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7 Strategies to Improve Your Marriage

7 Strategies to Improve Your Marriage

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Published by: Miri Fl on Jan 27, 2011
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>>DEAL WITH THE ERRORS OF THE PAST << To deal with errors of the past implies three steps: identify the past errors, the confession and repentance, and forgiveness. The first one is the most dificult. >>CHOOSE THE ATTITUDE OF A WINNER<< Exists a connection between the actions and the attitude that opens A DOOR OF hope for all the couples. If the way we think can be change, the station of the marriage can be change too. >>LEARN HOW TO SPEAK THE LOVE LANGUAGE OF YOUR SPOUSE<< Each person has a principal Love Language that we should learn to speak if we want that person to feel beloved. The 5 Love Languages are: Words of approval, Acts of Service, To Receive Gifts, Time of Dedication to the person and The Physical Contact. >>develop the wonderful ability to listen << The ability to speak and to listen are two of the deepest gifts that God has given to humanity. Listen with an attitude of comprehension, not of judgment. >>DISCOVER THE JOY OF HELPING YOUR SPOUSE TO HAVE SUCCESS << "With the possible exception of the parents that guide a son in the first years of his life, no other person contributes to the success of a man more than his wife" >>TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR DIFFERENCES<< When God instituted the marriage as an unique union of two individuals, He knew that He was creating unity in our diversity. Not only we are different... but we are in all the aspects of the life. >>IMPLEMENT THE POWER OF THE POSITIVE INFLUENCE<< The positive elections take you to positive actions that result in positive feelings.

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