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OFFICIAL SURVEY CONTRA COSTA COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT This short survey has been mailed to property owners in the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District to gather important information and opinions. Please take a moment to fill out and return this survey. Your response will help the Fire District make-decisions about future fire protection and emergency services. ‘Survey instructions: 4) Read the potential ballot measure proposal listed below. 2) Filln the circle for your response, Please use a pen and ‘completely fil in one circle. 3) If desired, write out any reasons why you support or oppose the proposed measure in the space below. 4) Detach the bottom portion ofthis sheet 5) Place the bottom portion of this sheet in the return envelope and mail (n0 postage is needed.) Detach Here Property owners in the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District may be asked to vote by mail on a local funding measure for fire protection and emergency services. Following is a summary of the proposal: In order to: + Avoid closing additional fre stations and making deep cuts to life-saving emergency services; Ensure prompt response times to medical emergencies; Make needed repairs and upgrades to fire and emergency equipment and facilites; + Attract and retain professional firefighters and paramedics; and + Maintain high quality local fire protection and prevention services ‘would you support an annual assessment for your property(s)* in the amount of. $51.92 _? Definitely YES Probably YES — ProbablyNO _ Definitely NO oO fo} ° ° The assessment amour printed in the survey question above isthe proposed total combined annual amount forall properties you ov. Please use the space below to write any other reasons why you support or oppose this proposed measure, and to describe which issues ‘ate most important fo you:

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