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Rock Thomas-Power of Your Identity

Rock Thomas-Power of Your Identity

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Published by: med3373 on Jan 27, 2011
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Think about your favorite sports team. Or, if you’re an athlete
yourself, what is it like to play somebody who you know is much
weaker than you and you know you can easily beat? Do you get

excited about that game? Do you bring the best of yourself to
that game? Does your favorite team have to play their best and
put their key players in the situation and demand the best of
them? No. They’re not up against a worthy opponent. I would
like to suggest an empowering belief: obstacles are there as
worthy opponents. When you are equipped with a powerful
MVP, a powerful identity (self-image) and peak performance
strategies (strategies, principles) you will inevitably succeed.

How different would your life be if you relished your obstacles?

You want to be able to know that heading into the game of life;
you have a chance at winning. Not that you’re guaranteed
to win, because that certainty would be boring. You want
the opportunity to sculpt yourself and to stimulate growth.

Example: Guy Leach is a six-time World Iron Man. When I
interviewed him and I asked “What made you so successful?”
He said, “The thought of my worthy opponents made me
practice hard in preparation for the competition ahead.” They


Rock Thomas

drove him to be his best and pushed him beyond what he
would do if he were not up against them.

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