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Really Simple Syndication





Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic


Really Simple Syndication


I express thanks and gratitude to Miss Pramila Kharat, H.O.D Information Technology department , Bhivrabai Sawant Polytechnic College for his encouraging support and guidance in carrying out the project.

I would like to express gratitude and indebtedness to Mr. Jamir Kotwal for his valuable advice and guidance without which this project would not have seen the light of the day.

I thank Mr. Dhanraj , project guide , GSS for his insistence on good programming technique which helped us to design and develop a successful model of Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

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Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic


Really Simple Syndication



Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic


Really Simple Syndication


RSS -:Really Simple Syndication
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". It is a way to easily distribute a list of headlines, update notices, and sometimes content to a wide number of people. It is used by computer programs that organize those headlines and notices for easy reading.

What problem does RSS solve?
Most people are interested in many websites whose content changes on an unpredictable schedule. Examples of such websites are news sites, community and religious organization information pages, product information pages, medical websites, and weblogs. Repeatedly checking each website to see if there is any new content can be very tedious. Email notification of changes was an early solution to this problem. Unfortunately, when you receive email notifications from multiple websites they are usually disorganized and can get overwhelming, and are often mistaken for spam. RSS is a better way to be notified of new and changed content. Notifications of changes to multiple websites are handled easily, and the results are presented to you well organized and distinct from email.

RSS works by having the website author maintain a list of notifications on their website in a standard way. This list of notifications is called an "RSS Feed". People who are interested in finding out the latest headlines or changes can check this list. Special computer programs called "RSS aggregators" have been developed that automatically access the RSS feeds of websites you care about on your behalf and organize the results for you. (RSS feeds and aggregators are also sometimes called "RSS Channels" and "RSS Readers".)
Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 4|Page

Really Simple Syndication Producing an RSS feed is very simple and hundreds of thousands of websites now provide this feature, including major news organizations like the New York Times, the BBC, and Reuters, as well as many weblogs.

Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic


2 RSS FEED READER RSS FEED READER What information does RSS provide? Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 6|Page .Really Simple Syndication CHAPTER NO :.

htm The RSS information is placed into a single file on a website in a manner similar to normal web pages.gardencitynews.com/news/2004/06/gov-visit. For example. They detect the additions and Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 7|Page .2 million.gardencitynews. making it is possible to keep track of changes to multiple websites without needing to tediously read and re-read each of the websites yourself. RSS aggregators automatically check a series of RSS feeds for new items on an ongoing basis.com/contractawards/sidewalk. Link: http://www. This is the first visit since the election two years ago.Really Simple Syndication RSS provides very basic information to do its notification. Link: Item 2: Title: Governor to visit http://www.htm Description: The governor is scheduled to visit the city on July 1st. It is made up of a list of items presented in order from newest to oldest. the information is coded in the XML computer language for use by a program (the RSS aggregator) and not by a person like a normal web page. This hotly contested deal is worth $1. Each item usually consists of a simple title describing the item along with a more complete description and a link to a web page with the actual information being described. RSS aggregator programs Think of an RSS aggregator as just a web browser for RSS content. The mayor is planning a big reception. the RSS information for headlines on a local news website could contain the following information: Item 1: Title: Sidewalk contract awarded Description: The city awarded the sidewalk contract to Smith Associates. Sometimes this description is the full information you want to read (such as the content of a weblog post) and sometimes it is just a summary. However.

There are many RSS aggregators available. Many RSS Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 8|Page . some are integrated into email programs.Really Simple Syndication present them all together to you in a compact and useful manner. along with an indication of the number of unread items in each feed in parenthesis. Here is a screen shot of an RSS aggregator in action. you can provide that address to an RSS aggregator program and have the aggregator monitor the feed for you. RSS feeds are also often found via a "Syndicate This" link. Some are accessed through a browser. On the right are the details of the most recent items in a selected RSS feed (in this case. and some run as a standalone application on your personal computer. or sometimes by displaying an orange button with the letters "XML" or "RSS". How do I find out if a website has an RSS feed? It is getting more and more common for websites to have RSS feeds. They usually indicate the existence of the feed on the home page or main news page with a link to "RSS". If the title and description of an item are of interest. the link can be used to quickly bring the related web page up for reading. Once you know the URL of an RSS feed. On the left is a list of the RSS feeds being monitored. the New York Times). The buttons are often linked directly to the RSS feed file itself. Text "RSS" links sometimes (there are lots of variations) point to a web page explaining the nature of the RSS feeds provided and how to find them.

Blog creation tools like Blogger. Feedster: A search engine for public RSS feeds that can also provide the results of a search as an ongoing RSS feed. Most large news websites and most weblogs are maintained using special "content management" programs. Authors of such websites either maintain the XML files by hand. Movable Type. RSS utilizes an XML code which scans continuously the content or subject matter of Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 9|Page . LiveJournal. How is the RSS feed file produced? Unless you are maintaining a website or want to create your own RSS feed for some other purpose. such as with Macromedia Dreamweaver or a simple text editor. or that let you create RSS feed XML files that are hosted by that service provider. and Radio automatically create feeds. ListGarden: An open source program from Software Garden to create RSS fRSS Feeds advantages and disadvantages Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a tool useful for saving or retaining updated information on websites that you frequently visit or websites that are your favorite. or use a tool such as Software Garden.'s ListGarden program to maintain it. There are also services that periodically read requested websites themselves and try to automatically determine changes (this is most reliable for websites with a somewhat regular news-like format). how the RSS feed is produced should not be of concern and you may skip this section. Inc. The special XML-format file that makes up an RSS feed is usually created in one of a variety of ways. usually do not automatically create RSS feeds. adding an item referring to the new story or post.Really Simple Syndication aggregators come preconfigured with a list to choose from of RSS feed URLs for popular news websites. and removing less recent items. Those programs often also can update the RSS feed XML file at the same time. Authors add their stories and postings to the website by interacting with those programs and then use the program's "publish" facility to create the HTML files that make up the website. Websites that are produced in a more custom manner. just as they do the website itself.

CHAPTER NO :.Really Simple Syndication a certain website in search for new information’s then transmits the information updates by way of feeding the information to subscribers.3 Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 10 | P a g e .

The feed reader software polls the XML on the website every so often (for example every hour) looking for changes to the file. and podcasts. If the XML file has changed.Really Simple Syndication COMPANY PROFILE COMPANY PROFILE What is RSS? Wikipedia defines RSS as “a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries. Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 11 | P a g e . news headlines.” RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is an XML based format that users can subscribe to via feed reader software. then it pulls down those changes to the software for the user to read.

since this column is based on Lotus products. One of the most common uses for RSS comes in keeping up with blog entries. if your Sales team has a blog where they update sales wins. I’m going to focus on the Feed Reader built into the Lotus Notes 8 client. This allows the user to get the content and still see everything else your intranet homepage has to offer. Only having a summary feed allows an end user to get the gist of the post. Sites that utilize RSS can do so in one of two ways. The summary type outlined above is perfect for an intranet homepage or portal. Which Feed Reader to use? There are tons of feed reader software packages out there. The reason is. and you never have to leave that software in order to get the whole story. For example. every time a blog you’ve subscribed to is updated.Really Simple Syndication The updates that come down are parsed out by the date of the change and the updated material. you’ll be notified and the content downloaded. If you set it up your RSS to only display a summary. The info can come to you in your feed reader. users can read the full article in their feed reader software. When to use summary vs Full posts Each type of feed has its advantages. But. but they have to click through a link to see the remainder of the story on the web page itself. Tying it all together Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 12 | P a g e . If you leave a feed reader open all day. Full text updates are better if the feed is simply giving information of a specific type. In fact you don’t even have to have a particular webpage for the sales team. If you include the full-text of the post. you could just have an RSS feed that your sales team is required to subscribe to. or via a small summary paragraph. you generally have a lot of content other than the main stories on the homepage. and you can find everything from standalone software packages to web-based readers. then users have to click a link to access your website to read the rest of the information. there’s no reason to have to go to the page to read the information. either by providing the full text of the post. but not much else.

It’s fairly rudimentary in comparison to some standalone alternatives. play with widgets. They don’t have to open a different program for each task they want to complete throughout their day.Really Simple Syndication Here is a diagram showing how the websites. or other notifications. It also shows the RSS feed XML files for both websites being monitored simultaneously by an RSS Feed Aggregator. browse the web. It’s one more thing that Lotus has bundled into the Notes 8 client experience. manage your calendar. the RSS feed XML files. be they headlines. The Notes 8 Feed Reader The Notes 8 feed reader is built into the sidebar in the Notes client. With the Notes 8 client you have one piece of software that you can live in all day long. Also. One RSS aggregator is all that you need to read all of the RSS feeds. alerts. changes. create documents. You can read your mail. You can subscribe them to information from Domino databases like blogs based on the IBM Blogging template or the open source Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 13 | P a g e . and read your RSS feeds. RSS is shaping up to be a very popular and useful means for communicating. but it has the distinct advantage of being built in. and your personal computer are connected: The diagram shows a web browser being used to read first Web Site 1 over the Internet and then Web Site 2. This is pretty significant as it makes it easier for your end users. you can set up the feeds your user subscribes to when you configure their Notes client for the first time.

It’s the square orange icon with a plus sign over it  A dialog box will pop up asking you to enter the the web address or feed URL you   would like to subscribe to Enter the URL (in this case http://feeds. The database is still a little rough around the edges. and you’ll need a little help from your application developers and server admin. Subscribing to a Feed in Notes 8 The way to subscribe to a feed in Notes 8 is easy.com/Greyhawk68. I use a common service called FeedBurner that hosts my feed for me. Just know that it can be done. Quickr has blogs. You’ll generally see an orange RSS or XML icon. The first thing you have to do is find the feed at whatever website you want to subscribe to. wiki’s and document libraries that have feeds as do Connections blogs and Dogear bookmarks. You can now create a view in any Lotus application and create a feed for it in a few steps.feedburner.feedburner. tweak anything you wish and then click OK 14 | P a g e Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic . you do the following:   Open the Feed Reader sidebar panel in Notes Click on the “Subscribe to Feed” icon. For this example. or there will be a link to “Subscribe to our feed” somewhere on the page.com/Greyhawk68) and click GO   The Add New Subscription Window The configuration information for the feed pops up below. To subscribe. so we won’t go into all the details here. and could probably be the subject of its own article.Really Simple Syndication Blogsphere template. and the feed is located at http://feeds. IBM Lotus even ships a backend database with Domino that you can use to convert views in normal Lotus applications into RSS feeds. I’ll use the RSS feed from my blog.

secure. with your input. and functional corporate intranet solution. case studies. industry-tested tips and tricks. visit the Intranet Journal Discussion Forum.com. You can keep up with him at his blog (www. If you have any questions on the series.com) or drop him an e-mail at jroling@gmail.greyhawk68. About the Author John Roling is the Senior Groupware Administrator for a North American trade-show exhibit company and a certified Lotus Notes Administrator. or you can click the Open button to go to the webpage where the post originated About this Series This series of articles on intranet solutions with IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and it's companion products is intended to help readers understand the fundamental methodology and capabilities of the product and how to utilize it to deliver a featurerich. true value to the administrator or developer who wants to utilize IBM Lotus technologies to deliver winning intranet solutions. Developer and all-around geek.Really Simple Syndication  The feed is then added into your list of feeds and you see the latest posts from that site A list of posts in the Notes 8 Feed Reader   Clicking on a post will pop-up a window with the story in it You can read the post in the pop-up. Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 15 | P a g e . or if there's something you'd like to see addressed. and. It will include implementation strategies. Lotus Notes/Domino.

Really Simple Syndication CHAPTER NO :.4 HARDWARE REQUIRMENTS Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 16 | P a g e .

keyboard .00 GHz or higher  256 MB RAM  I/O devices such as mouse . Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 17 | P a g e .Really Simple Syndication HARDWARE REQUIRMENTS  Intel Pentium 4 Processor 1.monitor  Modem Connection or internet connection.

Really Simple Syndication CHAPTER NO :.5 SOFTWARE Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 18 | P a g e .

0 (java Server Page) Jedo partial & XML HTTP Client 3.0 Internet Explorer.1 JSP 2.0 Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 19 | P a g e .3.1 JDK 5.Really Simple Syndication REQUIRMENTS SOFTWARE REQUIRMENTS          Operating system: Windows XP Front end: Java Jsp Tools : 3. Servelet 2.0 & 6.0 or 2.1.

6 Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 20 | P a g e .Really Simple Syndication CHAPTER NO :.

Really Simple Syndication DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 21 | P a g e .

Really Simple Syndication Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 22 | P a g e .

Really Simple Syndication Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 23 | P a g e .

Really Simple Syndication Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 24 | P a g e .

Really Simple Syndication CHAPTER NO :.7 Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 25 | P a g e .

Really Simple Syndication OUTPUT SCREENS OUTPUT SCREENS LOGO :- Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 26 | P a g e .

Really Simple Syndication OUTPUT WINDOW :- Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 27 | P a g e .

Really Simple Syndication Subscribe Window :- Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 28 | P a g e .

Really Simple Syndication FEEDS :- Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 29 | P a g e .

Really Simple Syndication MAIN OUTPUT :- Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 30 | P a g e .

Really Simple Syndication CHAPTER NO :.8 Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 31 | P a g e .

For this purpose we take Net connection of Tata net seter. RAM and also many softwares purchased form the particular softwares industries. We Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 32 | P a g e . For devlopment of this project we search many java related web sites for devlopment of project .Really Simple Syndication COST ESTIMATION COST ESTIMATION For devlopment of this project we requir many hardware equipments and software equipments.such as PC .Tata modem .

Total cost estimation of project is :.Really Simple Syndication used 2 GB RAM for the fast speed system.9 Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 33 | P a g e . And the price are displayed in above chart. Dhanraj sir .Rs 9500/ CHAPTER NO :.by which we get fast retrival of the advertisement through the net. Tata modem connection RAM 2 GB Printing and Binding Development of Code Total cost estimation : 2500 : 3500 : 3000 : 500 :9500 For devlopment of this project we take the guidance of Mr. We purchased some hardware as well as softwares for this project.

new music. software upgrade. Whether it is about the weather. or a new posting from a rarely-updates site learn about the latest as soon as it comes out.Really Simple Syndication ADVANTAGES AND APPLICATIONS ADVANTAGES AND APPLICATIONS Advantages: RSS gives benefits to both readers (users) and web publishers. Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 34 | P a g e .  It gives you the latest updates. local news.

This is advantageous to both the web user and the website owner since advertising becomes targeted. RSS feeds do not display the photos from the original site in announcing the update except for some web-based aggregators. it saves the user’s time by helping s/he decide on which items to prioritize when reading or browsing the net.  It saves on surfing time. Disadvantages: The disadvantages of RSS use are brought about by its being a new technology and some user-preference concerns. Users who subscribe or syndicate product websites receive the latest news on products and services without the website sending spam mail. RSS does not make use of your email address to send updates thus your privacy is kept safe from spam mails.Really Simple Syndication  It gives the power of subscription to the user. Unlike email subscriptions where the user is asked questions on why she/he is unsubscribing and then the user would be asked to confirm unsubscribing. all you have to do is to delete the RSS feed from your aggregator.   Some users prefer receiving email updates over an RSS feed. Since an RSS feed provides a summary of the related article. Users are given a free-hand on which websites to subscribe in their RSS aggregators which they can change at any time they decide differently. those who are actually interested in their products are kept posted. Graphics and photos do not appear in all RSS feeds. Unlike email subscriptions.  Unsubscribing is hassle-free.  It can be used as an advertising or marketing tool.  It is spam free. For conciseness and ease of publication. Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 35 | P a g e .

Now. You can subscribe to feeds from pretty much all major news outlets and websites. Other uses for RSS RSS doesn’t just have to be about your own company’s information. it will show up in the Feed Reader. Moreover.  Since it is a new technology. For Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 36 | P a g e . every time a feed is updated.Really Simple Syndication  The identity of the source website can be confusing. it can sometimes get confusing on what feed a user is actually reading. thus they still access the site. Most readers still prefer the whole update over a brief summary of the entry. Since RSS feeds do not display the actual URL or name of the website. and your users can get the information they need.  RSS feeds create higher traffic and demands on the server.  Publishers cannot determine how many users are subscribed to their feed and the frequency of their visits. they would not know the reasons why users unsubscribe which could be important in improving their advertising. many sites still do not support RSS. APPLICATIONS Reading a post in the Notes 8 Feed Reader It really is that simple.

Podcasts are recorded audio programs that can run anywhere from around ten minutes to an hour. I would never be able to keep up with that much information if I had to visit every site individually. RSS can be used for many other purposes. That will allow you to get updates any time we post an article. There’s a lot of information for them.xml. You’ll find that your end-users might feel the same way about your intranet. You can subscribe to your friend’s or families photo streams from a site like flickr or recently uploaded videos to YouTube. You can use iTunes to subscribe to a podcast feed.intranetjournal/feed. There does not even have to be a web page associated with the items listed -. we have a feed here at Intranet Journal.sometimes all the information you need may be in the titles and descriptions themselves. and any time a new audio program is posted it will download to you. RSS is also a great way to get podcast updates. Set up some RSS feeds in your organization and you can have all the information com Other uses In addition to notifying you about news headlines and changes to websites. but they don’t have time to go and get it all.Really Simple Syndication example. You can subscribe to us by pointing your feed reader to http://www. Some commonly mentioned uses are:  Notification of the arrival of new products in a store Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 37 | P a g e . Well now they don’t have to. Bringing all the info to you I use RSS every day to subscribe to nearly 300 different blogs and news sites. many alternate media sites have RSS feeds. In fact.

CHAPTER NO :. including email newsletters Weather and other alerts of changing conditions Notification of additions of new items to a database. you can be the hero. or new members to a group e to them.10 Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 38 | P a g e . and once again. It’s extremely useful to your end users.Really Simple Syndication    Listing and notifying you of newsletter issues.

but we have such a project which saves time for opening the different links and web sites. This is quite time and money consuming process.Really Simple Syndication FUTURE ENHASMENT FUTURE ENHANSMENT In day to day life we have many web sites regarding to give information.we don’t have need to open the different web sites . We have devlop a one program which is save time and money to opening the different pages .with the help of Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 39 | P a g e .

this is the major advantage of enhansment Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to the use in future Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 40 | P a g e . In future we have many works to done so we have less time to get updates from web sites .with the help of the RSS.this window help us to link all the different web sites to the home page of the RSS.so RSS help us to get all over latest updates in one single home page. With the help of this we get the latest updates from the different types of web sites updated in the past few minutes and we get it on a single home page.Really Simple Syndication this project we devlop one home window of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) .

Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 41 | P a g e . GUI Graphical User Interface.Really Simple Syndication CHAPTER NO :.) that the Java run time library searches to find all the files it needs to run a Java application.f.11 GLOSSARY GLOSSARY Class path A list of directories or jar files (c.

e. It is usually used to contain multiple Java class files.12 Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 42 | P a g e . JVM java virtual machine Swing/JFC A set of Java classes for building GUIs. Used to build Web pages.i. and other information needed to bundle a Java application.Really Simple Syndication HTML Hypertext Markup Language. The jar file format is similar to the . A format for structured documents and data. Jar file A jar file contains one or more other files. image files. CHAPTER NO :.zip file format. Java foundation classes XML Extensible Markup Language: a language that describes languages.

It is the major quality measure employed during software development. the program is executed with a set of conditions known as test cases and the output is evaluated to determine whether the program is performing as expected.Really Simple Syndication PROJECT TESTING PROJECT TESTING TESTING Testing is a process. During testing. which reveals errors in the program. Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 43 | P a g e .

This testing has been uses to find errors in the following categories: a) Incorrect or missing functions b) Interface errors c) Errors in data structure or external database access d) Performance errors e) Initialization and termination errors.Really Simple Syndication In order to make sure that the system does not have errors. The logical flow of the data is not checked. Each module can be tested using the following two strategies: i) Black Box Testing: In this strategy some test cases are generated as input conditions that fully execute all functional requirements for the program. It is confined only to the designer's requirements. ii) White Box testing 44 | P a g e Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic . In this testing only the output is checked for correctness. the different levels of testing strategies that are applied at differing phases of software development are: Unit Testing Unit Testing is done on individual modules as they are completed and become executable.

3.Really Simple Syndication In this the test cases are generated on the logic of each module by drawing flow graphs of that module and logical decisions are tested on all the cases. Acceptance Testing It is a pre-delivery testing in which entire system is tested at client's site on real world data to find errors. System Testing Involves in-house testing of the entire system before delivery to the user. 4. -Execute internal data structures to ensure their validity. It tests the interface of all the modules to make sure that the modules behave properly when integrated together. It has been uses to generate the test cases in the following cases: Guarantee that all independent paths have been executed. Integrating Testing Integration testing ensures that software and subsystems work together as a whole. validation The system has been tested and implemented successfully and thus ensured that all the requirements as listed in the software Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 45 | P a g e . Execute all loops at their boundaries and within their operational bounds. Its aim is to satisfy the user the system meets all requirements of the client's specifications. 2. Execute all logical decisions on their true and false sides.

Because of good programming there were no execution error. In case of erroneous input corresponding error messages are displayed.Really Simple Syndication requirements specification are completely fulfilled. CHAPTER NO :.13 Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 46 | P a g e . EXECUTION TEST This program was successfully loaded and executed. COMPILING TEST It was a good idea to do our stress testing early on. OUTPUT TEST The successful output screens are placed in the output screens section above. because it gave us time to fix some of the unexpected deadlocks and stability problems that only occurred when components were exposed to very high transaction volumes.

Really Simple Syndication CONCLUSION CONCLUSION With the help of this project we get different types of information channels together in one screen. Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 47 | P a g e . By using web page linking we get fast information from the net & latest news in short time.

By developing this project we can save time .14 Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 48 | P a g e .so RSS help us to get all over latest updates in one single home page. CHAPTER NO :.money and also the electricity power.Really Simple Syndication In future we have many works to done so we have less time to get updates from web sites . this is the major advantage of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to the use in future enhansment. We can see the many news on many topics on a single page by clicking on the necessary topic added in the feed.

2nd Edition” by Merlin Hughes. Michael Shoffner.3 unleashed” Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 49 | P a g e .Really Simple Syndication BIBLIOGRAPHY BIBILOGRAPHY “Java Network Programming. “Java Network Programming. and Derek Hamner “Java 1. 2nd Edition” by Elliotte Rusty Harold.

Derek Hamner and Conrad Hughes The Java Documents “Complete Reference Java.ibm.com/faqs/computer-lang/java/network-programming/ Bhivarabai Sawant Polytechnic 50 | P a g e .landfield. Streams. and Distributed Computing” by Merlin Hughes.com/developerworks/library/ws-secmap www.Really Simple Syndication “The JDK1. Michael Shoffner.4 tutorial” by Greg Travis “Java Network Programming: A Complete Guide to Networking. http://www-106. 2nd Edition” by Herbert Schildt.

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