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Personal Trainer Hull

Personal Trainer Hull

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Published by adamholtby
Personal Training in Hull
Personal Training in Hull

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Published by: adamholtby on Aug 14, 2008
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Personal Trainer Hull

www.healthdesire.co.uk I have a passion for health and fitness. For as long as I can remember I have been motivated by helping others uncover their true individual potential. Through my years working in the industry I have met hundreds of people wanting to achieve a wide variety of goals. I always wanted to understand what made some successful and others unsuccessful. This curiosity led me to explore the psychological influence on one wishing to achieve a weight loss goal. I soon discovered that ultimate weight loss success was not just necessarily about how much you exercised or how good your eating habits were, but more so about your expectations and physiological barriers. I adapted my way of coaching, now understanding that I would not only have to train the body, but the mind also. You see to be successful you must absolutely believe that you can achieve the goals you set yourself. If you don't believe in yourself that you can lose the weight and drop that dress size then you will certainly not achieve your desired goal. With many of my clients I encourage them to think as the person they want to be. If they wish to be a stone lighter I get them to imagine they are already there. How would they eat differently? Would they exercise? How much would they exercise? Would they eat that cream bun? This may not be making a whole lot of sense right now but I can assure you these methods when incorporated into your life will change your perceptions of what you can achieve. They key success to the Looking good program is that of individuality. You are unique, there is no one on earth like you, so why are you following a diet plan that is supposed to appeal to thousands of people? The Looking Good program will cater for your individual activity and nutritional needs, and not those of the population average.

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