OBLIVIOUS OUTSIDE AMELIA’S HOUSE – NIGHT TIME There’s music playing from inside the house INSIDE THE

HOUSE – NIGHT TIME Lights are on, empty alcohol bottles are around, signs of sexual activity between Amelia and Carl. Music still playing.

CARL (Look of concern on face) Look, I’ve really got to go soon. AMELIA (Slight sadness in the eyes) C’mon, five more minutes! There’s a lot we could do in five minutes! CARL (Gets drawn into the offer) No, no! I’ve got to go! AMELIA Fine, see your self out then! CARL leans in for a kiss, AMELIA rejects it. Carl storms out, slams door behind him. Camera stays on the door as Amelia aggressively locks it, sighing/grunting whilst locking the door. Amelia walks around living room, turning off various lights and then the music player, camera follows her. Amelia turns light off and begins her ascent to bed. As she’s walking up stairs, music dramatically turns itself back on, AMELIA walks down stairs looking confused and scared. AMELIA Hello?! (brief pause) HELLO?!

Amelia walks slowly into the living room. AMELIA Carl? Is that you?! Music turns itself back off, the light turns off in the hallway that was previously turned on. AMELIA This isn’t funny goddamit! Loud knock on the door three times. Amelia starts crying and whimpering – like a dog. AMELIA ARGHHHHH (Scream) WHO’S THERE?!

Amelia slowly walks towards the window, looks outside to see nobody there. AMELIA There’s nobody there, come on! Amelia turns around into the killer after hearing heavy breathing (from the killer). Amelia backs away slowly towards a door. AMELIA Please God no! Amelia continues begging as she tried to open the door. The door won’t open. Amelia gets stabbed by the killer.