Hannah Loftin are part of Ladycats’ winning force
By Dominic Genetti
The Community News


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Q Twins Haley and

“We’ve always tried to trick our parents, but that’s never worked, they know us,” Hannah said. For those who know them well, the twins say it’s easy to tell them apart. But for those who don’t, there are a few things to look for; and some of those features come with a couple admissions. “She’s like that much taller than me,” Hannah said displaying the height difference with her thumb and index finger, “but you really can’t tell from far away.” Haley, older than Hannah by one minute, interrupts. “You can tell,” she says. Hannah also has a freckle on her left cheek and Haley tends to wear her hair straight. “I have a more round face and hers is more oval,” Hannah said. But that’s not all. When it comes to being in style, Haley, according to Hannah, takes the cake. “She’s the more fashionable, vests and stuff,” the baby sister said.

If you’re ever at an Aledo Ladycats basketball or volleyball game and you root for Haley and Hannah Loftin, be sure to check the number on the player’s jersey before shouting their first name. You just might make a mistake. The two sisters, twins by the way, are in their junior year at Aledo High School. And if you thought their brother, Cole Loftin, was competitive for the Bearcats during his football days, expect the same performance from his identical sisters. “Ever since we were little, we played basketball games out in the driveway,” Hannah said. “Someone always comes in getting into a fight, five minutes later we’ll be best friends again.” The girls credit Cole and their father, Tim, for their competitive edge and for as long as they’ve been playing sports, their mother, Glenna, can’t remember a time if their team lost and the girls weren’t mad about it. “They do not like to lose,” Glenna, a teacher at Aledo High School, said. “It’s not happy in our house when we lose.” Even in their grade school days when Haley and Hannah played softball together for a team named after the New York Yankees, Mother Loftin recalls a loss the team suffered and her girls did not take it lightly. “They were devastated,” she said. But it’s an attitude that’s worked out well playing for teams at Aledo. Even though Haley is battling pain from a stress fracture, Hannah played a pivotal role for the Ladycats volleyball team this season and helped them deep into the post-season. Thus far for the girls basketball team, Hannah is one of the top scorers and three-point shooters this season. And despite being on the disabled list, Haley is there to support her sister. “I know I wouldn’t want to do something without her – it wouldn’t be as fun for me,” Haley said. “But we have our moments.” Some of those “moments” come when one twin is advising the other. Suggestions can come from other sources, according to Glenna, but if Hannah advises Haley or Haley advises Hannah, that’s when the sisters aren’t apparently open to tips. “Haley likes to coach and Hannah does not appreciate that at all,” Glenna said with a laugh. “The coach can say something to Hannah or another girl, but if Haley makes any kind of comment it’s a huge deal.” Both girls do admit that from time to time there may be some small advisory tension. “One of us is kind of stubborn,” Haley said as Hannah let out a heavy sigh. “I’m stubborn too, but if it’s good advice, yeah, but if you’re trying to correct us, no.” Born Dec. 17, 1993, Haley and Hannah were quite the surprise to their mother. At the time she wasn’t expecting twins, but everything changed when the image appeared on the screen of the ultrasound. “I looked up at the screen and went, ‘What’s that’,” Glenna remembered. “And (the doctor) goes, ‘Ma’am you’re having twins’. “It was so cool, we were really excited. That was a huge surprise.” Twins, however, are common in Glenna’s family. There are actually nine sets of twins in the family now, including Haley and Hannah. And along with two older aunts, the sister duo are the only other set of twin girls.

Haley (left) and Hannah (right) Loftin both play volleyball and basketball for Aledo High School. Not only do they take after their brother, Cole, a former Aledo football standout, sports competition runs high in their house. Haley says little things like racing to the car and a simple ping pong match can heat up pretty quick.

Haley turns to Hannah and rolls her eyes. “I don’t have a vest,” she says. “You have a vest (and jackets),” Hannah, who’s more of the T-shirt and jeans type, tells her sister. “I wear jackets ‘cause it’s cold,” Haley said. Hair, on the other hand, is more Hannah’s department. Perfection, Haley says, along with a lot of hairspray, comes with her sister’s latest “do” that usually involves a curly style. “With her hair...she likes everything perfect,” Haley said. “I just let it be natural, she has to have everything in place.” Hannah doesn’t disagree. “It has to be perfect,” she said. Sports aren’t the only thing these two do together. It’s just about everything. Whether it’s going to the movies, hanging out with friends or just watching WWE wrestling or dramas on TV, Haley and Hannah are always at each other’s side. And fair warning guys, if you ask one of them out on a date, prepare for it to be a double. “I’m all for it,” Hannah said. Haley’s face turns confused. “Yeah, sure,” she says. There’s only one year left for the twins at Aledo High before it’s off to college and even then, the plan is for Hannah and Haley to go to the same school. There’s no destination set just yet, but the twins do have two main priorities; a good business school and a decent football team. “Here in Aledo, football games, they’re so much fun to go to, the whole town gets into it,” Haley said. “I think we just like that feeling and we want that where we go.” Ole Miss., UT-Austin and SMU are on the list of probable schools and that’s even if they don’t plan to play sports at the next level of education. “I have to get better just to think about it,” Haley said. Watching what Cole has been going through with his injury playing for the SMU Mustangs and the amount of dedication it takes to play at the college level puts Hannah on the fence. “It’s such a big part of our lives,” she said. “It’s rigorous and with all the injuries I’ve had just in the past two years (it’s something to think about).” For now, though, just to play for Aledo is quite the treat. “When I was younger I would look up and think the basketball players were awesome,” Hannah said, “and to be a part of that now, it’s kind of surreal. It’s cool.” As to who’s the better athlete, Haley said Haley and Hannah said Hannah.