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Cash Management report

Cash Management report

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Published by: aim_amit on Jan 26, 2011
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Standard Chartered Bank, London is able to provide euro products and clearing

services, including inter-bank and commercial payments, as well as trade

reimbursements. We work particularly closely with financial institutions in the

emerging markets paying into Europe, financial institutions in Europe paying across

Asia, and financial institutions in the Americas paying into Europe. Whatever your

profile, you can be rest assured our Euro services, with its comprehensive features, will

provide you with quality and consistency.

Prior to 1999, SCB was an existing member of the old ECU clearing system, having

been a founder member of the EBA. As such we have excellent first hand experience of

a pan-European cross-border payment environment. The introduction of the euro allows

access to all European Union countries on a Same Day basis. Regardless of the fact that

Rukmini Devi of Institute Of Advanced Studies


the UK is not one of the original members of EMU, UK banks, including SCB, can

offer euro accounts and make payments in exactly the same manner as any other of the

15 European Union member banks.

CHAPS Membership SCB is one of the 20 full settlement members of CHAPS Euro,

the UK's domestic euro clearing system that is connected to TARGET.

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