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Convincing all the potential customers about the utility of CSAS might be demanding.Since the product has already been sold to 5 customers and a commitment has been made for the next modules of the system. . the huge size of investment and working capital could turn risky. .Need for sales forecast and management solutions. .Since PROCEED is meant for complex sales cycles and is suited for large organizations. . not partnering with any would put a lot of stress on marketing division. for the 21-30 months long deployment cycle. convincing a large corporation to lap up on the success of a partially implemented CSAS offering by a start up would be a tough task. . .High customization costs . . Why PROCEED . an abrupt end to PROCEED will tarnish their image and could adversely affect the future deals.Objective: · To determine if Salesoft has to promote TH in the near future or continue with PROCEED. . . implementation costs and increase overall efficiency. of which some proprietary solutions cannot be easily integrated .There is a need for a fully integrated solution to reduce SA implementation time.Some of the effort spent on PROCEED can be leveraged for TH because TH has a lot in common with already implemented PROCEED Sales system. Analysis: Persisting Issues with Sales Automation (SA) solutions .Long term integrated solutions provided by PROCEED covers a lot of TH functionality. Why not PROCEED .Since the industry is not completely ready for CSAS.Customized solution is provided by many independent vendors. While partnering with one consultant might hamper its growth potential. .Salesoft can focus on product development and leverage on consultants domain expertise and their reach for marketing the product.Salesoft does not have sufficient working capital as of now.PROCEED will have a first mover advantage in the CSAS domain. be it TH or PROCEED. .The dependency on consultants could work either ways for the product.Partnership also demands complete implementation of all the modules.High implementation time due to incompatability .

.Complexity of PROCEED makes it difficult to market and hence the need to convince the different strata of people in the organization . .Why go for TH .Possibility of TH being viewed as a hifi CMS.Freedom from consultants. .Along with TH. serve a large customer base and generate revenue. the sales personnel might find it easier to market TH. o Manageable working capital and marketing costs.Projected to create new accounts. . . who were entering into the market and hence lower the profit margins.Since selling TH involves direct communication with different clients. . . Why not go with TH .With only one third the marketing cost of PROCEED. but CSAS looks like the right choice for the long run. .TH might distract sales focus from PROCEED and cannibalize PROCEED sales.The benefits of TH can be easily quantified and hence making it easy for the sales personnel to pitch TH . the sales force must also be trained on the utility of PROCEED having domain expert sales people would help to push TH . having domain expert sales people would help to push TH Recommendations: · Launch TH o First mover advantage. has potential to generate higher profit margins and higher market potential. .Higher competition from big players like Microsoft.Constrained marketing budget and sales force size . o Lesser the marketing effort and the time required for selling TH · Offering TH at $1000 so as to skim all existing consumer surplus and revising the pricing policy at a later stage when new entrants make an entry.TH is more of an immediate solution to sales.Comparatively shorter deployment cycles and lesser customization costs. o High industrial demand.Comparatively. IBM and many CMS players. Salesoft Sales Force .Success of TH can serve as a recognition for Salesoft to convince customers about PROCEED.Launching TH would hamper relationship with Consultants who are critical for the PROCEED .

78 million.Being a new product. other top officials. VP. . depending on the market conditions. 6-8 months consultants Sales Reps. 3-4 months MIS department. .High demand for a new sales forecast solution. it is apt to have higher profit margins in the beginning and further decide upon price revisions later. other top officials 21-30 months 3-4 months CEO. Buying Cycle for PROCEED Realization that CSAS can solve existing problems Evaluate the potential to automate the existing process Deciding how the different functions to be automated were related Evaluation of software Pilot testing CEO. CSAS vendor Sales Reps. SA consultant.84 million and firm B(Computer hardware) saves $44. Sales managers. 2-3 months consultants CEO. Refer exhibit for details. other top officials.Benefits of CSAS As per data provided. 3-5 months MIS department. VP. VP. Firm A (Financial services) saves $7. CSAS vendor 4-6 months Modification of software Rollout Pricing of TH It would be best to price TH a little high at $1000 initially for the following reasons:. VP. there is no similar product to compare against and high prices are justified . Sales managers. other top officials CEO.Since the sales forecast segment might face considerable price competition. by CSAS implemention. SA consultant.

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