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The Diocese of Quincy ‘The Right Reverend Keith L. Ackerman SSC Greetings in the Holy Name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, In May, a meeting was held for all priests with a parish, mission or cure and all lay and clergy currently serving Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, Commission on Ministry, Strategic Planning Committee, Trustees of Funds and Property and other elected Officers of the Diocese. We bogan a discernment exercise where self-selected groups were ‘asked to discern the following question: “Shall the Diocese of Quincy separate from the Episcopal Church? If so, why and how? If not, then why not?” ‘The information gathered was quite informative and several points were clearly noted. Most importantly, that people ‘wanted reliable information on the current situation, For this purpose, the Standing Committee developed the enclosed ‘We assembled a fact sheet, “The Church in Crisis” to help explain the “current” status of the Anglican Communion. We ‘ay “current” because the situation changes on a daily basis, bt we fool these documents are helpful as we disoem a way forward for the Diocese of Quincy. Contained with the fact sheet are soveral articles and quotes from people around the ‘world, as well 2s some of the historical docaments of the Anglican Communion, ‘You will also find a DVD, recorded during the recent visit to the Diocese of Fort Worth by Archbishop Gregory ‘Venables, Primate of the Southem Cone in South America. The occasion was a presentation he made to the Forth Worth ‘Diocesan Convention Delegates, followed by a question and answer session. We do apologize in advance for some ‘problems with the video as people were moving sbout during the taping, Hut, we do believe this DVD will be helpful in ‘hoaring from someone outside the Diocese of Quincy and The Episcopal Church. ‘The third pioco of information is the official statement from the Global Anglican Futures Conference (GAFCON), which recently concluded in the Holy Land. ‘This is also known as “The Jorusalem Declaration”. ‘This mailing was generated using the Harvest Plain distribution list. It was our intent that every household within the Digoese of Quincy would receive this information, If you know of someone who did not receive this packet, we ask that ‘you might share this with them or contact the Standing Committee and we will ensure they receive the information. ‘Ploase remember to keep Bp Ackerman, the clergy and laity of the diocese in your prayers as we seck to discern the Will cof our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for this portion of His Family that we are privileged to be a part of in the Diocese of Quiney. ‘We look forward to hearing from everyone. Faithfully in Christ, ‘Tho Standing Committee of the Diocese of Quiney 601 West Florence Avenue, Peorialllinois 61604, Phone (309) 688-8221 Fax (309) 688-8229 The Church in Crisis A Resource for the Diocese of Quincy A MESSAGE FROM THE STANDING COMMITTEE Beloved in Christ and Communicants of His Holy Catholic Church in the Diocese of Quincy - We offer this fact sheet in the hope thatit will be informative and helpful to you in making the important decisions that we are being called upon to make regarding THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION and THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH (TEC), especially as we prepare for our annual Diocesan Synod on November 78 8 at St. John's Church in Quincy. We believe It provides a comprehensive view of the circumstances that the ‘Church has come to be in, together with material concerning the ongoing Anglican realignment. We trust it wil be helpful to you. Inside this packet you will ind the following: (1) a page of FACTS showing a serious decline of numbers in TEC; (2) A TIME LINE OF DEFINING ACTIONS (3) Instances of DEPARTURES BY TEC from our heritage as Anglican Christians that have caused the larger part of the Anglican Communion {o.egerd TEC eshaving chosen t"wek apart rom Angtcan Bete and ractice (4) 2. commentary on RESOLUTIONS PROPOSED FOR GENERAL CONVENTION 2009 that tells of the plans for tighter control by the power structure of TEC over dioceses and individuats, including lay people (6) revealing statements made by PRESIDING BISHOP SCHORI (6) a description of the COMMON CAUSE PARTNERSHIP and THE PROVINCE OF THE SOUTHERN CONE (7) a fyrther documented COMMENTARY on the situation of TEC and the Anglican Communion (8) The JERUSALEM DECLARATION with prologue and conclusion (9) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (10) a GLOSSARY of terminology used here that we trust will be hetpfut (11) and, finally, information from GAFCON held June 2008. We welcome your thoughts on the subject matter presented here. Faithfully yours in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, ‘The Standing Committee, Diocese of Quincy Table of Contents Message, Contents, Acknowledgments 1 Quo Vadis?, Websites/Newssites 2 A Timeline of Defining Actions 3-8 Clergy Casualties 9 Resolutions Proposed, 2009 10 Commentary on Proposed Resolutions 10-11 In her own words 11-12 ‘Common Cause Partnership 13-14 Who is the Southemn Cone? 4 ‘Why the Episcopal Church... 15 A Painful Experience 16 Bankruptcy of Liberalism... 17-19 Gay Bishops... 19-21 Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral 2 Actions of the 75% Gen. Conv. 2B Did you know that. 24.25 Frequently Asked Questions 26-27 Glossary 28-29 Press Release from GAFCON 30 Statement on Global Anglican Future 31-33 Jerusalem Declaration 33-35 ACKNOWLEDG! AAC publication “Equipping the Saints” (ETS) Episcopal Wry Website ‘Wikopetia i Notional Suda ‘of Youth and Religion (NSYR) Vital Church Ministics Forward in Fath publication “Small Steps Dow Slippery Slope” (SSDSS) ‘Common Cause (CC) Beloved, being very eager to write to you of our ‘common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend forthe faith which was once forall delivered to the saints. For admission has been Quo Vadis? — TEC Trends 1965 to 2000 vom Area of Comparison 1965. 2000 ‘Percent Chany Congregations 7,539 7,347 = 25% Infant Baptisms 91,695 46,403 ~ 49.4% Adult Baptism "13,627 7,231 - 46.9% Confirm/Receptions 128,066 44,892 - 64.9% Church School Attendance 880,912 275,382 - 68.7% Membership 3,615,000 2,297,000 - 36.5% Average Membership 480 312 + 35,0% 116 37 ~ 68.0% Average Church School Fast Facts ECW : 2002 2003 Parishes and Missions 7,305 7220 Active Baptized members 2,320,221 2,284,233 Net changes in Active Membership (2001-03) - 8,201 ~ 35,988 % Churches growing 10% in Membership 34% 34% % Churches declining 10% in Membership 35% 36% Total Avg Sunday Worship Attendance (ASA) 846,640 823,017 ‘Net Change in ASA (2001-03) + 11,926 ~ 23,623 % Churches growing 10% in ASA 31% 28% % Churches declining 10% in ASA. 39% 43% % of Congregations with 200 or less 53% 53% Median Active Baptized Members 185 182 % of Congregations with ASA of 100 or less 60% 61% % of Congregations with ASA of 300 or more % 6% Median ASA 9 1 % of Parish Clergy under age 40 % 9% % of Parish Clergy age 50-60 49% 49% Median Age of Parish Clergy 3 33 a Facts Regarding Youth SER scopal National Average Youth General Populations Believe in God 70% 85% Faith important in daily life 40% 50% Moiality is relative 60% 45% Believe adults are hypocrites WEBSITES & NEWSSITES Diocese of Quincy Network of Anglican ‘Communion Dioceses and Parishes WOWW.acn-Us.Org ‘Common Cause Partners Forward in Faith/NA American Anglican Council ; : ‘Anglican Communion Institute, Anglican Mainstream (UK) Anglican Essentials (Canada) Speak Out! f Institute on Religion and Democracy www. Ekklesia woww.ekkorg VirtueOnline a Stand Firm

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