, Font Size Editing text Save document Editing Document Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo Formatting document Alignment Left, Center, Right, Justify Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike through, Superscript, subscript, Change case, Color Bullet, Numbering Line space Background color Inserting object Page break, Picture, Clipart, Shapes, Word Art Date & Time Equation, Symbol Header, Footer Table Creation Printing Document Bio Data, Resume Creation Page Layout Page size, Margins Print Mail Merge Review Spelling & Grammar Thesaurus Word Count View Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Ruler

Worksheet. Min. Symbol Chart Printing Worksheet Mark sheet Preparation Borders Customized page setup Print Area Page Break Preview Scale Data Sort Filter Review Spelling. Workbook Worksheet Creation Entering Data Editing Row. Statistical. Sum. Rank Text. Rows. Word Art.Microsoft Excel Uses Layouts - Cells. Math. Comma. Finance functions sample. Column size changing Inserting. Shapes. Decimal Formula Auto sum. Bold. Color. Calculate now Inserting Object Picture. Center. Clipart. Thesaurus View Page Break Preview Full Screen . Text Direction. IF. Italic. Underline Alignment Left. Right. Deleting rows and columns Formatting Worksheet Font. Columns. Merge cell Currency. Average. Date. Font size. Max. Middle Center.

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