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Published by: Siddhi Modi on Jan 26, 2011
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Vodafone's ZooZoo campaign: Brand Communication Strategic

Publication Year : 2010

Authors: Talluri Prashanth Vidya Sagar and Dr. Nagendra V Chowdary Industry: Services Region:India Case Code: MCS0017 Teaching Note: Available Structured Assignment: Not Available Abstract: A company¶s new brand campaign should be extremely powerful particularly when a new brand¶s identity has to be established on top of an existing and already quite established brand. Vodafone¶s Zoozoo campaign was launched with much fanfare and full of expectations and with the main motto of promoting its Value Added Services (VAS). However, Vodafone had another subtle motto of replacing brand Hutch with that of the Vodafone. As expected Zoozoos or Zoozooperstars have become overnight brand ambassadors of Vodafone and saved the company from the negative impacts of µHappy to Help You¶ campaign.Would Vodafone have come with the µZoozoo¶ campaign, if it did not have to supplant Vodafone brand on Hutch (Pug)? One thing is to be kept in mind. In the absence of a clearly defined value proposition and corporate strategy, would a well-articulated, deftly-executed campaign yield the desired results? Set in 2009, this case study is intended to raise an erudite discourse on µMarketing Campaign as a Brand Communication Strategy¶. It provides a deep understanding about the business strategy of Vodafone in India and its brand transformation from basic communication services provider to VAS provider and in the meanwhile, its efforts to make its own brand stand tall in the Indian telecom Industry. Pedagogical Objectives: The case attempts to achieve the following pedagogical objectives:

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To understand the importance of brand and branding for telecom company To analyse the importance and the key elements of Vodafone¶s Zoozoo ad campaign along with Vodafone¶s brand communication strategies


To understand the transformation of Vodafone from basic voice transfer to value added services and debate on the effectiveness of Zoozoo campaign in achieving the same.


Vodafone calls for Competition with Airtel for the sale of iPhone (India)
On 08.22.08, In Mobile, By Editor Price of iPhone has widened the eyes of customers and left them bewildered on purchase of the phone. Vodafone will be going to release two cheaper plans. At the time of release, the iPhone 3G cost up to $250 per month on a two-year contract with a purchase price of $199 for the device, which combines the functionality of mobile internet, a 3G phone and an iPod touch. In New Zealand potential buyers reacted with anger on the prices of phone which costs $1129 for the 16GB version or $979 (8GB).

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Plan 2: Plan costs half that of the current $80 minimum plans and the phone will be priced at $699 and $849.y y y y y Apple¶s head Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 3G at the company¶s Worldwide Development Conference earlier this year. but similar levels of data. costs $60 per month. Plan 1: Signing a two-year contract. added Brislen. Moving from the 80GB plan to either iPhone 40 or 60 will cost an extra $100. Bundled in the plan is a mere 20 minutes of talktime. Wireless Mobile Telecom Wireless News . It includes 60 minutes of talktime. 200 text messages and 250MB of data. he told attendees that the phone would cost $199. To change the plan from other iPhone contracts is possible. although another shipment is due in the next few days. but customers will have to pay Vodafone extra for the handset. The popular phone has been ³selling consistently´ and is again out of stock. It puts the subsidised handset cost at $649 or $799 (8GB and 16GB models respectively). Vodafone spokesman Paul Brislen says the plans have been put in place after customers called for a lower monthly cost but were happy with less talktime and lower text message limits. 100 SMS messages and 250MB of mobile data.

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