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1. What is a security policy?

2. What are the three primary vulnerabilities or weaknesses?

3. What are the four classes of physical threats?

4. Describe Unstructured Threats.

5. Describe Structured Threats.

6. Describe External Threats.

7. Describe Internal Threats.

8. Describe Social Engineering.

9. Describe Phishing.

10. Describe the four primary classes of network attacks.

11. What are some possible reconnaissance attacks?

12. What are some of the utilities external hackers can use to easily determine the IP address space assigned to a given corporation or entity?

13. What is a ping sweep?

14. How does the intruder use port scans?

15. Describe password attacks.

16. What are some of the tools intruders can use to implement password attacks?

17. Describe Trust Exploitation.

18. How might Trust Exploitation be mitigated?

19. Describe Port Redirection.

20. How might Port Redirection be mitigated?

21. Describe Man-in-the-Middle Attack.

22. What are some other harmful MITM attacks?

23. How might MITM attacks be mitigated?

24. Describe DoS attacks.

25. Describe Pink of Death.

26. Describe SYN flood attack.

27. Describe Malicious Code Attacks.

28. Describe the anatomy of a worm attack.

29. How might Worm attacks be mitigated?

30. How might Viruses & Trojan Horse attacks be mitigated?

31. Why use Antivirus software?

32. Why use Personal Firewalls?

33. Why use Operating System Patches?

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