There is no . lad but -··I~ah and Muh . - __ mad Cp~b~u.

h~) i 1 'the PrOlPih t of AUlh

! ;

Read~ fervour Lord is rnostbeneficent, who taughtbv '[ he pen I' taught Iman wnlit he d:id no,l know.

AI-" Alaql .],4,5

'0 Allah, giv,e' me greater knowledge.' Ta Ha .. · 14

.. .....

~ call towitnessths ' li8i1nd,tl1E~O_iVt- t' the Mounf;-and

~hi ' '. oUecufi, ~ that _ .' [CI-' '. d ml- n ';' in -,,' p', :- -ibiliti~, -"

,A~'- TIn ~ 1 tu ,4



0' 3;

· "'_ .

R, m dan ·5 th'. [mol' h ln whi h the' Q'ur'"an w s IF vie Ie Jail ,':,u~dan[lce to man land lear proof of hie gu~dancef. a d crl t. rion {olf fa~·'ehood and truth). -,0 wh_n· ou ee he n w moon vou shou d fie ~ n _!I3 whol,e month.

AI·ll;jqa· h - 1 ti5,


! E







:1" .,.



o n n

"'" w



a :s

~' 0 00 'I .. ain' clear s i'gm: ~ and t e sIP t . here - brah,am

h td toed ,... nd anyone who~'"t rs it wil.l find o urity. And win ,~, o'v - r ,can ,ar' rd s he 0 old v;o:sit th·,

House on ' pi'lg;riimage a, duly ~Ol Allah., AI-," ffl. _f'lI ~ Si


~ =. ,d..,...,.. _~-..-~:..,.,.,o

a yo uwh 0 be~i eve~ when '~hie' ca~ I '~O prayer Is made air! the day o'f Icongn!g:a,thln p hasten " 0 rernernber AI ah, putt~ng aside your busmess, This is better fOllr yOIU if. yo ILl ca nun de rstand AU ~~1lI rn u;l,ah q

s i'

iii _.


A, IIi.iI



n' c


n n' D' Uj,





n o



If __ eo had sent do JI thils Quran on a ImlQlLlnlt· i . you 01, d h-'~·e' ',1 It l'lrn dI c. 0:1 ,.te and ph~ Into ',~" ',I for fear 0" Alilial I' We Qil"le r ,hJe'se exam ple . '~"D [me', f at Ik and" fl'

W'8 heve surely se n~ ,apostles wi~h cJea.r signs'j andl oont \MOl tlleml Ule' l3oo'~ and "the· balancel so 'tn'9lt: man may s,tal1d b~ justice;



iii _.






n' e n n CI VI'


D ::I






/ ,A.nd fin,e heaiVein,~, He ralls~d it' thigh. and He! made fhee bafanc:e that yeu may' not ,be inDmlil~Clte in I!espect of the,'tneasulre. ,An,d '~eepl u;p, 'the' btl'lance Wih equity' and do not make the [ Qieifi'cment. f55':o7'-91


, .... #._.;~J ,..:::-~.:..,J"~ ... :,Jj,,JIV.L.JU-"ltl1 a:.:,. ~iP".J.ot.;JI"'~~-'I,JM~1

_-_ , i ' , , 1!i'I!' ,r"'-~ , ,~ ~ .. I !I!!!' r lI!I'i~ , . , '

, .. ~ ;:i~ ,,,bo.:J,I,i.._ -jJ" ?~o;.)V"

Veri Iy God has enioined justtooi t'he' 'dcdng O'f good and ~Moe' ghnngl of gifts to your rel e,'lives: and cmldden indecency. impfOPrie,ty and oppressf.on. He warns ycu so 'llh a,' you may remember. (4n~NaI'1l-9Ol1


"'tf",-:, ',f'

. ....2== ----,

" ~'1'

oN ./

We' have sent yQ~ as a benevolenos, to the el'1Botums oJ ':~he world., (AI.Jvnbi)ra-1 01~

"Ii"."~ __ 'J'" ~

~r!!.!!~I~ ','.' ,1'iI .. iIio,oiiiIi

~,.. !Iii~l-

Y AS I N - II caU 'to wli'~ n ess fihe QiIJ ran, CilJS"W di,an of' a n II,aw5,;;" that you ,3 Fe ,Qf' 'ttl ose s,ent

on a pa;tn '~h,art is 81 f',aJli,glh,t ~ Y:iil~ rn 1 - 4·

o bel i evers, when you ,i'J debt tor a fixed "term ~ d mw up an ,ag reemsl1t In wriHng~ though b~.uEr [t would be 'to a senbe write it 'fatthfu~~y dawr1l. (Ail~BaQera.1'1-,2B:2~

o you who believe. be custodiens of ~u5'~iC:le (and) wit n E!S ses fo r A 1- ah, eve'n 't h [) ugh ag~ i n 5'~ 'Y0Ui rselve 5, or yQ"~jJ r iP\ rents 0 r yo u r re I 11.' 'hIres .. Wh[e~'her a m an bel rich 0 r poo r ~ AII,a h ts hij s greate r wel~ l-wis he r '~m,an 'vou " AI'!il·-N lsa 1,],5

a,beY' ,All ~Iah and HI ii '. A~p est e, an d do nait: dw sag ree ame n g 'y'oulfSe,lvll.! .. , ,0 r yOIUi will'll be IJJ n ma fined and I!ose' oou-r,ag:e" lPerseve're, 'for .AUah hi wUh '1 hose 'who endure, A~I~Alilf. al.46

- 0.0.0


Who expend both in loy (BInd tribulation, who 5 IJ pp,ress th e,i II a ng ' .. r and Ipa rdon the i r fe I II lOW m1e'iil ;, a nd A 113 h loves those' 'who are lIpriight and do good.

AI- 'Irnran -134,

The far' hful a~ sur) Iy brothers: SQi restore hi ~ ndshlp . mong,Y;Qur bro'th:' r· , .- nd 'f'e. f' AH_h; you tma'y hap~I:' be fiVOli re .' ~ I~~H uju 3Jt ~ 10




II! .

! ~


H[ , .' : man' [a h 'I~tar[ n giv[e 01 _. i[ k dn ,5 h W'

d . ·,'r(]I,Q,-" ro f·: turnbl 1 d. ", 'n~'nd now' liile if _ ruins, how m my a well bandon,ed land fortress reinfon e, !~ IH,atvre n [t I rav II 1 in he Ind 'h tn 'auld, ,til . e th I h an

nder: ' . nd ~ ,;lH1d _ 'ars to h~,flJr? t" is no' the ey., ,_ Ion. .,

r.l 5[ ee, 0 bli'viou·, an h, rt . \i i [hi,n 'h. : r bre .

AI-Hi Ji 4S I

, ized • III. th m forth W' ent a violent 'wind urllng

'es ized wi h mlght b~'a~{ 'W

lUI' .d th I at h nd' m

·Uah 11 '\i ron ~ tn. m, th rl naed thernselves.

~I_. ' n' bu:~,' [J

o SO('f.i~ty' of j ii In n s a nd m e n, cross 'Ihe h 0 IJI n ds 01 th If! h.' avens.and the earth i'f you ha"',!! the abilUy, then pass beyond th~;m; but 'rou cannot unless y.ou iU:q u i re th e. law ~ A f= Rahm fiA ~ 31

A~" fY

II -. rl1 •

. ;.._,. I:)'


. ;1; ~ ~I,~ t'~J ~~I ,.;&,;!!Iii;;;;~=<;C~~j~_j,J~:;j ,


II< .








a n n a VI


o :S' f.II


n o


fight 'hose in ~h,-' way 0 'All_ah who 'fight 'VOU~ bu . do not be aggre si·ve~ AUah do· '_ not ~lik,le aggre' SCHFS ..

A~I~6_qr-'h l' -.

~l~;CA~I,~'j '_~'~IJfi: ,~hLr~ j~L9':.~I,I~1, tJ,~j~

"""'r"" _~I.... I ~ ~ ,,. '"""'T ~ ill ~ :!J'.J~ ,~I V!I!ii!l" ~u'

"'" -@; 'dl iJ9 o! - '~',Cc (..:;..h.r~,*, '~J'

S t rilvl- Ii 11'11 the 'way of A, Iia h wli d" a service wolrl my ID't H ~Im" HI~ has chos en you and ~a':d nc hiardl~ddp Ion 'you in t'h,e WaI, ." o,~' faitlhi ~ AI 1-IHa.ij ~'nJ

.' ", ~-i';~~dJ.IL~;J.'1 .. ~l _:"~~'I J~',~1J2jJ;L.J']

I 'l~ ~I - l~ II U~ ~ 1!~ iI W;i!!l ~ !I!

''''r~1I ~'1 ~ - ci;~.r(t·~'dflu1''':;

Do no,'t ~a'Y 'Iha,t those 'W,'- NO a Ii~ '"ij II ~ed 'i n t hi e W,IIV of A'I:I ah ~ are dead J! or Ii nde ed th ey' are iii live; 1l!\\'!,eJl_-_ t:h:oll gh v'o U II re n Q~' CiW,i,If'e,. AJ~~laqarah -1 s.4,

II' i - - IH e who ga,v€! 'the 5 ILl nit Fad i,aJn ce f. rh e m eon ~ Is

II ust re, an app o:i iii ted its !r~at ron s SD' 'that yo u mary

com pu te 'y1ea rs an d n ILJ m b e rs ~ Vlhilnus .. 5







n e n n a UI'


a ::::s VI




t-I"e usher 'in rl' dawn~, nd made h, ni' ht o. rest, the sun and moon . omputation. SUlk hi, the rneas ure appointed lb,. Hlmm., AI-n'am -


~ i


ft ~" H'le wh 'end " d wn water from the skies, . nd brings out 0' w -v,e_ tfi'n.' 'thatgr'Dwl:. 'the g een -oU ,G' ~,the I'y~ng, 10' e, 'th : date palm tllees'wlth clusters of date":' and the g,ardens Q;f grapes,)! al1d of 011 ii ves a d pO,Megp·an,-'es'l '_ '-im:n r y-t 0 unlike.


~j.~.~~hJi~:~· t6~"'~I~/.~}urJI~,G jJ,O jl~~JJ~'IILt~

~. II ,~~, 't,il ~.8

. J ! I~ li;i1J' I ~ /~/ _... r ~ .~; ~, .

:qD·r'~~I~~ ,_C;-~liJ_ ;J,,~~:l(I~~-z~ ,~lJ!G.J'~~-

I n dee d 'j t i 5, AI! ~llah' who SIp'11 its II P the se edl an dI th e kernel ~ and brings [rO . rh 'tine' Irnviing 'tJ1ro.lm the dead, the die',ad . rom the :1 i'viln g ~ til i s hl' A~ l3Jh ..

Aj'=An,'r.ilm '9;.5

Yo u r La rd p red fSP ose d1 the bees 'to make th e'~ IIr hi vies in m oLlnt'ains~ trees and trelllces. And suck 'from a~1 the 'fll its and Fl:i't about tn@~rDdden pam,hs,o'f their Lord ~ A d ri n k olf VIi] rio u s h IU e .comes 0 u I of tn ei 11" b ell ~ les wn Ii ch

'Q . n'~aiin5 m~d~lcin "or' m ~ n"


! ~


The ,embll nee ,of those who t ke prot· . tors be ides

". Iia i i . that ~ f the ,pi,! c r, She arr,ange: .a hOUI'@ fro .

herse lt, but the f l'ml· i st of ho ses is the spider's. If



it -

101 'y.o u 'who bellieve j; do n O'~ e nter o'~'I1H~'r houses excepit yours'ww'thoul't firs- Hlkin,g perrnlsslcn and 'sa.lllltingthe I nmates. This, i:SI better for you:

You m.ay ha p'y take he,edi ~

An·~ - •• ulr 'lJ'








A w






~ . n _. do no. S'_lJ abo. t the, lind w~th insolence ,:: ··urelly ylOIU cannot c eave .h. earth, nor reach t ·_1. ' heieh of Ih mlQU111 ta mns. in stature, II 11 i ~I,l'ia{i I - ]7

tJ';JJ~~J,/~~CJ r~~·~#:C~ .. ~~fi.utjf~~:S'~,Ltt'..J'J

~ -

VI~c;'(.if~"io";.)~lYJ?Ttl'1~~~J~'fv.:1r;~ k~J!

-1'"" ~~-.-I~ iJs-.. L -jf~,~;;{!£

I f one or both of them g,row' olld lin you r company I do not say fie 'to them, nor n~provle them, but say gen'~I~ words to them and be affectionate with them Otlt of kindne 5" and s IV .r~'OI Lord~ have Imercy on the'm as th,eV nourished m@ when I was s,mam,,~~ lami 15r3,'iI1~



Be frlml in devo. ion" and [pay the zakat, And ~. ·"h· you end ahead 0 good you. wi'll 'flind wit', A ~all;. 'for He sees ,a_~ that you do ..

Am '8~qa rah - 10

The S,:' mblaru e of those wh '. P nd the~r wlealth in th wa ,'f _ llah i that '01- :grain of co ' -I from _,hi h glrot• " 'lear':" tea hi', ,ar contatnin " a hundr . C g,ratn_. Truly Ana" ifni reases rer wI>olm,a ver Hie w"lt 'I .. BaGIil,r_h 1&'

And do no,t consume each other's wle,ii'th ~rm vai,nl" nair o,ff@-- [J,t to ,ml'e'n iln authority 'wi'th iin'tent.of us,ulrpi'ng IIJn~--,wtulllf 31ndl knowiingliy at pan: of the welaJ' h of others ~ , - I=Bat1aJralri ~ 1 II

o sons of Adami;; ,a'nfre' :yourse - yes at evelry time of 'war hwp, '''a1 and drin c, but do at be 'W" stle! ul ~ f:or Amah does nat rke the PJod~gaJls,~ -d- _~liaf 311










e n n

a M


e :::s



n o


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