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Dawn Bread Marketing Analysis

Dawn Bread Marketing Analysis

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Dawn Bread Marketing Analysis
Dawn Bread Marketing Analysis

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Published by: adeel on Jan 27, 2011
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In the Name Of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Beneficent.

1) Acknowledgement…………………..………………... 2) Executive summary…………………………….……… 3) Introduction ……………………………………….… 4) History………………………………………………... 5) Products of DAWN…………………………………….

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6) Competitors……………………………..…………… 7) Planning For New Product …………………………...
8) Product Development……………………………….… 9) Marketing Strategy …………………………………. 10) Competition ………………………………………….. 11) Lab Test ………………………………………………. 12) Field Test ……………………………………………… 13) Commercial Production ……………………………….

All praise is due to Allah, the lord and cherisher of the university. May his pace and blessings be upon prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his household, companions and all followers of the right Guidance till the day of Judgment.

Allah, the Exalted, says: " Say: Are those who know equal to those who know not? It is only men of understanding who will remember." We give honor and privilege to our respected resource person Mr. Waseem Alam who helped us in thinking in the right direction by giving us this challenging task. . We would also like to thank our families, who added a boost to our confidence, and are always praying for our success


Introduction: We have chosen the DAWM Bread for launching our new product. It deals in the bakery industry and is quite famous in that field. It is in this field for about more than 25 years. It is well established now and leading the market of bakery industry. History: Dawn Bread a name that has come to signify quality and freshness in bread products. A success story that was written by a family that is committed to honest to goodness enterprise and concerned with the prosperity of the country. The enterprise, which made a humble beginning in late 1981, has, within a decade, grown to capture 35% of the consolidated market share of all bread products in the country, a fact that speaks volumes about the credibility of the company and its products. Prior to the establishment of Dawn Bread, the largest producer of bread products was the public sector. However, this sector could not cope with the demands of the consumer and this when, perceiving a change in the eating habits of Pakistanis, Dawn Bread was envisioned. Beginning with the plant in Karachi, commissioned in October 1981, Dawn Bread built-up a reputation for freshness, quality and taste. Creating awareness plus a demand for bread products, and started its production from Karachi and the second plant was commissioned in Islamabad in January 1985. Nothing succeeds like success, so next came the plant in Hyderabad in January 1987, a year that was to also witness the establishment of another plant at Lahore, in November 1987. In 1989 we established the plant at Multan. After consolidating this expansion, the sixth plant was commissioned at Faisalabad in February 1992. Now our customers can find Dawn’s quality and freshness from the southern tip of Pakistan to the Northern city of Peshawar. For purpose of standardization, the company associated itself with FMBRA of United Kingdom in 1990 to bring itself in line with international standards of production, technology, machinery and formulation. Now, all the Dawn Bread

plants boast of the latest machinery used in the bread-making process. They are managed by senior food technologists with decades of experience, while those manning the machinery are provided on the job training in congenial working conditions. Taking a responsible place in society, the company is committed to the uplift and development of the society as a whole, and participates in sports and social welfare activities.

The DAWN Bread is very famous in Pakistan and it is the market leader in Pakistan for bakery products. It has launched many schemes with McDonalds and KFC. DAWN bread provides bun for the burgers to McDonalds, KFC, and MouriPan. Now DAWN Bread has spread to Lahore, Sukhur, Multan and Islamabad. It has two production units in Lahore and one production unit also in Dubai, from the above production units dawn bread covers, wide area of the Pakistan. Dawn Bread has lunched many products with McDonalds and KFC. There used to be a coupon in the bread if you take it to the McDonalds they used to give a burger free. There were many other schemes with the McDonalds that DAWN Bread has launched with them. As DAWN Breads supplies buns for burger to the McDonalds. McDonald has prepared a special recipe for buns. They have asked them to prepare the buns of the provided recipe. We hope to continue to develop and maintain this relation in the future.

Products of DAWN:
DAWN Bread produces the following products: Bread:  Bran Bread: Add fiber to your life. Dawn's Bran Bread freshly Baked for our health conscious customers. This bread contributes towards the daily intake of fibe.



 Milky Bread: Made by the addition of milk, this oven fresh aromatic Bread is made so that each slice contains the richest of texture and gives that extra taste.

Small at Large at

Rs.15 Rs. 28

 Plain White Bread: This freshly baked and nutritious bread was one of the first products to be introduced in the Pakistani market by Dawn. They provide bread in three different

sizes, these are: Small at Large at

Rs.15 Rs. 28

1. Fruit Cakes: There are two types of cakes one is simple cake and the second is fruit Cake. Plain cake large Price at Rs.29 Fruit cake Small Price at Rs. 15 Fruit cake large Prices at Rs. 30. 2. Ship Cakes: This cake is made of same ingredients as are fruit cakes but it is made in a shape of ship in the size of a pastry.
(a) Strawberry & Vanilla Cake Our tasty cup cakes made with only the best of ingredients. These little delights are simply a must have, good things do Come in small packages.

Price at Rs. 7.
(b) Short Cake our tasty cup cakes made with only the best of ingredients. These little delights are simply a must have, good things do come in small packages.

Price at Rs. 7.
(c) Pineapple Cake Our tasty cup cakes made with only the best of ingredients. These little delights are simply a must have, good things do come in small packages.

Price at Rs. 7.
(d) Mango cake Our tasty cup cakes made with only the best of ingredients. These little delights are simply a must have, good things do come in small packages.

Price at Rs. 7. 3. Bun:

Hot Dog Buns are growing in popularity by the day. Baked using the strictest of quality standards, our tasty product is made to be the freshest hot do. Price at Rs.5

(b) FRUITY BUNS An all time favorite breakfast alternative commonly known as Maska Bun, our Fruit bun still carries that distinct taste perfected by Dawn. Served WI. Price at Rs.7 (c) BURGER BUNS Our Oven fresh buns are a treat by themselves. Baked by using only the very finest of ingredients, and perfected by years of experience in the baking...

Price at Rs.4
4. Crispy Rusk:

Rusk is available in 300 g packaging two sizes. Small Pack Price at Rs. 17 Large Pack Price at Rs. 32 5. Tandoori Roti: Tandoori roti is in the five piece packaging and is at Rs. 17 per pack. Each price at Rs.3.4 6. Tandoori Naan: Tandoori naan is also in the five piece packaging and is at Rs. 17 per pack. Each price at Rs.3.4 7. Frozen Paratha: Frozen paratha is also in the five piece pack and is at Rs. 28 per pack. Each price at Rs.5.6

There are different competitors in different areas of DAWN Bread. In Lahore and its surrounding areas the Bunnies Bread is the strongest competitor. Apart from that there is CITI Bread, VITA Bread, Shezan Backers, Gourmet Backers and many other non-branded bakeries and bread producing firms. In Karachi there is Sona Bread, Shezan Backers, Gourmet Backers, and many other followers in the Bakery industry. In other areas are non-branded producers of backing industry who are in competition with the DAWN Bread.

Planning For New Product:
Analysis of Needs & Wants: There is an upper class in Pakistan who wants to cook but don't know how to cook. So they need something that they can easily cook without many, headaches. We felt that there is need for a desi paratha which we usually see in our rural areas and is one of the specialties of the rural areas. So we launched frozen paratha which got quite a good response. So that made our feeling stronger that there is need for something readymade that can be easily cooked. Idea Generation: Our frozen paratha took a very good response so we took the same idea of making something that can be easily cooked. So the idea of frozen chicken paratha came. The idea is to present the frozen chicken paratha the same way as was frozen paratha was presented. Screening & Evaluation: We evaluated the idea of the frozen chicken paratha in detail. Checked each and every aspect of the product and came to conclusion that it certainly is quite practical and its process is not very complicated. It is quite simple product and easy to produce with very little cost to build facilities for production. Business Analysis:

There will be change needed in the setup of production unit for this new product. There will be a separate area where chickens will be processed for the new product and smaller frozen paratha will be prepared for the frozen chicken paratha .There will be a new portion build in the DAWN Bread production unit. In that portion the chickens will be supplied. The chickens will be cleaned up, processed and boiled then these chickens will be fried with the other ingredients for a little time. Then if will be ready to be filled in the paratha. Paratha is already our product and is prepared so we don't need any thing extra for the paratha. It is already in the market with the name of Frozen Paratha.

Product Development: Product:
The name of the product will be 'frozen chicken paratha. It will consist of following two parts:  Frozen Paratha and  The chicken with some other ingredients.  We will use our frozen paratha and prepare little smaller size for the rolls and use chicken with some other ingredients for the filling of roll. Product ingredients:  Ingredients of frozen paratha: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Margarine, Milk Powder, Leavening Agent, Water and Salt  Ingredients of chicken filling: Boiled Chicken, Salt, Black Pepper, Pea, Cabbage, Soya Sauce, Vegetable Oil, Water Product Features: 1. It will be tasty from other ordinary chicken . Because we are using desi paratha in it. 2. It wilt give a home cooked taste because it will be prepared such a way. 3. It will give us the competitive advantage because of its differentiation from ordinary such product. Marketing Strategy: Then the most important part of the new product launching came. That is to prepare a marketing strategy for the new product. There are following steps that we will under-take:  Segmentation: We will segment the market and selected the upper income level group who mostly don't know the cooking but want to cook. This will be the

same target market as is for frozen paratha. This is a group which can use this product rapidly. This product is prepared for them. Reason behind selecting the upper income group is that they mostly don't know cocking and usually want readymade things. By promoting our product in a way to motivate them and persuade them to buy our product will make them repeat buy.  Price: The objective of pricing is to make 20 percent profit. The pricing strategy will be cost plus. We will determine the price according to cost plus method. If the demand is for the low price of the product then we will try to reduce our costs .we will price our product at Rs. 20 per unit in the individual packing and Rs. 90 for five units pack
 Promotion:

We will promote the product on print media, electronic media, and will pack the leaflets in the bread, and also use banners and posters. We will emphasize on the leaflets the bread packing and print media, especially newspaper. The reason of emphasis on those Medias is that they are daily used. DAWN Bread has a big market share and has goodwill in the market. Leaflet in the bread packing will inform our customers about our new product and they will certainly try because of the goodwill of the company that company has in the mind of the customers. Out of those who are trying our product, many will become our permanent customers.  Positioning: We will promote our product such a way that it creates a very good image in the mind of our customer. The image we want to create in the mind of the customer is that our product is very easy to cook and is very tasty .We want to make customers fee! that they are paying for right product. We will promote our product in a way to create' au image in the mind of the customers that our product is just like cooked at home and gives maximum satisfaction. And it is also very nutritious. To create that image we will focus on promotion and create suspense in the market about our new product, and then we will launch a scheme that buy two breads and get one small chicken roll free. After some time we will launch our product on full scale. Competition: As such there are no direct competitors for our particular product but we do have a competition with non-branded chicken rolls and burgers and such products which fall in the same category. We also have a competition with the Shezan Backers & Confectioner and with

Gourmet Backers & confectioners, because they sell products like sandwiches, pizzas and other thing like that. To deal with those products that are in competition with our chicken paratha , we have decided to promote our product in a way that our product is like cooked in home and of high quality in a very reasonable price.

Lab Test: We will test the samples of our product in our lab of quality control to see whether our product is up lo task or not. We will check the quality, taste, and freshness of the product before launching, Field Test: After testing it in the lab we will test our frozen chicken paratha in the field or market. We will put our product on trial by introducing it in the market on premier price that will be little less that actual price. It will achieve dual purpose for us, one. it will be our field test and second, it will develop taste in the target market. So, we will achieve promotion objectives also. There must be some suggestions to improve our product. We will take that into account to make our product better. Commercial Production: After all measures we will start our commercial production and will put our product in the market. And our product will certainly be hit.

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