If 90% of the planet is covered in water, why is drinking water running out?

. what water usage would you give up? Pah! That won t ever happen to me! How can you be so sure? ...To begin with. y Consider how much water you use a day.. y What could you do to reduce this? y If you had to collect your own water.

industry and households . the problem is getting worse as cities and populations grow. and the needs for water increase in agriculture.2 billion people around the world do not have regular access to safe drinking water. y 1.Water shortage? y Water is an essential resource for life and good health. y Globally.

.oxfam.uk/education/resources/water_for_ all/water/causes/index_pupil. Record the causes of water shortage in your book as a mind map Causes of water shortages y http://www.What causes water shortages? As we go through the quiz..htm .org.

Which areas are facing water scarcity? .

Questions: 1) What does your map show? (describe the patterns of water scarcity and try to explain reasons for this) 2) What is meant by: a) water scarcity b) physical water scarcity c) economic water scarcity .

PHYSICAL SCARCITY y Physical access to water is limited. ECONOMIC SCARCITY y Economic water scarcity exists when a population does not have the necessary monetary means to utilize an adequate source of water. . When the demand outstrips the lands ability to provide the needed water you have physical scarcity.

. . The lack of water often results in quarrels. sometimes they do not. I always go alone so that my children can go to school. Girls are also expect to carry water do very few go to school. In my village women are expected to provide water every morning for their husbands. y I get up at 3am every day to collect water from a river 5km walk away.A true story from Ghana. wife beating or even divorce. The earliest I returned was 10am which meant I was often late for work.. Sometimes they have water to wash with and prepare breakfast. Sadly. This is the main water source for my village.

How would you feel? Write a paragraph to describe how you would feel if you lived in an area where there was a limited water supply. What would your day to day life be like? What sacrifices or changes would you have to make to your daily life? What problems may you and your family face? .

g.g. In a country) y Worldwide? .What can be done to save water? y You? y Local? (e. in Birmingham) y National? (e.

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