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rerenEn~es usingl a 'simple drag and dlr,op alction. manage' alssociartro niles w~tll~your referei1lce:5easl,ly aile! more. E.ndNom Xl l'ibrarie5 can 1J!1 shalr·@daaess Win:dawsi& ~~md ac0 05 X platforms .and wi[l1 all your colleagues M \I'~a,EndNO't!e Weh. teaming EnclNOIe 15easy With onlline mtorlals IhmVolll can Wal(~ any tirm:t\lof day or nfgni. A~I[his pUiE 'l!ogether means more prod'ucuviry wi~h less, effort, 1f.II/~II:(h uittm~t~liy means a~'uccE'~~flJ,lll p~per.

EndNme X1, allows you to ()rE!lilIe'custom groups. of

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D01M'IIQ,lld your free delJfflO o.r buy OE'llliTIl'~tooay


The definitive, resource Q'n cellular regulation

STIKE+Slgnal Transc uctlon
Knowledge Environment offers:
'. A we e~dy e I~,e tron lc [ou IIImil c
management toots

I. lnfermstlon

'. A lab rnma.rH.la~to help you organize Y'OlU research

I. An ~ntera"ctilvedatabase
STIKIE gives ym.l essentlal tools to power YOI.U understanding of cell. signaling. lit is also a vibrant virtual community, whelr@ researchers from around the wor[d come together

of signallng

to exchange inforrnation and ideas. for more inforrnation go to www.sU~J~.org
To sign up today~ vlslt promo..aaas.org/stkeas

S~tew~de, access


avalleblefor ~n5Utut~ons.

To find out more e-mail stkeikense@.aaas.org

0, PUR,IE Expertise

Pure protein is the challenge. 'ti' PU RE Expertise is the solution.
th~ combined knew ledge "h mdreds chrornctoqroph experts []: your dispcsot rOU d be oble "0 p In" even .he most challel"lQln.g Pro!t In and gain "he

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imogi'notion at work

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S,leRc,eOnHI1~ lihi!i:weiFiAl Sci~II(;lf! Eal~()IfS' (lh@ltl:e
Contact 5,ril1/l,(Jll'



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on Britain?'

fhe!m~mt lii:I:e-ep 1ihli1 Dh;mf\!'~r:v,. Emt()glY. and COIlSer,\[llioFlof the Dee p Sel'! To Kbsi'Ow. ffttlf/e.wed by f. L. 'ItTn DfJVf1f Brow!iings 'Cell (JIf {~US, The- G'lobi!~ Rae@'Ito Captl!Fe: "Ifld Conuol l~~ St~m C~I~C. Fax. r€~ie.wed by M. t Phiflips 321

Pr(l~r,all'll Prove'S That Oe(ker~, lP'errec:Uy Played, Is a fIj,o·1Nin S·iluolItJon ~=- 5([erwl~ bpR'.n Resf'C'[[I'I An'ictf' Ily J. Scha~lfl!f et ill.
filel!'lUigo.n Is t(l(lkil'!.~ffo~ a fe~'II Good Sdenti:sts




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Lif>eom, the ThermDdynamic Ed~e (kV:mg

OUttwiUed hy\l~rall RNA!> II FH. (u.f{en ;;>;> Ripcrt p. 17~
1l, C:U1.alfY 5igI)aJUI"!915Ii\!i~.h S; 1: Christensen .(1tJt}C 1M',

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Leamln,Sl Nall!lre'~ Way: 8io5.elil~iI19 \lfillh SynthetiC: NlIml optJlrE:S, .f.R. Marlin (lnd Z. S. SffoiY

M'M.:sdenc:emag .org

Sc.II~Nelc VOl31]



Expe iment reproduced, discoveryerified

IMMUNOLOGY AWhl),Le-G~nlo:m~ A5,'SlOd,~U~11 Sit~dy (If ,M.ajor D'@t.e~mlil'l~lilts, f~r: Hbst (OPil troil (If HliV:-l



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M'" F. Meil'!'( 'e'~ at ru~ne, ac~lei'a~~ i'i'I~Uii'ig 1 g!iillie 0

J. Sdlce'J!ef ,~~. at

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exllei'II1M ~li Gr~illaild (lInd e i!iila1 ,ra'i'!:e-:~f.'I~evels by up to 0.25 i'iH~lersll nn~ tiliis ~il'ill.n'if. d
I'l: an,t'llll~tapS

possib~ p!l5'itio:ns I'or m@!:mf'S. sno'ffing

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tlh~ljJ@rlll!;[l ip!J!iY <J!~¥ IL@Eicls00 a draw.




'Go il'!'i!memt en ~Iflede.fini ii1gl the Age of ~:l(lyij:s,t Ilmp~i,caltiml"l 'rllr ~~,~ Pe:op~ilil!g 'olf tn<e A:rIilerica~"

G. HrJyn~s e'l all.
filii !i!A1c:'1 WlI

lumer Growth Nell'd Not 8e Duij,,-rem by R:alf'e' Cancer Stem (eil~s P" N. Kelty, ,o4.&k1(,). M Ad01IlS. 5. l Null, A. Sl'f(JsS€r
M.ln.~of Il'l~ ly,mphoma, alll!i:lle~kemiOl! (aHsin
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tlll1110tt 01row!t Tn(lon~iS!e I1ItWilJ1' tJu' Ili),POJtIu!9S Unat un 1110r !wrwth is drilo'efl by I!"a!'" calUier ~~em cells.

((lrnli'fUNll S@fjUJe:I1I,C@ P~lym©:rp'hi$IIIfIS

BiOCHEMISTR:V MotDr Pmte~ n So a,r.lllro:rk fOlr Naill aliE![h!nollog,V M" G" LVall deR Hemrel orul C.DeU,f!{

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lE:.ittet1l$1VE!'\I'.uli.. ~jorl 'i r1l~ g,en,ome Si~q;U e!lc'es '()~ 2>0 ~1I<liIliS ar Ilro,bMQ,I).5iS rh61i!)ll'l1'llndiUltJe ~ prrliJ1l1I~~l1It rd@ for b~ot[i~ il!llerOlcHOI1l:5 irn sliil,poil1g i~ g~rw~ir,; dlV!;! r$oit:lt

J. .0, MonJ'li~(et ~I,

ASmONOMY ~lliIi'Iagi~!~ Slirf'ac@ofAltafr t.h'il: Optic;~1 inte riI~rometry iolt the 5!1Jrl:,OlOOi()fth~ st,;u Alti!ir SLIgg;es!'s lb<l~ i~ ela ng.<lt.e sih;:l~ and brig I:itl'l~515 I'I'!ilY [dl'ec~!JI n,u5JI,I~1
dil'I@f~n,tililll ml1llion 1iI,~r jlS !!quiltOr, »Pm(M:rNI!:,f! .3'15


The (,ry$!;i;iUi~aJti(l1'1l (If ~lJ~ri~ lin;:Q1i! A~!e G:Srin'VCl'$CfI,. M J. Whi(~PtO(:l'>t:',,. ~b.e'~.It




H,aI'n,luIIHlllIIgst~n il$(l~P~UIllilfl~~ Mlllll'~lJIcrlt!l~. '~Mdl ~'IrnI~ aliil'~ilI 'P1.. n~~!lslnlla~,[ryMallized f·a,pi.d~.ywiilMn '7 milli(ln ~r:~, rly i3!Fl!ermeiall S~~rilleC ro,f,onn a care, ATMOSPH EflIC SCIENCIE Ih~!1dalry layeiFHa.~~ge!il$ (oolnal Aiill.amicaJ ~lrI

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'If(l~NOlmd iIiIl~'}~l,Irem~ts·,or [BrOiJlfld 10 ill Af!Wldnc~ tJNeill Um $L1rprisin!j pr,t!s~n.{.eCl~ h~glh ([IIliQ!ntmtions ,[)I~bIltn, s~i1l!'$, il"ron diu ril19m~ siun!il I'll! ri~dl,.

M'M.:sdenc:emag .org

Sc.II~Nelc VOl31]

20 JULY2007


Followil'ili!!.tI1e acquisitiol'il of Cambrex BlioprMucts;, Lon;::a is edge products for cell ;,lInd I'fMJ,lecul,ar bio~'o,gy.,.~l'1Icludi!i'lg; ,. CI!o!"!etic5~ &: PIOliet~C5.-Pwimel1ry Celills: & Medi;;li

rl'!}W your

~'eadli!i'lg,sUlpplieJ' of


,. BiQWhittakle~

Mledi~1 8:;; Sera

,. MylclolAJen M!iJoop~~'Sma Oele.clion Assays ,. SeaKem"'" INuSieve~ & Meta,Phor'- i!lga1wlo,se We ,offelr the same dedicat~d sales .• marketing, customer servite and technical suppolrt t'~ams,

to' Hod I~U,J'~.mOre

Y'Ou know - arnd the qUiJlityalnd Inel~abulut'you trust. Viisit wwW.lon7:a:bgOSCu.eril~le.conn .. biopuIO~l!Icts; y

research prQ(h,lC~;s,

us sao·G.J!3:·8.1,('4· or 301"e!9a,?D2 5, .' !EuflclleJ2,[Iil}



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AF'PILIED PHVS~CS 11!1!U'a··,and 111!!'~~mo~(l(li!talr lBilIli'!d [l~lspersto Ii'! 111af!l OrF1:{lIf'lkOy:stal,




G; Kolter et all.
AHmllning>!l wii!ll·(]rd~rE!d I ibn ,[]!I,!!In ()rgani( '5em~wndunor r~"'~'il1~5, l!hlllE its 100111:1'Si:mrn:ur~ pfl ralh!!llo ~II@llI~il1l axils,[)j~Ih~ 1lI(ii.euJI@ ls


MATER IALS SelENe E: SUlperLattj,ce! :Folr,linatioflilll N!aflllir(lds irhR!ll!l9hlf'arl~i! [ Catisll ~x:cIil~f1!;1e


R. D. Rfilofflson etal.
S,traHning.a calfntiurn sulliae

n~rGd dlulfin,glilS g~l)Wtllllro:~ ,c~II'oT~

~!kiws Rne i!:O!'it!"<ol @'!It. iU'I e spacingl 01 5!ilver·wl:fld'e qUiliI1!U!'f11 Ol~ d i!1lid lh!@ir e!m~5iClm or !!le'ilr-inlr.il!rOO li!Jhll.

mOLa G'Y

3,20, &384
CELL BIOLOGY 372 Pa;tclt!'~dll Ri;!~luiatl'.ls; Hi;!d!gli!i1og! Si~ ~>€iL]i1J9J M~h~ P1Fi !I'1a~y«ili~ n~ R. Roilatgi, :L Milenko vir, M. ,IP. Scott 5ignilltn9 Ill'll d·i:~ rs ~h~F1i;1 o(cu SlOhlbt~~i9~ntll:!l nds ~tI ~I ~illmr i3ndmlie~e$ an illhiliilony ij n1P.r;1ltl~tl.nl, alltilMFIg J"Il'9iU!at1aoli o:r d~"'~!(ipment,[jlnd oti1~1F r-O(MsM. :>:;> i'fflfJ£C ll~r p. 110 p

lit, ~ateillri~s~k lD]n.QsaiUi~(U'!l(luphA~~l'!llb~a,~efn;i'lil'! IfiIJ,ec~,i!l~exiicoal1d the IRn 5e~,f [iij!!los;aUlr;s,

'Thi! cOi"oWilnr1NilCe 011fu»~~ or dh!losaursl:! n.d ~heir earli;~r rel.alijw~ ~Il New Me?;1to aJHIIelsmnef~lmpty t'h-al the La'te TlIlia'~ic rise or difilMallf.~ was gradual, nQlt 5ll1ddem.

fi/. B. lrmis et ,OIL

in H!'JfI@Y B:!!@ Col(l!IiJlies, ~rodl!.!(ti'\l'ilY ;1l1ll~ fi'~r!@,s.s H. R. M'(lttl{a (JmJ r. 0'. Seeley

GENETICS G'mclic Div.ers·ity



H@f!ey bee hi",!!s wi~iI1l'91e-ll!!!!'~i~lt~ d'lve!'Se mom'bers·stQrll'd m@~ food j!!liId tlfiU5'SIIIf!j'ived ooller~h~n l~SI! I,Nijth Irn~m'bw~ f["@m ilSirlig~ m,jJl~ r~l(In,d~r_ J3:IOC~E;MI$T~Y ~DZ ID®m~itn Bitrldin'~ Sel.edivi'ly Is Op;timilled A(]ros.~ the MOIiI:!i.e P'[ohwlTIlill

b!!f ~ 376 Vi ralllll]iU!II!lI, N. St:etrH:iinoS',so( et aL (iJlOmeg:al(tl,riru~ O!kI~ns oW!'!:5lIMval by en:cOOi ",g O! mforllllliNll% ~11a~ il'llhiaits,. irl tneiQleclecl ho~ GeiU, Ital~"5~~iolii f a ll>gllndtrr.at Wi:ll!i~dl o
n(lrmdtr t ~g~er<!n~iNitr.!l (,eS[pon5es.> .. NEUROSCIENCE

IMMUNOLOGY IHo'5:llli1i1mune S,~s;terrrnGene T<lWQldifl£j

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M..A. 5tilfler


Th~ v,al[~atiCiotts Dii'ld[m915e~e(IMIy jJlf ,a OOrnmiln p~.mii'lrnn~in9 ~n dClofl1a~1i'I<liTe e'i'el!Ity d~~l.(ill!a!edl inselecUvily :~p-,J!c.e. ~aitIlNI.niln a:rrartg~!:I iii! discrel.e cll.l$le<rsOIS. hat! hem ~sw llIftecl.

381 AtlIJH l~rail1l f. T. ,Merkle,z. Mf'ltJrieh, A AJII(JftE2·.Buyfra .11h~ \!'an,g1l5l)'iP~~ ,tI'~IiIfti:J ions tJ!'l.~tmii.gr~tl'! "jOI;310'I.Jn m!J!u~!l!!DIWad.oF~'
rnrle.x.9 Fe ~acJfJ bonnl lna din~ren~~llr,e9rGFI'tli~ 1.It~itl!imlC.e[l "r,ea, the 5ub!lenU'iCJUtar lCll'l;e" NEUROSCIENCE Queen PhelrIlIlilOa1'~ IBlo!l;iks AV!Ilrsive L:~!1!lrlllilliglfn
¥~I.Ir!~ W(lrk~r Ell::'il:S

Mrisaic O'rgall1iijl)atn ~n of N'~l.Ilr,~~5t~m (:eUs in the

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p,r®O:lJo~d by hOlIi!l!~ l:J~t qu@en~ pr@'Ii'NHS iI'I!!l! 1'5i'!l~ ~:eaJlilin9irll'j(ltki~r~, !Kl~;jIDty 00 pr~wlffill ~h~Q lJ&En's<i!t!l'J1 daMS rrom [armingl an av.el'Sion ~(II their mOl3:ie-~.

Pel.l]ll't'fri~ Q'. Jl5

M'M.:sdenc:emag .org

Sc.II~Nelc VOl31]

20 JULY2007

From primates to proteomics
For careersl nsd ence, turn to Science

Don"t g,et lost in the carr:eer Jungle .. At Science Careers W"e know science We are

(ommwtted to ,~elpil1g you fij'nd the r~gl~t

job, and t» dd'veri'ng tbe useful advilice yOtil need. OillJJknowledge isllilwmlyfounded

Feat!!Jres inc:l~Dlde: .. Thousands of lo b posting"5
.. Career advice

the ,expen~se of'Sdenc€" the premier

selsntlfic iOUl'tnal" and the tong exp€lrh:mc€ of AAAS in a.GVaJFtlcin,g sdence around the world, Science {are,ers ls the natursl .511! le ctl 0 n,

~nfcum,adon ,. Resume IfJl Da.tabase
,. {lllnnt

,. Caree,f Fomm



'. 'CI' ,- :-

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lNiilM Mili"eS lH; HUl1ilarll!' SI~ll~Il!,. Chimps Mli~ punish on~aFlCl~!N.iml mlt ~ortile )(I'ke,of ooil'l~ nUloll1, A N'E:w ]Il;in;~t on the MijbiIL.I~ :Strjip I!i'latH1ematio1all~ @i:'I lfi"i\!Ilty piiedid the shape O'fi!lte weirdly one-sided obje~.

Fight! liigl f,or Ham'ii:'l'g'os
(Dn~i'ValiO',ni$t5 pro~l ~i'lz.ai:'l~ai'l intius;trfoa[ P'lalir'l tltl~ Si:i(y Ihlr.ea~ili~ !link



RESDURCfS FOR 5CI£NIiSI5 Af1itth ~opo,Io!J'i:st

S. ((Jlpenler

U5~ lo0ml<$e

an t\.dvi:s-,ew,!:l'ean Ar!fli![hilr l
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lio dmn~e a I'l3M~dla:[Jvi[~~,~u'U aJild C'ulHura'l e<~Hs. d

ferilE!~ :~onne«ienbmc ,out

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US: TO!lIli09 Up-Adrl'ilng (harismakl Your foolbolK D. Jensel.l Willlll~~ tirl:3llepilfmeral q,MUly Iihcllil1'akf;5501l1l~ pOOpleSl..]iru!l ®l!It
111 J!Ii (li!Ol'lCi? EURO!PE:Mastl~iiIDi~ 'i~LiIi' Ph.I[l.~layiflgl Dictyosl'elwll'l c-:nl LillI!! mow. W~lQ


tDI H11E1

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:~ during Tcell aclival.ioill. .;; 1I1'ERSPiECn\llEi Ch!:lm(llads.=Na~ig;.a,ttrr!g by .~M.!ll,tJ1pl!!! ~ Slg Pilall ftg pa~~w;3·Y5 ~ z E; P. J. M. Vt:UlH(1(;lsr,ert ,(JwW D. M. VeirJll(ffl .~ MUI[ti~'~$~gnollili!~ P~!Imt¥ Ipr{lm.o~e(,el~,!lilOl;reilil~I'I'I.~hroUJ9lh

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M'M.sden c:emag.o f9


200JULY 2007




Otfalctolry IN,euron

Pre'CUIrSOr !Div'ersiity »
th~ braill 1~'~O\lidielS aJ st:eadY'5l!~ ply ofril'~wlVSli'll1erlli~ed Omhl.[tory lr1eltlw,oti!LWh~se (Eilts; .;;irrt! generatedlif! ~:he:S'l!lb·\I'e:rm~ritllJhilrZO!1eandl mij~raloo to the' ,ol.'f!1lctlCry Iblll~b. Me:r~le et {lit. (p. lin, pubLis:hoolo~lnlililE! '5 )1Uity) I'I~W :si~.QWthat 'oliff'er-ent re~li!()ns 'off the ~lll:wenlrkullair zOii1le g~\IIe rise to, dUfeiren~ ~Ylpes of' otfad(HlI' 'IiH~lIroI1IS. li~!J.ts;,
1"1 tihl£!adl1.!U:m oUJ~,

ind/iYid'lmlly v@rs,'lllit@(Ilnd tire bener ,(h~I~'fu::terize,dl sa smniliillg s jJIofrmt cd,tUfiI alre,m:lll' druel'se IPOpU'latio~l.

tl~e::ltem {elms Qf~he511b\l'e'n~~'C'I!l:~i1Ir ;t.'QnJe'alne!lot



Borrowing IPower
from Nature
Meth,ankil~ ta~~ ,a~ .a(mlil1l1li~hei:lin the oeQl d~fQf!,j)gha f!, array of 1l10~e':(I!d:ilrflf'!achfl'!~:S and lher'l1 has beemi illlle;r'e1illll e~plo'Hing tlilu) ,rrl[ldll~lIl-

~ilYin il rlilkia~ nil ~()iSc:a~(!,5tr'll(t~J\M, VaJfI de Vl
I'IEm'llcl i!11~dDeU.~r(p .. 3:B) lreviel;\l'the rN'fllt p:rogr@'~ (lUll Ith~ 11IS~,off ,Fol.ary a~d lin~arI1IlOl~r prroteim Ifot ti!~ks ~~!!:~ as, facilitatilllgIIFiH1!~I'!IClIr~ OJ p~werif!ga devic~, At~hol,lghsome d~\l'er .!lP!)U(C1,· LiQIIIS; halll!!! ll";'ol.wd!, lh'E! i3lU1lhDfS ITHlll! thall1llany

ra:{~ ol'lhe liI"ins!<q U~mlw~Sl3 r Attair., D:n@of In@' Ilright.e!>t ~a r!i]1li tlil!:! nig:1ll s,ky,. to a r~o~utio!l1 ,of d. mliRi~rc$.t:ol1id, Altillk is Iii llul~i!ia:l as U~pi 115 velry ~pldl.y,~a5l 'r;lnol,lg h ~ha~'~ 1 ,apfi'e'ar~ ,elon· gg le(i1l~l r(lil!i'gh C,(!!1ii,rihJg.1lll rQfCes. lh~ a mou!1t or di~ ~Dr~iol'l lhl1 at~eillda ntc;h:alll'ges in surr<l ce illild t~mp~~aMjUe~; dmraderlz:ing ilrn!!.l:ul~r mOrTII€l'!turn lran~pmt with in the S~,Ir, d i'llerge '~rom!he pJiooictrons ,of sia Il1Id ard f!~it)d~ls,~sp,~'da~ly 1IrOlm!:i the 9Cluator. TilliS.• @ldiFlI ~i'roc:@s~~, uch s .~~ di r:fe~ ~li.;lILrolaliofl .1lJ1da~termllive II) ~.!wulY
d.ankening [!3!Ii'II~, ar~ IIllallde!dkl 31!)]prorarl(E' oJ rrounin,g stars. exp'lain th@

dil1late. Tile 1~I.oge'n dilefJflls~ry I)~'1.1l!!ro~elil hf:gl'l f ~ati~url~ has p,mlfelil to. be partk:ul~rlyinter~tUliI~, not Iln~t II:i~(.au~~.or thE! ro~C''Ilf tlleSill' wtgiijEil ~ as h.arbilllgers of glcbal d1 llila'te !l)llange,. but a b~.uerr uderst~!Jdifl;g o:~i+l~t (~eimisti!'Y11l1l!i! be~l hg"~& PliMf!d Illy lild; o~'data. Sai'il·tgpe:z I~lal. ~~. 41n 3



at the' j:DrOOI~,",Clfl. p,ri!lciple :sta!:l,e.

Dating Differentiation
EucrU,es, (Ire lII'Ieiooriiecs tha.t baoe ig:neoo~ ,l(tM~y OlmSlilla U Ibedi!:S. :S~l'lila rte the' Mte-.roTl~ Ve~!:a,t:iil!rl,y in tine SQia rs,r.;lleiFll'S hislury. DalIlJil51then'! cen te~l !.is ~ b~l!it g;eophysica~ processes ~u work wn~n these bootes '!ffll!l-e dmeirl'JiI~iatill!l 10 form <I: mel.cillt( {{Ir'e ilUQd sil.icare ma!fUI~.H~fv.e;r,sliJ;ch ~lU!nl~IS 11'ii!~~ beemi diillkuU bf!(ilUSie ffiJ:r:ri)li8'" lend to Ibe dilangrl2d by ~tel' Iluralifl!g, ~lIIld 'fraclulringt. 1I1lid' a'l$~, the isew,pii!!: ~st!1fI15 ,a¥a~~abl! fOlr' diatilf19o"Jlreh1.trd l~ti3 nbraltE. Byalil,alY'll11l9~in:on:s wi Ihin eu eri 1.e5., Slrilrl~v.~san (p. 3115) have dialled their {~tQIl~fif,1l't~Q~ ~o'il!ii~hin ~ J.3, 1lI1iilli(l1'ly.e'~~5 I(i!~ !l1et~l-

Strai ned Relatiol1s
Wilen '~~llrn5re 91rQWIl om sm1fBce'S lfuirOIl91h a vapQr-~h.arse aep'05,iliQn. c'Qmj1l!i!\t; he~tir(;l~~rU(tm~li C.;I1Ill fQI1fIfI Ire~!llils.e'01 str.an 1II~lfllat Qlri5e ~Iuou:gh Ila~~(:e' rnf~m~ildles" Rl)!bil1!l$~:n €,,' (II. (p" 3;55) $Il(r,~ ifl 1!!iO~ution el:l;iirol!lment ~h<lt ~U! (lJmpr~)(5ulpedal· aces can ronn SIl(l!f!tiililI@O!!!s[ly inl ca:dl'!iliyrr~ S~llnd'~ n!ilnomds~tinmllQlItn [lte [oll1llrolle~ intrmll!Klion or ~i (alio~~, Alterl'h1llillg lalf~r$ of (ad Ilfiilldm 5-'l.I~. lver [kle and! ~H'I;'@r suUiil:le,lorm ,a,'longtfrtlt'! a:<isor ~hl! rend~ec;alil~~~he lla Ui!!:E! 1m i5.maltdh~trail'l th(!t hlJil~s up diJrillg $~i~!?ri nfiltral~lQn Ilimil.s tiile
glro.\!,!th of the w,I:r .suU~de

bleef~detected. nH~ ~p~li'lgl~fne 10 levers 'they roundl ilIirt! ~he h[ghes.t reporled iln)!'fllheore'ill the almo.spl1ere" an d 0;11'1 aplpare lilt S'f nergy beliveen 110 ~l1d ElrO~ugg~~~s!:I!il ~nkulQ'wV1l al.og~rN!di\l'a~Io1fl h i!IlI t'leJaallllisrn. llihe;se llevels of n"iogens abo c;;:IiIJse li~e rapJd ai!(ld~!,i:DI1iof d~ll1ielhyl SU lliide (lInd mer(~ryinJ MleAntan:tk OOUfidary laye:r~

Alllti3irclic b01mdl.uy t~r homJ![muClry .20011~O! F@bru,,1iY2{) 05. Tn~ 'Obs@iNl!ld hi'~h oonc;U!~raI.ion~ and p!N'~1SLll;Il(ll' ,Qlf ~l@$@' l1f1log !!lIiIs!.nroug'hOllt U;e slJlllil ~ri{!d, 'CO!'llrraryto e~peda'~jol'ls afild ill II1lnlk~ tile' ~~IlIt1~iWlinllhe ArC:l.k" litlher~ I a has n!)l,

~~e'wt !ll!e,arsurem!!'!m EI~O alffild or

~o the In

Gradually Becorninq Dominant



s.Hi<ate diif,~Ji!tiaJ~o~ 001 'the:ir P!i!iie'!iI~,body. Ttl~ 'It'l're abi.eto anchor the 5Ilm:r1I·lived ittf·W Isotope' s.ystem ~\Iith '~~il' s.W.1e.r II Pb '5.ysl.em lQ t~e dm.n the liming ac:uratt!ty.lalEr m~talilIDrphosiis o,ilhe I!l!crit!!':$, l(l~k IP~awe' a~l@r i!!f!®~'h~r 9 !fJliliiolilll€a~S firma WflS lik!!~y (tIlUSed by hetilli Il!;i [Forni 1lI1Piu'tS.

domains, U.e
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lJ,y l(;Jaltll1l<QimlQ~tu~ oo~utiQl1I~!dra,rrle-

ql!efl!iO!!~ IltllV! bt~1I! r@laH.. @ly S(iillFl:@. Irmis el' lliil. (p" 358, :see the (I.'l~r} nOl'l

lers and


~5mo;, 'nlUS, ~50ITU~t a

il, I~(h,ros&il


~I a S pi 111 rI
Imagillg 'th~ SUl'ra{e~ ,of !>~;clrsothl1'u UlCln 'the Sun, LliQl,Jld ,aH~~~~~ro:n~me~ io 1lIl!llp'the physk-a[ p:r,ol!:ess;es I!'i'~rk Q!1 the 1'IiI, W~lh ii!dv"Iin(~ d optiat cal inteJife,r(lFlll~tlri~ I'llqu:e$, MQnlll~i~r et (l!l. tedn (p. 342, p!Jlbll~het:i ol'lline 3t M1I!Y; ~et the f.e'rSlpe((i'lt€' by QliIl[rrelillba;~h~iI1aJve fe'S(I~vedthe 5ildr-

'wiw dillllE!HSiam WiiS, lJi~edto tune lhll! n~a r· if!i~l'ared:e1mis.~'fM f~~l Il.ese lilaUll'Or,oos,

NIlW ,[I;1e!l:im dai~,ln9 1.0 tiw I!iIte iri<l~,oclti1,ai~ ilu~lIde~ bOIUh ~ii:'!osaurs::li'Qdth~~~epIHiai:'! Ill're~Ur~

Halo'Qlens in Antaf(t]Ca
Tr(lpo~p,herk l'biliogens. a ffedtihe



Oili(Dn;~.~;h!:1 Q:!iid~zing C1I!l",dty oflih!l: <Iitm01Jp nlll[e,

alld a,eli(l~(I~iorl1lwtiOH, aU of which are Ht'd:.1€(!10 1

I.he pr&llIrsor.s pE!f5~Sted mmh l(jfi9~f IWlaJF! bli!efi thOiJ~~U anel exiskid a lo:i'lg hild with diiITIN:1S1I1.I'1'S !lIillllpol1s· f ~r~, 'The~IQ:~ils f~r o s,l!lp,pOrl;:;l modlel O~;;II 9rad'ual ri~ of di I'losa,urs il'l 1:1111l!3~1l1ni<liS§k 1~1I!~ PNl'(tldl?d the~'r domino'llllt:!llily Ihe beg~nlliIl19I1)H~eMassl:(,


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R~ce!M ~dIol'QIf1(fSJill r.equudfl~ OOChilOlogy hav€ in(flN)$ed our J)ow~r to' sUlidy vollrialion Ii\iUin a sillg~~,organism,.C.~;'jlfk etoi. {po 338) f@S@qJililinli:@d 20 S~Ji1!UP1lS or Afabidopsj~rtiCJII(ma wil:i11~ljglil-ct~niSi,lY (lli'QOl'!mlleolid,e!' ,j3iUi!~i!llI!d f~:LII!nd exlefls;i\il~ \!';:l rialion" Tille cmnprreh l\l'Isi~ei Iilv,e,nLmy or ,~,enom!ll-1~ 0 NA pol~Rlio.rllh~sm$il1l ./'J,ro,bidop;Ms llMlr4lt~ icle l~8! e~Jll!!nl ,of nall!! raJ 9:~neHc \ralriat1lo~, with lrnafly g~,ru~~ is(!! bled ill dirr~rem \~kI :liUai 1'!1l,. w~ll a~ h't~ h Il~vells 01 polYln(l~pllf,sm am(l~g d as !£Ie-ne fil'l'l1iLy ll'Iemlbe;r~.• lrlc.l9difl1g l~ciSe if1ljiDI.\I'~in dfc5El.1lSer,esi~taIflCie<.
III nJdeolide

o:r b~e: hi,1''es are \Vl'i:l~kill ClIii'I1Ito b~ d~~~lyr~~ollt~d• bu;t.lhirv~sc~n Qh~nl e~hib[Jt mo~ . ge;netk diversity 1.llIan might be ill'ltkl,pilted hom theori:e-s >01'1 Ilhe l)eone(iL'5, oJ w(]Ip.eratio:namol'lgl (lo~ ty ro'l<lilie(l 'umdlividLJ!:I'I;sM(!nil~a (iUild Seeley (p. 3(2) s,hollil Ollie reason ~Oll'~his is Ithat mlo.re glel'l ~~i.. cally di~~rse iii i\115 (Ihm;!! (J,rigTfI.1lltin!lI!'mm ~ Ienl'<! ~e m~t~lIlg ~'I,Ii[h l'nump,le males)' ,~erf,(Dr!'lll bElUer iiii the ~i1lte or OOIl~b ~!Jildif!,§1,!'~.ragiflgl r a~e~,anUih~ftey pr~dl!l(lf(m U'halll th!!):Se oog if!~I~1l!g '~r!(lffila ~ift!Ylle r13RlIl~.!!' andllll1ll leo.to a d\!'errti~!!her p,res:em:llinll1e (.o~ony 011nel ~o e&'ii1rl inHullliU:e O'lfelr il~ me mbers .• a ~i(li1:ey:boo queen p.rro ucesa (i!!i!'Ipl~ b ~~~d ()!i' SilIbsta nces kIl!,Ofo\i~as qu:e'e!ill !11andWb ela r IPhe;Fi)!~Hifll!l'. 'Ve-rgo2; er at. 'IP. ::I M $@i: tll~ 1P~1I'Si1l~~tiv~by Galizila) i[ound that @xpoou f~ to 'ClU€ ~iI pherom~n~ tll'ids ~n a redudkif1 in ,avt\r~ive lellrlllil'l\11 bldt Illo!1to <! ~dlJ(ti(l1ll nn aiPll~liti"'~ tearlll'ng in }"OlIIngJ hll<neybE~.. lhi? qJ!!!!E!I'i $i!!b~~a~,ce miX! i.!la'~.e~the iJoparnul1I!i!.rgi( s.y~t~rJiI of b,et!$, \~Ili':h redlU<;es~ihe ca !Jilcu1y ad y'mlflg wmker~ to fQrrrtn[W~r~We Imemories,
Th~ ~sid'E'I1I~~

What's the Buzz?


:!IOU rceclcou

location" l.ocation. location
OeSlli~e Sli b~~.antia![~flion,il has. w,Bmalill!ea Ire~alive l:!llmys'te ri OlliS. how the prot@ifil kfiOWrH! s H@dg,~Ifl(lg '(IH'h.hcthl'1:lU!!i s~gna lin g patliiwa.ys tha l re glilille \i'a,riou~ hio~~ogi{a~ p'JiOil:E,)SlE!s,in.dudrimig ste FIn (en rnJl'lcHoll(. devet(l pmeflt, !l!lld ~a ~()er. IRlQhatgi el' '!'l~. (p_ 37.2; .~Il!'!e!.hll P.er~lJiE!dif!ie by [hrnS:hl!l1sen all1l,d on) sholll' ~ha'll~lammal i'~!l'(!e'Us tlse'their Ill'ifl1'3ry cfit~llI!!Ji!as ,a~ ,a~uetl !liar that sllmp,~e5 lilfe su rroolfidi 1119 nvironment fill r the pres8<rl(lR of e Hh.Willtln Hhr bOllifidl 00 its reCeIPl(U' W'a~d!edll (P let), lh,e !:ec.e.j;)tc,r l~rt. th~ !l:11l~~. \\lhere (in the ib~m:t cf St~lfll !ldo:!llQIl ~ it aeU to r'e:5'trairill!H h :slgnElIIMu,;il by preventil1Y a:u.I!HI1lI.lII:alJorHif l!Jies~glnal11119pr(Dlelrl STrl~~hel1£id (Smo). A«lIfT~ulaHon: OHITHI in ~he< cilia oi!'~limlu ~Ited i()e<l~5 (Orresillonded tQ! ~('t,'\i'illlon oJ Hh sigll'l;;iil~119. FIJrdu::r .UrI de rs ~(mdl ng the ITHl'[et,Ul.:t r mech an ~sm:5 ti1l1t iniluelKo!!! u!I.lula.r ImaliM li'OIlJ or flt(l a II1IU Smo wi U irn[pwve 1I0clefs.tall'ldif!lg Qr l~'~ sigl!\i!IIi!1g 1JI~!~n~C!y nd may ~~<i'!d Ii! rtlV a t(J
ruh~raIPBu'tk lii3r9'~t5.,

Long evity' (In the Brai n
S!li''ef.1lll, iShldi!~ snow Iha~.losr!Jf-hJll1ditm mll! Iil'~ion~ inIh! r(:J~uUIll·I:i!le siglrliJLf ng {a~c;1'uj!! 'e!'xt!!llth ~h~ me 'Sl~an ~f worms iilllrd Jlt~e~ h@"l,!e~r,.:~ l;,IiI,I{I~efl~ m ~ta~k)<fl:S an;:: .;ii5s~r;:i!1'I~edwitn met~bolic: dlf5!eil S(' a ~d [alai. d!all~te-:5. in mke. ~Iilcontra!>I:, Gl,t(llri'eore5ltrid~ol1 Qr gi~nf~h:: fit!ral~.e9i(l:5, ~11rnke that enlwmce iifls,lIIf!]!1s.ei1~itivir'l' hl\~e~ 'the risk !l:llr age·w~l.altoo disea:S~iilftd 'il'l'iteP'l!di lire SIP~f!. tagllld~i d ai. {p" 3,fm ~es,Cll1iE:the:s~ CQi1i~lirctillg reS-lilts by p(!ill~ill91 00 the braT (fg ,11<'5 I,h~ s-it@ wh:efie' n~,d Wlc!€dinsi!!U!li-lik~ Sigl!lill.ilng (11m eJ(lJe<ndmouse ~i~'~ spallll.

Applied ae:nOlil'tili~5, CQlilversant He!; Exp!JIes,von Ga:!lletiic:s; Extlr·emol;)'llllilo

Getl!a~Q Eliomedieal Pl"odY'as
NektarThera,pe.ics INew' Century P,",lal'mac:eutic,~! Olpenl Biiosyswrns

Mirl'imcd ExposLlln~
Tilill f'ElfJE!'nt.d~Sro'i!iBl)llliIdll(ellitain vim~~ expr'~%'5 micT,oRMA!; ~miR:NAl;) f<J,lS'~" ~lhll qUiIl!>tiun ~ wheli~er l~~e P!iI~ho{!ens might use !flJ~RNAto evade thli!l r ho~ts" S~erll·'Gil!i!o:;iS:ar et ai.
,~ ~h!E!'Perspective by CI!JJlllell~ fiml U'IltI,t fm hmal1 (yi:oIll1£!9<1llovil'lLls tllis al"P'Btirrsln imi'e-ed bE! 1.lIIec;a"it'. ~ 0 i1~ or lh~ li~n,i~' miiRNA!l \I,i,acs r~dld~d ~iirgel, lihe 3' jJln!!r.ar:iSI,~l~(Jre~fOiii!l; or b~,(i ~rmiiiilu nt'i!-~i~~ted p to '\I~.n!il$., which b~,t1:me: adiYate-din fe$llJl;ln~ t@ vilr,ail fnf!i!c,ticiln. &;pfes:~itln Q[ ene ol~~hes!il prQteimi ~ was ifllde00 dam pened by the viral miRN.A, Ij\lh kh reduced re~,og 111f Qill by {H1!lMrallHr~l,Ilra ~ kmf,'rce~ll~. I '~ ~'llrelllllllim.~o!be seen if IIIiIlNAw~lllliLJrn Q!JJlto be il WUd~f>,p,reo1lldf'n~~tul'dexl1lo~ bYVirlUS'@1ilQ tvad e :~ fl!(lst iml!1fUJl1li~y,.

'Opero." EliiomtCh!If!;Ql'Qg1ios Serin,a lMr:a:peui'ti~s are als:o proud Ailjo€iales or
the ~Lid:Soil:i!-Afp.ha htstitl.ife

'p. 376; see





M'M.:sdenc:emag .org

Sc.II~Nelc VOl31]

20 JULY2007

MieN'S yo:ur linllt m'ICSJlreeradv\a,nc.Eliment
y,(lrkSi1ops.and :st~tegk; adviQe'~hfOug,h S(reoceCareers.org
:;li1d our C.eoter W5 i5~llhe foliefmnt: of adiaJildng early-ear1l;eir rreseafGheirs -!!lIT~~ing fob s.ealth. grants aoo, f~Io~",~hi;ps, skiU-builtii~g

rQr Care~~if5im Science &: TechJ1()~ogy.

NI~ nile' NilHQnal Pij,stdocJIQ:,ralAswdai~o:n. is. prov11ding a oa~!l!'lla!,"la1(E!.Mdseekin~ posilNEldlal1lgE< ('011' postdocsp<lrtnlenng iA!i~tliAAASuflC6Ir:eer 'Ilairs" semloors, and otMr events. In [Rct"AJ!\J\;S ~~ il1stlilJlIillent.a~ irn,l1etptng the NM get. swrtecl ~Ind de'!.ielOp inl'Ol a grolMng orgp l1l~aUQniIniLI <'Jyjt1l~ ~ rnk 1.0postdOt~LK:CJillSS. Iffyou'i'e a IX!'rSI:doc 0 r~d Sltu:lent, ~'O to lhe: AAA5-IN PA Unk romdQLJ~~ to spell !ca~er ~~(ess,





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The UK gO\'I;:TlllTlem is the first to ul.ke enrhis c]'1(JIIe:ng:e, \,\thh pw(bI ic..tiO:iiU unite drdUl eliim.lre Cl1i!1n~eBi ll il'l!\I~;lroiilofthis )fe3f. .Its Ile<lder-:shi]~earries l~rleres,p(]'IiI'Sibi~liltY~D t!.I,UUss:iOIlS ye~ t'l:~I;S. ~ght The fimd bi~~f'!~~~t1;to m~e ex:p:~!CiT l~e 'm:nnuhl u';':;b'd~t) OlrrV\F(l ,m an,,'!u-~~ Ihflt glJ\~~i1!!D'J.~~m sets, "fIun; fornmul<l. !ii1l{)1J]ld~ellus net only the size oflbe caJire btu: <lilso .ilI.ovl,i~ve'eslculate O!1llJ!il~are' ('Irk T~~ d:rol1 bHI prepeses a fi:g1J:~ 1~:Ut !I!Il!1;t'ub~~'l\:pb~in~d terms ·~:f~i~~ler eriterien, .~ dkL C ~f'I fil: ~~li!1~'1i.lDu~durely OOOS[ confid.eri:J:eI:~OlIIl the restLh is desiglled~.o sgh'e the prol.l~eli1.1rn,:stel' th;HIl s w~'rcc~<llillg ~t.I suspecr] haw s.-et: l~-nyS<i;':~f,~targct onivrun!§ ul!illti~jl"~~l toO ;!;;~~ w\lr'mi inI'lSP]~~. 97 -(d~J]n (11a.lmEhn

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Sc.II~Nelc VOl31]

20 JULY2007




EI,@{trh: Aft!e rshoeks
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Ireall'lo!ck~ ~!ll' 'generalte cuueillt!'i dll:le ~,oFluid mO'l!lem~,li1t aln~! pf~lOeL-e(~ri( ~HecB. but they oil re 1.1i!e;;llk Ildli Iii ~h,e gl€'~ t(ll,gica~ setHnlglh a 'is, ij:J~rd to d~serm~flgl~ ~h~l'fi'!hl)m !i!'~hlr~p09lE!n k a siglnt.alls Sf rlUlITie! ambient e,lledtrOlni[, nl]ii~le. Pal'ik el' al. rE!'p~,n pa$siib't~ d@~!!diofl of a eha riH:'lerisotk !li'!edriieal 'I!]glflaL 'LI~ilfl9 ,Hi1 e~.e(~ ~rod,e arra" ~laJud !D'n Ule 5i!!fI Andlrea:; ~il!iult ,n ParMielcl, (a,~ihi'r[b~a. ,Eiloed[ical disturIbal'll~~.li las~ll'lg ,;I hl)lJlr~ we~e pil1:~'~lll,lp with~!'I ~ 50 I'!ll~f thief,![IItlU fJl'!llme,dhll~ely ~f~~ ,aI'!i!i!'9191nli,t~de6,oCle,alrthtmiU(iIb~ ~~alt (lI1:C~~r~~ ]rrlSeipte IIIiI be f 2004; :;~Ig f1ids,off QPpOSnhl' polla rilly wel',es.u Dlltq llIoe'f1Uy ,~'etededan-ef ~1I\IO liIiIag nitude S. (I ilrt)~rs.ho',ks. Alt:hQtlg hi :s~:,~Ual~el,~"ttr(lf!fl!lgl,llIed~ (hang!!;::; do '~W,lr iOl!il a dlalil~t bo:'JS:is if! tM~ awn. ~,~etea In all~guet~gt tl'u:: lOl!:allb:~ti'I;;;!!l, ~qllil'l~ flg,lIlld Ulnm"lI<lll p01i1lrHy ef th!l1ilr5<ig nab slI,Pllmt <l1isocial~ on ll'lliilhi tlll,~ 'lilartlhquaJiie m,p'l.lIJre pmc;:eSIl, 'They prOIPSfie n9~!liI mOloierilll1lmh as the lIIl.o,n likely ~<lILIISe t '~hJ,e o 'eledrka:l. 5igni!lb,i!lltl~cllllgn tlheyalre IlIliIillbte to expla~nt the rapid onset. No 1P~1l(!.Irs(lr .s<i,gnats Wl.U@ Qbs@rv@<~I" so '!hlls tEldiHliQI!.!l! m~y net ~ltirn(j'l'e'lv Iill~lpwith @Iil!irthquil!.ke' pr@'~r(liom.·~ JEI J, GetJpbys. R~ 112, llj(),]0291200S,IBOM196 ~2:o[m,

IE: c 0 UlG VI'E \1'·0 UJlTI! 10 N

Sma Her Harvests Than Expected
iLeall-[1i tli rgg a nts (Df th eo'gen us Atla~re ubiqulteus f'e'S'ideii1t~ Qr ~eouopic:.[!1 fO:rl!$t~.lt!~v ('QJiIs:lnJ d Ilarge :sui1ter ramH~'iln (:o~oa1ie~i3inil jOILl rnney on trab ~rCliS~the f!D,~t ri.CIQrand: il1lt~'!Ih~ f!Dfl.lsl (iHmpy. ~~her~tmey hcl~t lea~ haglmielf1t~ that ~ ~ ('.g rried biiJ ck lI(Dlihe nest. n,~ fr.ag ifnen ts IIlOUrish a IlImlll1cllisti.c rJJngl.k5. ~h!l!l in tum j]mvide.s p~~:teif!i:md (.arb!!)li1ydlra.~e for tI~ aiM wt(!ny. te<l&'[1i Uer5 rulV<E! ~een \~delv <I,~um,ed to, be l~,e d{llnlill'l~mt lherbi'l.l'o,e~in lh~ rQ~~ts thll1!yiJll~a:IJit, I)!il~ 'Sup,p()rtiv~ Qi!!all~nalive data r,or this: .aJ~'S!!!lIrIi,p~io!ll a re s:palf$~. lHiE!rze' at ri r~t II,l~OO (! r .i"lpidi1lll~ noolli:le'strll..!r.:I,llieIm,e!tilCid. 111vQlving U'Q'E! :5i'1llT1pling (lJ !iehi~' depi)~it,oo bV!;l fi!~5(llJ t5~de ~heir f!J~5~S.a~ ~ prQ(I!:;yfIDF r~l'~ S!!.J'rinQI the daily hilrve:<;t or leaV€),. Tih~r1th~y adlee ted dalalmrll l1eauly :5.0 nests. O'!oI\ef ]LS, m,~J:Illh:!l in a F1~na-

l1!!af-tuUe~in til Br.lIzil1l1l11FoFes,l irll::IF'Etasedi ~t the marg)in~ '\I'e~sl!ls. tit!'!, lF1teri(:us) o'~I~rem ~h(lt had be,~n hagm.e'l1It!!!d by hUlllian dl s ti.nbanu!, '~hu~

ali 'wa:teris lost WhI!!I11 water b@C'om~ aV'ai'lalb~~

ampUfyiflge!'lviroliimental[,cha!l)ge E1!dge.-AMS



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a9QJi~, dehydr.a1red ~aMe 1ll'!dielN_l(l ret~,~r~lkm and reSL!lmll!! th~l r deveklp.mel1~l. p~'Glge~imli ~ a!lLIIt I1lo iinjd~es. K~blj'i!ooa t'l' ,Q/. ha'lj'e!:deil!tifie~ a ue1iI00Ilosellran"ipor~:er (cOIllloo TRE:Tl) 1n ,F!: WJ!l~l'er· prallki. lIhey'5ho'l\i~haJt ni~spceJ!:ilk [Of trehalG:se v~rSiJ.j~malt.o:se., s~m'Q5e. and I'HJas~; t~ey abo 5hO'W~ha~ ]t hilndklniS as a lo~aril flily, hi:ghctIi'plI(i'ryiacitfl!.ated ~Htll1sporlErl~a! can be' er)ll'llre~t'd beni{l.Iil~l! ~lfllII'hilmm;;llialnc:eUs. - G.lIC il:i I' '!!! , ~ Pr(}C, 111m'.AClW. S.d. U.iAlIl04, lisa!) ~2:007t <:l ~ C ~

Survivinq a Dry Spell

me '(01:5 we k~OIN ~Ois; ba!>t!d, on earben, and one r,otll!!iOClu$f.act·or is lIu compa'tillililV of sug:airs: and Wdter. Glu{(lSeis. readilly 5(1~ b~ fait 'mud, lhigher CO:lloenlr(jtiDn~ tl1!l!nthe bul'ldlng Ib~o(1i:5 ([i~he'r IJr bloklgi{;'lI. ,polYll11ers). ~a5ily bmUed byeilll'lnile~
via i~s d)emk~llh;II'!r:U(linatili~.~!1d
(and IJ'E!r'haps: e\l'efl bel1l'e'~cial) in its in~:e!:a[Hol1'.i Mth

Natural and ArtiUcial Flavors


(Idler bi()(Ih~.mkals. If!
Gm~id'erll'lg the lT181ji(lr d~LUlalifig sug~arilll if]sec:tr-tr,~l1t1lo~. which is a h~d-lO' hBtldi dillT1!lr,of glu:-


CQIW!!~lItersdeli1(~stshave l!;):rlt;lW(lr,ried th~~ ~heir i :! n~ldsuUers hom Sipllill p~r.~ollal:i~y disorrdler:::is H

do ma~ht:!!'lalic.s, ow elflgi!1!eeling? Tfu~"
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tile 'fOoronly a DIJ!.d
0, 7~ ~~.to~.a~.Ie oons~llI1!p~il)n by aU fol~vor,~, ' ..~ (jn!l~d~ alnd Y~fWbrates) in lftllii:(wet Evn thOlD ~h these resuH~f~d i(illl~ 'tIlall t ~e d efQlhraiion by ~~af-(l!'!.tfrs is m~r'~ ~l1Illde5ll.h(ln p,re<viQ!tI~I,y tholl'ghl, 'Uribas el oJ. fOIJ1'l9 lha~. herbiivory by

PCJpPM#UfIJ vander· l[iehyd1r:a1~oo (hlfJl:) aad planki Il.aFYa~~.o.essid r,~loydratll!i!lll;1!r'oia. cation ((Inl~s!ID'Inlind. Whu 'h~ poQ[~ rod; lII'here th!i!~El' ~1IrV'U!' dry up, the 1<llVal r:tlt Ibodn, ~Vf ~yf!it~€siz€s lrif.!h.a~os.e' Jie:lees.€sil filIO~lh~ a,odl h:el1llolymIP~ 1n mde~ to Ij:uo~ocl tisslie mnsli hleoflls

als1J 'gN1JlIl~~ ,\lith th@ JiIIIoslo1!lbs:tf<Jd allh~nllltim ~ :poop<ellies or ()(!!ITlll:Dll,llallC)'I1.l! ~ proced tlre·sameli ::;; I.he' Ilogk (J~ i!~gorillmm5". So,rih@,debate has -' rag,ed: Is the rteld a sdence I!)ff t he ~a'Wrah!{(l{rld .~ or O!1llyascije!iM~e.of ~he a rlilfi(iall? Deorlil!19 ~ al~g!lies thOl[ [Olll1lpulte'r ~ieme ls decid~!rl'ly a nat- ~ i!!f.1il.$ci~I'I'!.I rlf:Ofm~tioti ~t~rage and pr-ot:!SS~ ~ illl 9 !lave l:I~e~ rOllndl to be fll,ll1ldal!Jl~n'ill er~~ g


H~~d:!i. hQm til!!! bJ el[Q9Iica ld a~G ~ :s;tm,e!dilfl DINA to the ''I!lHllnl!il1lJ1l lrdmnlo1l!i:orl that ~ is tr al'llsr:rnitted arfld !1Ilod ir'i€'d a(!; parli(i~esiJi!lieir,a(~. 1111 m,m:f[lrM~. 'Prim~lplles~lho1ll. trilllilS(eollld mm0
ilIiI ~nts O'hlll.:l rlV


200 JULY2007


pu ling machines ferm aset

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the de,~:pstr!.JW.lro of c(!nlput~lklnl. these questiQursl ill U!m, elf@ d'f~"lli'IIg ~lrlll1o¥i.niw \\iays to


mmpUI~nl!1g, SOl'ne(imes ",itholl,l[ u,5,il'lg! !Hlphlisl"icalJ@d (<lmpL!tIH gald9@~ry ai, alit Thi:!'

InrlcrOO~i!!I1~sml$).~fd1lis PQl~{f'~ €_);t~i'!clsto o.th~r ~Bmpera'te JOfl'sts"lhe mllHguril~iM ,o:r below· grol!!'! dJ roocl webs an ~ iJI~~!t@fml'~If 'firM III nu>: ( nli'ght Ihllve to b eo fl;!!DllIIs!idered. - ANtS, f,c,oI, t.~rt liD, 72:~ {200!L

.ilutl'l~r '~~flch,ld~s l~,~ltthe r'ield en~~~p\gQ:ses a
$iciem:@<{:If li1rOr.ITIl1t10n: ~roc@!isirlg illl IbM~ natuI'iiIllllnd1lir~m(i]al ~ys'tf!fIn~. - Di\f (Q!mm,lfl. /1(1'II5iO', 13 t200'';1).

IJifferent Routes to a (~lJst~r

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20.JULY 2007

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MAS IIIoouIl Of I~III .lIIIiIIli "ES.EJI~'~I!.II,.IDl1tI P. l!lD[d;llFl; Ril!!!h~II~I'r.Ili. MiI;e Ml:!lilly; .!lW"",!I'I;I.H'Io!I $'U"'1'~1JllI'! '~!l!!Df:uliJ:OI~ i3a1tIMf~ __ jImr!~ j. ~~ill\'f,i'_,,~g (I,IE1'i!fiII.5.iill INI'I ,@i IIlfIIi'l.'Elmlnll!1li'l, Ilm~ J6hnTIrM"9_IiEl'll~ ~D"" D.~rrii!li.(II!ry; J Gre[([lml W~L!IB!liL1'r. +49M 3:011 [M\11t!1l E. :5!\!;m; (g~ tiI:~ilfNo~ (!'-Jl!()!J~ Alii!'!, IL lllll1mll:r; ,!!~~ .IIoM 'E. !)(M!i!]!1!\ ~,. ~_ ~EI!Q)!I~, !S~!'IM.IFiit!C!!!!rfdl:. . .MiQ~!:iM!" !.iI~~P. e:. ~909~m, IPAl~)9 jOa, ~Oi!8ffiI!~IliS1; iill!!!fi1mfK,~~m """~al!l\C!l!t!~li!. MI!!r.1!Y, W!g,1l'l~~ O. ~!l~rd, ~Jtl'!~ D. Sulltr.!:!lO ' W'N~ e~tc~ ~f'~!iljJ,~lill!J fmtl!'!~~ e~)lfil!.:1m ..,d Pilll!ol'. lGh-11 Il~ni!l:lll',

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~~P1!~. ~i'iC': A.IC~ Coril!O!'~!10n,Eli;o ~sJl~~\ ~w~ f~m"'f;j.IlQ 3'13.l!{Il';lfll~'th~ 'C:!\i!!(Ic~ ~~~;il'!l, (I~, S4!H;)0I4~J~I!il~;iI'.Jl (O) Ii'i 6WOl62~12~ ~: d1. ~11066:N12;6,2.71, Ol~a@m..gtlIrl.Df.,ip:..i!.~M Ii~UIlIII!!ll!liiII:yd S!tHJ~ T~!l ,2:,~&<l '5:111a '~@:ll.'l~lUf~; or.M> t!liiI.vruIi~~UlliPOlIgiiifji Di!~nb NI'iffij,II~ Ul~~A: +!1 lin :il ~::I:91 Q63Mli!,'!;a:H0l3'§'~J:i3S3J.; dnQ!!!l'i!ll@~:Qarn);~l~~f!Ii (l;!Ill!lQ: ,+~6 ~ill' :1\\1 300' 4439 !If ~3f!}7 3:~I6, f,tl.'!( ",.e:6. OC» 10 ~3Q7 ~:m; ~ (ir!~atlo@09m.aiLOilrn!i Pal~ I~~ta ~~n ~ +91 (0) n 2'2:n 28.~6, jltIagjlll@I!SI'II~,tMil




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research with impact, turn to Science

Th ere's (I l'I~yoriI~ source 'fol' 1lIil!'WS, and resea ~chW'rUli the gll',e,~ Tm,paci.- Scieru:,e. ~est With (liver 700,~OQ we,!,;~Iy print reader:s. and mi'lli~ ~I$ mure 0'01il"le. Science ~f1! ks as Or!Jfil'of the mClS! highly r'E'~d 1Il11l!!.ltidTsdpl,i!:'llary IQl!Jlr1l1lab;ln the W(),rld. Al'QdI'for impad,. Scj,e'(~c€ eerrt be b~aL AWl ~dif!g to t.he recen Uy n~·I~asedho WIsen !I$1 T lOli.iilmaI Citation IR~por t 2005. Scj,e'nce rsnked as t~~ N1o.jJ, me st-dte d " mI.!i~tid plina ry iou mal wiUla cita ucn ~a[~orof 3:L Founded in t880 Iby imteJllltiolF iscl
Th [Imi1l5Edis1on.lIInd PlI blii'shed oonUn l,J,e'S to

by the non pro,fil AAA$, 5tkflce:'fj

;eput~tio.li:!li[II 5

the lead ~ng source for ne'Ws,resemrih,Hi.n:d

lead ing edge presentation of co ml[enl

~r()w.lo:okil'lg for news arlld resea rdl that will ~!inpad.1 hie worr~d h.lm(l!rIf1ow?Th€'~ leekln Sd~l'~.

www ..scie f1IOelma g.,olrg
To i~l n AAA,S a:rod!ie~~''1tlur
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go ~c'~~$:Q!Ili~ln


'Who insplres h ,~ ,~Ir;unwa,vle:s'W-h ·1 he

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s~ rfed ""

study water wav'es'?

that - - describe the motian of wat'9'r waves. Different equatlcns r's'pr-ifse:rrlUdlfferent wavesWaVies co m in.g onto a be ach ,w,aVIf:sl ITil a p udd ie. J or waves iiin y'O'~r bathtub. Then when l've ~,
rnath, I. ~n~eothin~~etter than to. ,~ n b
TI~ebetterwle! cam

S'l!l.a.d'y Hille mathematlcal equations



s:pend the rest of tho ,day sllr:llmg: the waves.
This field is,ve.ry· important t~le patterns. of model. waterwaves, the better we can predh:[

i ..• .5 ,.


erosion and natural

d~sas.ters such as, thet::H;mam~ ~n South lEa,st Asia. A'nd this research can beapplled to all.

S,e'ing a. member or MAS means I get 'to learn about areas of ]n~erest I m~ghtnot oth,e'rwise


encounter, It gives me vai~uable oppontl!J.nitmes to eX(hii:nlg:e~dea.s with colleagues ln otherflelds .
. nd [his helps me find new approachesto A " -

my own


!Dr, K:atheri'~e Socha is aU'llassistant professor ,of mathemstlcs at St. ,Mar~ls CoUegE, Maryland. She's elso a rnemoelu o,fMAS ..
See video clip s of thls storv and others



:5.0 rgl.sto~rie'S

Kalih!!!rin!i? 50(:11a, PJdt A!'il>istan'l PI,ofe&'iO'Fof Mattie manes <Ina AAN;; r;nemb(':r


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Sick Pictures
PI. IIU~UI!1(I!~a::ie!illl~tm~ght d,esui,be .!I ~ighlllll~l~e dif~"l!!r~r1Uy. ut. Mlj,~,19 10 illlfli1lg;e {~efO by'!he En.ghsl!r b e'lg raver' Jearn P1erre S,imGJ!'lce'rlail:!,lf (a[:ltv res '!he '!erU"'Qr.U's '@n~ ~r'~holJS;ij!iidIS ilf m~rililCally Ithi:!ml~d Ipho[1J(5 <lIH~ il ~tI1m.l5:E1'cIa~ We'lko.n'lIE1' hl1'age:5, ill
l1!:lilt 'ilY ,,~~~


l[)a,v'id Hlu

or N'ew'(ork

Un i'l;1ers,Hy rqat@s ~ih~t un dl@fSl:antiinQI1r'tatF:rr~pe~le;rn nallllo!';lmdJUres 'w~lll:I~us.eh:ll for
,i:llI1yQn!2· l,iho !;'j,iants 'to m.akil? an iilUJ~ErlFairl fobt1!.i;c ~ im:ed. "n ifs ~i!r 9.Qin9 to 'fly ffl!:he rain~ W<!ll.@~ r.e;peUeml'" is 'gOlT~glo be ~Wilp(liltafit.~

phQLI;) Qr divl,dilng 'eils (fl.lI!g~'t at Lm!llJfIIIICimelllL ,of par~inr;Jllr1)I'I,eile(;'~rorllil1li'r,oglra~~

hOIflll t hI:! a riil,~shbiQrrl!e~ ic~l,I!:h.i !it~the W-eu,corne rn.!~1" ihe site':s mlilllellilpo,rary (olledioin b the place to,.~an;h if you lilian t SEiV, ,aspeClalC:-

Ann chai r 'Gallla:Ky-:5 plott.ing
If f'OIJI,t;tln ten il s'larrirOITl11 galilxy, aslrono.me"I'~ ,~n ~Q:rl'Siill()l!.lt!n ~nd O~f(lrd li..lii1I hrersi'~ies fill lne
Unul.iI3dKingdom al1d ]ohm; Hopkin) Lllnll.!'!!rsHy il1!ihill U~'~I!f.ldSta'les w~!.Ij[d Uk~ yOy and! ~:OYf com puti!IF to ~H~lpdassi!fy a bout a ml Uiol1 image$ imm the Irobolk Sli:nan mgital Sky SUI!fVtly tel@~c:op~ .all A:Pa(he PQln:t. OI!J'SIi!IMltory in Sunspcnt, Nleli\1 M!~xko. VlJllun'l!!~rl'i a F,e-invitedi [0 gill ~c' ~'9":lal):yzI!'o" Glrgtw :seepkJtu res,or g<!ltaxit'5,

~F in'il,llimzil 'llirulie5 bllrgililQinrlotramelll H~lb. To, lD'ilU~ dnlrlgesinr ,lII1IelliiclIi knowledge andi PRlCli!()~, browse the hiSlOlrkal. (,[IUe(li(lIDl" I;'I,In!l)se~(ltdin.gSi ii1ldlild~ Irari~ie~~liIch as 15,tih cuwrry Chlne-5!E! <l11l:atQmllcal dralrin'gs <!Ind! aJ1l9,20E So:vie'~ pmpag,mall pmil:er 001'1 d'i! nl!lJe~,,e:1tvph!J~. thi1!' Ii YOll!r il!'!lell!,li@f!5 are PIH~ (lW!a:t 115, m!,oflJWi'!uli!~~daRyOy ca~ dow.nklad~he ~f!il.~~S il're·e. »0.::image ~wellcam~ .i'H.•U k

Mo5qflli~~t;!5'Ci~1'! 1,M~llk fi1wa~~ a5 well as il!l1J' O wilt~rb:u:g. o[stid, tea w<!llll~lke Spadermliui.

Cfuiil1E5:e bioEngJl neeir5. are r~gming 0 ut

what m!3!bs !ihem Siuch ve,'Sati~~ pests,
A team l-ed by C. W. Wu at the Daliill'l Un~'!I@f:sity on@'~ln~logy in Chi!'!€! D11i(l!!!!lJ@Q QIImosqulilo'~ reg on a l1.eedteaJflc IPIJI5hed it dCilwl'I 00110 .;'J lub 00 ~'I!"M;!r on a digfilal ba~i3Jnoo. By wlI)I'ingilhe arlgl.e, they hJr.md U~iI't11 :s.inglle leg COli Id hll)td 23 lin1-es ~ !!!HlrSqu 1'~(I's weig III bt'rm~ b&omurng '5.ubmeif!j.eiI, tll1I1!Yrejpl)r~. illl jIl,dys Phpico{ Rltviewl,ellt!rS. '~ Scannfn'9 elElt!ltol'l ml(JtJ~iI;.Qpe ~m.a'!ie'S

[11'1¥ scall'l'!~, eaeh 'wil~ I,Ip tQ a d ~~l!1fI ~.ong-iMJ!diilia l ridgll!!s {Ollllil~t;t~ g:f (-illl~ I.ra llI'Sv!!rSlE!ribs. 1 hI!! sci~J1li5·l'S,sp~li;li[.;lJ~oo lha~ .;li~ uaPr'ped between ~Ihe ralbs may hum "1ill<lno(IJI'5,lhiol1s"~l1al cOl1itfibl!~~ 10 lbuIOY~u'l.CY. bUl their eXpEri melfll'S alsQ il!ld~cat€til th@

~mpO.na~H)eof the a Fl9te or the IJeg if! nell
Itlri!!i!k~lng through lh,~

~!lI'loot of lW~idh h~e- Iil'll\l'ef bf~1'l 'J,I'i~ved' by htlfFn,an eyes lJef,ore/ il((ord~ng ~o a s.tal~;eme;nt 001'1 l~~Web ~he. 'F'alrddpi1!lllts'\Il~lc(l'leg,or;~@ IN!(h ima.ge as 'Spi r,d, elli plka~, ~l.aj/dorr!'1know. a:r Inefgm. [he' spilrail9!~daxies ar,e '~l11e.ll ~!,Ibdh.l'idell il1l~o dm:twftse. illI1tid(!(kwiiS~. i! llIe ed'geo,oll. "the hU11Ili'!11'!1 brah'1l is a!itwa1lly bell!er
lh"m a WlnljJlj ter <!Ill pi1lUen~ r'E1'wg.nfll~oa! l~sk:;


i revealed lhatlhe ~

insect's l~:s <lIreequ ip;pecl \Vith

S(a'~~'sen sur{.a(e.As Ih~ .1!Juthos r mn05qllll~~O I~gi. ~otll,. m.o:sqllitnes .aN! ~qi,NiUY :U h()m!! oii1 dry ~~n~. IIItlJi'~50iJl dll1!l their feFj~.t:Ire eq'uiplPed wuu, t1 rIy hOOKS "nc Wiler!!d in (ldhe:~!""e hairs simllar tQ thos~ (If!1 al


lik~!hf~." sa.Y!lO>:ford asuoopho/skin Kevi!!l S(II1~lil'inskl, A:strop hy~i'i:!:t Bob Ni (tlo ~or P~rbmou'Ul Qdd~till;at geUillig U~~'g.alaxies cL1:l!S~iri~d is "as fundamermtall:!:S ~I'lQW~lFIg if ,ill ~!;.I1lTi! ~IFli:s rna ~e or !eFlilCiI.e.~

B'e!lil!! rs in t~e' s(l!.lllh,~rlf'l reg~ on of U!ll1lg'lledGJ(,. S,lephi1ln'~ M~itllne, wil;h M1e Frem::h rese,1IIr'(:h i!getlcy O~ RS.!fIi!. Li!'~t,~. ~,aY's~he wililery was dEla rly .. big busllllf'5!1. A j[2:.II:nY'·50"'liIU!~er blli1ldlillg o()!1ta~i'led 1 SO huge 't~rfi!'CO!.l~ '~~nTl!I'.lI~ vesiSeilscalllil,d ~ill ~\ia," l:alll~nl IIIiI<IIny sflIlIalll.e'r iilmphoriilEl~Ora'Q]rn'g WiJll~.• iilll1d so~olle5llpportflt rlJ(t.u~s ror w;ineilll ~~SiS~Si.~ It ~~l!S (Iii! ite as(I,p',hisl Leanedeou!l'prise, lM~h HI rllnrrng walE'rrm dearnil1iQ' I.h:e [j,ugii.]I, ~ S.[f¥~MiilulIle. Dallilll"g the IfSitatbllishiment wa:5ea~y thanKS tc;l a (oin 'hm a bol,J~.20 CE. rQ!.Jod, 111'!!he' a ~e.a,

A~chaeQ~(lgi~h ~Iidlla~l we~k t~a~ Un~ [had dlSCIWEr~d 'ihE '(plde'~l ~iflownl win.erry iiii Frillil~Ie-, a t a 2000'ye,ar-c'ld R!OrflilrmviU.a n~al"

M"",II'i~ijI1igs i(lO ~hJe WjII'lE' 'v~s.flbi'Ill{Ji,cate '~~li;!ll ,aJ l'Iler(~alrft hQrrn Piu~eoli (1110111' PiJ<lzuol.i), 1II,!!'3r Na.ples, 'liniilll1im ~hre 'will'l!!ir)l'. Maulm!)ilIVs ~\ICI:rkers hallie fOIJ I'!d 'nhe ill aline's (lr ~ dO'~en CE!r'gil1lists (!I frI1oni1lh~ wi [J1efl/'s estllll1il1ted ,eo le-:mploY'E!es. Arr(hee,lagl'5t 1e.an- Pierre ,Br un, d~ rled!Dr !!Jfllhe ]eall'll 8elra rrdl

(enter ill'! N~p~es. Hi!~y,~ays

th~s~nfdte·ct:i·II~eo EHi!'~rIflllOU!S

!Jlrmli'~hol (0 IIIiImemda I.wi'nle m~1ure ,[IinI~ l'xPQ'rt. dmilngthe (irs'! !illiflds.eOOIil~ 1tE!,IiUlury C.E. "l'hi:s ,i:l!~~(j ~'WiiS, [h'e 'Fair We~~' :ror the R!JmalrliS," he 'SClYs,ml1~i'I!I,g lillcll till ey ~'®re Ill!m~fB ~o GallJlllby' (h~iillPer p [odl.U clion (@SU. i;!Iffi!dllalil~.

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S1:.~i.enoe·'![t ha:ppE:ned kJ..'Ol week iu SO'lllth Dakom. \'~~n:nrn, Na.teonal1 the Sd€'rtoe P(i!ii!~d~ti.O'~ (NSP'), ChOR~ ~he Ho.!1JiI.es.~~~ Mi!1~' i:~ L~~1ld [~(l as site f'olIl"1 PiL'opo~d $;)00 mi.~~jiQin eep Undlergromil,d Science ,md D Eng i~le~\i'i"gUib[in.lOr)'. nhs'C:r1,'er~ 5<1.}' dun Dave Slil'}'\'-~r {h::n)I,~~e62-·ye,n-okl he<m QrSmlth Da:ktJita.'il SCh:::Uil.a: and TCCl'U10IQ_,~' Authority. and :~is s.ta:W'Ivorked tire-

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in 2004 ..t<lsl:ye-m:r •. tbe M,iffil(:'Sprc;:vious(l'I:vmw. earrj:ckGo~ld O1;;\1m:rship Or!~e s;.tc-. "h: \'14115 tlnrl:l!]ll!:'l pUl'I~ illl~h.e .. 1

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.~ .~ would explain a stighta:symmelry

IPRWIIOIVE POWIEIR. Theor€liGlillPhys'ldslS Makoto .l:<obay.ashi ,(!if lhl;! ]alpanese a((eterall~r Ilalboral:QT!/ KEK in Tswrkulba (!I!I'!d Toshihide Maska,"ol of Ky>olO Ullf!J~F.sity hav~ 'WO(l1fth~ EWJrQpea~ Ph!,5lieal Socfety's Hngill Elle'fQlyall1,d P:ar~i.de IPhy~';'c!i.PriiZ!@ 'for Ol'll~ of the mnoll'.a! ... rlispil'eli 9 lle~e~ f n ll1ie hi~'tJ)ryaf ~delii(('. ~n:11973, pl~yskisls. had onl~.y r~(i€rn~ly disc'l1~eredl~lill prQlQIi1'~ a no neiJlll"'ons oofll)ist of p.ilr~ldes ciliitoo II po qua rks 11no "OWl'il 'qua rks . PIthi rd such p~rtide,~he~"lrallge '1ulal"k, WJs.ImQV~f1, anda fourth, [he (Wl~)lfm quark, IP~ooiic:too. Biil t ~@J1I b@]ore. thto nonon eta qu.i.ark WJS 'e:nlirely (!c:cepted, Ko bayashi a I1d Ma;s~aw;l! a rg Lled~liflnhe ~xllSler(,~e 1\'0' me reofthe m of

salVS Helen Quinn, atheorist oiIl5tanf:ofd '~niv~rs.ilry fi'll P,1l'loAtM, Callifomiltl. "u 1II'<1IS a Ib:riUia I1t step to mflak€, b~l neta diHii(IUU 01'1e01"1 ~Ol! C~



askt!d Ih~ M'gI'r~q it!!@S!jorl."sh@· says.


1(]iAJIHiIEA1iHARVARI~. .Efi,diflgl a 9'-ITWlf1th

se-JH(h,lhe- Ha rvar.d Med~{al Schoollas;t

week picked a new dietJlrl
from wiU'linit:s. moks:
ob(?sity exP<N't ]ei'frey ~:~ier.!=Iner,S,8, jClk~edl ~heHarvard famLty ill 1978 ,QiHer5tl.!dying ]ni~l!tiio;s. role if! m~l,Qlbo~i5Jl1l allfld ·dlrotl~ tn~he Nal.iJornaLIFIIS:llil!ut:e~ofIHefilth 1mBethiesda. Marylano. Hj~ rt!ceIl1HO!;u$ has Ib~ern 01'1 hO\'jI the ho~morne mpHl"11 affe!cts!he: Ib:rarlli'l,. appetite, iiJll1d ,~be.sUy.lFlier~lso has been itilV'Olv~dl'ill e'Horts 'to make :sciell(~ ·ilI Ibigg,er Ipali1! Qflihe !,Illiderglr~duPl~e olJlrriCl,.llllJ~l, He st,;J1"1$ hfs new job 'O!"!I Septe!m.ber.


:~ lITI~ll(!r t1nd al"fllimaU.er caUed (IF!v1o~a~ion, .!it which Illad been otp.seNedi ]1Il 1'964, :~ PhvrSc~s'~, veinl~llly ~derl'l:Uioo ~jx lYlP~)of ~ ,g qu,arks •.and! KoOO'yashi i;!llld M~slkawa':s'~lOO!)' i~ IP~ecis.ely des(rib~s (P violaltiorll seen f I'iI •~ accelerator experi·mf'Ii1'Ls. Kudos. to them both,

SPIOrrTilNIG~NFII!)Uln A Mkhiglall state Iorens;i(sciE!niliis~ ~~'hoi!lrnCillyzea IDNA salm~le~ from her hl.!lsbarld's uoden'N?alr- alner :SLlspe('~ijllg ~i '111 (11G1iil'~ilf'lgon her ]S ]11 hot wol'r"rrOI" 1 (I'r m"'~ifl[lll!sed go'tennrme!lt e{llllIipmel::rt to (:ondoct h~r tn'!.l'~s'tig.tltiiOi'il.. Ar!!'l (hamberlain-Gordo!"! fOWlnd another remaLel"s :I)NA in lhuEl~lPl€$ arid surbmiUed Ih~r ~il"ldJiln0 as evh::le,rl!ce· a 7 MiifchdliVQn:e ill! Ih~~d~g ][( Illlghilrn.. ~llt.1Ih'e~hew hlllsb.aml's ~;;rVri!yeri !I1fGrmed a ~thoriti es i1bolJit~h e test lhi@' Mfdl'igli1lln State IP()lice (MS r). \liIhich mIlS [hie' LiM'ftsing lab \!IIhen~ Chia:moerla~n~'G.ordor.1i wiD'I"iks, i'nill;1!Jte<il,an invesligill1!O ni nro \'Ih:et her si'tE!Ihad i)rokeirl aepalrlmen:t IfU~Et!S,. infl5.1l1Y The State Jou{fm~ (llH~te-dl hiU as t,enifyingi ln a 25 May he~lrifilg th.ill slle ih;;r:d d1on@ the'! analvs.is; on hew Olll'iln trilliN~' IlIsfJng chemfca[s. I~ at .~ ~e'~la t@d fm dll!ilPO~.tiI! . AI"! M51~s;PQkf5,p,erro,n :say!! the d'epa1rtrnelmt is ilftile-stig'atilf'lg the rn.aUer .

~lp ror~hi$ pa9c7 E"m~~i pe<lpk@.!:lil~s.(),r'!J

B(ROAIDI!J~IIIN:GilJlIIit Mark A.bboU $a.ys a (~roor of '~:rJPloriiMlg t!1~ rnYS~l'liri€S!of !iJ'C:@itl1 ~H~h1l5 proj)a rmt hi 1111 r[!J~:l~e s 7·45 miUf:!]" GE!!mciences IDireC~(lrrate at~Ule lNii~on:al Sd'enc'e FoUil to fi1I(iaMIl (NSF), "M.y expeneru::e has al'fN.alys been ~~(llogt(;al. ~j;IO~ing a[ iflli:eIa(Jtj'Ol)S.OIi Jl!~lural sy.s;tems. " say::>~he prlOifes.ser ~f bioLogicall O(,@iljl1lcu]ra;phy alt IJ ~~(Jn Sttlit(! lU.rntve~sity (OSU.),in (oNa~.ti~t Nlo\ljI he' ~I.be h~l!plngl to oT-che5trate th.eif!lt'eradolls.oi a I'! 'ermlires!!:ie!mt]n'C Wrn!nUlllil,y~ Bl!ginning on 1 OdQhe~r Abbotl1lNJ W00 tal<JingQ:n bigJ"!ii.':~~I'1ICe. p,rogra f'I'k"S ni1fV() Mmrt~he so~ld ~tllr(~,. deep·s~ Qbser\l'i!'!~ !'Ieh~o'rk:s:. ocean drillillg, a!oO'lher stll:p'il'llille [ontn!1ll1ed bwoadening of h;,~ and ~peri!i$e\. HliSGhserl~lionl exallll1inedl the Q<cology of La:~ Tahoo. but.lle lamr!acklOO sa'l~llijteQb:;llr~ vati'O[l oJ ocean bd:r;l,QOgy., AfiI!<tlhe IrnO\I~QYe'rsee:5 ... he' Gab "'~he ~hQIe gd mut 'Of 'e~u~h ,11(11t s;.:,iern:.e" a:s iihe d~lIlfl o~ o.S;U's 'Coll.eg,C! of Oc:eank (lInd Atmospheric Sdences. He'll ilM b~ mLinqluishing Ms p>ost Qn IMSF'SOi\ll;'lrs.igIJl:[body, t.ne' N~tiollliil S(ient:e Board.


OF ElrNlIElfH'3Y

C~Ul~~dll~~U ImJgll'il'1~ the W~:ii: ··'.~lit rh:J ... ·l'~.cy ;

Nuclellr' WeSIP'OlnS M'i:lle:st:o'nl,e 'Triglg,erSU,.,S,. P'olicy' O'8 b,8t:B'

dk1d dillla)'$ tn half l"lnh!!l; rou!!hly 4!0 11.u~cle~r CJlil,a'~'UlriH::t.urUIIU1l;g pracetlures 10 be f~nrn.ililized . •'1:v.~r.)«ltle(uH.k::re~~i mated hO'Pii hind i t ~li.t.m; going to be," says; former DOlE oll;l,a~,i:I::11

M.!.tileiYfI ('~e:t:d.on, now." S~nOillle Hide.
ln r,espolll,::;t1. l~.e~;a,""~abdi recree John I3n.1wILmereplflc~d t'~(; headi oflhe program \\I.'ilh eo-leaders, o~u: @!i,l'ersee'inSpllrsiC'.s.m.d U~.(l~lth~e:!''!iveapoJm.s l.~m!.!facltQrij~~g.M"!Id~li\g:i·' •. ~
cl.eerli,lIl,g. laadditien, s<liys.Ric:liD.ard MM,~~,.I < termer Roc]!.:y F~~l:sl.nCiHI~ h,ng 1St WilJ(l! led the revamped ml_l'lrn!Jf;l.chJri,,~ effbn n·1JJlll. 200' I to 200'4, the :~!lbbrought i~l '·'.sO~llri:e old hands

As \%'ith hi gh st:~rnoo~i;\~~DI~eo\'lrl:~ ,mCO:ffii I1CCI~ ing:n:a 25th reunion. U.S. Ilim,;le~lr"..re'.pons sc h~ lsrs h;))\1~:f~1i1I~1,d t h1H mCO'lpmri n§ the: In 11,1lJg:i:c f the past l:fIke:s the nii!;lln kU,lllull ofpeo" o
l:lh~.a~'!Iilli.~lgneuto ;J,dl!l:pl" ..nd a huge C~~ptu:i'!,yor d~~ayt1id gmlif±e.nion. f I n a elassl fied c~n:I]1;{)ny c!ll'ly lbi:s IflOllth at los A lames Nali <lna:11 :l.abor;l,tOity ( t, A NiL )i u New M exieo, Depa rtrn en'l ,0 r Er!~['~y (D() E} Y'ffh; ials celebratedthe belated >conlpl ctio I1i of the IfiJllIuy.lilium tati gg,e:r of ~ !1W': :~ear bomb Opefil[ ion~,lIyid,elnka] to Q~,mS~<I51 ~1118 yc~r.l ago. The slar oflhc btl

t~rne 1!l;t'YIIIernment asked: LAN.l to build :a set of r~p]~lc~m~!'IlS within 5 Y(;l,US, \\1hb one
caveat A 1993 bsn Oll nuclear tests IIlll,eonm that the !ldCl1llist~, WOUMll·t be mblelol:e:Sl


!lrn.eiw verswom,.
That rcsrrietleu ~cjffened the ~1.1~~I!.dy-

iITipOSillS ·t,ethn iC<lJ~:~~l~.,lelil.ges c OfDl,~.l:l,chli ng the R9Cky fl~ts sp~cifica.tio,~s. The re~I:rI-' I:hr,~~y small plutonium research f~H.~mly.f!l"

,i;,~hohad dom'Ae8()J;He of[his rkali ()11:>ul' th.cRtlckyfl;;(I:!;;


By 2003.

~"~~rd1t;r!>·h~]d ~'l~~du~d pby .... speeith~ leal


had the requisite

~itS ftwo-

and g~~ve boxes. ilior ex,:rjlnpk~., but
darion would notsuppert

cer~:u)ny was the so-called pit,.....", .. ~1'Wered
piece 0 f usetal l be ;<Jppm~'I; ~.~.]<It·e~zc lJ.11l1 d s shape of ~ F.~b~rg~ (lgg .. with a hOIlI)\'\1 c;\(]!~~thal: DOE certified as ready t(n~the mu~I~~r sl{lol;,!kpil~.The {le~Sitl11 \~lS ~ milestone for the 'I'IWld.c.lf we<l~JQ:IJs P~,!:la:;1 III <lind paves t:hif!' "jay 1:'0[' raere ilmb:~ti(llm;WOI'k, indUldin:g bui~d~l~g entjre WeilPQI1S :WrQi,H sc nne: lfuiwh:.h'G u t co 11due ti ~.g mrclear tests, U <1150 ope.b the door for lANL. tT.'ldilioll<~Uy <1, research Ilab.. D() OO!l,~ tder '~"(rl!!l.dIiug i,mo IlIll,anUrjJi.ctU:ri~l;g,.

l:~,e:he~vy=dmy p~,lUonlum forndn,g to{~ls used ~llRocky Fh!~;!:;.~.n's,te'l(jL\!;'O~ile.rs, ~l.;Jdto pour urolten p lutonl u ~n~ut Q S~,!l. pe d Jn~('I his ~~d 'IIM~~d p~eCles tiortether. To oonform~Dcl,e!'!\! env~':L"o:mi." !1JiI~:rtital!.'."I!I;;Sol;l~gi'H,~~~ down O!~Ule use ,em of ~~I,i:lliic<liIUS;, used newsolvenss to c::1C:'<In i1lld metal ~LJ rfaces, Even se, ilm 200 [., DOE,IUdiiwn> CQrI-

The pan'l,Uel~ Ill.:mugemenl structure helpe>d~tle lab ver~61 lh.~tt~le lm~Mt ph would ·work. :imys MiI.h. For ,ex.!unph:. fem':.:; dun <I dilferem metellie g,rnill size cOI!.dcli hamper performance d~ ssol ved .. ficr velific<J:tion

c:xp~rime·l1!is-,'\ihi~l~ h1Jdli!!ded non.;nucl!.l~r e.~.p~oS~OE'lI!'l. numerical Sil'lllU~:!Ilio:ll1g, and nii!a.n,;:ri~ll!lseleuee !ol;wdie~-g'~u~V(ldi bY$,[p
dSit~ t~ia3t tln.e d~rr'eri!'llIce W()Uid'mI,·l d,egll:.'1,depit

Oid,es ~1rUS,mlcl€'"r TJO]~:r.;y.
hewever, sa:y lh,al. bu,iildi,lml.glJll.e:w p~.l"S (!'ol1tr~di~l~. 1lJneenuntry's

stated i.lnellinio:~,

reduceits Th~y a 1:S1j believe rhatthe $1.4 bi ]lion "P~!l' .~.~~ prt)J~lCt~.1!i!~\l,i~tlmi t;~);:
Ml 1l1ii!,~I(:iH ~!\';{i~H'it







l:~].e words of

performance, It look untllthis year for L.ANL t{) oertify the pit as :lItm;kpile--n.:ady •. u'il.e>eli~g; a ~()i1I. et il'll 200 L s A~tllUUI,£!h~:I'le Rocky Flats plts had been :p:mvtl':lm1:0work i1'1 undergrou nd tests. lA.Nl. researehe rs r~'1J j!;~d the y were If I perfect, h L~Yl!'.red[lfllet~ I S!!l.II.1iCIU.Iil.ds thc::ir hoi I()\!;' 'plu~o~ !~il!!n shell, 'J,lihici1lwlderJOli;~ ns~io~.l\.vh~!1 crushed by,c0I1'l'e:nu i.onOl:~ e~'(.plosi!;i\e s, S'mtuires :;It LasAlamos fl;J!Ul'ld Il'uu [he ar,igin3~ pits centuined "impu.rities thll~.<1.I1.II'fiecl c ~1mtich;~nie~1 l~r'Op!l;rti~j;:' ;o:.ays DOE 'WL;~.POOII'~ uffid.al [)a\r.id Crnnd<lli. At I:irst."therc:, \Y<lS ~U!l;,'Jjlt~~~~,Pf m~tk~ p.I!J.~tl!~j.i\.!~.linpitsf!s ~f(l to as ~)IJi~ibl-e~" he says, B\I~"'II\."<iiJlJn ~ ~C.ir;::lglist1'i made more cred~b]e progm.ss when ~"he'y

OIJ,;~uvi"l Greg Me~10 (j,f the Lo...
A ;Iam,os S UJdy GI;'Oli p in A lbuque[ir;~m~. Ne\,vMeJo!ico, could be "~O:l'i:j(; jn science" by d ivert ing

cllr.:d,ded P]~~"needed the


be as muchas

poss.ub~.e HIk.c t~'nm.e [pre'~'iou:dy][e~,tcd. i'll1ci.lIdiug llJ.ly j mpUJ."il~eS ~mtphno liIilll~'ll." eral]jd;)~1 s..ys. tl:Mil new WS8 [pits swmv

Ilv~ds froV1l~. res~li!rd~

~il~~u~h~ COU!'!it~~tS mtel~~r\.\I'eOllpn~sc:omp~ex
esaberh manitnr eurreut bemes <lind build

'11989, dl,e ,g,Qvelinme.nll fuund ~ll'dro:nmelflwJ find tJlher ·\·~C!I!ltim~ s al 1:~l.e'mI,atOil~'.s.olil~Y i sm.~e of b~.i:Id.~ngp.I~,h)n~1tI11'! I:l<~, ;t, DQ IE,C,n: itilt)' at Ro'e ky l~, FI~I$. o;r~ido. h '''ra s ~~~~ ~lUi (',o~ r d{)·\lI,'WlI, :~'a~,lin,g ext. oml a batcilil, of w phs t:ov~h~ \V88. III 47S-ki:~own

oo~li "s ~h!;lm: 'This was ~ " v<lll.m'lhl.e i:niti<lltion ,into ll'ne processes: ·we'IJI JllCOd for. RRW [till;: R!e~ioblr~ ~~.'t;:p~aC~lllil;:~U Warhead1:' The !tRW p:mg.nml seeks 10
i!J.of;i,:V !l~:-l li.viIhtlm O


'l~W bombs


scnl~ch 10 r~pk~c.;; ~

asillJg Wl:Irlu:<l,c$s (Sdeuoe:.9' Marchi" p. 13·4S~. ~ r'~mletan' g4;ltrp.~:ysid.s:t. R<lY J~a~:loO!f the.. ~ o


lJI~iv,en:,ilY ofOdiror~ia. B~!:'k(llcy. !>ays tb:n ~h~ ~tfllgs~~ m~ki:;;rhe new pi~:> highliglltl;, H}
tTrU'l:UUlporlmH::e Of:li:I,l,<I:~llt<l,it(,1illig;l, weltr:\ind''-ld and experienced t~d~ni p~o] t~~H canres po nd qllJi,c,!dy t o eme rgenci e S (I r
~~~VI' de,,'e~()p~'illl'~I~ 1$"


pn:::lgr.aUl by


~p:pl'rip'r~,~I- ~v.;l~!}d di.~l]y f'Q:n~c !tCW B~tihiD~l·Urti.i.!"~rsilY


$11DOE'~ up"Qnli!~g

2'~IOS. bt~dg;t.;:t sev-

aff>:'Cl p~"ml:JifX~e:. panx ~'Cljcw~~e LQS AhH1!ilI!,)$, ;u, The fine of l:lln,e cu ts is uncertain, :~ov.rever. ~iven d~,If~u,'1;ll1it ver:s,ion::;onhr;: sp ~ndi,i:ig biU
th<lI:IiI,m5~ he recaaciledaed a th!i'ii;l8t to \lmo li1e everall hill.

ern I, ofwhid,lWDUld sion !JfplUlnnium

i~~wHlil~ge~l\i~in Pf!!iIl1!~!'~hip. says t~m:~liliidillg; morepits OO'L.de!beenme om] b <ldditi~IHlJl blil::li~e::!5 for lhe~~b, His fC<'If is
QfC;i]jfor:ilIl1l 111~lgo\l'~:rl!lirne]l1 oIJici.l'l~'smighl


~~ilcll~r~llg mere hi,ghly thanscience, B~Lt a
131> spokespersun ~<IY:l1"dl,e,lFe's, no pl ...n te make l[rIiIlflnul~eulfw~I~:JIl~,~ pr!i·~lH.ryr:ol~ o:i" [L05 Alam,o:!>.'" -flU lONr11liS(lIji

Semuo(F. Pe:r'e:: Dmnelliici



White ~flo~~e

ing mJl;line,:2 July ccilebmli,(lll, used the :IIn~Ue~ t s~o:UIle <ntack some :l:l600mtiU:uo:IlIi in Cl~ts to to

hi the meannmec Mah.wlro



ln ~ ~.igJlI:~~it'Lt~~s fQr ,quick Jn~d~ ic~~1 betlefiES frOm:iit~~l (1i;;US ft~ I'ad'ing. ES CeUlntern<J:tiom,d (1::5.1)-01 compauy e~lab~is;hed with lalliirr.o;n',:~n Si n§~lpoo:re 7 ye:rurs i,i~(r-is h""U.i I1Ig work ow llllID:1,il.1ll emb:lF)1onic s.tem (h:~S) ce,I,II:her<la p~; 1nvesto r:!>lo£[ i,!l te r~s;t ~S. because "the Iii;:el il1oo[l of hllvilJ.1:g I~ro~hjc!::; th ... eli!l le ~nth~ s'l~j)i!it in term\v.ls'f.Elniush~n,gly s,~m~,n.'· s~ Alan CQIIll~ml•• 11 stem cell pianeer

rc!'i~~~~(:r~ •. AI~1l Trotlnso~. fI ':;,.qy M~I!1~shU!li\'L;:~hy stem (,1,0]1 S(;~.,

cnatributedto the ESlwflS '~ryiogW H!~keH) marker, s~lys he hi "prDW[I'~mdly diS<lppo:~mx.'rl'· th"~'ll!re c:Olf:J:p<!..oyis gi.vi[lg_ up. W3iUl be says lUa~~tESE



pursued "a ~~.igh·risik $l~l~gy'" in
:foc:u.si~,l~, H<uffl)\,;'ly Qilm,1:\11'0'petential a pp 1iC:~lia~s.W ilh t ~~firl;l hi still yO~ll1Jg, Tnmnson says, "the p~.·.irnl"Hy ...i m shou ~:dlDe to e~l.]bli,slt!"l broad phufon:n of rohast and rena.b~e~ciJen:c(l t:hal 'em) uuderpi nl:r<I,n5~j'lti Ol,~, to

\...:~,() uurillasrmcnth
ch~e f,e.:.... eutive, e


~s I!Srs

ES.[':-; setback m,IY d<~n~lpenm unV'eS~ofS' ellilimsa11s:mfof SteTllIlcell
[he n.aJl:i:es. ~":!.~iS :~!)b~!l blii'tf.-fll, viee

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~rvi.t!g \\Ve:~s[llm,~r.l'I•. (i stem cell Flr!!llm Ib~d$ildEl' t!~ ID~!fIchl, S~ggillig inlo',emu (Oii'lll'il1li!'i'I,(e]1111 stern ceus Iila~ pl'Csident for R.&D at A dvanced researclser at S~lnTrord Univer:sity !1'U.o.mll,ted Alim Clllmlfl ~(l t~\i'C ~!h~ (Orlll'l)filt~ warld ror.J lI:!~'5i( rils~i:ln:h lab, C~I~.Techn ology hl ,,\~~ rceste r.. gnp.do Aho. C<l~if[}fliJi.<l., ,<lgr~~s; MillS&3i::hll&eus: '~WIiJPLtthe Field I:l.:ld~y needs is "I:S cellresearch is. for l~'a.enms.t part, stiU UtJ"echit. Nel.l~.e]'I<I,mi s, Austral ii:'L~l:iiIlIVCSUl'.rS ~~\~luHlc di.scoII,'cry l'Csearch:' Ql'!le or l\W ~lJC~S." ii'Wrics;' ~nd al)invru;lImmt~rmt~ of S~Ii!~~CJre"s govColmm'l.:iiI me~]!berofdle Iie~lm dmtc:IO:lled .Allhofl.~h E Sllii~, out of the s;.Ulil.e, .'I[ least emrnelliJ.l pLll UIJ seed fflrlidin:g .. 3:~,d ESI had l'Wf~Ujl!1ii~,pa~ii.;s ~~)!. litey~~awh!;Scell [ht;i"1~ the s~t:1~ Dully. \vi~1 bOC:~~l~i;i~e~df[h~ Sillo r~~~d $24 miU~t:iI!Ji!!l~fhlEiJ!Oc[{'ib~I:'. ~ceur:d:· o g~tpooo StCil:1l Ce~I COillSO;[lt i~Iml.,,!Al~chill nds pies i,tlli. the :~):iipeline. Geron Cerperaticn in illg to the comp'lIly"ES~ hilled Cclmaaas ro~~~.~~h!It *~ii;titut~l> ~n-~li~l;!t~d Si~~with MI,;:!'ihlr.f~rk.'(,~Ii~~ri!lia. 1,;)\.~Ci$ t~) itflr~ 1 elinichid' sci i,';:!l Qj St iu A.pri 12:0 01 ~~.~ bee ame pure's A:ge~l~Yfor Scient:l;l, Tet.:hJi1ology .md c.d trials oh :rh~r.tpy fur ~pimdcord injury CEO. in :WO:5. RC'SCfi,n;:h (1\ ·STAR ~.mn.ti,also otlers gJt<Ints. He T~~.c a:mlp~I'~~\W.'l>.i'LIIClU'pI.i.IIll,g tum ,~liES e~If:I:y .i f1J 2008, accord.~ml,g to Sl~oIl •.esp (>'TSOIl to Davl,d Schull. A ntl by ea rly ~1 x l year, e (leUs imo iIDI5u~i:Jl-P,L"Oduda.lgcdl'5 ~o ~rf;Hn'dia"viii .~~so IUp ~. lab at A"STAR''''[r1~ilule of 5.0t M.oI.~c:ul.iu- and ('eIII Biology. Mmn of (he betes ~f1lld ca:lid~m::muaclc (,C~~S1:0 (':mU~ler 'OOIlll,~ AJdv31lced Cell TG"Chl~D!.og'ylm.o;pc;r.;I.o l1~ea I)C'~M ge:sti'Ve I:Jem'l: 1~]i]lIre, Both c(lI]di,~ltlru rep.~Sl'1Iu tnmg ~pp~iC' a~],()n [.elr OJ lremme~u for macalar 24.sc:i:uUisls \~'Orkill,1g?,Iil hES cell [!~I"dpies .\l ES,~\\~II.IIl:om,u IlIUI:! then resesrch wirh "ammre nnJiiljor maiJr~et:i> l;A(irli.l unmet d~rI,i!l:;alneeds. blllt {~:eg~m:Jr.I~i(m. UUR<I S<!LYS, ESt umh;.!r n~l;.t1I€'~defsh~.p, \l.fi]l tlfi\li.1 n)C~'s ~!I1I(lli!,g\1i.t~~~-fU!lCl )[J:!ing: insu I in-prOOtic ing g{' ~,.;~re g,O\!~mmel~~fU!lnd~:l),g"~lA ·STAR); fH,;\'V lnstinne o:fMe(]IC:<l~ BI.o]ogy. COhlltl,an Sl;i)1S. t'ells "llrovedrelllJly du'fficu!C' CQ]I[Jf1~1'Isays, en [pi~o\'i.di'lJ1g ~:lES cells <Jinddel',u\fed Cl'll~:s liar ( A "'~TAR I.li!Jl!iJm~!'!:c'.i;~('(llm~lSm{W~ ~]t~~)i, Bod1 ,1;l[:JJv~sk)nr<ld1w!"'';I)ies W{'II!":~d!1:~d~!l ~~t ~~ ba~iC' !i~st::!ucl't .uul, d:il.!g dl.'lvdopm~~t.. (Ill Colm<!.I~ !!lay.:;. He: I!.dmits to ... "dngt: or dis~~ILn.na:~, dQ~. PtI'Odmdn~ ESI W3:ll sCIWlI)m 2000 to comnm.erel .. ~:tlZe biliion cell:!> for ,e'<'l!ain. !:nore Ild:::S (;!~U .fiJl!~ingl!i' l'fJd1,l~odl by~. coU~borap :;'l,u~h~~J.m.bcrs~.tlillaern!!l !Jl.iredp~tI':uly "b~com~s ~~ppoi.llJtfllentt~~! lh{: f]e]~dis: mml~~llig
S,~g~v.ly tharl I: had :ooped." CQh~H'rl ho:poes tiO ~p~j th.en~ld ~~fI~.g r wtlrll~,h i:s n\l,'n.reJ;c!il~h. a1thm~gh he' dec! ill~.esto d ifiC~l,t;S{f.etai Is. ...jDiNNIS N:DRMIILE!

Colllm:;m says,. arid meel;:~ng I\~o.~~~b UI~iver~i~y i!~~'71~Y: veryexpe'liIl~i\!e:" lhGSC d!(llI~e:llg(ls WQ'uhl h;)Lwt ...[k~11!,i,nll,gel' Nal,lOn~~ Un.¥~:rs!ty 01. S.IIlg.a. ; pOfre;Hadass<l~, Medkal 0:II',;pmi7.;l:1[[QIl :in ~~<'IJ1lI ~'nvestors, ha.vepmic:r.IIll.O;: b:. o J(;)'l"IJ;$al~m: fmd~he Hubredn bb(JJJ1'!lQI')' h'll 'ESl's~lbadr. tD6~!l!Ol ('Olk'i'! a Pf~~~OIldu~t1eld
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R,~dp(! ~@r rll(i@i!!lIW/. IRduildi!l,'ij 'hh !ito(k~ wHi r'e;ql:Jiir'l1!'ll'utlj .lit ~E!'asla riflih of iHlawaii':s willter5UMell' 1'19 pml@tliolil ~ike Ii1an>awillaBay, §il~;AJl.;illil Fll'iedmaloo~e'r.
tnure ilI.Jli!.k:o~lS~IfV~lli.(l1l I.h~1l~~l}'

b.iUs dun were imredueed i-m:;l\:~'~ii '$. rlighHo-f~:;:h [han.il CQil~i!;rv!Hkuil bmii~ th~ Hou~~.]ii1
helped d:lra:Wi legislatien 20% 'tl f ::it <~te waters for 'co nservauen. L ike other states. Ht.w.]~.i cOI;ll~f'O~I~ first 3, I~<lmk:,,~miles lh,e; (6 kulomu.lle:H:::Ir.'l) :ul.'l.I."Oasl'~" and rhefederal off gOWflllmi:l1i1 co:rn!mls t,l~e ~st up to .2:00 miles 2003, frtedlatnder

of ~he other i~l U. S," the bi.11 got fureher

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(3il'[I kilometers). Tlite~b:r.il]e Reserve N~l~'!.\I'{uk t\CTWtlllld have nmd~ Hawaiithe
.~ei'liderlin miuallme censervation ill the Un~.u~d Stases, where :~ess lIu'lJ1J.1 of CO<lsl;a:I,~V'illeJ!;. %

are :pro(ec~:ed.But rhe hill drew fheul't:: of
H!:lw~Ji''sf:i,s,hi n!:llobbY~In,d W~t~ ~CIiIUtled, ,iFIISHERIES M.ANAGE.MIE.N'T

Cons,e'rvat:ionisl:s, ,Bnd !Fishers F,aee Over Haw'8Iii's M,8lriina RJch'8S
HAN1!JU'MA BAY; IHAWAII- Th~ school of bigeye jacks "Nas Ililgint \\'1I~!ere'AlnJl] Fried~<lil'ldel: ~Jft!H;;l N!;!t ionai Oe~a~lic ~nd AtmospWD~!ii!;:
Adm il~lis:~~'<!u:i ':; bi.Q~ogl.<lphy tJrnnch s<'Ii.d on it '1vo~l.1dbe. cun;.I.ing :s~ow.ly ..t the :n~~.o~lt~]. {)If Ha[ll.mnma eilY.• 1 pretected areajust 15 kilorest,' Fried l;tInder
S!I.YS •.


:stl:y, isa C;HJI~to~~ry ~:2I~{:of bow seienee smn~li~es :is. no IlKilCh. fQiI ;l. pow~fful bureaucracy lil;,id!lo fi sfut.il,~g :lillt~re~t:s. As Hawai] '5 tourism gre\v. and 'C(l,~:~of Uvi ng skyrocketed-the state has the


n,UlOIJI'S [l[gheM average [enn~fis:lili[lg became <11:1 in~lpon:<liL'U supplement for

meters from the S!,;YiiC[!IPC::'I:S of dowlJtQ!wl~ HO:lmo~:u:~ T herem ~~:St~il.rltC been c~o,s to !l!I.•. e 200. ~is.h. each abcutSfl !l,;e:~t[lilI:1elers 10lllS aad cUitte-ulyl!'!whid,IS I"£edi<:i~id~§•.!,l. mt~ri n~ l b~!Ologis~.gl ided lhrml~h lll.e.m ... "You hardly ever see (Ids ;l~YIfI~~ruil'! H3.wai:il,'· friedll;illl1l.de:r said after surra.cing. Jm:'lb;a re p:r.i:tl)t;i [)~a'!m.gkrs J;lllit~ such I~rgc SiC~ru.oollsi1a'Ve ~ become nlre in iilnli1l.,.bited :p~JI!l;; onh~oSi!,c~.ipL:l~~go,.h~$!ly=-. IFr.~edl.mdelt knows the bll)' better than

TI'o~1iIl.!il. s:lm.ore C<'l:st i.~~,g,aud speOl.rfiish ing are unregulated, aad the st<ltie's estimated .im:gerlislill CiltC·~,. 260.00U ;nll,g;~el1'l<Ire :mliPl ljeensed, Ol.1~ydli.~ The appeal itbli I,H::\1\,' c(Jn:\ic'l'v~u;:iol1ll ar~:s y,ear wen: resrrfcrlons put on giJIIUQcu,. ~)Hlmpted a reacticn ..101··'iIa!lrt:h. t~,e s~O\"ne'::l ~Ild:ud n,!;l ,J ban O\~. thei r use 011 M .• l i. l::>l.md i m House ofltepa'esel]l~nive5 3~JP[1Qved <'I "right~ Rlild overni~~le.!se\"~~ eee, [O •• :fi~hr bill Ih1!L1\IOillkl reqJ~dn~ the i;Q',fI~~ 1:0 \ Oppt'l!le!Us of '~heM~riffile Reserve N~~~)irQ,.riti:e lllll~IU;;Jin:!lbJe data, such .1IS stock work Act gained momemW[lll earlier [his Iin.cllrem;i.~rng p[1[)~ ahie

smal]. ··ITyoll W~Il~ 1:0 f~buUd fi.d~stacks, you need to SlOp r:U~hil1~.ill.1arleasr J:O"*i of Haw~ifs \'\tlU'tlrs ~lI1d reguhu~ f~s:hin~.~!l the: thetefore.would .re.s.uh illl

poor~rrres;;id~~~s.. he U!iit:! af'glllners, '~~hiciil T snareturtl es, seals, and 1.1OU food fish :u addhioll ~fltar,g(lt spaeies .. is wid~sprcad.

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yearin a series nfm~(;(ing!S dl,l;sign(ld to
increase lilnpul fimnml nanve ~i:a.w<li.ian COIli1l~lULlli[ics. The ITiIClClings were ,!tIrgaJ!;lizerl by lhec Westem P:m::ifg:c .Re~i!oilImJF~.~~hfnry M',nl1l,ag.cmctu Ceuneil 'IWi;:~pac).~ull~of ~i~1n


j:-Ie r'Uibl i$t~~ ;.I. ~i:!)dy i~l April h..s.t~~ ~lw fE ,;olo:gicnl ilppficmion,~ shewi 1lg.1 hat

~.·aflges,. before <Illy new :poo~ccted area is C[!L'!ju~d,.The i:Jli]i "'WtlfUW lie: Up!lnf!!>hi~~ .r,egui<ltifOIITl~.HOi: jtl~:~m..'IIriiillle re.-;enes,in endless slu.{jjes :[;1m,!ed ·Iifl~. ~mlld~g h i:~npQ.;;sib.lc r fo:ltllil.e state to 'pmpoer~y maml:;t:· ~he puihl~t:':s ~n!;l!i~:mt>e~ SoS!;;:ts," S~ly" WUI h.lm h~i!lir,nGr.

director of ooe.u!I roHcym: the M.~rune Conservarlen

~(Jlid fish biomass in Henaumaand 1 ~.!Qlhel: prlJ~ec:ted ..liens 'iI\'0]5 2..7 Itimes glr:emer than lilin.ebuol1l<lsi> in cmn~:l<<Irabl£ unprotected

ltute ~.nBel:lle:'mc.

sll,d. fesimm~ couecils lhial advise the U,S. Comm~r~~ D~1P'art!lJ1lI;:r.lf. WI;:SiP(IC"~ chair is Se'IlI!~, M.~u[n. p're5ide~:n of the HaWilii Longliners Ass!QCliado:~" Sl1Ite offi-

~~',.::!hi:mL£i:On. ~~i5re!:ie[ H,n ....\ii1i Sem,ne To
~dgllufic!lnlly modU"iedllhe bmJ. But :;dc:~,risrs •.n:KI Shiite omcillJs expeet the fi.. to ght CO.I1I,l [Iue' in l:~l.e·l1I,ex.~ Iegis I;J1:ir~resesseo n, i



are,<l;;~. inthe UIIlunluibitL-'d 2Ot1O·kii!o.m.en:i1And
k!l'lg Northwe;steaml .. ~.a'Jii.Ji:il"llfI ]!>~<'I.n:dlshaiJrn .. c a !l.ationai rIIillJn~.~uen~ since 2.(U)6,. th'L;;ro~:s


start s ~!'IJ;)!m~!'!!ry.

fi ~hb~orniPISiSon3vcI:<lge t~.l In < h'l C()llIiI'P~!r;'ihie h!l.b~nI!lS----,r!1l im.1k~[.,to~' l ~~:;;!J i
6. 7 t~n~.es Illore

A~.!hollgh :s.imilm: :rig;I~H:(HI'i.sh


Roell sed \'~esp2Lc ,r~efe:mI.d~ narrow I1s'~,nl,g ]rlg in.dI~lStry iEl:~:etre~t:il. We.s.pliiic·S influenee ii!s supposed to be i~ml~H~d to :f~del"ll!~ \\"~~~~r.::. acli~fi&'~s<lind bliU !\une off'i(.;:~I!>contend. th .. llle olrganiult1ialll, ..




fis.b s.lOek:f> in [btl m~~Ui!, ~;lL~\I'JJi ian i!!lh.mds to a'b!Qu~ 15.% of 1 \\ihat they Q]iI.ce \vere" To F'ri~d!la!ld~r.,lh~ nlcssflgc is $:irl11'p~c: Jibe mil i'111. HHW<I~,i lJl15bnd s.' reSer\~e5,. wlhi.i'cl:l < pro~~C't (l!dy 03% M the COO$[U!l~, ~lir'~[on
Inuna.I:I!i] hm'\lc reduced.

be~nl!lpp:m"led i:~JU1udels:l~l1Id,(!nd Mt,rybllld, limy h~vel1l.Ol impeded tile ,ere.rt.i.{m o:f prOleCll;:d .. :uc~s ~n tho~e S:I:!lt!~S;.s~ys S:t~!!h CI~rk S~mlg;t Qr~he'C(Nlst .. ~ Ocean Co.,.1i~ iOIll !!11 A.t~~nlic Hl~th.I~l!lds •.New ~'~'me:y;B~inlis¢ the f.iO:\.V'.,.i i leg isIHti.oJ,l\'fO~I,ld eft'eclli:\~e.~y encl ~JI fi~hJi[lg restri.ctio!ll'" sl)u;).says it "is far

~Qbbijt'idmegli!ll)! ~)of .he riglMHu-Hsh bUL "NtJme:rous lin.nes dua:.illg I he' Ill1oce~s dUll ~ produced thL';:bin,. [ !>!.!w \ijespac e~~p~!oy~c~ .~
o'p'en~,y Hllkii,ng Hl ~e;gi:sI"IlOU

us~rL<;Keiko B,ank of t:h.,c;Norlbw~~t ~ H... i ian h,~:ands N,eh'o'ork. whid cmn- ~ \,,'<1.

3.bmu it,"


p,aign$ ~O:i nl<tviue: cfmsrerVOlItion, TIl'e bill ~








passed rhe HOU5C. but a Senate droli 00\'\,1 all';,'lJIjti ng3ct i.m~WOlJll d e:uwoll rli}ge C()[ImJ1mJl,~

th;;,!!:[ \..~s drmfi~d by fisll~~l;~Il"" i

"The sc.nl"y~lill:ll!l, is lh'lll~.heb:ilU couilidl pass Il.ily~~ed prl)~eCI~On ellb.rl:J;. next )le~~r,'~says PelC'Ii YOllng. who recently In M,ay. B~llk fl~)ed complainrwirh tile e omp' leted ~I rer 1lfI1I s d ireeror ,{I f .IJ.I.'lw!l~ i·!i. a Cemmercc Department's irlllSPCChJf' Gc:~~ [)l1!'p.'IIrtml):'l1il: of L.i;'I,n:d:;md N~uln~[Rcsoun;:cs" l>\jh~djl.mI~m:l.t;es:he Mnte·:i\\,\'11:I~r$. t eral. claim in£, that "V:eSiIMIC 1~<Id ViO~~'11ed ·'11' iI passes," 3dd~Will[~Ull .. AH~. an sratutes that IM"t)hib~t fedcl!"211 c~~~p]{.l)i',e'~!l



'The United 'Kingdom !:l:5.k:s I,ttgginlg belli no f 11
space studie~ H ~lhegQV~mn'll'rnt does not

imr~ase SPCI'wF!spef!dlng,I~e H(lL!s;~~f
C:omIlll.0115, '.'l.Cienc.ea~d te~llli1 olngy mmmiUee

fn'j.lmllolbbying :;hH~ legtslatures, lBiilin'k ai,ciliwl-1l.11\'\It'i iian i1jsh!.ir~i:'id herbermester, (;<1 ned. for aui rive sti.g<ll,~:oIJi <I rid. cong re s'~ "~,t.':s.gO:il,lgto fliJI.["t1ia.erdeplete eurmaeiue resources, That '~t]rlillcc~ptab:lle for our Sitlmml he;;ni,~g".\~'bpnc denies it ~n~ged in lobbyi:llIlg. The lli.ighI-lo-fi S:b, bi I~:"has 1l01;liiI,~ rutm~ ge:UIl,emli ens." inS l~l with us," <\l1l.Y..,p.,ml D .. ~,t!e:~iI. do We:-;;-C:HRI:no'PtIilER rAilA ptl,c's Slen~o.rsciemisr, addiua£. "A~I] know is, ChiriMDlllher flalillli5 a '"'titer Msed: in Hon.oluiu.

Wilrm in a ~pon~hl~ iJlie€'k.. Thl! parlilam@'li1tari~lll~ .~uggesl seUfl'l'!J up lille! N,i:I~,,:nallSp,l!i:e T&h rmo'l.()g~ IP~rl9r(liif]Jme ~I),provid.e~e-OO(!ofIf'l hlllld in£!, ,ilIlthou gh n 0 'to~:a is~wJ;g'L?s~.ed. ~ lhe ~.K, 5~ll.i~J5t $4:!!!:i ~!'lillio!,!ClF! $pa<:e' .au rinQ ,2005-06,. ~l!Ib~t.alllrti'i:lIlYo)5lhanlrls o EuropEl[lln mUI1~;efpil uts,l~f' repc!fl r'e{OII1l11emlds bolsteti'll'llg Bdtish )h1e.rlglh~ Siuch es p~ nelm ry
t'xplmalimll and ellirl~ obsef!ll'ati:(IIrI Wlil'Uft (oofiid-

[ku~~,iliii. an ungJl.hdYlltnlil1:lS11II.i'I of FralteC'! It {IS: 11~l:~ghl.h!l'll~feOOe~Iii,.I-\l somejime in the ,geo,iogic rill~'I,.t~hn()1>t (:~rt~i~]ywas. i BiI,l,tlonga.go, ~!~~~e; l(:Crc~$!I.l!~~~!~Q\,\i f low~'..~d~. hig.h-S!;M"bd~:rI,§ Itidge from [)OIi,~1' to :F:U:-dn'Cc t1iD;<I~ \~'{mld be dry iilnd ~(JdOl}i.A g roll" of ge>osc]e.litd&t~ :h~1.5 ew n evidence aflhe 'C[~iprlt::A huge gushing of

~~rQ:U~Ui~lgdow~stH:i!!m. ~nd~re!iC!l,Hll]ike :S:CO'L.lrs. All dl!l:~ele'alutres spe<llk of e.",tte:lI1I,lfl flml;'s.. 1~lle gmup :!ii¥'.

@ril1gli1@/ii' @H1oflsin IhulTl!il_rlS!Jl~(E! 'rli'Qhl. and ~~~ undl-ef'5, The ,comrl1li!tee~l50 'cal~$(In,th~ ElJrop~aln Spac~ AgiE!ncy to ~o(aOO oru.' '(ijJ~s radtilijesin l~e U,K•• iii topk of ongqvliIglllegotialioos w~~h[SA., S;ays Ric~,ardl H(lkla~y Q~'the Rul!herkuld Appl'eitonr L3bora~my in rCh,lllo'll.
-i1l.A,N'1 ElL (L!E:Rl'

Gupw and hi~

('~II~f!gJI~S ~ll'Qvis;~i(l" ,<I.


into s!i,)~id mckliCl fonn~;hc Daver Si;tiI;<libelblfe rllshi Ilig dO,\ll'/l1 th~ l~{;\!l~dry lgl~,sJ;i Chf~.m~l" B The ~inaiH:lIl1~:m1~ meg<'l.flomtuf it·~",:p~ jj€n~d.tmu~~dllthliwbL.~n ~he ~ np.;~'t~rLh{l hl~t of it:; kilnd. The dll'l!jsi:a elil:,mnp~!ebriike own of
aneiem Lake Misso~I~I<Ii about 115JIOClyears


W.,oo[., Ul!;:)' :5iJlgge~I.,(;l~l down

llu:m:mlu:d iJJI by glacial ice \\'in.ere the sOlllhm"J:I Norah Sea is lOdily•.l'~lelab's w<'!lu~rncould llulve eeencpped the [)O\rer fudge a rew~~.I1dred H]OU~mibd ye.m~ •• LOWI;)rnmg the ridge go. :md illlcl'e<'li5ing ~,he flmv mUli 1200..000'1,0 I. mi i~

B~O'~!il'Qi~sts IOililgl (J'IlWIAJ UIiI,der' ... G
La!;l '1Ii''''!1'~. !hI! EIlIJOPI11t11ll Mol!2{1ultllf 'Biology

Ihm euhle Wl~'i(~n;Il~T ~(:om!d 'I\f~ro stre~unin~ (We:f tile' r.xdge. The m~~<inood \\I'OU Id 1~l;1;vCm e !oc~~ th.e r~rlinS\'~rld~!.ri!1g li~'M-;;S {lf~i,gJl~a
.ic:ve:llli!;:,c rhepresear,

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~@~vfii!g EMElL,IIl!~~f'(h S~p~!ilrLSpo.ii!ro~, indlJd!l;! ~~lFilll,!!lmtrali,m ~mwellSitie~ and h! ,gov@f1rlltlliilfill, ~,!I!iich Wit~Si,p~rudill wm biMIlil OS. 2' l1Bi~lEOI'l (und till!! lnilia~ tErm. "With 7 to [Ald~lrali(l's] 5pe(ial.e-x~iuti~,roil" eX~IT1'p1e, in lhl!' lneldi5 c:[ mJ!ldii(.tlil '~pid:emioltlg!!i'1tnd ~l'~,m

a~d'Cl:'c'll'Ctllil£ lCi'rrured terrain of the Clmll!l:i,d,ed Scab1~'Dl.d~.,11.,n ooq~ired a :ilm'f of U:I tn~lIi,ou~Q 20 ~n~nk'l!'l llb~,c c meters or 11Il.eake's glacial l
tQPl SI~lC
~1I~~U"V~~l,ii,;lr0flch ocu~1d.o!'50 o

eastern \\!<:1Shi~,g·



the now of t:Iln"e

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dence in this "iv~~k's issue n r ,~III'~:" III 1"~lI~We' tor ~"l:J1'1.mW! 1r,..l;ll1;'H~Un
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Gool~ist Sanjelw Gl,~;'lt<l f o I.!fi,,~'ri~i Cllll~g~ leil~dC,l~,aud his eclleagaes preseatevi-

ce~1res~rillr(h. it ~l be ~~ e~c:rtUenqtQiI'!;P~~ ( rm:ml to ~IWBL's rlXlUi5, QI11I basic Fii!setm:.h 1'1111 lI1o~ecliJl.ar biology," 50111j5Olin MaU:a,j. ~Ilil's i d!lroclor~,el'!eraL -BEIN])AMI'N IlESl1ER

,., Itflleat Rjs.llln!g
The ~.t~rl,dl '~n'lCirrord ro ~tall"olli cO!l!hlilting dimCII~;e(l1i:mg'E!',. says <I If€solu~i(ln J:na5~d ~asl. w@!.ikbyth~ rmlt~m1!!tio!1l>1!~.UrlioJ'! Qf 6@oo~1 1II'ldG!!oPhY5k~, an [j~del1~.i~1$ ~hOlddFl 't IEll it. The Sl:H1I1!liM5.l:i·elllir., IlJ!f!h!'E!'11a (I~g"!1iza !io:!1, W:hkh IndilldE!,!; sev@n il1~€Hli1Ilioni!ll. ibodl[e'5~ pass;ed JiI~!1e-pO'iiilt lreoolutao~ rOt:usin91 ,on t~e ine'J.l'it;alill.e ml'l!>~qLC~m::e,5, r wa r91~ng and o urg ing 11i1~il)Jn~t'O~promQl~ad.;;l'pta llD!r1." In addithm to p!.6ning!Qf roore "l~llaJte-mmi ~mng ~e'ar(~IT!.I !l~tthe I,i FliQn'~ !iIl!embers, p. rorn~'se mQre "Q.u~re,]lcih.,~whicih its QLltgmng 1P~Il5;fdeml

~ dc:nvn:s.tI.·~,mlilt f lin:. [)nvc:r o ~ S~f'<'Ii[. GUPl<II, amid 'coUe.~,£.m: ~

i 11~il1!C~ tDI~ook ...

for l~n.dlr v[dence e

~ <Jl Ul.e bOTtom of t!'le English ;;: Ch O:IJlnllel.which nu::hill:lg i.l!:e ~ ~~(':(;ts fi II(;~ \Vidl\,~''al~r i):~ th~ ~~d, f~lh(ll~;;;t o ~ ~Cle~~!,:re. USlrtI,g de!l!th~f JUde'a" d~t<i li::ollected :~m' is ~avw,g~li(J~I;d~i.'i!ni~~~ c tht;)' !'ru'!iprli,;,ld~htl bm; tom

A ,d'ay's 'Ii'i!ork? The e.~~lIlgale<d1!5lam:h'" ami stroeamtillied ed9l! of dri;5, n~blil1'a rine \f'illle~ ,()nlh~ 1100r 0 ~Ih~' IEliIgli$n (han flel. :!illg.ge~t llilaJ( a hu g!! Ill!lt lornl2'i ~Iood 1!;I;tJI shecil oob'l@·~.rI 9rililil1l and rmru:@.


"Wb~elmym~p\U~h~ :ilss.oC'huio~ofl~'~dforms tlJ.gelher. 11is vel)' ~im~I<Ilr ID wh,u Vi.ctor B,flbr h~IS ,dJ~SiCri b~d~!, the Seiilb~~~ndll:' $~y:; ~@logi~1 PhOJip G:i~b<lrd. o:Fthe t1.rruiwrsity o:f Ou~:b:Jiicilgc. "'I'f~~, e~u~dG;:d by j,i.:" But B~~Cf. p of di1.eUuiversity of Ari7Xi:l1I';'1 ilill 1il~CSQiIm. ~.y:8 Pl,'{Jtirl.u;ti· ve ~,~e<l de~rvetl ino:w' ''1JIl:IJIDioJm,:. th<il:~ ...:!tlICiIiiARD' ,A,. IlER R

new cl.eHIU. They FOllndkilometer'-

~ SiCl!Ile, n~t-'tQ\PIPC'C1 i.s.lrnmls in I~~¢ saitll~ dis.tijnc~ ~ tu\"e tJollg.ued :slntpl::S ili':! the cms:uQm!.l [!:m~ ~ ~~nt~ ol'l:hcChiflflfleled ,Sc'flb:la:mids" Th~yaiM) ~ ~aw b rmu! I)! S\\I't!'CP:U I1ig sHe" ml i.lnecd\f';!I1 ~,ey o 6'tlg,e.,,,,. "Iir!r<lid0d" ,Ch,;iJ!mels. ridg~s, ~mdgrno'il~

'''if?:, not

~1$!IHOlkiJm.g ~Q'I,

bm t'~l~s ~1"'('ry ~~.

l\!khaet Mac(r,a(k.el'll says 11'1dudes geldfll~ the word ~t about ii1ilp@lldi~m1g w~r,mifi9-1f'1:llat@d HOOOSOT dl~ilug'hl!5. -MAR~S!S.A. flEVALlliOS


Bo'b ~l!ld Ritfl h;l!v(; p~rf~~ .lbre·sig;hl.~~lt:'Y \\'il:l <I~W<liYS' a stalemate in whkh nil:]tl1e'1"f1n reach, ~ fill ish the other of[S 0 chec ken; rcsersbles

IProgr'lam, IProvesT'h,8'1 Ch'eck"e'rs,. IP'llrI'BIC:tly IPlayed, 1:5 81 INIDI-Win Siitluat:i'D'11 am;! n~ith~ !~k~~ a i;,vro:llig,i:lUW'G. then the' game "",]11inevita,bly end in ,I dr ~i\!,r, l'~,;u 'B, f~leresult (I·f.:l proof execueed by bundreds of c~mpYler::; twtlrUiLe'Jr.ly :2 decades week I ww\\u.d •. mceluag"or~1
cgii f(;Ollfie mj~I:,,~ tr:'.u;~l:~ ~4"1(79),

~K:k~t~ck~!ne lka:IU~li.'n.I!\: "riI('yL~gl~t!'a[(drosses" e

B,riU)iu). the gmrm;: ~!l\"'!hich players ril~.1 2


(",,'0 p:~:r'~rsf~(,lC off m (ll'.~-ekt:;rs

~l1ia:ree·,ib:y-ahooe grid with X"g <nld. O\:: ifl~o;pes
of .gi.;m:i!1~U~I'Io,'t:in !:'rn:~'~. Oi'~!'ll t~@ltt~J.;,"~~':(i

andreponed nnli meby Sr:i(~ne(·lhi:'
The findi~,g gLU~.rantees that
an <'I,ppmpU'ialt~:.~y progralml1med ~u~lclrli wi U ne ver ~,Qsell) a ue ~:lmn.u'l"h:..l;\l(l, marks O'l! persona] l \'.ictory for Jon~lhflll Sc~~dil~[". a cmnpuler seientisl <'It the Uni\ie:ifs;it}l ~)f A]bc:r[l!ti~ Edmonton.

set Qui

to "'s{llv{':'"

'H,op~I.f'55,. IJIrnahle eWlllt'lJ\al~!f m\ll~a

~CIbealtlheo ((i~lfIl~uter iIJl~Slil~

IhaJi leads toa


prog ta ifn, a hUlflnan willi. the l'Iladline,
lh~[ C<1!!l

checkers :in :~9&9, ··h's ,[I ~~u:g.e ,flc,'Co!upi bihn:~nrt'" :$.WS David Levy, presidenl ofll;telnterDlI~niQll!11 C()J;npu~er G<ilffieS A.."Soci.lAku1i ilJa Londouand iIln e:xpert all ehess-pl <1)1 ig.lg machililles. "It's by f~lrthe ~~lO.!ll o~~~ple;.~ o gamG sver sol'l!'~d:'T~c loot:;; and sl'rmeg:iies developedro.r the IPrub.lem might rrov~ u~ful fnr afllfilyt:Un,g ,~netic (,>Od~ Oil?' (IQIliiIIJ;l'la:tfl'ized '~m,sI<1:I:ioo, he :oays, The pO'.Ulll of checkers, or dr:;nlghL:S, M tilu: glJlHle is ,,!I:-;©kn.ll'i,'I.'liI, is to get the jump {Jill Y9ur 0ppollent. The game i:s pl~,yed a:n an eigJn-b:y.. eiighl; grid (Jir~;;e:dOIl1Id black SCll~are:.'l" The .c~.ec;k-

<areblack and red disk!'.

sllde for-

wanl dhlgomlUy lrem black sqlmu'c to blill.ck

square. The


Bob ~imdRi~a,

~mrl 'Ivithl2 checkers, e<'llCim in the rows do... '<eSil
~o tI~(lir s~(jJ~c:::; tb~ baartl, ,~ ~Y~'I'&:nii!.fl'lf~~11 of ~llrfD1l, .u1d Bob l",J[D eapuae one of Ri~~] 'sdll'C kers 'by hopping OV'~r~liml;l'f!n I.;'lnpty SJ~ll~ juS4 beyond~.iIll~d vice ve.rsa, Checkers t:hlll cross ~:Im.e board ~on~e "·Id.ng»" tha~ C..,lI1IUO\Ie!' ba:cll;.-

rough~y 500 bil]i,M bini{Iim. pfl&,,~b~1;; iu·r~uJm!~.' :m:l:nts of c:h,e'ckers 0111 the oOiml pro'V;~ng (;'h~~~e:r,\}i~,1 ,gl~<1Irill1w~d dn!\li/' iij. r~r :~,H'der ~Jmm.ll:lrovin~glh"'l t.UCk·~3,{;k_;to,"c:a:n'l be' V,,'QIilI, ngl:; reseaechers beg<mby t.1~.ms~nu,;ting.! d~]ttlha::;e of ul I 39,000 bi,I~li:OIl arrtlD1lIg:,enm.cL1tS wil~. ~{I or :r~\\lierpieec,~on I.'!~e(mrd,~1:l lh(: b proeess, !~,l.eydert:e:rm]ned.\~!he,ther each one I~d TO a w~~ fgj' b]o;!ck. 1).W ln HJr red, or ~ dlraw,. Thc:'y then CO:l~ sidered the very beginning ():f lhc:g.<ITIru~. pcncd~'l' il:~l, move by q a bliJ.ck .• U:ild ~h,en Wised .1 specialised seareh ~]~,gori!~.~~i tnt!L'€ out s.~lbse~~u~m to IUOVi2:!> and ~ho~1i,; th,U',.•1S, thel:\'ilU p,.h.• ers lr,)' ~o maximiae y !h~ir ad'Vflnt~lgc. l~.(:y i~~vit.:~b.ly steer the p~~~ l'O une of t~~ IO-ch~ck~.! ~Y'nfig~~fOi!·' tlcns that leads to ~1dr<ll,\I', Sdm~I:~~r redits impfl)'i.',eme1li!r.; incomc .. ~nl:1:eI':Sfo.r m1.lk~ng the I't:suh p~ihle~ [n fa.ot. he suspended t\fOR, from [99'7 'tit) .2'0[11to ''''"lit for:i1l P,I r~i,cll:~~~rejdnl[dogy-~ t b(;l,M·_:bh pro(,:i;'&~r'-tlom~wre.. HUll M~li!:~Y Cmnpbd~.
.1 C'OIllI~ut,er !ic]enlist at I.BM1\ 1r~(J'~~l,IS,1 Wmsoll :R.~~~h C",m~!I'~!1 Hf!\\'dl~ff;!~. N~w YOrk, SilIYS t'h!i1llthe 1I,'ese~n::he;::lj's' ~Iligelm,~,ity WoIS key. liOo... "Without a lot Dr theclever ideas oohi~.dwh'll~'~,e)' didl ihillk itwould h.,:,,'e Deen ilIlil!lil.mbcr ol'ycaTs before t.cChl.10!.Ogy

ward, The s.~me centinues until one [J,layet
capn.IIJCs all of the oLileri>pi'cCCs.

Sch<JelJer ,nul: ~Ii:-;tet1li,llhave ~lOwut~n't


cculd have solved checkers,"

:-;.11'5 II'

TOI~~·i.ghtrcs;c'lreI~c!l!l> ISIlllS, ur.lh'!cr.~~tk!>,. the mllion needs you, Thh; f~U. U~~ U.S. D~pl'H't.~~.cnt ,(1 f Defense (DOD') Wm~<'I~I.IU;h <I grants pro-

eh a U cnn.gc.!> lh~le lit ~~:ro:ss severa I dit'iC~j~J:liD1l,e;s."S<lys WiUi<l~rn. Rel:r,S"DO[;Vs de'lII.ty

Hnn d~!l:S I) f w~mMh::rs will he ann (; anecd
ne~",~. sprii,mg.

g rnm to :rt~~~dro$l;l~i!l:h~1l'~.\,\I'hi!l~~v~t i'll\~ it idem;; fO'f wd]i.ng iillport,lllt ~ec~1!rily clia01Ilenges, lt wi.m be medeled on the Nat.ion:rul. Illis~i.lme~of Health Di!'t:cwr's Pioneer Awall'ds, wh[c!m support b~ uc=:.ky. interd~,::scip;.lillllilty re:se,Jmdl ilit bimnedkine .. DOD
p~.;<LI'IS~O IHake :<lbm~1 10

under s~e:r~l~ry of dd(:riI:;~ rtli!1'li~bfi:r~tf~iiill,::~ and bas iC $I!;; i.e:mtce. A ~thOllg~l the re search ~lt;:don~i,;:d m~d~irfL~~ pr~)gr~w'n.\i\!ol~ldbe

V. S. S1,Jlb':~hnl;f~r:iliil:~,o:ll
l~SI;"l ·1~.l:e Uno,V>f:rsit)l




Prlrk. whose

r~~~.~rchi$ p!,'lr~~.y fUl1Jdr;;d by

ml:c'~~!~~il'i~d, awardees

""lUlII daeed it ~e'CUI.·

I,·.ityc~,eillrnffil,'a'l'l to be briefed on tine c,Im~ll!le,rilge;l they ..re supposed lO(lcMress.

DOD" ;\lOJys <'I1.lowing 1-e~(mn,;'i~erl:ito~{)Im~ up whful proposals in respouse ul,agcncydesi,gnur;:d ch11iIh:::tl,g,e5i~ an "'outstOlndins"
id'~m. "\Me iUC used re h~vill:g l:ies,eamh lopics defined ~op·{lo1j,""nby DOD," s,ays S.nb:II'". ~nnal'lli3D11. ,\1,1,10pi<lns W <Ipply:,. '''Whi:lle .

for $3 ft)]iUio!l o\l~r:5 ~(ljrfj.. Applieal'w, for
Ul,e N:<Ituon<ll. Se'curity Sc~:e:llu:::e<lnd E:ml,gi~ ne'~]"~llS f~e'lQhy F~~kl'w~l~ips mus.'[ b,r;; US., llltuzeml" ~ndlLIrefetrellae will be giv~'rI 110 ~a~·.ly-C,alf~er ~:s;e,alld~.crs. Ago;ncy oflici.~.I:> hO])1: the p:mgrmn wi ~I

e,m::iill ,goo~

Tile ch~llcnngeSi. 1101 yet tCllo~e:I:L~l:Ue Hkely 'to be~:~milar to tl~.ose idelIDt i.fk:dbs~ ye'H by DOD's QIll<'ld.we:lmlliii.<I1 :[)efense Revi~w. Uslisl ofprigri~ies im:'~l:!de:s bh.l'· ~,nel:rOC!):. social. cl~llur<lI,.<lind beh.,,,,,~.orOl]1 lu{)de:l~n~:~m(~khlg I;;n~my W fg(;:itS: ,cou:i1!l'· (11' [eril1lg imj.M10vi!;'I!d ej.... ~.osive devi,cc:ll: !llild p exJ~et i.~g~~ :[ol'ln:'l~i onabo~H s~ s.p~ci Ol,l S

mi l1.!ri IIY"~~l.U'k:s~,li~ll. oos~~K~herf;k!H,)\ll best\vh.'ll tleir fieldh1.l'~ to ofrer:'~}Ie also d'ilvnl~~he: :r~u(W!'~:~~PS: i,;'r~.ne Ii "C(I:rps will of ac_"d,(:'mi,(,l :1I'C!scl'LroeThelis dedkat.ed to ai (Jl:{:~b~s.e lind ~H~tiomd .[;!;,'lCuri.!y," i1

it ieS11I:lici

eNe:m1lt'8 frOll1


dm,tOl. SIi;l'~S,

foster r~:$~a'!"Gb Q~I.tskl~ ~h():bO~IIl(!s of predetel.·mined 11,"esem:\:hquc, ...ti!O:I~:iL, "'We do nol; h1lW splilci fic fl~~f~S;if! mi!ld; ra~h~r. \1i.I'eiw~v~

A.g~.I],cy offid<lls P~{!.1110 i~v~!~ Olbom 20 I1lppl iC1l,lHt, w~~,os;~,nf~:veaJI:lilIi11:u~i<l~c ~o m ~u,fike l~re~etH~ljons ;;It tl~e: fe]lt;Il!];!Xl!1 .• Tbe

If the Hu"St nnuulggeswe~t DOD 0 ff~:-'".~.-ci(!!I~~'l.or~~o.e\l'~lmudly s,~prorl.~~ mglflj'~s; «
50 :lfeselln:her.o, ~



ba'l.'\'>bellle!'! Ti~sl~y."SC'h~H~IT~r s.f~~~S. ''Th~ pn~:rranl Wd3Y would neverlese ~o"'~ns!eyor JI:1YOJ1C else, per~odl." A:und b ec~usc Jimm~ns; ,even!tu'I.~.I.y makemistakes, rhe prlJ.g:ram is C01iill'iid~re;(!1, bc;!;~p~~yer !!!;\1{!'r ~:ho lacst Inl~ !;]Ild should [m:vit~.bl'y prevail .~nas e·.ries ofgnlnes .~1mles~,~rom ~: to 9:51 :••gai·mJ!'>t :!InyperMlifl, (."'Ile:D1.r~.:D12S1ey •. for whom \'.m den Herik, ., cempmer SCi6l1it~!1l OIl Mlt'~· o[l~y three l'Cllllf.riI~~me·lli~ ~99 I, d:ie d fl f clIm: e:!i8 ~uQ~fhs~~~c r, SO~l~~ &h~f1i:r say..,.h~MS "'g~t OO~P(;Gl." tricht U!~ivcrsily il1it1l:1'~Ne'I~~~,alld~,. iflln~ pl<:!}ll;1fl);~O(im~dSe~:I:lell~ii". ~le $;;11)1:;". ~d ~~~ Varuden M~fik \l,'Vuit'li. ~h~t :s.ehm~n"e:fli. ~]'~C~~U!l.~g.ru!l'ldm~~ll;r 1'$ ]"Q~~~m" p I~y p I<lY~ 1)1 eaclia. ether 10.;) drnw. Hut. he says. ·"i.fyouh<li\le s.oiution win accelerate the dec<ldc:s-~.Qllg cha:rged.lha.t the stress of the !>ped<IJ1 title ~(ltpfQv;ed ihi.;l re$t~1t then e'il!i;lty e'xD~Ci)f~tim 11!1<:1i~h had kil 11;:'lI,~ l'i!liil~'Y' Chiml~1k d~f'eml~d ·ded:ine of~l;IunmOlmem checkers. M!:l<lll'l"V.~.ih;!. its C:~WJl ~,[I1:\.'1,1'0 snbsequem l.lmtcl1l~sag~ i:mlst s.al~i!I.cl]er is tulllJl il1g bis co:mJnlternto I:mfker:. .b:ll is worth 11Oll.liJl~:' prl,m;iple.l:l.l;u: giuln:e C<]I)'l be w~\'ed'_;bm it St.4:1.1en~rSH}'!:' he f-eels YiJm,d~c.n1:Jd bylhe 11l1el~ex~-highe8!''';.JI;lllll,klf:idpl;l:)rer •."'To this (I;IY. ] pl'Ol,)iI: r.n 1994.;] 'p:m£;mm he d,e~1'C~o~dcalled ,ronm<lke you ~.~:Olof mm1'l\.¥, ·-ADRIA·U:(H9 st~Ugel peo:p~k.:~yil.l;Y lh'tll }"O~.\..nuld never C~mpbeH,
\i,,:~{) C(l·\"{~OOO


dle D~.;:p Bll!I:(l pre-

gmm that defeated cUn.es3cI:mllfllp:UOIl ulIrry K.I1Isp~mv i:l1l.. 1997" Mos~expens expected lha~ dleck.e:n wou~d '~'iiClllU!lfI]~.}1 IJ~ pm,VL'(i 3J drnw. ~y.s; Jaap

Chi n o,n:k pla}'~'d 'I::~ed~~!l··1I'(l.g~,]ng \'\,~{)rM i channpion. ivImio:riI, Tinsley fO a series dI~:aws bcE'ore Tinsley \v~'t~ldm\"" because 011" hea!tll prob]eJ[!Jl~ <Jl!iJd(l(Inc\;lde,t1. Ti!rl~~ey\1,Ii]:lo ..




A:!fij,S~:r'~!I!l"-('i.1d NASA We~[:~l£r i'i::'ltdllliMSIt::> improbi'ibly atl~.e' center of Ihe ~: ..~e$~scie'Il.· tifiJ;! ~i:onn ridging iu \tVMshiJ~g~iiJll.D,C,

NOAA researchers ~,ave !~tlde:d its data, \'Ii"lilich is Ij<JIrl;:~c~Ir]y USeflQ:11 for de-~~ct.~~g .. tfopi.CioI.1 At~.~$1tie ~tCJn.m; c~ldy ~nd piI'ovidIII th~ lili-a 2: wetlks,lwY' ';Oif!gr~~~;<;tml'I~. i.!'!!g vit~.~ ~;:{nit;i:r;i1,g';;~~\'~f colder waters, p!Ulcl,silll<l.\fe held bearings on events :SlW~ incl.udrLng tilLePadfic. A Hawail-based r>!)IJ;mdi~,£ OUS:!ef o:f\:Vmiam Proeaza as U. S. N,H"Y {lffici~~said Insl year it p,.~~!ys d~e 1;11 "CI'IDlical m~e" gnP.~idfic forecasting. N'I-K director orlill:f:' N<ltion<l~lHurricane Center (NBC} on 9 ju~y.P'r(lenz<! had repe.~lbNill~y f(loo'r.::iG:S~'(;lrs mosttreasuee th~cndt ~ <:lbility cri·~;i.,c::i.z:ed hi.~e·rnp~o}'er. tllae National [0 see de\ie.~opi ng t IiOP iCOiI (te:pressi ens Ion!;! (NOAA~., for lai IiIll']: to III,Ul. for the impe'n.cif. ing faiJur~ of Qu~kS('Al". a $!;IOO~lite launched in ~. aad ::;ye~n:s 999 past lts design nfe.PI:oellZ<L. a 35-ye'lf NQA.A fORC'):-i.ler 'who bee aIUcNllIC :fuJ,~!Id in Ja IHIUl.fY. ~'my.!:l loss of the c:mf~'5 sensors could degrade 3~d~y lia.ur:ric,me [['tie:k for~C<ls;l:sbyl ()%, e i~ ;ru ilm.g ~tm]y i~. ress. t]J;i:llanJa]yzed rooo~ p easrs f(ll" si x 2;00) storms. Scientists Jamiliar wuth QuikSCAT"s ca p abl].l Ii e S s ay 1':1"0.1:,' n Z![ \\V~ s; both "right and wrcug" ~,~ his

qU~l~.[.i y hl,lr]"~ca~H:~ :~lld speeds greaeer f w 111,111 IS km, can't seewell throughr<li·IIli ... H ~ndit5 pol~lr o:rbit Ine~m; Q'ui.kSCA;T ··~ll~y nQ~be ~'l th(ii ri~~tplll.O:;:I;,i.j;!1 tht'; right Ii~c;::' sl~e said, Eun,·o·pe<Q.u IlIlJidU.S., N<'I.vy satelHI~5 p rav ide data "'not q ui re as good" QS Qui kSCAT but couhl pi ug holes. ifl~le NASA craft f'lils ...... sOlwd, 'UJdl!lg that be NOA.A:'s o~1ll1er :oo.~!ipick up stOifIlm$once tlle)' ~ seem hcm:de:dl:~u ~. Iand faU •• , W(;l .af~mJO[ b:1 ad" :ilr Qu ikSCAT dies. Ktcz.1 asserted. i l\lle'l~ow!t'I,g,1st .u~d respec f~d wem:lherll' blogger Je IT M<lMe:IFS ;agrees. nDti~ngl.imt.the Ulll:)uhlis~.ed ~h!dyPrne!1JZi'ciWd inv()lved ©n]y one of:rougl:dY~GVCfl ilC,tli'llC for~I...sti Il.g modds. Fold ing in,li]lhe . si Inll ~a~lm~!S. IIlIs the rest of the p d.1)Uu sources, creates .(i··.g h) bOl11


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year, NOAA

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b~! one ele'l!!i~~tlt. l ~'I~IH~Jric.~n(l e·x.pc.rt Gn~g 1,'[oUand of tlse N0:iio!l;l:.l1 Center fbi." Almosphcri.c Re~e.'IH:h iilrl Beulder, Color~d().
So PI)nC:[ijZ~1 "\:~'~lll:. ri~u jIj.lld\vrm~g:.~'

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HOn ..lld,eN.pl<1liliJ.s. 1 Ajfl.inl NASA-NOAf\ ~md).I •
dUI:: n~l'!!.1 ye~lf,

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But Iawmakers

~ ~'IUI fl"?Hl s.iuell~tcs,lypk."lIy :;;;:N o.A A's Geos:~,;.n I(lru~ Op,e [(1ry

~ ti.orml Efiviro:I1lIllC:I1lHI~, S~te~ liJ:~. ~ Ils il:lifO'rllrnl"J[iOIlll a.s bo Is~crecI by.] ~ rl~.et'!,vol'k ofbuQ'IJ's. ~lu:f'riC:<II11I,e~ 1;0 . . .~ ~ lUl!njl~~,p.~1Jncs. ll!1dco~&ud ffud:ol!l" 1,whs (0





May, R,ep'r~:>enl::J;l~vc: :Roll Klein (0 .•L lund ~(l"Sporu;![l~ proPQ:.. -.ed ~. b:ilUm a mhorize $] '1:3 I'IlI:ill~,i.on QuikSCAT. now openMing 0111 b~~kup w In,dM a Q'lHkSC AT r~phH",:'~w~,elmL its Ilu~'lp .nIiI,odel;ers m~.l(e comnputcr !>~,mu~ations ~ril:n£l.niuer. '·'OUI:' bl'e'ad ~Ild bLll,Ucr.," "The 10£5 of this daUl-'wbe'lher ~.11i.riI:ul;e.or of de;v.elo[ping s~orD"l~$.QtQ.ikSCAT !.1illdtld ({'I :liSnn fic'[I!1l-,cou]d ·t:o:'Iuse !'iI;;eon.$e·· di Bm for~C'fH;t~rs don'~ ]iVi,';l un bread ql~te'a:Lces."K]e~,:~], the ,t:olllilJ1i~iuee. "~o.se tol.d 1 thHl el'lsemb.!e by bOlJIIiI.c.ingnml~~OO'W;i1I'I,Ie iugf1lmm.e. La.st ·'!Neek. i:lt. 1'1 Semite hearing in I~<l.l;f;oW O~e~l n w~lC'rs OV(1!!r U gOn"~.ilorl1uilt~r .•~ whi(;i~ NOJ-\J\. o:lfic~~~iswe,re !~u~ba:;ted for hL,.~d&,~ml\~\I.illr.hove ~HH been ~m~luded in appropflintiol1iS hili.s moyi[lgtllirollgi1l COI1isw,nh.rel:lOnin£ :;~'l.rfacewind$pee·ds. by 1:Ii00t p~e[la.rirlg. a.deqmlliel.y for Qu~:kS' 'Af';:> OlIli;i).]y.zln~ ~hc ~~I:le~lion!;. By I'oHQ\;\:illg a g.r.,;;~~th,U o[il..;;rwisc p.rol"'id~ ge:fiIcrOl~S; d~[,s.c. NOAf\ :l>~t~nit~ bro:UiIch chicfM.~ry EHell K:~CZ~l. ri.ed to poke ~]oles i·lI1. t Pme:I:lZ.a"s i'I~.cJFei!lsei'l NOAA N 2008 h~LdS'eL to pohu ()l:~~,t,QuikSCAT ~over:$9'0% of tbe ..jfbll liIlINiJ'IISCliiI ;rurgnooems.l"he Sf!teWf~'s :s~nS(lrs dO:ml'~ oC'(:almS,m !1ru'!Iny ~lr~!.s f\\/Ioe I.'! d<f~·.
dir~( ~,iolQ '~ins!?d.

It's ~. brl!~z@. NASA's Q'lUli:k5CAT :5<1telm.l! musu rl!sg~ob .. 1 ocean


to push No.AA. <1Ilong. In

:!i.urr <lice M'rim cis, ~ndlldlilil 9 sp~e<d":11 d


Wel,comelo ··· I.' S E.IIIOIPI8 h F'lly F,aclolry
has an a mlbitliot]s: pillalllllio el~i~miin,at,e'~lhle t.se~s,e'~lv.
IBulSOlDte sclelllt~iists s,ay irs :3 w:as~e of nm:l1Iey
KALITII, ETHIMJiIP 1,j\""""";N oi sy.rnt 1I.],It icolored trucks lumber a.iong the busy main !load :un It'san eleg;Hilll arid en\'~,rol1llmlelltally ~Trh::ndl.y m.et:imod; birth eontrol !WoP' insects, ~~Oll!flec.,} nit The 8 teri le ~UiI~~'C ~ech~l ue l iCl {SU}. as ]~'s o'l]'.ic lil'Illlyk1nO>\!Il.l~asa I.o:rrngnd ~ ::;ol:~d track receul (see sidebar.p, 312~. Over ~he course .of 5:0 ye~rn. iI, :h,elped s."!i'l<eep lhe j;~re'~'iI\'II,(1:tll1 fiy.whiICh ft"£'ids an npe:in.wounds ill liveste ck, f110~1hal r lIm.eWes~em .He:lliil~:~ ~pll~rl;i. amidh ~~. be;irllg ~! ed to tyM!E'l(;( ~\1~fys ~h~ng nro]ilj]: OrlilCilll appl.c:s to DU1C~1 onions 10J~.p~mcs~m~~O]'il l'rmn voraeieus I~~gti>, Per~l<l:p~mme impO:L'ilrull. it hell~edwi~ out the ,euuirllil tsetse fly popu]:,'1It~o:!li on .ZilJniZobiJ;r1; ma~lni:s.~i1:Ii1.d iii! il~,le'I 990s. a 'proj<l~£I:lrn.e-\\'OlIld

lOne' tO~time PlltOtlrest OOI!lIII1l~!Jiiies: the 'Wlolrlldl iillfl

have been much bett"fJr spelJil,l
~t'olJ:yi~:lg. SIJ}'\'l Gi)YI1

on cheaper 3:lJiId simple,u\vays to :Wi.g~~t tsetse,


f<lf suburb ofAddi,:; Ab~b~,. belching douds of smekeand heukl Ilg ~l tliae peu:el'lni,uu; t:hlcnrwd the road. A mudd!)'. blll,]1m,py sud e mad! h:;fId spasr a row of

"1 h<l:te lO see


01' tsetse r~'ie<'lre:h,iIlZjm~!biYTl;e.
"~Ipoor 'cmJlltryW<!~le

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~h!:il\>. llnflm)l;) (0

factory ~ioU' pots :.:I.1ID.d pans. Then ~I gate s[idel' f!P~~l, :;;~nd.1 brand-new g:r<ili)'bui~d,· ing the size oh, suceer IIf~ddle:m!m,e.ge;s. SllIJmu!~dcd~y a !ilca of ~lrIoo{haf:p;hml1. h.'s .,lllIiI]O~l ~oo clle.,rI <I,lIiItd,or,g<mi,zed for its ch~o~ic~urr(jl;U.~ldi.!lg!;+ Ina marter of menrhs, the \1,ilSt I:milcl;~ng w~11 be b~tt:!i!ilg\l;'id~ f!!~ti\l~ty-i .. itl,;':r~lly, Here, EI~lillpi'l is d~;,we;lopi!":l:O! ::il1phi,:..11i;,;IJ,l~
\'o'e<'lpO[[D ~lg3 install

~~r ~1.iil~'l(] ~!l ~!np(l;)'t~n~~ f~f'pr~.nc.~pk, ~ !I::> prf,lOf

E~~:~ h~pe::; il iopi.]


become ,"'iIillo,k::~



~s(;ll:.'iielly. "'\,~lich!rOlIrn5mil~ u p'.f!r'dsilic live. stock ,dllsease called Il~g.~r:ltil rhet has long (ripp led the c>tftl,ll~ry's, run!! €;COm'lltly" The scllte~m,e SOliHl:ds; s~:mp~!e. Pmduce m, m~myasf!ll!1!i ~ lion li1lH.~(l les a week .n~I1~~ n dU,;::I1I1, slel',ii~.eby blss,~.i~]glh.em with ~lIdi3tUOIlI for 'H~!.mp~:~ (lf~ca:lld:s. then ~h~i'l$tlthem il'l t~etst::-inr€~~,ed a:remi, llulI-dlli.:J sure they om1~~1l~1ber\.'!I'ild ~mll~~,.~ to ~:,H~p~ess 'e'm~les 0 wil:~ mate 'Ij,ri~[1m the :Il,llb erirters, buttheirrend~z VO~.lS ll ]JiiiOdlJJ'~~ no (I ~fspring. !Rcpe~lt w[ the procedure several tiares, <'IIII<iI: thetsetse
r(;lptl~,flti!ol~ ill w

the Afi'ic~m mainland. More limn 35

irse If by shewl ng 1~]3the sam,,:: is P01iSib:.~C1: t on



Op.i nions d iff~r ,~bc,1~~ ~o]minw b1i.Ut nQt ~ tlH~ for :EI"~riel~y ofrea~lls-s:lJI,ch <I,S :r<lclll:i!at tim <lbmlll~~e problem, A Illmlvst n <!I,lm:tFre,,"m~;~ ion I ~. t:~lu!::~are tsetse $pcck~s l$l :Etbio;pi~--oiti s •. ters .of '~]'10sllyfellit ile \,<II.~ey :!i1. Ii kely ~o f.ri]. And besides, ~ fSIlIOt'J :MJ sla:irml.·· sq l:I<1rek i~rO~l!e land in western and ~olil~:~l.'l!\'es~em B~hiop:i,<ilis ~ ~b~G:-;oh~lio!1 ~h~yS<lY. because I:l!~$ : .. ~,ay rei:un.I·csllCd \,f]th tS~l!iC flies. N',f!~Jil~,. 'Ciil~l.sod by inr~st the' cmHlltl:y. The Iltuoney-Ethiopia\', <I llll,1icel I u I;;,u :];I<lmsite of the Trn.HJIiGSOfI.ia ~ g(l~r:Q~~n[ SP~il1~.l2mmion (m d~eja~t,ofY $

~:rr.ic's, ave tsetse, all1d i111 l~nillny,~~iDey tm'2I!11Sluit h notjust :JiI<1,grUl<1ut,}Is.o si.eeping siekness .• ] b dew,s't<u il.lg humsn disease, Ami }'IilU'h~ Et:lliopi~nproj:ec~ is a!t thG eenter efa divisive •.often CI!I.~IJHk:,. debate ~~:ill1tg!'!gentemeleglsrs, CriUes believe Ul<!l

m.oJm.ey;"V~l~!e adds', V~~~ril!l!.'lry~iW~~lmol[Dgi!il~ hm M~udlin of ~'IleUn ive~."S,ity r Edinbllrgh. UK .. cal ls S [T o Elllklpi<l!'s "m'~!l·o!'!the-moen pn~~\a:" .. These critics blast the hrremational Atomic Em..t'!rg:r AgL':ltey (IAEA). whk:h is .\lllp:JfImt i.i1I,ji: ·the p,:wrOjlecl. for sedue i rig. Ethiopi.~ i~h] Ir~ing ~:t~r~:lcjn~L;lc;t~.-:!f'ld '~hey"r:e even n~,ore dismayed dUH orher Anic~m c'u~lntr~i,;l-\'l·!;tru l"olluwil\g ~llit, BI;':.~~ kno\MIl fudl:s. wl:O:~I.,g~.ing ~~pif.il,g n~ldle<.!r '" ''lith P'O\1!"eI:S, ~]~e U.N. agency. heildqn~ml:red .h~ V]eI1H1'1. Al~5Iri<J •• ~~,so~J:tU.l1Llot,cS dIe pew::efudl ::;; use o'fQtnllUic ~Il~'rgy.im::lmnng the creation ~ of s~:eriI e :h'llYeC'~~., irs l<1Ibin Se itlers.d:otf; ~. [lnd
~ O'~[$:ideVie[lll:m,. lis, theworld's premier S,IT 0 '" re$~~r,c~l eenIl\;lf; ~ 2 ~




pfodtu;:iiifS. $ 001 n1liiUo}l, a ye-ai",.according



Yei by the 1970. • IAEf\. had all 0 COl. it .:.;igln:;: on rserse, The .eibi£'rs.d:Ort lab ref~l'ied
the tcchnotugy o~:re3rin!!l tsetse fliic·s.. Wln.':'f>e~;s.• 1:I: :fI.llfS1 '~~u:y were: ,ed Oin live' mbbits Bind guinea pigll ..cow blood ,is used today.

me- u.s ..D~pM'!lInI;!:IH or i\gl'ic-uIUJJt::.


ln ihe mid-19:80s. the! "'Seney and the

I.lfsel.'S;e Uy I'egion
one-,fihh (lr IIHiliopia-i.o; ~ome 1.0 dCJZ~ns or $pe,lili~$

'Ianza Illiangovern

mesu pi ked U m1glljl<l. the

main b:'I:gnd of Zanxlbur,

(:Ora test site. It

Fl?' belt.. Aila~iI or i!1b!ollJl:i!O' milliolllJ :iqu(lfe kilonDllteI5,.....ill1c'lllldimgl of ~e~e


look almo t WO ears to build a n:)'-reari~lg faeilhy and train Joe.. S[uN'. say Andrew 11 I?'~.rke·r. tsetse ex pen <IliA E..I-\, ..Hl"C1" the a ITIIi~sl'l~dl IirSI: been anaeked lIs,in.!:l: in~eClie ides "ph1.llii.es s tarted

de h veri ng 'we ek Iy
811cseimated una:1


leads of male fhe: . across the ~$Ia~d in AlIgl,i~l m '994. By '19'97. Zanzi bar t\IO!~S
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keep/in!' Ih "JI)ock

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raw data to entomolo-

1n;1.~:S to

hill means f \:\ ani'r
plow l~~eland, ~Ie. .s

gi:;l, . Ilirii!, afti· of d:ie Londo," ·,ehl'ml of H:y,gi.e·nte and Tropical Medic~,lle.\\'~lO

mllk.and 1~l;S manure-e-ln short .~ve;rt)'. A I<a mye S\'1!~atiii Off\fi":ica has '~tl~ sa~n~ probl\ilU, The U.N:s Food and f\y:ricu:lltUire Or£"lliz a~ ti:O!l puts the bil 'IIrorlllliss~d famm,i.l'lg n.'!Ve,fll.u.~ in this "Green Desert" across frica at r.bUUl 4,..-1h,miOil al]Jnnally. Th ·11 (here's the hum 1 III 'ost: Sleeping si ikncss, or 1IiI1,I!lm'i~trypanos omiasls, is, belie:\ied,1:O infect SO(I:l:1e 511'1)00 to, 70..000 peepie' a ye1~r. 3.!tllOWigh hard d ..[3, ,m:e nOli w... il~ ~ tiM!;:., N~l v.~ci;;inc exists, ,~md drugs-il'Qws;~ more than :;0 Yi:ars 0 ld=-aretcxic and

was a SWU;!i,;e;~5.

i,:rm, ill

2005 book. T~ile~dal

But ~ ]T diJIl"[ many rake o:ff unril tt:llCIi the successful U,.I.lght il] the '19505 <I,!t"rinst rIme seeewworm.v b:ich \ ~iS s'Llhs(:qll~ntl rolled hack <!II] the W'l)' dO\l\1Jlj IoP~nmn:;). !' it turned Q'LiU. it wa n't hybridization 'but: radiation Ihf'lil proved the most effe 'live hl)1 to ereate sreri Ie in!:>I!·.is,
~ ,~U'. he Wlu'Ijo rity (I f S IT IJfO!;lr.Uill,S 0 t have ..ddressed :Jgr.:~cuhura ~ipests in richer countries, h~ pr,fij eets '~ml~v~trens uf mi 1lio1lJ~ do ,II an. bm those costs are ol~len of I qyick~~yrecovered, The screwworm eradlcan n, rom: instanc . saves U.S. I..vestoek i

nll~ .ex,aml~,I,e p:illl1cd the i.llii.h;r,eSl If the "thiop,i.m government. says Temesgen lerna of the Southern T ,eLI: Er,ul:ic,ni,on 1?~;uje:Cl. ;;J,p§qgr<ll!ll uhllll,; _~1~1i:i)pil.llit.. Ci~!lC~ and Technology OI:g(miz<l~iol.l that [ABA supporrswirh sciemi expert lse andteclmieal advice ..And :m ye<lO:S later, tluruiks ~n '~"IIrt lu funding from tllilcUN _.tbcA fr.icaJll [)cvc~~ opment Bank, ,lRd the :go\1'emmem ofJ.~p a n, lhil~gs .are \:\1\:11 uf1Id"r wa • '\\~lItl,lrs. ~fe bus unloadi~lY new FdCIi:S and i:n!llallin.san ~tItOm:u~dI r~\;;difl:t? :>)lst 'm in ~p~lil"ldifl:g elean i'eiiliil'ig hl.l.lls.fi old buihJing 91'1 the same grounds. ni:a\1 house a. colony of about

5.7 million, h still is to !~lrY.


de 'r~a~i ugly e ffecrive.


r{~htr::;;UPfu.l. .il,Il,

arseme-based drug, k:ills.between J% and I.OltiJ, of pat iC::.I1I.1 For colonial pou.'er s, tset '1: posed ,I foemidabla barriertuthe de elopmcnr of l!l~~f' AlfiC"JU ~ ssets, and Illey a~11 stiJrte<il, pr~,lI';lrns 1,0 deal with ihe problem, Tl~cy d.id Jm3N~ some e1llli:y!o~l:ete:.'l~s.. Mo~t f~mousl)j,(he :r\:a'l1l~ueRe
Ind Ijhc·'I:m.l.U W~'rA:ffii~em~ :islmnJofP,liincipe of tsetse iii 1,906. :~.~Iy by etluippu I'Ig p'bl'libt"dlion . '~ ,II, rkcrs '\'llh, sl.icky backpacks s, 15 O~.Olllli~ll. concerns .11,'-0 in~pill' d one of :1;( th,!:earlies; bur 'least known 'llld:ile~of':IT.

ion.OUO breeidil1llgfemak~ lhat produce a 'II,veekly harvest of ~,O,OOO :m~3h::$, ]nl:h:e :1fI,ew 'b~Li:~ding. those numbers shmlld £,0 ~LP by a facto.r 70 re ~. 11 A~.enn.l.cxpn:;rins. 0 _he praject invelves Illlucli, l'IIiIure:than I'I, . lernu says. ouvenri l1a~technique



~I~ treps

and S'o-~alled t,.trJJ~ls-bliJe er
sprayed with in ..eo rieide and

bill :1-: sheets

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baited! with ~ow urine or' m'I.:ifh:iIlJi anracI.~nts-mte curremly used to d,n, . down the pepulatlen tu less l~~U~ 5% of :i'iS l1'r~g~!:vn~d level, SlT's role '\'!'~.:Iilbe '~o r~lll.is~ iI. 011 .. A1ellllU .%'I.y5. because s}eXU<I i <lUraetion can do '1II'h.~'~!l1ec:'l~c ides c till 'r; reach and kin gs even the very last ny. T,ile 2S.00o.-:"al:l" '\,',a'lley ,·ha' has bee iii. selectedR:5 a first ~ilP~ct is protected by moumaun . redueieg chances of H::~11r~stal:[on. It halO 0111 on.~ sp~cie:s., G/oJdua pl1l1idijH! '. \vil~i·h i wh<lt (be f3C= lOP')! is ch1!mi!~Olll at li:le !ltOmelU. Lal,e:r. it: 'wi.n :ila:!1l\ '" to start pl.·odm:lug the l"ulUry's fhur (ll!~l~r '(Jlo'.'iI;~·,~na spec.ie$.f.sw~IL

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Meklll1li1ell""""lPos'illg \lIith ,a 'gamma Iraf 's.o'I!IJce l!I$ed t(l' n~rilize HIts-hope Ethiopla's t~'L'Se'lfglilt wi'll seNe <lISam eX:lImplefor Africa,.
1:1; .ri ghl on lh~ 'I'norlhcah,,: rn cdg~ of Afric;<l's '~e'tNe . elt ~:tile flies. To iPre'lrem dli;1n from ,carll:irn,g back, ncigb.bor,ing I,;OlIDl~ie 'wiB h~v'l: to auopf <lg '[!:lsive ,olJtJoll prognl[ll!S <ISwell. Alemwl, says.

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l::!.nJ,a;~ ie,oo©:fI (h~ fle:sh or ~1;I',(ln(lck il!lF!d(I~llef ~ Ifliml!! ls, Ah(!f ar sU((€.~$hJl I~t run ~:rl!lh@' is,talndl or C!ll~a,~al),~h~y t~o~, on flllJl'ida, ,ilIl!ld later. all. or l~e ~.5. S,lQltes where 'h~ S(if'eW!;~or!J1l!Jei!l!~oo. After vt~klJV was decllatrOO in ':Ii 966, '~he'battle m,oved SQIiI~h, iII'~ewe~~rolJglh 1l1l;ellrllltiolilill (ollP8'r~Hon, the rtie~\Mer,E!! roUe~ bacik all '~he way 'lhrn1l9h Mexitc!o al1d Oi!rillr,al Amenca. la~ll. ')'e'111r" a 111 ~I.TeM'l.rOHI'I-rEar~ n91 ph! 1iI'~ Wil,5 (llpelned in i!!W Pain~1ITiI8i t hat. [!i!rodU1U!~ 150 11l"l]llioml \lIeElikl, [0 glltlm ~he CIII mr~IiI'l on· h

l~er, dootE!,tr!J~he CQ~oI1l1biaP1ibord~'f. SIT 1s also wi!l!l ely 1II~'ed to p revelllt or sruPIPlress infE!'5~<lI[j,onr:$or ~hre lIe-diteHo1l1l1eaDII hunt my. A ~I~!b.ai peSI. Me'dUy i50 C!ihl"'~ill to rel{er!l~hin9 hml1l, Clglprh~S'tm!~Olill.i!lt(lle~ ;;irnrd iP·llrlilu~gr<ul.i.'lrte'5; bei'nrg ~Me;dny;·hee~ briU'ngs Wl!liilU~e,~mpl)ini:lriifl trade' ~'eirlefin. Medfly l~gJ('lori~s. fuiave
~5prrJmg up !!!1[O,tlnrdU~I!wo!ldI ..1i~e ~o'!rgest,.]11GU'<I,l'~mi!I;fIj, Ipmdlll()e1! more l~.ar[l 125 b'~I~lonl ~~j~s ,a y,ealr rOlr5J~e~a~ ((I~HltM~s;huge' 1fIl!Iif!b~nare I~m ~ p~d '~'II'e'll,\leek l[Dver the p,ort dtj as oJ lO:5, All'Igele~ •. 'Ti3rmpa,. <lind Miallnftl) p're~.~ni[~~,(lwa~vays !ITromcalJJsi!:1,!ij ol!t~reaks. 1iIr!lQ rllOIiI.1 his. 3 grill ,3 III@W Mled UY'-r'U r~ I!I 9 I) ~iii nt INa Ii nli"IlI@1IIiUHllll'i l~ e S,1lI:~li!is,~ Ip,ro~"n ('e 01 Valh~fII(i.QJ" a IFlH!jord~rlls-e'.'(I~(IIlrll flgi r'E'l!lio.~. J\~elitlll\\i~lIe'.0] .s:nproglF.fIlll ilIlso hel,p!!cl elhlliill1~l~I,he melti,nr nV fwem i~la~d5 nlf} s.otJ'!he m jaj;li;lln between 19 nandi19'9'3,; aJndi~ th e ~>e'! he,f lamJs" a (Omr!l'.Hlyr:;<lrlleod The Gr~~ Fly ~1~lllti~lWi1lronmenta~ly c;(JiIll'lici~HJS ,


tUg,liIr ,co5:b\l YIiI'i;)ert:a,i!i!1 outcome

The erities bare~)iknew where to hegin, A lecllll1iquc 11lJ11t drive down :I JPOPl.!~ c~:~
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tsetseflies .in!Ele rn 6.I()OO·kln~ Okm'IoIII1br{) Oe.ltEl t1'l 2: Y~flrs hy aerial sprol:ring of \I~ry [ow
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:Ievel:· he SJlys, "lnt~p1lstexperiooceprnvc5 iI. Tsetse Weil1€: wiped mit Of.;)Jtl I 1.S:OO"k:tll~ area ~n thewestern jP'WtlY",ince fL1nlbi'l m:;ill'! o odor-b ail:cd ta rget s; Bot$ ~·II'~.l1ia, l rid (11 F go

e.:U.Il"~lr1.lfly eusaive, ("nley OI]~y s have to leek m:wt w dirop dead," Edi~lbul:gh~ Maud i~11s!.lys..) And tmu~re.Iire If!!(IIny Ot~lC:I' rua.sons ",",'hiy S H crulliio~\\'Ofk~lnd ~)1,the \v,rollirg thilll,lg tOI try in Afi,ic3 .. cri~l,ics,say. Ap,~l;ro;o;;~Imne.!!yl OlJ:lmilll, ion kin! ere h'!lf~s~~d" lh~1\;1l.'We2:9' ~pl.'i!,;i~ and and subspecies, Of\li,fbk:h iii! least seven moe iumpal-

zibi! r's :~ 6001 sqlJ<l.roe"d~.ometers. mnfes~ed lOy just ene spec~es.i[would mle J S!Qn eenImiles<l:1i1.c $67 bi.~~.ilf.'.)l:1 do the ~~<lm;e ~~I,~f to in o A:fl"i~~. D',!lvid MO~~I~~UX of lh~ L ivt;.':rpoo!1
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2iO[).~ !:,)OV1!:UHI~!ll~rry•. Whll'[:s. ~~nm. ~X~r.kl!lel;l ~hQ~\'s tl1.1~t'IS ill. resu It poi i ucaI ] 11I,~t'lhil:u~y. poor i:IlJr<IS!tm01J{!!I~re. an1d.bud gO'venla;unce".s;~lCh complex op erat ions .Ircll't :i!US!,,] inabl e ill A:rtL1,c~.g~ys M'a1,.lldJul:l,



;\l(}Jml,e::.H;~y. Ih~imfes]]Jil;l~rm:t:ii needed

~r~' [00 hi.!il.i:I g],vc~.[he lU1C{:I'[~inourceme, [AEA deesn't ftUf'IJ(I 51T plfojfj'C(!'';; however; iI provides H:ctllniC::['1~:tsS;ir:st.illl(:e. with cmlllt~,es

pickit!g up mo!\'[ on!'!e: l.lh."·


you i;!sk
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1E~,liIIli.o:pi'lto spend $12 ~nJ,I~,iQJl01]

if )1(1[1'f~ nm evemJ ~ur~ the lecifll1 iq U;f;l,\,m \lilQrk on mai nhnuW A fric~,'?" 'IS.k~ Ban Knol~. ~l ftlrm.el"rnAE.A i>wlr~r \~i11)[)i;now ~u 1;lrle ethe:rru.<ti:llds.. N "TOm!:l~, fh~fs ~n ~fhi~(:~1 '~lij·~stj.O!L·"(Th(l wt<ll CO:sl u.s mm,klffiQ'IIVIl but ",fiU bCllilllm;h hi gber r.1ro.iUlI, $,]:2 uilrMI ion ,. be:c!luse the j)m$GCl ~,s.expected '10 ulke dec~]dt:~.J
Wag~nil1:geu Zimh3Q)I'll\le~~, Vale s~ysl.hflt IAEA. [un.i.l:s ze;l] to' promot:emlWlde<l;1f ~echnology., . .h'l~ lO:Sl" :sight of m~ I.DJ1.itRC pmbl{;'lrls. "·NO!tS~Ml~~·'f!~lSi;.'l.l(':rs S5e!~ M~bmlll. 01!!'! A IElhiopi,J:lrn ecologist ~md Orrlfl of the fcl'llmlding


~,1uMrsof f~e c!t)~j mry:~SIT pn~jt:ll~l AI! A ~ ••~ v inrcecl the go".eTrllml:ent it~ And the expen~·e is 'vc'I~, \\~rlh

~~id.mI:l~eU~:~le comnry 0[11 "mythitng., he s-<ry!l: it ~. '!,~I~lS El~l~.opill.~ sel,eiHi:.::to;i;,.dlO g"JW S~T's ~
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C1:'I:mI b]"il.l,g

20 JULY 2007 VaL317

t']bo ~t[,1 pe:rFu:L~'<III,lelJit educt ~oIII i n ~ r M'ebr.u¢ d~p~'Orl3~" f'~cnh~( dl~ !oJ' f~.\i

hlilitfl.!il t~!illlt.IF.a(I(lri'e!lo\!rollJ1ldJ 1:llIe li'lIolrld pr'Cldu!Cc ibiUions of stli~lFlIl~ Medit.eorranealf'l!ruh mle~ iIl~'JY weillk tQi p'r'~toct ~h~9!~1l!~1 frrui~ lll'!d'lIJiS:t ~~


(i~i\il" farllfl1iHs :ste:uile male
onrion Hies.

:S.Ul ~!3t.ely, the s!neadl 01 gilllllil~l!llI rilV :;c,ur~e's sueh as oobiQIM·60 ;!lln.d '~e~l'um-UO to, poURicaUy '!IIoialtii!e ,wulIltril:!:) hills, 5ipilrlk~Irl'(;ontl€'rn. ifhal'5 (!f!,~ rea sen ~~I@' srr la tl' gil ~hJ~ 111I1~~r:l!ldti(mi! I A~tJ<rnk IElne'rgy' Age IlIq (:iAIEA), nreil ~ Vienlli3l, AJU(s[ria,iJ5 now ~i!p~rimeni~,if'l!il' l"rays asa way to '~t~rHi~~nqalEis, ~~itl1

r@mQllt~s;. A_s iillles<ult, tl1i!'Y (~1'I1 ,or!ily !lav@ mal~ ,onspring, ~\!hh:h ~nltum can 0111 ~~ pr.od.u I:e Illl!!! r~!'i•• md s® 0111. Mcnd:ells show 'bill ~i1i5, c:a!rlw~lle (H!ll a pOiPilil1l!.ioill jl!ist as qui(k~li ~s SUo ~~h@y S'ays. The ~eC:hm~logy, IIIm'lli III diewlo;pl!1l!imt. Qit i;!I (0.1'1'1 ~a.lly GlUed Oxit.e(~ in O.doitl. U.K., has .illlroflOy 1:1I~!rll!!l!ll'cl to (r@~~,~IRllOt MecUli!li:ls, Mexjl:i3Ir1 fruit IlilE!£, a mndiAM'es ae9'YptJII'I1I'DSq,1I]11l'Rs, 'wlllic:n traln~mit. the! ~erl'9 UE! "fbnJ!!l. I!litom(ilo~i:Sllfl~u,lR~i~,er.', ~l,iho's i:I)Ir~~rul~lestiUlg it hebe h,aivicu ,ail:ld ril~mlfi~ of A:lpi1ley'~Aede5 ~limsqIJHDe1'~ ill hi~ P.aUellJrF Im;lIi~ut!1' l.eIb in Pillis.• nWts R~:Dl ~,~V lP~f!liS<ing.'~ M[lny ijth~r Iln~~mQI'(;!g~st~ lil~'lI are us~n:g'g~l'Ie'lk trick!> to Imake ~1lI1l'cnSQIUlU(l,e:!i nable 'to [ra1l1:511J11H dis.!Ildls:e u l~.at (~'lJ1d .~repl:a~~J lla~Ulra~ pOIP~IQllio 111'" '~dem:,e, 0 Ma r(h, p, 1777;, 3 but Reil-er belfe<ves wip~nQ 'ClUI~popu1a:~i MS, ,1kS RiOt dOll's" 1$ rHOlr'e' Ililkely 1.0w~r:k. H:(lw~ver, Rml comes wi~h SOlme of tllle ~1;Ilme pmb~eIl1lJ~ bee mil'illl text) as cLa~5-kall SUo hrlij,e' IAEA i!1JS'Il'ct la~\ aJ ~~tvj'flg force beJhil1i~ ma~y I(lf the ~re,~k· '~~r~1Jghs, Ir:3id1a~io:rHl1oo t!:1chrliqu e5 would speU the end ,of i~5rais;o.n:

A n.eVl' me!hiod (~Uedl ~IReledl:5e I:I~ Insed'~ Carryinrgal [)Jorni,fFIdllll~ d'e~re: p~0I1ruILin:!lI i!"~,im!1'rltll <ioo¥leratim111n IlIUcl,ealr ~&hnology.,. Bruit ]m:g'E! l@tl1lar (RII DU fIll!lly prov ~de' 311l,liltl1ii!r t iOF!.• D@v@lotpedl ~y OX:~'Cird U mri" :s,CDhl' H@I'I~rich'S, \!in1o h-ea:ds the S~C:l!OIl!,i!: ifI(!It wOl11'i 1fI1~l're:!, Ile<>au:;e j:tll[I Ls.tHl ~as 1,0 !Jir®ve ]I.s. Il'II1eiUe, ~'ll,e prolPon.>e'Ili[~ ~he 5@ mI o~e(IJII.a!" !'!Ipprfiadu~~ Ilir lJIersf'!:y eliltollIiologist illJ~!l' Alphey !lind (olllellglU!''s, (),kuce" 311 Martih iilfide'f'esi!imat.i!! ~he step l!,,(ilm a ~1iI1l.1I,Hc:ate ~aJlbe'.xjiE!~im~i1i~, i!i1F!lopilira· I~ :;!Q 0 OJ, p, ~4? 41),~h~ ~edlniq~'e dQesJi!'~~1I::Ulia~lly~er'~ii~eve teas,ed !Il~~oe'$i s tion'aiprogillilm, ~ he wrote i~ iiIIl eflall toSdrl'DCC'" -MI.E. but instead eijlJlips the~ with: a '!ljilne- lhar[ is len~L whe-I'I ex,'Pr'~:l!>ed ill

voeal eppesirion. which he describesas 3 "eu It:' has made donors shy of f~~I,n(jMn;ag srr in Africa. The head of .IABA:" hisect Pest CQl1Ilml Secuen, Jorge He:ndrk':hs., decllncd to be' im:ervietn:d about tsetse t!lJl(:IIl1l'~.edS(,j{-"I.P.Ct:' ~oin~n)'~,d v.jri~~a:b(]l!l SIT's S,~IC'C~:;:-: lu Ul¢ fiL£ht agaiastthe c::odlling Moth. a pest () r pome rmi.t :JI,nrlwalmul tJ:ee.'i.Bnl he di!cli send

lh~u T~mz;rG1l,iand Upnd~1 C<l1!I 5lvcc'0edfcv[dl a S[T, because they arelarged lli,g areas that are Sl~UOl! nded by iafested ;I]'e~~~, <:.1ft': thu~ ad mech rnose prune' to re:~:lill\".ml~OJl,. PATTE!C head JO:h~l Kalblly<.l, a Ug;i1nda~l
bj)oc:hellll~:~sl~vlm speilin (j yem1l<lS <I. researcher ~n Ilh~ IAEA ~,;,;Ib.&"'1%., ··Pt10P Ie U~,I;,': dtibll~L;l lO th is :il:s!ul.eurrti I lll~.e: ~()WS e () me home:"I.:Ie
lrie:!>!O a'\110 id. ii, he Sio1YS, because .it's d iverting >!tteIH~:QIl H:'!Jmthe realwork.Tnseeticide ~prayillg and ~!lfgetS wt~] re:ua~Ja:ill PATIGC~" mil.~n[{lols.l(abayo says, and S]T U,S "a


a $i:l1lli~Ol!rCO:~[fO~r:;y ]5 sim-

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!l!"m!~~Uiil.\Vilh [I-\£A S[~PpOili1. SUdZlr! has just eI!IJ.lbm:ked on <'L p:mj,et:~·o fight ~'~.eAliOfJ·he:h~" t


I~,'jtof e-ntailed

qlllesl.j,o:l1lCS. "The [AEA h:; PllShi,mI.g :P'n.mhillg•.



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to demilm,d~liwo:m,~81.nembef i l-i]crn,drk]a:s ':~'I!"O[l~.,. =Thls is, a~, bac:k~Lp 'Opt iOIl," Edliopi~ii1I r(lj~clluf!der theOM'LETIE p oolll~rol. of thc:' Elhio:pi:J:U1:!!i:" Irs 3, "f,lIl:~ICY" to th~nk rhar ~~I!1\1~n~iol!1all~c:hn~(ll~~S~,aID'l 3hvays kill off <IIOOPul.alilo.un•. he '\'oI'lrON~~. n!CJ11 ~ IABA believesin a rele for :SIT'!ivlleif~ ~he;y cairn 'I. "It is :1i1lHmdly deJte~Jtilble." he ,uided to cl~i.11I:i til,1It Arri,ea!t'!!~ shln"ld~~am to Uve \vif~1 ~he' " .. p'['Oblem bec:;!:Usc' they <Ire ml~, c'<Ip<lhle'

mO$qui:l~ I~>o~~ I~'ilc NUI;l 'II';)!.Ue:y in i'ts Nortb.ern Sl,ne~ ccnsuuction .of;<l special mn$(lU~LO f~cllJr;yis pI3~!m.E1dfar Khar~fl:um. KlJiols, ,\,,'110 works, ::IS <I eonsu h.<lnt O:I~ rhe Ilroj,ect. S ;IYS ti'J,.H at ~A EA, here peated Iy q]U4l:::!tig:,llied ,\'b.et~,er S,mhln.~;Og ]!Q!.1r IQ buy I1lfli"ria d~gS'l1ia,d bed aets, ~llQuitd]'>iuyfor a :Fe~~i hi~lily !'>tw:ly. G, iven l~,e II[']c,kof q~Ii~[inl'ld sUliff. In:g~:sdca~ ~~ghim.!lI.n:;:5. a~d the :sua~fled [~!l~1():ilSW~U'l :h~'Sti(htn~s;egrfverfl~ R ment <I:S,I result of tile lOa;rf'mcrisis .. the OOU[l~ uy ··pirobt~llIyw"!IS~fl t~~k~1 pl~~e-" ~) $!lIl!dy 1:tI.C ,)ppro<Ldl eiljimcr., he adds, F'rm~: e ilew ohb P,u~I.;~~rln nne in R sri far;~s calls tile idea lid nu~kle m'lhnri<l.in A:i"k:'1 '\l!;'il}~ sn '·'cO~.nplt;Ekl ph:l i~,he !lky:' t [11 K.~li.t i.~;b:e debat,e tlloes ['lot seenrnllo


bo~:~~r t~fUfll llt~!~ng;~ng tilL;; ! t1w

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has, i1hiO eng~1,Ued Afr.ica's, ,P~H!I AI·d(~al1 Tserseflnd .~ TryplIl~o~ml~i!lS is, ,Erad! ~t'l._tiem ~31ll pa ~gn .~ (rATTilIC il i~ed lmo h lie llY Ahilc~n ~!I!t!d,·

~ The:: debate

;~. 1'1fgerprojectihe

muc:~,. TheY·lie I1mifl~)' e~lgerliCI gel QiI!I,~~.1h I:~,e'poojoat. Just recently. Lhey 11~<I,ve sUl'Uted rel~i.!I~ ins :sma U nnn'!L'beirSofs,leri ..e ~.lOl~esin l l~l.C' project an::a .. a d~y"s dr.!Jv,e fro]1m, Kl'I~,ili

ny ff~il::tflry t~~)

TliLe'y >!Ilretesting

\,\(helW,el the slefl,le 1n<!Lles

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.Il:'1cctingif1l Togo .ill 200ft PATTEe M O(~~~ool i'1 t

emn slIrviw: in n~lllrl1! an~d ar~ stUll ~Ur.flcli\'\': N) wild fem~I~5-'I:t:{;;hhil;lf 'of":~llmieb is ~l~o:!J.-m~
I.eed aliileli"~O ggnecmliol1!!> of i;ab~i,te.,

]:: ~divm:;:~w:;. [T S

Wlil c\o~rin~.f1i~p<tfl of!se~se

:~\'\,':ide ban:.~e.~nd,e,ed, SIT

:1 p!"'~lg ra~s


l',h¢ first


.~re wry prorni$ in:;. g~S

co,~r di~~ 't~.d b~ PJ'\r':_EC h~ :!il T<ll1Ilz<l:mI.:I!<I----'w~~u;h h<ls the 11)1 ~a~wfy s,I:lIII~J :~ rl'omlhe Zal'll!:ib,1f ~urnrHI.i.gl1--;(1~ldi:~1 g Ugnndtl m~d ~~n K~l1iy.~. oh,i~ompl.]n too both bu_i.~do]];.e,B HI '~.'!I~n .~1~br,a~e.\~',hO fi r mlly y bel u:::ve:i> dle E:ti:1I OiJ11'1In pnuect, ,bs dou blS ~n

A~enl'Ll.wtl~olis, DOIwinced lb.,1 the I~foject-


Bb!!Ild b~~k.

To'I~!t'dl HetM.!fll~,(l'~. ,wwb~@Qd.



'h'lle by" toc,d ~l<ll:ll~htetrilums.e. is

$Jttrll~i~~.d.f'l100:~It~I1:d ~rlffiifll


'!,~h~chhe hopes wi U become ~. ~olirce ll.n·itwi<,,1 pride-'\r~r,ill~, e'!'l::I1i~;~iI<l~ty beo:uiuit "\:\fe .lre \~ry 'c(mnde!llt~l;U. we ca~ do h. otln,d \~ muM; sm:lCced:" .hoe5,rys. ":L~,lhrtopi,~ ~"llnOI; li~'e \lrith ~l~ fS(1l5e ~]y:'-MIArR1i~ N ENSIEHII NIl<





IA.VlNtilllJiSH U. ,CliiINIA-;WhC:1i! N~~~11 Wurit ~t wasa boy :iln th]~ vi I].~e~n ]nner MOall:!:o~ ia, "the gm5k<; grew ,I:!!: ~aim<IS, a'~l, ,uluil,"lft1e !M!lys. ln thi2 I 961 If,-, !toW:' gfo:l('J3ld y~~!r-mu~d never ~nd went hillllll,gry.#dl:er N<llSf'&:I W~~:liit(1 reached •. d~!tlh9'('Id h9'i!\1;'i,ier~thirol~g~f ~iv,~stm,;k ~~ud 1 o denuded (:tl.elaud•.forcing him and ether 111~n!defsH'l :sp~nd prl3do'lnJ> C<l'Slllii OM. a~~b'illa~

and the dle;.'lnUl~tiorluf more 'tlmn414[10~,ouse~"[1 d 2.,3- Iniii ii:o.lIlI, l~ec~:'.I'resof C:~O];lS, nccordli ng to !~~ Chi!ili~.~ Aead~i1'iY (ifFor~s.H'Y Sci,eiil(:l:;s. TiII,e ecenemic tell 1:11. China al.one :us. <Ippm~.i~ 11iiIill:e~;y 6:S0 mj llien <:I ye~!r; <iy:5 Wmlg TaQ •• ~ S ~ pbysicilligeogmpher w~.Q heads <I, narieual proj~c~: combat dCSe'rl:il:1cfIJlianl, to
loss: of ] 2{LOOO he:,;Id of Uvcstod,

ctny of'Seieuees (CAS) .ill L!lll1zllOu,esltlH~tes ~Im~northeru Chim~'s arid ~lrn~s,lolllds ~:lfe
1heing, deglL'3deci




Qf 36[10 sqwu:c Ik:il,o~ thU!1!tale US, ~1al~ ·of

Rhod,i:'lsl,a:~.dr-e\'ery year, \~fimg predicts

~h.Hit S, n result, dust storms, whie h ~~we ~ lnereased il;l nmVlibc1nearly sixto~,d over the
~~~ 20 y~t'I,rn.will be~'{lm,emore: frequent. 11liI;o;JJl-eil.n~n::.;;e., more de<1id~:y; ~lnd I f the 1~:;S(HilISf~r BlIyin,lmshu con be appHed. across the 1l51SlSlejppeS once :f'tded by

lieed. Hfmd

i'Dl, hand

\'/j,!i~Uathis c risis

\'>'<15 <'I ri511'1(g ~t

Ulings <Ire likely

to gel WllJ:se

be'Co.re tilltry'

rreq:~u"mC:Y~l1din~~nl~itydust s;lonns" "P,~nof ph: cl(lu~dn'~, gJCl ml~s;]cle,.;md we Iuu'[ to ~jghl

ca~dl(l.$in the m~,ddl~ of Ih~ f!f~i?rnOfl~."ii<:l,y~ Na"enWlIlritl.l. !lOX 5r1. .... 111 B~yin.lii,us,hu. t~1i,os.e' hard times have passed, O[U ;J~;neSPiF~I1Sd<i!y here. lush hiJ]ii
rcll t{I""IIl:rdi the :I~orli.z<:m t!:~d

bellCf"\Vilng, ,vhtl isbl~,,~da[Dl~(: CoM :lIml Ar~t1Regions EIlIVi:w.lUWClmtId. and EtIl~i,l1ee]f~ i~.g R(;~1;'[l(ch ]m:.tiM~ ofth~ Chin~s~ A'(,'<ld'-

G~1g_lmisKlm1ll!. d1151[~l'OmlS
~i'I.imd.deland practlees


But there are chal~;~;m£,~w imp]eli1lu!-:I1~mg r-us",
~:~Chl.in~E nOll1:hcr.u



des:p;ile ti, ste.icly \!.Iiid. A~telt ,iI 5~ye,<u'~!rIJort. the people of B<'Lyi;DiI,hmdm,~w'id~ llin.clp trm.n gJlfid~d5 ~ndf!.~,~,rn~ly o~~ec()i~'lgi~~ .., b!;)li~isls, and 'ecO:I1I,omliliits~,~.'1VC [t:'StooocilfuJ.e pastures. A]ld dus! storms here .b~!i\ie ~!00i1!C>d. Il<liyi~llmshu [~Si:l.rare hrighl Sl101 ,un a Meil:k 1~!md,.~~lrc" 11 the ~r!d gnlss~~1I11ds;of ~J)rth~!1I [ C~,~[IJ~, and Mongol ia, ovel~'graz:i.l~g. OVCIi'cult iV~li~~J,l,. ~1,.1 f!1~dcr~llg II)~~ ~~dI ~1Ut::~ water Iroe~Oll:roes have created .. massive d~LsJtOO\\r! wh~!i~ wind:> S'\l€'~r topStlil ~w~~)'.Du~t ~ll)ml:li, reyu~~~l'ly ligh~ e;~~~tem b Chri:mi1. KQr~. iII,llId J,rpa.!]. closing sclmols; d~m'lgin!:'det e.:l'IIgimes. Rl1ld tdgge1fi~g n~siPlil:<~tory ailments ill slM' ,i\WY illS ea~i,ff.ll1d }\ p~Ulictul~r.ly [l)l'Is,ty 11" Mm,1j,Hi1'1 N,lay :~ 99.3 R5.u~ted lin 85 de<lilh:i. tUu:


p.rcwioceli.. "I~ok)s:iC'.d Iy.

is e.l.S;t


«J~l~ro] ~

b: clear

~t~l"l •.Be:ollm:llic~Uyj.it is diilmFieub." ~J"~ s.~o~~s B;Jyinhi~l stmproj,ec'~ .~eadelf imlg (.i:'l(mliln,g 1 J .• ·ltmt cco~O"'i,Sl m:~Ji1leC' AS .~ml:Slitl.ue of ~O!<II1\)' rJ1'[h;:~ing.~501~.t~o:,~s be mik.lf't'lditp lh:~ m~~st needs of]oc.d res,id~'nJts,U:ld ,ecQIQgk:~1 cendlh:kHliS in ,ea~h r.~i{)!~:Comp~i!c'Hing the picaire, W'I,"'·. C~~:ullese effieials still llrn.ew du:o~ tiO t· crcdiu::t!lpoHdC$lhat <lin~ to subdue du!>.l ~MlI.'unsby conq[~erinag llite desen ...... , "We have ~~lot ·of C!(}.Iwj.l~.ci.!n,gl.o dfl,," j:ila~lgsays"


.. Iiii ~ ~



'i DUE! ,!!'rf!@d: dl!Uis~ :stOlflnrl ~. The ba!i:!e 'H~~tHinlY[if Ea~1Ju.kfs d~~I~!itor~~~s ts ~~!ii"ly \:\IeU ~~lab:U~he:d. F,ol!'stai!l:tSr~. the ~. common ~em;!"sand starms' :is <'I mi!mm.ner. ~. =. Taking roa~:. J~ang wrlming r,t)M.s.l:Iold Sl)ii~Ilnlp~am. show§

dens.e graS's

SMiiI.dpm"tid,el'l<irei~) henv), h) g~~ lin~d h~gh i:rrnt"I~:~.e OillI1lUISp~;u;'!re. Thus, lirlde' of the ,(limn

... '" s

20 JU LV 2007

va 1:.317 sc~ i!N:CI!!

wWV!.l'.scrcmc~m 0119, org

~A '!J! ~'~i~ln!,~,¥(l hl,U,g!fJ '. Ii!~S~J ilCt i1'l9 g ri;l:i:.1j,11 !II ~ (it:l$e,!) allowed this pastlne in IIMer Ntml'9oi[ia to r'l!'!~r n!:it"lr~U:v.


ev~r'"\\,~id~ningrial!; of

d,~~1jded ~,f!fld {rf(~t1.i'l!d

th~11bUglu~ E'I$~ Af.ioJlcomes rrn~nl deserts,
where eresien

mrer~:~],elllil~'emlu:1hes Clllil,r~:.ii:':d n

aw,lY Wl:0!;t,of ~he !'lluli,ler p!Unidif;l~. S~~A,d~e~ fuel. Irrig'I~:ilon .~r<1,dll~lly dllried 'Up~Ull1ly ifldic.Me that tile dust origilill.neg in d:ry lak~5il~d Ii~v~r~. he !,,~S1i.dt. Ji~ng !l.~ly:.';. ~~ T

sertlements, The !o'l~nIIme~t Ui.SlD e~couraged H Si~ Chi ncse farmers N) 111igrn te to n{lni~.elrn :llegioi:1i' 1.0 "tame the; de~~~t~" whh 3!1'li~ic:13.1 eases m~dirrigmiml. The' ~1Ug!.'fUU:S de'lt[:'ed land for f~lr:~],:s and cut brru~l~ for

reglons, ~l~ s,ays. "(klC~s not help combOlll d\;:st:[~if~curim'l:~The- gqJverrHl.'ilerli[Cmn inues
1:0 ~)our money into ,an~o.r,estatio1m,.regardless


resources, Ul rOlllgh .~ blll re<l:l~cfacy
iS!liplant !'I'Ccs."lt.1
50 time

\\41fl!;.C!ll~:is,!;i en


I~e Ch i1140:S!egoV'e[II1:1i11en[ .". tO$iC~lem:ifh:;".lliy e\i<J,I:I&~~le ~lol'I~~tterm l:lol ieies," Luo says. Slllst~ii"'lalbl.e ~'iW[!1Iig ffin 2000.,. CAS applied

13~~b~d!S ~:!m.d!IridlaUlidls l~!l t~t;:ii':t ffi~g~~. ImI llil.<lt901% olrCl1.illa's g.ra'ssl<lUiilds,. <I.Il area d these re,sim,ls, a I:TW>~fonns on lUndis:~:urbecl ~~lrxl~lpm;$,i rig 4 mi~l:i!Jj;] ,..;q uare kilvI1!l~t,~~.• ;"(]ii~. givi~g ~lml;ln:$iS<i:u!!!Ci;; ~~IWii~d ~ru~~m~. aJli\': egraded. d Bm iu~,~prillglilll1u:. that, cml!~ is brok.en IIp by Amll~oridli:s l]i~Ve long rc~ogllized ll,H~ p.IO\~dng and livestock, which


scic:li),ln,fic tlp:proach


problem" Lmt <luemp'ted

f~xes have been

h.l[ldofnl~~'1i gru'l.'o'l[irumld pound sui I inro ,

Meflnwhik=. the tlemper~l1ure difference between <I, chi 11~i".atnillOS p.1iae':lre"lnUi "" su:rlih:c:e

\~filned by i!1~~lls~fyil1g:!!:pring:!>l'~~.lig,M c!'e~ ~h;;~updmnf' 1~i!l!1 dl~s~~mo rhe ~i!r. As ~,ir lift S>U''C:'3.I.HS seuthand cast frem Siberia, the'
\",ri~lds ])UD1~PWlP'lSl'li:nsllm.e

rUli ..e U·:rm.O[ cmmlerrn1dUClh'~" Sil'llc~ I '97a, l C~ilKl has!Spel~,t :al least $1 billion planting tress in arid :;;lInd~()miaJidreglons ~t'I 'CO!l1b~I de:sertif]c[I[iil;.)n., S:liWS LUQ Y~Q1i an ecologist . lit. l:~'neUI[rn.ive.rs.ily ofnkJa~lmni!. iu Nor 1l1iIJ2L:~.• who W~[!l1loUe~g,l]e~'l'lt~.tl Co.ld .nm,d Arid t

by f1;Jtnding fiv~gr';;l;;shJ~d-, re!l~Or,ado,lll pi IolPlrCljl.::clS. :~llICh.uii ng J im,lg·s. Jia!,lg headed fO:1i Z~l!!::',lgl!lllil eO~U~I( y., 21 suhlti,visiull ofXi~.ili1.golLeague, 'p.fU1~ybee ..use th,e
~:IlMfHU£ (liWBot..lJil'D.y a resesreh 5t!ll.iQ:I1i.there has

dw,~ sronas

1h,1[ had doc ~ll'1i1.e.n~ed lass of [2 C'e.11timerers the ofi:o'psoil to. winderof>ioil in th~ :p$t 24 >~:rs. J\m],th~f .re'i~ro!l:Begjim!~is(Iflly ~.s0ik i~oml;~rs

II;m(~]III deg:Jj'JKl~ed here'.I.lime d List

:mi.~(l~I~.lrain rangesthat ring .I:i,o:rtll~en~, C~.hul and M o~go lia. fb':rg'ji 11 g i

w in;l~rr:eet Be~ji!,g." Ji;;'i\!.!; Soays.
Rf'<II~,iz~ n_gt:~lal. lilekey [0 wllvd:1:JJ'.'l1: pmble:~~. is i~lvohril'i,g



dUSI lnro the upper ;,tt~ffi~,os.p~,1ere. aste rly wi nds B


the people ,..1m live 001] du::, 1:"IiI~r-:<] big task ,giv~!l. .i~.~g fi;;1)':>. "'dl~h~ J
pov'eny 31[:ui,thei::r level ofcd:m::illid(lu"___:lineinvhed onro hif>~~a.~~ social sciemists <lITIlclCC'Ollmni SIS as
'IIIt'C.]~ ~li':S ecologists ~mla'~iom~1 husI:mnmy .~pecifllUst1t goo.! "V.rdsm the

sweep the panjculawm<lner


B,eij.~I1ig. Seml11'0i'kyo, and samedille!> !lcross; the P~eilic Ocean to Nowtl~A merica, There ~rc good years a:~ldbad years, HeOlvy !-lnQow~add moisture to the seil, d!lln:pe'lll:~llg dust

irni.WIf'O'w thL': ~hlCs ol·".i~lil.ge~,"S,,vliti le

reduc[in~ e'llvirmrn'l:m;:'~llll de;r<oci~-

in eafIY~1Priii!lg. Cri!lv~ii'1>eiy. wi1thout snow cover, s.oU dries out d~jilin,g 'wilil~~~ j$ mere prone <ltld
to wind erosion.

(i.o'I'D.A~the st~m 'flr ~h~ :5-)1~~r. S6IHI.!uOUproJ~el. e1Jyiiilhu~hl! censisred of 72~,(iluseho.lds. with J,:~i'l people 'I~d:~ tS60 head of ~,iV1eS~Clck-75% sheep <lnd g{lalS,.
1M rest C<Jit'lle'. he vi~ hl~":e :m';'!.Il<Igl;.~ T 733.0 hectares ofbum.d :mlMlcnl ofil:
C()m!IilMIIl~~ I'11."!\lrB"

This dyu~:m:k;hasperslstsd :~b:r

tim storms


ha'ff: dU~1sl)OrmtS, 111111.

have bee:mI,'i"'fllrs~n~i]'!lg"UO~
bears the b.mnl of

m~:!k~! Eh~lflr!1!J gels; bl'!tt~red by d:~$'I.i!"l this 28: A.1;u'll~QIQ;5, ]!iI!~9~


(a?liL:II~elil IMA;SJt's by l~rlra sa~e\l~it12.

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Ea.~~: A:;::~!.I~ dlH;'~ ~lllnn'S. suffered '-dust eveats" ,on ,23 days dl~fil'l:g. the l ~no~, Reg:~onil Jns~jIWU; has stud led sueh 4~.day.s~n~J~c~980,s. 70 d~yg,~m]ln.e ~,990il>. and irlfor·~Sl<1i1ion elTtJiIl'H;'. t.lt), d<iYs $:0 far dlais deet.de .• u::eonlins 'tol,he A ffo!:C:.~~~1itl'[I'[j, nli~gui.dl;'>dl, ue !l s~ rI'~" ill L !<,orea M~lrnrQlogiC!l.l J\dmllilli>t~~lionl. "iPe{)ple proposed the ide,.. withoHt considerThe pl.·umlt,!)f reason for this enslauglu, ~Jl,gi:':clQlogic<l1 principles," :ful.e ays. '·"[hey set s [most m::ienl:is~sbdic'\l'e ...is d:egr.tdladQIl Qffra~ tmllo 'J~te Miore.~ru in region~\\~l~fo~;~I'::l i:~1;;I.;iC (l~y:))t~ln:;;. Thi,'; 1iI'(!!PU! ut ion ·~~·f I XiiwJ1IgQ I 113UII.':'IUy do l:I:otgmw due tOo llirnired, p:Jfocip.iLeagJll~ the disl~:Cil ll1m i[llcl~L(~f:sl3i1yalJJl:m,slm, tmu;m~:"The tfoo {If chol:ce h..~ been~~e poplinr. i!1!c!reas-edI[rum ~bom 2,(]ro.ono il.1 [helme if wme:l'le{i\porlillarn gmw ",~pkUy. !but \l;,'~lh(ml ~,940s to [1'D,lOrelh:'lll 950.000 1.1111000"JiU:'Ing [11t~~lsiv~ oCar~. th~y di~. S~kb; pr~uw(,U~,g ~ys" Over 111m p.;;.riudl. herds of grai':il'Dg tmi~ f:wnffi,b<lne~le'i!lrl:~.~de<:ld popl.<!r s:.."Iplings[[11<1Is ",kym!i::.keled frO:IiI.1 <lI'OLlnld ~. nrruiiJliiiCIl1l he~.d [in~ ]7Oadsin Innerr MU!l,gOUll.\;l';h~re rO'p~,f!iI' to n~or.~ thtU~24 n~im(m, '~l'i.lhi]~thlSgr~:d!l~ grove!> become es.ulbl[i;si:led. Llio !)!.iys.,llle areEi sl:mnd, fr-om ~ hectares pcr.mi,~mll. to d~~ply r!:Jo'led tii'ees h~n~'Of!ihagew;wJr <"lb(lUi ~!l~wmh Oif!l :h4;'C'~il.re. l~.r{;iilugh Hill'i SP~If~twon ,kl'l,'I-eri I.lg fhe\'1,.M.61t St;nggeri Ilg ,grOt",. d1Jsm; hr.s Ihi 5GCC~H,:['~d tnble fUlld 1l1~~ki~g,uth~rdc:r for. !mi,ti.h~g:~IS&l;':"" ilI.1I aa.oos...<;.llo:rI:~'n,e'If!1, China. Til~.e I'Inti.omai gm'~ .mds,hruibslo :mrvi~,'e, e~,"nmem encQiu!:i1.ged Ilomudi,c berders to ('hin",-S l~~-p~a]!).Iing ca:~lp(aigl1i toltCb;)1l: sen Ie ~,Il v~ Ila.g~,~ Inl,lll iply ~liae;:1idls iboOSI and 1:0 ce::ssfll Uy rcftn~;st;ed arc<I!Il VIi illl <Imph: .r<li::[~, ino(lIL11,eS',,:ii'<lY~ Ji.Ull;l. L~i\"e.stm;k cre,u'ed mill SilLyS Llio. B~tl p~j3r'1l11l~poplars illi add

Jianlf:s team c;I.lt;l'LI~'lted dl'J.t vim~fug~!Nloluld boof-t in~om~~ ~nhcy C reduced sheep
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degradaricn Ilm,U\Y require "human ff~dl~i[OiH~Q~ of the resrerarleu process .. says Lu Qi. a deserlir.cat.um,l spe" 'CiilJilil ill ~J1~e ]n~t;unue ofForc5,try :UIlBeijing, After .<;lludyiH~ restonll~(l\lm. pmjecl,-; on the
Tibetan Plareaa.where

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At Bayi~fuu~11U .. ri<llng, cent iuues to measure tile Cl'i:.perw Ine!a['s results and

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A:D11mJaJi illcomesinaV<e iucre<lJleCl46%. [tom $315 U'l $460 per C:<l.pit~l. 1:11N i!cSelli'liVIJ rh~t 's, ~i\iin£ room, a fr".ul~;ed ceramic 1fe;I~er of
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II]Qthi]~gto:1' Mo.umg,olls to do m I:Iliglu Inn slee,p .~nUinmke b~lbi('!l,:' N~:senIWl~rihl ~1I)1~. And the dm,! slCi!li'~m!s:.whi.chLII.~cl to drive people

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vi nOIse lncumes, The' ~UOJ~~l is I{~~vi~!i! f~m!, unexp~eHld .~~gaeY'.B~rtlre t:~~ lP'n'ij~e~'b~,g~Jm. Nns.en 'W'lIIwitu says •.v~illllge youDllgslersl)'p~ iC<ilil)t dr{lpp~'d Q~lt Of~'CIDallglld:~~l!tbe

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BayinlH.lshu :i;.;,.. "goad ~:>;3m.rl!(;" ',~f grassland resroratlcn. W.mg says. mn (1'1111 ~~~c(l~n\gin~ S~!~l" herders i~~,eu.rby vilfu~H!'l!gth~ e:!l.pfms:vO!1 of the 1~~'(1 deserts, 1~lges <Ire restri Citi.~l.g gr<'llz.i ~mg 00 rnlnn.maI Ead iif! r l'.i s yfl<l r.pi revi Il Ci,31 ~lUlh oriti es on 200JULY 2007 VaL317

iGa:~ISI,J1Prov:inee, \VCSI: 0 r ]nner M.OWi1,goh<Il. Begilll.ll iill; i Ilt:heI9.5 lls, wni g.ilio]iIJ on a massive seale helped: establish thou sand ~ ~l:f,Ib,r:un$ hUlt: ~'ie:!mhl!l!!l.iy dr~e:d up natural rivers <'I11I,d depleted grommd'!M!lf:er,.

p~IIS:Qory 9 ye.n.s. ~ut the scieatjsts whe SP~D!lI: :rin1le i:l!1I, the vlllage expased rhe )'Q~L[b£s.~eU"~~ to the ~nl:el]le[ and ~e:XI:IliiI,eSs.ilging" '''MiI.ny youtlrn,g p(':op~i;' real ized the impeerance of aueducarien," he say.s. [xhibH)\ is Nlls~!l\lVmiHiI.'seldest ~o~. now' study iII!!;:, to be' <I veteri na rU'OIn<l!1 rn nner Mongol i II. U n[versi tyiu~. Hol1.ho l."I.Ie ~:V1lllns, ((l,S!t,,.y in 11rnech)'~o ,~rsl!e u beuer ll fe," N!I!m n '\1i;h.l.ri1ui>~,Y:ll,'fThm.t.wouid mean oliil: lessperscn ,ekillg out iJ I]villg alii! the gll<lss,~andls'-<llldl a greaser chance I:) If'ellmjoyi:~g ~~.~ ~!wj,ro!lm~")~: i !:!~f~"s~"!i!!gly] i berated ~l'om dlHlt,


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~~.;:qu~n.d!'ng or~m~nyf!~lh'l~lal sr~cI~s to help il'lllef11l'lre~~~m.e hmmnrn gel~mnf'. "'O~Vilrd ~I~l OIIUI. ceraralized d~n3~ses, ,sm:b iii; IEnsembl, dC:"ld~


As.tilnlE!' IrI\Iationa~ IPla~tIGel~(llIl1!e! InUia.tiive'lUrns to!. it is beefing ,a.nd its: IPo,rtifoUo, €!If S'i!!,q1u:enc@d (Irop allild IIiI~O~IiII,(jrop g'enOIill'!l!'S





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l.<IOO.f3lo.ry ilm New Ymt: st:1:I:e,. For' ;IJrilitlop,;;.fs Si."\[~~~l(,:e infQm<lti"~lt.re~tlfCl'fi:~ g(l~O~d~t~i-'

1.1] the genol1li.cS\'~i'Ql:ld\rl~nlls <Ireseeoad-elass citizens. R~~~~.rC'l~~,ft; :h~VI;l:i!~(I~ll;ll!cetl b!: ~ DNA luu:tdtrnds olF l.ni.cro1.x:s 3Jl!.d dozens of

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three pl.t1:nts. J-.lm,blch:JfJ6:is. r,ice.;md rapia.v-four" itF)!iflU Cl;'mnlChl~j,,,.~t\(lrtmmlm~ .. an C'o:mp.;uisons betweeu :ri.l]ned.~e~ed


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CI:ro~ ina. wmn.ob
SUppOIi!S the deve'loIPqmu':nt .of di::iiei:1.s~·-re:-;i:ii~,mlerops, cited lh.e- IL1,~cd for specieslbal represe:~1.l ~he plant £l'OlipS. all Ol'h~ arg~H~d ··~ql~IH~i[lg" species lrnm lor dliJferent phtces'l\r,lm$tl! genmnes <lll.oe .~Ire·ady known-say. Al'c{/Jidop.'f{l'''''lO g(;l,t a se!l$e of ~:~.e I!l<llUl:~II! 1 varialn.on,

and r(~a~h~f~d speclss have yie~doo lrem~· d eusi ns i,gttlJl;s iutut he evohu ion of the se a:I:g.>ulisars. Yet l",hulA biAJ.!(lg,us,~:!> Solin .19!Ckthe
abi.~lity[o (;~Ht\lpa"tl the gel:lioltl~~ ohhe]'j l:al!,.tlrile g.iP'0c.i~s. k,:[ ~I(lll.eb>egd I~ to oon~ll!1.tC~ a .~ ceherern h i,si.Qry of Iilaats, NQ wonder 1i phll'll researchers !lr~ ccm:~iPb.ining. :~ A~ a 6 JI,I!.ly'!!lllwk....I'Klp ·to. ~'If;;~~~IOO dw a I,O"ycllrc-okliNa~iOn;[I1PlilIlll Geacare .I~~.i"


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sen.om!!; ini tg"Hi~re·~ lack of progress irI bieinfermaties, F~~mling~g~lmdes ~ulP;po!l'N'l.lllhe

base ealled TAIR, b1lll.~for corn, [l~,eyhead to M<!J~<iDill "TYml]: can't go and ~e.1 compr;:h~l~si,,'e cClmp<uisorl OOt,veCI] II mbi(;lopsi.o; .~nd n:cc." 110l!es Ward. "U.l~ f~~Jnral:i~~g:~ S~eilllill1d o~:Jiters C<IUed rior theiutegr.nion (liF ~h~\~Jlij)u~pl~u ~l(Jm~ d~naha~s;<l~d IJ1.~ , f~)r ~tJI1Lis,IJlnemoflinifo;nn Sl,m;cl~l1icl.s,liOr,[;h~:<Ic~ tl!1:i::dng ,gen.cs ami olh~r DNJ\.. "1 fyou dQffi~"~ do III is. )"tmr 't;O['l.lpiIDl ~OIl!sbet\,,-e.en ge-n'OItI,e~ are WI.~.teD'i]'y 1ID.e!ln'unglcSc"," .S:;IYS: Suzanna. Lcwb: .• 21 bi!Di~lformilti.cisl :<]1 Lawrence B~tke]e'Y N.alioll~1I L1ibnCThlnry i.nil C~Hfl;lmia,


NS,F.DOE. ;l~d its co~l.ahQf"ti~~
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~:nmivc (NPGI} .. expe['i1,.)i ~nbioinfum!ilmics,pl<'ll1illY~~e(milrag: and hiotcclmol.ogy .il ca lled f,~llna J\~ p l'lriltgell!Olnes. to be r .~ !'>e[~~~eillct1dlin:! bllleJll:ed tire de~lrlh of <


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aW:'Irded W<]s,hi.~ilg~'onl Llniverslty in St, LOUli s, Mhii.{)Wlrl. S2<J.5 lU illion 11(1 :s·e:{ILDe:L~,ceCiOlIl1. flOt.:l'i(l.~Dm<l~o. and

;; compul~LkHl~d~nd ~!l~~.Ylic:~1 toC!~s tQ 8 1)j;,1" .p!",J~~dhe prQ<Jmm It)1" !t.; prog~~" t to dlarte. O~lf:rIhe P<lst docalJl:e. NPG [ has :~ !>;pe~mt $7.00 :UiI1.ill.iml ~illdif.l'g g~nes and
~<l,].ua~:e.~e!llomes.,,'{ct. <l.lt.~u,~ . .Sill,

soybean sequencing ~salso under
way. DOE's JOillfDtGe:m.a[f.~.e.~ns;~iulle in W.!)~~Ht Cr~el\;. C~lif()rniil. :p]~!'lS tfl devote rnl1creni ngly more otf its
c<lplI,ci.ty lOP~~1'lmtS mJid ling its work 'with ani mal s, say:; JCi l's Da f.lli.cl R()·k~tS~r• .A.~]il(lM, abuut" t1,,,'O dozen ~peci,c!'i .n-e sequeneing




DNA. Th,u sa drop ;~in~:lia,~ ·?"'1.C:kCI.,.cOm]¥lr,ed to mm'e.,II:mn 'S $3 b:llhon,n,~<Ii~I<lbl.efro;~u the N,m,on<'l~ .~ Fll;nmi!1l 'Uel1()I'nl;C R~se~,n:::blhlS'lUnu!Clhr :fi! d~".C~)d~lllgfl~e i;~nrnnes of lu:n'l1!l~LrI:;:, f~!1d ,~ '-;: other mnim~.Is.. notes JefflOang~, of t~l.e ~ Ul!1ihl;nj~}" ~lfN(lnh Carol.inf!. C~<!I!pd :~ Hi! I. "P~a.r:LI.genlornlics [;esearclin~is a bug.e ,Ill bww,' f{);nl~e buek,' ;:,n!;UI~ V'IIl!!:!. ,"~m .~ ~ ~ ~ :fi! c;h'i~rstbeN'lli{Jllal R.e~e<l:r'Ch CO!unci.~ :~ p:lu~1dm~,0e~wi~~ro0Vi~'\v.~mig and NPnl 'f( 1~1OJnmelldi"IIS IlI,tuC'e'dir«[iom;:,
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in the se'q,~lencill~ hoppf:lr. Rice·'
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for .1"pi~Ull' (}'l~rinf!'".!l$tl1!t:H~~:· w11ich
wiHbJi:li\.~!:lin.e t'OlnputeJs iI'~d kllO\:\I"!11m~¥ to me::M t[l'~'v"ti~JlJI$ sequence, ;,e!lll-' explie-s~iIOmi. fWLa:tClicnal g.e'l1I,omi,t:'s.'J~l d :~~.u~~1Hal:aba~:-; to mak!ept)1.;~fl}iL'; ened :SlDps.tmppiirls, ItCi" s,emmnics. NSF plill;lS t~!!:~nd ~IP to 0 miUi(lll~ a ~~r ~br



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; cnreFmnuiali.(Ml fNSF} to uslmcr p.lallls, !il' ~n jJ1I!IIlicu]<lw l'Um .md olher crn;p[S.. ~miCI .!;! th~ ge:.no.mics er~, Nn\\! I n years ~~ter~ ~ .ilS· N SF. wi tll ;)Iddh iO~ fI ~ S ~pp on from :~ the US. dcpill1me.~,I:S ofAgri,c~l.b.l:'e '!l1! <l!!'I!dEflJJ;Jrgy (DOE) and nth~r reder ..~
.~ iIi_gen,cie.s.,has> S;1~ciOI.1SO:rod l'Iu,,~dn::ds of

these gt'!iIl.amic reseusees i:II""oos~ible ~l1d to lr'''l~nreseu rchees ~.1.0\'" W WI$e '[bent Trn.i~Tingis ktty., :Silly::> [)~]'I,g1. I?G I has N "'bn:mgbi! tliLe mi:nui [rarne I]fgemJlmics to plmn sy:M:elm \,,111l:remhe~,'e\'\\'"d:SIilI't mllOC'h

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:~ O£S'}'iI.lgent~l, w~\iich is b.o1sed:lin Re::>e.m;:h :; Tri;;l!!~g~tlf ... NO~~l C"nD~ .. c",U0d i~;il


oofQ~" h~~l(l~5> lndeed. N .pm ha!! b ecom e '''I:~Jle 1Il~~jt)rmts;ie $Ciem)..; prcl£'rum for P;~"!'I!l,," ~s JeiITrey IBenl~etzen oflhe UIIn,i\'ersily ofOeorgi~, ;.\t~.u;:~~~ illi~iHti,'ilewiH Th~ lliI.e'I'"« h<Jve ~hel1erou~s of the NiI'fioiUl...:11 l-l'liI:rn<Ml (k~lQ!]1i~ R.e"%"M\;:b i:llst~nL~~, but it is Sk~\~lly Ufl:ilmg~l}lam8 trnil,u 5eoomldass S'!~:m,l!-;;" -1[L!llAB'E1fiHI PEN NIlS I



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[ilnfol:lI,n'll i on (M R.I. CT} ShQiLl~ld be supplemented wid1 aaassessment of fl!lncl~0I19:11 iintegrhy lllll'JWLS~.l ~[[J~,iJging (NIt. funerional 1\IIRI)! !.I:IIld~.eurollt>ycharogi.cal ~e1>1:urI,g'~ I), Tlu~ hislory of ,'lddic~i.glllreal.mi:iLl:nl is pl~gu(tcJ witlnl examples of scientific evi-

de,nl!~~~!'IiLi~I$I;ld JI.i!•.,dfy 1~l;ia;tml;'i!nS wh'hoUlJ '1(3' 3iPP roprla lie ~mfety.md efficacy te s;d:~g. fi rmled (i\2lla lead to. unfoundied hope 'lIm.dhuttel' di~'lippo'i[JHlf'1!em~ fur desperate patients .;l1fadtheir f:rumi ]ies. MOJie: than ~(JOQip<lliems ~Il C~dn~ arlcl JJUs;~ia I'~porlool}j ~nd~r!i\''(:~ll bra i~!SlIrge'ry fOlr <IddiJC l:ioIm.before' the preeedn~ ,,\iilS SI'l)PI~~db;r[h~ f~~~~l i~ gO'lte:m~ menrs {J. 6). Ahholllgh Na~viel til. do not
3d:voc.~;tesurgery, '\~ caatien i,rlgill~ul!1, that the study

PremaulJe ,c:onC'lu5.h:~ns based ou uncon-

SQ~id ~)tdte [m~rilllu~il! fr.Qlfll:SI.;l!:Ir of 5~~en(!~. lTedlno!o!J~. ~nd SDd:e.1)o EmeriI1l5 .• Thie nil Pe~1'1~11I;liIIii~ S~a~ U'ln;l.I~fsi;!y. Ulmii"'euil.~,P>1l~.PA1,6~O:1:. USA; ·'tis1HlIligJ Pr~f~$MIr ,~r M~di~in~, tlmnw!J5il~ of .Ari~oo~; Oisti rng;lJIhllea Fmflilsso~ (If IMrori~~ tuilCIRiI ~tiJ~~ !I:Inillore!5lty,. iE,"mail~rllJl'@pilLedu

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:5,hmuldnot be (mis"l<lk~~1 as. evide.:ncejm~tify-

:surgery to aure a.ddk:'don. The 5~:udy hasroe ~nany metlU)doh)gica~ !laws lh;n make "~I finn cOI~clus~;[I:Iia.OI" ven endJm:[~ e Dlamlage s.;J!llP,~~, s!1m,oking (~S:\I~UO!1Look p I~.c~0U11 ~s; m prel'!'ll@'tlire" Wr:, are hop iI'!:!:!, UmfH fiuwlf(: conrrolledprospective stud~es,and appHct'li~ avernge:8 ::i'e~rs c!I:rl.ier ..wTh,k;~:l introduces the proh!lbiH~)1ef'a major r,~c'1i~~ €,~~jd.~Uy lion of lumMll lab~nnory (l;lchlinklll1~S can bias, ",'he'll :sHldy iu!l d ~lnage to brain areaswi lITh iiln~Jnwe~hc\m Iidity of derived conc~lI:si.m.ls. :S;liANI:S!lLAlIIlF,I.~OR.E!~,J· AIDAM [BI:5A.GA,l IN THEIIR RIE:P(lIH ~D.AMAGE liO lilHf ir:.JISUlA Inc In oX)' n~nel.ion, hu.:~ ~Id.i,}gth~ insula 113l GIIilli'lj'N\CKHANN,,2Iil1iERBEIFlT D'.KllEB,ERl di~nlpt:s addictiOl'l1 to eigarerte :i>llil~o.~ing·· i'Dladd i~i on •. retrospect i.\'e.l~se~Slflelll~ hlle o (26 J~m p. :5Jlllwhieh .• i~bfl~~d QI1J:;I re'Mio~ i"Nll!"va[ between thL\l: oceUf~~H.~~ ,of the l~.~l!I<kriirflll~llIt01 P~)'(hillir)';.lDhihioo oI!1J5w'b~am.i!· Ab~,~, Cdlili!iI1!:!1 UiI'Wef5ityINm ¥or~ Stali' [P5yr!ih~~t!il'c 1it~I~ruiil~ a ~ • spec'l:ilve study ()f pariems who had ibr3[~'I~1 .. d1l11 ~ br<~i lesi O.UilI and iIs detee ti on oni a u N!i!W 'i'iD~'I:~NY 10032, IUS . ~D~Pilll'lll'l@fll r4@mlJ~!IIgi(<l1 A of ~~~~o~t-O. . H. Ntl,(!Ivi 11;'1' cd, ~o~c,]tid~'dHl~ di."gf!;o~t.i(:l>~~~nif!) N d~ifnc~! Th~!M1S~I~cth'~~:. $w ~iiry. Co~llImbja IlJliihrer£l'l'llJNew 'Jerk $!lilie P~.chia~tic ity of bmi alesie ns ~]1,,'lU:5 ~hf;linterp:rel ,!t~on I'1iIsUWte,N\~ Y(lll~ m 10ooZ, IUlSI'L dn~n'jgl;;l~Q~'~~ wasresponslbleforthe iUil.'ml.~ disruptiau of nicotine dependence hill some ofbmin she-related kISS of'fuuctioIJI pa:liI.icRef,eJ'~Ci~ cases, The cI:rliLui::. COl'IsJ]stem: w:~dllrUl earl!~.~r~y dinklllit The m!l~lol!i sed MR~ ''1nd u 1- l M, Milli!l !i!llill., -I, Pzy€bJQNy 16:31.186 ~2G[[M. ('"[. scam; [Ilmill: may not be sel~shi"'i::'el~Dugh ~i.c:r report dC:llcrib~:ng a ynlm,gM!BIIli who lost a s, M, !le:r~o'd~ [):,S"Zm.i.· N~$d. ~5"U1S7 ~o deteet po~el].liaUy oo]ev.. lI[ 1J([;:l1 lesions, u i[I [f]lle:rcsl: ill abuse of sabstanees urter a selee~OO51 3. t Fujill er ~l.lJjf~ is, !i(J] ~2(}[)i2i We !m~es!t t~i'I!lbefore any furm conelulive bilateral stroke o:hhe .~Iobus :~Uidus i!. I!:. J!. r~rk[fl5.M, :Slil~er,C, le~mn. Pzyl'hap~cfflil~'oIO'9Y 11). \"Ihicl~ is a!1!im1POrhin~ !iu;;la:rli!~ [[Ii'g~l of ~i(l!il$ about the i~sul.a:Si~volv~m{';M in !lieurBN1.) '184,. ti2Jl (JOOoil&. Ul.e' :i:nlsu In 111). 1 ]owcver. I.net~lodol.ogi.ca I ti nle' di.eJjlendielliDe .'Ilre est .. 'I)lishe(]. li:le resalts :So 'C. OrelJ~I1~, '~i'!'(,erN'wJol. ~. sss f.ifOO::!~, ~i iwt i,OllSi nherel1 (~n bnli n I~$inli!l $h,dll;.'$ af U~is «urospec ti \to: s~wtdyn~edlu be v~rinl 6. 1,!!', Hall Md!.tji!iIj~(I):!'.1I. (:ilOO6), Ublldermincllu: \''3I:ltll~{y of oo~~c~m;im1S, fie~: lI~,ing pro.s:pective s.ludie:sond 01,mm:e ~Icdvl;:d lh:n1Jn1 thi,!; ~nu(illy •. riigiOl'DUS ~~lCI:bodo~ogy. VJiI~d;;tted h~m1'l1~ R,espo:ns·e the lll<'l,i:ml. o:utcmne memmre is a KC(l~11 of be h,wiio;mi :~<IbQrnt,Qr)f~e~:hlm,i~(ijJlq,e!:S c!Duldbe WE.SHQWED ImiAl SMOKIER) WIIHll DAMA:Gt: S-111loldng ~h01Vio]". c$p~d.:II Iy the: di I'F~~I~li u~d 1.0 ~~C~'SlUrc c.mvj;ng f1S \,'\I~II. a:5 siUhjcc~ ~O~ht:lll:Sllll~, ,~'Cre 11I:IIorc::l:uke~,y1m::m !>1,nokeTs t ,niicnill{.) "''Ill ittirl,g snlloki~'B\?i ..idl d.iffic::u Ily" f ti\'e amI reiulbrcilJlg l:'IJc:~'~:So:f,c:::ig.m~Ues {41 \\I'ilh da~~.f!geiDlll!1)I~Jilf 'bmh~!Il"gio~s ItO be abl~ fn:}m ~q~.dtti.!m.gf;1V!okin,g:,." l~ rh~ pN;)~"e!n [" $;~rok~ pat iel'lts, oOfi fU sl~]gic a I pa.t~~]ilt!:, to q nil s~.noki:~,gf:'~siIy..~Inruned,i.a~cdy:. \,dl~.OlU

IllnsU~B Bind [Quilting ,Smo,kling


20 JULY 2007


[l~~ (anr,er (o1il!!~ I)!' Mlldlcim~ IIr.'r.! O~y,IAS22it2, IJ,)~, ]lDcnrfli~i'f~ Cllgniliv@ [N@uros(~@m~ ~m~!!Iliiltg U\nt@r~ IU~i¥E!rsit,y ,or S>l)uU~eri' O!Urorrm.la, los .Alf'lgi!les, CI\ 9i0089', IUlSA.~8r.ti~ ilOO (rro~ivil)' [I1IS!i~~~ lLI'ntil@'(:!;ity Solltll!i!rl!l of

ImrisialfV or Cog nit1;re N e~rvu;i~rt(e. [)eiP~nm'lelU101 [Ne1.!irc'Log~ U:n~!fe'/sityolliowa, C~Mr (o1lege ot MuUdne, IIOW.~ CDI!!'. ~A.S,21,1l,2, U'5t!..~l.iImorawl1J of ((lInp~ila1iio'na:l [N~f~rme'1J!09', [)e~!tm~l'lt or Ne~~I,og)'~ Ui~'I,ii~1ty el

Cali'loi.a, [LQ!i ngfil.es, A


90009, 'UsA,


'"lie wihom "C!~espo'rui~nc.e~ho~hl be

ad~~i:S~IHj," ~,'ma


rel,8ipsung" ~.nd witheu; a pIOl:F,!l].is:t.cnlurge (0 smoke, Om' COIl';;:I~lS~Oml, from t~j5 result. cO'.mib:ined ~lI"i.~hl re.su]ts the previous luncl:~o~!t!l il:1Iuigi~lg Sln~dh~s ( ./-3 JI .;;lilldiHl '~KUih~ Ij:s.h,ed theoreti C~'L~. fnmlcwo:rlk .lor :U.U'I,sUbl nlllc~ !f~l!l 5),\lI'~!~ (4. that lnsu I;~ d~!ln.!tgf"lim',f;;rif~~~ W.iLlia. specific "I ps:yclll,olo~ica~ precess thf.ll 111Inkc;:,,~ it diFnCLUlt t:Q qU~lsmnldm.g :;lind d~~1 pml11o~e~ relapse, mlli1lM::ly.~he com:cigm ~t"'g~ 'til smoke, \\l~!ltr'C ~o~'I'idle~l[ h,~ltl:~,e t a 1:Ji~,I;omi':lIl"lldbehavi or~I~~:ecliil n~qlueS"\~' u~d \\c~n~~PP!:'il)}'l'ri~i!il ~1i.)r !j.f &1t~ f~nd adeO qmnlo: to 5\.pporl thi:-; ccnelu ~iOIilI. Weelldre~;y agree wbl) Vore[ el al. then our nndi,~1gs do not jill!$lifyinvas,ive I:IX<ll~rn~'I'ilts for stunki ~,£acid iet ion.\~~c lrn.eVJCr s:LJlg~ gestled in our Report or ~l:ii1iy'!i\,l~tere H'Ii!L~. else s,urgjic'II.ly dm'l:l:OIg~iJn~ l:beills!u.!I.<I~~to'uld be 3. vi~d.'ll... ~hL;l!:~py for smoki~g a,~~.JieliM. tndeed, we jo.inVoffl'l ,el til. [in !>ll'Ongly eoa,(!Ie~min,g a~l)!'sl~rlJICi!il m~!'!iln~ latlen 01'Ul~ insula to. aehievea 1.~,el·.,,:~eHti(;·im, Apl2lrl a fron:~, ·t;~~.('!his.t():l'ic~] excesses of ps.ychQ~ smgeU)'.. ~hi::rei:l: clinical evid~n'C~th~u ill~~]ad~VI~~ge: 'Q~I) impair a '!"'driel:), ofruncl iOIll~"


SI.in cx:i~Is...however,. dUll insula da~ll,~gc disrupred memory fo~~I:be errl(nkl~l.d experie:rmc'(!of qu irti ng .. ::md~.as l[rnemory tor hew dUTiC:l~h i['l:Y'aS~I) q;ti.][ C1llid for urg.*-~ih,n~\!(;'ire fell <Lfle~'qui.iUing, nl.~spo:s~ibil~,t)( seems unlib;I)'. f;s~ciod~y gV'i!~f)th~ vivid desertpuens of the experience of ~]1Itti.~,g previded i by sn.me 0 W1our PI!llicnls" A I SlO. wjtn.1t!lund :;I
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:U;" ;l:l~, (200i2l s, A.IL.Ir~ (,!I'l~"AtdI. Goo, .P!;~hicI1y519. Uh2 (~OOZl. "'I, oil [It 1},U'ii<l(;io,. ~ f;~1Jrng!Of~! ~,fJs: &dr oM IK. [R. ~.n5m1l,~ al.. lI'i!Uf~ydii'lp;IMI.l'mll!rnll'l!'l}" ffIllojj'ttJ!11 in ilreMakfugof(fJ'~s~ ~aK/IlQn; OlI~J~al 2000). 5, oil [I). Cro'!~9,l!lWl,&~; Hf,rI~(f. 3, 6S,5 {~OOll,

IR~~~I!I!!K~~ G.l, W.mg ~ m"


Sri. M. "J i.S


t[f;nd for p~.~.:l:e~.1t.\1 wiUl.~nstllil. d;"m!<l.!i:e

morc' UI<:~ly thaul I)lnli.'~nl$ with d~ufllf~i,;: ~lI'Iolliler :rrerd,ilOl'Is~o be.abstinem at Ihe ti,lI1.1.e IQf f~~ s;W.<~y '{i,c'.. ~n h,fIVC' q~~~~mok:ing nnw h:iiion Qln,eO, ~.fird.llg thatwas fg,(lt suscep[ib~.e H) recall bia.s. Nonctillelm.s. we agn~c Mli.~hthe need iWorp.llo:ll.pect~.ve~H!di~ and
haw .~I~l'endy begun ~ucil1SlWldi~s.

,6, A. Ard~jJ.,.IIpmiar0.U1l. i'IHl999t 7. IF,M<!lm, S. i'oIra!li~.,~. A. 5I11rliM.lH'. G. l.ilmb~JlI!f, It G.

liIalllil'i, !l.llal'ildi50, It U, Ro!±iiluQ:n,,}. ,i!/M'"N/.t>n!, Oi~, 18", 1QJ (i 999'1 9. IH\..PIt fl.a1.", ,'Nel1lo1ogy 66. nas '12'0061. ,9,

iJ~1~~6 m~'!1.1.

such as hHlgUiage ,[6).fl~~G~,HO!l (I), and nworj (('i:~, and can cause Si.~li.ficallil. ,c:rrdi.o\'u(,:uj:~!rm(lrbidity (9). AI~bolJgh our results do hllli~~e

Vorel 1ft (Ji.po~n~ out certai n teclmic "I lim il~ll ions t hal: Olre~I:JI~Jeref]tliO~~U 1ll]~ImlI"'u ~~sioil1 stud k~s.W!~.QSI. !)l~bl'y thll pro'bleV'l.'n.of n ' nmlsel.oC:lil.vi[y oflesioHs,'!oVe .. ddressed this rrubl~;:i'll Ih,~ough an Itn:;llrs~s fh';;~l Iook~d!i,t: : e Ilee IS, in reg ion s su r ooll:l1I.d i.~g the hH;~l]<Ii. Through this ~]Il::Jilys.is". ~ot!:l1Id that the we insu la was the o.IiI,ly :regiQnin \\~I~fchl~sl,QjlS~ad~.~dgn]ficanl: effect mm Somal illg ad(!lliclion, Byinchltdi.~lg ~ larger muml1e r~ f su bjects ..nd i



the! fiilrst

UillE t4 EW5MA KIEIR5 ITEM "0 PE.NI N G U f' (1Jl May. p, S~. I) .:ii:~:ne!' ~:h;H"GeJilmll,Jll l,bys!i:c iSit

ofVi.;>mli(l!hl AID MriOl. has been me lhefi:fji~ .IMH'I~Ch inese
lIrt!~,,!If;l:r$ily '~e'I'SOllto be named seience dean ata Chii'i,e51:.li~iv~n~i[y:' hi f~lCI. {:;~~Qf!:eli,V: GroW, a :Penll S1a.te gl:.]d~l~lle1.111 .ho.r~icuh~1.re,.

RO~ll~m('!R:li.1pr iOfUl(:

was de <II'! of 11~:~'~Ueg;e 'i;lfAgr:icu lture <It

Chrlstian Co:~leg!.t in OU3111,g;'l:hiolll,



hi~If1. fr(r~~ ~92.2 tol9~ I Cn. Cant'On Ch~is~,i;.nrn Coll.ege beeaeae UngUlan Uua,~\f,er= '~ily.,whos~ Co:lliege of Agrk:ulluir~ mr;.'irglL::d

rherapeut~c~llilrp] i co;l[ion!>fer example, the de'\lel!Ollmem it) f d!'l~gs lh:u!llrSe'~ hliSil~ la fmru:::t ions. lJeb1r\':iol .•1.1 the r,OI~

pil;lSih1!t Iilddr~;l~.~ th~ bod ily/vi,8ce:r.~~. co~,upoJi1l,e.~u:s

or sm.oking,

le:'l:ion .m!A.pping ~~ehlll~ques, r~L~U s.H1di el>rn>m~ re be able tn de~ecl elffe'Cri$ o,f :Iesions~n other regiarill!> lJiII<I! pfi$~i My ph1-Ya Ii'~')h~ ~.~.!)l'!d~:ec~ tiou a nd ~n<ly be ilI.ble:[0 ~r3.(;e ~~·f~~t\l.w~tl~illi:mb!i"~gi~)~~ (l,f the in:illll.~.
O~~:1igoo I ~nr pC:liforl.llillg

\\'!li[h thal of SlI:UI. ~I, Sen Un i\lcl'sil:y in ] 952 ¥ f~r:11!'I S(]~uh Chin.:! Ag.ric~llh~r.!~ O(lnl;;g,~.

50mh China Aglficul!lurlll


with .. CLlInC::lU c~:ro]hn~nt of )6.[100 SUI(!liellits. Gtrra.rr be.g~1n te.u:: hi 111£. hcrt ieu h me in Chh~a in .~ 907. h;igi!lfii~lgae'~.m!tli1.f)l'

mld flJnarilHull

of ~ln:ml~ tU:::li\f~ly to

lhi,s ""wd)! ,\r,ISiiliO,t '~he imm.edi.·
:u.~ disoov.~ry ofa "',cur,e" for smoking mkl:i.ct~an, btu I:<]UIm.er to 'sliiLecl Iighl O~l a blrd.in reg iOIl dl~t h m, boo ~ '~il rg~;d)fignor,ed

llilrmli~r the rr0!illiess ofireat~

ments-'¥e never used the
d.escr.ibe m:illy f!!SPI;'el of O'ur fi~ldir:lgs. The fact thm our s;~.lIcly W~l~rel rl.'l~peetiw;; faWSe!iill
~C'I:ln"'c ure," 10

of par~:nership be[\:I;'.een 1"1::'111] Stale and Scmlll.l C'h:ina Agr:ucu~:r,"1.I,<I~IU~i\'\e![,':S,hy th,u is .,;ti.n thriving il1 l~l:e f~rm [If ~ruini~.l.g <lUlld reseallCh cona'btmltioll~1l p~,ant b:i:oIogy. illd:'lI!(UliIlg .] jOi,[[H LiI.!JO'f.fltOty o~'ROg'l Bi()·, logy~nl'llug~l.nlted by lite p:reS[dCnl'S of Scm{h Chill ~ Agr.]euIllJ~ I lJ!1 iv~r.sily~ttldP~UlO

MillY 29

.of ~h:Us.ye~1 r: Rupp i;1;ppe..<ll'$



m lib oU't.rec ..~1
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§ p<l.tueiil,~:s who~!i1Id
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biO:l~, Thif'O ij;

impa,i r~

in the drw[.g Ud{Uc.:lion Hlem~ ~Q b~ "~'l ]I,;;ast) 85 }i~~fS ~[~u~[I) mer]l t1l~ti~k; lUrlol. \ll,ll:: hop", l:hotl Oll r :!ll1d,~ of "firs.l ~riI,cm-Chinese Sic:i.em::e de~n .11. 11 CldDltl~ ~nliver'sily." ings ,s:~,ur frlrthe~: n~se"l!'Ch (m ]ONAIDHlAN R LY,NCI:l tbis ~op.i~.\vhi.c~, ld[i~,'l:fU'~ly could le.,dlO beuer t'fe"llllm.el'lts [D.~p~n!'l'!l!lill: 'O'~ lionk uUu ~e. 'C'gUeglll' !:If AgI1(u[ltu rai

2!11:1!~m~~ (If lonjl;-t~r.l!i!ll"l1il~fII]!)r-y

for ~n.liltlkiw.g .~ddiC:liog).

obt~i~.l!(~~d ~::UlfOl:malioiJr

:~ (rom cu.Uml;lra V" !{,~'h\"l!l~:'~r.it ,",was i_l\l.<"U 1<.1.1:1[1;. Tl1epo,sslbduy

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S<i~n01S. ~~fttl!lyl'o\;;IIII,i;!l'Si~1!iIA!' lIrni!;\i?,r]ily, Uln'Ti~~i~y P.a~1!,M 16tliO<.2:-420:l!.IJ'S/t IRefeflllliKll l. ~.nqqmA~/iic. R1ew> t :l! U1iliW,





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fig. 28 ar~1IlIC.

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Gillii'Yl"ayi1l~s •. iDavid G. Arnde!C5imilii!(,C. R~ld !Foel'riifl'li~,1.S'tlil'~~'tJ. Pi:ede,I,. ImJli!DliI,a K, (haV5iill'liI~ ,c.. Va Iii!i')e lfIi'!Jynes ]Ir.,Va iIliCe, 1. ld H!oUid<!lf,Bril.lt-eB., lfItud~el~ ,Mal~cieLl(o:mfe.Ld. DaJlofid J.I. Me,itjl)e~, ~Ulli',e Mono~, fodd Slul~CllilfeU" N]Cioibe M .•Wagll!l:l!s:~<1Ilcik, Pe~ier :Wi9Ia:rnd~ Roillua·rt M. Y.aiH! ~II
Walel'UM. S,taHCIfdI(Re.pen5. :;n; Fmual'f :;;U>07, p.1122)ll'm~elil,u~iUl,~nI'Clr· ma!io:n atloout tlii~a~ I'Jf 'ro~ 'Qmo[~ filM Mhiril'E! not ~ennilIDrel.~ ~btislhe~ th~ l!]m;pora~ ~paJ1 or thi~ I~u~~u!(ll ~[)mpt@",. 1m lihe I\lDI!n1~ Only a Ic,on~inuin!!l P'lOiJ'i)m of !r.lcilometJ(c ~tr1li9 ~1Iii!l~OOirui S'lira~ig!Ol;phi!: jjCin'el!Itioi"!~ (<TI! <!dd~ ( th.@lin!lE!rin!1<!mbiguilYi!OOut !he ,emeJ~c.e ~nd SlJ)faiid oJ (]o.\!i!. 'Cl!!!!UIi\e. MI. ~~al ¥mffl'.M:iilntl!ff1;~9!,(lf,~q;flrontmllJh:lllB ][J15:8~6.il'3:.2.0b



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sea hot s:prillg~~, nd eold-water corn~ reefs, a D.mnutl..~cdeep-sea discnver.~e!' lln~o~,d jfellr ~ncr ~~an:'. K"f)sl.nw ~~u~:~ld,s t~la~th~s bm u~ ~U!.ij.vns QH1~ebi{il:og}~ I;l!f~l!$ d\'~p S~ from e~dhV']Kil '~o ~~n(ifi:r., '~hit~iimdmilii~ "pri~in~" (JoI;.;:iiil wi'~oom~ss b~!~glf~m~pllf;;'(!1 (h~ ( is tesd tOo focliS 011 't~,U:l: el,nrl5wlndel,·'_ e'piic preci.CJus. mi.n,u:tes, of s~I,b:rnJers~Me ,re~renochadd Ib~ithe iinsid iOlJS "hmml'l,l footpri nt across the 1 h~k~ni:4l gai~ a~ce~ to thi:;; h~nlm~~y l>P tl;l a p'i~~~lIUy::lm;,!!:~~I"\,'(;(fflJ (JI~otl.\>!l;rVmiQIil (Ill deep sea"; '~[lle :5eN.'bt;d $~.Ir\:r;~ 11igh~m'lrli:l.1iI ,I i.nllia,osp:illabl,c eavieonment alliu! alill. <II:riLllIlliII{I~, ooslls,llffil:f'up.icaiUy ce~,~ :iega~y of tens o:ftllom;a:n:ds OfD;UeJTiC~ljml ships tered onpilmpu~m I{JC',fUI~·in 11 ~,it- sunk ~l1!dwtling on the .'51;\1Jbeu. :~;ml~dg·ii;d!.'ii!!)f enthe Mm~'e .1 r1iIlll.d:.. tb.d Iive lh,e SU~Q;!'IIIIIDI~I8:IPi there, Th(! Silem .Deep IX.)!S eral sea of ~.lOJ1biJ(]t. [hmus<l'lmds of l()il~,5 ofrni ~itallY orx:tnJauce !:lCl:l~llH! Uiscuverv. O~U dli~lemmj~ is l>quarely belhom0g.;: tOo thQ~ ~1.u1il(t themes t:~ed ~IITi deepwater; Ilmliill~ol'ls (If curies of ECDlogy. and I:nn stands aparn1liuIi o,t1inerboeks fure us in Ko;!;~O\'/sdmptreron eliII"t!lJClioRctivewaste and n l'I'lu::le':lr reactors Co Ilse rv aiM ri or d~l$llp~d .fl[ d~rthw~th~o ;u~(:mp[ ;!It oontf!inllbol!i 1lfe hll the abyss du~ m~'[e (:h.fl!l,gl': !l:~d~h(': ~~p ~~. d the [Jeep Sea to TOllY Kos,IQ\:v's lhm1ghdtd II~n:',n,t,. ud residual a DOT O:lm,d!IPCBiS ac:[m];!u~ As the d.illillJ:!l'e VI'<I:r,Im.1S •. deepw<lU!if by r~.r.I}" Kos!.ow :I!u.ing i~~. d!ecp,~(!.", foodl ehsins. oooolmllsofdL'ep-·\!JljItel'n1i1~cr.if!S. cin:en.liltio:n p<Llli!.~IiI,!> c:.h~,llige. inUniversit\l (If Chi,cago mi n~il]JI e.x:pl()i~ati~Jilt~.ruinl't de: creased C11lihol1 d i,Q1I!ii de levels Ko,~lo'lili oilers a lit.my I:D f new ve:mi:l'u res PfIlS,S, CiliCilgO, 2<007. ~twmioJrl. and ,c,'JO!~la,l'I'!Iil!:1ialiol1i of ae.i:diry the ace::l:n,.I~Qth~lli1~s .of 1~I'i~ \I'"ith the ptucnti~:lli)ehll~~.~llgt:: IUlId im.uh the 29~ PIl, £35. [:22.50, the deep-neeaa wilderaess and Itlmyprodw::livi[y ,altiJlf' surface deep ~<I ,eVel~ l:heYD"ei1fi tiCClimaL'lllic <I!I:ldsaciml: ISEiN 9~a.o2 2845'1 i51. ~~a1b,,;\~c:fits;: Ju~ [hl1;:~ dcca.d.es~ft~r th(l' fin;~ his calli for n:c\V slrill~'~.~ie.E; for rco~niz~. ~~d iI'n~~I~~Il,It~~~ydrai£ .... Uni~(!r~IWCirN~w S~lLi.h depQ;;i~::;; biH '~IJi~lew~qu nibrium ~ discovery Qfhnr s~ri,r1lg~on th!;.i~;il.U~){lf ~wre m~f!;1!gl~.!\lJg YC~f!!ia ~~Q~re~'5 •. Wales Pre:>s, SVdmIY, sl:ate..~,. There is, lhrle doubr [11m .is a 1.'US.i:!, s:trip~m,im~ thdr go~d"rk;h OI:~S, ~o A:llt:linnugh :~]islJ1l,'Ose lacks the Aus'lr <110. Aus Sm,!lI5. c poetry rhat R3,chd Carson these and od~er 'clim.ue- iaduced F~eLdsofmJ"lmg ..nese trlOdluics on t1Ibyssal ISHN 91M8>6B404 lSB. ~)lla]ns.<Illcl:ci()b~.lt=:l'ich crusts on the side:.s of bl'oughi~: 10 her books: <I1~~LI.t clliiJIJrnges wi H affect deep-eeean ]U~. bur t[le manne rs lnwh ich :sc~~mgl!nt:5 i]llipire (:"lpuc:ity buildJill1g illl ootioiil marin~ li f:e 'It the edge efihe ~ !'lea. Koslow succeeds in :pai~:HinQ <I p:ir.:lu:!re effeets ''1'1 U be ,exp:re,:.;std~re: ne·<uly l~mposs,i~le M~les \'>fit~:l 111;me~ic :ots,wel~as ecenemie im.ler~ tl) p~d~.cl or I!) docl.Ilne-l:It bt:c,~us;e~M~ h;~vc c:sts~1l ~xp]'!li,ur~io~lof dcep-neean rm;OlUlC~. of the ~~cp S(::('! 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Hewevcr, state standards and assessment~ pri 111m mil), 1:l1fl1'l1]]l<.i ze wri[il1l.g" ,retldins.., ' ~nd math, on~'!ldonO[ relate to Slod~tal pfoblel1li!s end :;o:hlftioil:-J.muJ C!'t;;!U", ~r'lie!'8 10 le.. rn i~,lg ahout sustai 1l13,billiy, The K-~, 2: t sector l~illi1l ofthe U.S, ~nlfler~hip h,l::! ereated (h:a,l~.su staina bi:1 i ly ~d:uc.uion sta 1'1(ilo~rd~, as ~Ompl!~.l;ld h resou rces for K~ ~.2: 1:e1U;;~.ers. ..d~~<'Is.jmil begwl,ll aprecess simi:m I~r 1:0 whil~ \,W~ done ilm, higllD.;:r education lTD

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~!ml'eI~i:lS '!Ive~,LThere are ex'l'lnpi.e.!> of i.m1:lm>~ vatuofll, i.Il~llIdi:lm.g the ~hl!;;~:!ji~l~h!e ~boGlI~ S

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.f1'r-ojt:~I: sPQ,llI::m.red by Shelburne f~trms jgl V(;l~H)nl (19i'; l:hc I3dllC1l!tin,g for Sl~!;t~.i!.l· 'Jb'ility a:LU:iter':s of edlQ,cl.ltioi] p:rol;lmm ,It A~uiOC'h U'~hi~rnhyu'~i!li~g l~~ch~rsfor rhli)












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3!perl~lre. Even the l!3ll:g:e~ CUI.'"I,''er.lli telescopes see ~11 but .~ll<ltl!dfl.!~of lh~ very l.lrge;;;tc(l(}1 Slm:!i as I;lu:oopoi:n;~s ofhglu.

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E<arlh. whi.ch 11<15 ;IH er~u<l~ori;J1 F'Jdius some .20
"m~1n'lg('r lh(lmll lliDe ro!ar radius. T~e SI!,II1I, s i o:I~ly :i>lig.lilltDy);uitened because of:ilS. slowmtJ~ f tf~J!l !)H~.wi.Q~~l!l~q~"llorjfd ITtd~~!sI1\\:c~e.di~g the 'pcl m: radius by OJ~~y oae part in ~. :; .. 0 .other s.1<lrs. however, l~tate'!JCry rap,idly .. Crill. jJ;".g.e 342 ohhis ~i~!I.]e. MOl'lnier iff (;1/. U) prc~~'mI,llima.gct, of AJtmi~:'. !I.I::;o k~lOW~l:;IS ,01;

AqJ!JIilae, one onhe tbree Stm:s of~i1rH;:SiJlllill mer
Tri.~~],g~c" hcl':(:: :~ma,~c~d(;':a$'ly T
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cal ibr.:lli ()iI1~, Stellar relation also ~l~,li Sl'IDll.g implicaTo (l,bt,jirl i.nHlges of Ah~l~,r\ !'mrfUc\'i. li(ln~ for out m!lde~u:$linlldiillg ~fdle fOrrtlinion l\~IO:lJirli.eref al. h,-,(~to (;ou:illhil1e the .I~ghl fmL~.u aad t!'vo'~'lll,~i:olm, f galax ie s, neca lise dI~~sw o nr bUuid~c~copes ofa stx·eIJ~memlt flrl"'.$y~ocfli~ ,gal::lxic:s CiUMlOD be resolved lnm imlividtl,,'1ill on Ml W]b;;on near los Angdes. 11m, such stars, l:lia.c.irobserved propetries cannot be th(l m.(;):n,fli;I..::I]al!" P 0Pl,il,· irn~rfefOmtllrh.: iurr:ilYi.>, lh~re...ol~tioll l$ gh~n i!n~rpmredwi[hom by the; sep<llI<llii,Ol] bet.\\eelli~;he in:(Iivid[11l:1Itelelation models, These II'llode:~is,assume ~:h,E1l' these g<tl~~~je!l (:{)IlJUI.i nil. CCWIIJlJ :~ni:ii.0 r S;ll'I.r~, SlOoIM::S.not thc.ir sizes; Monni.er ~t at. Bcmld d'll~~ ,.1 "Il'eie!it,;o,[pe" \'I,'ilh in"! enecti'!.~ size ,of \11' ith jJ preserfbed di ~~tibuli un of masses '~rld me 265 In by ~. :m. lhelm is,,~mwv~l", a price to ages.: I.~~~C stars ~J:~ (X)n~ct.iveIJl wes:poom,i:blc 95 ~)o:1rhe Igl~~l"en'i~ued by the di:Slalil~ g<]I.•t~ y. r ... Rotat iOI~ ~ni:ct!!: l~c;l'Q'l~h,\!ardapp~~:~~~e:

:S~ieUj,!J :SihOlJi)es.{Ce!l!ter} Riapld!ly rol.atillg Sitars de'l'elojl .In ~ UI~J~(Ir~~ lbl!l~e:, whid'l is ,t:ooler (il!IIli!.l [11us reddcr} th~!'l~h~ polar rel1li(lHS, as seen by Man!'lier·eI al. (lI!:ef~' Radiatioill pressure d riiws a fast wind] rmJl[~U1~[pala r r8gIDIls ir ll1~Varefillflldllntly hot 'I'lhe~!Nisd~sts ,nel'rle(jtUlll~ly fo:rme.:l in the ,e.q1Jatornalp1,llne., n~t9li1UStarn in w\!~ioh il1~ Ir{it~t~oo, ~ate d~re~St~ s:tro~gly willi! dl~til!1CehQm th~ ,jj:l=i!$ !l!1l1~ l1~w YI'!!H!.!!.1I. shapes (wnltt (O!1lVect;ve r,egJQ'''~~had~(n (di~gr;aHl i.ld(!p~d rr"m; (8')]. Alt3i~,' is

the p(l~ ar regh.1!l i~ 1'I1i~I,chbti gful(~rlt,;;u1J the

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f!(I]U~:l:Qirial zone. This ~'lgree'S w.~lh the theory (],f !'teU~"Ir trl!c'~ur,(l;.\ ... ~ . h~d'l htlldis Ih,u \I·fl riat ions of the gl::!.vi.ly ann ss a ste Um surface ~nus::t bc!iH::OOI'lilI~>an~~dby v~:rifllioni>in t"C'I.1ilJ~ l:le-r.Il'ure (2)1, For Alt a ir, 't~leoemrli,!1Llg,,~ fbllTOIl: Cu~t!lllC'nM':li.fi,g [hc~lI<lvil~uio(l;ljal ~nlfiii,~t~on ~~~lr
the eGIi~.lil;t,or tlliietdore causes coot ins-a Iii.dl

and e m.iued specrruea of stars,.dl:i: rate ;at p~liy fbI' suhsri LU~:ung<I 11t!!ll~e: [(deSl'O;re w ith <I ]nSl:~l;ld,of wl'l,kh they ]OSi~!11ilI~S~. ~uid ~~~irifilfc;:rioii geuing ~11I,1iU,1:!!t~1II: d.etllLilkd innag;e. one obtains struct l~l1e.,... i~ll iaturu dele.rmi nell' ~,lO\V ,~: h f<lSl a :;;;eel ofD"<'I:rhtlD" ,,.b!Stmcl d~t,l dl,U d~1 nell eil~i1y the S'~lIil'~ burn rhelr hydrog:~ll $uQPpl}tal:ld ho~:v tiley evolve t1IVC'D' time. To avoid mis;~~~,emll~~""msL':hrcs0 iutuitive .unlcrprel"uioll. 1 I~rn~,rct ing gll.1~ct le :!:l~~ I.ra, the assumed ee ~llo~ni£rt;:'1til" have UO\\' l>ucecedcd i.l1, IlrO{!H!}~ng s)!nthel:ic i:~l1.~ (Df Ah~illi'lhrollgh age"~ comsueU~u' Opll ~<I~ musttherefore eontai 1'1 IJ I~Oil pute[ rlrOC~~~~i1g f ~}~[;(ihlt,.;rf~rO:lliil,~tlik' d~Ut ~ Ih~' COl:lroc;;t~i~ix of stars wl Ih d:i~Tcr,~~~liI'OUISuchrn,t:'tbo ds <!recaasi ng asrronomers to. I,~on rates, aswell as [the COMet t«:ilpes fUll"
slm!i.'i~Ii'littll'1i~'x;r flf~]~~6r;·si~'1.ill o~~; r~ttSc~~_",", ~)~n~

thtls~dl:!1!"Xld brigh~!.l!:;,.;tr-\\'~~h~spe;::ctiX:1 th!)' !Julies {.~r;: rhe fi,g~!nl. t:l;l~ref panel), Nat IJ,L~ly l!Q(l$~J~.e wor.k (If Monnier ei al. ~t'!Uus some~hftny ne"M ..bo!JIt 'rhi~rJ:~rli,cl!k.robject. i~. :.~1't() shm¥s d~illl dct~lu~ed ~.mflgiIli£ of 01 11ef'm,m,LU'l1

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Forilldi\':idWl~ll ~Iin'~. r{JIt,n:iull! has <I dramlltie influence an mass lossand winds {free: Im;e riglllre. ~;ef~:~]m:I). [m~il1e splJlniul~ fllP'~, st~r~I]~ccC:llI~mil:!iiIgi!.I lorces ~/oI'Ou!d d~ mllU ~l !i!O'l.~.le jJoinl they (I\ier~;,hd m (he gn1:viuu~ona1i 31:wm;I~IQIli ~10dt~.le shu n li:c:s apon:rt\¥e do not knmv ~~(l.Wdo~ly s~ar.;, cm~f~p~b this:cri!ic,d r{liOnion m;I:e, but it.!lp:pcB!W:!l t~]jjn ce,l~n'ifLJ1~ ~l~ fo!'Cil's I;:'"nl r~einl~Telhelo"R~r fru1I~S ~lnd 1111.eQ:mTI",{IJ(J!I~ diisks ~n the eqll ...tIlli<'l~.t)~m1e. r of

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inll:d·i;:rl)m~~.ri.c O~~c(\,r;;~lio:l1I~ o:f\!\~ga (0: :Ly rae. <111,50in the Sunnae r Trlf~8Ilg~e) ,h~vc r~("emly shtrwg]~,h;;H: s:~aris OJ r"'!lp~d~~a~ (hi::. tou.IOO (1. 4). U~~likc Altlll.i:l". hm¥evi::'I"" v.m see this star nCi1dy pol,e~n. Ve,g,l had: ]nllig ooe~] by gl~(l'Lull,d~ lIsed ...S:I sl:<Iimbud sl;;lr :for tile cn~.i[)r<llion of !Il1m.d be

l:J<ii.\~(;d ~de"~c(lp~ ;)JOO!l:orm1:! I~~'rh.l:g!!':ilOOd 11)1 tliXf~ IJlI~lem;;e .in E<Lrlh~s ""Inmlo!>phere. Re~eaKllil:1:S havii.l r~t~n~~y d\;;~iell['lpt'd !.:\,"l)'~ Q,o com~ns.;;~l~ ~~ this ~u'llOJ;~lhe:~riic: luriI,·illg. \!\I.ulh ada~jt,~ve opt.i~ b
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groq.HldJ·bas~d af!!d sp!lc~bf~r!'!~ (~lel'(':op~s im;;~:l'lIme'l:Ill~. Sonne .of the ,asS:lli1,ill'P'~,~:OImIS l!ndl;;r~f~~,g dle."~ clTIi~ibnrl.i(HIS lIiItl<tVO'!pp~'I.r Ittl
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t:I tE:'lII<Iil~ a,.quir~nl!l~dh@!'!!'I'li.lrni~h~~d:.elber_g1ile'

T~l~ <JJ!II!h;~!," i~ ·<!t!th~' ~,lf!d~~~!!!fiIw·~~~e .!{(!n~g,~tllll!,

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~hnt ~qlWi~rrD"iOl!I disk:;; <l~"d polar 'i\,li!ld~ c'a!~ coeX~stU'1l1 scingle objecHs: both phenomena lend liIu::.l1!ll!';ch-es to i:ml]agi:mig studies w.i~h interfcrO:I1~,ellS"ffil2ffl'("" 6). A solid bady Uk!e Earth l'b':!I,H.,t. reuue unlforml),. wi~:hall p,Uf~f; om~~le'~in~ <'I revolution c ill tb~ S!!L1n\;~li!IiDMl," i:s i~~m1l rue .Ihr g!J~OlUS "Jib bed ies, \~ h~v,elo:ng known [hod n~~1 U!Uta1,"'\ Ili<l~ regions of til Ie SUIm aeed ~boul.25 d3yS. for one ruvoh, ii~]~l.\~i~,er'cu$ h~ 'po\l"r reg i(!lns t u.I'ke !ievc;m I,(JIaYl> l,o~,gcr.l'lmmgh~~,e illtll<I]lys~,s m>SiJm~S u~lif{)\~n\!Jro~';H:in~~. Th~ylolllt'!d sul,[le disc~.'epilBdes. whlkh could \\le:]l:be c'xplatned
by a. made s~ ,3u;nmmt ofl1loFrllul.i [(linn ro~i'l:I.iQlEII.

Mod.e]~ (.:f ,:.;;I:<Irs. ~t[Ollg dg.fferemi.~~.ro~a~ wiith

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ia:l\ e:X.ln:~.llii;: C<1!!!eSthe

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OJ) kU()m(~lrie btt;;;elhl'liis 0oli!ldp!:'O(]u~:e much mO.f11l: detai ledimeges a f stel l'I,1L $l~~fi]Cles. revealing s~~r ",polS" c:rupt~ml!S.!)nd (;onvec~ lil[ln p"merns, ;lIrnd e~.l.ilh~imlg studies nf eomplcx. pl'iieno.Olcn:)llbat tod~y (::lIU bemeasured orlly in the SUDi!I.
:L J,1l Moilillili~rJ!'(0I.;S~~'31~. ;f;~2~Q(I1)<;

Sl;;!ii'S Inighl :~!lV~ l,a!lCOml~,,\

i;~13:p~:li IIii ~If\~:r

b~I\'\1W!1Ja Kpher~ ~nd 2. dOilliUl (N). ]1 h,!1;fU kno""'~a:l1 whether such ",exoti:c'" stars e..x iisl. but


th~t could be disco\,f~n~d with p~;.il,;lm·dwy


of~~'ny o~cill,niOrl~ of'the Slalfiw:~th methuds .,mllog,ous lO~hQse used to i:mlfeUFd'ae ~WlJ'llI,cture
of EArth from =-en~I~~,~c events, ~l'i>trolilflmern ~:la\~e ett:lJ'n'!l!illeci tliie :licmniollm.lrelte for lire iJnle~ d : nQr fl,f Ille:~hQ~1[7).
Nlo:Il1iIm,ii:er etai. cornp<nred their observadOll!!! to the si.m,ptest pos,!>.lble 11ilI(ld1:'~,. whi.c:hl

:E,I.ucid'll!:itl!g the drmn.~tic effect:::;of rotatinu is but one gh~,e c(JIJiDlri:b(uu:]oll$. lin!er~ th,u



caw. mskc to stellar :k~uophysics"

W.ilh telescopes separated by several hundr~d me:l~rl', current fOld Ii tles ~U'~ 'v~~l !'~,i~~d
~o Imlemmrill~ the "glob a I" properties of stars, Aliuun!' ma.·~~y \Vil:~, 20110 3'0 teleseepes

,6. 7.


onll!1 e n M~200q (ro.l,lUooeot;~" ·llLH:OO\s'~. iI. Wln ~Jl\ilil~tMDn. Nrlt R.MJ,Ii~III. S'!X. a~". i~5 U'924J, . £ J, p'JlU;Jr~~'rI ~!;-~~J, M~, iloPllG~OO6l[l. M. Il'eDff~Jl e.I' al., N.rmne 4~O,a!il6,12006l. A. tQtiirl'>!!mIMdlI8al.. ,w1DPl'lfl,,). 479'• '1;17~jJ;99'l• f. ~!bel. el,al .• M~~~ n7, 37 ~,0(7). M. ~]ltIDmI!l':!iOO,ArWIl\, Gwphys. 45\ ,U (lOO4t I( 'Il, MatGli\!!~P1; S. J:xHom,l!i. S:wmanid'l, t S, Mel~I~,Ii.S'lIiQpj\ly$.J. 61$3. :5.60 W:IO'7t

Quelelf] bee

prevent YOIIII'IQllbee~

the PB2 [love] l1mm N,(lw I'Ibrld. f\ldo ..~:;; U)1i(:y .crc~U!;l:d, ~'!l~i(ltywh(;ro H a fetuses deve.lop lilil bettles aad alte tre.aled wi~'h e~,('mi.e;) Is t~ modi fy U~~ir e di~SfUld b rnelillill;jllies tl ).Later. ,ebiMrt'illi111iif! Sll~ee'p;oolli~ diti.muil to theUrliJ.lu:re' task run society ..This

hom l'~rn~n:goo ~tili1l'!J l:(ntil tllil,~ l.e,ave~he hi\l'f:.
lIl1ilke~the! I1tves,lIfer.

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gus !.nxten witll1in:llill:emf:SI:. im'e.lrnm.ed~!<n~:.-sized i!mdi'vidmd~~ search and !coll~el l~\I!3$.llh)!,U the fores~ ~o feed thel\mgus."uui hn:~e i[hdlividmds wh~ ~tro~~mfmdibh~ d~fendlh~c(i\IQ!'IY. HOJ1,eyooes have evolveda differenl caste system: 1fhle .illd iv idLll2li worker bees (a~lwilYs I
fenl<lie~. 'b~<m:'lem:;111;: drones

~im"'lf!vec. t~,le ife of ~1 I hon[!yboeeis> \\,·iu;;d. Bees ~ ~~~glyi~ll~lli~(:ilt
and .Ie:<ifllla lo;t,llooLl:t Iheir,envummllelll!.


:mliD parfUll!

lic~.I3f.lb!",J.~t b1;~ l~!1Ii!color. edar,




lPe<J1~,h: \'-':~o

have ,ch;:ar



reles, pm.d~gl~,e:l1.~,in castes, r.ulgingit11l];l <~lph1JStthe :Ic~ten;) to ep~~I()!111~ drones], Uh~

~ribl,i[cto soclal IWe ilI:~rt fi'·oln !nadn,g W,ill'n .. que!!;~lS durimg mlp.t.ual Iligllns) r!Oerlbrm differ ... iti,V'I: I~:jj.,e fo{)d",f\!·hned} leami~g <U]dim:,L~,lya:y" em tasks in thecourse oflh;e~:rlives, The ~,'Ork~ ,lind the lia.oJrneylJee has become an ,~mpO:r1i<mt .Among ot~~.er I:hings,. lower castes are 'pfiO~ ro ets Sitilrl off'fls !ltu~ ~~$!Idi~,g [he hi\l'L;;righ~ model ;;till~m,I'~ Ihi,~ euuj t5l to grolmilmt'd !1(]~1:0 11(; lf~g:gre""s ive f\gfihnit hijgh~r caste membeis, A tf1etl:Mine,lml,w.il:h :uaCllf1oloxic :dte:l'cmergenoe. OO'unlnm:u.e with chemicals {~~(~~udlillg Oi!~c{1boll dl~Ji~g develiasks l'ucb as n~~t.. 'L~ildi~g,~~ld b OpnM~1rH lead s 10 the ilIpprolni~l:e brai n ~;li:\iedefel:l!S€. and li'lellll end t~.c~.r OI~9_1lJ~s.. pa~384 ul'tbi~ iil$u.c, Vorgo2:t1I'oi. On ii'llC'.ll as Ibmg'Crs b:.~ ,t~]~!~ctillg, (2) eluc id"lte .sOJm.be' of lhe ehem iC<ll. cues lhm nectar O1Irlcl, pol~en ~'O 1Tl000iw i~llu'~~lc~I~~r!'llh~,g,dsve iOP!ml,~jlli~l 11 il ~1O~ti.o'Y~li,1Ic~d1!I1~irSiR~t;ln-;" ~uld <1CtL.m~ .uiiii~md ~:.,,:ste SySlel11l,l the lil(!I:ie}~bees.. ,BO~,!1 is this de .. e.~opl1u::nt<l1 ~ \;V~thimlth~ 1ui!im...lki~gdam. :;.ud~1i!m~~~t> r()'·~}I~H~i~"ll Qtgu'li?~d!A~ b; h,we e\tYI\f~d ~hl: gHo!'j1iSwbir: c.~~e f;!o<;i:e~ie:l,. ~h~ roO!ilfa rt!ctor thm~ ~le;rM~ny <linl spe~Ies~\:lj'\.'e- 1I. wide r.1:lmgcof c:.,,sh~S.. In1nes ~he t~tsk tlmrnt allind~v~'(~~ fro!1l\,\iorke;r5 w fq)n~.ger~. I:torll groomets I~O ui1U'i'i,inp~lf~ibfm.medi<ll:OO by soldiers (3J!. ~'nd~'IIidllals 21111 develop ihl>lU I."gg... reglll~l!on wll.h jmfcn ih:: hor~ laid by tM: SOl~le 1fI;(j~11er-the l."olony's'(IUeen. nlone (4). bl'~ feedbilcklRl:liill (~:el11lcrnlly. due food supp.liled to ol"ach egg,isl:iill.e ~he hive :~:s.. ~so inmlpon<nm.l. . lbio~t~gic~~, i~l1id ~hJi!1 S I~~dl' d1i...; I~mbry(l HI Much i!1JfornmNt:llJil is d~li\;'ered dieve\l~op; into one C<lSI:eor Hlliothc'r. <l. situmion b:y~liiIef1omol~f!'s;. Fa!' exa'l11I.lpi.e •. rem~I1~!~eem ~fl1u.'\;,ley1: fiC:lklln~LIworM. Thu~. \V:~.~na h~\~" lo:;.",s Ih~ {IU~~~L if v.'Clake m; <lin CJUIIr.u,p]e lhiC le'<If-c IJII>er.' ,un ~~e'rq,lil.een ma:mi.diubular'plu:m~ Ati~,{{:'l(m~t, :>rtr14'IJiI ~.ndivjd1,.l:ds. Ielild lo~l]~li~ll~ i ~~lOlle~ QMJ') wi I] also di'iWllPeilf. 1,e,ulinlilliO 11!p id clill.lnges :io be.~f~,dor :;9mo!1!ig \ii/f~rter IfJiI@liI1iciilll(O'I~1Ji!!1II.. th~ Nlul~S'~' S'mrrmmd~he' queem (kl'~l1lified ~y lIil!~ bees

lio~1 of necl<lNkUn. IlmYeJiSlllld U5!.e this in Ibr~ nmt.lon to opti.mize Lhe~r haevest, This Ci~~ity has been used :rof WIl<!lW re.ns~oi.e'IU. mere ,a'bo~:u bade mecl.bffi]li:frn.~sl,Jl.~.d,er.iyi~lg the apf.Kll~


".~~hor i~ ill! ~hI!! ID~p~lr!l1l!~nl Ilf tljgUJ:Q!iljg['Q9Y, Il1ni\!m~fI! ~(J.m51.3m. 0",'845 I Kon~tll~il. (il!irmalll,y. E,mail;'GaU~o!@!Ini~:on~laailz',i!le


bees. \,\"ho sl<lrt r.,j sillig




ma,Mk) ,erid glKlOIi'll Ih:elr.. 11IIIi:'lboehaviorr ~~ impo J'it.illilt 'for dlis~lIil:!uliiln,9 lliu~ q,i!lil'~"s ph~r'()mJl):n.e', 'Q/l~lp.wilhiiil ~h,~ IMUr~iiliv€:,

~lO~ m{Jri I~ lind aggresI~~ir ttl:'!t ire Ii!e Sr<l:~+The: m~nli u b.U!O!)of p sive.W~l)fwmdd aversive llle51rnillg be brain ac:tivity lJ:y the !(]I~teen. n'ocKh~h.tling learnblocked ina :yollng In~lr$e' 1Xe?W~,t~li.n the iln.£: C'lIP<lC.~ly in young beeste makel.hrnu mere hive. the sl:iliil.g re~lex t~;l[l (lili1.~y h~'fe neg,<l~~\f![~doci~Je. isa tHfI:erel1l~ view of parenrhecd, As C'lfc,ct~,. Th,us •. pl1~~,.e~uiqlg 1l1iJl,I'SC bees :lhl'In t~'1csa.Y.ill!!): gues:.Wile~ i:~]ik:lren are ym.un.g • de\ielopi ng;}ve~:ive memories <I:ai n srrhe give them :Lf<:'1'{j~S;: when l~,ey ;mw. give ~hel1l:1. l Odl'lfS h'n th~ hive, w!~~d~indlL(lG: l:~l~~11~1'l1~~'~ \V.~ngs.the bG'C:nulth~r ~!L;'~~lii:,it'! h!l\le i.wol'!Jt,'d tereer lOt i:mu~!.is 1U!~ uneend ili()n~d ~limiJll~~, own odor, nlf!kt."l> ~he Cti~ony ~lo!'·i;,'j :-:ee~.H·i;,'j'. c::~ac'~ IYI~is sm:~t~gy far h~ frunBy, {US} such <Is.gWfetl~ectjlr or <'I :ua.Ol(io~ISelectric With .increasing age.. bees atartto lle,we the ReJie;Jr'i!!!I!l~S $t~()l:kl.The: US ·eiidnl, <!I r~SI,lloC)I1~. f{)rr.l~llrw.~ C'i;l.I~ny.ny lo di:iM:~!m~:iJrilgil.g sires. ~1If!Ld:pe;f.l(, tI, :!!fW~, ~\fIl..-e1tew-Wc.!\!i\d·~I)Iil~f!lW~j],. Qrd~ ple,t:llae exiension oft:lia,ewllgIlIe to Iickl:ll,e IJlOC~ fO]l".[lffil tasks O1Ms:i.dca:hlfl hive where Lhey need (it:y, IHY, 1 ?32:il tin or l1la.e I;,'i;'\,le;m,iol:loHilLe ,~ting thr d~fe:nst:. to learn iliil,!!Ji!!Jlly ,,!bo~rlf:""I"re;e~ necTar bHI'j!~::K) :t '1;1. VefgDl" H.A. ~l1Ir~ufl:'A. It, iMfl,re;r, S'detlre 317" ~s:q. r ~tOOin. Aller cO[Jd~~~Olli~,£.the CS 310ne (,e.£ ... d:te aboll[ ~l.'.ISty d~~ge;li1'.O.h is useful, under these 3. 8, H!5ll'ddbl@(,I!. a. Wil:!iclJI.ll'te,,,tnrJ; (BeI1;~~il' f.ire~ '01 odhr) \'~iII ~Hcit tile cmndilio:n~d response ..ThG' ei rcumsraeees, Ihl.'ll! the ~lTeC'~of QM P 10 Har!l;im Uni\!. !!~:1'. C<!ml!fldglii. Wl. i~Q)'. !l,S;, E. IF~~m.adl, (i. IE.~bin~n, ~ N~rJfl!J~i. Ill',. n,0'~ neural ;'5WIb.s~·]<I~e:s ilI[1Jver'Si,,o;e liI:Sm~dror a bku::k . .:a\lers~,vel,e'lll"n~:I1,.S wanes, Tbis jsa Ilor


R~~IU~:Y, il has 'OO~I~ shown tlllfll bG~$;a150 learnte assoc iale llilOXiotus st i~.mIH. ami (Ill expef~menlill paradigm ~la-s.been developed whereby ,UI uder can be ''1~~ci~tled\,,'i[h!h.e .s1'~!.lgrencx. (.6). [~aslOClCii!m.i,,'Ch::~U[hmg. 3 sti IliiI:· ~,~I'!J:S wiJh,OI!,H 1l1e<1'~i[l~ [n. c(mdit:~oned $;~imllh~s K'S) R!,lel~~. an uder] is Ul>.~Od~i~t;d with ~ r,~i'm!i"

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pO$,i~~'!i,Ie:US dilll"if in b(;l~bralas, l10llli lmenns
of the neu mm, im10i vesl ,3 ndin terms of th,e n~uroln'Ullsm.incr' tilley UiSC. The ~pr'~t;~li\!~US ,e!mli1:li1et l~lJl"S tl(':Wp~l'IlIi~le,m; fl ~r.~nsmi~,rer I( 7). whereas Ihe a\l'ersiv~ US u~ dOp~lUi:llL~(6)1, Istltie leaw.li1iQg c,llpm:: ~tyef 0\ bee lre] ..ledliO l her dev¢lopln(:"ill~al. $lL~'&."F;ioH oftas~s'?~rui: f!el:>ulls ha\'\l ~r~flted~.~. H'!p~'Ct;;d~!w;;dI Unk ~ ti.'O'rnlullil,olccu~s. ,III t'l'a.e Wd~f to' cOlllpl!ex.ooha'lF
iQ:D". '"!Ilil ~)me(lrnhe ~H(lII;XlldQfeiJiecrs

\i\lo:~d~]"f~1 '~xamp]e: i~~ \\,'~r~Ch{~le ff(i~'~f.(l ~ o
releaser pheromoae


il::iimbe riQl:~owed all the to t~l·(;:II'ClJfODS, lh~[ arebelag modul~l>ed.

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ll'I~m~e:tM ..IGi!.lrlt 'ilf!'l~Co.gn,Sa. .5, 6l R:OOU. E. RC~:!'!li!lj]'C..$~iI.dQZ,'ill. GrlIrf~,~~ O,tvf ,

and Ulen to be~a\li,m;:'i:l~mod~fic'ltioli1.!'f, l'h~I£, honeybees: diff-er :rubS!:aIUi,1IiUy f.·mn ~he beiegs ill1li-iuxli:ey's world, because .il'iduviduals are 110t tl1l.pped withi~ tb,cir castes for

2~iI!':ll eM~OO7), 7. M~liIi!rl'lIn~r; f{~J'Hi~ lI!i!'IiiO$(~ .il~1 2:~.'5.'!'1~'7} • I. ~,T" e:llgg~ f.IIlI:" ,f':{(X, ~'tJ.rJ. irilt Sd, U.S'A :111M. 2iil60 k '(200(1).

of OM P

'fIIl.'e:Iil.O'\ll,f undersreed, It turns om duu QMP d1iJilOCtly m~]ue[I:I::e~'~11eC'henJil!i~[)'eftbe brain in an ;i~gcN:lepelldl::'mll manner, cOlurulbming ~l:)
dj~\.\L;l~f)P;f;llGIiIW~, pol~"i&ttnl,



nent ofQMP is hOlnl1V<L!11~lllrlO1ti:."OIKlllHVA). a. $t.ibl'I~!:'!t'iil\\I~tha ~,tliking d~mk"'ll simil~ty II) tlln.eb:i,ogeni!C .Uv:llilnedop<lnmine. the Ileurolml~:!l~
If!i'ITiIII.ing. i:ndeed QM Pi <lCis di reedy O~ the d!tlpm'l~,i~le [%ldlW;lY: levels of dOl'i,i'I!mi.m:.illl!ll.C b]:iil[nl.m:c redM.ced1 ill j'tltlng bees e?i.plll'>~J In QMr. aud this eflibct ~s <IImp~i:ri:edby 11. oo~.curre:un re,ollctiou in Ihe lev~r~ dOp;ill'!'1lil~B-~n,~i[ rooop~ms (l'il Thas, of ive exposuI"e of~ IIlU!IFSe bee to IbJe queen'!' oo.Qir d!(I\Ml·r~,g~l]m~ thebr~1n~~ d)rlpiu~~ill1i~!~!i,i\.~!, and reduces 3c;r.ivity levels, WllliIl L~ Ibl.i(}:ll'lgica~ C!l)I1~qU~~UlC'onh[~. the miner


Metabolic -co(lperatiQIJl ,e.rlabl,es·sofllf!: mim:lb~a~.partners
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Adf'l1osi[f1! trip~l()b'JJh;!!e (.ATP) is d~e eom!~[,eI1!Y ,c~l.rl"!e~ey IfI~U cellular UfiC. One O of lhe!ij,lIic liOI:iS of ellergynle~a 001 sl1l1l, to i is
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5. B. :s.-dIll~k..i'Ilia:aliN;!,l. M!"~ Bltt.!. 1l.ew: 61..26,2 U997}. ·6- ~; B~6u5 e~ ol, lVlit{\!t~dQij!, (i~3;!200~l '1. 1(. IU. H~rlridlu. ]. III Hqes. S:. F! ~v.a" r; G. iBlt'W£!~;~.IF. [l~.Lo~g\W~~!.I1l! ~96, &Iii! !l?!l91 V.i" Orpham, c.1'I!, iiI!;M~. f'{.•• 1I. lfIiruklts, K.V\


Md<I!l!gll~, £.. fC•. [)IiLi:Ogl.S\:telJt'~ ::l:~.~,.q;B4 ,~t!l'I,ou. ~. v •.!" Orpnam, tIHl ..HilllJl5lt 1!l1ll.l'I!inridK, Itt Ill" Mda!~llm, E.. Ii. 1i'i@\~CfIg\ PfOC.Nafl •.Aan! Sa..(,I.sJt 99,



1663 t20QIH. JlIJ, ~. S.IIl~I)~~h,.O\iemi. Ii'.~ liU. ·1Ii6(iQ!!I!m. A. A. RiI!il~cu!bil!~~ffl!lJf~ ai, Na!Uin~440, 91.M2006). .






Human (ytoilT!.eg,gl.~ovifYi'S,'~xp!'l~~'Se$ no ncoi1Jin91 IUJliIs [h<llt. r-e<p:roes'!ii ho~timmuU1e r'e1i:pon,~l'~ ,(I ilinng i~fcUi(!!lJ,


~<I~~l1t ]Xln!j ;:.;h~iI1~il~fed~()\~....AJle'r ,tli iq:aJec:ting a host cell, a hcrpesvir.ll, ,DNA genoiue enters ti:~cnucleus \'1 :her.ei,l.b; Unit'scribed to make both Ine.~se:il~gerRNAs


!l';rp.:sviw!;il;l!l. are pfilhogelil!ie DNA \iirm;es. that CHIl estaotisb leng-term


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cCldJ]:~gRNA s rue RNAs) ~i) (see the flgIIJt"C). Somc::' qflh\;,:~ v i:ml !leRNA;:;; ~!r~ I(),~g
I[ mQ~ timID! I00 aueleotides (:l1It)j .\'\~u:'I"e"s eihers, ,t"3.1~led mh::ro.RNAs (miR.NA.S:).I!11"e sharI, (-22 nt), Ahho'lug:~ q:!ll~RNAst"1l1'1 selectively

<l1I.1d'ld.1I1~t~'C· ~ntiviiW'J~ defenseml,1.ech<lIl.1 isms. .. hlii]i1,Ue ~~Ptlll~~:;'. such as rhe Pfl.1gflH1Ifl]i1~cd death {3poptDS~,S~ iH~fit':ctf:dI cells or tb~ :pro~ of duct~onl ()f imeli<:nl':lliJi'i thilt ."cl"i,\i~te ifi'inriIHm~ res;peo:~ses. are ,oute.~i~fi£s.en..odby molecular derermi n:fllnl~I:~:2l!tm:ciml;flri;ltrlD cha,ractcri:Olks of '1!X1rticu!nrp;<ll.l:iio~en:~. Ad<'lpthre immune

a ~ng~ of h~!ill~t~ d~il:th h; iijdu~l1id ~a.Wyi!iilU~·~ vlrus ~ eyd~. if~ Despite ~:h,e:se i.l1Ilsi.ghlS. we are left f~lirh
f1~!lIiil-:rtlU.:i Ilerp~~vi ra IIH.;RNA;o;,.indud



forw'hrich no fJ'l]nClio]1l15 are k.I.lo\.vn.D'[l these ncR.NA.~ prm~lQte "ind

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in cn~~n'!s:r.wcogn~~.;: alow~ viml

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an!.iml. Ile\.ren~lci~ess. :e foreign lo~1teinfeeted m org<1!llh;;m. 1.l:IIltnte rel'>'flml~~s ilrer.JpidallfBd em]

at. and Stem-Gincssar

herpesvi rus [~!iJ~H C~11 cause sevese d ~ sea se in l'Iewbor.lil. infants aad li.:UI. ]mnH,m(lCOmpro~ mis~d lndividuals. ~~l!cod..,s <lit J.~~lST n:\ii() long neRNAs: and 1.1 miRNAs .. Reeves et
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S h'lllttiillil,g ,d~WIIIi~heil!llllllllllilrul! ~leSpO:l!l:!iiE!'. Inriet:tio n by HCMVindilHJeSa sla·t.e 'o~ moetahCiI.k stre~s. lhil'~. wo·urid flo!ulr1'i'llly nigger Itos~ imlfflIUIII'I.e< I'IeSpO I'IS~S:~ft~!lJdiln.g(~[[lly:si$ 0 r <I.~QI1I(l$is. H eMil pm~rmlS.lhE'.se 1mmulne i J~SP()!lSCS; ~ilil~llwCl Vif.ll. nc:RiNAS. Th~ !~2.7 Il'lfUU\: bil1!d'~MJIKC-!I OO:rrlpo· ~2, J), t~JC fU!fI{;liou of ~:uost;v;~r(l~1 RNA.;':l has been ~lncb;:,n:~l 'm~5 I:L'C been sug!l"e2>~ed th.u "ilrill nc::.RNAs migln

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k!rem(Ji;liiliit-ed" :Sllc~~... fu~ pfUhf.lg.~mhm'e nlh:;~, ~ ,evolv·ed] :1Jil.lecl~allJi:srnlsdl'J.t 31'treI'llUm.c these has,! ~mm·lml;i~~m~;~. Although mnueruus v~,r.dly encoded inr<;let!1!gOlSl i!n~lnunl"'·ifliisp~~ i nsein h ibirors, \Vitlmin hours ofHCMV illifeclio:m:. a -2.'"j~ ttl viml !~cRNAf.ap~lY called [j2. 7)flc~u!1n~·· 1:lIles. re'2I:c:~~il1ig ~20% of ~OI:<I~. irsl RNA (8). v t !nt~IlJOsUflP~,st>,ivc 1~1.IOI:(.':i.l.1J!> knm!l~l.rr:c.gl~.lm'- lRiIlC\lcsl!UII. ir~p!nlhat ~,;t7'binds Ull;)Olnpoare tory ~!tcRN.A's o:Aer viruses ~ver;)lpo~:el'liti'll nelll~.s Of~l'ill~.rodlond·fial resp~J~ltoliTy chain i)dv~mlltg(]'~neRNA,K db ~!l1: eed h'i be transn eo!u]p<kx I (M.RCC~~.) al'i.d db~f'liby iOul~:ii~i.zt:~~ lated aad C".1Il therefare <let ,,",~pid~y.nley C,In MRCC':[ flUI'IiClii;on. [nfec'~:i.ml.of ce]l:s 'i",,:uth an !!](>(J' b(,j' qU~I~ ~m~~!. \~i~~ ~1~Y be ~,!r.!IJ1'IO~~~!~t HCMV m~t~:<mll~cl!;ing i~~.d~.~~s relo~2,7 '~[l~ ~Trom.lite mhodu:mdll'ial.m,(:lil,l~bl<lnt':. resu Idng re:ilp()n~. Ghr~ll the pre(:;OOemofce!hd:;;~rl'eg~ irl. rt'eluced energy [in l:lefoFllu of ~~derlO~irlitl ullmolfYl1cRNAs.,it ·usllliCrelhl'l.': not sUI'prisillg l.riphmphaN:: lATP J] pmdm::ti!Ol1 Ilmd lillie thm herpel}vinlses. encode both klR[g :iilCRN!A.:s intdw.;I~:(l1ia Oil' apeptosis, Stwiki ",gly • a Si:L~.l il~:r and nnjlll~.. . i\llA,~.1.1).. or e.x,Jmple .. Eps~ein~Barr I( F effect i~ seen when ceUs <~I'etreared with virus ~pr~Sl?i'l\'Il,Iolol1£!, neRNA~ th!!!it irlhiitlir ro~~fl(ltl~. Ctlmpo~lnd u '[11mi!'lhlbi~s MRGC'-I cellulae ~J1tefferon res'~lmlSes. <I1~~DU!:lh the '19).EJ:p.res.sio.~1of ~\2."1'~~ w.il.d"'t:Yl~e llChllV by l!I'd~!ly:iI~ 1I1~~llt!!l~lSm~rm.li,fItt';~nc~~rv·'). A pr~vlOilu~~h~ relel!;:~ih::;Hk.'!f'I of MRC-~ miRNA ,ellleOOed byh.erl)es ~.illlplex. v.~rllS: I. d~;ml."ll C'MV inWeCfUo.liI, or l·otenOIlit:II."e<ll(l~1 S.V~~.)p!'ev!2!11ts~pop~.O'$~s.by b~.oddng till;: u'lcni .. A.s <l res.u.lt, ~2.7 m:lit on:ty pJ\.."\!'e~.tsd'~c ex.pJiies~,()iII1. f two cel~lll<u pm~e.ins. SMA..[l3 o ]n'em~t!u'lre ,death of infected 'cel ~'s;,IJln <'Ill so andllmllitSliormirilg gro;\"ft;~~. ~CI.or-ll.whic~l call f (;f1s.l~reJ>·lhe sh"lbh~ pfoduct~oJlI ofAT]l' durill.~ lr.agger .<Jpopto.sis U)..i'\~~optQsi:> C<l1lIbl: m.l I~.elilCMV :~i! lief.~cle.

respm~1ii~t3)- Evidence ~ulP'po:l"t.ing~:lln.is ]Iiypothes.usis: no·w pl'ovi.ded by R:~~\l\~S€rt fJJ. Imi a IfGeemi~~lt~ ~~~'S~·il?m:·.r: (4) and by StieWiI~.-Gillossil:r Oil !)ilge: :3 76 ilm.~ll~.~.s is.'>ut::(J)., Bath sTudies :s!inrn',v lhm h~n1iiHU1 ,cyw~ 11.~leg~ r !JI;':l. HeMV )e:x prtt!l~l;'s neRNA.s levi { th~l ia~~m.vi~riL;\lClil;d ~i,J'US tJ) evade ~!IUUU~ im~ uume re~.po:rtlses..
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W here a s dl~ f~!lct ian (l f me] s~ C\;ll~~111!1' reg!Jl.rl~»ry lli:.::RN As is ijlJO'r~y Ul1:der,.;,ulod. ~ollJg naRNAs are knowllJ to direot ebremesome si Ie:m1cil:lg.eg l~1 gene ex pression ..or r aie ~~la:~ffit!ti.'tirnl. chlliOmO~,lInc unle~li'"hy. 11m. ~ddlilf'(}ll, etlktlryotic (1e~~:i! express nemereus nuRNAs th,1,1ytli.de a r~.bonucle[lproleiu complex I[the·

given lh~c\l'il~:pHcl~i~ ~f\'i~::'l~ gr:=ULUl1iil~ RN~ !lire <I~SOpoor!llIrg{!'I'S for im:lapti.v(:l· i.nnm.um:

cal ir..~ti,lJn of M !lee-[ I;,'{IJfill~J't.U'l~.n'[lj


RJ'>.Jif\i !~dw::G"\I1 s~[~!'I;cjl!,g CU!1l1!Ji'lI~x(R ISOC)1


~,nRNAs l.h~1t l,isplay sequeaee ,aoJm.lp]eme~.mr~ c ily ,13).,. IUSC reeruitlTht'!U 1;;'11[1linbibit mRNA : '~ Ir<llls!l!llklrl QlJi [ndm.:c· mRNA degra.d:,,]lll.on . ~ o ~ ~ Th~' ~ulhtlri;~imllhe~m~er fo~ Vtr~log,:v ~mdD~p<lf!m~rn ~ G


.~ Mille.c!illn 'G~metks ilild MKlr·DIl~oIDg~ •. O.Ulk:eUni!ollmii)' i!:I Medic\a I ('~IfI.te'~',[)u~hall!1, roK 2H'G7, USA. E'maill,
.~ cu~e002:@mc.,d~U~e.edu

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one liSV~ miRNA ~i). 1'10 frmc:tioms ha.~it::' ~ bcr:'~, deseribed. Stern ... i~ms!>:H ei (il. noted thi'l~. G oae I:ICMV luiRNA. [l~iR:,~UlI12. di~~l!~;}yS SU"ltL:ellce cGm~.~p!,elml!cnWIl"iI:ytn the ;3. '"m~l.m!ms~ liruu."<!, region ofcenul~r lli1l~RNA ,encoding MHC c~a.~!ll-fdmoo dl~i!l IB(M[CB),.~ lig~t1]dfilf ~. re~eptor fO\lild (]~ :~<'lu.tr'llki'II.;~r ells 'of ~h~ e nn~j,mllu:' s:y~tem. JVUCH e1li:.p:I.es. is; nOfilmlilJly s~on

p:lli:si:ung ~'1l"j~e the HCL\lV lJL .~ 6glYCOJiliro'tei~1 ~I~so .illhi~1!il!!MIen eel l~iSUrfmJc exipres.<iionby Ca\!SiBll(gi~~~nlirO~ce~~.~~ :oeque.s!ralion (II },ir IiiI' dlC):'refore :llppe'an; thm [I!CMV has m,:ol\ ed 1'\,'0 d~Slin!l::1.~1IiI]ech'''Ini~1Il.1S ~~ prevent cell-s,~.lJl:l~,oe

'~rge:~s for C'h61n(lt~1~~!p~l!i·ti:c i!~10'r\~lli!d~)!) iill berpesvlsus-induced d iseases

:l rrl, I'.. (onlO!d ell1j" (~dSgriiigH(tfl#~~.

•~<;liv.w~cl"'h(;1~cells .~ru ,,~~bj1;)cted severe \ to
stress, inc~,mli.ll~virus infeeuon, Cell-surface

M1CBn~<JIj',k~ Ihe~ oell:;.; ~'brd~tnlct~U:Ii1I, y natb 1LI1I<1~ ki:Uer cells {I0), The authors show lUBa~
HCMV~~,~,m:~UlI12: inhibits Ihelml'll[;latkm of MleB mRNA. n.le:D'e~L!hi[lg:llli..'<eI,1(:e ofNUCB
pll'Iw.in pf'(l~I;)\.I1~ ]-[CMV·~nr~cmd

("$11:0 ;)!g.'!~mll

1\/IICB 'I!.,,!pre£i"km-0!1~~1IiIi;;'tI~m~'t1a pmldn by ~!1;dthr;;oth~!' b,y iii ~u]RNA. l'ogether; these 1\\'0 studies !iugge:st. ilil....t m.1!lY 'o:f Ihe long I:'H.;RNAs .1ndmiRNA;;; ,elm~oded by hlU~liil:Dl~Il~rpesvirases ~~ay share the <!biIi:ly ,of'~;;,ilu:,!un ~lefJ~e:s",;~ S nOIi1l~lrueW lUL':il~ pr(ne'i:~.s to inUaibit host immune respoma~s i.I11i1i!, hence, aet as p21lhOlJelITlid~)i' f(low tors .. Viml ncRNA.:s theretoee clearly merit ~~(I~ASoan~id~~ol:~km rOl~!Uk~~ly a.fl ~~ur;)cli\l·\;

2. a, ,~, ~Ietl\ N(tl. Gene1. 3i'i11 il:5 (~OOi$h ~ ~" ili. P.ihl~~ (I1Jll:1~ 2~S:],(:;li)!O;1I). ~. M. lB. Rf!Il'i'~!l, Ii.. It ll)ililli~~, IP. [!,lj~1I!flr~ G. lilt S., W!Ltim;c!1\ J. It Si~'!li!il:.S.if,ll{~ lJl6\ U45 ~OO<l~'. !iI. N, .5.I.t!n1~GrR~;I1tf 11ft, S.r:iM(,l 3:1:7', 3M ~~OO;l• 6. M,]I. Clfffiem~., 1.111. J" ,~. (ei'J 8j"a~.38.164 l(2iOO6.t 7, A, """~~ ~1~,I'l'~~~ ~J!~.8;1:tlOO~1 8. I!l:. P.WSli!llrJr)l otl.~L. JG'tn, i!itD!..9i\l1, :i!5,1J[1(21llO)), 9. ~. u el' a!. Jl tl'iaL ~7,al 8516 '(2)00)).

BIIlI.n,ln ~:mo~l.


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a.!..). Eitp.I\1M. '1'111, 1.-1127 12.0031.


Prima ry e Ria C!O nla,in the ~t'c@ptti,r lor' a ~~(Jleted p'rQ'~'i n (r!,u:l;a I (It)r 'cell rl;gti,l!1ltl(lii1, strengthen illiigl their potenli<1l, as~i~ln a llil1g

centers il'! the '~~lt
,ny peop~e are tI'!I:n1d~.iru'with motile cHitJr. the ce~ilul<![. llilvdike projec~an,swhese lbe'iti'l:JiY:~euer.lte;sn~~id 110"11,1 lh~( .~n~(lI,!;~s pa~t.id~ frum ol!.:!ro$pil!'a~ r wry U"'dC! O[ help oocyl,es~ss thnJWlgillliner.al~ t If~ll]aillrub~. I)r~ci3d~!lis A nnw ~UO\:\I'tng fl1r' primary cilii<li .. the n03ilmotih: CO'llIIuu:rf)art,S,. p:resf::n1t us 11 :singl.e ~Olpy 01] the surface of
11.~1'(1S~ell type::) c
illiA O~~lt


i.Dlg~he e:xpoossiclJ) ol"spt':d!lie gene$. This g)en1;" pl'Otdns [I:ela.ted W Iht: i~:nvel'mbl'ate' Hedgehog (llh I proteinJl~;Ol~ bnnds ll.) tbe tml]$~nembmml~ i,X,d iiCnelJ1l'[eis\'ve]~ ,esl!t'lb~]:lihed~ ho~\'~v~,I;lm.er~ proiem Parehed (Pte) allhe eel ~slI!r:f<fCe. Upm:i .~re :L~~<Uly!JIUll~tll ved <ilue!itrol.1S O!ilOllt lilm.ere.g!JI~ bb~ding. Shh :l:bo~~s,h!~sth~ i~hibitory 'L;lll~ct lat~ i!1t()iI'<I~lifinbili:~\,~'~~M,1¥~rnl!e tCO~~;puJ~61U:;; ef Pte on .U:IJQ[lu::1f l'l'lnl!Slfleilffi~b ran1.e prerein, ofthe pa,i1ia;\·,r.J:Y;' i:1 is: um:le-d:r how Sl:IIh·PI.C' and SnriU)~ll;hG~~d (Smn). Tirl~ relfuL:lf[mm i!1bbi[Utl~' im!l1i!rac'~{)~nC~l~~ Sl1l0 si.gmdi:~~:u::tiv ~ 1ty, .Previloos: 'IA'Ol'ikhilS Sh(w'·iiI.lh!l~, prim,my eil k"l :Il1owsSmo tD u".msdm:e a :signall to the' rmeleus via gHonm (GI,j ILrdns~:illb.ioll facb.OiIilS, t~iggem'~ :!Ire essential For S~~~,s[gmIHrrng, .M:ulkllioDliS Wil

bod}.!, D~fect$ill


~rnlilryi~is ~l~ve been ~~~Ilikeddisease . .and '11'0"(:. c [1(1 ~,lm\' know thaI; t'~~ie}'liLlnCl~ons mli(1]ue a ,U:lilenlll;I~1 ike S~ir.'lIt'n'l,re:s., p~'(Jbi'lilg the: eXlrd!C'e.l~ iul1ar ~lnd!Dl'i!il~):ltRfli m.()~e<,':Ul'~Sthill! flre f'6'C~ eguized by the receptors they rem.': Tlns sens~Hy nlm!Clkll'l allews primfllr)' cma ~{D ,ct1(lrtii11,1iMe. }lIInC1101l!> ~.nte.roeI~ ~ uhlll' sug Il>mil. il;l~Pilll~,~

surviJV"JI.~JI]d dif~ lierelllialiO:i11 of ceUs: dllru 111; t~.illbrYOllic d!;w,el~ OJlUlGf.!Il 'lirl.d in~imi~el~~U1e~of h~~J[hy lis~'l.De5;
l!Jl:'ljlS l'hiijt~guhlt(!grOW'Uli.

( J )1. Oliia'p<I~e J 7:1 of Ih is iils~II,e:.lto.n~llgi(!'j' ,


(1, f~rf~~~rdJilfi~l;\'~l~~ Qfpr.~!lUlg.'}I' dli~ i:~ rQI~ regl~h.u~Ii1I.g the rl;~pU:JI1$!i: f ,~~~U:; SOrlie o ~o ~:l~dgcl:mg [Sirl:~;J.:Isec'rot!e<.ll pmtci:n1, that con•.

stit m~ one of the most fllliidumeClJl,dl


II~ighty censcrved sn.gna:lli.11jgsystems iI~ verteb:r.:l~e de'llelopme.lill (3). R~glLJ,~,med movement of key p:rote:in S, :iilllo <'Imll,eut of the i(.'ii~l!1ml ceealt;'~ a &flphis[te~tl;;'d S'I.".jn;:'1:!by \";~,ic:hsells 'C'H~ tum th:is pO\\reliflll s.ign~~,illl.g ,ml:lnul off.

S:~ltli, \Y.ElII;; ,of lh:roe: p<!:mloSo1Js w~neJb<It"te:
5. '[ (1wi~~I1~n t!; at lhe IO~Fln'Uml (tf J!\oDl@rnlii'l BiolDlJ~ lhru"e.ril.y of Cajl~II1'h.alg:~m.., fopenh.agli!ii EJlt;-210!l [te:llm..art :E'!Il1lIt 5 _"eM. on is ~ml lhe Cdl Elirikig1 aod .IBr~lIdh. ~alilmil1, ,lmtL1Jlilre ,ei Child He,altlii< .. mill Wiumll!JfI Oe"'~klpnnll,j1Jt Bieithesda.rlm
2l(}OO:2, US!\. E·ilT:Ia~~ ~mI@M1<1j~lnjlt!101;'

A. ci~~'<!y~wiill:h. Jh~ ,Ilrima ry'~ilium t'mal1~te s ,a:l;lIl~O ~itilry o~g~ne!~e'iiro llil mOlil ooR~ i~'OI!J Ilod:f. l~leU} r r ~n '111'Ie< b~;nCJ! (III' Shll, IPtc lrran,-sIO(alleSt(:l the ~rilif1~ry Cilhll1l11 andl b.[od::s dl~~loc;a!:~.l!aU(1flIII Sma, TlI"iln$crI~ltlon ~ ry ( I~Wm; (Gu) ,~r~ dC9rMI~d or proOOS,i~(J t.OI roprl1sro.rs. (GliRl. '!lRi!iJi~t)Upon bi flIdilflg orS!h~t(l :Pi!ch!!hfl' d~i!!!m. IPll: '~eiI~ll's...ill Ad S mOl emers.. tha dli uml.Thf,s ~wiltd11IIT1i!!j! 00' {i(lIllIJol~f.ed ~S.tl'['Q15 rniE?J3soohom [be dliu m by mellillbraln~ by ~t(.G li liSp!'()(eSiS~d '~(JI01I1i! ~d~l;\aW fClrll1 (13liA). .

ge'n-es (lllCOdhll_g prfl~eil)s e$~efl~~al for d~h~
assembly, such i:'LS, int"'Llf1agel~iI'Ii lmnspon the: pm~e.nml~ (4}.res~I,1t:~IldysftnlCli.OIMm] Shlm S:ignal~ ing andsevese ,dtlvelopmelll;;']~ di!'lOllden; ~iln mamllll~i:!; (.5). Furd~.;:r. ~'!.'C'r.l~. ro11lp[llle~]!:!; of 11113Shh~ltll\V'oly speei fic,1 Illy localize liClthe li'Wl or I~~L;: of lite pxh1~~rtei lil.Ul~1 t 6-9).i!)dl~dh1g iGU If;;jlSl,;'riplionI11ielo!1; ~nd pro'l~iij~ tha:~~glJ1~ late GH .lclijl\'ity at the ciJi.~lrnllwp. ilLoc~~~Z:"IIliolill ofSnm ~(l,~~IJt~ pri'1IIl~y,r;;:~I~"m jm;;ro'ii~;S\¥lle:n i~ cellis s,tIJmill<ilied w.ith Shh {7). illidi.cali~g~]ll~U:


imp!)!f~~m fol" 'C~II~!I~!! ehelesterel lrlld.llcking (I! l Oxystf!n:ds m1li)' ilI:fte;:;;l, SnU) 10c.,1 iza.d(m. d.irt1Ct]y Or' .ind:~ooc:t~y. y Im'ls.k~ng or umnEls.k.~ b il1g ;)L ciliary
H~r-gl'l~ I'I,g

lhr.~underlle ~e Shh ct':lhd'(Ir S"\I:~l:C~. d.~re$to mine hoo'·Il.I']mflIiY cil iii, rWl.llctiO'J~ as sP'L"ICi.di:rod
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i:rlPU1'So~.llrnn$cnplim .. fm;tor'~Gll) ••r::l~\i'ity. <lind d!l1mli1j~~of Snl!,')'. Oi!ffi.e11l1J1~tioo i~II~'ni!> demafu ~tl di1>!:.'rnreli ,~l.O\vthese mcdli:;JilmiS'l~lS ImliYinrc:r,lcl PJiieveJ1l"K ci~ioru Im:;"I:iIZ<lliorl ;mdthu~ Sllh :.1i,gI'I!.~I- \~':~lh o~:!ner~~i.;Iil::;~I~~ t:v~mN. such as \'\fm s~~r..,liug .. \vhereas a1l1otbcr~,~uun i(lrrm:~nClf'C'~~ I; i1- ing. i~hum~. hC;li:lth ='Iuddlsease, i~ryl~1 i~~tijUil c 'td {'ifS~l(ll a:iu! ~iPpgr!5Cgn!l!t~IUR!ef'ili!f~IlI(lJl,~ ilndNorb!s rive ",c:t~v;:lti.o11 of~IJm.eShh 's.ign<l]il1gparli.1W~1:Y (i. 1.). T. (_l!.fiil~l'!<'l~ t ~, lr,e,;lli:~em. Sd!!ru:~r. P•.snit; t 9)., M(l~~Q'Jl~r;lipi!d n~ft"'_mern h:m't'le f~gitlllS rrofjfc :81 97 ~2001t
enriched ~I1 me'mlls-ulJj' p~omole tl'il.e continuom; 'ci~ionr targ,elio!; ;mldlorre'tell!l,ion of speSl!l.C~1


ShIHnedi,,~led gl;:neml;i~nof active form5 uf ~h.e(i~w~T.lI,1'J(r:lp:tnon :ra~10[Srakes pl~ce in the
.izes IC~~lep:r:inmry eil jmn <mddun SI~:lill. billd:::.ro

,(,':~~ Ro~:atg] !;~ 'lll1rr~~' ium" show Ihm r~c !ocal~

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~lIt&a.or:s show t~KU: the uuique Olm,d'r:::onc;ened I\IUlVe~~~ellil IllitC' out of: ,UTIdSnu) :ilmo, l!I~cIli~ of rnilr'yci'~i'llllll:l COl'IsJt~[!lIIte~ cel.~lIi1l<1!r Sign'l'l Ii rig ,<I !ii,~'I,!~I~J :~~'p'Q!Ulsive0 S;~l.~, d~c figure). 1 {Sill~ W,~y does [l'I:c locilliz.e to theprillillitrj' CI I~ ium? .~.f(: £~em! oLw~o~ !ld:'~llt~,gcS, T~£'i d~,i~lm p:Wl)\'id~s a m~~~h !SJ':l'i!ial~r.;:iI z.i'l,ufacG' mea O',(:f which ta ~:nI:egrl'u:e<I sigrn~1. BecallJ:.u~

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z, 1fI~,Fl(lD~\9i.l.Milen~C;M, IP. SC(JitS!:~(e:H!l. 3n: 1200'7), 3;. Y. w~ I'!.. i!. !I.'~Mn, B, t, Mt~;rI". w; GpM. (eN 8i!<!1. ( ~~'. '1)9 (2GI:lI:n .k J" L iiij!~mtJ~~m, G, iI. 'Wii!iIrI~n. Na-l .I'la:: Mol: ,Crl'IIll!l.illl ~, :B:n G!QC1.2:~• 5- J. M. S~JII~!~,'It ~errs~(;], Cd~1,2:5, ,n~ titlOO6k ~" if; I~~I)'. (. If" [arki~~. Ii:, 1J; ,1!JI,ti~ii.. ~i!Ii!:. (~Ir1,'2,
II. (.1. H\ilYlI'.:I'fl ~ ,"/., !'loS' ,Gj)rll!!'.:I!, ,~3 (;!OOSJ. 9.5:. II:. ~'1 ~~DJ" ,9~ 8ia~.:ZiI1l7,3711 ~200;.)). ... 111!)- 'I': t'rna~; y, IO:~; liL H iR;il:~, NOl~~ ~;J<5, l:j1~



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ami cO:Luml of tissue hl1imt'ltu.~asis,.


'~'h.eciUum p$'l_nrllIdes frorn the ~uailil\e~l b!!)dy; (
PIC has,a gre<lleli o;ppo.rwnhy to seil~se gm.dients,

Anil~~ogmL~iy. the proh~il1 il~v~rsrin,. '~l!.Ihr'(;halso Im;<l~ji2:eS to r:liil'lril:<1U:y ci~:i~ .. lbl1C~IDoIll1S it meleeas ular !iwitch bel\,\il;l~!ltwn s,igJ!ffi~II]ng p;;ttbw~~ cluntfOn~"d by th!:;:\j(;,lcM~dpJ!ln~i!1 \V~t.ful{jl:t~r lundamental and conserved :systelm.l t:liaat cenuols Lleve;,~opm~!l[ llJ). fne.'I{l ;ht1!llll!'l-!~ ~Ire { to defiae l~.Cpree ise moh:m wll.a:lirn.e()h~m.1smfl!

~2()On. ~1l.lY.I[jIii~ln.~, C. Ot!iRg, M. ~.!mi.~;~.!iiill:tiKhl,MJ'lr.t, C. kev, ,O!{I ,~. 8kiL 2;l~ lZll (.2000.~,
1!~" M. )Utigiij e1'~. Mdt Gen.ei'.l'1, 53? {~I:lII!)). ~l!3. Wf!' ~llmm'lol 8" '~d'''I''!I'~n and 'P. S.ollir fi!!f hill!pfilUoDm, L fiijJ!iIIl!! illiFil ih~ma~(jIiC"pl. .


of S.~,hnJilll~e£u~e~ ..:we;:~s :in rl!]"~l~etU' remc],\fed from the y:eller~.1 ,e;:,11 surface, For ,ex;Jln~.ple. du~illg 'carly 'L;'imbryo:uai(': d~'v\l~!OI)l~l!CUt. O~~ ,(II irected DlU)\'C~liue'mof ShiID·conll1lii.l~ i1'IJll ~n,p()· , pH11~in p~nid~s i:f' U'.oug[rlrt Hl bre~k le f'l-ri~hl
bad,), !'lymm,etry in vertebrates j I:Il.~I1~s seenaeie •.rolaJling ci:~ia. p.r~s.enl on cells b;a. a



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LI,arnllilng INlatulr8~s,Way: B,ioslsn:singl with Synthe'l:ic INlalnOIPOrei:s

il1lg emrhryo. The pt1.ni:c.;~essL;Ib~t::qu.ellidy frn,g~ m~nl, .~nd released S;lmlilllml'ecl!!il.;~ Ke~$~d SYllitJl!I!~k s.ensclr!;· Wi!! rIlll:I'~E!wli!r rl!c:O~l1Iitionl e!jl\E!nts]111 are l1Ii3Jnomell!r"CS~iI~ IXIn!!~for se!~~tivE! dE!t:ec:lhm by pri:rrn.l~rycil ia, wh ieh aetivaresa .s.ignl;,'l,1ng i of p:roti!lllS, rU,lcleotide:s, ,gii'HI dr!.lg~.


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~liI.eIwellJqI.tl~d tm'n1c~illig of Pte m»{i Sma ill.tp.ri~ 11IlI3f.jl,y dl i(l i~~OC:'hi!",,~~tF~r P~c. 1[l\i~~~~9fi\.~r [~, :



Rohatsi ,fit/' til,. den'lollib:strnl,1;! !h<it~ddWI)!l of [lxy$'G~*" whi~h ~~!i;jl~~~
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me :1ilI.illlil.omt'!~:er~:SC<l:~e c~eoLid,es. l'Jia.ey :~3W: done s.o by ~l~~.ch in~g 'm(}]oc~I.lar~.recoglll~li.m.l ag~I1J~s; 1M RA:» that p tllI"C.'s. t:.~a]~. :.pl1.0tt:i. cha.l1~h~:~Si .b.i'.Q~. .. ('1d n ~L.t':., .senmr<i. I~oli'e'J>i.TInple the h~ml~Jit<ll~:ed bind I:hese ~pecii.es 1;0 :s:ymhel:ic OF biologi,C<I;11 .. l]f~n(ipm'Cil, iOllli ~h~IlU1I;t~ hum~U~llIi~1 (II ~,pan.the h~!~.t: m.e:mnlbrn.lles of fU;i,,'e ce']~s,Hird ;Ire dl!o~d i~:i Tih is ~en!lins ,concept W"<IS first used :ilnIb.e
Il~U~· .c~)t~h'lZl!!,;o1,.mt~f.~,\'hkh l'~l my,lecu~'m.·-H;lcog~~li.!J~~ !'iZ\'id

b..ring systems

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do, the Sflme mo:I(!;~lllcs n~qluDrl1!dill, :ml.1,uch $lfiIH1~II!ef pore. ~U!I,d bi,oiogy I~mv,~ded an i,de.a;11 Shh :dg n:1Ii~. tn:ilIJI,sd.ucth:rl1ll. w~He l?iiCU Iso ca.1I1idi.d'arlJe.:lilre n~helno~ys~n" tbH L} ~!1]nopo:re. rermrlm, illlhe 'c.illi.t~11.t tliais finding supports (JDR'l:tioJ] fmllt.n: dilemi~I;~yinto it IL~.l~'.~$.m"jbh: ,o::~[C:ILk~ ~l '1J'.if(llleln 'tlmt fO:f~ns ~ n~HII(Jpo.lfe o ~:Iu:::'il:"Omldiusi:o:n,s lh;u ox)"Su:ml s make Snm c clIrre,IiII[-i:s the e.ssclfI.ce o·,r b~oseml,inlil. :~n Imwolililh :llipiiclobi,I<I'JeF membranes (see~lfne ri~~ ~~o;);\I!;! us~dlhes~ id';,fls i~S(;n~liv{;~iO lhe~!lhibil~ry(lff~cl~ ofP~c. IU!l.d re(~m },l!0'!1"S •. SiCh;':!illl']~llS Uf{;. I)~n~:~). Ttlf!ct ...,." ~n$or. the In\tmoJ! ~h~l:re le'<kse of oxy.ste:m]ls, frill~,nthe cell:1 :~.u~l1nr ~D11l1lkc arlifici<ll to~.·"t\l~<U:IiI1,c~: sensors fbr. alma-~ llili<m.e is :plmced be~v.'t\elll:'l'\"O S<I.~l S!(jIUlliO\~:!!. bnlrntl reS~d~l~~:-: Sm{ltt'dffieking. (~ili.tryll'l~,(;'!W;- lyn;'S i~d~ding, dfl~!b'. 'Pl'(l~t;~oo. oli~(l!:'du- ~!I'!d~11 .~!J!'Iie·eurreliil(~sp.~ss~d l~'irough (~(l and b.ra~.es a~We1'U!i.}~ i~l,clm~e:!!teroi. t~le precUlIit.;or of' : dm.:tl'O]:yte~fill.ed~1l'1il~loporl! (3, :}." Wlnm ~ln oqs!:el'Ol:s" Ilia), 'C{)!!ffitro'il ih~ rel~se t'll.· p~ ox:y~ (. at. MiU~in i~in Ihe lD'l'~ntm~n~ of (m~lTIiSlil:Y i1md th@ ~illal:yte s.ttch Ill,!;, ,~l (]rug mC!'~~Cil.!~'~Ililc]'S the e (eri~ flbr !ll:es!01illlth .at lhelli'olN>alio h'ltler!a(e, i!Jliwei5l~ IIOr sterol:;: from the chol!esieml~ri:clil memhrnlile af Il:<Illopore.it u.'IUsiendy bj.ocksi~,iscm;m:n~; l~,e ~~a<!fll!l".u a'lnesv:iU!!'. ~llZ61:lL USA. E·;ma-ll:(r!l'1a'!lin@ G Ih~ pr.i m~ry dl iunl. nl.(troc~IQr CQfn.lfl~n:sa CUrf~rlil .is r~Slf.ln;:d whC:1l th~ drug ~",its,. As <l ,~her!lu,JfIL~'u2, $, S1""'i i~ in!h~ 1!)~21r!rn~J1It 1ItIys,1i;~ ¢ lII~d ste:rol:~SeJ,1~liil.g domilin .1Iml i:s ]~igMy homolc,," r'Cs.\I~~.01. string oCcurrent pu~ses is obn~ill~ed IUllfCniCllli,)t, Ufiwersil~ af (;ilj;lf~W1~a.Ir'o,ijlfl.e. ¥ilfi~', 0\ h wj[b ,e{!Chp~l~secorreSp(l~ldhlg to ;;t si!1gl!~ gous '~oN~~m~Hul-Pic~Ct prnt:e]n, 'which is 9'26~n.USA.

re.sP'U'IiI~i~'enel\!lJttl ,sill:! ar:lic;l"clh~.I~ [c:nl :il!~md.i:lil,g (31. c.a~1.~Sma (hm:oored i.nlil;l~mc:e-[h,diU·

t.rtun~rl\l!~tu:::r bind~s


to' C(Jllllll

ves[des) ro[I.~JJ!!,'C:into lliwcHilun

<II.nd .i!cti\r.t~e

:s<it~son I:he c~3nil:lmel.it opens, ;fIUo\'>'ill,g ,~~.l iO:l1liccutteIU ~:oHow. 111~S.p:D'Oce~.-jIll,lo;.h:cu1<'INieeogllit.~on ch:em~s,rrylb~lowedby tn:aIlS:~




U~~S!~mic~~l.~tr.:rPlH'!id..:s (.n To




rt!1(1~(\C~L !IlN[''@.!1;$lm~~liO~lc;):\f~!lt

me:~'~1(ldsfor prep;i1xing

111~:!'oB!lStlf coukl dl3'~~c~lmlb;p!!comoh.'lr pc~l~iill

ana:llyte molecuk,:s:lll~e eouuted one ~t a time ~Jl. Ihey pa.'>i'i lhl1.1u~:' Ule 1l~~I!!I,{Jpo:re ). 0


Ho.w.c'vcir. II sensor bared
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'!Jtlu~dcOl,lm .any ~~1ok~t;:~LI.\; t~~u



c~~ e'ln/!ef~~d p.a~sthi'(iugh. T~l 11~13.kehe pore selective •. <HI t M RA th,~t blinds ~h!i,lUii:rg~'~ ~~Illl-' ~y~e' as be~:1111 anaehed tOo the h

siilrn:g ,e~l,l~lIIopor-e[lm.el,1.l~ comu~enln,u:iallis I~i'n. ~ braues oft hi:; ty'pc ( 12). nlf; second MRA.. sYI1iI:ilcli.c..~ltumpore se.Il.~ :SC!f ( 111)1 deri\~e!'i frO;lfIl <Ill M RA"b:oll."ed o~ig;(l([ilu·and rOlf elchi!lJ8 cenical dcotide-lr,,:~:spmt J1I1IC1!'I1~b:r.me {.14). Hu~JP'Ofii! PQr~$ (se~ I:~.C· fi~lJm. W'd:8 moc.~rur<llbr.iC<lled ill .~i lilOlli diQ)c!.ide. \!,;TIich ~lJI;lI!erI)'lrte~.ll{ 13~. ArmJ~,oje ~I~e,)ci£sCl;1!1 l~ (If'!'Ul~cd 11> e'H&)I to ~:hl1ct iOl1uliz~ us;ing :Kilo:x=;Ll1:edlGJUS(lrv~d as th~ one ~~11i ~hlll~ they rra- i$~ry. A~pli£:onudwltd(i I.';:; :attached, MRA •.31Jidlhe t.rrget OlIIl;lly~eV/,13S d\i.e V'f~ I!be:~nU!.v oa::elliing 'l oriip J' of II (!(lil~Ci.1li.YrlQ- Qligm:gw:l~tllidl.;l ~l;ItIU(;1~{Vth.~ti"C{lmp~iilne~f pare l SeIlS(y1'Sw.i~illqp IID'Y 10 the bound seque:IlIJCe.l'hi:cUll:'iren;t pu~ ses
A peptide· i!R~~~e p~"es til f'Q!lJglh Lhe ,~IoHIL~~11I0pl!lrti! (4',

in:-;i(~e S!l.Uf.fi:I4;.'I;: nr~hc nmmp(ln: (.1). N m'l'. when the aIli[I~yte
enters, il. binds to the MRA and r~ri()d of It!m.~.e: d~wrmim~d by the' ehem istn:y o:hliDe MRAhlna= iy~e: i.lThH:i~7I;t!t The .lIesu~:ting ia~l.. C'llirlrrent pulses call! be d i:-;\'i agllli.!;:~.0d from l:~.o,~e~mdllJred by ml:l~ecll~!eslh~ll do 110itbilll<B.oo the MRA. and a .s;~i.~ct·u\~~ :S~!i!:'

opellillW' of:2 um beea ,described ( 7).



~ilr lh~ ,n:ml.yle 0 lig,(lnuch::otid~ coul d be disliIJSJlJishe(~llrol'n pulses produced by oiigO:Iil.lII.d~e(lil.id~s [h!lll diM Itot bind ·~·C)ll!iellIuached


Ute ~mll cur.bieilU fDr a

R~~iahJ~ metheds
Ilrepar ill.1l); Yllithel~C S



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ods faX' ilt~m::il,ing I he- .MRAll ..~re II:ILO\\l'n. but several ch<'lUen~es l'em~ui:II1 Fin.;'[. because .. I:~~.e· o;~i~I. n~n.opor~ isprepsred by pruteln se If-,Issem],bl y. J?Or~ fiJ.bri.c'I~:imil ]S .... N:rj·
sfiU1OOI1l df&J!idil' memtiran,es. {S~

OO,V' i,~ obl,dn~d,

IEJ.ec.U'Onl m~C1og;raph OIi!.n.rft !1'imnpowes IHlitlil d1~lenml: di.une;ters. in

.rellmdllci.Ih.I~,.[t mustbe dei!illl!onstr'.. ~edlh.al


This 3.PPI1O<I;ch hss been used ro !rli1:1!ke !O'.:-HL-bil~~d sensors Iltilt are selective 10 l1lel:l'l~ lens, drugs, '~llnteh;ls.. and 0.1ig:m:mc leet ide$, (J). 1-]Qw~I,'t:r. tile .~ ipidi ~,lle1!'l~.brJllme hoases rhe flJ[lopo:re is \lew)' that I'r~gjil(1!. dilEl~!ljshiIng '1 he' PI"OSI)a.~1$for develClpii:111!;l :J1l'rm:~ ..~sell sen fronIil '~his~ed~:11 I~ ic 0 o.g)'. SY~ltbe'~~c ~1Ul!~pore ~,ors. :~~~Ih sen ~ ic:hi
the pore :u.~bo\L"Cd into

!);.'Ilii,OpOl\l~ can al~i!) be pn;:pO'lfL':ld reprodudbly. Secol1ld. d~,e:irloll!H;e~:1ll stabUllY i(ow.'lrmJJm'h:5,) mus~ be explored,

f.intl~~.y. ilh a~I.~l,gem:1r[c en,ginecl"i~g ci'lin w IDe used liO ....~ w.clla the MRA <lIt ~r:uy desi [led lecarion ::J~ong Ih!:!illis~idl,e: ''''''.IIU~ of the !1f~oopure<.A srep '~oward such p[lijl'Dt~$cl!,lc-

li\'~e M .RA fu nctiolllanZ.,.~ion :b!! r-eoendy ~~!1 dltmO~ls~td wif~!l :SY!1t~.~[ien.[!~lO.lXIfe by cleposi 1:1~. a. nl<ltedallll.3t n b:ul1.ds rhe



mechun iC<'l~.ly s;labk mem bl:";iI~ernJiI~e rial (5-1'0) .. offer .1 P'Oi'i5:~ble50:iuti,oi.L Current reRe~rch in this area .ro~l1£e-s fin h¥oke-y que:llI:ILol1l::1: H(JlW cau 5yUlI:~:letic pore~ , ... ifh, ills;i de di<lmet,ers apiPllrOild, ~i1~ mol ec ala r
dim~nsi()gl~ Irll.~mlm€:l'en') b<i;; pr~~r,~d'? And ~~.o~:\t MIRA:; be rlUflclffied. SOO that sdet:'tive cmm,

MR.A <IIIoldy one aa)ening of the pore {15,. Sylil~hei]c na~mgpm;e SIilfl8HfSC eu Id reveluIJofli:re buosCf1Is,ing, but l1l\lic:~, b[ls[c seleace
mi(j[ograpl1l r'DG~illlg 'c!:'DWoIn C!l'liIi~~ a n.'Iin.Oj)ol? iI1i iii po~l'i:a~lwn~t~ liliteililll~l<Ine", ElemGA



be do ne: before

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is: reallized ..
R!~r~rl!l1!(~ 1. a. IiIEltQ, ~i!lr.1JtllItiI1"l'f:!:of.~UWIi!'M~!lJ1illtS
~~rnd~"~~I. !\'JII,~rd


Two h':·C.~11i1:1Oogi e SHire' I emer g; in s the frolu n~n1mers~;orI'rep~ rlng liiJ!'lliQ.thci. ic~ 11.1.UlOiP01'e se~,S'()rs. The fiBI. die·ri\'es. from ~~li~ml itheigro:ph;r @!tiidi i.mwiills us! fig .a h~w~ of etec~mn:s (5) or :~ons (6) w' bore' 3. holle~:linroWlgh:


Bfd~micro f'''IbriCIlI00 iIInd rraek-etched mlllrl.Oipores havebeeaused assensees W Co[~ll'llt 9l!rl~lyte spceies. i~lcllld~ng lurge [)NAs.. pre~e~Il~. ~m.I,lIrn,o~~ec!illles{3-nn. Hmve'l,ier~ and ii' most or lh~[;e ~n~di,t;ls ..the n~nopure '!,;\!!I~
1101: sel~ec~ive.The fi~Hll ehallenge





~I~~!lmc;'ll~bnl~~ ~!~ i!lorg~l!lk,: m~t~rj,11 l\JIRAs ~o c'~li!l~ ~fU1!~y~-1'GI~-c.li'V~ S;~!~S(~fS~ of !ioucl~ .a:-; ~Hic-un diQ.'!\~clt-.'The ele\:lwfI-bemn l'h~reh~n'~ be!r;:n~\\iQ roellOft:5 'Of "!'mking
.3 trilll:SUl

[m.[ul~jibody w preparat ion (SI."C the' :Figure,. luUdicl;]e pand j, lhe pm~l'!.ill b",.h~l"Ii;dllj \\H::re.auached 1:0tmck= Ptirtls w~lh d~m:a.l!e~en; ..s ~;alil~\1J.:n; ]D:I[Jl h01i'l,oe ,e~chp:r-.o~ein s~]II.sors bm~ed on COIllic'l~ ,!!pl.d bee:llp:repalied (5 Jr. 1l3IJ.m.'ubes (.8). T~e MRA!>were'H]<li~'n.tld tothe In~he ~c!1nd f~clmo~ogy.~~ [hinplasd~ .gflld lhR)ugh simlP'l~ t hJ[l~-:bflood ch!(;m iK\ry. ll,nembmr.lt" is. Ibombmmecl with Ol. helJ.m of The !>e.~:so.rW<1S. l'lI1,oull!ed betweellll:\!I'O .sH~.t hi;;:ll-I1lL'i!.a:ry:y 'p1intcl~g to c'r.r;:~!t~ dumage: s,oh.u~(l!mlK.amd ~rI iomie C~f~~uwm. pasfled ll:iI.C.b ~:hIITmg,~,he rnle:l1l~b:mne, foUmved b'y t lhlJlOugllilllhe: .n~1:1!ii.!Jtllbe. TIme di.a.meter ,of Ithe che~nic~1 etching of ~het;(')'t~ilLC~S to Ill.:a.k,~ mmol1lJliJcl~.pwus fhli:,:4U~1~d10 mal~h ~hC1: ~iz~ ohhellll<dyte protiein (-S :iIiIlJiI.~,) boullid by the the na nopon::s U Th~8 met~.lodl 11015 been ~lscd c{)!unwrci~l]y for d~fld~s to pn;p,~[~ 1'I111A. As ~1I"(:!rLl1]l. lh~lip b~~~lil~G ocdud!i;d ~~."lln)lp{~rel~;ken·'. j\(lol:e :u:ec::entiy. G 511 IU'Ii!, upon :r1wte:iin b:ind~ilg. ~lmuinJg Oin~du: klncm~ re!~f-l;)!l ··]!T'IIe:rse·' igalld·~T ... i(]l.Ji11 c~;:)j!llbel. I -d Dl:1!nn$md~'<'G~nnfl!ly •.~~>l!S d,ev~]o:~d simple

issioll elC'>clron ~licro~

1\JIIA~f~l.natmO:Il31~zed Se~cSQfS. In the lirs~:.

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SRe\1I5 an 'eLer::IirQrl mi~r1l:!illepYiITJai~,e off~hE!' m.llh:J:r Ireprint:e~' wiilih pEiiFn:Jlls:simhtll1rl {46~';' ~o;j):yrlgM. .2001, IE~evil!!r'~. ~O' COrlv.~J1lion:at Idnesilll' illiU:l: d~einJ t:rampor:l:
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from ~F) RNA IJl)tyllliief~~ m~w~ alolillgl a dc~b~"Strandm IDN'A,'!:@liIllillat@, traltlS(lrii)irn.g oil RNAoopy ~imiilg~ oolll~es~ ,of Illlt ). 'GQ:()d:s~l~, .s!i:ripp:~ l'I~;;Irch ~1I!s;I!i'ru~). \eVe 1'i.~111l1(illml> d",,~, atl: [ID"'~'eDU:i by ch~u,k:ai C!lc!'l~nr. dct~~~d hJldrol¥7jl'~ OOi;'~~le~· rii~ll!!!~e {J\TP~!iltlr(;'(d~ 'i~h~ ~r:> ~111<Bjot'''.i'h;'t~y f:Um:,11CYl, mid ~:rI1~tC!1N OOipk1!l' a. gftidi,.1tt ~:Ial of intl.", ti~iliig boih c~cclric: l!li'id ,,;ilihujJiic rO!l.,(~

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of tg!llr'Qi~ed !1!lJ[}l~'on ,1I1:doloree gone r'dlio'n ~'\1ilhil~ CliM~, s~£h .~ imnl(;",II!J!I01t: 'mn!;;pon!1" rI'i<'li~cn~I~~ (Fig" [() (11, celli di\lirs;L~ti, it11'~rriO\!,I<CJlial~ ~Uikll~C!I!ie:rl!lIIgd.l~. allt! ei li~l. The co:iiilniCUol'i ,of.j ~'ii!li:ml,e i~ ,d'..rilvl!l'i'by lite oreh~lmk-d :;!idi~~,g, f o series offLctiln 11~~hlirn1cnL" rc~~pect te !Irrayi!. wlith ~f nmYM:iJ1 Il1!1Hm;;,(Fii£,. I E). T:rpiea'illy. a. ~inellr ~noUl'1"'C'mn!:lel1.Cl<i!e roooes of'up 10 - W pN. M~:my liCi:1Jhl;}r~:oti;lill~C,'I(~::1<t (lIIal com usc i."iIler.g)' ~(l ~rlhml \:\,()fk, !liU~JI OJ!:;' ron chmncl~. DNA- Of





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N'D, not det>e'rmi'noo"

lL. t:. J, IflliP!i'. !.. lin', ]. i~ ~ic!(, N~l. .,",mr.llJal S" 738 ~l; 2. 0.. Hi!~~!1!il!'l~ f<. lJ'!leiri!i!~!!!.'dll!!~, 57 tWOOl. !l. ;1_ K. '- At;li tI' I!l{, .M~u, ~li:. !'lNld~nt 59'. 700 ~1~:9~»>_ .. oj!. Co A, O'8i![tn, Pi. i?!::Ill:tll. . 'GoJI~llgl!'; ]', Eo ~'k" W~Mf' 5 ~S, .1& f2.G(I'~)" 5. S, [_ 5iiog11 ~~ r;tl,. JilrJMe ~';I~,39'6 fZOO4». 6. i\l ~aj, M" ~ WKm." ,Ao 8eflljjl>f!em'IIMh~ SOl J. Mor~1 M. f:. (wt;e, fifO<. mil(. ~ xi UjA 100, 315'63


ICase 1, ICa:5~ :2 ICiil::i~ 3$ii;a~1 + AA~,l hi S4;(ii!-l '" AA~.l ~

R!~di»i!ll'JII!:~ tlii~td~¥(lI(lil\l~1lI1!lmor~~d'~15. IkijiU} t t,() ,~~~m!ii lIr !ICIe1Jl~ 11(10:l;elU;s


1(1 "e~1$
,Z12 (35)

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3:J3 (25)



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~\f3 (21) .212 (:i! I)

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212 {2;~n
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is: Marcl!i

200,7; acc~lll~




tWiN- AAS, T ~Yn.~pn(l'm.Q .313 {;;:a~ 313 {4:n
,Case 1
'C~$~ :;!


m ~!!'I4)
Vt ~!!'IS)
'V:J, (30)

m (54·)

V~ (;a:S)
2J~ {~2) 1Jl (3,7)

,m (n4)
:212 (M) .21.2 (;;~~

V.2. U.9:;!)

'C~$~ ;I (a$e4

m (U4) m (90)
.212 (B~O


IWa'lIflU a;rnd EliM Hall liulitune 01 ME'd~1I1I1 R~i~rcHll, Meloourne ~QSlO, A;I.IHralia.~Oe.pari!lmel'lt ()~Mtld1,cal, B.io1.ogy, tJlm~Ydlr~il.yof MJ!!lb~r~~, fMlb~mn~ 3051(1,
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~lIc:ooe ~h~.cril>1:ies 1mC~ ,ofpRll'i!!.'S ,~!nb1I.'SS:S and S6}, 'nl.': Ml m",nl:rod 11i.~;UgIb> apl'dlMlb.i1ity to !..ooch l)tredict[1:)I],and ''iNC' !;'C1k."'-'i1uNl44O,!o 1.074,055 l]mlll'>dmKilu U,SNP 7to p'.tldoc~iCfJl.~ m ct' :loorrespnlldins 1<I:~gC' ol·FDRs ~1rorn.2 1:0 10% p. itJ',. [~~rrClrmi!!l!Icc ML rm.1hod was i~~icrigr Ill(_! M B mCl1;hcild for OO(~. ito iug t-"ctIIIIIC!!{1~ blli~ SIIIIIIoC"ior for :1l1O'Hcoding sequ!m~~ {Fig, t. A.1~nd ,md mhl\; S3). B, W11(.'1]dle FDRfiol'lhc Ml :L1li.:ilhod "\,,~ .a a 2%. .~\'C' FDR. ,imi :rt(,"(Ivcry IbrtllL.lMl aad MB H~~I!Od'l simii8Jr: hL'l\\IL;;"\,ttl~ 1!11(;l~W(l lli!!1tb1Od~\~ (li::ln'!W!~'ill~.nI(lJY,. will] {iO'% orllJIOOtc~iu.m;n1~ willI only OljC of Ihe ~~.1G1ltod;;'Wig •. ~Ct lllls ]'('SWIJled, ill

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dm1iY-lI.ion Ell a rnp[d rolluor.~buru.i~l~e diall1.Cter orlhc 1'IC<I_I:by A~I.ypC' Sl~lr A ~tair to be - ~4% larger in oae dh:r.le~ls:im~t&mn the o~l~eL (11). The NaVji PI.'()Wiy~ o.~Hic.,"L1 Ifl.lA':ri);romcler (N[!O:~) andmhc CC1l1~Cl' :rar~:igh Anlg~:lar Resd~LlljQn As~rn~~onIY l ItCl~ V\R/\" ~mel'lcmmetdc almy liol,h, mc@iSull1.xi


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lDeiDar:li~el\l 'of AE~foMm~. UnwEilsU)i ,of 1!\lcilrlg!l~ I!iI'In Aroor. IllJ 4U009. USA. ~Schoolllf fhrsks ~nd ~Jf'OOOIlilY, 1Jl1ifIM1i$i~ 01' '5'1. I\milil~ IFUii K¥169'Aoh Sootianc, UK. J.A~t~ph,y;I('~ G1fiOlI;p, COVEnd1s1i11labora:tol)l. (ambridge 1L!lmnllf!B,iiy, (~lIlbrid:9~ (iS3 OHA, UK~ ~IDMsion Gi' ~. lQQitil~ ant:! Pl1met.l1)' 5(ijeaJ,~ Glmn~a l.milUill ~f
VechliQ!log(ll'. PiIJ~di::tllal, CA 9:n,2!S. USA. ~JIIiI10i!c!!iIl1 IDepilrilmlffilM. (5aliliEll !:.irn...!1!ml,)', UlihiilC.J, Nf!j"n:48~{I, USA. ~U:borMOiPl' liI'Aitllo~:Iii.~illliJe d'~,Gooolile. Ob:~t'Oije die

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IFhll •. 2. lA.) 111111~~iil:S~lY of 'th~ ~lll1lia(e ~I A.ltaJ~r {i,. •." :1..6,5 ~HY1~ illn\ag~ Cf1~~led: wi~h tlii,~ M#!iJCIWMlM imaglirlg me-tifla.d lII~~g a UlIfIU~m1r1brigMrile-s:5 eli]pl,ll(01t prior {X~"" O,9'8'}'irVlllac~t phooornetri' eWJlr~ ']n th.e i m..a'gll UlHl1!sporndl1l ",,4(t/Jl)ill intelilsity, (En ~}I1'~@mtfllldedilmage (olnvv:t\feci ,Vi~i:J,<I Gillufifiiian !;Ieli!rm~r 01,64 ml~~, ,~©ne:sp~l'!dl!ligjbtl th (Hr'hl:t~~!l U!lfl]~r CHA~_A~!!JiF(h~s~~b:lef'lhn~OR,~.f'~f b~~h: o ~..a Dlells, th,)2. s:fledril::~ ntlHl~itiec5 ilIt. 1.6S pm 'VI! re ,tj~lH~vi!'rl'edi ~nto 'l!he ~!om!!iPQlildi Dlgi Ill;"!(; body ~ r~~t11ipeirilitl1Lr,~~; Jl:O'.nltlilllli!i ('Clir7000, JSOOI,<lllId 00000 K::ue Si'hmllnl. NIQlrl~i~ 9p ami !~a~lis Idt


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'1,$0 to 1,'74 JiAm~"The Ah~~11diii~ ]j1lC:W!ll!OO 3! i\l\!,g~~1 ,md I S~p~~noof .2!rJOf:IllIf): I;:O!1l;I~!~W O~l~l;Jll~~!~"'! i!lfom1;;Uiiol~ i.. ~'I~ilriM~ tJl)', ~~l !tg,ditim~,. ,\!If,~ i!I~ld :;UlrIlL;'K.b,u~~cl = :t2 ~[m) o'lll;;~f\l3[ierl~ by (;. ~lD~ P'f~[o ool'!S~rni!'l!.h~8hmt~bl,""clintl visibi!i~k,~ I i:ra ~u~~lq~u:mt,hmd}'~i"" t!~:lil
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which i~ rdOl.l:ivdy i(X..1O~ la;(;kiulg $i~I!.~ of W"IS ci:uiSl>~'rn'ilor SIIlU!!!l W~!td$" FlJrt~aC'tdCI:liliO Ol!llr i:i1'I\:l;gitig ]p1lOC"Cdures,:rulong wihb resulil" from vclidol.kli'lllCS'l.'>. ean be foom:1 in (21). OMI' inn~C' shows lhc' :i>1.clilarpholOsp,hcre .AJtffilir 10 be

\Villi llill; WI~~01' rNu~ CH.ARA l:ck;;;oopt;,1'. il1l.tl'r~mim'i(.'tric ii11\li~iiig ofAII:tiiur is lioW jK!5i1,[bk, :!,h!liOl.u~h Lhh. il!.'qlilire..~I>~ci[llit-cd in'lllH@C' iieecun· l>truel len ~","Clm~qll~~". I.t~~d I!a,;: publiely 'We g;v9:iliable appJlical,ion MAnM '~M,m,1.·k.o\l"(,h:l.!i.iu il1lflj!'Cf Inr' OIJtka~ :r.I'I!erfCn::nnctry) P'~) Ihis :111 wo!t.!!iPI,ljiil1gd1e mrnxinnom, ,enlllCJ!W method a",~ ,~.Ul'. "lYe reslricted tile ~Id 11!!1f EM) ll1l<1gc to f;d~ w~!hi!l"'~l Cllllip1i(,d IJil;llUIJdO'1!)'..~imi!~lfin

ro& ..ib~c lbw-kvd ~l!iirlicts.i2!mtaLTC lJ~yolfld Il~i: d inhle.ja!l ]:imil of out fn~crfi;,'$om~1.cr, ~"'I; ave h rd~~~w~'>cl, Ml!lnd;;rnl~mCl.-durt': (251 of OQJ1!hi;;" 'Voh· illgnli~~nmE n;ur.:::tL'cl iiiiiagc w,ifh O!l G~IWI~~~nl jjcmlib iltiM~~~ l.lte~:soIILlU(1I10 r nhe uUiIli:rl'(omirn'iilig c~cr (,Fig. 2:11.).

{f;IM~~ !J t~all,1(b(;'.;;l-fit ~~mll~i~n; P~lI,;'fl;o~] ~'! (15) i[]:iJ1 tia.;~ ..~i~ \'~~ilJlc ~~.:l.i:fi. (II. of

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of l ,79, whiichs,.,rgg~Ib'" ~. !lL;l;:d rnr :mdiHo:n~dclc!:¥,Ct" 'of lR,"i:k!l~ in 01,1, mode].. '[:0 ilj~P.II(M~ our :Iiill.~. 'Ivc e.q'lIQil~"dan C'll;:tCll.... iC!ili ~o nl1c \ICiill Zci~l~nooc!, ,~H[l~\'ingllll~ gmv:ill.y~Iu~"d


bC~1-lh model reached o:nly "

These i1II'k'\5'-!-"S cm~lllfilll tl~!!b.",.ie pkJrLit'l: of . gi!'"dV,~ly d:<lrb:n~n1g inlclil1tloo hy IDpiid rol!leion. Wi:: :iCC A~Jta:llr's "hoto.... hcre (0 be obll!lte wilill 3. p
b3'i£~n re~ICi:n idclw~fiab.l~ as Ihe );teUar p()~<lr lJ~gion.l1~c inlCn:::.it}1 olr the dark !>'Iq,ll!;MO:I~OlI bmt(J i~,hmn 60 ~o 10% or!ilc bri,;hl!l~'i. at the p.ole, n b:ro..d~y ttfin,~~fi;li:m 'wi[h i"!)';4'li1;.;'(;I;uio!.1@for !lrl~ ["I~,lr~il1lhuR;id 1!'~np.~v.i(]l!11~ Itlt~d!>. .Aldli()U~l W,I_! see !i(ln1C cvicl'cll.cc· tor (h.:v,~mion:i" 1~C}m a..... i" Sr~1ull~t~i 1:'I!fm!! exeess crni!1!ii'o:r:l pnd1(:' nolii'll" Cf!fIUn'lib~.'lhi.'J Ii;)'muro I:> f~!n11~ hll!.~l n I~ouri~mijl(l lid~~i~y ~ud \\I ill .ri(lqll!iro~ jd,iliQI].-~lful,.II~i~r ... OO\~a:~I~cItJlimoi\!..~ligm.(! 1!I.J:ru1cr~\M.:: h~v~ also lined oill!' dam ~('I. winllr 3. rall!id. rrm:iltol'"nnQ(k:JI, iOJI~fm"~ll!;lthe Ilrcscri~JI.ilm :;,e~ QUI in Aullh::l1oo~ I!I Itl. (J 41 ITmd rcferenccslhercin. assuming 3, Rm::;hc' pDlc.nl~a~ '~cel1tmlpoinll. m~~sl'ml(! solidbody rotmion. The m~i:n pammclcr.;; or the model wr:e Ihe ~~lJ:::lbw rmj~lUsand 1iCm~lC1<II!.!I\C at [he" l'i(!!I~.~lre <J:lIl,gu!!l!'m!,<J;~iol1 mt'c 0lf1U fm(::!.ion 011' ~l'CaklLP r( rot IJiIC gmvil~j darl\.ciIlil'lg ~()C~lkicnt (~). and the \~iIClving !.lIlSIC's !incliml1iO:I~ and I]Gl'OilioJlmlg~(;".). '!,Vc lIS00 dlC SlICI!ITI" u~m.o."phcre m{ldc!~ of KUlrtl¢z (.26) Ml dCll.1111linu~ d1C:~)~ciJ!ie illi[(.IJ]S:;~y nf ~~d! flOilll 'n.Il~h~ :iil.llfi~c:e'il! IIfi.nncHOir! ,n;f locf~lgrn\liny. 'Q:m;iCliv(l IClll~pcnJlll:r('!, find ~hillh dflri!:.OJlir:ag.hll fldH~tiOIi 10 1i1'1.i[i~C'hblgIhe n.(;\\,' h~URD'CHA.RA linln"wl: .loiICCdbhc mode:! 1.0 I1lil1Jtch IhcinCtIL'ilUl'Cd V~ !lind I ~.·b.allcl phm:on:ui!~ric l1'1![lgniu.lcts (0.7M :±. OJ)15::md 0.135 .l: '~lWl3. re.'i"pOOtivd.yJ! dcri'I!L"Xi frotH til b"J\Qna IitmtMrc

,~ ~o be 3 r:l!i:e~a...meier, "\~tbmtdnlml, ~ Imlorlel with ~ ... 0.190 Sbg;J:lifkJmiy iml~m\;'oo lit!:: ~'()oolla-:o~' j~~(Trible .~). ru~d I hh, in1Iu'O\ eUlCI11, .f;,.; \'L)!lmll)' aplp<llt'illt wll,;:n, ool'l~pm; ng syn~'h~~k mllc!el il11:;lg~.lo ~~CA Ilau, iI1!11~g,~iom CI-~A RA ~F ig. :n I n ;JdcM~:tonm .. lO"if~' 11. ~!e ne;w ~rni(h:1 prefer.; ;J s~ughlijy I~ti iu~lin~d nriC1]Ii:iL'ti'tm. iI em~l~rpO:~f~rC~'ip<:lro'U~', [
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I!l OjiliQJ:n~Il~Le (d~g ~es.e-..a!5tc~ IliIlr~h) dE!:Sl:riw Qt!f viewil1g! alng~l\1', :r~!:Ih! illild R1PIllie. ,de:5~ribe the I()ne (;ilIln ,!llIl'S{rib~ tl:Let~mperah!l,B@ .and ra,dnii at. the letJuatnr as. t!q and R~i1I)''Id i:o. thll'ilIn:gllll[arr 'r~t:I tiQn r ",U@I'lS i! 'rnc:tisll or ,clil'liiC:i:I~ ~nlli!k!llp tate.~liId f}~; ~he gral!O!i~.y-drk~!!'!lIin"Q ~oefficie',nt MOdels a~lIImed .. :S:!eUi1!lr Iii'IQ,S~ '" ].'i'9J1i Me {lS'}, m;etalli(iilY 1[lF1e1l11) '"

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'The 'CrystaUizB,tio,n ,AUle of Eucrite Z,ircon
E!!I!uiu~s aI"!!!a grQUIP of l1lleteon~'!> tha.t re'p:l'le~l1!it the fir:'iirtt plalile<tclll'yigneolll~aC~l\lHyrl(lllJ)~\liIil!ll met ..H~i~iC<ltedli1Wie'.r,eniliilltioli!.Olil an r~arty 'p1l.aIn.e:li"'Slrn[l~fiil'lllii~r to A5te"oij,~ ,~ Vesti!l, ilIlrld, 1illJls, help Id.i3Jtegeo"ph~B:k ..~ procl!)se's occmrillll'9 01'1such bodi,e-silrl nu~ early ~oli3irr!>yst.em. U5ilrl9 UlI,e sllol'l:·livled radirOl'lm::!li'de :11l12:H~as a pelatillle (hmnomet.er, \Ye ~'E!.IITiIDm~rate tbt el!li(ri~e z:imHil 'l]l:Sto!l~i:i!iEl'd 'q!l!~d:l.y' 'lIIIfrl.lhillll 6.S rrniUi~11i'~e:ilrli ,of ml?l<lIl'i5i'~{at!l! dlirferemtii!tiolli. llhii~i~ml'llirl'5e thllt. 11Ti11I!rlUe difhmHlIl1>t!ltiM ,(lrl~l1@ @l!I.n:riOO IP~r:e'!ilt: bol!lly ilJC(Urrod dl!llrU[I'Q tl jle<riod Wh!l!ll1iil1it@rIli!ll[ h@iJIt !rrrOm~'he

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and !!oOf:c crill


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MiU .fJ!v:,,~~JJ:t@. Laro~ ~@M!ili!orphii!;m om @'U(trit@soo~~ p\ao~ at: Il€l.!:!lt 8.'9 lI!!rlillili!1i! ~~rs an~r .~l:ae' ~i~C()iIf!S cr'Y5:laltlIud illildl was, ll'kJ~ly ~a1.!s~dIlly h@"rtjf!~ r:romil'l1p.QI(ts, I 'i.lrby bU'Fi!lIIUln:drer hOlt m~ileriall @:«aili'aJt~d b)' ~m~~(u. rg~her thin frrom I(iVg n()~\I'.S. lIhl;lS, the tnll'llllml'iJof ,~ucrite rlCUif'lil;;illl!!l:n "lIIul !!l'r m~nHe dm~reli'ltijati(llil ns ,(j~l'Ist.:a~ruermi. 'ci,ocay (l,f ;;:6Al ~nd~~IF@

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tha~ protlll,ed ]'l'Ul::CI.II'SOrs, to ba)illJt~,c cucrilCf; aN Crilicllllw n!OOc~s ofl'i.1clhcfliml!l cvdl'\l~k)01il of inlmskms ~;Qlk"\\'iPlg lll,cm~"Si~kJ~ ~if:fcli'~,'mTolin:1lI EPll To 'Qn~lmin '~NC:ll:ilc~>,Ihe ~hne (lre;n;~liOl1 ;md oCtySlallizatlol1, of bmmlls m~ EIPB. \.IVel!!po:rt h igh-l1f«is.i.{mmnco.~$.mem.cnL'> of the :111:=- COUHW l!)eiP~I1I!!Oe~ ,gj G~~~. i.h'llve!'~ityl1!l Tl!IfOi!!l~ rQf(I!i'U~ ON. CilIMda. MSS llEl:]" 2l!.abo:r~t'OlY~r 1501. Gllo\ogy, f)osilLQJl orzirt:m~ from ~'I['ee CI,iU:rile.:;<J:Dld c7\plore '%etll~h M'u~um (If N'al.ural,tlistll!ry. 'SE·P 05 St.adlh(!!1Jm, [he U5Cof 1MI._,1 r.Ol:S i.! 1i~'''Jthr~ d,I'rn~lml~~lcl: S'I'j~d)~m,~nll5tiM~f.crIP.l.lnI!!!~, ~f"I~tl:1l~t rn: G~oKi· Eutl~~~ are i,;'Qmpos~ primarily Gj'ro·J:\lJ'.~:tC'·: e.nll~, UJli¥l!rs~ty '01' Miins.\e1r, D'4!1:145lrlWiinMer, (iermlilf1l!'. r~£i[}cl~'i.C~miupr c~mll.li.~~;~hnenioo!'lIld t!'i~ ~Natlooil imUtutt tlf ~f lji,m~c_'" r:o~.~ f)'IISl $,. 1~i1 '1 qW1Jil.ilir~ oJ zi[ii.10n.~.1l,[. t ailld q~i!lrlZ.. TIi~ pn.""". . '"To ~~!t'Oi:'Iloor1!\(:~l)Jll1len~e ~!!O~_dI 'be <!ddlr,e5.1ied.[:"~ait

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fllOti,t i Hlpcl!'!mlt o';I;j(Jlrmuor D;'vIS, OM\OlUFld co;~Ull )\:ni:alft;:lie~. A!lIu!li¢ 13:1' i~ .d~ hi~hl~' rooctivc ~o\",".)[[.'.0, (X.'\!t1~in.or!l1nlic compol,lnd~ (21) and ~I,,,_ mlIl~iullll.g:at 10'1,\1Ii:mlqpc:t:li.~uR;'S I,);n, The Jr~nl,w!l:I: of U!il ~hQili~~be i"l,IlilJJ'H:ir ,cUihmlcudb,y the:mmfliie iudilll: !i1131 mml. (!l!I:iIf>~. in steady smli:' will] dte obscir\'ed 1>0'(23). A I1l1a], IIDifll 110·oonskh..'!is!he source of ·

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ladltilC', Uigbo('ll'lCCulm!im~ of pil!i't~p~,mkwll. whiclh colonize~h~ m~dC'lNidc:or SC"d ice, cxti.,;·uld 0\'01' T:Uf!g)c "R~ .(If ~hC' v\rC1:idC'~1 Sc<!. ~24, 25).
P.hy~op]!rulkton pl'oClducc i:OOOCill.'1nOIl>SSlIl!C'11 as OI2;I~ illt(](l12[B:r llfDd prooob~y [1. These pb~ !o1i!bilc species (oo!lli~)~'dwi,IJ] tiro rnueh k... ss I'll;ll!~O[,-dlil~C'~~iggcl~jc bm'1lI1OC[lri'loI1S) ~hc~~~mv~dc ~ ~. ,"<ml~ (if ~Ilomtin!c LnduIlCi:J]~hcboiIJn:dil!:Y In)l(~r.. 111(: i~li kveit:;;oHO l:l1lhc b()Ulndm:'1'llII~t 1h ml.Ulst th(~nbc sustained .eil1 lrr l!hroU.~l [1"lcp;lioto.llysli> ali the ~~!5he,!od~l1c ol!i:ldcs le.g.., {)[(), ~:l'O].bOil, and IJO..,). wtlkhr l~biJel)·rol]ll Ilrotn]O


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(lJ [hii1! IBrQ mixililg: fall;!) aJflld S(l~,a>r im~ldiiali:lI':~ (iill)t;'!lt!Olil a:$ iii! F1ig~2t {A~A :spriUlg: (20 OW)~@1'2004.) with,~h@ n~~he~t If!lIh::illlg f~lli~ .Df2'O.2. ± '1.1 ppt (Qr ttl!! (;1mpali'~IlI. Iha alir 1mi31~ orig]na~e:di fmlll tne OC:El!!!.IiI. 8), A dlilly~n spring (10 Octobew21[).()4) wUh a mnfinenll:<lil ( aiir mailS. ~c:) ,r;., dlay ]Ii1IS1I11il1m6rf1l [l'&ember2nOI~} witin an oC:flamlic ak mass. (Il'l' A dalyinlli'l!'ilil~r 00 lune 2004)' whIlI1IB:r!il Win mOlt detected aDiIJ·W the detec'liitlnl Umit ilJf "bout ,2 P'pt,
F1iig. 11;.D~u~r:!·al\lC'lri~tn(lill

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~'. Illl. CIil~II>o!l\J. [. ~~od:.III.IO, Andre!il~. S. G. Warnm. M\lill.rl~ 3~6, 1655 ~1'1l8-7'l ~. s, it llttd~rgi!\I·"~., f.nWil1!.M. Sd, rll.ldwD~. ~~, li:l!.'I~ (2!OO!2t 5. C, (I, O"~ ~' ~L.Ngnr~'U7, 6iJ2 ~oo;a:j,. ~. IRfl~fth f~ool: t(jdn~ ~Inlll mi1rtn~ ,a,efOliol'l,.fI:. '1100 Gtiliiah'!:, €d .• &1 ~r~. ()\J~,rn; 2: ~nll). 4)~ 2:<II3~331

20, It :sandl~,. 'iI. Rudich. R. ~i:l1I GlisiM. P. J. OrWell, ~hfl" ~ ~~, .!1~ ~3,$7 ,~],'1l~ !1~. 21. it T.l~n ~j 61., .tGlwph~ t!,~ ij~. 253il,5 (i~i}.1) .. .22. t'JoI.i. IE. GoOl:hilf .. l. M. C. lltI,n~.iii. ·Stw. En~JfjM. Sll, T~ 38"l'nl.! ~Q~~ .• .2~. ~.. G.. Clll1.!ilrt .s. 'Ei. U;ndb~rg. iUlllilJ. &lv,lh,IJ·.~8; Sl.O!i




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because of inhcl7C.ifUdisorder ~nnhl(':Sc 1111'1']8. nle p:mpcn.~il~' or the mO~O::lllC'S to cl)fflmm~ lenas t~) mllhi~Hdl.y o:f clY~;nm~eoriclli.fllioo::. alld r~ m!JI·lflha\1.ogk;;1JI1~e.,;;~.w:e<ll core l..lnlk':"iil. T!!Ie challellge' Ik:s il~ gro\li ..ing lia~n r.lms OllOOltd'i.lC~" ing :Sllh.~IU3teS wilh a. s;iJ1glcllIl1ltqlLlC C'I)'S~mle
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wij!.l1~nthe lH(}I~etll~e i~~o, !h~ \'Ihi~h ii!!le~~lic-.d~)' w~U ~olvl.'d lrom 1'l,tiK'f ~m: I sp'teil~~ bu[ !h.e ~~m~r $11~<Jei~ljjl, lJ und,.. ~m'l ~!il. S1. ttho (;'NI)cril'vq~n!~1 .i!1I)L,~~~ily~~~I~ wh~cb leads to a folclin~ b.~ck {I'WITII.1'hand, 1'iC1U1.">a[ ~1C' !feSpcclh-ernbi~~ C\ll~rglc!1, are f.il{l\\'11 Th~~, periodic it)' c~un be rn:!io!1a~i,;rocl b.Y~h~ in con~p~uri.von lO dl~ iFourit::r lfll!1... rcmns of [he crl!cliJJm>oo o:rbiic;:B.~ Ibw bo!h '~I'l!raf4!' ~'!cllwii;!~1d tiP. ~lok\L)u~~i"~,,,'i'll:g .~~ V\\'iMc"d cO!lfor~lH~io!f!. m 1i.r.ls~ i.n Ih~ 11!Jm:r.:vurrac{l n:lgi,ml ~)mbtJ.d by J'\..gl)iu., Lll~ b(~!Wr ",n.pl(11111~iOI] ,or 11i~L,l dM:ul:iy AR.PES.. Wr:.:h.a\!t; hj~l'Q{t~l(\c:d tl~~ poss,ibi.~itJl t.\Yi st(ld 06:' is ~1T!!P.h~El.ia"t:l. of such fi lW Lsl!:,j Cion torri'lllJtitlJl for 6f) ilt!ll the A. syrp.riISi~l1g nsp<CCl on:~c: clJnnp,:[d~:m, (lIf [lile !>olid SI3JtC 1111 carl holr work !:rol'l1l liO:IfI IZl1lio:n F our:i.er ~!l<unsthr.UiI.t"'with cClI:pcrim.Cnl islll'!m tlile energy romid'crntiDt~s (2it 2'1),. Fro~11 a bmld OhsCM"<i high imcl1silics hl!:hc second Brillollliin ~~IUlLIc:tIllD'ep:lilr! ,o:t' \ lew,~he d~IOCil~il.Ci[J band ~oru::m~' repmdaced, PllCi.locrnj~sim! ir:ucf;ls Ltics should miller Ibcun~~t)I'C[OO in 1I'::;J1l1)l. or tw\), c:m.oo dctennincd by!hc tr:Jllsiticm nmu'ix \vi~h~llinib;l!1d." nem~d by the (.hlding bOliCk Zlil!l in Femli ",~Gl)~den Rule and o.!regel1.cmll1l' dit~-;' fk!ll!h ~() t<!k:1J!~;!~J;;'.I (1\vc\~~r., nmlhf;lm,uiC'.~ of ~ di!c .:nJ!lihrnlil:u,,,~ bmtd oo1l....;;il'>!i!lg '01'1 IOMO, I ~OMO·I" the .Fou.rier IlIml,>fo.l:1U or lite ollhil.a)S is eqtlhlttlld [rnOIVIO·2: ;uul .~ l:IO~di~lgliJ.;ml]d comlmining alcnnt K'I a call.cltl]mioll Itbr Ihe tl<ulSitiofl. :lillID.tr~x UOMO-9. UOMO-IO. rulid nOMO'"1 t wi~hlhe rro'Ml lhe i!li,t!!IlJ SIlale oibillll W II pJi:l..!lC "\,,,),\1'e flnmJ <iJ u'l!Si BriHmll!1. z.O:l'tC' bomKI'.IJ)i at ;It' ,_d. phillw Ah~m~lgh the In~1l1l1<C1: orn'bitlll8 ~n ;.I! ~;;]jnld !i;1;;)!OO~,if)Jlll~i" <!n~l'l's~ 1'!iII.tll!'1!!lyU~cgk'i';:I:;;, of !i,l,.;n <LillO di~l'h(:l!i(m CiJ~.!xIi!i, (III' [~D~ 'rl\u~.!!.oi!!~ 1)11011:1is d~IJ,,;'Tnl in~d hy ~1ta~ !~LUn~b(;r I[IIm]il~~n&,Ihl;' of
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p:~c1'1Xi;n:s!.:!ck_s.\\~d1 ~l pcriOOici~y 0[5,,6 A (Fig, 1A), dlC closc, ...1 in~ll'.:lipbnIO'lrs,}.[!ci !ng Ioc the moJo

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Cd: orange

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p:~a'SCs (2.5), A crilicill junctllgu~ OOOLIi'Swhen, nile re,gi.om;. or i\~S :gJl._"toVI. ~{:I'I:hc pOll1l~ where tlilCY .~paillilc di,llInctel,' or the rod. lu Illis ~1!Oint, ~i!lthcr O$I~~fJMlipenlll_g is ki:m:~['C<I~ly p:t~ hib.ilnl.. bec'.u.!foe.~n "W~il·b}',.u[OHle:!l;di.mgc . Ag"" ,~rm'l'l'!g~glill~nb wm~O't !'oo~Ot; 111c~ol~d i:tUJ;afnci.d ~~~I. 11JI1o>k~lcl~to AruS :!>.'Cg111t'JiJl." of n1f'.3:rly t;,t1lm~ size t Jlii~. S;,. T~ie mJ h. ill ,Si


and e'xp~rimenti!ll. QJPtka ~ ,c:h!i:lf~n'eri~<a,tkl tAjr ('IJ'bk'i: yt:t;l~t ~t tr!prfSl!!r'ittlti!ln iji( (fins i1!s:ellif,ijr ;iiRl·il'liitilJi l!<nef!iIY C;;(Ik:i!!~aJtilJin:s;A dis.til:rted liIi!:modirnk A9i5 (100) pllaln,e ,O®lllI'lEl(:tr; 'MtIiI 'th;e< 'II';!I!J ~iiill! GdS (OOjU pta liIe. (B~ EI.asti,e: iUI~~S!)' of tille' rodi as 11'rtlI'U:I.iClIII ,of se'gll'le'JltS:@~ilfi!t~QJiI (('.e'JiI tet~OO-(:eJilt@I'), {C) ,l".a:l:is ~(aJi!1 fill!' ~Ih@'(.as@' of MO ltillsmi'J!tchlHi s@gmc~ts oiIt ill [l!liIle;r4Q"02'ra~er £eparatioH dlistillilce o~ 1'-l.1 rlm ('I:tlp,) ilndJL2 ..1. trIl11i1 ~bQltolll1l). iI1h.~ elar;tic ]l"IIlera!!liol1l ilehveen ~~Imen~ i~ 'grlei!l~~.yred~!.u:lerlfm ~eparat~ol1ls >][2.1 iIIm.A1rrllWlii sl1®1i'Ii th~ IpllaulIlH!lfal Oir mi5r1i1al(~~e'd segments. The CdS rod5 'lIs.ed (011 \!'FilF ,ci.lk:I!I~aticns {IB and () 'I'clerl! ~,,6 ntm ]n dii:lml'e1iell, ~!.IUIll t1'10 4.8I-D!y-4.oo,nm laltliceomismilt~chtecl segments. 'tH~diw elil:s;Ii,eulIlsl:<ilntl:1l~Vlr
lr:ijlllRPL. :spectra alt i~= 400- o!!iil~ 5S,O'fHTl e)::dt~ti!D!I'I. ~cSPect!~ely. CQ~ptfF!9 b~l\l{~JiI. ttillCidS oinll!l.t!tg~ is evidie'ilit il~tine (Omlp~~te qli.l,~nc:h'il"l£'J1 '~he vi~iibll>e I?L (im il"l ·lh~ he~eros,trli.u:Uil~e$. niil~ shin ~n NIIR Pi~ i:iIf I(E) is dl!l~ t~, It! ~aliUI!I!llil (!(!IlfQr!i1I~iill,~lf!t ~f'lJhe Agzs" ·

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A..~S~(·dS 5j'S1X:m. ICflilii1.!l ~c O...wllld ri p!i!nl!I1:£. 1,lo,*X'V.~u.. cpim .. t ximJ ,:sInJi,inl does ItOI,P:I<lI), a m.aj,orro1·e in lilt: Au Sro\\~lh. ''laW IheS'Chc!cuim1~nJllC'tll re!';. co.uuhme to lI'i~}e111 :into ,~ifl.S.[ic"'U1.1C'oaldom,~il1~, cidwl' <It lhclfp ofdlC rOO {Cc_li~ Sc). or inside l!h~ 'qll!.mtl!l11 o{rt (h~i\!SI,. h~
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8. IML Alil'lenT!ilfl!l! f'l 01., /f.afJJrf 0\1.2:~'. 642 '(2;004lt 9_ It ·~,If~. NI, ~ Fromer,. M. t. ~~r, A ~• .t!IIM~I~~ SdfiliC'e 31.0, ';;6z (ziiG~. 1i.O. 10. y, I.:~ Y. Wur. R.. IF"m" IP., I), '!f.-mg, A. M<ljlImd'ar', Appl, fih;p, te.r,r; ~3. 31196 t2(03)o. 1l'll. ~ S. DJItl'!o.'!lIib;tLJS ft al., I"hyr, S~li1d SID!f! 41, !!J79 U;99t)l, ~', G, I~~~~r;. UI. G~~~. PMfJ.'j., . .'J1.!:19- 8~, ~Q(4). ]8; IE. frl!iHn.. ii'. It Gr~~.[I. (. (lin~n,r. 1[1...amd~. s 1, Appl, i1!yr.;. 9:;1',114~2j ~;2005~'. llA. '1(. Y. Wu, i!!. ~ilI!11 .P,. I!). l(iI~~, N:gtJoklr. ~, 8~ (ZOO-li. M. ~ s GNliilsen,. L )1" l..lI.utoo;n. I. VhIl1~" 11).c, !imiU'i, C, ~. ~i~!l~r; .. UI"','15" ~ 6'17 (200itl),



:I!l'. 31. 32.

]~_ mr. !!jork .~.,~~, lI(plla' ~1!'I1":!l.e,7 ~j!(}O~~. ]if. 111f.. t.!IilJl~~nj!t of" ,mJlti~ 430. 190 (200i1). 1!.6. III 1ft So~\ 's:. ~, HlIglm, '1(.. Y1in" fJ.. P. lllIjvjj;jjlC!$, Sdm,~
306, 1009 (201M}.


uwo il.]h;l~~";\l thl; AgzS-CdS "'1!II1)~rI,ullti~ ~thl(;" ill ~IUIl;,'l\1\)'f;l!~I~·n Sir.lin fields lrom Ihe lanice ~Ili:il~ i

119. fflalt.r!<1b a~dl mll1!lli~d~ ·aft <li!l'illl~~ ~~ npPlllning m!flierijij~on ,SciMai' O~lil!lll. ~O, 1\, fliil'll!ri~1 ~eg;m~~~re Ag'ri(ll 'MljlilII~I~ or 11\1 ),' g~ j)i\ilb!!IiA.:f d~~ lli 'Ih! dJ!omm;po:~li1:iQfI ~r .Ag.) ~,*l'iilfllllnd~ II)1lhe' eMwn Ib~rn (lSI'. litis ~Imi da'm<I;e ~l!;o
iIIi!'l:o:FlM th!! Ill!a!li~and I!iFl!\n!I'I!ula.oourale, fl'l'la;gM 'rmrn lI!I!ill'~ ~(j~u~r.flliI vrili11 Il'iglH',E:lalilitioo 1iWl, IFI;f~!i!~r;:e;qJerifl1~n~~ '!lMfm~~~~ Lbol the O!Ii~iltill OIS. .!TOiI~ w~ 5J bJ S(! 11m, ~rn~ nj~~iii,pedl rQd~ fiili;Id~ lll"llm ,1Itt!~ tlad ~.~l'loftli'l' CdS ~J<lim~, X. ftng e1 aI,., ~Jffl!. ·404, .59 tn, MMfafl'i'l', m 5:ti!rii'i1 'ill'. IOHlm, B. S~D~U, ~,i. :Sadig(!~, J. Phy!. D .~l. Pfrys. ::Jl, rs U~9)\ tHo :fI. Wc!Q4bUry"P/lJS.~fl', :1l3~, ,i!o}:t92 ;~6411 U M. 1{01!i~:!!ltt s;oJid Slipt fi!ii!lkr ~?,.1l1 (1'9~. 11m OO1i1l'cOOl1I'Icm po'l!iliIC!rpm~ d .A9~5 (w'blc: ~.lul mwoool'iic,t t!ie~l1!i(!n m~t!irfi .iI&~um;es .~ I!>Jl,d!fQlIiItf!r~'""'.Ilblr: rtr[Jclull! mih om1), ~~gltt dl!l1JBrlion~ im. Ih~ illlonQdl~:ic pba~t' 13'9~.·)~er.il~ tp~at !'Ilr.a'iD!'1~!'!i# ~~ 'O!l!iliide,red\ ;!Jld1l!i!~ ilpi~rl~. (OOR~~to:m with minirnalli!\11i.cE di~w1i~mto th~ (001l (d~ .ri:!a! ~.IIw!'lllod~·~mllu,OOJ..cI!iIilIl: (.:l:lID I~~~ lWoof:IDt!link (1.00)0 f<l~~~, 1iI..]. WiIl[l[!ll'ISall, L W. !ii\:liil'!il •. A,..lumgl'!r, ~f1. ~, B 6~~

34. ~. I'. it:lijma!!',}, Mj't,. QIem. !!l11@. ]6S21' ~'OO6l'. r!\; M~,.r!!" ~~mJUw.. M, Gl~I-S~. [I, S<:11~\ I'll, lIleU~r. J. .I'myt. Cltt!m. 911. 9'31l(l9~).. ~6. C~ D. W~me, V. IItlllid,rl. S. IDlurrmure. j, rFl'ijis,
f)App.~. ~

II1!neeatDrnK lili~rii~eJl'lfiJli1glhe' ~mel1l~, (leif1mo~~ p;:)i"~tin Figl_ 4111,h~ n~lIl~er '01' d1i~)):n:~ !~~~ 'illl!h~'l t dn[l!dic~, i~ ·~m;!ll,. whiclti r~~ iii! ~ ~1i'fI~~I~rIr~~I!l~~ imtl!fi'lcoom" .Md~liootlli.)'. ~n~ il1irer<l(oo~oIl!1l~ nldi~l di~c!ilWl1!~hi;i!llI~e ~'!'!'i) ~1'I!~IlU .:~~ {QIlIPefc1Wiil (u!,!r,kll' iIlIl!!2...dir~t;lian liIis1Dnli:fll(l. billlotlilll!' tn~ !lull iIlIe·.illDm !!lIllle ~a!m_!!l' i!lirecliofl, T!'!~ a\1e-;r~IU r,~ull i~~ !l!!w~I1!l~ of W!~ ~IM~~~~1"9)', t M:!ik-a'i, It M~l"!lfl'l, il. w.opa.<" Ill. B:l!nin,~, Ottm. fnt. Ed. 4iS.• &001 (2006). l ~ilri, IE. ltQill1e~~ I. J'Q~. R. (cst, UI. B<i~i!i!" ~i!\\l'~ 104, 1787 (l004~, f!.. l 5iil~nd~~ 1..1P'v,pt1!', u Silrn!!\.}; P/1p. ~Irnl', ,£I :!.lIlIli', 25:",U j.200~h 0. Batt.!91f:.1,. It 81!Um1'!1\ .x.. ~n!1l.). AlII. (h~m. .so.r.',. :127, 'l108a.9' ~tlOOS)'. P,.iUI'IOO, HI, Hl!di~~, 8, rJidiOl', J. WI!Jlb::li1'I~~, flmt"~ Mag, iliS. 9~:ll~'19n).

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ol~h~r'~~"(~l!ijn~ 1i1i!'lher r\PI,:JniJ!~Th(l rc~l~m'll:g Kldp:;d rads dil~l~y r!tI!:f(ICr~ G ies e.,"p!l~ of:l type] ~,}I of Agt.l:S qlu(lJ~.~ GlilJfn d(1itd; sqp;lnlw,d,by loo]j'l1ni[lgregi.{iI.us. or ,'dS, i:n,~C'nm:ni[ wild.l our ~.IJ i:nilio clllcliJI~ IlUilOllS of (l:Ic~band stil1JCI.un;:'. The 'Visibllc dS pimllo.lltlmill'tCsc;cnce {Pl) is "luCI1iC!hed, indkali-




tl:992}, ~,. L [)~k. It. ~MB,~~mp. /. Wd ~lt:l'J~EJU1:rot!:1wn,:e~ 1iA.2: tw(l!l~, 311" t, Mgii~ ]•. U:rb~ii1,J. f!hy$~ Clr~ .iii l!~~', :i! U'1l9' ~2005l, J9. H. :5'drm.!lzI'rtrll, Pl0g; Soild StaJ.! (:Mm. 13, 1:1:9flirlilLH. ,t1l[J', liIll~ ~k w~ ~'UJi'J~Q!iI~lJ the UlS. PeiP~g~~ ~!JI' ,!1lf (rnil<r(l!f'~ni!~ f:ait1m~~1 M. ll:l[oJ!I.C!lJll!·ilJ5CIiIU2~:1. Wil lIliilnlol(. Neil5OO; C. ~iiekl~ij"lIlie N'ii1iilm~1 ~(:jtllr lor
Illeci!:on rMi(mcr:lP!I' .!It .~~I1ID~' B!e!i!i;~l.ey ~:iiic!'!~1 L::IOOI;ai~:I)'. ~ ~l$!ill i!lIl.af!}; [l '~Winl T, [~.a.gIje... .:!M 1),.",1. Son.R.Ddl thllmli3 ~I!i~IL~1'I!fi(J: lilerk:tlfl~ ~tiOO1i11 ta~~~J 'Ih ILa~iQ ,P,o:M~!aI !f"~I(l'W:jh.i~,



24. 25_ 21J..

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j'!!l'lc~ion (Jl)" ;If![j Nm rLf~onll~ll! A£.2S SC~ml!)nl~ is ['Ibs~f\",>d (fig. 4. D and E)o.The o,,'lJ1ndg~p or~he A~S; scgmc'Ht:ll dCIPC'Jlds ml ~llcjir size" mald~ing the In!!]k '!Hllue (33) ror

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(I qIUiJal~!.!1ll C'o:nfim;;!'I1\J~n (F'~!!l,4El In. 'ttiU) l'ue~!:O!n c<]l]!'igl!ll.~ ronion. Gllw Ag:;!S quml1tUiTal dOls •.11(; {mliy v¢ry wC,lHlk~ycoupled to (''fIC~l ml'acr~ IKIC;}[I~C:lhc CdS


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1196.3: G!OOO~,

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solar cells, where ~lC S]liIffie dcn,~itjl' dCClronlte SI.fLte:> Wil,hi~ a dot (,llay k:nd 10 1lflult~p:Ic"e.x.ciw,nl gc:J1crn.liQI] (.NI. T.I~c lilil:U1<ldon mlllo.md :ml'fCr~aniC\."'S lhrrougl~ 1)31'1 ~[i,o:n ,ex;cilal:l,ge iffl,1 call aL'>O be apjJ:I'ied 10 ather Imil::> 0:11"scmu(;ml!dll.(i~lJIrs.)'~ckHng a broaderc:la.'!;S, or qtlillltLll:l'll(;<mllllJcd Slnlc~t.!!I.'!CS. "l.u~{lIt~'Ij,dm~~gl: reacah::m:; i"lm:vc alreooy been. .~llOliJ:cdill I ~g;.'5.I~S. SnS:!, CdS. ZI1!S. Cl~:S. l:l~lS3" ;au!d~b2S3 {3j' 3th T:"''!I\O->C(U11]X1n~Jl[ cQIVQbinilidoas (If U!~~e C<JH~a plJl.lucl;:;; 1/,~(:iJal !~!ud'u~~ n:l,u~l"ruul~ \,'!I'i"~ r~lnOtiQJa,il ~'.rur(':n:il,."i\ r.)ngiU!:lrrorDl l}TK: [ to.g.,. ZnS-A~S) .ii1J1dr-vpe U o«(;.g., CI!I\2S:"CdS) wnd.tll i5l1Inrlall ... 00' 1:I~cl'ifr~c'1~ciric,po·WC<r JIJli:iC"bons (e,g.,. CdS-Bb~;h).



-D··· AL'T"·' _rl,aSSIC ..lnoSaUl!rOlmorp_ h.. ____:a'ie Ass:emlb18lge Ir'DlmINewMIB1xiilc:'o and the 'Ris,ls' 0 IDilnllol:s,Blurs
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l.Ot:'3Iit}! illl:d ih.OI~~III. Site 3, :HQI. l(lhoSI: ~~M~ch. :tiQ J.\rriln ('ourU)!. New Me",ioo. USA. ~


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11Ji~~. U!II¥~~~u~!j Ch[ci!g~,. Chicago. ~L6{163:i. USA. QI (llicag,o. IlL. 6@6!QS, 1jJ1511... '~Oeo,p,afMl:~ma: of G~lo~tal Sl:ience~. l!n'!A':Js!r~ 01 C:01.or.<ldO,. Boolder. CCl803 09·
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1)Q~~~iDrbJ W!,s. 21). IPh>,ID:b~11C'~ic i!!liiIly,~is, r] .. t":c~ DJ'tJ.mrm1l!l·o~!' a'l !.h~g~:;~~r ~<BXOIlI~o i..(~gqI1J'(!um ,rw~dJ!'ii.!(O\1IC'f~ U1.~1> d,II;!~ a"i;h\): ~i!1:!~F ~w"mlCrl iill cu.ll~r dim), .Uf

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1. It, R. lMigel\ C, c, Swi~er !UI, Il, 'e. SePl:P!)o, ( •. "'- f~m!::r, A, I.W..PiI{n~~~. S~~t 26'1:1, 19>1 !:~~9l~, 2. P. C. Strl'!M" Annll.. ~. f.Mtr Pltl"'~t Sa,2:S, 4 ~$

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re:li::<mble I{)' .fm.:odap1tJ':i.is tJ{IJd!~illi. a Sfkw({unl:;~ Iike dillo.~1~lif'itI:'I1':1in l'liown :fmlllih..: same s;tmlfi~ k gmllhic ~mil (15., !7).lhc dentm)' slmres IWO "'ytlOllmnolphJ:cs wi! I~ Silesaurus: llCngte,1 looth b~"c.\ ]hatp.m],d~)1 11:!~c 00 tile j<lW lurllike m:t:!iU:rr~thi~n dam;I'... r.:o) and u MCcketk!l]gamwc <>il!1iI .~!!;; r!hLi' .. 'i~nlr.doo!l~."or ~]!C diC'J1!;;,1Iu,y U1<ll!:'''''''.~ ~l,)iI:td.~ th~ '1L~1i;.'fio:rl,ip {Fi~, 2L I. "illit'; [('\J;:11'1l,1Ip~ ·to j;1~JI:ll:rijJng.~~.mw.~lh i(~1ila~d ,deu'!!,icl(;... l:~ ~flbifll . b\lliSllII l>W~m Il~ of dtc Cl'OW':~I, ~'Jld a disli~lCI, ~l~m')l~\·ing I:h£bru;c ofdtc 8[ C~"U ~,l1mUlar til) Ihehcrnivoroilisl:ikc lCdh (]Ir othcr l,1Ioc'hos<lur:; {Nt. 2-11, 11rlcy :I~ck ]ihe 'aiSliru;:~ SI r.iil!,iom> fOotlllid low~itdd.l~tiporSife.HIW'UJ;; t\c~cih(/4). Tilt: !Ilium ::>har~ wij]~ SJl~(;jlml • :m. el.~iai'ged blll!v:is fo.'>!ID ., <1Ln~ shelf. \,'~dchils, openl:lh::raUy (Fig. 2M), The' :~cmjJ,tml head iSI:riangII.Jlm·in prox,imal "'lew O:~g.ZN) ami bea.l's:I smi1i:1lnoO !ch ~ientrnll),' >Cf ig . .20): 'both (I r these chm'."clc~ ;we found Ifl Si I(!,~,mlm~, ~i(..·fj~'''J1)/~!li,'(;;.'i" .~n.d P,<;(~'H/fJ~ £ J(J.g(l,'mchu,~,t J .5 ).

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sistersee of basa ~ d iiniOS2Lu:tro.l1l1!Ol"(ih:i well into the L3~e Triassic, ill Argcminil. La'J!;eI7JeltJrr. J~4tll"u!l!:udms. and !?:H'I.{{la.t(1g~Jsudlw~ are conlilted ml~le MiddIe Triassic !(ut.dil~~i1n}ClmI1m"(:s .f-"o.m~ation 3ml nc'l'!,';I" ooctmr wi~h ,Ciinosmu'S f.l •. r). 1.I,Q\'<C:'iC'!:, the LaIC 1:riassic (Cm:11 lacn .;md N('Iril'm} Ibl~n.l~~ilfl;rrml,n lhcir MIddle Tl'i,ws~:crcl"lil\'Cs. c indi""ting aoontIllli.l!od dh'C'l1>iiTIcmion 01' thei>C gunul's, Til~ <I.gc 1<1~,gcnf~hlC!,c~Q IhMil:~,I!ld O1lf

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~!~ 1I'liI, U. 9!iu" 22. A. B. Hec!k.~IiL. :S, (l, liu~~,I!. M, SII1Ufwl'I, A. II: !llIm1. [, A Si!lie~M, N...01.'1. '~IlL :[iOl:, 6lrJdMo.oJI .56,30l (2005}. a F. [. ~~. ).. ,~~. Poakol)ru.!. 16,72.3: U!.l~6}. ,~>'I. !t'iI. s, 1>~~kBl.lit Ill. Irmi~ S, I, r!I~iM:', J, '1'1. Pilartz. L. 'S,. 8romn~, Prot ..fl. Sac, l,llrociM S"" .I!i! :zn~ R.@ost 25. It 5•.if~~I, f. RIllt.!.ill ~ .000mtl.u.r!Q, Il B, W~~nilpti, p, i)oo!;on, iii. 'Ckmrut.a, Ed:s. 0Jm'i!l:,r:II'Cd~1riiI1 i?rm" ~rk.e~. Gt. ed. l. 2~~ j).p.~l~l@' .~ii,A. 'B, HtIlkt'1ii; IK. E. Z~igl~r. S. G\. !;uta!!',. L F.• Rinrnarii N• .M. ~~ Mdt. ,f/lit Sd, .I!JliJL 24" 1;l7 ,t~C!l)itI. ~7. t ~ Si~Dr ~r&, lVUI!l'I~ 41g:~,389 GOO5~. .~E;.. JliQ'lci.m~~ a r.~tI~lrdl 'I\'@~f! fjjilldi!dl bit '~i1eIth.,noo~1. M !(ie(]~1il~I'If:(; !i1J(~et)' (~JI'UII 00. &0::14·1)6)' (tD K,!P..~. !)~dl ru"!!1~','h';: ~(I>fj~, R~~5'e~D~i'!Ie«!o"!!I Fcund U~ R,II!,1,1;~Ii~ l~r.l:.i~ IHjuii~a~gn ~o $,IJr4J ;i Bi)i:lii •. filtttffoDn iIllllmDrrilIl Q.il!Rt Ol'l'U.ilJ,ilR Irm~Gradullj!@ ~ll~~mip '('0 RJI,I,. ;lIfIgl 5;,pij'J. Il,JC'''~~~ey ~ltiillEnl ~111r.II~rali!;1~BlorG!;i~ OG IR.8;,I,), w~thiW: 111f!

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G,en,etic D'iivers'ity iin HOlney
B'Be C'o,lo'niles Enha,nces Prod'u,ctivity and Fitnes,s,
~\!hh ma:RY 1[Ji;eiILes" (l!Je-al'iI('!~m..~~r(JillS PQllrn~n~'s Mthi~ (O'h:mfe'Slh~t cltr~ '!J,~ne'ti(iaUy ~btJnct. 1:he eU'ects olf glellll~'l.k, d~\t€~sity en (lioli!!Y i)rI(Idl!!ctivity oiIiIld I_():ng-,tenn fit~,~rs,are
~e iiI~tl'(;aHy d'il\il~r$e c~!kIl:liies, (15 paltri'lnm~;!l pel' (l)~,Ql1iy) fotllilded Irle\lI 'c:olrmi~sfa ...er d~i!l1ll s~~i!lrmShCHll glel1letn(a~ly unHorm (i()~®Il~e$ (] patrnillie pt'~ t ullony). Armrnll.l!ated diir'l',e-rem!El'silii 1lo,ragilrl@ rates, {,ood smrage, arid pOIPIJ~ilItnofi grmllth ~e'd to impressivE' IbQos~silii the ~HIlIe05~ (i.e" ~:rr,ofleIlirodlllctiolil arH~ ~\lirl~elFsm'!lival} (II 'geinetkally ,cii'll\~r~e "OIOlll:e-S. nese re'f>'I.Ilt£CI!Ither ollm um:ler-sta lIu:llil'lgi of tine: o:ri~lil'ls D,I pot)llllildiry ln honey C'ef5 <I nd lts r hrl~lril'5, ~~lrc;~klIllY perfO'ITlliall1~e.,
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~ar~I.g., fOf<l_ging <J!(:livi~y, IOOd \"Im<lg.. f!OJ~~l'mklfl size, find weight :g;;;!.in :[l;'f,,~bf inl~Tm
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hlilo W<B}'S; by ~Jrod.~Ir;;:i~,g rtlw(I'!I;luot1v\l m..l~ 'td~'O!lr..~.} <Inc.! 'l':i.!}, pmoll,cin,\; :;;~'I'Um4"'. \vhcn ;,u .f(ipf'ldll.(:tivc fi:;nm~,C' l qi.!l!;.'i;1I1} ,IUd ~"'"\'CHill ~:ltlWl,· j!;}l1id i:~~~'r1!:a(; ~(;-litlfllk,:;; lwo[kc.I·;1»' ICiIV~; tuu.ld. (''Slnbl:is.h a new nC,'l!I. SWflrtrlliulg, is c'~';II:ylind

111m p.11CIil10rnt."UlL:IJlof fOIYSlHldry, or illuItiplc 1'n~linilil wilili di !fcl'iiilit ItIlll!:-s by q:LI>L'CI]l;; " J ), Selecticn Jer polYlllldryis uDe;.;;pcetoo ~~C' it ~'K.nlc·s illIrnCO~ul!li~1 ~~lfIc~icdi\lcrsily, whkh I,~itlr::',drQrngil1£ ~cvf..~:5l1h3n. were 17' to 7&% hjl~het:' sw~nll.~nlgC'I'Cllt, E~h !!\l::ltcl,iC<IIlIy d lverse co r.ony erodes l~i~h levels of relmwIF:!.&i> itlllOl1g: rel:nJIC' ten (n -~ 3:) Imd a q,ueen lIml \~',L'" i~lslnnm:l1ta~!l.y limn :gu~!e~ I~yU!l1riform [oloui.cs, nathree {I r live' ofl~~ril~g. thoreby him.!cring ~hc cvotLnion ('!if mJ~l'\!Ii:'HiiC bclmviorIO\li.'lIlTd kin, NC\1Ci11hclcsl>, momiflg~ I(fig. 2}: p<liin.:dI tl~L"wilill l3on.lCoolli, il'h;'i.'C'millmcd wilh SU}cl:1Ill ~hun:~ l!n~UC sc~ of ~H~~[hl11n .Hdju~tm,",!1t 20 J Il.!!W; 1{49l = 4,1, f' = O.{)OOI ~w!c1 ~~[lilY'.u~dl)' L!P.' r~lX'{IK'dlyi~~ ~ !i.OCiaJ In..ttl.;, (.2) fHh,lcn dillHi.'$. llInd c~~d~ g.i,m~~ic<!~ly 1(49) • 5.7. P <: O.OO!{J!.I ~2 t J uae; ,~(Il9) - 3.2. po4 ()ol.olly (II = 9) Imd a qUl)"'lli~~!,.1mij!!;~'~-d \Nii,h a ;,!!:t1d W OJIU C1\:.!n(;·!l!~C d~ro~ in I,,\,\i~'ry ~IJCCL~ of a .~lmlCY l»l (FlllllS, .,:~pio..) 0), &wcwl hypo~tl;.,~'?; ~imilav \IO~U~Il~: of Ml~~n fmm a ji;iDl!ilI~~ drol1~ . ~l.OOO: m:! 10(4.9) 5.5, P <: OJ)OfH ~ n j'li.Ilrc: .11'1(49) 5'.2. P .:::. O!OOO[ <lIla 1(491 - 5A~, p « 0.000] I. Df{U~~'S\!rI\Cre ~k.>(;lcdl m ra.. .lOf'm from>! pool uf m Jimvc IJtoc1!lil3'Oj'llOScdw c'x:[]~"in l!M\!, tl:IC lX.'Ilel'i1S of M.O'Bcovcr; ,.r~I;,~f' 2wcl,,'k:;;· in.heir new :nt~~ :o1~~C, OV(;[" 1(100 imDdividtu:!I;,lcollected {r1l!l:l II drone<IL gfo.'!lCI;i.c!lI~y d~v"'''i!'l1ew'Ofk .fo~~ CQll~dOiWl\vcigTI! ~lilJ.;' COX~~ ofutl(hl~~d,lIl!tl.ismil I\):WITtill,g [iir)llli ~ow g~n~~I~,~ull.y d iv~rsc 001 onic:.!, i\n~k,pl k'iB39% more !ill'Ur(:C CO~!I'In l'(:S. To n.:p.lic(b~J,;' ~Iil~ C'XPI..'mi(.;I1(lJ;.;of Ihoo~han !ilt'illCl.i.c~ill)' uilli~bllln,oo~,ol]ie!i [m£lllli wittl~rl-co~o~lyacl:au('lIIlCll:i; (4),. A populflr hrypo~b~ 1(:~1;1,M]~!I'ITli(::;,. ;S\'II;lIT1lbS W(;'U'i C[('tL~()(1 b¥ 1i"H'ci:rl~oJ 1390. ± 1200 \,'CtM~ 990;lt; 145 Ctlr cOLnb per esis su~~s dlll~ gCIil:~liL'iJJIIjI diverse \\!O:rk [OK~ queen rUnld ·~kg 01' her 'I.~lorkiCr oH~rilTlg 11-1700 001(11)1' ull1cd wi!h food: ,f IC$I~ 1(19) = 2:. L P = bees) 10 dUbi~(!r in 11screened G'~ lor throe days. mllflly o;pe.I'IlIC more c:fliieierIIJ,y ij51 and, Co.li1se{juC'nl~ when:: Ihcy 'I;"\'([C I;"d :;UCfOSC soil:mi)iUl ,fld~ibilmn (JI.MSJ. Tilts dHIcrencc was OOl because rome IY.pl.'Odllcc oolo:nic~ whh a ~IUtcS."ad.VUimJifl'f;! over celenks ~fLe!kC(1:spaDe (gcltCI.iC<Llly d iverse ,::Iilild 11~oscwilh uum:mn ~'tC' l)(loll\>. ~:lowl;,.'Vcr. ~hellCliS to simulate preswj}ntrl~ng C'1~gorg;crncnl on honey. I~ru:;h sW:lI'Ill was sllb.sequ\:n~I)1 reloc.u.c(J to a llmifoJm ookmb had ~Ilcan 61 r I.~'%fmd '66 ± ('Ql1nic;tUllg ci\'idCillCC dmt ~enl:!~icall)' (beusc coler 3.2% of (mill'! C'Jt~pl,}', respecdvdy):. in~'leoo, it mli:e;pcrloml tlskslX'llla a'> a ,oo!llieCil~.VC tll:m comblcs.s huve Ihillt \"'<l!;~ ::>inllilarw thm pre'Waslik!CI1y il CO:ilseqll:(;:n~ C!r~ncre.1iscdfbmgniJI,g gil;,,'Jletk:ally lmifiml:n ooion!cs. do ,~6 1m <uoc!. liC:w!CCi b)' colcmic.:5, llall!!u:i}lIy 02J. O:Jrlonlfe~ were bundoo 0;] I~. Jhm~ 2006. d~ri!lg [he l\.~tOn'il, &l~""i~ ill £cne~iC'<lln}i,c!i:\',e~c !l;Qion:ies..The magliuru~C'~l]){l!1C. enlm!1o~1 prrooWlclh,hy of li~C' \'.... Q!'k ~lesc dH'l'Crcm.l""', :i 11gf(flNlh dlllJ.ing Ihe !i.\lrI,~rani!!l~ se'~SOIl [jJ). O~~~"r(;'S\1orac.rl1S\~.!'C ~n uivude tote" hili ~l~\'uril!(lcr!liubxi c)l-!~Iicilly 'wi~hro!lJJlya ~hdl."nC"<\' :nes1 :1:~tes.\1o'C d(!iCmucntcd CO~lil)" deInItial ~ \\«ks al:beli colouy ;~bli!llding is :imJ~reslevel n~Il!l:SS g;l! in~. sh;,c. Cllllsidcrhlg I'hal WOrlK :tbl'Ce:;;~n gc:nel.i(>!I~ ve]OllpnCl~t by rne$ur!l'Ig comb oou:Mnlc~ion, A hOlllCY bee colony rlropagrulcs ~Illg~nes in



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with gClleliit~llly llnifonn~IJ!.I~m.tilJ;n$,llJ.elore 00l1il'cvck'.d olT ,dieL'::! wC'cl;. s ~Wig. Itpl.""l(lc1 mC,!iS~I'CS ANOVA:F( .~,,19, 25.7. P < = (UXml l('Ol.OHy~ype}~1'119'.342l' = n,~.,9', P -c (UKlOI U.~!~Wl~: ~9J4,2" = ),1 Jl,.P ..: O.'tJOtJi R U~H~~r..,clit'ln)l. DlHiu'lg ~1'lC!lC()('tlW week (I r ~Okllfl)' vi" ctbei r fll'li:l year U 1 ~.l'1iOSI. {Iou, Ito~ w~[i!er fmmding, we Oo:!T1JWJ'I.>d rorngj.ulg ~,Uil'S l!llllml~, " m .nlt.lql~W fOod.~CI< fhd U!C.;olouy ~hrmli!h~!I!. Ult~ or 1i~'Qrlw',f,';l'h,l!f¥!il~!ll to hive 1"'.111: imu~ rllr a n W{li~\t.;ffi !l1i'd Fot (mly I~~~ curr)'ingp!ilIl~llI) be\\Ii,~~",r and di~ ors~an'.:u:in!1" l ween dim~.~J:Hrorl1bil~ltifm~f rundmnl.)' ~ilir(ld! o \N'ilb Ihe ch\9]~~llge(i;of S\I\:(lt"$f;fWiI colouy OOioJlies,~ (UK: ('{l~OIll"«!ill eachueeunenr, Ii' = 50 f f5l,lWidirlig, illl 1¥I:lnd,. \\'C l'()il1d!i.mlm] 9 IOiflg.te~n smdy 10 COimlpare [11(: dC\l("I~pl'm:nt of £l..~l!,)1icil~.1y p~il"S, per ,dilY IIJJl:',Q'lI!Jlhamllve om~sccu~:ive di\~C'~ and g~m:1icJI~.ylimmnm C:O:l'oi1.1.es after 3. rn,rnn~l'Igs. G;:ltetic1l1y diverse ~t:lI~o:nia;nm~I""




F'~g. 1. Al'Sil! of o~m~ (mll'<llnli. "" .SICW (iOrl-

pt".lik"111.'>.; w~th ~.imil.cdrcsoul:'OCs
:S¥.ii1 n:ll muSlt 'OOI1S~iliCl FL¢!W QQrnb.



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r":""ci'VC',,m'KI L'qlil1 l1C'ariT~g'''''OJ'ker.;liCI repllacc' lhc <lgtlll£, \'!,',o;r:k, :tbrcl:. In l4;I11PCr.M.li:',diIllUHCS" !lewly f(lllndoo C(lo~1fIe;> I1n~~ o;pcrn~ce m,dcntl~ llt'" I C;J!lIISC1!~Circ is i;ilmiliCdlime to acq,uil'C the

U!!S!'lUI:'CllS~O s!lIIll'IJ!I}utdl!.'SC m:lill!ilna.. Colony lomru, h,g is ""0 dli :tl'icUlh ~lalonly 20"4 of SliWa.J:tNS :sttr~
8e:fulliWor. CorMH '0

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netic.dilly unHtm'l'l (D) c::oloml'ie~ d;e.r iXC~p:y· ~ng11m- n~t s~te~ on 11 June'. !i)a~es; '~h,en g;~Ol!WJs.dijff~r«l signif1!rein:dijcaJ~d by a hQr~ izo IliItallillile (lop).

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DI1,pilTIJn~;ml !;]I! fljclJlroli!i(lolog:yand Ui!l1lijlllirr.ity. li!~ca. NY 1~:BS3. UrSA,

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1)1 diverse ned gcm::li~ll}' ~m~form coloules I m~;mdl tlt~~r !h~mdi!VJ,~9 J!'dy ~9mp"r~~{I!1 Of\"ITII:rk.~rA1QP~ ~ I~i iml.~; { ~~~t; I ( .~ = ~ P = (lI" .12J. 9) A'i, OM~ tlIlitmtl~ :all:~r ··l>\'im1t~ullig;" ihi;l~ \Wlci ,m i~~llloo .mdlbricl" ~tiod wl:!e.1'! ubuJ'ldmi I Ibm,~~ bil;~i~ll~ O!vailOlb!C' l-9!CI' 2J JlUIy). Al~hc ~l!!!!t
were s~iU s~:~~~il""r~y sized


this IroniC)' I~q\~,~. gcn~IT:CilUy divcl'S'eool.onies were ;Jk~'1)~ ~\:",iN as h~<!vy as g:~Il~gcm,lIy uaifbf!I~ C~l!9'~ies IWi~, 3 j; rep~"lgdIVil,~5!ltil,;" ANOVA~n~, ~9) = .J9.9. r < O,{u:ml t.;:ol(n],i' ~ypc:}~FX ~6.13,73) =237.0, P <: (M1OO I {t:b:uc)l; F(82, 1.:1:;1]:)= ~:I'A. p « 0.000 I (i.nlemclijon~l. Th:fnu!g).lOi!llll'he now •.~i;n~!ic,d Iy di ~~IW ,eclo·

11~:es Olincd an average of 0.3 ± O.'OSkgJdJ)' 'P'C" ~ co.~tI1Y ,mel increased t~~~r Mghcr' ~nitiilloolQtny '''{eight by ~!I]r$%~ W¥!~{I~ gt.'1.1~~~~]~.y \i~~~.f9!ln I;QSDlr!i~~~.~i,l~"d u!dy 0,00 O.Ol Iq~f,d"uy~t
~l;jkj!TIYhr:Jdi:~ICrcll.ji1~~hei!i.low,~v~'u~OI.~y ciM'I~i [ w 'by 1001~Y 1fi3%bcl'o:r~ resources W;:l!II~d rlFig. ]~ I;;Q~l~p<.llwis-o~(1 f ~n<m.11 &.i~j' \'!,I\I,"li~h~ .~,ui!'l ,d\l~i!l1g now, piiirccl: r !C~t:. II~~ 1= 1.9. P = Rom)".!). The I il~fIIl11;;' (if ft"liiJci s'p'I~kcd ~ t'1t:iliU:J1l~llc-e illl ool~,b OOnS~C:I~Oil in ,~i1~ljic.'IlIlyl~,i\lI::i'l>CMki:iiliL.~. ho~\'(;'\'Ii;.'r, eomb m'!..'9 ~r,enmliii~OO lin eh!llilg,OO, irn, !i.t~'m(;'I~mlli)! Im~rOil1m 'i,,'O~(lIb~"S> {fig. It Producliml of newwerkers om gerlctka,U:y d~\'oC'Iri1C eolon b )lm~r<ls..;.:ecli thai. of gel'lctilctl.~:ly !.mUbnn()Cilo\~I~,cs \vitlla in~h~ fi ~l month (I r,(;(lI(my ,ii!:!\!eklll~ncnl [tF:~g.'I,: re pe\1ltlJd 'nlC<l:>lI!rc-.I1 ANOVA: F~1.19) = 1635. l' < O.mlCH (oolo'~y Eyp~l: ",,'II t.~ 7:4) = 37.4. P <" OJlQO~ lirnL,!j~ 1"0 1.174l -Mdt I) < OJKJOI nnlC'~:aclion~l. Brood L'(:,nir!g bywo:rkl.:!l' ~ncrea.~d CI'll~t111W!,.i!lly


r'e!~lilmfng workers; .: 10'''111V\lQrkers ~~Irl)iing polAerl~ iii!1~d ,g;e;n.~th:all~N
~nJif·or,m (0:
OITII ~V WO~k~HS cal~ryijllg IPiQl,~ ~M) rCOIGll'lIi~,. A'liltl'":!iks

ic.a!lly d iver:5le (II: {iI'll

~meam,1: 500 of ,gemlel'•

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ingl.:!WI~~dly d:i\'I.'1!'l'e·t,\Oloni~. wuil Ih~I,,\~dI of

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21 June

22 JUJiile

l1iig. 1. W.ffigt:lt {1I1~1fli~, ± SErlO 00' ~~ft~tka1lY lIe[~ ~Jl)~j~ lfinu'!' tn :L2j
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![:lPlg. 41), CUU~~(~qli.\.'till:ly. gcnelic~lly diiVCiTSIi: c-o;l'onics h~d iar I:q,cr wcrkcli popu:lmiollshylhcClld oil" AlIttiS'l 11i1I1Cill12ti.700 ~ t~JI[) \'CXSUl> .53001t 2MlO i~ldit'l'.idur~:s er ooli:m.y:. p t U!:;;I,;Ii( 17~- 'iJ, .P< Clom I. TI1elC dilferen~cs in p.~\.:]'m~l]dhlg Llc-vclopIMl.:'nl Iike-I), 1t"~~llcd overjhc


aJfI;d gef:!etki!~ly W'lir:orlili! (dil~~~dI~in;e) ro 9) Ic,olon[~ i!lfle~ omllp~ng ~1e'!Y nest s.liOOS IOf! l1ll ] une. IDal~5nen grol.lJl$

~i.1:~maoomhi~!8!~ionr(lr ,m (>,nh~l!ltCCd i:~J~~[~Y(If'
!m~'l:liJ)Ie-palil'i~lne colmltCSW liOllslUiL1C'l 11C.!'l materi,,~. til IfC.mx 'brood. and to acquire rood r(gh'cn
OOl'!lpll.J:abk: \'Ii'()!lkcr p(}plll~ltiOm-) 1.!J!lc.1lil!e~lOmcn· ~ l!lIm [hat this len! w!li~L! pace or 00.1101111' go-rn,'I'lh" ..


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s.il1gl~·pmJlrillilrl~lll(.mk'::-i \\'t>Jt: nn!. ubk: ~ des;pi1(;lliJVnll1g :;;~milar OpjllOr:!Ulllilil;_~ ~:I.lcl' ~L ··J\.\VttI1il1rlil1g"c.'vcnl. Colony size is doseiS til)cl; Ito fiml~: ~ft~~r colonies liI'Oducc more drones. ]~flI'IiChigher winteli S111n,'~va~. and iSslIclil10re swarms (IoU]). H-cu'C. i.iillraco~on~31 genelire divershy resu~~ed in ooll~[d~a:bIIYlnore: 'IWl)~~ous <mG,:res(lurcc-rich l
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pn:u:!lu:ood ~. g~n@ti[;1l [~ ~, d~v~~ ('II;:clrr<er~ 1.1; droml{!$; .), aml1 gene1:-

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,ers: S11n~glelii'i.€!I;dmii'l'e<s: doolJle tioo) mmt perlodswh,M

brood r,eijrng dilil'ei\e:d :sigi'IJiI'iQln~lybeh~i"i

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d~sClri;m:i1l m iOIl in,n,e O:1Ig. $6). ind k:milng, ~hc. c1:TectivoClL~SS,OI'CfLliLU:ai'liIil1g ~md•. SC!iii. cst II!lI\1hlS esl[ablis~ed, thm,ahe ~l1odc], aC:ClIJrnlely aJ.;p'tl!lU!s, :iirllib'l11131.ion ab01.u tile bii,ndillg sclC\:[hi II)' 01' PD'Z, dO:lll'ilUIl.5.we asked which ~}hysicooch~l1r iC<ll:~~jfl'e~iC1i !,'\~!;:h ~~{,n!~lUI~~~ p WI:1(;,S em;'!:! ~Xltii~ aI tfl!lJ fo cl~i]!lc il:' ~~Ittli.\'il)'<. For C"':'IITlJl~. if \,\'01: ~on'k <It mh~ 1UII!]11.0 ,1L(;:ldp~~.C!t,nct,'..\;; nfDi~1~3 (1111 ..I pos;iDiou "h w{; ~i:Jld IllilA ~lC 21J 0':;, <'!l1i: pnsili vdy oom::tmoo wid] Z.il bUI are nul ,(."t!!nre~.aliC'dwi~h . :;~('.r ;;1 (rig. 3A). ~fI '(;{mtm.~I, ;;;2, Illl! fla~.;;1 or ~]" OO~l.ilItes wi'lh ,d~:lCriI1flif1"lilvc bifld:~llgm posi~km 4 ,~hr[\,IlagH, (416) trig, ..:;i:B ~ ,,\~hc~s~. bUI, Ilot

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w'Jaim, -14% lF~g. ~mJ.The lirsl axis tF.g. Sf) can d~~i~gy,~1il c,m~]~l class ] PDZ :d~~n<!iH;~. ,''':hicl'! !I~~f~rro;l by p~pti~~\1j,'i'.~ !I ~!l~,i!t hydfOph~t~ ¢~;dtle :1!I.t ]il>OIl,;,tim~ _:l,rmnll~n{jl];i~~ .;:1':1:;1;. U dOr!.mil~~"\lI,hich ~Jl\i;: ~fem;(1 by pt.;'}J~id~~",'i:th h.~~, h)'drnpllObiic ~idl!l!e ,II ~,~ • ,I


.Figl" 2:. lA) (ii'glPhical ~:!l~ ,~f tlle 'trainmg"llet dalal. K!lJ ~r.of Ipp-(jDnrir,lfI1Ie~ ,~@STItii]jies awe Ir-ep;re~n!tf1m1' b,Y (:ot(l~. 50 ~M 20 ~M afifi'[JRY mght Ibtu:eJ. Array

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:5ft1'1OOihing 'Olver bath

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N:3II'P,I OC:o.1lfafi~, T,F,If'C4 'TiF:lPC5

TRlPM6 'O.71~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ $flJloolhing over P[lI,Z'$ aJlid a:tIiIirao aQidls -smoothing OIt~1' D\Z'$· OJlI~y P 00.6 .~~ no smoolhlng ., •.•. rlCHiisorimiii'i<lilion

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slio\,vn 'lO ~~indboth d,k<;!l, [ .uid class n j]cp'rid~ 't2,'1l 1n I:~", k[\~~nhc h'\lo !;,?\,g:~I,"~'Si.ni~ ~ond and I.hird prilte-ipa~. ::t'l:C'l'l IWig. 3F) O!(w
IUIi:1Ij.C[ 1\.""i'li,hJil~on. lifi 1)lIl1i:[;'ulfi[,nhc IhW ~xi~ cl iii.I:ilil:!il~ji~l~"~ c~a.~:>.1U dOli'lltli.in:>, toii,Jch as neL"'o~ml I1i ili'K: exide iO)'iYlhtls.c'(t:lNOtS,) ( III ), fprercire(j by PCU)licles with 3, 1K'~lil\ -elydmlll1-'tI n::skiu,(! m, !HlSltiml 2" rU(mmllle o'lI'lCI' PDZ d(lm:lii1~, nlC' d05'C'I: a PDl. donmJin lles ro Ihe 'lXls;itivc end of

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tIilelJiili:li~1t pCM::h.'11.,whi:rea~, peptide Hbrwt;y sereens hove iiihowrti Ihm:~1imlnily b;. derived b:'1dy From the lIL"Cogt'ljtiol~ ofmnino addslu~~:itiiu~S, -2 and to (i). SOOOlld,!linl~1 mare impcrlmHly. Pili! dcmmhl.~ do not fan :~n~o
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nli.n!lJ.Cil-3Ci~.\1IMcl p.rOI~~U kilfl~ ~r.,giii8iiilg ilR).. leiiii ~bs2 (12). I ]crc. v.q~llllind,on Ii mmh broader ::I:c~letimi. a::;~milllr p,t1l11cii~JIcis: iu. cfITb::l. IImo~g ~nml;;e PDZ ,;ijDmafi'l'l ru~dI~heiI" lig<mcJi:.;, A Ibholl~h Ihe $('!~IC'C~ii (I r I~rol~~ vit)' n-'l'll.1tcill inlCt'Th:tioll):
IFig •..3. 'tA~o0 (mre~[il;;(ms bel1.'JE!el'll SUl1@;s ·':!rlld m.od@i, ptlrnlrl1~~Eif:S; ~t j)oS'ilion ....flJor ~Irel! P·O'Z dk.m'a~lIls.
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~igni l1i;illnlty :~'»~ICOO c(lmlJ.'llwd ,:vidl dml o rmlr u lRl~ (rOf ~!irst" " 14·rn(lj !i!;-QlJc~io!1!.P0;;: Ilr ; "; ~br bln.~ ", ~ \',H",ful~R;:'1;I~~ P <. ~o-s) (Fig. inf.!, 31\. ..ndi~JbI~ S3),\V~thl»lrn~l1,,1rij~ rcgr\i~~ilQl)" ''\i~ ~irl!iia:ld t~mi thlil 1~~~'tI~m~ :Iifr;: :ipill1iS I~ll."lJlr...2"'_ ~~irld, bfn"TI- ndce !,,\I,j;<re I~O/tl al1ldl4% ~(Jn~!", resp~iv~ly.dimi lifu!lp.;nl~ for ~!:u~lmL~ {fot_lk'<1 .• Ml~;all = 79.~ d1i)'S ,und 95% ['1 '}'J I 10 ?Vb,. fot h1'j"S:rt-,m~i!iii = 916 (1,1.)1$ lIi]d, 95% ('19'1) 10 94.5: for blr:!irf- .median = YOI days ,midi 95% ("I
8S!!:. ~f! 9): [Ille maxiftliittt'n .llir~~a'l!i (90iih jJCfi.Xi11,. 91 ilc) iuercased silUikLr~ly (I~lg. 3A muilllhh::· S4).

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metric {C~:ii.} alidpilIrnntemc: regroi>."iC!!~ W etillllm.1 for lh~ Cov.rui'iiUe£ (l~bJc S2). Atd'l.O~gh hb~;T~ ilfld blrti,T~l1iilia." displayetl 1Iia!1:1n1OOlk changes. uS'lm.lly m~roehM;crl ~"'.itl~ illmrler Ii Ie' spm~. their 3 fisk ,or dCJJ(h dC1cnJllined by Cox ~:cgICS..,im~\Vn~.

To dClellnhlc wllelher bt,~in. Irs::! al1Jf..>cl<: ~y:>111Ct:aOOJsm. \\'e ::11df:cdYOlllllll,S .'Iflcloki mice i u ill a romJ~Icll(,m~iv~ 100b ,mulll;l1 mmlitm'illi,il. .-;)~ !~~Il (CLAMS). YQun.,g~omrol iflnl2~rni(ie were !l110~ 1!'c,i~!~ .~!!d c(J!m'\D~nOO 1l!lIJro O,w~",n limn did )1O~1Ulg b/rsrJ- or hk~TJ-~tI!ioo (fig. J. H a~1:d['). (h~igcn C{l~$llHllf~km by old ,m~~2 and bJi'S2~;~nicl.: ,d'edlin«it~ ~1~ ~!1";: 'lJ,l1Cll~m,\\'ll(li:e.'i."~hl.'l b!n":1~!l11i~ 'OO!1.'';ll!aTl.cd ~~~.Iilh.(ly l1'XYM~l O"!..!illess :m), A~I !ll(l !lilLt:e W(W ~C.!", ~lI;:lh'~ at .22 .tlJ)l~lh,lO:! hmvc\ (it••~hi;luld b/.i",.l'il-a,nd birs2.-1- ItI.LCC \I!lC'ru :JiliIDl,II 1.\il'Uoc~s ~('~i\'i: '~hc a1t! cU!ll1mL~ (Fig. ]C1, a as Next W~ d!l![oCm~n{l~I:h'il reSI)imlory qlllol.iclnl I[Rq"" !1COYl/o'il. winere V~s\.oililmc" I!Q('$ti~nnl'Lt~' Ihe d!~i~y~nsilkm between i;1!. (R", .. O.7}~r!d C1lrbQh~ldratc' fRog • I) ox idm ion (! 19). lh(:! R'q 1m:

life .<:P.1U1!. 'C'~t~malil.·dat~hc g(n~1 im;:~!.'iGdl similm~y (Ibr \lVT. s:r; OO.}rs and f.l5% C] ro l loM5: l'Orirsf!- . 982 da}1S '!.l.a Q5% (lQ3S w 9!},R) ([fig. U) and table S4)\ 'h2 is e!'lane3scd t11!L'm!gli!out~hC' body I(F i\lil , .lA} ,H1d !l1mn!)I [l'!gijml"oflhcb:m~n,. il!ldlldi~glb'l: C'Cn:;illllllm. lhc ccrebt:'~lun1l•• md ':h~[~I'CWI,IIC and


~!f:ll\'lI';nttru'cu~~lr mu~:l:d of 'ihc hypodmlmw!.ll'i ~Hfl,. S2J (.11. 13), .RcdllJctxJ iUS!llllimi,·iiikc Sigllll~:i,rlglni

B~dy wigln [i!\I\~i\i!!g,C'(g}::I::S,EM, n ~. 6] at 2:2Y.l ,l'Iumrth s. (() s.e'SSI'!l'!!l!oij ~Iri~s,uliI"lSiil'VlSirivity ~Is'~ (,a,vernge ."" Sm,. 11'= 8"IiP .:::
0:[15). ~I)}SlilfVh,lal pmbahmt)J

~f lit:r'- mi'oE!. (A) Ft:I!lld irl!:a~ ~Qj'll'er.ag~ tgf2.4 h,cu,llr) ± SEM, fl "'" 6 mit::@] hili mile or 'relflll;[!'l@' mfm al .2 ,dimJ: ,22: montlils of dlg~. (I)
{holil'lleo5ta~]i~ If1IGldel <liS-

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!l~llro;tlS incf(xliscs, tt~elife srl-m.ll():f C eJrt:&'imJi onrl
soiit 1:> pOSt"ihlc thait rL'd.~.moo ime!lii~ mlll::lJllrs2 ,eolJj~ extend Ino.u,'>e I~rcspm (3, 14, 15 l', To tcsll~fs hypothc.sTiS. '~'J,'c ck'led one (lJ:h":s2'"'_) d or both "bir,~TA) IOld)~I]mlkcdlr$2 alleles 'Vk:sJ.lJ1"fJ,WfJir{/(I..


<lIJh;;lcs~' ~Dl tI~c bl<l:in by im~reli'O:>:Jjin,g tTl'S} a:nioc wi1.~l neslil1FCR: Iml1lt\~~ic m&cc (} 3 ~\ Polyn~I;:Jif'C ch3jil1:react~ml U:lCl:t) :mfl:ly.'* ~onl'il'ljncd Ih<ll~ .lr... RNA WilS ~'1lIlIinedin allt les~cd tis:luC's of m1JIC' 2 birsrf- mJoc cxccl~~ for ~lebr.i'l:in W,ig., 2A)I, QUIl!l.li!<l~!""C !\1'Wrl5~ ~:<!I~:f,Cripli{ll~:pel fRT-.rC'R) c(ml:i~n~d~ln.n II~~J :R,Ni\ \,\"lL'i ,.',,,,"dll!¢~'ld.;.hOliJl jOllA'. . il:lhl,,~2rr lm)liU[~·:;IIal(ilnlil:lLCGd:""~lrJO'tQ in hk,rlh.rui:u:;; 'L"Onilll;nfld widl~hm of ctllfllm~Jb~,ll1l:k~(l ~fll!i;, A}, :!3y CmaLr.lst, .lrxl RNA aa]Ca:~,j il]U~e 2

~by Cox r':gr,e<s~iO'JI r~ir e.lcill 1M {'.)'.1:llld lrsJ: ,"'"- (." Ibl~!.le]' I:'IlGUise. SQ~id lillll:!s ~!ldiicatethe (ox sul'\l1lvalprobubil1!ty of M and 1fS2""- mtc~' wnmr,ol!,e(j llr oth€:~ ~ (l)vi!3Jri.ates. '()ee tiil ble sa r(D:U detal:l!s:). li1atl::hM Lines .aoneSUJlOnd to IKli,pl~,rq·M~~r (KM) '~ti~liti~ oIc~taJined Iby ~~Ull~li!i( r~lre~oot~rmirl~
~Dn ~ til~'~e54 {or dettl~l!;).

hil,gnhfll, 1JlCSI.m·Clf'C cl'I:prcsf':iolll did rnollai~.C 1)llloc in lP"IlICTCatic ~ «Us {f~g.:2A). C'ro,s.::;e:> IJc1WiX~l h.b'Srl- mice· p.nuJilioOO O!l~lciillg al a lti1!rn~la~ rr:cqllOltq)'" W&~~I1lSC'ro~ ncl\1;'U.111 bt,'S,]""/- 311d hlh2""'""1I1icc ~ru(lLlcOO fCM"Crgnsp:r:ia,g: ollSpJ'iIlg~"''t'I:c n~\:er ,wodLlo."id b)' C1.'OS:1:iimg bln.':Tf. mice (fig. SJA). O:III 111>JiI'c·a:nd ~cmde hll'iiI-Y-1'- mirerolm~nled~he r~105~ .. rOClld ~.ih d~Jb)' c(m'qlmsnn to Ihe {l~hCl'. ~o~ (F~,
How(:-v~r~ b), 22 IV!OOl!li'l~ll; hJr'!'!,!

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rhyl.trim" \\'hid1 <1pprooch,cd t!~c !l1Ii!/!>.im\!ffi


~~l.ri!1!g~~lL;' ~~~ ~y~.I'~l·F~~, 30). ~,y ~n!ro~iJ:. okl, _t1rsi IlIi!ij,1~kl!'.! !~~ dUI,I:vrm1 ~hyl~.l!~l~U'i\;'RCIJ i;.\I'I~ illdii!i.Lul'Ig)IJl.i:dl(lb:l!e t~lWi.,.~'TI .lligl~'t. mId ~~Ja"'i ~yck'i! (Fi:!i,l. JD). IHol~,!~v(;r,!he Rqfor old bb~.Tr "ur!d h!nGr~ nlk:cill~~I~~cl ~igll.ifk~u~~ly dlll~;ili;g Ih~ d~u;ft< Cyc.lIC. r(~vt,ali~1,g"u 1'i1.orc jlou~bfu~ !r',imt~;dlCii:l
1X1\','(~Ui I~l ~]'i~ ~~LrOO~ljldr.l[c flXid!lliM Ifig. 3D i. .lneJ~~. hl!;Jil~b,~J!on~.J!i\'~d~n:im:lLtil.l~b:o d~5J:'ill!!y :i~liWl(!j' Rq Llml. is C~OliI!:'f. [l':! I.he '\,Itiilui! of

heallJ;ly~nid~lc~.gctl m:lItull.,>10). ( Ol<>.idiAh'C' stress is a...>OCimi!d ';.\lith:1 fL'.hLccd ' li[c sp3f1" mnd n1!ilH)' cll1.yme!' I~Jintccl, cells lrom i,))! tdrn~ i\i~ !{11Ul'.'.'e:<pec:illlJ~y Slll!(lro~ OOCdi:illmlaii~ ,(Sodl' O. 4. :lll, In miee, [':r..xOI l'lIDn'!iO'c.s dlC (."(pl'1.'S.'liO'!l of Sod2 •. ."0 w~~~vf.:-l'l~ig>J.l~d \7!"hctJh~f ro(lUct"d ~1I.ll!,lm'twl [~2 IlI!.~gl.n hdr t:i~,lil!taiu b,,~il!t Sodi2 1;'CJn1Jcntmli.o~1." during ~:eooing, s002mld F~1',i'i:'o1Ipm~Ctifl wa" ITic'I!,>lI.u~db1Jl i!11ml!nQbo]ou i~g h)1lJ01llmhn]Jlic ly~:r~'~ liio~n }<'Ollll1l. .~"~~ eld !(:!.li~ ~ftlru ,nW 2: ~lol!.m;; uf[1,jlf r~,]ii1lg: IF.ig- 4At The ~ ,ool1cl..~lllrnJ:iO:r4"W(triC Ilalrhrln~cd by j~dL iug t~.c ~Q1,in1!l,iJ~icc;hO\\~c'!.IC;'I". 500,2 deercased 91. le.aSl 5£1%111 the oM foo cO:l1Itl'ol mltc~ fri~,. 4, A. aad .13). .By coul~rnst. S()d~ was Iwt redtteed hy fe:ecl:[ug otd ..M~:'.r"_ .m~e]Mf,'fr~ mi~ l.Fig, 4. t\, aad B1. A $llni~u ~}:!lucm~'\.'::ls OmCl'\lOO lOr FOi'l,Oi h:\'c(fui; in )'QW\g andotd h)fpotllii!~!mlk: !isj;~~ IFig. 4" A and C), 11I~ui'l, h}f~liliil.~lmlic So& re\il'll~S;a more YO!1llhihiroSJ)mlSc to recdirng l~ilg. 2:. Redu,C!edi ·U;!UIf®'lla~. IlfSl (a !1Ise~periphe ral lml'stll]n Wle:si$ti'llllce. (Ai nO,pi) IRT ~ ·P(R of /152 RNA in m()llS~ liS$lIe~aiiiid (bo~t(liIY:I~ 1!il1iI!iI !l1t]I:a'live RT-lP(lR (li!(lfill7latized ::!: S,IEM; n "". 5,~ ~p ..::0.(5) in I:Jlr,!:I~nf'!~ g

paim::f1~a~l{s2~- irldk~les~ys;teV1llh: 1r'$,2-1- mk:el (18) If,ood r n1:aRc [tl1;lerag~ {gI,2~hQIJJ'r}::t: SEM; {j' "" ' 6;~,P < (U)5~ ,[I~ :2 ml)liI~I1S,and .2.2 IlllImll'h£ Illr <lglll. (C} HOMA2 of is (a1lllll;r[lg~'Ilr ~. SEM" n =: :S; "'.P'.;: Q,O'5). "II)) AV~f,i'l!g~!w~C! (.tS·EM,: tI' = 6i ~, .z:: '(1.05,) lillld~f~1l bw~dl gity,(!~~~d~~f~'W~,C'!.!rVt. ~E) ~iI:5t~dl in5-uliil'l OOI'l(I!\l1lr.1~~ilJ'I1S.tSEM,. n ~, :14 10 16,; "'Po:;: 0.(5)" ~F) (l.ert) IF'iliiiI!:FrIla1l: ( sec!lolil,5 fr'~ 11111 .22·molilitifj·oM micer ~~enf1iI!I1!mlJlllirostained with ntil:lorly agafin:slimuHn ~9r~el1~ or' '£llwcagofl (red).

in mroewiilil ooLluced brilil1 hs:2. Tog('~jter. OlU !'Cl>U I!S sl~o\r.. d]:~1reduced lni:2 . <,iigl!lillli~'\g iu~ aU ti~sl!c$. Ur_~t""_) (:If jllC'\i~.in Ihe
Dmin (bli"S]+I-) iucn.~~LI\i~s I~ ~mll>n.f rnice t]II'; mila! mlli rlcod oil. ;J high·CMID1k"Y die. ilNlUllt 5 1lI:1011~h!li ruttilrulIDlil"" m(~u in blJ:vTI-~nkc' ~'13bk:54). diS


{ri!!)ln) th,e ami)liIl1t, Qfi!;let ~ ,cell glr,~;:. ~QI~~~age ± S~M. n -6, ~~cti,oniS; ~p ,<


Son~~ :mildi~":ilm~1 d~fltca1ntl:ereslric:~io:n. :i:'l".dUQl~ bod)' si ze, fLnu:i inereased peripheral ~IlSiilr~n Il, sclls;iliv i~~cXilcnd IiIlmmmliliilln li Fespan (5. 22) .


Cqx (Ol1112")


COx (blP.il2""')

.b!n2"" KM~!:i'mtM

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Fiig. 3:. L:ijf;e span and 18fi;~rlgy me!abtll.fcsm. (1\)1 O1n.erWlcl sL!lrvil¥Bll pl'Otila:lli!J1ties-' f"'$2 ".), [)1rs2#~ "., b'~l,Je). ;;Ifldbffirl- (.&, lled)-ca~\mdatedhu:mt~e COIX: I'i(!g~,e!lsiort Sotidlllf:lI1Iesshow ~he 'indktllred 'Qf!it'a(l!eu,(!(15 c'()l1Itn:illedfor ,(li~~er [OVodlli]t,es (talJle :53:). Ha:tcl'iecl ti:ne~ are thE! (Jlrre-.spomJ.din~1 KM I€stljm,gjl~~ Ib~€d' Olm'~l'Ie piiHam;e't_m: relgnt~roml (wble 54). (I) MJ€dTalni 0;2 IconS'IJm,p~~:Ofll (soHd horiz~flta I. IUne). '99"t~(] (n;otl:h). all1ld tile IliollWr Clind!
Wlpper ,q,U;;JII1t!1~es~~

= 4!~S flOP' each genotype. '~p -e CUl001)' bV rn~le mke in d!lrik bhiJd:ed OOJ;~) and light qrcle:s (Qj~f1ooxe;>.), (() M.ediiiln vo,iui!ltalry mOV!ltnelflt {±95% 'I~ [Qr mille mioe Ull00!ilJr~ dllringl:al 5"5 ilm'tf!ilVal m the ,d~lrk,(yd,€!' fn "" 42)for'ilIach g:ooolype. "p <~ O.ol., """p <: (I.OOOcI). ~D') A1{!lrag~R:1lI (ifCiDzAIOzl di!l'e<milMd dUlriiiilg 49~ouif:S: from sl~iIf1Iall!!mice of U'te1 i~d~c<'l'lOOage. and ge;nolype •.Medliai'il R~ der~nninedl fill dark. (DC, h~;ck bad and l~'ighil:(LC) 'C:y{~es: I~KfI!I~k.li~"W.i:d[i5; M.nj]tl"~U'llle,trit te~to'P <: OJW01; ""'p =: OJl3!t 'I .

Fi!g!. 4. W$ ~f brain 11f52.

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1~1~~~ii!mJef1l~ ~~l"IirU'm ·w IlNJUlrvalooj~rnooijn1g •. AJ,~:MJ~ad1ogJ ...phs 'I'cre:re qUiilll'ltified. and ltihe~~rlo .~~''U1/te1I'1Sm€:~(~'~Si) fo~ ~ 50d2: '~'" .S)'Of (C) WO:m:>l. W = 4) ~'!'as('~kll!~~tm EI~e-s sh~ liiie mooiilnr rat» i(s®~id non:Nntal tillle)aoolhe toww y.~, Qllllll:U:es; tbe ~rud<ait::W<ll]is·lIl~mp.aral!flt:trfl!; 'ffisl!Was: lillld IDOOIIfIpare ~he gm:u:p5iiICr,ooli aUL'g~'HI'tYPE1!i: ("p'.< OilS}.

F~:r.O-l (t'I\I~ f!'!~~:lX':nde!flt ,e-JqJerilll'lE!ljJhjillie ·~hG'll{fIlI. r&'tubulin (sIilO\lI,nr~ m.e 'll'~ii!leri!TIe!f!!j was ~!iIi!IiI'I~ ljJ,oblottediroraUlhe

B, 1 ,.r-rII~~



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,'2. 1t..It Ml'IteJ, J. M. !'Iar~J, .i!!. Gale-Oki.. D. T. ~k~, Algj!,\~ Cm:1ll~ ROO~}, H. M. IBarb1!!1li t· al., &p~, litmn!llJ: 318..137 (2003:}. r 2·<1. li'l'i1'II!.in'k Ft le~!i!il!n, ft M.nij~, A'!ibiIl, ~. :Fuji~, .ii~d c 'i,I'. ""~~(I'oI'~l\i!fQr t~~liIil;;!~ ~~i!il!)t;~·~ (. ~~, l..E!mqui~iI,. , Andmoo".oll'ld H. li'~dmal1l '~I:f IleI~M ~ OI!M~~.!'!'!~~'~vlk VilllS ~'IJ.p.PIlli1edIby ~!I!iI (gfil!f!I~. ,*SSJl6 ~~dIIUS',]2 til M.F.'WJ, 1'h~ ~ap~nSociEty I j'or ·tlil@· !l'rU.IIlOtiOIl or S:(iMC~ (A.l)·, ~i!lr:ilIf1f! 'II'~\IiIl\ild~I' 5!;ie!!l'~ ~1J!lmlJiIl~ ~jII"U, Mif:W, 15 an ~nmli[Ja~~ <It iI'1e !TI~ardll!{YI~Ii1~s fl\edltal !!iI$!:i1!Jli~.


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Sh~l (ShhN:-A594), M innnc ml1lO1JH1J1S those .L'l:'1LJim:i m ~ifvepu:!-icc:llL<>.ml1iSI~C(C(1 wi[h, flo~~YFP,mld 3 tlnrtcr :tOr dllil. imu'Sin~lti$e,] 1.0 'cyan :r1~1.0IfC5CCl'~1)J,'()tcinl !(im'crs.1Il.-CFI~'l'(11). Live cells well(! t~sec:lbecause ~hc :il1ler.lUioubctwO,Cn Shit ;:!I.m! Pte 1 Q{IoCS 11.U~. ~~~!viw Fti:o.;;a'linn. ShhN"A594 c'!JI~C4.'1Ill!1l1.~ ,'~~ clli"


of S:hhN-AS94. ,t'tllC"hl!lIdred~tI lorL'Glh'are s~£lm~lij'lg:..wcucaddcd


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A:594,. flllt! rl.1~esecss of lllliliabeloo Shhl:-4 prCV!.'lll00 binding of ShhN.A594tli.g. S7~ 'liVe 1fIC:;:"I:fliSked \'I,1hed1.¢rlhe ~mot,,'JmoC~iO!mf S~lh o W~dl r}lc I, :iJl~;luenc..~1e ~oc;il~i~!ion OinPl.cI. I'tc~, h Willi Cmli.,'Cit'Ii:rul~(j fti. ci lia aIil1.'r'lrefliinraeI11 of CC'lIs w.iidl SAG lI.1ml': bu~,nol.f1H", i.I\..'ilim.cnl 'W~i111 !lI:1 S (lJr.JC()n~bimLtioll ofS,hh <and.SI\:G ~Fig,. 38), lIhis sl1ISgestcdlhat SM~ bindhlg migil!. II'i,sgerlhc remo\'3 1 oflhe .Plcl"Shh compie"" .fl1omlhc cHhu1l. 0:; fiml,m3w :lPtd pliClduc'Od in respcase 10 Shh wm: ~l{lil IOCldit:Cd iii ~hc d~iunl. To disti~~ll~~i1'~~~ :~i[(;i~ij!il;"$, ..... cilld~I~~d[J:!i;.~ 1'1101

IFig_ 2:. Loc.alj:zati:oo of Pl.diriprimaliY ci1i1l" (AI (J[ln(il\i1'IJ<rlii(lf[lof llooogelilOlJl'i PiOClin cililll of NIIHI 313ntlll; stimu[a,tEd 1>'IIi'tll ]00 ~M SAG. (EO Iloi:a~~1io1m or P-l(PI'IIRPin 1'1(1.+ MElhirdiecleri wilht al M'tl'oIrirul5 Gamryilil~iillil em~ty \f€CWr' ar lh~ 1*1''f'fP ()(I(fii1:g~qoon~~. 11'1 00 andl (at dliat (roo~,~!fg!!l Jlll::Il (grt~.r\I \wre \i'is~lmed by ]fIlIr'rI!J!n~n.uorJ~~~~ Fll!Ictcf {blur) WE'f! s!alll1ledl1MilIDAPI. fa f'U :SIi.o'!irling in :SlillH'espom11fe celts; ,td the

d~eli.Ol1l0:rll!~~~ 1uillou~]L~f nrc I in 11r1i.': cili~ of o 11.1 3n~ll~ Wlrill'i S,AG l[iC3inilC:~'i1 ,aUid lhL;.Ui

!'I~i,jra\Wibe ,~~t),1!l~~h!1i!!id(Jild', plal~ Up), and para~allrn~efm Cr~I>S~OOO['l~ wildoli;ype H~p row1'@I' wntr@l p~'d {Ib~twm rm) m~~~ embryo:;(E9.)~weJ,eirnage~Wf:l.h a 40~ Qib.iedMtli') .Asyfflm.e~!Mic. +c:iJiia'ry l~ari~!iolil of Pkl~1l pi1I,rnXl'alme:!iooem ,[l!lls.1rh:e c~m bGMldl ~Iilwhite is l!Il\ilg,l1ified fl1l~hll!biJttam ~n~~ arr'~iW;';tliidicaoo Ptt:l sta~",~~gl~re~j) .ai'O'Lmtilhe ~~ a:F!~ ]F! the shaft ·of dta "gfOOii),






3" Illflte~aC~].HI'l b~hlflNm Shit:. alnd rtll <;lit !primary cil.i~. (A} iii mil Ptcl art the dllh.l Illi shQ~~1l a :::oJ1flJc.tJllilllla'~!! ](fI i()f 11 !:WiEl {Jtd-1- !Cit'!iA!lr,.lIurededl ,lJ1it.i1I IP~'{l-¥FP (!lI'r,t'!I!IlI~and in:(ulbai~~ with .sl1hN·A$94 (red" 300 li!~tlmUfQir 4') min. Il'!ilo!\~r~if1l·U' {cya~'d! V'IiI~rl!s tfr1'~ dlli!liil1l', ~h@don~d lifl~ ,(i@m€!~,c~U~s,lil'~ (@U oon:hiir,. aJnd t im.et~ sh®\lI rnli!l9Initne,~viel;\l~ ,()f~ne ema. (B} Mean PiI.c1 'UtI®reuenllre in d~i~ I)lf HIIIH 3113~~mls, b"INU~d'whih SAGi WJO ~M), Sl'Ih. (I:r. bl)l~h. (C), Disappearalilc,e of Ptc1, h'Clm: Ilfhm:IIIY ,e;Hi1l 1IFtlU Sihh lr'ea~l11imt. N~IH 31.3 cells prei n{)uibat'edIN1!ih $,A,G for ,2.4 l10u rs w~r'll' teh tid ~o cOfltml. V'lilii!d1i~ml '~untml'€!d) or'imiOO SIlI'i-cOi'![Ciin!m1gl iifiedlirl.iiiiil" rh~ red ,clili$iiled b,alseline slhe\\Wi, the ,HflOlml oh:milry Pl.rlL in: (il!~l:litr'e.1!'le>ill \lJij,till Sh'h for ,4 houlr~ witl'lllut aM4IiObu SAG PI!l1:11i~, Fiig.

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Time I(Hol!rs) (If SI:!rIQ iil'ldBll'Cm all cni~oiff 1r-4 ;In 'oelh: e~p!l):s,~dlt!!l' Ui :iN)(~~hvd Joxy'hClI:~IAl'rO!t, (.A ,!lind :C" w'~:I!'nZ;~Uq(l1l of (m~ (Ii~) and S iilII'~ or Ptcl (9:re~n~lil'l ()~Ih '~r,eiltedl\vitih 10 ~IM 2:0o,~hyd'roi!i:;!I\c:h,ole'fite'J,ol at 7(:1;F'iig.4. AWJlf'!1'!QJ !atnon ~ydm)lychll'lil~terfj,l far'

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swvtched the cells ID ~Qnlrnl 'ullCdillinl (IV' mooi.mn ~Qnl."Ii!1i!1~Shh(F~ ;K').11tt:! Tcve!~q!1~h~cilium
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oC9riiR>.1:, 1l~1! S.!llh ~IiQ.;:I!'W!!i,e'f!~. ro~:nt~ dIl,.>t~n!~l.;:I!I!tl~f.lr<l~.!!'i" ~l~!1i5.~~v~~~ 10 Sl1:h. ,1I1d iPXy,'i1:t';~h~ ~Zll.~ ~thl"'iI: ~Lll1:o;;~gI1~ling ~Itll'i{;-d '" ~j~~.ll,.w;lqp~~ld~lml ~h~IJPL'i1IIT1nl~i,;': .orPii;:·l (.14~16). WhL'lll w~nr¢fut",x! NIH 311 cd:l:. wid I [[nrn ~hc: p:riun<"[ty (i~l.l,n~l.Fig. 3<= alld Ij,g. SI'!h (
di1.ic~"i.\l(~ill IOI~d Ptt I iPm:t\;i~ :r,c'V~~f Hg. S III ,~u~cl't~I~J~in~p~i~ 1i'J{Waa'i~UiI. 'of r'~~1 It.nn e il i~. III f~tol~l!C'rt]!C!lInf.II'i in '~le cd!. ThiiO dc1o1 calli~aJ.ifiil wm; tlj~I'y('vitieb11 \.",ilh the ~'tcl:O~~ilOllii; 'IN]d!

lR~I~'(!(ri;lifl~1!'5i!1rildN\i;rt(!~ 1.. P.W. rlll):bilm.. 4. P. McMatJoo, !(i;ello:lj If)w:jl.'Si .• lI1JS9' (:200diJ. 2. P. A. IBea'hr. 5. s, ~ilr.h~rlI!Jlar. II). I'!\. E;eHl)il~. NDUK~ ~2:, J'.~f2@0A> .. ;I. A; J, liltll.;. 14

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The 1~1' of Ptt:'1 irolll cilia ~'\I,18 nO'~ OL<:..WCi>li'~

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17,1l4!1 (200n. ~. ~. I)e~et O. Neli!!uJ~e;r; l r-enn, :s..IMi. ,wD!i!erI. CfI.iJ :mil, S. 0.. H'LOngfu m' o,r., .mtlW!t! 4:2i1!o., 113 (;io[m. !S. II. ~I.a a .1. ri'. lreiter. Sr:;i'Ma'313. ,629 ~0l(j;06). :;I. K. 1(" COl'~1: l'r' ~I:.~tJJiJtt! 437,. :m~.8 MOOS). , B. c.). Ii'lili)t'lillt er rUl.,.1l'!Ia:5 G~. il, ,,"SoB {200n 5'- ~.'I~~~ e1 i!1l., ~rfJ~"~6u l!OO5 UIJOOI. ]!JJr. ~.Itt (mel'll I. '~\p~Ilf:,tt Eo YI1IU:ag. . M:liLii, P. tLB~OIw. f fi'{!K. Ntlr/.: ArrtlU" sd:,r.rU',A. 99r, 14071 (~Ol). n, l. l !!a~elTib~1I'!. 61. IB.~i!miJ~, Nffl. Iil'no: N!ol.. Cf.l'l ;!ilPc,l.
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prolcii1l and Ilot uflGln ~mimi.Ti!Jn ,of l!iolilSCC"CIOO I,'tc I~YfP. !I f:r[t" l1~m~ !Itiultdmn ~)rol.ci~~ S7.B). (lJi&.

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3;) il~ Iile s.ru11C C-"'I)(!I~H1~nt Bcc<i!la.w ~11e~Qc.il~i:!l'!l.iO:I.1 d'lllL11~CSfor fu::1 ad Sma. dl:~

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vii'IiJalil'Xd. :t~c~vd=, of PIJ;:~<iJ~d Smoi~~ (·mil '\,\~L.'!fi.i imIC~F.'icly CQn'\t.'I,L't1.iI. TIh,l ~(:ip~,d ~hm: C~Llfl!l.'" of ~e'~ di..;;app(;',<!!mm:.c S~no '~r"" and pj_>::_Ir.IJ~!OC' <Ill ci~i .. ,f~t~fShh,addil~Ol!(Fig.'l. Ie unlCi Jel' ;.;u·PJ1Ort,~ :~nO(rc.]ill \'ihic:h Shh 1:!i~1;'r.> ~h~ ftr!I!!Jva;1 of P,rel ~~tU dl~ ciUil.lllH. ~nm\'irlg, S1lt'IJI ~o {lule_~ (UW Ol,crh'zlC' s,irgmll ing. C:Or[l,~j~[re'J:11 widll

Ith-tprn Il'i~u~ c~~I,ilU"lWiU~ kiI1~li~ l!lIl;;JI1 \""'tl.,~ idi;YI~iC!il loiho~ M.~I~ ini ~d 't[Jt~uoo \vinli Si'liG or I~ Shh (.Fi~..4, A afild B,~ndl ~!} 59).. TOC;jllt'l.~ll:L wil.h ;ll.I,,)'drux~ch~l~~:I. mn. oxy!llerol ~lUlT does Imt aCli.vm.c Ihe .~ paLl~""!~y,i[l not indMcc Ih d tmm:;lbcmion ofS~no" T.hi!l;~l'S\lTI ro\iidc;" <I ::ij.iC~ 3. 813 (;ilOO2}. ci~c m{j~ooula:r' moc'l~m~u~m-Smo lrn:n.sklc<lI.ion 1::1. II W~;OiIfl~~ ~j' aI, ~IifJqpmI!'n.t' HOI 1(125 1;10031to ell i,t 1.0 'e:O-"Wlklin~m\~'(I'''~l.Crolt1It!Sl~~tcl Ul B. ]..~E,pilti!:, M. ti'.:. CcKiiPl!r, T. M:il~~ A. BNCh/l', MJr:rl~ Iii. sign,di ~!g. 418, a.~.2: GOOn .. C~II~ lre;)~d \V~Il:l.40fl'-.h~'cl~;l},,,ydl01""'1~1 1~. M. 1ft Cbr!J;,p~rN 0'_, Not ,GieJ'li!'l. 3::3., 508 Q2Oim"

1.11i~ j:dC.ll~ c.:::II& oflht: '!.1('1Il~ID]i~Cur.dliUbe3nd floor cmllsc they ~ikeiydo 11101 illL~d~! ind! to SI'I1ICll.l6). d b pl8ite. whid~roccu\ e lllr.!Yl 3IliIOunlS of Shh, (),LJr results Si!i~t!:hm 1.'i.cI loc:lliUl~i(i1l w shewed high :revels or Sn1.O mld raw :l;C\,r cis of Pte I ill. d!~ r~ {ng. S 13 ~ Jill! l'I'~ovcm;Cllll of PIC~, prillliaJ)' cili~ ill.hi.bili." I,hll:i lil palh'~'3.y by C'xdudand Smo lilt H~1i!ihum is anll~{lgou5 U) 1IU::~~1U'1l- il'lg Sumo and ,[Il-;;o 1!~loV!'Scrliia iI.(!!. ~il~clkm as ( ~inn in Dlw';,aphiltj, \1I;:~I!:,rc'MI!1l1\l;';1}' ;n~v\(~ltio!l is chCmmCl1!;<;f:Ir.< 1 r~rlhc dl.'l/1."CtiO!~~or c.'\! r.u;:C'IIILJ~,~r Shh. Bindi.~g of Sh h In Prd w 1'IJ?~!lm!)'cilli:! i!l, <L...~imo(j wi]b $Om!":! JnOV()mCI~t w~h!l:r!~'i~n" .~m:.Irn.lbrnnc: nbO!\!e~~;lenl p~c a\lf,[l)' (J). illld ,or coupled w pmhwfliji ocli.'.flllicl'll by ihc reciprocal Pld :I!nny regu],~~tc:1~1O ]k)!l,.Il~rn.'1!lion!!hroul,gh H! m(l'\~ClllC'JiD!, of flcl ()iUl oftl~c dlia ~ml S:nnoimo S ~he ciI~l.a process 'dW.l IIlay be moo i[li~ooby ,iHm~n.molecule (/.1). EeCilllliiC 3[1[0 tl:lltiil'ocatim~ ~o I.he p.l11T191)i ci~ i~m <IPil'ill.'m'S m be ~~c!'i~i(1df-ifC]) oXY::ll!Cm~~. EluciotllinJ;l '~1C'Ilm!ccUII ..r 1!11i4!Chi~lC!'}I'

ci!i;lu!!D ~~ :P"Mi:;itn friil'!l!~'~'lrltl Uilo.la~'t!nin·~I~ lliX,~lcdwith SAG IFi,g. 4.(' amI DJ. llln.!r~, oxysl~roL'l aPil]!(>'Jlr fL!I1Ctl:On not l~kc 10 SIl'h. l1y Cl!!Uing tl1~ remm',d of fu;d rron~(:i~i~!, bul aia Il1!O~ (In..\n:AA,i(l·i!nn f;[",'fI I.Q'riSl1':~ Smo hl«."l1r;ili\~ ~ IIi~inlll~bitoJY CrrL}C;l\~or'te l.. H,owcvcr~~ys:1.cm~ rUJlCtiO!ll d~.rt;C:~filtlyoom SA.Gbef
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is. it ,9. C.QKQrtlm, ~,ii. P. $cot!!, hor:. ,mtll, AiMd. M tII.SA 1O~, $Il@S· ~OO!>t l6, I,· R:. I~rel flI•. J•. ~ , (ih~. :ll8!1,8~SI}!f~II01h. 11. M.f.l.S. i~ i!nlE<5<iig~t~ of t~~HO:W!I~d: !{Ulgheo;>Medk~1 ~n Im>liMi!' <lInd i~SIIRPOiilOO I!!i!' N~~Mn;ll cancer rMillJ~J!; grani !'1(~l'OOBe:OMt I!UI:. a ~bert Blad: Ff~~ of.he h
~U!ild~()RG 10NI6)- Wi! mI~lI!rQI 'Il'Mii!m, P. BNt:~li'~ul'rni"" ~el!ll;:iIIHIlrl:lrlbiili!1!!l res~UIJ belCif\~ JI!I~~Ca~ir;)n, II, C~e;rI fo!' $,AG,. 'C)'. IBr~r,dm~!1I 'ror 111I'I<!~~ ~o~'I!MJI)i[)~ (;am~~


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H. '!ilama;hl fllj il'llrl'eFcSln ~tJiij"1l!, Iil., KiI, for 1~1! I'!C'I.;,YF~ ~OOS1jlU~n, Salk {01 'I~i! !inn ll!bJ!Mllgl ,A. ~tr.llt-gy. ~ilIdl 'If. WIBn. CHe .•A. ~~mlar.,aJlcl iB.almiJimCC(' A

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l~l Uilm.rSCiE!iil~~~ 1.097·110

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AD I 69..wuld-I~C \'ijl'u:;: alld ,o.nly ~ii1, '~IMe cspilC~iil£!: t]~1i:GF,P ru~d 1:0 3'LIr,R ofrvUCB (Fi,!!.. ]C}. Nt} ,c:hmn.~c,-:; in~hc orp levels were o~eNcd ill.cclll:. cai"ilj'l~1B GFU?alene or GFP n.lscd IllCiIhe 3'U1"R or~inC'A Wi~. 3C <Im.!t]s:, S5), To tilrth~r deUlolIstml,clhe biCilo.sica! relecmwiiL~ I[~~ attu~l'Ldmi{1nongc~m =miR~UUi2 vaaee {If Ili;:U~l¥·!~iR~UU 12<lud l(~' e"1('IiI.!oe Ihe Vro IICc"~ c.",drn'O!:IU~~ li!illC!UUIJ1(lfhcm\'.!miR~ ~ibi,~il)' !IHI! [h~ d~I~!ijo!]~rd1.eUL~1'4Iwolr:::in~ UU l2 dll!ring n~tl1~l1t1c UCMV injlx'ljCinwi~h USL:; 3· day:>: "Llft~r in fOC~io!l ,~n~. ( I J). ~.r!COlltlW~, S::;) f.lir,,~\\~~k!"I.Yi~H~V~ADh'llt) ,,~u~d ~Iiu !l1~~lMV~ l'il~tc·B do\\' u..fi;~u,~~n i~l !]~~:1~4,~niCC of~]le t'l1~'Od.lllg.gC~~ "Lrre~l.~dMICB dn\'\IIl;I"fC~g\lbtilu~. iU:ll we COll!-llfll(;'tOO 1;\\'0 Ht!W mLll:llliLCd vil'!I!!le~ in dlC ADI~l}lluj!!lIlIJ11 (14). In (hi~ mU!t<l!I:llnJlc UU 14 3"UTR ,~ "Mllich \~'a$ rnedi"l:~-d by the 'Vl.~ 6 IDeMV TB40!i!imin ~lik ••ro~~!1m1 'vilfllJ.l,iin ',~'iak:h gem: Ii' dcl\:lI~dl,Hradi ~1~C'I\':ftHI';1 ]~lC' heI11\'-rniR~ !'lro~cjn) \~..." !\i!11~~I',ur C\l]lls ~nr!:.,"c'~c(] with [!jli:l I!] UL 112 ~im,," tll1t! p;:'1'.i(iC's O!l Ihi,:: ()O~.lpJcm!i,;!t![l!')1 UL'~ 14 i~ ,nult!l!.1X.-dm~t l1enr~~"'!lIli!lVULll2is~!~[:!)f.Cl A D I (}9~\'.ird-lYll1.:' ;:Inc! !:tlll!:a:l'1,1;dj vi I'll,,,,,, I~fi~,i;~r:.ut(!is ,ul~ab~rll" HCMV·AD~.6lJ l~ulI:!(lro:~OI)' ,lA )'.Th~ clf(;"JI:;:t of ~lo!m'-IlnjR';Ul.112(ljil !VIles· (lJ34o.:lIL I :1 4r·ml!BU ;:Inti ~1 1l1'l1!(HL;,j ULI ~.4 \l'ims ~I~~] i<;MfurK-d to iU:lfi.'(:1 pfiil1l!u~! 'fiilroM3SIS mbd 3'IJ.JT.R e1(p~-:;fiL'01l \/I'mi!; $pm::ir.e. ~e.[~usc lim" !e1f("1 il~ \.v1ilich h~m1\'';Il'~R.UL[I.J W~ d~tt~tc-dnHAO. ~n~R~UU 12-:rmnl, lhelli·MV ,],'I34{), ~rnln.l1 is I) r i\l~ u: elass ] rbowl:! [(JOc' dQwl:I.~gu~m,ooby I. :11, lirl.'~~OO uumbsr eell lilies. E;'1pr:c.~i:O:ri silnil\or In dillj;e~J s~r.lins and iI1~:CCI!S('I1dQ~he~i;:l:I: M~CB[ll'Qitcin was iilffi Q:b8CI"I~C'd lllli sc\lcrnl p:rU~ ~he virus durin!£!! inlK,'Cttcinl 06)] MI1lS, similar]), reills, .o:l1C Qfth'C~UYll:l mll:argcllS of I~Gl.ilV \' i\~Q ill. ~lm~ fi~roM3'!1S, :;1i~!dI lell .!Iines, berore or~~:tcr € rcduecd by both viruses (Fig . .:;B). ,t.li). .~n:l~tioJl of hllll1l.~n!iIImb:ilic3~ vein cndethein:lfccl,io.n ~j:iiQ. 'S3t We !ll~(J d~is~CI ur rellClil and o ":0. s.cgreg:mc~hc' 1l1iIRNA [XIS~tl'illl:iicripljionm.l C'x~]U\.".lSCd r..UCB ~'Vi1J1I1::13'UTR fM~CB,=3~LlTRJ I!cgl!l ~,U!jl[lll 1 M[CB 'I:loom lilc' 'Po.sl!t:l~msllal'i,Ollal Ikil cells U ~tJVEC,~1'Ih:u r:!1],clogcunoll."l), C1>:I)I'I.~S
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th(: ADI fl9·w ild.:t,yP'~ or \'!;"w~ [lie AD 1,69· k\1~~ jn [tl(O cc.ill" C1<I)It.'.,>Shl1g tltcii' uni R-COltlrol d n~Ljtrlli!..'tI ",i~. Thclif'oleiUl CJ';;PIL'S,jl\.'tI by .M.I.CB· cmnp!l:et~ly dQWIll,...rc.~lIllaJi,."tI or hCJ1tV"llliJl-UL J, I :2: by usin~ qPCIt, No s.1jp~ir~ .; UT.R was 11.1'11110::;1. icantclmnl:.'C i~~ M I:CB mRN A level W'm$ ObSlCr;.,'OO on day 3: :I:I:krinfec~km iDl the AD1I&)-,vi~dcl)'I~ inr~c!!l'deells bw nOll,." t~~e ,ocllsinlbcb.'d wi'nh(he {,~iS. 2C}. sllS!eSl,i"~~hal 111C' C]owal-regllimiml of AD ~(j1l<=:~lUJI~3tcd ~'JrIlllSl,(Fig. 3 A),. n~jl. COII.'j.i'i~= ij;. M [ B ,\\fru: due 1.0 tr.!ll)1kltlllJl1 inhib11~{ln.

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wilt! AD169'.m~!ril.·Ui~]l2·rI1lUihim~s:, ami the' leveh (If GFP !!XP'['e;5slQIiI, \\lere meilulIredCilofllgl lillie[O'Ufse oiin~ecli®lil. lfII1e'5ym'l:mls I\e;paesem '1111e ~eK~J1ta.ge OIf GIA~ ((!m~a~edoo d'li€' !i(l~!i€~Ij)~lldil'lg u i1ili!~'e~~oo cefu;, i'(I~ 00 ((). Ol'l'~ {A} ri~:p~e~~t!~i!' '~PIi!ri'rn~l1t liSshowfl glut t'hn::e p~nflJIDlTled.~D) IHUIV~Q; were ijJl'fe~:edwith ci~h~r lB40 U,U,$4'i[i1il~i~ntvirrlJt5 (U!4{HJU14IP Vf!1,I!:J or wilh the TEl40hciIilIif"mliR=Ul"Jll'1I!2 ffi'iluUilnt ;;iruiS. (TB4,l}m~:R~U~U2 mUi~,ai"!d! the !IlXpr'l'cS5~0Il1 MitiS 'lliii!S m,@\uursd(r!!i!i! 'o~ ~islo!:!raDil's). 'The- ~9ra.y~isto~ra:m!> r~,p~e~f1i~lhlil' staliFl~[ilgl,tdlihrl' 'oor~5fJ'OJi!.d!~,g lIo!rdlEl«~d (~nS, IBa~k'9r'@!.lfld k!w~ (Il~k~ IhisWgr~mJr .!:IF'@ th!! :s~oo,ndawy 11F~1I'C·((I'nju:gil!lt'@dl :5how,fl ~s(Jne A~!i. r'e:~rl1!~nJt:ative 'expE!rirmmit cud. 'o~ mo perf'Orlm!1!d.



M~,:CB 'li.'ilh Ihe IB~O·U:UI4P"nm~f!:,.",!ltcd in [!lmQ."~ CQIH]llcM ,dQ\VlNCf,_!p~niio-n of M !(:'B q;';~)g1,.>K.",ir.!I~ .. ~rJ d..,;y:s, whl;:lI\.'~" MK'!:J C'4rm;.!jl~ ,,,iQI~ w;1!!l $!!i~l evidi",]l1 iJ~ c;l~U1iifll~.;(1 with~lil,) TH40-UiJ~R-'lJU~,2-I:i~Uli'!.,i~s (Fig. 3Dtllt~ k~vel oJ MHC c.ia,.",,,1 was nn:~ redl!C~ dW!rillg viml inll"1;;ti~!~.bI;;'t'1~i!.I~(;;!he TB.JO \ri~\I.~ W", U!it;-d hl!t;'l I:h~ vil!'li~ US,2-US6 ~ot(~ t~~u~ l~tdf.!mI!t:.MHe d~'I&"

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m~H."IJ11, in!~ \li,Q!:! .~il~,e<! more etl~I;~i;!nll~¥ Illlilfl v thQ:5~in~Cloowi~hl ~c AD l.f'l9·\;\'!!d·ljr~Vn!'i (Fi:r,;. ~, A ;md m. Shn!!~Jr!Y. HUVE-Cl' i~~ r,~i,I;;d wii1~ ih~ IFI3'J.O.;.~!.li.R-U'='~ 12"1!f!~1 "'~Il!II~W1;~ killed I~lot~ d)Ic:~'I]lily tI]DI~ thtll;;~il1Jf¢i)icd wiih ~h"TB40~Ul U4'·Tnl!l virus tFi,g. j\,dt!il!On of;'iI'lti':NKG2.D mAb ~ni>l,'ili~hcdDhmtd~trer:t'~ (rig. 4. B ;Uid C'), The 1ki1~i]'ig 1L'l'llCj~ tl:ic af bl1foolru .1iUVlEt':s \~.relk~\\i. Cvljfi r~l. higiier c 1T~~h~r:Utt'gj,)tfflliO$l. j]ro1bfublyooea~L"~ af tlilc


The di:500~'I,;'1)' l'vl m~ ~nil~NAshas raised Ihe e iml"1gwiUQg pfu~iMHW QI' their i!liV9~ ventent in im~mJ!!~ 1,}'\'Ol!~i(l'] {'It The HPll d!~c~ (,;\'i~I'el~~ fg.;r ;Ill ~~liR,NA-n,;-!alediltnn~1Il0CVlI:ii(m atu;dHlI~il;m \\I,I~ (ii~(](J~·oL,~. ill lhe SVo!!l,",'iru:s,.wb~ ~I. vnrul, ~niRNAn."I~!:5' \,iF.d g,~n1.1. ~!..!~.Iing ln en. C\i;;J~:O\!l .~J.n O!,!l!F 1t;-1i~b ,dClll['u~nnilC 'l~tI!ltC:!.


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W,U~llhc s~arllirrlg,Il'IL"l1.cIWL--d FilJ.. 3, A. B. and D, in On d.. y 3 or Ihe inR.'CtKl'n. the O~USClIll)l:essing \
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bigh levels ofMI·le elass I. nmlecllil\."-~. wllichil1h~bh N K ~Hotoxicn.y., Tbus, dtlla:ing alllth.clftic Vil:<lll:ililfcclKm. hCll~\·m iit-Ull .~ dO\\\'It-flC"tllJa!l~S 2 M leB. 1)C'rI~H;bi I1S~I:l,binding: ~Idlh N!.K:G2D and cOI1;;wqucnlly aidfng in NK .m,u::k evastolt


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