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Ladycats vs. Weatherford

Ladycats vs. Weatherford

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Published by: dgenetti on Jan 26, 2011
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rival Weatherford, stay undefeated at home
By Dominic Genetti
The Community News

Q Ladycats fend off

In a rivalry separated by 13 miles and class 4A, 5A classifications, it was Aledo who once again came away as the victors in a Parker County matchup. Not only did the Ladycats defeat the Weatherford Lady Roos 67-39 at the Aledo High School gymnasium on the final day of November, it was also the team’s second victory over the high school of the county seat this season. Aledo defeated Weatherford at the Northwest ISD basketball tournament two weeks ago. “They’re very scrappy and they slowed (the offense) definitely,” sophomore guard Mallory Powell said. “Weatherford’s always been our rivals so it’s always good to beat them.” Aledo took advantage early on in the contest with a fast and well-coordinated offense. Quick bounce passes from junior guard Alanna Martin allowed fellow ‘Cats Logan Mittie, Hannah Loftin and Powell to put points on the board. In the first quarter alone, the Ladycats scored a total of 20 points while the Lady Roos only managed six. “We’re just working really hard in practice,” Martin said. The 5’8” junior branded with the No. 3 scored a total of six points for Aledo. Mittie, who played with a broken left hand, collected 13 points that night and Loftin gathered 10. Powell scored the most points for Aledo in the contest racking up 22. “I was pleased with the way we started the game – and our press worked obviously – and we probably played as fast (against Weatherford) as we have all year,” Ladycats head coach Rusty Johnson said. “Once we get up 20 or so points on a team, we’re not going to press anymore. “If you’re up 20 or so you just need to back off and play good, solid defense and that’s going to change momentum obviously and that’s going to change the pace of the game.” Weatherford didn’t accumulate more than 10 points until late in the second quarter. By that point, Aledo


Aledo junior Alanna Martin (No. 3) charges toward the net against the Weatherford Lady Roos.

already had a significant lead. Points from junior Caileen Tallant and senior Shelby Stockard allowed the Ladycats to have a 37-21 lead at halftime. “We are at our best when we’re just running,” Johnson said. “We’ve got some shooters and we’ve got some mismatched problems for the teams.” The Lady Roos came out faster at the start of the third quarter and at times slowed down the Aledo defense, but breakaways by Martin, Stockard and freshman Megan Wood allowed the Ladycats to gain insurance points. The orange and black put up 18 points on their county rivals in third quarter. Weatherford only collected eight. “Usually our strongest point is offense, but I think they got after us,” Mittie said after the game, “doubleteaming us and they really did well on trapping, and we just didn’t know how to deal with that at first. But as the quarter went on we got used to it.” Large leads throughout the night allowed Johnson to go to his bench. Seniors Sarah Hawkins and Bronte Frank saw time on the court as did juniors Kaylee Brooks, Kelcie Childs and Lauren O’Doherty. “They’re so unselfish, and it’s a great problem to have,” Johnson said. “I got a group of girls that are maybe the most unselfish group I’ve certainly had in my time here.”

Just 22 points were scored in the fourth quarter. Weatherford scored 10 and Aledo 12 before the game was complete. The win gives Aledo an 8-1 record and, thus far, keeps the Ladycats undefeated at home. But that’s not the only reason to celebrate. The Ladycats are now ranked fifth in Texas by the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches (TABC). The players though don’t think of it too much. They still have a lot of games to play. “Every practice we need to go out hard and every game we need to play our best,” Powell said. “I think we get really excited when there’s a lot of fans out here to support us.” For the senior Mittie, it’s a whole new experience. “It doesn’t feel like we’re ranked fifth, we don’t really think of ourselves being where we need to be yet…,” Mittie said. “That’s kind of how our mentality is. We just need to get better. “For me to be a senior and (to have) a bunch of pressure put on me, it’s a little bit harder, but I’m getting used to it, this state-ranked thing is a little different, but it’s nice. It’s nice to be state-ranked.” Up next for the Ladycats is another longtime rival, Stephenville. They’ll make the trip to Aledo High for a Tuesday night matchup Dec. 7.

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