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Published by: Abhiraj Singh Shekhawat on Jan 27, 2011
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Demonstration Project

2010-2011 Guided by: by: HOD: Mr. C.L. Choudhary Singh Shekhawat PGT, Physics B Submitted Abhiraj XII Science –

Physics Army Public School HOD: Mr.Army Public School Public School Jaipur Cantt. 11 . Army Jaipur Cantt. CERTIFICATE This is to certify that this demonstration experiment has been completed by Abhiraj Singh Shekhawat of class XII Science –B under my supervision. C. Date: Choudhary PGT.L.

C. without their guidance this project could not have been completed.Jaipur Cantt. ACKNOWLEDGEME NT I would like to express my deep views and sincere gratitude towards my teacher Mr. 11 . Choudhary.L.

” Abhiraj Singh Shekhawat XII Science-B PROJECT Aim: To demonstrate that the production of the Eddy currents in a conductor placed in a changed magnetic field. 11 . I would also like to thank all my friends.I would also like to thank the school authority for their genuine support. “Thanking you all. my parents especially my elder sister and of course god with whose blessings I am able to complete this project successfully.

” Or “Eddy currents are the currents induced in the bulk pieces of conductor when the amount of the magnetic flux linked with the conductor changes. and copper metallic disc on electric motor platform. The conduction electrons making up the induced current whirl about within the plate as if they were 11 .Materials Required: Horse shoe magnet. the relative motion of the field and the conductor again induces a current in the conductor. “Whenever there is a change in the magnetic flux linked with a conductor.” Or “When we move a metal plate out of a magnetic field. glass rod. an induced current is produced inside the conductor. This is called eddy currents or Foucault currents. aluminium rod. strong magnets. Theory: Eddy currents were discovered by the Foucault in the year 1895 and hence they are also called Foucault currents.

Unlike a friction brakes.caught in an eddy or whirlpool of water. According to Lenz’s law. which is responsible for showing an object.m. . such as a train or a roller coaster. like a conventional friction brake. Resistance I = e/R But e= dØ/dt I = dØ/dt R 11 Eddy Current Brake: An Eddy current brake. Magnitude of the eddy currents: Current (I) = induced e.f. This effect of eddy current is known as the “damping effect”. This is also called the Whirlpool currents. the direction of a current will such that it opposes the motion of the conductor.” Direction of the Eddy currents: The direction of eddy currents is given by the Lenz’s law or the Fleming’s right hand rule.

When a strong horse shoe magnet is brought near rotating copper metallic disc. a copper metallic disc is rotated with the help of electric motor. As per the Lenz’s lawthere is again opposes of moving magnet due to . Then.” Thus. 11 • Experiment 2: When a strong magnet is dropped simultaneously in a metallic aluminium tube and glass tube comes earlier while magnet in aluminium tube takes time.which apply pressure on two separate objects. thus eddy currents brakes slow an object by creating eddy current through the electromagnetic induction which creates resistance and in turn either heat or electricity. Eddy current brake can be explained by the experimental procedure: • Experiment 1: In our experiment. speed of rotating copper metallic disc slows down. Hence. eddy current produces on the surface copper metallic disc will oppose an external magnetic field. Lenz’s law “there is an always an oppose of the rotating /moving conductor in an external magnetic field.

Hence. an eddy current set up in the metallic frame and opposes its motion. Induction furnace: It is used to produce high temperature which is utilized in preparing alloys by melting the constituent metals. As the coil is deflected. it is deflected. 3. Therefore. maintenance cost can be reduced. High frequency alternating current is passed through the coil which surrounds the constituent metals. Eddy current brakes: Brakes which are used in the commercial vehicles are worked out very easily due to friction between brakes and rim whereas there is no friction in eddy current brakes. 2. Dead beat Galvanometer: When steady current is passed through the coil of galvanometer. Thus motion of the coil is damped. The large 11 .eddy current produced on the surface of aluminium tube. the coil attains its equilibrium position almost instantly. Application of Eddy current: 1.

. 2. The excessive heating may break the insulation in the appliances and also reduce their life. They oppose the relative motion. Electric power meters: In the power meter of the house. 11 Undesirable effect of the eddy current: 1. They involve the loss of energy in the form of heat.eddy current generated in the metals produce high temperature sufficient to melt the metals. Minimization of eddy current: Eddy current can be minimized by using proper insulating laminated core. by magnetic fields produced by alternating current. 4. This metal disc which rotates due to eddy currents developed in the disc. 3. we must have observed a rotating shiny disc.

11 .

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